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    This is actually just false.
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  4. Po Tay Toe

  5. B> 2 Stacks of luck mats

  6. drops

    DAR = Drop Anything Rate, it is basically the odds of a monster dropping any item (rare or not rare) When you play on Shared dropstyle or 1P game, it is unreduced, but with Individual dropstyle, each extra player reduces the room DAR. 1 player = 100% DAR 2 players = 80% DAR 3 players = 70% DAR 4 players = 60% DAR So you get almost twice more items in 1P rooms than 4P. There are 20 Epsilons per LHB (I assume you don't do the second part) and 33 Morfos in MU4. The unreduced drop rate for CB is 1/1050 on Epsilon so 1/1750 if you play 4P games. With 50 runs of LHB, you killed 1000 Epsilons so still under the "average" to get one CB. As for PBC, unreduced rate is 1/853, in 4P game 1/1422. So if you really did 150 runs of MU4, then you killed 4950 Morfos and thus should have found about 4 of them. Conclusion: it is normal that you haven't found any CB yet, but you were definitely unlucky with PBCs. Most of us know that feeling when one doesn't get an item in hundreds of runs. Nothing changed in the meantime you went on vacation. Don't lose hope though, you still have more than a week to get them.
  7. drops

    Hello final pacman . If you don't play with others persons in your party you have a really low chance to found an event items . It's same as me, when i play alone i dropp nothing ... The drop rate is not really based on the luck . Try to hunt with another weapon , search the good combination . I'm sorry for you . Good luck .
  8. I made a shop! Took a few days to compile, and it's mostly fulla junk, but take a look!


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  9. For sale: 

    PBC x2

    SB x2 

    Hundred souls 60 hit 20native

    Charged nug bazooka 70 hit

    Inbox for business

  10. S>PD Stack for your DTs

    S>HP, Pow and Mind Mats 6:1!

  11. Pthalo's Awful Art Thread

    Thanks, yeyy! I like your avatar! lol
  12. drops

    most likely I was looking into it can you help me understand dar
  13. asdfasdfasdf

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  14. Pthalo's Awful Art Thread

    i really like those drawings
  15. drops

    Also when you play with 3-4 people in your party in individual drops your DAR gets dropped dramatically. So maybe that
  16. drops

    not me I just added 3 or 4 more runs I have others in room drop but I guess its nothing there is some who have droped 7 and I find it hard to believe that they ran more than me. I stay at home
  17. drops

    Yeah, I think for everyone hunting heavily and consistently the items are dropping. No issues from me, I think the rate at which things are dropping seems to be accurate with those posted on the drop tables.
  18. drops

    Bad luck most likely.
  19. Pthalo's Awful Art Thread

    Thanks, cloor! And thanks for letting me draw Claire! Thank You, ultrajerky! I appreciate it!
  20. Trading DM, PGF and STA for PSO2 meseta PM me.

    1. babane


      How many meseta you want for the trad ?

  21. Pthalo's Awful Art Thread

    Cloor hasnt changed her outfit in the whole time i have known her lol Awesome art fella, claire is lookin hot
  22. Pthalo's Awful Art Thread

    thats awesome! haha scrub! nice work
  23. Pthalo's Awful Art Thread

    'Nother update. This time it's of cloor's very red character 'Claire', whom I frequently run into when I'm being a pest to the Ship 1 Block 1 Ultima Lobbygoers. This was fun! Who will be my next victim?!
  24. Yesterday
  25. It seems like this is actually wrong. I actually tried before I chose to make Mille Faucilles a 250 grindable weapon and here were the results: Against a Gillchich, a 0/0/100/0 Mille Faucilles +250 (550-550 ATP) and a 0/0/100/0 Rianov 303SNR-5 +0 (550-550 ATP) deal exactly the same damage.
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