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  1. Kotta


    (You do realize the title of the topic says B> DF / PGF but here you are saying you are looking to trade for your DM with RL stats, right? )
  2. Kotta


    Why would someone trade a Dark Bridge or Psycho Bridge plus DTs for a PGF, If both Bridges are derived from using a PGF? I can understand the obvious: unlike DM or DF, both Bridges are useless, but.... It Is what It Is It Is good enough If you are able to trade a Bridge for a PGF. On the contrary: be thankful someone didn't use Its PGF to make a Bridge and traded It with you, If the case surges
  3. {I could swear I rode mats, not mag. I even multichecked }
  4. It's right...... there
  5. What Is an Innocent Dark? xD
  6. Kotta

    Manly Anime Fights

    For the JJK fans, once again, Red Haired Guy did It O_O
  7. Well this Is gonna be annoying If It drops for specific IDs Instead of all IDs, cuz Dark Falz In Normal Difficulty has 0/1 chances of No Item, which Is self-explanatory :onion-head82:
  8. Oh mygod @Soly did the topic posting (yo Soly! )
  9. I can see the problem, kind of If you press Sylph's Time Attack Records that Is near the center of the window, It takes you to the first page of topic but If you press Sylph's Time Attack Records that Is up, along Shoutgu's profile, which Is like the main title of the window, It takes you to Shoutgu's post of his Time Attack (tl:dr Just press the first title you see up In the window )
  10. What Are you saying that Dark Falz deals over 500 damage with the swing attack on phase 3 In Very Hard Difficulty? O .o
  11. Well, part of why you do 0 damage Is because you have a short-ass ATP of just 488 doesn't that mean you are using a FOnewearl with 0 hp mats consumed? Plus MST over 1600 Next time cast zalure and maybe you will deal damage Just, maybe Also FOnewearl will be able to equip Sue's Coat when
  12. Today the Christian-after repercussion just stroke In. I feel pain and boredom now :onion-head27:


  13. Hmmm, I suppose me too @Kotta https://time.is/PST
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