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  1. When you get to the room with the warp in the middle take it, it'll take you to another room with a computer . Go near it and activate it so the door is unlock then leave the room and go back to the room and the door will be unlock (Note: you don't need to beat the enemies).After a few rooms, you be at the final door where you see the warp, take out the traps on the floor then use the auto walk to make it pass that mist because running will make the wind blow you back. being lazy credit to EJ psoworld a copy paste
  2. Not available no more i think. Couple items are not available or where made for special reason like S.T.A.R.S. Spread Frosty Icicle Shooter Captain Combat Dark Meteor Storm Tree Clippers
  3. Had me thinking as well , closet i can think of is perhaps demon srank handgun? C / Battle : This item will be available as a drop in next event around June.
  4. Have a feeling Mind / Dex needs a 4point difference for it to evolve . Any other id probably turn to Ravana https://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=1016 Sorry missed the Ra , but i do know If the MAG has 45 or higher DEF and is fed by a Force, it will aquire a special evolution based on the highest stat between POW, DEX, and MIND.
  5. Oran ep2 Ult Gi-gou Water gun
  6. First off i believe this tech support is for the game not your computer/laptop . You have not given enough information like make of laptop what OS you are using. You can use google search and it will come up with for example . How do I turn off Hotkeys on my HP laptop? You can access the desktop by going to the browser. You can right click anywhere on your desktop. Choose the graphics option. You can disable the Hotkeys by selecting them and clicking Disable. Same will be for Home button it will be in your preferences
  7. ink

    Aura Fields

    Aura Field's [Def 50 Evp 20] are max stats. A few Auras for sale 2 Aura Field [DEF: 34/EVP: 16] [Slots: 4] 4pd 3 Aura Field [DEF: 42/EVP: 17] [Slots: 0] 4pd 4 Aura Field [DEF: 50/EVP: 9] [Slots: 1] 5pd 5 Aura Field [DEF: 43/EVP: 16] [Slots: 0] 4pd 6 Aura Field [DEF: 36/EVP: 12] [Slots: 4] 4pd 7 Aura Field [DEF: 39/EVP: 17] [Slots: 1] 4pd 8 Aura Field [DEF: 35/EVP: 20] [Slots: 0] 4pd 9 Aura Field [DEF: 47/EVP: 11] [Slots: 1] 5pd 10 Aura Field [DEF: 40/EVP: 11] [Slots: 2] 4pd 11 Aura Field [DEF: 39/EVP: 13] [Slots: 2] 4pd
  8. Zalure Gun added 2 in stock will start adding other sranks 2 will be max hold
  9. This is True , but we have a Easter Event so it may not be dropping from Dorphon . There is a separate drop chart that player base are adding to .
  10. Episode 4 Ultimate St mill Skyly Soul Booster
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