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  1. The point is they don't have to group with non guild members cause they all ready maxed out team , not the case of the ain't allowed.
  2. I stopped logging on because of this , it only benefits the 3 guilds with most players on server. For myself and other's who's time zone only allows us to play solo or duo don't see no benefits from this. Happy hour is another reason why play when you can wait for Happy Hour to maximise your time in the hunt better , in my opinion it would have been better to have a weekly kill count per account that boosted your DAR this would have made more frequent log on to play , and not just when the game mod's decide its a happy hour.
  3. Antimicro free keybind to joypad can make the z axis triggers work as buttons bit more choice
  4. There is also a cut scene for using a red weapon to kill Falz and olga . On returning to boss room
  5. Nope R-78 is correct they function as they should just need v502 equipped to get round Ultima's defences or Arrest freeze Zalure then switch hell demon works a treat , plus they are all ready with Added Ata and Atp , Specials are unreduced. Try TRICKING the weapon use attack SNS.(helps on those mobs being stubborn dmc etc)
  6. True Words Spoken , 20years on and off and the reason that brings me back is the challenge's. I personal never took offence to what Saber has said , but perhaps it is because i am from a older generation that's not so woke. Or maybe with age you just get good at not taking much notice any more who knows lol. Personally you all need a chill pill me thinks
  7. Not to forget episode 2 , all ready has high EVP as standard
  8. Thank you R-78 for doing this for the community , i myself did not find a ticket in my eggs this year ! Next time perhaps🐤
  9. Hucast is not able to equip frozen Faust not sure on Arrest , Greyed out ATA requirement off by 1 i believe.
  10. correct just dc window appear as depositing
  11. Hi , okay not the first time this has happened now , yesterday and today i have cleared ep 1 challenge mode , took rifle for prize . Yesterday i dropped on floor to pick up by my alt and dc'd weapon gone. Today cleared got srank rifle went to bank in common this time , same thing dc'd weapon has gone
  12. As there is no event at this time the standard drop table i linked you is in play now , event items will have a thread by community which will report said drops
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