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  1. @Crank Serene Swan animation is a Handgun . https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/wiki/item/&id=004302
  2. You have to add a exception for the game in your antivirus, the files are the executable which starts the game as its not recognised by your antivirus thinks it is harmful .
  3. RB+Y Gives you quick change window . Then RB with window open to scroll to Item > Tech > weapon
  4. You will have to live with it , the solo quests have Easter eggs hidden so completion and saving of each would be needed , only way to not keep loading for longer play is to free roam . As in make the game and use the teleporter to go down to Ragol free roam forest caves mines ruins
  5. ink

    Inks Shop OPEN

    5dt or 40 pd sound okay to you?
  6. Greenill EP4 Ult Dorphon Alis Reslove
  7. greenill ep4 ult zu non event ze boota non event boota non event st million blood sword
  8. Yellowboze Ep2 Morfos Non event
  9. Psycho Birds like a few woman i have met along the way lol
  10. Yellowboze ep2 both squid non event
  11. Redria ep4 ult lizard cent/legs
  12. Redria Ep4 ult Pazzu non event Del Rappy non event
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