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  1. Today
  2. i'm gonna remodel them first and then i try continuing what you did
  3. Ok gracias si se me complicara el asunto te comento,gracias por tu tiempo
  4. Bro you don't need to code to make it look better. You can Re skin everything and do it all in 1920x1080 and it'll make everything look way nicer. I started to do it and it works... I did all the robots, pioneer 1&2 and forest, caves, and mines easy through v hard. I just lost my desire to play so I never finished it or released it, well I have given out Racast 1080p skins but... Its just soooo much work but the work I did do looks Flippin awesome. While your making 1920x1080 skins for everything you can make everything look nicer at the Sametime, all you need is paint.net and a file extension thingy to be able to save each skin in a specific format which I forgot it's been a couple years.
  5. Mmmm puede ser bro, antes de instalar el juego desactiva el antivirus (defender) y luego pon la carpeta y el ejecutable del juego (launcher) en las exclusiones del antivirus, luego lo puedes activar y no va a ver ningun problema!
  6. A ver al comprar un pc nuevo vienen con windonws 10,podria entrar en el juego o tendria problema para jugarlo??
  7. B> PBC

    1. RocketTots


      warsh your hands genbu

  8. Yesterday
  9. Hello. I have a question. I recently obtained a wand and got it max grinded plus have a star amplifier. How to use the star on the wand to create a Twinkle Star? I equipt the wand but only options with the star is to sort or drop it.
  10. I've moved your topic from general to game modification. As I told you last time, post this kind of stuff in the game modification sub forum, if you don't it might get deleted.
  11. the image in game is 32x32, so try making it that size right away?
  12. Soly


    Try adding it to the windows defender exceptions? (not firewall but antivirus, as 031038B)
  13. Last week
  14. Anyone avail for some 2c1 runs tonight/soon? EST time here
  15. If y’all are interested let me know.
  16. I'm interested in this as well. Takes quite a bit of time and practice for S-Rank times but it'd be fun to give it a try
  17. TwIsTeD


    I too am having this issue now, I have added exceptions to my firewall for PSO.exe, have deleted and reinstalled game and launcher. I have checked URL page and says hell world, I have tried alot and still am getting the 908 error. any more suggestions?
  18. According to the drop tables, the Rupika shield adds a 100% boost to Shifta. What does this boost exactly? Range? Duration? Power?
  19. I just tried, but the sizing of the pic always ends messed up :v [you might notice If you see It x]
  20. I'd like to play Challenge mode episode 2 for a S-rank Needle. Let me know if you are down!
  21. 031038B


    Worked last night for me, this morning I get the same error. Edit: Adding the folder to Windows Defender exceptions fixed it for me. Thanks!
  22. Emewn


    Soly is a freaking wizard
  23. please ignore my above comment i didn't notice it was for valentines event.
  24. Redria Ep1 Ult (during happy hour) Mil lilly demolition comet Mil lilly demolition comet (enemy unknow caves 1) Mace of Adaman Vulmer Guilty light Vulmer Photon drop Vulmer Guilty light Mil lilly demolition comet Mil lilly demolition comet Mil lilly demolition comet Vulmer Guilty light Chest Add slot Vulmer Guilty light
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