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  1. G7SWjBj.png

    I hope you have a really good reason to give me 4 negative reactions, for your information it is very rude and unpolite doing silly comments on a topic dedicated to warn people about Happy Hours :)




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    2. Ricardof14


      Many thanks R-78. I hope he understands that. If he does not want negativation .. do not deny others. And as for me now know that I should not create conversations in the posts of HH alert.

    3. Noob Saibot

      Noob Saibot



      are you OK man?

    4. Saber +7

      Saber +7

      Lmao they made a rule about down votes... Don’t have them if you don’t want them. Retarded rule. There’s a reason these fools get down voted. 

  2. hey ricardof14 i have two limiters for sale the 20 luck material 


  3. Christmas Event 2018

    ¿Fue uno de los únicos que tomó 3? Jajajajajajajjajajajajajajajajajaja
  4. Offense in the middle of the game.

    I do not understand what she's saying here. You're kidding me, are not you? Did anyone understand what she said?
  5. The person comes .. offends you in the game and tries to impose that she is right and that you are wrong .. so that you accept being offended. 00:37:14 42199651 Kari 00:55:25 42156510 hydrodmt 100 00:55:28 42156510 hydrodmt moose 00:55:33 42191351 rukia 5 100 00:55:34 42199651 Kari dnt 00:55:37 42200728 Snipedown doughnate 00:55:42 42156510 hydrodmt twin 00:55:47 42199651 Kari go 00:56:48 42200728 Snipedown lol jellen 00:57:06 42199651 Kari lol sd jz 00:57:33 42200728 Snipedown n00b FO 00:57:41 42199651 Kari noob ra 00:57:45 42199651 Kari 00:57:51 42200728 Snipedown trash FO 00:58:36 42156510 hydrodmt yoink 00:58:36 42199651 Kari Trash RA 00:58:39 42199651 Kari gg 00:58:40 42156510 hydrodmt jk 00:58:43 42200728 Snipedown garbage FO 00:58:48 42156510 hydrodmt gg 00:58:49 42199651 Kari You
  6. How much you pay in Luck mats?

    I have 76 Luck Mats if you need

  7. Hi can you help me?

    If you can.. You are a GM? .. and how can i trade the 3 Nakas Card please?

    Ty vm.

  8. :D i found you ;D