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  1. 1400 Content :cr-what:


    1. tru


      That's awesome Lemon keep it up :P

  2. Ultima Christmas Event 2017

    @ItchyFlamingo Great job on the banner, it's very cute.
  3. Goodbye

    I may have been around when you joined, but you did most of the welcoming. (you were one of the easier ones to put up with) Haha I have no idea who did that. I have signatures disabled, always have. So at some point (probably kajex) went into my account as mod and put that in. I love it too I'm glad you enjoy them. I may continue my projects, i may not. Depends how desperate I get for an intellectual challenge. Feel free to contact me over discord PM or w/e.
  4. Goodbye

    So I guess it's that time for me as well. Recent activities in the last few months have really gotten the point across to me that the PSO community isn't what I first though it was. So I'm passing on the reigns to the next poor soul who decides they want to try helping. Don't take that the wrong way though, it was exceedingly satisfying being part of something that brought joy to so many. But a seat in the spotlight isn't for me, and this helped me grow as an individual and learn that. I want to thank the few that made my time here as enjoyable as it was. I won't name the people who drove me out, since I'd like to think that they know who they are, though at this point I doubt it. Firstly, @Mayte, @griffeni, @KarmaTheFoney, @Auli'i, @mudkipzjm, @HHawk4, and all the old Aesliand crew (totally spelled that wrong xD) who welcomed me to their team when I first started. Especially @griffeni who invited me literally the day I was going to quit because I hadn't found any friends. And @Mayte for running ROCT over and over ad nauseum with me because I enjoyed the challenge so much, even though I was fairly useless and basically got carried the whole time. I also want to thank @Lone Ranger, Luca, @Zow, and all the people on KillSwitch and Flowers for playing with me. Especially those on KillSwitch who welcomed me back onto their team 4 times after I kept leaving. @R-78 and @orgodemir for joining me in my quest creation obsession and sharing their work and knowledge with me and the server. Ultima gained 10(?) custom quests that many enjoy daily. More than that though i want to thank @Soly for always believing in me and helping me debug and develop those quests. Even when I pushed broken code to production. I want to thank all the people who provided feedback on how I could improve or suggestions on future projects. Even if I didn't implement what you requested, know that I did file that knowledge away and use it later on. On that note I want to thank all the people who got me into TA by running these quests (and others). @TripleR, @Night, @Howitzer, @Sylph777, @Shoutgu, and all the people whom I'm forgetting. @TripleR especially. You really got me back into the game with our TA ROCT strategies, Duo PPP challenge, and CCC runs. Those were some of the best times I've had here, and I hope when I think of PSO in the future that is what I remember. I want to thank @kajex, @Soly, @Cyane, @serverus, @Protoss, @Fyrewolf5, and @Larva for welcoming me and helping me out so much when I was GM\Mod. I was really a fish out of water for the first few weeks and they were always around to support me and help me out. And finally I want to thank all the people who have sat in lobby with me and kept me company though good and bad times. It was you that I really played the game for, and I hope that I've given back enough to the server that you can enjoy to thank you. If I borrowed gear from you that you'd like back, please PM me and I'll get it back to you. If you wish to pick up on my dropped quest projects, you can also PM me. If you want to keep in touch add me on discord.
  5. Play for a bit doing anything that looks interesting, explore the different options and find things you like to do. While doing so look for people in the community that you get along with and join up with them to do things. The game is very much community based and the faster you can get involved and integrated the more fun you'll have.
  6. Your avatar is very cute.

    1. KarmaTheFoney


      I think so too

      Because it's so cute, you can instantly tell it wasn't me who set it to that

  7. Introduce Yourself

    Lol not sure I'd go as far as to say they are sane, but they're friendly and mostly harmless.
  8. Missions for HappyHour

    I don't like the idea. 1) Those numbers are like 100 fold too small. I can kill 20 Ill Gills in less than 30 minutes. 2) The number would be incredibly hard to balance since our population fluctuates so much. So it'd have to be a function of the overall population's average kills over a certain time frame, which might as well be random. 3) We already get HH too much, this seems like it'd happen more often. And frankly, I don't enjoy playing during HH and wouldn't like this. 4) Random HH has already been implemented in the new server afaik.