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  1. No, no te voy a ayudar con este link que voy a postear para ver si puedes recuperarla https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/account-management/account-recovery/
  2. You're just hiding facts I demand you reveal that untekked 90% hit bombchu drop right besides the disk (And In the process gimme to mememe )
  3. Kotta


    Not that I have any of your petitions But It Is Important you say what max stat plan you wish It be (Adept plan: 180-182POW 18-20DEX; No Unit plan: 140-142POW 58-60 DEX ) [or, If not PPP mags, then minus 5 POW and plus 5 DEF on both plans ]
  4. Drop Anything Rate. It's the first variable of the process of an Item dropping. You can see In Drop Table If you place mouse on drop rate that an Info will show the monster's DAR. It varies on all monsters. Said DAR Is also affected by the amount of players Inside an Individual Drop style room, which decreases the DAR. It's quite complex, but not complicated to understand. Just wish I could remember the proper topic featuring this. [Besides the news of dar system changing where quad logging on Individual dropstyle was banned ] (If curious ->)
  5. Purple Gal Gryphon Ultimate -> Photon Drop è_é
  6. Or 10 PDs [] [] [] Just kidding (maybe ) will do my best as well [Once I get a (2? :"L) goddamn piece of ** mother** hylian shield, who snook over on previous year, even after leveling up a retard bunch of characters to level 200 ] (or not, and just decide to give It up )
  7. They are on the "almost" last section, more or less
  8. Hey! So far my only evolution has been a Potato Swan [Some day I'll bring It to life ]
  9. Or this max stat plan topic that has existed for 7 years now, which It seems nobody can find first thing In the Helps and Guides section [Well, me neither, kind of 🍑💨]
  10. For starters, HUcast has only one optimal max stat plan (which Is not exactly optimal because It requires Centurion/Arms and that's the most optimal It'll ever be ) [no jokes Intended. Any other plan will either require another unit, or sacrifice some of ATP, ATA or LCK stat ] So first: I can only assume these are the equipment of someone leveling up, which Is great In the case your HUcast were to reach level 200, this Is the optimal plan for maxing all stats -> https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/tool-box/calculators/max-stats/ The weapons are okay. Still lacking In some stuff, but all of that Is already too good to have. -Psycho Ravens' stats are great, especially for episode 2 [consider maxing them all stats, hit Included ] -Idk about SoF from a HUcast perspective. Maybe situational -Serene Swan Is great on HUcast. Try farming a better one next summer (but don't follow my root, or you will become potato swan ) -Bombchu Is good for some bosses, and In case of not having a big sword, or a crush cannon, It can also do their work, though not as effective (but at least It won't miss as much? ) At the very least to say, you are missing on the big multi-target sword/partisan department, like Ultima Reaper, Crimson Sword, Master Sword or Tsumikiri J-Sword And also a handgun-animated weapon to trigger traps Instantly after setting It [aka trapshooting] (which can also be done with a serene swan. It's just for saving time In a tight situation ;o ) And then finally, the big yellow thin thunder boy made out of olga's parasitic genes "the Dark Flow" (but Issue Is this Is retardedly expensive xd) and their many minions, the hp sucker (either lavis blade or cannon, or girasole/Inferno girasole; a berserk mechgun, like berserk vulcan, M&64 Vice [If that's how It's called > .<] or a Berserk TypeME/Mechgun. Either of them mechguns with hit%; and Diska of braveman (very situational) Everything else you need to know, you gotta ask a real HUcast, like @DarkMeteorIsTrash
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