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  1. Bomb Chu: Whitill - Del Lilly - Ult EP2
  2. Forgive me for the doubt that surely many should already know. Can I hit a weapon that hasn't hit? Or does she need to have any hit before it can be added?
  3. Esse mesmo hehehe.. apesar q esse da foto faltou o bom e velho catupiry que todo mundo poe no anuncio sendo que nem tem nos comercios hahahahahahahahah
  4. Depois dessa mereceu um pastel de Frango com o verdadeiro catupiry nao os piratas hehehehehe <3
  5. EH o PGF? eu n manjo disso rsrsrs.. bora TTF RR hahahahaha
  6. Yann oq q eh Dark weapons? PGF? Dark Meteor, Dark Flow e Bridge?
  7. It would be very nice if that were possible, as I see it (obviously respecting each one who doesn't agree)
  8. Trap/search Baranz ultimate EP1 Redria
  9. Could you tell me why you're talking to me about buying something, are unable to make an offee yourself, so when I do make an offer myself you leave the conversation immediately, never to be heard from again?

    I think that is disrespectful and wouldn't treat someone that way, so please do tell me why.

  10. Parts of egg blaster - Ep2 Ultimate Skyly
  11. Ricardof14

    Easter Event 2019

    Gotric Cloak - EP4 Ult White - Dorphon Eclair Centurion HP - EP4 Ult White - Satellite Lizard
  12. Ricardof14

    Easter Event 2019

    Ty vm Larva.. Happy easter.
  13. My joy of the month. (Iron Faust 0/30/0/0/45hit)
  14. He conocido el juego a través de un amigo, en la época del auge del dreamcast. Yo ya era jugador del Phantasy Star 3 de mega drive. Por eso algunos de mis chars tienen algunos nombres del clasico. En el caso de que se trate de una película de ficción o de ficción. Con el tiempo descubrí el servidor schthack donde jugué alrededor de 2 años. Y después de dos años sin jugar por ver que estaba viciado demasiado. Me golpeó aquella nostalgia. Y hoy estoy aquí a casi un año en el Ultima. (Google tradutor)
  15. .


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    2. Ricardof14


      Many thanks R-78. I hope he understands that. If he does not want negativation .. do not deny others. And as for me now know that I should not create conversations in the posts of HH alert.

    3. Noob Saibot
    4. Saber +7

      Saber +7

      Lmao they made a rule about down votes... Don’t have them if you don’t want them. Retarded rule. There’s a reason these fools get down voted. 

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