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  1. A little discovery I did a while ago (and never posted because It's basically the pinnacle of the risk ) Is that If you keep mags dropped on the floor, the counter won't keep running to 0 for any of the characters, which Is convenient If you want to stop and take a short break [But It's up to you to take the risk. Be wary of this ]
  2. Kotta

    Manly Anime Fights

    tfw so many x vs zero sprite videos In a short spawn of time, some anniversary going on?
  3. Check out Rivaul's current shop
  4. I suppose Inferno Girasole [and no I got none to offer I was just curious as to why an Inferno Bazooka ]
  5. Very wellington I'll be around now In any case. You message me when you are on
  6. Doing maths, 164 minutes remaining of latest hh going on?
  7. Kotta

    B> Items

    I have spotted them materials In case you wanna trade, It'll take me 5 minutes to gather them mats In one player [Have In mind, there Is HH going on now. Not that I have the chance to participate, I think ]
  8. {ah good ol' @Kotta stop monologuing In someone's topic } ( no u ) [See, now you missed the mark ¬~¬]
  9. Sure, If It comes with the jelly bread that Is just bread Oh yeah, forgot to say I am available now, In case you are [ah good ol' post-a-merger you played me dirty one time, and I'll never forgetti ]
  10. Kotta

    B> Items

    In the case nobody has offered for the materials, any Idea how many exactly?
  11. The fire rod with hit at 5DTs pls
  12. What Is the name of the mag, assuming It's a third evolution one, and what are Its Photon Blasts?
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