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  1. It was fun, but just let me say when it came to "ease" for getting the stuff, that's only if you actually are already well-established and were strong and/or had friends to help. For the small guy like me, I beg to differ. Some friends who joined at the same time as me who played only for a few hours a day only got 1 of the major drops. That's it.
  2. Sooo Hey buddy old pal.... How about you slip me some things :^) But really, just make around 340 more of these threads to farm up one decent drop (comment) so u can have what u want, you know like the drop rates here
  3. Sounds good, i'll probably take you up on that sometime. I run with basically 4 people on the server right now, and just go with randoms whenever none of them are available. Good advice as that's what I've come to the conclusion to myself The greed for items here is definitely not great, but it is alot better than schtserv i will say... by comparison I find it quite manageable. Anyways, i'm around, just hit me up. Sorry for the late reply, as I totally thought nobody was going to say anything here buuut maybe i should check it once a day.
  4. 47 Runs later, but I finally got my first SoV to drop... and no hit.  RNG, you owe me -.-

    1. HHawk4


      i blame me

    2. thelionorion


      needs more dw and sun-worship

    3. CaliburxZero


      probably and yes cake, its your fault

  5. lol yep that was me. They kicked me from the team after i went off but yep, i'm back for awhile hi hi
  6. Welp.  Still no SoV drop even after the HH, let alone one with hit I desperately need... 37 runs and counting.

  7. Hey Luna, glad u could stop by to say hi lol hi. Yeah, in fact thinking back I think I recognize your name from back when I initially joined the server in 2015... o/ Kez
  8. For someone new... this Vday event has been awful.  Its like getting blood from a stone to get drops, even with the help of a few nice people/new friends =/

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    2. CaliburxZero


      Thanks.  Yeah... i wouldn't want to farm bosses.  Its been hard catching a HH tbh... I keep missing them

    3. R-78


      This event is actually the easiest of all events I've seen so far to get endgame stuff.

    4. CaliburxZero


      Well, i'm about 40 or so runs in and i've gotten a single Lindcray by this point between farming for it and SoV.  If this is what you call easy, then either I have very awful luck or you must have vastly more free time than I do.

  9. Nahhh
  10. Thanks for the advice, you were helpful for that exp in the few runs we did do lol. Too bad Freya wasn't nearly as friendly heh. In any case, all things good to know, and yeah the shoutbox has been immensely helpful. In any case i'll be around lol, cross your fingers this event actually lets me afford a few things >.>
  11. So hey everyone on ultima, I figured i'd actually take the time to introduce myself. I'm a phantasy star fan and have played PSO1 plenty but on the schthack server... until they lost all the data. I came here in 2015 but only played for a few weeks. Had a somewhat poor experience along with my friend as we were new, and had a individual tell us we had to give them the PGF of they'd quit(joined during the xmas event) and ultimately were turned off, pressuring us at the time when we had already less than nothing on the server (that hasn't changed too much since then either lol) Anyways, fast forward... I miss this game so i'm back! Hope to make a few friends on here, and try and get some nice things on this server. This place definitely seems significantly better in more ways than one compared to schthack. If anybody would like to help me find stuff or just chat, PM me. I've got a discord server and if you're into anime or just alot of gaming in general we could probably be friends Nice meeting you all, hope to meet all of you at one point or another!