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  2. How much for the banana cannons and sambas?
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  5. Account recovery worked but I swear I had characters on this account. Whatever. Just happy to be back after all these years. ❤️
  6. I'm having the same issue. Clearly was able to log in to the website but the password reset is saying I'm using the wrong password?
  7. The time someone ordered me pizza and desert for some rare gear . Good times on pso lol

  8. have STA, 2 DFs (1 is 80 sphered other 50s) fotb sphered set 80h, 80 hit PR, another 50h, crush cannon 80h looking for ephinea gear
  9. hey!!! i think id drop. summer event in june to july!!! agree R-78 sent Lavra!!!! need summer event start. thank you
  10. Last week
  11. Sonic Team Armor++ from greenill mothmant ult forest 1
  12. Just i am now the crusher of hopes by explaining it is not . Bad ink lol
  13. Yeah seems like they switched it up for this summer event 😂
  14. Dammit, I was farming Olga Flow In episode 1 Ultimate mode Solo Difficulty
  15. Nah, It Is okay A little misunderstanding won't kill anyone Gimme some yeah
  16. Bluefull Ultimate Episode 4 Astark: Parasitic Gene Flow
  17. lol no , This thread has confused so many . People logging saying event on now. Should of kept this till you got back @TheIronSheik
  18. Oh ma gud you're right, i lost them in a fight with scorpion few years back
  19. You're sub zero. How is this possible?
  20. **As of 2022-06-24: I know the event hasn't started yet. I will be off the grid for the next few days. Assuming the event starts during my absence, please make the reports in this thread and I will add them to the spreadsheet when I return.** Please post your event drops here. Also non-event drops from the same monsters of different IDs. Information Needed Difficulty Episode Section ID Monster Item I will update the Excel list once every couple of days, and will post an extract below as well as in the latest post. Link to Drop Chart (Excel Web View) New to this format? You'll love how easy it is to sort/filter the data to get the information! Expand the Spoiler Tag for Instructions. (Valentines 2021 drop chart used as example) LAST UPDATE: 2022-06-24 @ 6:25am ET Link to Event Post
  21. Not sure if I got PM'd by them but if not, they can still PM me about it.
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