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  1. Hello, i can log right now if you re still around edit: it's a bit late for me now, i go to bed
  2. The user name must be in lowercase letters in the game not sure about the password
  3. Heaven Striker, TypeME/Mechgun (zerk), Snow Queen, Sue's Coat
  4. Rouge* (that means red in french)
  5. Hey, still available, i can log rn, if you reply quickly, otherwise it's time to sleep
  6. Totally fair we can meet rn, if you're still around, if not imma go to bed soon
  7. Hello, the common rate in trades is 8:1
  8. It's not hidden at all Browse > guidelines and that's not new)
  9. Now that you say that, the del lilies dropped us some victor axes yesterday on bluefull, I've done a lhb today, nothing to report for lhb (fortunatly the epsi drop was chromatic orb)
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