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  1. True, but it was shared in the original game, and that change could be more confusing than helpful.
  2. Keyboard input has stopped functioning

    Try changing your IME setting in the launcher.
  3. If you hunt alone it shouldn't matter which mode you use as they should work out to the same odds.
  4. Jack-O-Lanterns Bug

    People are so inpatient.
  5. Halloween Event 2017

    Haha you missed last event then. There were something like 200 banners in the first 24hr.
  6. Forgot how annoying the post timer is. :cr-get-out:

    1. Virec


      can we do away with it ?  :) 

    2. Lemon


      I'll ask, but I'm pretty sure it's there for a good reason.

    3. Virec


      I am pretty sure its to prevent spam and flooding 

  7. Yay for forum restructure :D

  8. Hello Guys!

    Welcome to the server! I hope you enjoy your stay. Let me know if you have any questions. I (and most players here) will be more than willing to answer them.
  9. Well, it's finally time

    Farewell! I really enjoyed being here with you. Even for just our talks in the lobby, you always made my day. I wish that we could have spent more time together than we did. Kind of drifted apart when Aesland dissolved. I'll miss you; keep in contact <3
  10. Halloween Drops 2017

    Yellow Epsilon Ultimate Chromatic Orb Ep2
  11. Halloween Event 2017

    I've always wondered; why are they called Halo Souls?
  12. Add ons- data readers

    There is a setting to change the font size in most of these iirc.
  13. Unfortunately I don't know when I'll be online, so this doesn't really work for me. Doesn't seem to be very often anymore. Only Soly can do redeeming without both being online in a room. But this is very useful when trying to redeem. (also timezone helps a lot too)
  14. Unable to input

    Try changing the IME option in the launcher.