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  2. My thoughts as well :" L
  3. Ahoy! I'm looking for various high-end gear — I'll be offering DTs :"L Maxed Charge Yasminkov 9000M or Yasminkov 9000M without special w/high hit% Kiss of Death w/80 hit% Hell TypeSH/Shot or any TypeSH/Shot w/high hit% I might update with more — idk yet . _.
  4. whooaaa my stats 


  5. You have a birdup! :onion110:


    HBU to you ^~^ :onion128:


  6. Sold them off, please close!
  7. Thanks for the replies everyone, looks like we've got some leveling and farming to do. Thanks for the replies everyone, looks like we've got some leveling and farming to do.
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  9. Gaz

    b> with dts

    looking to buy excalibur all with hit dt waiting Pm me with what u have
  10. we have 4 days left, keep hunting lol
  11. I am offering DTs. PMs preferred. Thanks!
  12. Sonic knuckle drops REDRIA from Blue Sinow also
  13. what is the price hell shot type and stats?


    1. Kotta


      I'm gonna answer that If It's okay :onion-head49:


      The weapon you are refering to Is the TypeSH/Shot. Getting one Is not hard: simply requires a good plan (and another player to make It easy If not possible alone). Then adding hit% (15DTs for 20%; max = 80%), and adding special (10DTs); making a max hit with special equals to 70DTs.


      If someone's gonna sell one, It might go for "at least" 60DTs... 

  14. yes your are to low . i would say level 150 and you might make it through. Unless you max out power / ata on Hu most likely not a option.
  15. Whitill - Ult - Ep2 - Del Lily - New Year's Card
  16. You just need to output damage with the Hu. Some options that quickly come to mind (1) better weapons: depends on what you have at hand. I can give you some okayish gear I've got rotting in my bank for free if that'd help you, no problems (2) better units: something such as God Power/Cent ability might help your HU go above 0 and it is easy to get. Make sure you use the 4 slots in your armor! (3) better supp techs on the fo: upgrade your shifta/deband and zalure as much as possible. I don't think a character would do 0 to the ep1 bosses with level 30 s/d, not an expert tho. Hope that helps, have a good one! (Also a pretty obvious one I forgot that might not help much but still works is levelling up a bit more, since levels give some atp!)
  17. My friend and I have been playing 2 player as a HUnewearl (level 126) and a FOnewm (level 107) and we're having a lot of trouble on Phase 2 of Vol Opt Ver.2. The biggest issue we have is that the hunter does 0 damage with physical attacks (Yamato +60) which makes it just about impossible to kill him before running out of healing/mana items. Rabarta from the force is doing about ~110 damage per cast but it is just so slow. Is there some trick/particular weapon we should try out? Thanks for any advice you can give.
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  19. it should be under the captcha box , just checked it displays ok in google https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/registration/
  20. Everytime i try to create a game account it says i have to i have to agree to terms of use. I dont see a check box for that agreement to click on.
  21. Rafoie Merge I did get to drop from one of those flower in Tower, but I don't remember which one or which ID. Sonic Knuckle I believe I've seen drop from the blue Sinows in Ep.2 Seabed. (I think, but am not 100% sure it was on Whitill though)
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