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  1. Holiday Battle Tournament

    Updated Bracket:
  2. Holiday Battle Tournament

    You'll get an extension. If they haven't posted results by Monday you'll just get a bye.
  3. Let's talk about the new Fausts

    Not directed specifically at Liarus, but can we stop beating around the bush. Destiny was able to implement these items. Ultima was not. Now if one of you want to go and convince Destiny's devs to tell us how they did it, we might do it too. The argument that they did it so we should be able to do it is not a solid one. Just because Usain Bolt can run 100 meters in sub 10 seconds doesn't mean everyone can. So can we stop using it? It's just rude.
  4. Holiday Battle Tournament

    Just waiting on @C01D1 and @ipolyr results. Here's the bracket.
  5. Holiday Battle Tournament

    I've sent out PMs to those who have not submitted round 1 results. If you are waiting on one of these matches to determine your opponent, you will receive extra time to complete round 2.
  6. Try adding psobb to the DEP (Data Execution Protection) list. Traductor de google: Intente agregar psobb a la lista DEP (protección de ejecución de datos).
  7. Holiday Battle Tournament

    Updated the bracket. The dates below each tier are the last dates you can submit a time for the round, don't feel the need to wait around if both players are ready. There's a break before the finals for the week of Christmas to allow family time if they want it.
  8. Holiday Battle Tournament

    Yup, go ahead. I'll post an updated bracket soon for everyone with dates attached to each "round". Those dates are the last date to report results. Also since it came up already, if you have a no-show or are having trouble setting a time or contacting your opponent, drop me a PM.
  9. 10 Anniversary Ultima

    We are all volunteers that put in hours of our time as a free service to you. If you don't like what we do, that's fine. But know that when you criticize our efforts it comes off as ungrateful. Which, at least for me, makes me want to donate less of my time to make you happy. This also applies when comparing our accomplishments to those of others. There will always be people who can do things better, there is no need to rub that in. EDIT: I wouldn't ban someone for sharing their opinion. I might get mad about it (as you've seen) but I wouldn't ban someone. Not sure what there is to hide. As @Noob Saibot said, this event seemed rushed because a lot of it probably was. Ideas were still being discussed up to the last day before the event fired. I know that my major contribution to the event wasn't done on time, and now probably won't ever get done. I have been steadily losing the drive to work on pso, since it's often something that will just get torn apart by people who know nothing about what I'm doing or what it involves. It's hard to care about something when the people you're doing it for aren't happy with what you produce.
  10. 10 Anniversary Ultima

    I'm sorry that you had a bad experience. I'm sure if you contact customer service they can give you a refund on your purchase.
  11. Holiday Battle Tournament

    ENTRIES ARE CLOSED You have 3 days (until 8am EST of Thur 2018/12/13) to report the outcome of your game.
  12. I'm starting to think writing in assembly is easier than javascript.  At least things do what they say they do in assembly.

    1. Saber +7

      Saber +7

      I always liked cursive and print.

  13. Holiday Battle Tournament

    Happy Holidays! To celibate the holiday season we'll be hosting a Battle Tournament to win A DARK FLOW! The tournament will be using Rule Set 6. Pairings will be posted at the end of signup on Monday, December 10th After pairings are posted, you will have 3 days to schedule and complete, and report your match. Post here to sign up! Rules: - Matches are to be completed using Rules Set 6 - Sign up ends at the end of day on 2018/12/9 - To sign up post in this thread - Pairings will be posted on 2018/12/10 - Any class is allowed - Single elimination bracket - Swapping characters between rounds is acceptable (but not within a round) - On first disconnection in the match, the match is to be reset. Second dc results in a disqualification of the disconnecting party. - Reports should include a screenshot - Reports must be filed a maximum of 3 days (72 hours) after the round starts - Reports should be filed by posting on this thread - Players who fail to report their results will be disqualified - Tournament will only fire if 16 or more participants sign up - Dark Flow has stats 100/0/0/100|80 - Rules subject to change should unforeseen events arise Participants: Usagi Chicanna ipolyr duja1001 Saber +7 Quan Shoutgu Starlord C01D1 swright mudkipzjm Arturoux yeyy Yasuo francisco charles charles RocketTots arkraiserx Thakugan aulmer89 Lucapy ChrisNL Feebie Bracket:
  14. Buffed Belras

  15. I do. That's why I run Angel Wings and Halo over the more useful jz costume and w/e that mag with 55% activation is. If i'm going to be looking at this thing for 300+ hours, I'd rather it look good.