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  1. I'll give you one with 25 hit untekked [uh, just to make sure, will tekk to 35% ] {It's raw 35 hit <,>}
  2. It Is a cool-looking cannon imo It's like a Cannon Rouge, just Its design looks more like an arm cannon And no, It's originally combo locked. [And would be too broken If unlocked since special Is Demon. Just Imagine an AoE weapon unlocked with demon special ] [It makes me dream tho ]
  3. Kotta

    Manly Anime Fights

    Not anime, but 3D star wars has great lightsaber animation And this one Is so majestic [It's Clone Wars, so dw about It being disney trash ]
  4. I'm gonna buy this, and play music as well . -.
  5. This Isn't Sonic Adventure soundtrack..... It resonates like It's Snowboard Kids, either 1 or 2 but obviously better quality [And It's one of my favorite SA1 ost ]
  6. Kotta

    Release the final season of AoT already :onion-head28:


    Your budget consumption will be numb In comparison to any season this time :onion110::rf-02: 

  7. Code Lyoko. 

    Good times :onion-head21:


  8. Selling a silly Bank stacking with Scape Doo-Doolls for 20PDs/2DTs


    Owari no more Onion Dolls :OOOOOOO :onion106:

    These bad bois love hanging with bad bois onions :onion-head82: but my banks are not :onion-head28:



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    2. Kotta


      Final Update:


      I Am The Clean Onion of Doll Freedom :onion-head06:

    3. 777


      True final update:

      I bought all 600 of them. What do we say to the god of death? Not today. 😎

    4. applesaucin


      Cosmic final update: 🍑💨

  9. Kotta

    Christmas Event 2022

    But what If I ask you kindly?
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