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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Is playing on PSOBB Ultima free?
    Yes, playing in Ultima is completely free. The server lives of donations and efforts from a dedicated staff, donations are used to pay the expenses of the hardware and software used by the game and forum.

    I come from another private PSOBB server, can I transfer my account?
    Unfortunately not, we do not allow transfer of accounts or characters, however the experience rate is 3 times higher than the original for starting characters so you can quickly gain some levels.

    What changes are there to this server compared to the official ones?
    You can find all the information you need in the forum.

    What is Crack mode?
    Crack mode is a game mode where the monsters are insanely buffed. Currently the mode is disabled.

    Can I connect with my Dream cast/GameCube to this server?
    Unfortunately not, we only support Blue Burst.

    Can I play with a controller/game pad?
    Absolutely, an Xbox and PlayStation 3, even a regular game pad are compatible with the game, however, some require an extra driver to be downloaded and installed before being able to use it. If you need assistance with it, please ask in the forum.

    What is Happy Hour?
    Happy Hour is a little mini event that increases the drop rate of rare items. The rare items will have drop rate 3 times higher for a duration of 3 hours. An announcement will be cast every 30 minutes to show the remaining time of Happy Hour, you can also check the remaining time with a command.

    I want to use this awesome skin, can I?
    You can overwrite most of the original texture files without problem, but we must periodically update certain files. overwriting such files will make the launcher to update them every time you launch the game, in these cases we might provide ways for you to still use personalized files. You can find more information here.

    I want to join the staff of PSOBB Ultima, how can I apply?
    There isn't any process to apply, but you can contribute if you have a specific skill set like creating item textures or quests. If you are helpful in the forum and game, follow the rules and contribute to the server we might approach you to join our staff.

    I want to donate, how can I do it?
    You can click in the donations menu in the forum, once you donate you will receive a confirmation and instructions.

    My question is not listed here, where can I get an answer?
    You can ask the community and/or staff.

    Technical Issues

    I lost my game password, can I still recover my account?
    Yes, there is a page made specifically for you to recover your account and password.
    If you still can't recover your information, contact a member of the staff for assistance.

    The launcher starts up, but when I click "Start Game" the a window flashes for split a second and nothing happens, what can I do?.
    You might have chosen a wrong display resolution, go into the launcher options and select a lower resolution.

    I can't type in the game so I can't log in, what should I do?
    Change your keyboard language to United States, if you have enabled the IME in the launcher options, turn it off.

    The game updates files every time I try to log in, how to solve this?
    Run the game from the launcher, also run the launcher as administrator. If you still can't make it work, reinstall the game in a location different than C:\Program Files\

    The game gives me error 903 or 908 and doesn't let me connect, what went wrong?
    Make sure that your antivirus and/or firewall are not blocking the game. If you still experience the issue, the server might be undergoing maintenance, see in the forum if that's the case.

    My inventory got wiped, how do I get my stuff back?
    You can make a topic in this forum section, be sure to read the guidelines for posting in that section, also provide all the information required.

    My game crashes constantly, usually when I fire a weapon, how do I fix it?
    Add the game executable to the Data Execution Prevention (DEP) exceptions.

    I want to set up my own PSOBB private server, can you help me out?
    There are plenty resources online on how to do that.

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