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  1. Hucast is not able to equip frozen Faust not sure on Arrest , Greyed out ATA requirement off by 1 i believe.
  2. correct just dc window appear as depositing
  3. Hi , okay not the first time this has happened now , yesterday and today i have cleared ep 1 challenge mode , took rifle for prize . Yesterday i dropped on floor to pick up by my alt and dc'd weapon gone. Today cleared got srank rifle went to bank in common this time , same thing dc'd weapon has gone
  4. As there is no event at this time the standard drop table i linked you is in play now , event items will have a thread by community which will report said drops
  5. They mostly drop on very hard and ultimate , just a case of killing a certain enemy on said episode with the correct I.D. Example Oran booma enemy episode 1 drop cross scar chance 1/300 as booma appear in forest you would play forest quests for booma
  6. Events are run for a period of time , these allow you to find in game items that only drop on events . When events are over you will have default game drops as by drop chart, https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/droptable/drop-tables/
  7. ink

    episode 2 c5

    Yes it certainly does , went for another spin through ep2 . Crazy de sync tonight made it interesting say the least lol. Thank you again
  8. ink

    episode 2 c5

    Thank you Soly appreciated
  9. ink

    episode 2 c5

    No not experienced on previous clears this is the first time ive seen this . It is a server issue. I am not the only one experiencing this. My partner's for challenge mode are receiving the same error not loading . I've used fresh alts and other accounts still the same
  10. Quest will not load from counter gives pop up window and returns to ep1 list of challenges. Can we get a time frame on the fix please
  11. 12/03/2021 Cleared stages 1-4 on episode 2 challenges , went to start c5 greeted with a pop up banner in katana i think ? Which then loads up the episode 1 challenge list to pick from
  12. This is why one is red follow the red it disables all , no one gets hit
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