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  4. Let me know when you're on! I'd love to pick up that Girasole for 5PD.
  5. I came Online and there was just 1 person and me and i thought i was that 1 person only this was 9:21 5/21/2024 As you May see the chatlog this person does not speak or reply to me Bula been playing Statue for a very long timeeeee.... probably before Ultima Existed this is a valuable worthy long existence before existence what im trying to say is Bula is dedicated to play ultima regardless if anyone is online or not he is sitting in the lobby comfortable no need companies no need to reply except his normal chat symbol if you can guess he is a SUPERSTAR and i appreciate his value just being there and always Quiet and Nice enough time from time to join and play whenever this is a special message to Bula thank you for the entertainment and Loyalty to Ultima and treating everyone Distance of peace and quiet and maybe a goodfriend to some and certain people but its interesting that you are the only person is still there even after everyone is gone or not on anymore Hasbulla has always been here in Ultima Round of Applaused from me to Bula please dont delete this thread some might say this is so useless well thats why its on the off topic section lol and im trying to recognize Bula for the medal of the only person online because he cares on his behalf .... i think He wont answer you in the Lobby no matter how Much you say his name or anything keep trying and keep knocking he is statue afk when he wants BTW if you know what Liminal space is - Bula is there its a place where no1 exist and they have Strange far away Music that its suppose to be scary but peaceful and lost and alone Feels and vibes in the atmosphere
  6. I don't think there's one for that specifically right now, at least that I'm aware of.
  7. FOnewn may not be as strong as FOmar or FOmarl, but It Is the most versatile class among the forces since It can go both melee and nuke with the right max stat plan and still be effective. They can also use Ten Years Blade (unlike FOnewearl ), an Ultima exclusive Dual Katanas and also the strongest If added a charge special :onion-head01: {obviously FOmar/l will hit harder but still }
  8. Hey there! Just a few things to sell off. Prices negotiable, feel free to dm or post! Will update as I gain more items or things get sold off! Demon's Gladius (50/50/0/0|30) - 3 PD Burning Gladius (0/50/0/50|30) - 3 PD Charge Calibur +3 (0/45/0/0|40) - 3 PD Demon's Calibur +9 (0/0/0/50|40) - 4 PD Burning Calibur (0/30/40/0|40) - 4 PD Blizzard Calibur +7 (0/0/0/0|50) - 10 PD Gush Ripper (50/0/0/50|30) - 3 PD Spirit Ripper (50/0/50/0|30) - 3 PD Kings Gungnir +1 (40/0/0/0|40) - 4 PD Arrest Diska +5 (0/30/0/0|40) - 4 PD Berserk Vulkan +8 (25/0/0/0|45) - 5 PD [Untek] Stag Cutlery (0/0/0/0) - 1 PD [Untek] Twin Brand (0/30/0/0) - 2 PD [Untek] Twin Brand (0/0/0/30) - 2 PD Demolition Comet +2 (0/45/40/35|0) - 5 PD [Untek] Demolition Comet (30/0/20/0|15) - 5 PD
  9. Fomar= meat shield that broken easy:"L
  10. Guys... something tells me that clicking on that Lords Exchange link is a bad idea :v
  11. Wow, amazing post! This is really helpful for my betting journey. I love betting on sports, and I've searched for so many betting platforms. I found that Lord's Exchange is one of the best. I've had a great experience with Lords Exchange, enjoying lots of benefits and offers. I highly recommend this platform for betting. Thanks for sharing such a valuable post!
  12. That's because HUnewearls are Queens They have Lindcray & Sue's Coat to grant protection, buffs and offense from a distance then let It RiP after the protection and buffing (the lattest latter with a Parasol for the extra better though not necessary because why not ) because she Is a hunter and has to be In close quarters [RAmarl too Is Queen, but without the extra SD cuz of no armor/frame with them bonus ] (Costume barrier/shield(s) excluded ) [also ] @FOnewearlSuesCoatWhen
  13. Hello, I would like to buy a lvl 30 Shifta, lvl 30 Deband, and lvl 30 Resta disk please.
  14. "oh hey, vacations are almost here, how about I head back to PSO and check out how the folks are do-
    gets hit by a flu and bedridden for almost two weeks

    ...oh, huh...so thats it? oh well.....ill just blame el Kotto again once I get back

    1. Lobotomy


      Always blame El Kottazo. He also caused the coronavirus outbreak 100.01% confirmed.

    2. sukunahime


      For sure, definitely it was him, he farted so hard that the stinkiness stuck around and contaminated everyone, bad Kotto.:rf-05:


    3. radezz


      His next fart will be the tipping point of global warming, causing the next ice age. You have all been warned.

  15. PM me if interested Dark Meteor +25 [100/0/100/0|80] 350 DTS
  16. Well I know males characters have faster casting time when they're bare handed (fists count as bare hands) so I think it was to buff Humar and Ramar, especially on first phase of Vol Opt since you can cheese it with gizonde. I feel the same way though, fist weapons (for attacking) are just booty butt-cheeks in this game
  17. Great item concept, but was it broken on huney or do you guys just hate us why does potato mst RaMar get access to the gizonde boost? the atp on the classes are near identical, feels delibrate, but punchy hune with chad casting >> punchy ramar with bad casting.
  18. It is my opinion that Fomar is among the 3 strongest classes in the game. Its large number of weapons for any situation make it an excellent class to play alone or in multiplayer, but I also think that it requires very good equipment to get the most out of it. this class
  19. Earlier
  20. Is there an addon or code within an addon that enables you to know if a trade window is active and also if the trade window has finalized/completed? I know that Soly's addon has code that checks if a menu is open or not, but I'm wondering if it's possible to expand on that and target specific windows like Trade, etc.
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