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  1. I live (technically) once more.  Hey everyone.

  2. "I need to be with you."

  3. Perhaps someone here will like this.  


  4. On June 15th, someone really special I was fortunate enough to meet on this forum and game has been gone for now for the last year.  I've met some really cool and nice people here, but she alone I can't seem to forget.  I'd been wanting to leave something on my profile just to remember her especially but I can't just find the words.  I miss you Alisia.  Perhaps one day you'll see and hear this.  Even now I don't think the message this will convey is really good enough for a selection.  

    I simply wanted to leave something that could explain how I'd always felt for you.

  5. If I don't hear from you before or during Christmas, I hope you have great holidays.  I miss you.  <3

  6. Hey, hope you're doing alright Auli.

  7. ready to redeem 7 bronze badges
  8. Its time to Repent.

  9. Jazz and Anime had a Child and boy does it sound amazing.

  10. Happy birthday smol!  *pets* :P

  11. a nice thing youtube spat out at me

  12. "The wish hidden within my hand remained only a wish, as I saw an unending dream."

  13. This event's drop rates are                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    .

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    2. Yannv


      I barely have time to hunt anything man, but I see lots of drops during HH do I don't think it is difficult. I bought two KoDs for 50 pds and got a 3rd for free. So....

      Now if people think that for something to be easy you should get 576574746543747 KoD's then I don't know.

    3. CaliburxZero


      Try hunting it yourself and u get back to me.  I've done 6 hh now and still no second kod drop, i gave the first away to a friend.  That being said, If I was a team leader (like you) i'm sure I too would get nice offers and things thrown to me for free.  But i'm not, so I don't.


      Honestly, if you think its so easy feel free to sell it to me for even cheaper, seeing as how logically since the event has gone on it should be worth even less.  But we both know u won't.  Since the "its an easy drop" would fall flat on its face for an argument.

    4. Yannv


      I'm not saying it is "too" easy, but it's not an impossible drop. If you want me to be honest, I didn't found any KoD on this event. But I joined HHs on this event and I'm pretty sure I saw same people finding more than 1 KoD in a single HH. The problem isn't that the rate is too hard, maybe you're out of luck (like me). I dedicated 3 HHs for this item and also didn't found any.

      But this item doesn't need any stats to be actually good. Even a 0 hit one is really really good. You're almost getting a S-Rank Hell J-Cutter that would take hours and hours of challenge mode to get, with the difference you can add Hit% to the KoD. That means KoD is much much better than S-Rank Hell-Cutter. I'm saying that an item of that caliber won't drop like candy. But it isn't impossible too, it can be the hardest item of this event, but there are much more harder event items to find on other events.

      And when I said the rates are easy I was talking about the easter event items in general, not only KoD. Obviously KoD is the hardest of all to get.

      I could be wrong but if many people agree with 40~50 pds price for that item that means whoever is selling it thinks it is "easy" right? I'm not the one hunting/selling stuff for that price, so you're free to question them, I can't sell you stuff I don't own. :)

  14. I've had this on loop for I don't know how long now.  So good.  (Ty Auli~)

  15. PSA:  DAR for Delbiter is as pleasant as cutting open your own stomach with a rusty spork.  That is all

    1. Misombre


      Actually, it is even more pleasant. Because at the end you're gonna get something out of a Delbiter.

      Meanwhile, out of your own opened stomach, you know what you're gonna get and it's not gonna be as pleasant ; I can tell ya :o

    2. Space
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