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  1. What are you on about? I own the shop. That's why it's such a mess.
  2. That was amazing to watch. I can't even imagine how many runs it took to get the positioning and execution down, but y'all handled those waves like pros! Even the 4x mericarol spawn in tower!
  3. That’s intentional. People were getting 30/30/0/30 shots and that was kinda lame.
  4. Oops! Thanks for fixing this @R-78 and thanks for reporting it @Crank.
  5. Came out of retirement briefly to update CCC with a new version that patches an exploit I'd been working on for a long time. Special thanks to Pheonixmog, Kayak, Black Magick, Ender, Blind Tyrant, Final Score, Soly and R-78 for the technical help and advice. You should no longer be able to start the timer with buffs from Photon Blasts. This update will be live in the next few days. Post here if you encounter any problems. Good luck and have fun!
  6. Happy belated birthday to my favorite citrus

  7. Hawk

    Happy Birthday Lemon! 

  8. I know I'm pretty late to weigh in, but I felt I should comment anyway. HoD and CCC are apples and oranges and shouldn't be directly compared to each other. They aim to provide vastly different play experiences. If you like one over the other that's cool but it doesn't mean the other is bad; just that you like the gameplay style of one more than the other. I have great respect for R-78 for being able to produce quests like HoD, even if I didn't particularly like the style of gameplay they provided. (I prefer more CCC style quests where small mistakes like player positioning and team composition matter, which is why I made it the way it is.) My answer to @Sir Rendlan's original question is to make something that you'll enjoy playing, not something that you think others will enjoy. You will need to be playtesting this quest a lot. I often ran my own quests 100+ times before I released them, and then more after release to fix problems I didn't find myself. So if you don't enjoy playing the quest, it can quickly become a chore.
  9. Happy actual birthday!

  10. Happy Holidays to all my pso friends!

    1. RocketTots


      Happy Holidays, Citrus!

  11. It really would. You should do that. Other's might even be willing to help.
  12. Another awesome banner @FALC0N! Good luck to everyone hunting!
  13. You might have some luck checking out qedit.info. I have a bunch saved on a HDD somewhere if you need a specific one. You might also check out schthack. They have an active GC online community that develops new quests that are often available for download.
  14. I just realized that I haven't logged on in quite some time (>1yr).  If you've lent me an item that you might want back, please let me know and I'll return it.

    1. Gui



      mr. President lemon


    2. Duja


      If you got any of those lemondrops or lemonheads left 👌

  15. Updated to v1.14. The change log in the opening post has been updated to reflect the changes. Please check the quest description to determine if the new version is live.
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