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  3. No, PSOBB is capable of higher resolutions than the console systems. Any changes in character design will have been made by Sega in the porting the game to PC. The only things that have been modified appearance wise here at Ultima are the custom weapons and armor exclusive to this server. Hope this helps!
  4. hey guys/gals i ordered a copy of PSO 1 & 2 for GC and the resolution and chara designs are a bit different did you guys tamper with the PSO BB pc version? I,m interested to know what mods you guys did thanks
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  6. @Yannv You are actually right. I think it's strange that only common types weapons would need a mule weapon and not the special ones. Well it's up to Serverus and whatever he decides. I don't agree. It is super easy to get 50 hit unrare weapons with specials from Restless Lion or even the shops that can provide any sacrificial special. So basically you could just pipe trick for a couple minutes, and once you find a Charge Vulcan 50 hit, buy 40 of them and make as many Charge Yasminkov 9000M 50 hit as you have. And kinda unfair to people who actually worked hard to get stuff like Yasminkov ~40 hit if you ask me. Eitherway, if this actually gets applied, I'll be glad to convert my Charge vulcan 95 hit into a Yasminkov 9000M But you're right about the price, I think 33 PDs would be fairer.
  7. I agree with Yannv's assessment... If you have to bring a mule weapon, at least let us get some hit off the thing if it has some on it in the process. 50 PDs + Mule weapon, get it's special and hit percentage transferred to non-special weapon, that seems reasonable IMHO. Besides, 50 PDs ain't exactly cheap...
  8. In my opinion, the need to bring a weapon of the same type as the one you desire to add the special is a formality that doesn't add anything to the redeem process nor is useful, but instead, it makes the process slower. It won't prevent players from redeeming because they can just buy a junk weapon from the shop anyways and call it a day. Bureaucracy is the right word for this, unneeded processes that are done just to answer a formality. The GM will still need the PDs of course, but why make them spend time checking if the mule weapon the player brought is the same type of the weapon that will receive a special? There are many exception cases on which you just can't get a common weapon for a redeem, like Bazookas, Fists, Twin Sabers, Double Sabers, Claws, Cards, Launchers and Katanas. What if an average player doesn't have the knowledge about which weapon is the same type as the target weapon? He will spend a lot of time looking for that, just to discover later that there isn't a common type of that weapon. If that formality is a must, it is really needed, then lets make something more fair then, where everyone need to instead bring a mule weapon which contains the same special that you desire to be added to your desired weapon.
  9. no need the other wep for Type SS/Swords??
  10. Well well well, Nug Bazooka or Cards, on previous mini event you didn't needed to add a common weap for the special...
  11. ID cards are specifically mentioned on the event description. That is why I am asking.
  12. Well seeing as cards do not have a photon series equivalent to that of slicers (Slicer - Diska) I would think you’d not be able to via this event. Of course it’s up to Mio but as written Slicer type weapons should not apply to Card type weapons.
  13. Mio. ¿Sábado o Domingo? ¿Y podemos poner y efectuar cualquier arma que no tenga efecto sobre ella correctamente? Por ejemplo: un arma que realmente quiero para el efecto es el "arma suprimida"
  14. mmmmm good question so i think yea i can work XD
  15. @serverus what weapon would I need to add special to ID cards? slicer?
  16. Couldn't help It but laugh a lot at lots of contents I saw x3

    I just went to read some topics In the crime stoppers forum while looking for the rules and stuff to follow to avoid getting banned (In which I never found >,<), but Instead, I ended up dying In laughter with everyone's postings :'D

    1. jezbuz


      Indeed, there are some legendary ones ahah. Especially the older ones

    2. Trigunman


      Ahhhh, the classics never get old do they?  :onion-head11::onion-head65:

    3. Lipelis



      ..the rules and stuff to follow to avoid getting banned (In which I never found >,<)

      → https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/guidelines/

  17. Lol y yo quería comprar la suppressed en vez de farmearla pero supongo que no me la querrán vender u.u
  18. You can recover the account with the email used to register it
  19. So I haven't played in a while and forgot my login ID for the game, is it possible to get that info?
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