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  1. Kotta

    Halloween Event 2021

    Uh, guys, weird question but How you managed to make this new topic "not visible" In the new topics window In the main forum page? [What GM power Is that ]
  2. Kotta

    Halloween Event 2021

    The missing Item Is ba- In Halloween [More like a Soul containner now ]
  3. Does anybody want to know how Sora got Into Smash Ultimate? ;y 


  4. It's because they bite each other until they split (aka when they stop being bulkclaw), and In the worst case scenario, If confused along other monsters (especially delsabers and Dark Bringers; randomly Belras) they are destroyed
  5. Ah, you mean the Bulk Don't they suicide when they are attacked, only?
  6. 165 according to latest discord mention at 19:45 EST =o
  7. 150 (apparently late edition 13 hours later ) HBU @Fyrewolf5
  8. Damn, If I were a Hunter maniac, Spamming Tsumikiri/Berdysh/Master Sword special like that would be like living In an eternal dream
  9. I wasn't fast And I went to every corner of Ultima's existence
    1. 777


      Wow, that's pretty meta 😂

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