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  1. Welcome buddy. If u need any help contact us.
  2. Best Youtube channel ❤️
  3. Welcome buddy. Enjoy.
  4. Hi... I read your post here and decided to give you a basic summary of what I think can help you. For you to play probably how you want it is what many have sought to get where they are. These are some "simple" details. The biggest one: 1. Hunt good weapons. Like for example, see what weapons people tend to use in a Racast. 2. Recognize the "quest" well. Know which monsters will appear and where. 3. Know which CORRECT weapon to use on that monster. (For example: You will not use a "bazooka" to kill a monster that looks like a small bee. Because most of the time bazookas were made for "area damage" Like for example: hitting many monsters together or bosses that have more than 1 single part for you to get right)
  5. Bem legal.. parabens rsrs.
  6. Hi Ricardof I see I made a bad mistake with that weapon I thought it was a rifle I know I’m slow I’m old school I meant no harm I apologize for my actions I should have waited before panicking you have a very good Reputation and I hope I didn’t permanently ruin mine 

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. velorious


      ok i got it ty @ Ricardof14

    3. velorious


      Just wanted to let you know  I didn't sell it. And you're right its worth more than 10 dts

      Also I appreciate you being patient with me and helping me    @velorious

    4. Ricardof14


      Np my friend ty u too.

  7. 777 777 777 777 777 777 777


    1. 777


      YES! :D


  8. I loved the appreciation of our dear and beloved Iron Faust.
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