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  • Our picks

      Deep below the depths of Ragol,
      Seething in the darkness,
      Piercing cries of anguish can be heard.
      An ancient curse is reawoken;
      Thought to be eradicated by the Hunters,
      The plague was actually merely contained,
      And now threatens to contaminate the surface once more.
      Its host creature has mutated,
      Becoming twisted and ferocious,
      Easily vanquishing many unsuspecting hunters.
      The survivors flee in a mad scramble back to the surface,
      Gibbering madly about the return of the Cursed Belras.

      Halloween Event 2020
      Has Arrived To Haunt Hunters Once More! 
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    • The Tower of Dreams Beaufort, legendary tower castle which is said to control the dreams of every living being make pretty some good fondue, has been invaded by an army of monsters.
      They are trying to exterminate humanity harmless rappies by making everyone get into an eternal nightmare as soon as they sleep. not alive.
      Eliminate the evil and free humanity monsters from the Endless Nightmares. other monsters.



      Battle of Beaufort







      Quest progress: 100.00%

      Release date: July 19th, 2019  7th of May 2020

      This is my last first quest.
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    • Ultima Triforce Event 2020
      TRIFORCE EVENT 2020 

      The 8th Triforce Event of Ultima has just begun!

      During years we been trying to bring balance in to Ultima server, we had have goods runs and bad ones for sure.
      but we have prevail and here we are, with a even that its all about balance.
      Triforce Event it holds a special place to me. It's probably my favorite event of the year,
      when this event was hosted for the first time, it was a success and and with the Master Sword been one of first custom items.

      Once more I ask you... ARE YOU

      the Hero that Ultima needs?

      The Hero who will bring balance to Ultima?

      The Hero who will bring Light to Darkness?




      Returning Items



      Master Sword 


      Magic Hammer

      Great Fairy Sword 

      Bug-Catching Net  

      Power Glove

      Stealth Sword 




      Sacred Bow 



      Fire Rod 

      Zelda Magazine










      Hylian Shield 

      Ganondorf Shield



      Thanks to @serverus for event banner

      Ganondorf Shield skin and picture by @Usagi-chan

      Event will end on October, 12th of 2020


      Good Luck everyone!
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    • New quests
      New quests have been implemented on the server:

      [Episode I / Ultima] Strange Sighting

      [Episode I / Ultima] Passion of the Blacksmith

      [Episode II / Ultima] Dolmolm Research

      [Episode II / Ultima] The Military Strikes Back

      [Episode I / Event] Christmas Fiasco

      [Episode II / Event] Christmas Fiasco

      [Episode IV / Event] Christmas Fiasco

      [Episode I / Ultima] Maximum Attack U: Forest

      [Episode I / Ultima] Maximum Attack U: Caves

      [Episode I / Ultima] Maximum Attack U: Mines

      [Episode I / Ultima] Maximum Attack U: Ruins

      [Episode II / Ultima] Maximum Attack U: Temple

      [Episode II / Ultima] Maximum Attack U: Spaceship

      [Episode II / Ultima] Maximum Attack U: Central Control Area

      [Episode II / Ultima] Maximum Attack U: Seabed

      [Episode II / Ultima] Maximum Attack U: Tower

      [Episode IV / Ultima] Maximum Attack U: Crater

      [Episode IV / Ultima] Maximum Attack U: Desert

      Many thanks to Matt, Armand and other content creators for making this happen!

      Thanks to Larva and Soly as well.
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    • Ultima Summer Event 2020
      The Sunniest event of Ultima has come!



      Summer Items


      Centurion/Legs - 75 EVP

      Centurion/TP - 125 TP

      Centurion/Technique - 5 Technique Levels

      Trap Search - Makes traps visible

      Zanbacon - Delicious sword



      Summer Main Items

      Blood Sword

      Do not underestimate the power of blood...


      Soul Booster

      Need a boost on Excalibur? Combine them to obtain Hundred Souls.


      Psycho Black Crystal

      Give to your Master Raven the ability to curse your enemies with death by making it Psycho Raven.

      Or upgrade your Sword of Ultima to Ten Years Blades.



      Is this game too slow for you? Then this item is gonna be your best friend!

      +110% Attack Speed


      Alis' Resolve

      Foie +35%
      Barta +35%
      Zonde +35%



      Serene Swan

      Shoots 3x4 bullets per combo.
      Has a rifle range.
      Can be used by any Hunter or Ranger.

      This item can now be found in episode I as well, in case you get bored of Spaceship.




      Event is active until July 26, 2020

      Thanks to @Yannv for the portuguese addition
      Credits to @FALC0N for the Banner


      Good Luck / Bonne Chance / Buena Suerte / Boa Sorte !
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    • Vol Opt Ver.2 - Greenill -> Mr. Naka's Business Card [That seriously surprised me ( °_ʖ °) ]
    • making the secretary too stopped the nurse remodel for a while, it's only the hair that's left and eyes i did the secretary jacket and her holy tiddies and her legs and skirt too
    • Ult - Ep4 - Yellowboze - Saint Milion - Arrest Booster
    • Is the amount the run is faster and easier to do with another play not worth enough in relation to drops per time (though if they're not playing with you, remember that they'll still do their own runs too)? Do you think they will actually slow down your runs since you guys are experienced together and have an optimized style, or due to whatever other reason? Are you afraid that if they did get lucky enough to get one before you two, that they would not stick around to help you guys hunt they way you helped them? Are you unsure if you will be able to become friends with them and overcome some issues? Are your lives currently very strained for time and you can't afford to worry about others and have to focus on yourselves alone, thus having to disregard any potential extra speed from partying up since you are too constrained? There's a lot of potential things to consider with how you want to play. But know that it's not always so clear cut, it's not just you as a group of 2 vs as a group of 4, but actually 2 groups of 2 vs 1 group of 4.
    • The problem of locked rooms was an issue before split drops, it's an issue after, and it'll be an issue no matter what we do. People aren't going to wait around for randoms to join during hh, they're going to go go go. Not everyone even can or want to play with others all the time either. Language barriers, time zones, physical handicaps, anxiety, or any number of personal reasons might prevent people from playing with others. Even if everyone did always want to have a full group, they're still going to pick and choose the ones they want in the room, and it would just be a bunch of 4p locked rooms with randoms still in lobby unable to join them regardless. People will still choose the ones they want to play with first, and still potentially exclude randoms just because they want to play with their friends, or they don't want the random slowing down their run speed, or literally just don't want to be dismayed from seeing someone not in their 'in group' get one in their room before them, or any number of reasons. Players usually have to work out teams in lobby before going to a game, and there's no passwords on the lobby, but it still requires people actually willing to take randoms with them. Tribalism is human nature after all.   STA is a poor example, since it's supposed to be arguably the hardest or second hardest thing to get in the entire game (pgf being the other). And I think you are seriously misrepresenting the concepts. If you are doing solo "pod in 12 minutes counter to counter", then you're definitely getting banned for hacking lol. Solo usually will take people closer to 18-20 minutes. Not only will solo be slower, it'll also require significantly more effort from the player as opposed to when in a team. Your idea of the drop rate is also a misrepresentation. You get multiple chances at the drop when the drops are split, there's more chance for the item to spawn, not less. It's more like saying instead of 1/300 (I've never set sta that hard myself) it's now more like 1/125 for it to show up in that room. And that misinterpretation is exactly what I was saying about how split drops doesn't promote playing with others, but only for yourself. If a group is running for it, and it drops 4 times on one players screen, would they give others the extra ones that dropped on their screen? Some might like to think they would, but many others would use the rng drops as a justification for their own selfishness (extreme example, but it absolutely happens to lesser degrees constantly, with all sorts of items). Saying there is a trade off for playing with others is ignoring that the drop chance is rolling multiple times in the room, and ignoring the extra speed, support, and ease you get from being in a team. If you actually account for those things, then a group running together for a drop is actually relatively likely to get a similar amount of them regardless of how they pair up; it does depend on a large number of factors like team pairings, skill, choosing easy vs hard quests, etc., but overall usually is actually pretty close (some things are hard to quantify too, like the ease of not always being surrounded by enemies when in a 2p run splitting up for mobs, or other such things, but the %chance of runs per time is usually close enough to handwave explain minor probability differences). This ties back in to what I said at the start, players usually have to work out teams in lobby before going to a game, and while there are no passwords on the lobby, it still requires people actually willing to take randoms with them. Drop chances are just a convenient excuse, because if they actually did bring along the random and it made their runs faster and easier and everyone was actually working together for drops rather than just for themselves, then it would actually be comparable. That's something that doesn't come across so easily.   Drop chance increasing with player count on a scalar rather than a simple chance x playercount increase is the norm for most games, rather than the other way around. Asking for completely unreduced chances is not just 'slightly more easy', but a pretty huge change, that's actually doubling drop rates. Trying to do that and maintain balance would be an absolute nightmare. Even so, I think to get people to actually include randoms regardless of their own personal reasons would require far more of a boost than just 'no reduction', but rather a massive increase just for having the 4th over a 3rd, which I'm not sure how that could even be implemented at all, let alone balanced. Since people will always choose different types of hunting, and it won't always be a choice of 4p, I think the best we can strive for is balance between hunting styles, and I don't believe that unreduced chances are balanced for a game like pso.  I'm not convinced that saying 'fuck it' to trying to maintain some semblance of balancing to how you choose to hunt and just doubling drop chances across the board is going to somehow override tribalist human nature. Regardless, I'm just one guy, but I don't think an issue of people hunting with less than max parties is as simple of an issue to fix as just making rates be or sound better (probability is complicated) with a full party. I think having things like quests that actually require 4p and give bonuses to drop rates, like a maximum attack style event or other such things are better options to explore. Edit: I wouldn't also be averse to considering slight tweaks to dar though, like I'm personally considering what it would be like to reduce 2p slightly and increase 4p. I just don't think removing them entirely is a good idea.
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