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  1. CCC has drops now (due to a bug D:)
  2. Weapon bone badge, dorphon
  3. Psycho Black Crystal - Morfo - Pinkal - EP2 - Ultimate
  4. I rarely use my UR, preferring excal or hundred souls on lizards, damages are less RNG than hell, and it works on every ennemies, not only the lizards, so i can have fun with it in the whole game there's also the support parasols that can be used on lizards
  5. Yas 7 has auto-aim too, and more ATA, and the range of hell is the same on both (handgun range)
  6. outlawstar is very good for seabed, to quickly clean a corridor full of recoboxes, eliminate recoboxes above the doors when entering and even on a single target in addition to the shot. guns with autolock are not ideal when recons are likely to be accidentally targeted, I avoid them for seabed and tower, unless I am hunter of course
  7. Kiss of Death - Delbiter - Whitill - EP2 - Ultimate Kroe Sweater - Olga Flow - Whitill - EP2 - Ultimate
  8. Stellar Shard - Shambertin - Bluefull - EP4 - Ultimate Godrick Cloak - Dorphon Eclair - Bluefull - EP4 - Ultimate
  9. Rico's Parasol - Delbiter - Skyly - EP2 - Ultimate
  10. Rianov 2,del rappy angel harp merisa a net yowie c :
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