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  2. according to the wiki it's not a bug : ( https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/wiki/item/&id=031810
  3. Isn't it a bug that Soniti can use Ashura Mag Cell? It was my mistake, but please give me back my invincible mug._(:3 」∠)_
  4. Here is my cutest and non-mainstream mag c : This one is pretty original too, Sato [Brown][5/65/130/0][M/L/P]
  5. Este Kotto es un loquillo. Funniest mag I did was as a kiddie/mid teen when I was playing offline GC. I had no idea how stuff worked, so I just assumed having high ATA was good. As a consequence, I raised my mag's dex to the maximum possible (I can't recall exactly now, but I think it's on the 150~170ish range?). I should also remark that I only played rangers because I thought the monsters were scary. No shit I usually took around 2h to clean ruins :C
  6. Can post as many mags as possible In any format, be It pics or written. Veracity Is not the factor of relevance, but funsies (besides, mag-wise, everything from "Mag" to first, second & third evolution mag Is possible via 30DTs amirite ) Also you are welcome to share your story with said mag(s) {Let the community know of your pear } ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I begin ===== 133 Tellusis [Cyan] [15/175/5/5] [Pilla | Estlla | Golla] This Is most likely my first ever 4th evolution mag, since back In the first time here (and first comeback, In which times I never had a forum account) I had no fudging Idea about PSOBB and stuff In general(and then someone told me this was a good mag for general use, and that I should use a mag cell In It. Wish I could remember that person, whom I am certain Is the one I casually ran with as a RAmarl In a 2-man PoD and got my first STA 4 years ago ) {I remember It clearly cuz I said one of the silliest things ever: WITH 3 SLOTS! >:O x'DDD} ====== 132 Tellusis [Cyan] [55/67/11/67] [Mylla & Youlla | Estlla | Golla] And this Is my first Max Stat plan when I learned about max stat plan (and given It's a max stat mag for RAmar with 11DEX, I don't even want to Imagine what the actual fridge that was ) [and worst yet...] 55 DEFENSE on a TELLUSIS mag!? (Sponebob rude-Intensity Trumpets bgm Intensifies x'd) (definitely my biggest sin as a mag feeder )
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  8. Mr.Feeger


    Buying Stacks of meseta for 3 PDs each... Ill buy as much as you have
  9. People probably thinks that im dead by now, ha, ha, ha, noooooope, you won't get rid of me that easily, im just too busy, if anything happened in the meantime, blame el Kotta.


    1. Lobotomy


      El Kotto mixing el día de los muertos with the borning of Jesús Cristo, shady stuff :"L

    2. Kotta


      Hey, I gotta tribute my mother's birthday :onion-head28: 

      (Speaking of which :rf-12:)

      @sukunahimeshindeiru :onion90:

      [sukunahime: nani? :onion-head06:]


      (with sfx :rf-02:)

  10. All broken links were fixed.
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