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  1. congratulation for a GM

  2. Cg for you to be an Gm now!

  3. :o cg on becoming a GM.(I don't know how long you've been a gm, i'm just noticing)

  4. Hello! New player tips appreciated!

    Welcome to the server! Bluefull is a fine ID. You can see the drops here. Or if you want a different ID you can figure out a new name here. If you make a single player game you can do the story mode quests, but you'll need to do the government quests to unlock them (instead of just doing story mode). Government quests are given by momoka (the girl in the pink dress) in the principal's office. If you just want to level up quickly (I don't recommend this) you can find a party and run Towards the Future, Path to Salvation, Wrath of Forest, Maximum Attack S, or Intelligent Defense System in episode 1, or RT, Mysteries of the Void, or Central Control Area (free roam) in episode 2. I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but those all give very good experience. That being said, I'd recommend against leveling as quickly as you can. There are some things that you learn best while taking it slow.
  5. I mean... yes... but I didn't know the weapon name of I'd've just gone right to the drop table.
  6. Hello world! gamecube player here.

    I was quoted in that. Welcome to the server! As with everything in life, the more you put in the more you get out. Enjoy your stay. There are no plans to support Gamecube on this server. But really, BB has more content and can still be played with a controller.
  7. The idea just came to me as I went to the wiki to search for a charge partisan, and realize that there was no way to do that.
  8. Instead of allowing sorting by texture and model in the wiki can we allow search by weapon class (saber, handgun, rifle, rod, wand, etx.) and special?
  9. I'd love to do this, but quest development takes FOREVER >.< but sounds fun.
  10. Will it overflow? Allowing us to use the negatives?
  11. We could always just nerf weapons
  12. Only two weeks before school starts and I'll finally have time to work on quests.

  13. If you're still on I'll come on and support you. TTFU can be very intimidating solo at level 1. I'd recommend getting a party for this.