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  1. I'll give u one for free.
  2. you got more meseta i can buy?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mr.Feeger


      you around?

    3. Ricardof14


      Hi, sorry for the delay. I was away for 3 days. Let me know if you still need it and when you're online ok friend?

    4. Ricardof14


      Are u on now?

  3. B> Heaven Force 80hit (50DT)
  4. Updated.. Alot of weaps that i want sell/trade for PSO2 meseta. And a little more weaps for ultima pd/dt. If possible. Send me inbox messages. Well, here I take a while to see.
  5. Hi Kotta do u still have any HUcast mag for sell?
  6. (Sold) (Sold) Power Material = (5:1) (125 in stock) Mind Material = (5:1) (200+ in stock) Defense Material = (5:1) (200+ in stock) Luck Material = (1:1) (13 in stock) HP Material = (5:1) (200+ in stock) Evade Material = (20:1) (99 in stock) (Sold) Gun (S-Rank) (Hell Special) = 90PD or 12DT Hell Le Cogneur 30/30/0/0/60Hit = 42DT (Sold) Zamba 0/40/0/35Hit = 20DT (Sold) Crush Bullet 0/30/0/0/20Hit = 11DT (Charge) Suppressed Gun 0/0/0/0/45Hit = 25DT Rambling May 0/0/0/0/35Hit = 15DT (Sold) Last Swan 80/40/0/0 = 35PD or 5DT Demonic Fork (Any stats) = 10PD or 2DT Aura Field: Max Def Max Evd = 15PD or 2DT (Sold) Samurai Armor = 15DT or 99PD (3 in stock) (Sold) (Sold) (Sold) Liberta Kit = 10PD S-Red's Arms = 10PD (3 in stock) (Sold) Ultima!s Engine = 5PD (3 in stock) Grantz 28 = 10PD/1DT Megid 28 = 10PD/1DT (DT 1:7 PD Conversion Rate)
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