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  1. I'm gonna updoot this post (But I didn't speak onion, @RocketTots )
  2. [I know ] It was just an Idea Is this hard? I always assumed L&K38 Combat was just an L&K14 Combat converted Into a minigun (technically a shot weapon with shot animation >.<) with 4+ rounds per shot (combo) with just one target (combo locked Included), which seemed pretty simple to me. (Of course, there Is the unusual animation extension on shot animation, despite It seems like an Intact extension) So I simply thought that extending the number of shots just like the making of L&K38 Combat was a pretty simple deal
  3. What If.... -Combo remains locked -Each combo (locked, duh D:<) Increases from 5 rounds to 10 rounds -Special attack shoots 15 rounds (or 20? xD), but It scatters to random enemies In range (ATA penalty Included, of course Dx) [also, It shouldn't be better than heavy attack If It's single target ] -ATA Increases to 150 or 200, since It's combo locked [like bombchu] Just giving Ideas
  4. Ah craps! Crank told me I put "Delsaber" as the dropper of Girasole, and It's Grand Sorcerer! [all the other Info Is right, though] My bad! D; [Tfw I put delsaber, I just thought It was the most convenient for "also" farming their gulds xD]
  5. Can't we just have a free-to-play guessing game? xD I fear the owner of this game will end up bankrupt before time That aside, I have another one [It Is kind of hard to tell, unless you know the game, though >.<]
  6. Episode 2 Ultimate Difficulty Greenill ID Delsaber -> Girasole [But still crappy Attibutes. Episode 2, figures ]
  7. Sorry I didn't answer before. Yes, It Is Okami
  8. da fuq? Quite the random drop >:OOO
  9. This Is a joke....... right? [and In the worst possible case, maybe It's just your credit number, and nothing else....... riiiiiiiiIIIGHT? ]
  10. Purplenum Drops Episode 1 Ultimate difficulty Mines: Canadine: Rambling May Baranz: L&K38 Combat (If I spelled It right xD) Sinow Red: DF Shield (not the DF Field; just a non event drop) Sinow Blue: Non event drop ______ Whitill Ep1 Ultimate Mines Baranz: Parts of Baranz (non event) Redria Ep1 Ultimate Ruins Dark Bringer: Spread Needles (non event)
  11. Sorry It took me so long Dx [I just couldn't find a suitable one until now ] This Is my take!
  12. I have only heard of memes and stuff about this, but It was a reaaaaally long time ago. Some weird name about Red card or something... (and something about choosing between alien and dolphin as characters for a team? No Idea xD)
  13. I witnessed something new against Olga Flow: In the first phase, he Insta-killed me with his Flow special. It was something like, he did a weak attack with a sword that made me flinch (weird since the sword would make me fall), and right before ending frame of staggering, the flows proceeded and killed me Instantly. [Yes, multi-hit flow special] (of course, I was playing RAcast, so It shouldn't apply to certain other classes, hopefully )
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