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  1. S> PPP mags x5 @ 15pd each.

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Ok, then I'll wait until you hit ultimate (you seemed fairly close last stream). Btw, you should really move up to Very Hard. You're like 20 levels over the threshold xD
  4. Hey, I watched some of your streams and I'd love to join you if you don't mind the level gap (I'm a support). Do you use teamspeak, or *gasp* the server discord?
  5. But the point is it's not charge, just a special that is similar. (instead of 2x, it's 3x but will charge you even if you miss) [numbers might be off by a bit, but that's what I remember them at].
  6. Thats.... actually a really goood question. I probably missed it.
  7. You ingame now? I don't have a mag but I have max level support spells that come in handy.
  8. Here are the pictures. It felt like so many more when I was uploading them :S
  9. #BringBackDownRep
  10. Eh, I don't really see this as an issue with j/z and more of a bad design choice. But I'll leave it up to the people doing the work.
  11. Get better positioning? Also using Glide targets from back of range, without you target close.
  12. Me and @TripleR are a pair.
  13. T> RIANOV 303SNR-3 [25/0/0/35|40] for TypeRI\Rifle 40h

    1. Night


      Why not frosty icicle? ;P

    2. Lemon
  14. No, the rules state 1 partner each. @TripleR I've always wanted to try cmode. You up for this instead of roct?