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  2. Add ons- data readers

    You first get the plugin from the first link following the instructions in it's repository. Copy dinput8.dll and the addons folder to the game root, for example C:/Ultima PSOBB/ And then copy the addons themselves, like those in my repository, into the addons directory. I can probably upload a picture later (on phone atm)
  3. B>Kiss of death  please pm me . thank you

  4. Yesterday
  5. Selling Sato Mags, hit me up!

  6. Add ons- data readers

    I downloaded both but was confused on the installation / correct destination folder for addons to be read by client. Can someone post a step by step for the addon installation? I'd love to see health bars!
  7. Keyboard input has stopped functioning

    It's this with all characters? or just one? like choko mentioned the setting it's saved by character...
  8. b>d photon core 60dts

    1. Ragol99


      I doubt anybody has one leftover right now. Given how much your offering for one. someone would surely sell you it if they did. Better of just hunting it in anniversary around the corner here.

  9. Happy birthday Celery <3

    You bring happiness to more people than you probably think and you're a wonderful shithead. Thanks for being someone we're all lucky enough to know. Have fun today and be safe. BLESS


    Also this


  10. Lemon I need to talk to you you can't recieve messages!

  11. Yeah the server that took all of ultima stuff did add a cure everything unit state maintenance. That would be a great dt making unit as it'd be very valuable. Agreed. If it's a low crappy drop rate least it's always available.
  12. item rare

    I have a twinkle star and rainbow baton that are decent starter weapons for you. Also hunt rage de fu and chrome orb for some decent mechs for her

    don't get too wasted today <3

    1. Lemon


      Try to remain a comfortable spot.

  14. on this day, next year i'll be 21. the world isn't ready.

    1. radezz


      Thought you were like 25, but cool, one more year and you'll be able to drink alcohol wink wink. Hapy Bday ^^

    2. Ragol99
  15. It was left off by default for the reason exposed by Lemon. Maybe in the future we can do something different like notifying them somehow but by that same logic, people will never know that they can use npc skins, free camera control, hide the HUD, etc.... The only way they will figure it out is by reading about it either by some in game notification, in the forum, in Reddit, etc, and obviously this is already exposed in the commands list. Aselia implements a nice way of showing game commands help, so there is that too, for when we start using it.
  16. Keyboard input has stopped functioning

    I haven't logged in the game in a couple years, but the keyboard controls are saved in the database for each character (possibly account based...). How are your settings under Menu > Options > Keyboard Controls?
  17. I don't think that it will confuse many people. I think, the people who don't know the feature wouldn't even notice the difference. How would i notice the Change, if i don't know it? I get my drops and notice what the other Players "see on the Floor". Its just that all Player get a "Price" for defeating a Boss or just killing Mobs. It is just annoying to Join a Room, to help some low Level Char or Newbe or just for fun and have to "life with it", just because the Roomleader isnt aware of the possibility. All players i informed about the feature just changed it after leaving the Room. ^^ If i got it right, it makes no difference if i Play alone - the Droprate is unchanged. With other Players in the Room, the Droprate is a little bit lowered. Right? So it makes no change while playing alone and a big change while playing with others. Just my thoughts - maybe the Serverteam thinks about the possibility to change this.
  18. True, but it was shared in the original game, and that change could be more confusing than helpful.
  19. Ok, thx. I dont have any of this. xD But a lot of Souls. ^^
  20. You can use them on red ring , and also Ricos glasses to make formarl only agent k costume
  21. The Individual Drops System should be an "opt-out" - that it is individual by default and changable to shared if a Player wants it. I think, this would be a good change, because many (new) Players dont even know that it is changeable.
  22. Is the Halo Rappie Soul only useable on Red Ring?
  23. B<STA offering 245dts :"L

  24. Last week
  25. b>d photon core 56dts

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