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  3. Photon Crystals are used to add hit to enemy parts , example bringers arm /bringers rifle . You will need to clear ep4 government quest line and speak to Montague at crater , this will open up a Easter egg in another quest Claire's deal . No need to complete quest, Montague is on pioneer speak with him he offers a gamble 1 pc = chance to get 10% hit @ 100 % as you progress on hit the more pc is needed and less chance of success to add. Only up to 50 hit There are some threads about it but after time they need searching out , Claire's deal is in Japanese so probably a few wanting translation , few other Easter eggs hidden in story mode as well. Like obtain kireeks weapon , all ways getting hit on item in blacksmith quest , Not sure if joining black paper is a thing still
  4. Normal if that matters, also would you happen to know the use for photon crystals on this server? I can’t seem to find anything
  5. Yes the event will mess with the drops , out of interest was you trying on normal or hard?
  6. Hey x) des lunettes bien sur, mais pour la rappy soul faudra demander à Kotta
  7. I’ve killed, shambertain/kondrieu/St.Million 5 times and no scale. I’m Oran if that matters. Am I doing something wrong? Or am I just unlucky? Update: I keep getting Zelda magazines, is the event interfering with the drops?
  8. Salut Noudle Je peux te prendre les Rico's Glasses stp ? Et je sais pas si t'as une Halo Rappy Soul qui traine ? Thank you
  9. I might have one for sale. Your inbox is full but I’ll be home later this evening
  10. offer 300dts for maxxed DM
  11. Hey all, apologies for the chart not updating again over the last day. My laptop was left unplugged. This has now been corrected and we have the latest and greatest. First post has been updated, and congrats on finding the master sword! Also, thanks to @Wavebuster for verifying that Skyly Dark Gunner is indeed not an event drop...lol # of Item Reports Item # Centurion/Arms 13 Centurion/Power 12 Fire Rod 11 Centurion/Resist 9 Sacred Bow 7 Bomb-Chu 7 Boomerang 6 Power Glove 5 Great Fairy Sword 5 Magic Hammer 4 Zelda Magazine 4 Hylian Shield 3 Bug-Catching Net 2 Ganondorf Shield 2 Centurion/Luck 1 Stealth Sword 1 Master's Sword 1 Godric/Ability 0
  12. Bump! added and removed some stuff updated wants
  13. Hello all I am looking for different types of MAGS I am also in need of Power and Luck Mats ALSO looking for Heaven striker with the mag unit ALSO a Rianov 303SNR-5 I only have DT's hope that is cool.
  14. Love Rappy [Red] [1/175/24/0] [Mylla & Youlla | Estlla | Pilla] 25 pds/3 dts Is this mag still available?
  15. Buying STA! Update Selling List.
  16. Yesterday
  17. hi i have some in my tradelist. check it out in the trade section
  18. Hello everyone. If anyone has a Serene Swan to sell, even without hit, I may be interested, so please comment in this topic
  19. Hello, I'm looking for someone to change 2 real Agitos into Orotiagito for me. Willing to pay a few PDs. Thanks in advance ☺️
  20. Bump. Added + removed some sold items.
  21. Hey I am looking for a nice one of either of these, having some hit% would be great but not necessary. I just want one of each.
  22. I would buy a Dark Meteor from you, price?
  23. I would be willing to buy?
  24. Ultimate 4 PINKAL Desert Merissa A Zelda Magazine Ultimate 4 PINKAL Desert Merissa AA ** NO EVENT DROP ** Ultimate 4 PINKAL Desert Goran ** NO EVENT DROP ** Ultimate 4 PINKAL Desert Pyro Goran ** NO EVENT DROP **
  25. tienes disponible quiero comprar esto
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