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  1. skyly Ultimate episode 1 Delsabers Scared Bow
  2. ty lavra i now start tri force.
  3. sorry i have no ten years blade.
  4. i am full adult, was very nice friends, me is captain (leader) still, we will be truth you try control out become "manner" lesson you stand.
  5. right shiida next year valentine's event ramble ray, i think only female
  6. my psobb ultima folder, i think data which.
  7. not work how file what folder.
  8. cool i want sea skin racasael, i like kind sailor fit.
  9. remember it reset before clear password new one. but yourself. thank you.
  10. i missing my friend david wilson,   not banned,  his good and joking. agree shiida

  11. skyly forest 1 booma Zanbacon - hard skyly forest 1/2 booma zanbacon - very hard
  12. thank! @Larva now summer start!
  13. hey!!! i think id drop. summer event in june to july!!! agree R-78 sent Lavra!!!! need summer event start. thank you
  14. mmmm sort upgrade for sta when, armor. not combiner again. alright @R-78
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