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  1. bonjour

    Coucou I speak no french, but welcome to the server. You may find this helpful for using the keyboard as a controller.
  2. old and yet also new

    Welcome to the server! Ladies in the center of the lobby allow you to organize a party, which can be solo mode if you want, or multi mode. You can also set a password on your 'room' as they're called to only let people you want to join in. To get to quests, there is a lady behind a counter in the room you originally spawn in (once you are in a room). Solo mode quest unlock as you complete them. However, unlike past versions of the game, instead of unlocking the next area's quests by defeating the boss solo, you need to complete the Government Quests. These are only available in multi-mode by taking the green warp to the presidents office and talking to momoka, the girl in the pink dress. You do not need more than 1 person for these quests, so if you want to do them alone, just add a password to the room and don't tell anyone what it is. To go down to the planet into one of the free roam areas, take the blue warp. All areas are initially unlocked, and increase in difficulty as you go down the list. Don't be afraid of other people on the server. The vast majority are amazing people and many are willing to help. Either by taking you through an area or by donating old gear. I hope you enjoy your time here. If you ever need anything feel free to send me a Private Message.
  3. Happy Birthday!

    1. R-78


      Thank you Lemon!

  4. @Soly will have a better idea of what's going on here than I will, but I'll try to help. Some things to try: 1) When you open the launcher, click the options button and try changing 'Color Depth'. 2) Right click on psobb.exe and select properties, check the compatability tab for options. (I don't have windows XP, so I don't know what that tab looks like.)
  5. I need some help

    No, it's the antivirus package detecting the dll attaching to pso and editing data. This triggers the 'oh no, bad stuff' warning, and quarantines the dll. Windows just packages everything all together.
  6. I need some help

    Yes this sounds like a windows defender thing. You'll need to add the pso folder to the exceptions list and rerun the launcher (or reinstall if the launcher is gone).
  7. Ultima's Custom Equips

    If you take the pictures, we'll host them.
  8. Sounds like a bad idea. No one plays battle mode, nor do s-ranks work like that in BB.
  9. This is a fantastic idea, I'll talk to @Soly if getting a launcher setting is feasible. Do you have a copy of this quest? I can take a look at it and see if it's something we can do here. I have never looked at how PC's are used to add hit before, but my quick search leads me to believe it might be something doable. This would have to get larva's approval before we do anything on it though.
  10. Hell is much too strong a mechanic. I recommend removing it.
  11. Holiday Battle Tournament

    Since the final match was never done, there is no winner of the tournament. The reward will be returned to the sponsor. Hope everyone had fun!
  12. Weapon data is stored in memory as 3 dwords (12 bytes) in this format: VVVVVV GG SS 00 TTPP TTPP TTPP V = Weapon ID G = Grind S = Special code T = Percentage type P = Percentages on Weapon in two's complement This means that a single weapon can only have 3 attributes, each with a range of -126% to 127% and maximum of 256 grind. The game will not drop an item with over 100 percent in anything though. That is dictated by the server.
  13. New Year Cards 2019

    durante el evento de navidad
  14. Not sure it counts, but this the the recording me and @TripleR duoing PPP back when it first came out. Don't think anyone else has ever done it. Best drop I've ever gotten from Olga My first banner All my images ran off :S
  15. This is joke is starting to get old. Also there are many technical things that prevent this (not only on our end).