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  2. Serene Swan - Crimson Assassin - EP1 - Ultimate - Yellowboze vjaya - olga flow - EP2 - Ultimate - Yellowboze centurion / technique - deldepth- EP2 - Ultimate - Yellowboze
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  4. Kond - Skyly - None event item
  5. MMmmmmm jezbuz... Bonita..

    BONITA!!!!!! MMMMM JEEEEEEZZZZZ!!!!!! MMmmmmmm...

    1. jezbuz


      You're so bonito mmMmMmhh. Now simp me and buy me stuff from my wishlist and don't forget to subscribe my onlyfans for 500 euros month, were you can see my photoshop work

    2. Lipelis


      Oh lordy, it makes me feel so goooooood...

      Btw thanks for the correction "bonito / bonita" hahaha

  6. OK thanks cool beans I like playing with other people
  7. Tiel

    Summer Event 2021

    Good morning @Raichu, Some of the enemies of Ultima are now dropping Summer Event Items instead of their normal drops. These certain enemies will drop it for a certain I.D. Only. Difficulty also plays a part in the equation. You do not need to start a quest to do it, but it is recommended so you can get the mob of enemie(s) that drops the item you are hunting. TheIronSheik has the current drop chart running and you can reference his post to see what drops are confirmed this year and previous years. Hope this helps
  8. raichu

    Summer Event 2021

    Hello, I don't understand this event. Who can drop those items? Do I need to start some sort of event quest?
  9. You can multilog in order to trade gear, you cannot multilog with individual dropstyle if you are doing runs for more drops.
  10. Bluefull Ep. 4 Ult Dolphon -> Ali's Resolve
  11. Yesterday
  12. solved, the problem was on my network. I called my provider and he fixed it! Thanks for help
  13. Somebody who plays PSO that won't steal my gear
  14. I never knew it was against the rules I'm going to have to meet a trustworthy friend
  15. thinking about deepfaking a girls picture to get items from the comunity like @Usagi-chan

  16. man wouldn't it suck to be @Usagi-chan right now am i right guys haha

    1. Kotta


      Especially for you, who Is ranked "pregnant" :onion-head65:

    2. EDEN



  17. But he’s so excited to hunt Syncesta he can’t contain himself!
  18. LEY at some point i got that error, needed to change to google DNS to be able to enter in psobb as you did but work for me at first
  19. Ultimate Bluefull Gibbles -> Soul Booster Ultimate Bluefull Epsilon -> Cladding of Epsilon
  20. @goldhollow the Chatbox and Status Updates on your profile are meant to share those little messages, no need to create a whole new topic for that.
  21. Yes I was able to access this URL
  22. Can you access this url? http://ultimapsobb.com/ Although even if you can, the issue might be caused by your ISP, but if you can't, you might get some more info if your ISP is blocking the connection.
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