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  3. I'd like to buy this but I can't DM you Angry Fist [65/0/0/45|45] 10 PDs
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  5. We talked in discord, the issue was in fact the launcher being on a different directory than the game install. I might look into ways of addressing this, maybe saving the install location in the registry/ask the user where the game is installed should that info be missing.
  6. S> 99 Power Materials - 10 pd / 2 DT

    S> Bringer's Rifle 50 hit - 12 pd 

    S> Baranz Launcher 50 hit - 12 pd

    S> From The Depths - 20 pd

  7. I believe your ok with the way you asking but what is wrong is that you can buy a Cannon Rouge with those pds XD
  8. Can I buy that Daylight Scar 55?
  9. wait- you made the launcher? well, yeah, sure i could message you on Discord about this. but i think you might actually be right about what could be happening.
  10. Is this from dll.log? This just indicates that the file could not be loaded and thus no custom SFX or minimap dots setup, but it doesn't prevent the game from loading or otherwise. Also I'd encourage you to make your own post (same with Douglas), because the original one was resolved.
  11. I'd love if you could tell me about this, because the launcher I made literally just opens the game like if you double click the psobb executable. What I think could be happening here is that you don't have the launcher in the same location as the installed game... so the launcher is starting the game with missing files. If you want to, you can message me on discord (Soly#0637) or in a PM here in the forum.
  12. Oh geez, just the thought of it sounds destructive lol
  13. I take the yamigarazu... Send pm
  14. What is the price of that thing? I only Have 11 Photon Drops on me and if I'm asking wrong or something let me know because this is the second forum topic I posted in my life.
  15. Awww! (-_-)/ Yall leave pso2 alone..! =(
  16. Yoo! you still around? been a while..


    1. nnorton44


      Hey there! You back? 😀 

  17. I heard HH Is up, and prolly approx. 130 minutes now?
  18. It Is a cool-looking cannon imo It's like a Cannon Rouge, just Its design looks more like an arm cannon And no, It's originally combo locked. [And would be too broken If unlocked since special Is Demon. Just Imagine an AoE weapon unlocked with demon special ] [It makes me dream tho ]
  19. I am having the same issues with no luck. "Couldn't open _items.ini"
  20. Oh was Meteor Rouge combo unlocked once? Im not sure myself since I havent experienced using it or seeing others using it, wat was it like?
  21. Last week
  22. Having a new weapon would be a fresh air for once! I'd like to see something new that everyone can enjoy. (Hopefully if there is a new weapon it isnt catastrophic as Serene Swans release)
  23. Why I'm not surprised this topic turned in to something else... like always... people trying to convince others that they idea is better and this idea will change the world.. This is one of the great flaws of the community, always fighting and each other and trying to outsmart the other person. this was a simple poll topic. And the only thing that will be looking in to it's the actual poll result. posting will be lock. Your welcome to still vote.
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