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  2. Easy, make a custom cannon rogue for ramar ramarl only but 800atp its just a lot, i would balance it to 600-650 since human ranger has less atp than cast
  3. Honestly at this point I'm surprised L&K isn't combo unlocked, would probably need some adjustments though. It's used a bit in the vanilla meta, but Ultima has a lot better alternatives for ranged weapons. I'm not sure if I agree with Cannon Rogue though, Casts already have access to Iron Faust. Giving them access to both weapons kind of isn't fair to the Human characters.
  4. Hello guys I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble figuring out your in-game ID. Have you tried checking the game's settings or profile section? Free Fire
  5. Last week
  6. A while ago? but like, more than 5 years? Meteor Rouge would be a better option to combo unlock
  7. Sensible idea would just be to edit your topic heading as closed , save the admins some time .
  8. ask larva...l&k 38 use to combo unlock during the xmas event along while ago
  9. LK is literally a ranged DF lol. Here are two videos of gameplay that can be replicated 1:1 on Ultima except for Dark Falz in the second video that show plenty of optimal LK use. Lastly, here is a video that shows how powerful unlocked LK is a bit.
  10. It is, but I don't hav it anymore. As happy as I am to see my shop still getting traffic, almost all of this stuff is long gone. If a admin could lock this it'd be great as it would stop confused new people from shopping here
  11. Hi JD the Chromatic Orb is that the Orb that Changes the Excalibur into the Crimson Sword? If so i will buy it if you still have it for sale @Megabotic pm me
  12. Cannon rouge L&K38 Combat Plz at least L&K. My thoughts on why.. Thoughts on Cannon rouge. Cause bombchu does the same thing as "Cannon Rouge" but better and for all classes. And thoughts for L&K38 just cause it's not that strong and having a combo would make it pretty useful.
  13. Antivirus seemed to still be the issue. Apparently Google chrome entirely had to be whitelisted for it to allow access.
  14. The pink one is pretty cute ngl :C
  15. i should probably post this here Ice Color {Pack} DOWNLOAD
  16. Got the items. Can close topic. Thanks.
  17. I need some Centurion Ability with a good price in PD's...
  18. Updated lists of Techs, Weapons, Frames / Armors, Units, Materials. Updated the trade rate for Defense Materials and Evade Materials. The "Outlet" Discount will maintain until further information.
  19. Closed I Talked To Him


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