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  1. 95 hit Junk Rare from ROCT was the highest I ever found.
  2. trying to turn items into weapons

    The Government quests (talk to the pink girl in multi mode located in the principal's room) replace the old 'clear the area' requirement to unlock the solo quests. Once you do enough of those you'll be able to unlock the solo quests to unlock Dr. Osto's Research. If you need it quick, asking people in lobby is the best bet. Don't let anyone extort you for it though. If they aren't willing to do it for free find someone else. It's a 45 second procedure. If you can't find someone PM me and I'll hop on and do it free for you.
  3. Problems With The DLL And Norton

    Make sure that windows defender isn't also blocking it. I had that problem where my primary AV had it white listed, but windows defender didn't and was deleting it.
  4. Action Bar

    When you go into the normal customization window, select one of the arrow keys to customize, but don't hit enter to select an action. Instead press 0-9 and a little number will appear below the action and it will be bound to that key.
  5. Any time, they cost 10-15dts (forget which) from a GM. Just ask to redeem and add a special.
  6. Easter Event 2018 All Stellar Shard Combines

    @Fyrewolf5 thanks for the update. Figured something like that had happened, but no one said anything so I started to get worried.
  7. Easter Event 2018 All Stellar Shard Combines

    Is the staff skin a bug or are we really getting a weapon with no skin change? That seems super confusing.
  8. virus shield vol opt

    Não faça novos tópicos para quedas. Relatório cai aqui:
  9. Easter Drop Table 2018

    Yellowboze Vol Opt Ep1 Ultimate - L&K (normal) Yellowboze Red Slime Ep1 Ultimate - Junk
  10. Serious Section ID Change Bug

    Run the launcher's update function. Your unitext file is put of date because of the event.
  11. Easter Drop Table 2018

    Pink del lily ep2 normal drop
  12. Easter Drop Table 2018

    EDITED!!!! (had wrong drop on Pink Ill Gill) Pink Ill Gill Cent\Luck Ep2 Pink Delbiter Kiss of Death ep2
  13. Link weapons from drop table to the wiki page, and vise versa.
  14. SFX problem - no hit sounds

    Try reinstalling. This doesn't sound like anything I've heard of before.
  15. Easter Drop Table 2018

    Gilchick Ultimate Yellowboze Ep1 - Gae Bolg