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  2. It says today's your birthday owo I know you won't be on probably but Happy Birthday ^~^

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  4. Outlandish Myths of PSO

    Leave the lights off because you'll find more rares [emoji16] Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  5. still the best scene from space dandy


  6. Outlandish Myths of PSO

    Let's keep it to MYTHS of PSO, that one has been confirmed a few times lol
  7. I was gonna ask what you meant but then saw the highlight. The question in general was answered but regarding to the grind part of the question: Afaik you can actually grind sealed weapons.... if not, it would be useless to have 35 grind on Lame D'Argent (although who would want to keep it as a Lame anyway) however this does not affect the unsealing operation.
  8. buying 80 hit asteron, 80 hit charge suppressed gun, buying type me demons 80 hit.

  9. Since this wasn't answered, you can't grind weapons that require unsealing. Only once they've been fully unsealed will grinders work on them. This is in contrast to weapons that can be metamorphosized from one kind of weapon to another, such as the Guld Milla mechguns or Dark Flow for instance; Guld Milla requires both Handgun: Guld and Handgun: Milla to be ground to +9 (their respective max grind) before they can be fused into Guld Milla, while Dark Flow requires any kind of basic Sword (Sword, Gigush, Breaker, Claymore, Calibur) to be ground to their respective max before applying the PGF to turn it into Dark Flow. The resulting weapon can (usually) be ground further to that new weapon's max. TL;DR You probably knew this already.
  10. Lottery Time Attack

    Cool thanks! I'm a Foney, and not a fast casting FOnewn or FOmar lol... Doing some skinning for the event at the moment, so my run is getting held back ;/ sowwie ;-; < 3
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  12. Will you help me or not?

  13. S>66 pds for 10 dts pm me

    1. Terrybriggs711


       i could do that if u still need dts

    2. griffeni
  14. S>4 N00B/HP -12 DTS pme me if interested

  15. To expand on what lemon suggested. The server doesn't track the kills the same as the client and the client will internally fall behind... once you are able to unseal the item, the client will think is missing kills and not let you unseal. Changing blocks as suggested by lemon will refresh the client's kill counter and make it work.
  16. Hey guys, I'm having some trouble with my lame D'argent unsealing. Not sure if I have the correct info, but it should unseal after 10,000 kills right? Maybe i'm missing something, but I've got over 10,000 kills on it and it hasn't unsealed and there is no "use" option to unseal it either. Am I missing something here? Do I need to grind it first? If I don't need to grind it, is it beneficial to grind it before unsealing? Thanks <3
  17. Everyone knows Vegana time is anytime. Might be the only time I get to say that word before I get annihilated by these neo-nazis roaming the streets :cr-bad-luck:

  18. Outlandish Myths of PSO

    someone once told me this game was fun.
  19. Outlandish Myths of PSO

    I heard if you go to Seek my Master and bring a Sange, Yasha and Kamui with you and use each of those weapons within the rooms where Great Sword Zoke dropped his versions of them, and if you do you are rewarded with Book of Katana 1, 2 and 3 respectively, which if you take to the special tekker on pioneer2 that only shows up on thursdays between 7 and 930pm, he will correctly identify the Sealed J-Sword as the legendary Tsumikiri J-Sword, but he can't do more than that. You have to take it to the head of the secret 'Weapons' society that shows up in a few quests; let them examine it and they will actually unseal the sword for you. Equip the Tsumikiri J-Sword and use all techniques on dark falz and olga flow and then kill them with the special. Then Red Ring Rico and Heathcliff Flowen will show up after each fight and drop you the High Level Mag Armor Uru and the High Level Mag Armor Eno. Also you have to go fight Kireek in From the Depths using the special too, and he drops the D-Photon Core from his body when you defeat him. You have to take those into the Soul of Steel quest and use them to calm Elenor's baby mag whenever it starts moving. If you use them in the right order (uru>eno>d-core), then you get the super special secret ending to that quest which allows her mag to reach its full potential as the Elnoa. She'll also give you one as a gift, which will unlock a special cutscene where Cloud manages to stop Sephiroth from killing Aeris and you get to keep her in your party for the rest of the game. Also that hidden Chao in Fake in Yellow has nothing to do with Branch of PakuPaku (which is used on the secret chao in ttf instead), but if you had a completed Sonic Adventure file on your dreamcast vmu, then when you talk to the fake in yellow chao he gives you the sonic and tails mags, which have a 100% chance to proc invincibility whenever you take a hit or block an attack at max hp.
  20. Sadly, character banks are embedded in the character data itself, loading banks of other characters involves loading the whole character and I wouldn't really like to do that. I wont rule out the option of having multiple common banks but is not really a priority.
  21. Outlandish Myths of PSO

    I'm up-voting this Shoddy because first off, finding lore and purpose in video games has always been the reason I've pursued them. I love the thrill of trying to find hidden meanings and events the game creators adding hoping people would search for. secondly, The hidden door always puzzled and perplexed my friends and I on Gcube. We loved trying to find out the origins of SPECIAL WEAPONS as well and the way the whole story mode got us so amped. I remember the first time we finally hit all three beacons to open ruins and we got into ruins we were so amazed. Finally, arriving at Dark Falz with that final room gave us an excitement we'd never had before. Sadly, as much fun as all the buildup was, we were disappointed to find once we defeated Falz, not only on normal, but on hard and very hard as well no crazy weapons or drops were given. As you had mentioned it is a very strong online game similar to World of Warcraft IMO because it requires so much grinding to find one certain weapon you want let alone the right stats. Anyways, my rambling (may) is done. Love the easter eggs and spooky theories. Lets keep them going!
  22. How about giving access to the banks of other characters? typing something like /bank 1 to access the bank of Slot 1's character bank, /bank 2 to access Slot 2, etc
  23. buying 80h asteron striker, type mech demons, and type mechs charged, pm me.

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      uhmm the an like 80-90 dts, hs probably around 100. open to offers though.

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      was hoping to trade the tjs for both lol

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      ah, yeah im just not really looking for tjs as i have dfs :v

  24. B>Hylian Shield 99 pds pm me

  25. Before Ultima, my experience in PSO was on the Game Cube and limited to Offline mode with split screen multiplayer. Even though a lot of content was unavailable to my fellow Hunters and I, we happily we sank evenings and weekends into the game and had a blast transferring our characters back and fourth during sessions. Looking back, one thing that our inability to go online did provide us with was adding a great air of mystery and revere to the game. Online mode seemed a massive entity that we were ever "training" for to be part of, who knew what was waiting for us when we eventually got there? We spent hours and hours talking about and trying to unravel the secrets around special dropped items, game content and Easter eggs. The exhaustive conversations would always end in one of two ways; resigned sighs, shoulder shrugs and affirmations of "it must be something online" or renewed vigor, grit and a determined: "we must not be doing something right. we're close". For the most part the Online hypothesis was true, Phantasy Star Online was made with playing ONLINE in mind (go figure right?), but there were some things that remained unanswered and forgotten. Some schoolyard myths were so outlandish and so far beyond what Online mode could offer that I have to wonder where they came from and if anyone else has ever heard of the same. These are some of the PSO theories my friends and I had close to some 15 years ago, we're all in our mid 20's today. (Note: none of my friends nor I were internet savvy enough at the time to really research PSO stuff) ITT: Outlandish Myths of Phantasy Star Online. Pioneer I the Central Dome - Beyond the Door The theory was that there was a way into the Central Dome, be it through the damaged door topside or the one beneath. The central dome was believed to contain all the powerful materials, mags, weapons and armour that Pioneer I had brought with them to colonize the planet. Also thought to be contained in the Dome was a Pioneer II like “Hub” (vendors, principal, bank ect..) with portals to the new territory that Pioneer I was exploring at the time of the attack. This “Hub” was hypothesised to be deserted and damaged with only the portals remaining, or fully functioning and protected from the blast by a force field/walls. Hildebear Aboard Pioneer II The theory was that if a portal (telepipe or otherwise) were to be opened when around enemies that there was a chance they would be transported with you to Pioneer II. This was presumably why the guards were armed, according to one of our friends. After countless fruitless attempts, the theory was changed to being that only a special coloured Hildebear could be transported. Once it was aboard Pioneer II you would have access to your weapons in the time it took the Hildebear to be defeated. It was prophesized that this Hildebear held a special weapon of the same classification used to defeat it, or in the time that weapons were enabled on the ship you were meant to shoot one of the overhead moving vehicles and would get a random rare drop. The Hidden Choa In one of the offline single player Quests, “the fake in yellow” there is a secret Chao hidden in a waterfall in the Forest 1 area. The theory was that it could be attracted using the Branch of PakuPaku and it would accompany the player for reasons unknown.
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