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  3. The trick to that guide is that PSO will only recognize a controller that is plugged in before the client is launched and will recognize inputs from it even if that is not the currently active window. So one of the clients is NOT using xpadder and is using the default psobb controller recognition, which can be customized in the options menu and will work even if that client is not the currently active window. Then the other client (which was started without a controller plugged in so it does not recognize a controller is in use) is using xpadder to be controlled, and must be the currently active window. i.e. Active Client (started without controller plugged in) = Xpadder input; Inactive Client (started with controller plugged in) = Default PSO Controller Input Does that make more sense?
  4. anyone use Xpadder? I'm not able to move both screens at once, following this guide: Followed it step-by-step and still, I can only move one screen at a time. I neeeeeed help
  5. Yesterday
  6. He only refuses Lame and SJS since they need the killcounter.
  7. Do you mean by Paganini in Gallon's Shop? Yea, he can add a third stat to an excal/tjs.
  8. B>3 stat/high stat weapons, no hit pm me

  9. anyone wanna buy some 60 hit samba fiestas?

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      madornah I know your avatar nice anima Toradora

    3. Moiy Sanchez
    4. ultrajerky


      Too much racism, those 60 Mexicans are people. #StopSeleryFromSold60Mexicans2InternetBads

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      no reason, just fact... away with you
  10. @Fyrewolf5 saith, can you sphere a third stat on excal/TJS by tekker? or only by GM possible?
  11. Ayo. I have finished your mag. :) Let me know when you are available.

  12. T>My 99 PDs for your DTs!

  13. yeah thats what ive meant
  14. No, that run was really clean, except that one epsilon that repeated killed 3 of us in the last room
  15. Trade list 

    Nei claw x1 0-40-0-45 
     charge rayun x1  000550
    Earth wand brownie 0002530
    twinkle star 0004040
    Sange 0040035
    Slicaer of Fanatic +25 00000
    Noob/hp x1
    Mind material x17+11+6 +7
    magic  rock heart key gone
    heart of Pain x 2 mag cell
    heart of chaox x1
     p-arm arms x2 arms
    S-red arms Gone
    magic rock moolax3
    Parts of egg blaster x1
    heart of angel x4
    tablet x1
    Ashura mag cell x4

    Caliburx1 10-20-0-0-15
    Vjava x1 0-0-0-20-20
    Disk of bravenman x1 0-0-0-0-30
    charge laser +9 x1 0-0-35-0-45
    Bule odoshi violet Nimaidou x2
    Striker puls x1
    Honeycomb reflector x1
    agent k costume x1

    arrest laser x1 0-0-50-50-30
    Justy-23st x1 20-0-0-0-30
    Slience claw x1 0-15-0-0-40
    Star Amplifier x1
    heaven striker coat x2
    pionner partsx1
    Cross scar 0-25-15-0-30
    Disa of braveman 0-10-15-25
    soul arms 0-0-0-30-20
    red hand gun 25-0-0-15-15
    Angel Harp 0-20-30-0-20
    Demolitioncomet 0-0-20-0-20
    S-Berills hands 0 all zeros


    grilsole +20 0-30-0-0
    Phonton bosster x2

    Slicer of vengeance x2 

    Ulitma reaper +15 0/0/0/35 gone

    Panzer faust is still 0/20/0/0

    Agent k costume x1

    1. Night


      nei claw replica or real?

  16. B > Samurai Armor - 23 PD's and 7 luck mats ( all I got lol). Have other mats too etc... TY :3
  17. Wasnt that the run we died that often and still got a decent time? lol
  18. We need to speak together soon queen, i miss speaking with you and i also have stuff to tell you... how's your exam anyway ?

    1. R-78


      I don't know, haven't looked at results yet. Feel free to message me whenever

  19. B> Samba Maracas with hit :)

  20. I like trains.

  21. Lost Chaos Calibur - Solo(PB) - 48:25 MuddyCast - RAcast
  22. T> max IF set, black king bar set maxed, heaven striker 100/100/0/0/80 and 370 dts for max DF


    you should enjoy dis lad

  24. Happy Birthday Mud! <3



    a little late ;-;

  25. T>My 99PDs for your DTs!

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