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  4. Like: Community is great. People are generally more than happy to partake in whatever goal you're out to achieve and vice versa. For those who share the same level of knowledge, the experience here is a very enjoyable one. Feedback: Often times, especially on the forums, I find that there is a perceived level of knowledge required to be known not only about the game but about the community in general, and that generally tends to scare people off. In major gaming communities that I helped foster and grow, the usage of these extra tools such as forums needs to be the main focus to get people educated and brought up to speed. I absolutely love the tools such as the Character Viewer and Drop Tables, but I bet you many people don't realize these exist, or have the intuition to browse around and try to find these resources. Many people will eventually give up if they don't know where they're looking or if they're afraid to be reprimanded for asking such basic questions. This ties directly with @C01D1's suggestion. There needs to be an on-boarding package of some sort to make anyone with cold feet feel welcomed and encourage them to learn more. What tool or form this on-boarding package will take is uncertain. It could be an elaborate post, a web app, or even something in the game...point is, it needs to exist and it's something we can all point new players to in order to learn the basic/intermediate/advanced/custom intricacies of this game and server. These private servers generally favor people who have previous PSO experience since it's usually people who played way back when. I received an excellent DM from @Domme when I first started where he told me all the intricacies of this server. I'd recommend part of that DM be part of the on-boarding package. However this was done the way it was because I had previous experience. Had I been a new player, a lot of the information he gave me would have went over my head. Question is, how deep do we go? And the answer is your package needs to cater to all levels of play, especially beginners who may have never seen an PSO interface before in their lives. Yes, I'm talking things as basic as how to map your buttons, what each button does, what your class is capable of, and what each spell does as well as pros/cons. In my short 5 months being on this server, I've run into HUmars in the low 100's who didn't even know they can shifta/deband. I see Forces who rather than support, run around casting Gibarta on everything. Very often times it's because these players don't know any differently and weren't given that basic level of learning. Sure you can tell them to fetch for other resources pso-world.com to learn more, but new players may not even know what are the right things to look up and will lose interest fast. Point is, there needs to be some level of on-boarding that is contained within this server's resources, that is easy to follow and will get people right into the swing of the game. In the original PSO, the offline campaign did a decent job of that where you start at a very low level and things get introduced to you as you progress, however that element is lost in the online world especially since new players will come into an environment where many people have reached, or have nearly reached end-game status. I'm ready and willing to start writing something up or figure out the tools we can put together. If we get this right, and everyone knows to say "Go here to learn more", guaranteed you will see more people joining, staying, and you'll see this server flourishing.
  5. The intent here brings the warm fuzzies. Like: the community of people from around the world who above all else, love this game and want to make playing it enjoyable. I can honestly log in and do a pew pew with pretty much any random person on the server and have an enjoyable conversation while hunting meaningless rare virtual items. There are always people around to talk about this game on forum/shoutbox and usually plenty of people to play with. Through these relationships I have broadened my meme knowledge, tried out new food recipes, and learned many new swear words in foreign languages. I've also become a fan of french prison food. Criticisms: Leadership. There are literally three people who keep this server running: R78, Mio, and Soly (with cameo appearances by protoss). All of whom are amazing people who selflessly donate their time to keep this game engaging and running smoothly. Beyond them there are gigantic holes to fill. They cannot be there at all times to fix problems, do DT redeems, handle log in issues, etc. and the other "leadership" is utter trash and their commitment to the server is blatantly evident. The leadership responsiveness to the community's needs, wishes, and input is embarrassing. Solution: CLEARLY replace lame, uncommitted, biased GMs, put in place processes that act upon community input ("ideas to improve server" thread is not effective). There is a clear communication> action process flow issue in how this is run. I know this sounds overly negative but it is how I feel after being on the server for 6 or 7 years and honestly I had to try REALLY hard not to troll this because its really tempting to just say my like is @jezbuz and my criticism is @jezbuz or talk about how much I love posting gifs on shoutbox. keep it the realest doggy dog sailor clown spambots.
  6. Hello all, I think at this point we all know that things have been a little slower then usual and many of us have seen friends come and go. I personally want to see this server flourish and I really think the only way it really can is if we all band together to list the things we love about this place and maybe some of the things we do not because we can learn from both. Format is simple: List a LIKE then list a CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM/solution. lets not turn this into a flame war and try to keep it relatively serious everyone's voice matters. Cheers. 1. Like: I overall love the community here, I find for the most part the staff really cares about the well being of Ultima, I enjoy playing with all of you and after all this time I have no interest in other PSOBB private servers. 2. CRITICISM: I do dislike the fact that new people are easily turned away from this extreme "learning and equipment required curve" EP2 is insane for new people. Solution: We need to try and do more as a community to make things easier for new people while of course actively recruiting(and keeping them), a quick start guide for new players with the FAQ and links to everything here. Lets really think outside the box on how to make the immediate experience of logging into PSOBB Ultima a lot easier, we have a lot of endgame tutorials however I believe we need to really focus on beginner to intermediate. I will do what I can in this regard. Thank you.
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  9. For once more In a while,
    gotta merge Into the void.

    So far, It's my best way
    to concentrate... ....
    [Because naturally/literally,
    I am unable to focus :onion-head36: ]

  10. thought the olga drops are only singler player mode? ._. cg tho ❤️
  11. 👑 Congratulations 👑


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  12. Its useless because of Serene Swan being to OP on HUcast imo.
  13. The 7th lvl 30 attack disk I found in all my life on PSO Too bad this one is useless because of Hylian Shield.
  14. Right, thanks for the tips. I think I'm finally starting to get used to the controls on this version. I just beat Episode 1 on Normal Mode with my RAcast. I did some leveling on my HUnewearl, but I think I'm going to wait and see if I can get some of my online friends to pick up this game since the magic classes are so much better on multiplayer.
  15. I've been wanting to put Radiant Historia's Mechanical Kingdom for a while. Idr why I didn't before, though. [All hail Yoko Shimomura! (ノ♥ ヮ♥)ノ]
  16. Ho boi! The making of FFXIV In a nutshell x'D


  17. Ah, brilliant! That's what I was after. The server I played on previously just had it all in a standard room. I think there is a lot more content in Ultima overall, I just needed to get my head round where to access it. Appreciate the help - might see some of you online once I've dipped my toes in a bit more!
  18. yes! you are correct, although there's more than just the ultima community's custom missions in multiplayer. There are three main kinds of quests/missions: 1. (Solo Player mode) guild counter quests --> original questline from GC 2. (Multiplayer mode) guild counter missions --> "custom ultima/psobb" quests 3. Government quests --> i recommend doing these first if you're new and want to solo through the game's quests for a bit. I didn't experience these quests on gamecube, so they'll probably be new to you too. These can be found by making a multiplayer room and going straight to the principal's office, then talking to his assistant Momoka on his right. These also "unlock" the rest of the solo player guild counter quests as you complete the government quest story, so you'll probably want to do them at some point if you want to play through the GC storyline again. You'll also get some useful quest rewards along the way if you're new 😉
  19. I told that bitch to be Quiet: 


  20. I was mad at first but, then I was all like "nah".

  21. Hey, about your quickbar. I play using a 8bitdo SN30pro+. Since back in the day, I've used Joy2Key (https://joytokey.net) to assign numbers to the unused buttons on modern pads (like 360 or even ps1 controllers). So for example I have Shifta+Deband on R3+L3, Jellen+Zalure on dpad right+left, techs on dpad up+down, resta and anti on triggers if i'm playing a force. That leaves all the directions of the right analog stick to put other techs and items on whenever I need to change it up. The only problem with getting this set up is the way PSO:BB assigns buttons to a gamepad when you're starting out. It tries to force two instances of a menu button, one for opening and closing, the other for opening and confirming, and neither of them can be unassigned. This would usually leave me short a button the controller, but you can juggle the buttons it forces by sort of... playing with what they're assigned to. I can't really put it into words, but it can be done if you pick one button on the controller and go through the list assigning everything to that one button. I guess I should make a video for it or something. TL;DR: Making use of ALL quickbar commands (0-9) is very easy to do and you will only EVER need to touch your keyboard for chat.
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