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  1. I'm in. 200 FOmarl
  2. I really likevthe wiggly wand. Too bad it's so hard to get.
  3. I wish more people would put their guildcard numbers on their profiles.  How can I spy on you if you don't give me your gc?

  4. Thank you for posting. It's stories like these that keep me working. Glad to hear you're enjoying your time here.
  5. Double sabers look cooler. Honestly you are taking this WAY to seriously. Who cares if something 'isn't quite as good' as an alternative. That doesn't mean it needs to be buffed or anything. Both are great weapons.
  6. Too bright. You'll have trouble seeing the sparkles and such.
  7. I just unpinned it, so it will fall into the oblivion of page 2 eventually.
  8. The black background of Ruins2 sky box, or if that isn't possible, Forest. I just feel it should be consistent with all the other items in the wiki.
  9. Demon will kill. If you demon a monster at 3hp, it will round down and kill.
  10. Well, unfortunately I don't have enough funny weapons. So I'll back out unless someone has extra.
  11. New item: Lemon\Confuse Every X min it will confuse the wearer. Acts as Cure\Confuse for other sources of confusion.
  12. I want drop pics as proof.
  13. How do we know the photon drops came from the places you say they did? Also, register.