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  1. http://www.sandrenyl.com/pso/maxstatcalc.html
  2. I find it odd when people ask me what ID I am.  Like of course Lemon will have a yellow ID.  Lemons are yellow.  Then I always remember other people don't do that kind of thing.

    Edited by Lemon
  3. No. This server is only compatible with the free computer version you can download here. But don't worry. You can hook up a controller if you prefer to play with a controller.
  4. Buy glide v00 (maybe)?


    Don't PM me though, I hate trade PMs.

    1. MadOrNah


      what do they go for?

      :"L why not hunt one

    2. Lemon


      I am hunting one.  But no luck so far.

  5. You'll always have a spot here at ultima if you ever chose to come back.
  6. IDs change year to year.
  7. Eh, I have 28 and I run out of TP before I kill more than 8 gee. Whereas a good hell gun will kill in 3-6 shots (plus it's free).
  8. 1) HUcast is a good class, though all classes are decent at high levels. I believe HUcast has the highest ATP in the game. 2) I'll let someone else answer this since I have no experience with HU. 3) If you really try you can probably hit 200 in a month. But don't. I've noticed that it's easier to make friends at lower levels. 4) I'm not sure what you're asking here. Yes there were weapons added between ep2 and ep4. Also ultima server has it's own items. I'm on my phone so I can't link you, but I will when I get home.
  9. Glad you're enjoying your time here. Hopefully you'll pass along your knowledge when others join.
  10. That was fast! ...and I thought it'd be hard.
  11. Just for fun, no prizes. Don't post your answer unless it's in a spoiler!
  12. This thread has guides to max your stats which include which and how much materials to use. * List from the other thread Banana Cannon (Halloween Event) Hundred Souls (Excaliber + Soul Booster (Easter Event)) Lindcray (Valentine Event) Rage De Glace (Rage De Fue + Chromatic Orb (Halloween Event)) Slicer of Fanatic (ult Greenill, Purplenum, Oran Goran Detonator 1/182 | ult Whitill Girtablulu 1/393 | ult Bluefull Girtablulu 1/393) Slice of Vengeance (Valentine Event) TypeME/Mechgun Demon (Guide to getting the gun, Need to redeem 10dts for the demon special) Ultima Reaper (Halloween Event) TypeGU/Mechgun Hell (Guide to getting the gun, Need to redeem 10dts for the Hell special) Vivienne (ult Skyly, Oran, Whitill Pazuzu 5/16 | vh skyly, whitill Pazuzu 5/16 | vh whitill Dorphon Eclair 5/16) Holy Ray (ult Greenill, Pinkal, Yellowboze Dal Rol Lie 2/73 | ult Blueful Sil Dragon 2/73) Bringers Rifle (ult Viridia, Greenill, Purplenum, Pinkal, Yellowboze Dark Bringer 1/358) Those listed from an event don't have drop mobs or rates because they change.
  13. Dx you're making it hard! EDIT: forgot my guess. 300
  14. There really is no weapon for force to use in ep2 to deal damage with spells. The resistances are simply too high. This was an intentional change to curtail spell damage. Force are still one of the best classes in the game because they have weapons as well as spells that enable them to do a very large variety of things. Big numbers in ep1 or ep2 just isn't one of those things.