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  2. master raven 3PDs

  3. No that's too hard
  4. When you're Ramarl and the FO d/c in the middle of LHB
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  6. You get a list by larva and I'll show you how to code it. charge arms?
  7. A quest with a PD roulette but with good items with random stats and also 1pd 10pd and 99pd options (maybe not those options specifically). also final impact with charge special
  8. Thanks for the reply! I guess I forgot how many years have this game and supposed wrongly that everything it's server side. I guess I didn't explain it right, but I wasn't thinking in that. Anyway it would be good to find a way to make the shops more easier to do. Maybe for older players that need specific things its not a big deal, but for new ones its not the same.
  9. Most of these are event items. When you can hunt event items: Mostly up to date list of event items: More information on all game items can be found here:
  10. So items are stored in 16 bytes, and I assume we'd cap the pd at 65535 to be nice and easy (0xFFFF). A couple inherent problems with this idea based on how sega set up the game. 1) All items given in quest are spawned client-side. Meaning that the server is not informed of it and has no say in how they are spawned. There is security in place to stop people form hacking certain items, but since the quest code is stored in client memory there is no way of knowing for sure if a client is spawning the right item for the quest or not without a restructure of the entire system. This means that we can only blacklist\whitelist items from being generated through this type of operation, and thus your suggestion would destroy that security measure. 2) The opcodes for quest programming are not all discovered or documented. Currently the best we can do is use item_pack to get the first 12 bytes of an item from the inventory. This is enough for every item in the game except mags. So this means we'd have to add our own opcodes (program in assembly into the game). which seems, at least to me, to be a very dangerous route since we don't really know if we're overwriting a current opcode. 3) There is no way (in quest opcodes) to generate a list of all the items being sold. The closest thing we have is the undocumented opcode used in Momoka's shop, but that still reads static data from the qst file, so we'd have to auto generate the qst file every time the server would send the file to a client loading the quest. 4) If the player is paid up front for the item, then this system would be HUGELY abused. If they have to wait until someone buys it, how would they then get the pd? That kind of information can't really be safely sent to a client without either A. writing a new opcode in (see above) or B. overwriting one of the player's qflags which would only take effect on reloading the block. Also those qflags aren't documented, so it could very easily be overwriting something very important. 5) Also, how would you submit your pd amount? A list has a limited number of options and those are hardcoded. The only other way would be to use the keyword opcode that reads the text you say. Which seems REALLY sketchy to me. As you can see, there is quite a bit that we can't do right now that makes this idea impractical. However, a web based system would not have these limitations and could be done, though it represents a huge amount of work to make and kept safe and secure. Good thinking though, keep the ideas coming!
  11. so i keep seeing people talk about things like hylian shield/sword, costumes and other items ive never heard of in this game before. i assume they are server added items. Is there like a drop list for all the server added content anywhere so i know where to get all these different items?
  12. The data recorded would be the items gave to the NPC and the PD's he got from players, I'm not sure how PSO system works but every item is associated with an ID in most of the games, (that's I guess the rewards of the quests works to get a specific type of item) so the NPC remove the item with the ID X from the seller and if the buyer meet the requeriments, lets say 10 PD the NPC gives him the item ID X and the counter goes to 10 as I said I have no idea of how PSO works just giving the suggestion based from my experience in other games.
  13. B> Luck Mats T>0/124/31/45 Gael Giel for D-Photon Core

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  14. What kind of data would it record tho? (I don't think we can hack much into the quest themselves) And how would you end up giving people the items as well as they giving you the PDs.
  15. Slightly different, the main reason isn't have the items always online, it's a system to help the process of setting up a shop, because right now you must be pending to check if someone enter your room, show the items, etc... that's why I suggested something like a quest which records the data (don't know if it's even possible). Just a rough idea as example: I run the quest or talk with the NPC X in a room, I choose the items that I want to sell and with the price in PD, the NPC take from my inventory if I sell them and save the PD's. The players who join my room can talk to the NPC to see them and buy it with PD's
  16. I think the idea you are suggesting, has been suggested before. A way to put your items always online so other people can buy them without you interacting with them (for the reason of you being offline). This is hard to pull off, and I can assure you it wont happen with the current server. Maybe with the new server (Aselia) it will be feasible but otherwise I don't see it happening.
  17. I don't know, people already add special to Rianov3
  18. Next time you have a question about a certain drop, make sure to hit this link up first. It'll solve 95% of question you have about where to get things.
  19. Skyle has the best drop rate on ult ep1 caves Vulmer chain sawd 1/1050
  20. Does anyway know how to get the weapon chainsawed always wanted it never got it
  21. B> Fomarl mag and PPP mag.

  22. henlo fren.

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