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  2. S>58 Christmas Presents

    PM me your offer.

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  4. Riddle me this:

    I write about someone, someone writes about me writing about someone, and another writes about someone writing about me writing about someone. Who of those wrote this?

    1. R-78
    2. radezz


      Correct!! You won an Agent K. Costume! pm me to meet up ^^

  5. s> 3x adept (30 pds ea) S>2x POST S> 70 power mats 5:1 s> c/b (dts only)

  6. S> Mercurious Rod Rico's Parasol Madam's parasol Glide CHU CHU Fever Demon's raygun 0-50-50-0-50
    Naga 0 0 0 200 twins  evil curst Demonic Fork 0 0 0 45 35 marina's handbag POST 15dts/VAMPIRE CLOAK /cent/mind x2  adept x2 pm offers  T>265 dts + GULD MILLA 0 0 100 100 80 / for sta or dark wep

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  8. S> 4x PPP mags 10pd each.

  9. S> Crimson Sword 65 hit and PoST

    B> Lame D'Argent

  10. Hi, how much do you pay for tirels parasol?

  11. B> Musashi with high hit 40+, Sell Dress Plate 10 Dts  S> Psycho Wand 5 Dts S> Blank Type D.S/D.Saber 4 Dts,  Heaven punisher hitless 2 Dts  S Parts 2.01 4 Dts   Now accepting PDs 7:1

  12. Lol that response.. you're silly xD

  13. Has one too
  14. There's also gauaranteed pd in Blue Star Memories in the bad ending (ep2 oneplayer), as well as possiblity of pd in black paper deal 2 on any difficulty. Harmony of Despair part 1 has a PD in it as well (idk about part 2).
  15. To you who lacks nothing, you who are loved, you who receive hugs all day, do you know that for all childrens, it isn't so ? Do you know that life isn't cheerful for everybody's... Do you hear the cries of the hungry childrens ? Do you hear the cries of childrens without a country ? Do you hear the tears of the children who hold out their hands ? Do you hear their tears, do you hear their cries ? Do you know that in the building next door, there are families that are broken ? Do you know that the neighbor's wife left her husband this morning ? Every day they could be heard screaming, fighting and threatening.. There are cute little things like you, who are forced to bear all that.. Do you hear the cries of the childrens of alcoholics ? Do you hear the tears of the childrens of divorced ? Childrens raised by a stick... Do you hear the tears of the forgotten childrens ? There are places where prostitution is not only the appanage of the adult.. but where little girls and little boys are used with impunity... There are places where at 7 years old, you find yourself in the fields, to work like a man, to serve as a beast of burden... Do you hear the tears of abused childrens ? Do you hear the tears of exploited childrens ? Those cries that surround you, bother you or touch you ? And now, do you find any reasons to complain anymore ? It will be necessary one day to be accountable about what we have done to those fragile souls whom God has entrusted to us... and before the throne of Judgment, where we can no longer hide anything, will rise the tears of the children who have not been cared for.. Do you hear the crying of the neglected childrens ? Do you hear the tears of unloved childrens ? Do you hear the cries of unwanted childrens ? Do you hear the tears of aborted childrens ? Do you hear the tears of the childrens of war, of those who have neither father nor mother, and whom Jesus alone can console? May you give them justice promptly, O Lord..

  16. B>Blank PR 99 pds

  17. How bout like say two beam tacos and a jibber on that blood sword?

    1. drdingus


      sorry only accept chickens and jars of marmalade

    2. Too Fast Tim

      Too Fast Tim

      Alright you drive a hard bargain. What's been up brother?

  18. Arrest needle is made from proof of sonic team, and it has dropped every year since it launched. IDs may change, but it's always the same event.
  19. Yeah it is very helpful Thank you!! But I hace à question, is thé drop allais thé same?? I didnt see thé arrest needle this year.
  20. Great idea! I added it to the 'useful links' page.
  21. Support the homie and you'll be supporting me:


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    2. McLaughlin86


      Go to bed. Unless you wanna lose again (;

    3. icipher


      hey i left with the win! don't be spreading lies :D 

    4. McLaughlin86
  22. Test Ship - Quests in solo and government are not all unlocked. - Added /lobby for non-quest party state, some people are experiencing issues with this, I haven't been able to reproduce the problems so can't fix it yet. - Added a timer-on-demand, you can start, stop and hide it with the command "/timer"... the timer will stop automatically if the quest flag for fail or success is set. The timer is not synchronized between clients, if you start it, it will start only in your client. Later on we'll make this in a different way so it starts with the quest and stuff... - Added /pk so you can hit other people, it's toggled only when everyone in the party toggled it - Anything else I have done and forgot to list here. Some of the changes in this post require a client update, so they might not be available yet.
  23. Gracias no lo sabia. Aun no veo a ningún GM
  24. this is super helpful. I'm adding this as a favorite in my browser. Thanks buddy.
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