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  3. S<Pink Puyo 5/120/75/0 - Twins/estilla/pilla for 30 PDs  --- I paid 30 PD for the Amities Memo/Chu Chu cells myself (since memos only drop during Christmas from VH Barba Ray)  and made the mag myself thats why the price is higher then the usual price of an lvl 200 Mag.

    Edited by Aigis
  4. T>PS for 99pds B>Lvl50 non-rare mags (stats dont matter, can be messed up) S>Bringers Rifle 0'd S>Baranz Launcher S>83mind mats S>Belra Cannon S>Marinas Bag S>Commander Blade S>Izmaela S>Chu Chu Fever S>Agent K. Costume pm me ^^

    1. Sabrina


       sorry maybe i am dumb but what is ps ? hahahahaha

    2. jezbuz


      I was about to ask the exacly same thing @Sabrina ahah. Seems maybe i'm dumb aswell :b now i'm curious.

      EDIT: I think i know lol it's probably a photon sphere.

      Edited by jezbuz
    3. radezz


      Yes its a Photon Sphere XD sorry just woke up :3

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