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  2. Anyone running psobb at this resolution or higher? If so, what settings do you use? Also the music is messed up on the title screen and in the counter area when I start a game. The sound seems normal when playing. Is that normal?
  3. I'm having the same problem but mines was installed 2 years ago and it worked fine but now the launcher after a second passes help?
  4. No, there are several maps in the game where mandatory doors require 2 people to open. Blame Sega.
  5. Currently in Ultimate Caves 2, but there’s a door that requires seemingly 2 players. I’m in “normal mode”. Is it possible to open solo? Thanks in advance.
  6. Yesterday

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    2. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      It is mine, yes. ^^

    3. Trigunman


      Ahhhh well hot damn, happy birthday to you!

      How old you gonna be?

      You gonna get a bunch of presents?

      You gonna celebrate with hookers and blo... oh wait...

      Hope you have a good one GG and hope you don't get too sloppy drunk doing it!  :onion-head11:


    4. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      Thank you, Tri. I am 31 today. X3  Maybe I should have a little sip of something, i've been saving some Choya  Umeshu for a few years.

  8. You installed the game in the Program Files folder, this folder requires administrator permissions to be written to. Please install the game in a different folder (for example, the root of the C drive).
  9. Sergio2kx


    why did you delete the info? of all your post xd noob saibot
  10. Hello, I just donwload the game and when I start the launcher the update fail, like that : By the way, I can connect to the game but everything is wrong like the oldest post from Cellery. I'm sorry for my cheap english and I hope I was enough understable.
  11. bro do u like anime :3

  12. Have you registered here? https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/registration/
  13. I'll gladly check which email your account is associated with. If you used your email and the page said it could not be found, then that email is not registered. It could be that you are thinking of the forum email (game and forum accounts are not linked).
  14. So you're telling me "Account not found" is astute for you?.... To me I think that's unstable, but what ever. I'm not asking for a miracle, but what can you do when the service is free. No worries, take care.
  15. What’s wrong with the recovery system? It’s been pretty astute for us in the past. If there’s something you think could be improved let us know.
  16. Never mind I got in, password wasn't right. But come on guys, fix your recover system please.....
  17. Just let me know if I need to uninstall, I'm not making another account.
  18. Same email.... and no. nothing was misplaced. My account cannot be found with the email I created it with....
  19. Do you recall when you made the account? Perhaps it's associated with an old email that you've made. Accounts don't get deleted here. Credentials do sometimes get misplaced or fall into the wrong hands though.
  20. Typed in my credentials and wont let me sign in?..... Went to try and recover my account with my email and it says "Account not found"?????? so it has been deactivated or hacked..... Very unprofessional if u ask me.... I would like my account back please.
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