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  1. Bluefull , Ganondorf has been put down as mericarol this is wrong it is mericus that drops Ganondorf sheild
  2. Sorry, I had a crash in the PTS 😢 (Strikes)

  3. I went though the tech forum and found soly's link to see if it was accessing server , i was greeted with a risk assessment page from my isp which seems to be a new feature of there's and had to forward from there perhaps the same is happening when game connecting
  4. Fixed looks like my ip has blocked , changed dns to google or all working again
  5. Morning , tried to log in this morning 403 error patch not connecting on launcher ,Game will launch but will give 908 patch server connection failed . Strange as i have not changed my settings and was working fine until i logged off last night
  6. As this is a copy paste i can only go by my own thoughts, and that would be there is nothing else to write on said weapons for c-mode as they are used by support class's and have no need to have in depth descriptions . As your primary damage dealer is HU
  7. No Happy hour included. Run #5 Soul Banish #7 Monkey King Bar #25 Photon drop #31 Photon drop #47 Monkey King Bar #51 Justy , Photon drop #53 Hp/Revival #54 Dragon Slayer #55 Yamigarasu #63 Dragon slayer, Photon drop #64 Photon drop #67Justy, Photon drop , Monkey King Bar #69 Guilty Light #80 Photon drop. Don't think Gibbles likes me only seem to see Scape dolls , Gi gou gave up a Photon drop next one maybe?
  8. This would only be considered if you have a good amount of hit on weapon for a 3rd attack. Gizonde would burn a lot of fluids up situational
  9. If you are lucky enough to get in a challenge mode team a few tips. -Rangers don't do the damage hunters do so hold off on the heavy attacks. A simple light attack causes the stun a HU needs to get his/her attacks to connect. Heavy attacks just repulse the enemies making it harder for a HU to attack the enemy. -The ranger should see which grunt monsters are targeting their HUs and focus on stunning them while the HU finishes them off. Remember light attacks, heavy attacks cause knockback which can throw a HU off balance. and annoy the crap out of the Hu. -Rangers are also great for detonating player traps quickly. Without a handgun or tech to detonate a player trap, it takes some time for it to explode, which in that time the monsters move out of position or cause you damage.
  10. Weapons Analysis: Saber class - The saber class of weaponry are going to be one of the more important weapons one will use in cmode. It does the largest amount of damage per hit of all the weapons. It is accurate, it causes a decent amount of knockback. This class of weaponry will be used quite often with good reason, its common powerful, and useful. The male saber animation is great. It causes knockback and moves your character around. The third hit of the combo usually does not leave you open to retaliation by a monster. The female saber animation is not so great but still does the job. It does not cover a lot of ground, and the third hit animation lags a bit more than the male animation does. The bread and butter of cmode. Dagger class - The dagger class of weaponry is good when one uses them correctly. Used correctly, they can quickly dispatch foes. However used incorrectly they are just going to lead to much pain and suffering on the hunter using them. The daggers of non HUcaseals should be used on an enemy who is targetting anyone but you. HUcaseals should also follow the same advice but it is not as crucial as it is to non HUcaseals. Sword class - The sword class of weaponry is good, but only in certain situations. Unfortunately you are forced to use a sword in the beginning of certain cmode stages when it is more favorable to have a saber on hand. The sword is inaccurate but powerful. Swords also have poor weapon animations for both genders. 3 hit combos with swords should be used very sparingly. With a sword, attack only monsters who aren't targetting you, preferably ones with their back turned. Swords are good for De Rol Le and frozen clusters of enemies. They are also rather nice on groups of confused enemies beating on each other. Partisan class - Far superios to a sword at the cost of less ATP. They are faster and more acccurate, cause a decent amount of knockback, and are able to be used with 3 hit combos with no chance of retaliation unless your third heavy strike misses. Useful if one HU in a 3 HU party is wielding this to support the other HUs Handgun class - a very nice weapon. What it lacks in attack power it makes up for in one word, stun ability. The handgun's speed of fire allows a person to stun enemies with light combos easily. Preferable to a rifle in most situations. Rifle class - not a bad weapon, but not in the same vein as the handgun. It does more damage, has a bit more range, but is slower than the handgun. It should be used if it has a nice weapon special, such as paralysis or instant death as the rifle has a high amount of ATA. Otherwise use a handgun. Shot class - no real use in cmode, too slow, too little damage too inaccurate, no range. Mechgun Class - if a HU manages to get the ATA to use it, then its a decent weapon. RAs lack the ATP to make them effective. Slicer Class - only to be used if no other options are available. Cane Class - not bad, allows a decent spell casting rate. If male, go barehanded. Wand Class - In my opinion the best weapon class for female forces. Boosts MST and allows a decent female cast rate. The MST boost is not worth the faster cast rate for male forces, stay barehanded. Rod Class - boosts defense. If male, go barehanded. I did not write this its a c/p from gamefaq , i hope it helps
  11. hey dude , im about for another 1hr an half have a go at c5 for ya , off fishing for a few hrs then . will be on after that though if wanna try later


    1. Kenneth Trotter

      Kenneth Trotter

      oh nice lets do it. I log on rq

  12. once upon a time it was a normal cave 2 drop from a box , not sure on this server
  13. i use a programme called antimicro free download , you can re-map keyboard to use the z axis triggers. i use the left and right d-pad for extra attacks or buffs and click L,R sticks
  14. Used to do challenge mode on sega server back in the days ended up duo ' ing with a good friend of mine . Hucast and fo all the way. good fun
  15. Is it not section id based on drops for challenge mode then , always thought it was on sega server
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