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  1. If they are 3rd Evolution mags, then I see nothing wrong with that If given the conditions (Class and ID), they will always change on level 200.
  2. (Done & Done!) T> 16 Weapon Aluminium Badges for 16 Weapon Leather Badges ; T> 3 Aluminium Badges for 3 Bone Badges ; :onion-head06:

    Final Edition: THE DEAL HAS BEEN "OWARIDA"  'd :onion-head05::onion86:

    1. Kotta




      Frying pan


      Best Item

      In SBKs 1 & 2 ;y


  3. Kotta

    Shiida's Hit Event

    my bad, I read wrong back then
  4. Kotta

    Shiida's Hit Event

    I think for Bulk HoD works as well [maybe bring your redrias for HoD2, or If you are Interested In farming Flame Visit with Viridia ID, as well In HoD1 And as for monke, either the starting of TTFU or Max U Forest, and: Battle of Beaufort for Yellow ID's Spirtual Flowen Sword 3084 (3084? ), or Purplenum's Yasminkov 9kM, as well
  5. If only this were accurately true Well, you can't just go to war without any preparations [Also who doesn't go VHard to farm Crush Bullet and Bloody Arts with hit, here? ] (And maybe Branch of Paku Paku with hit ;] Idk about green names, though. The rare monsters spawn rate Is just waaaay too ridiculous
  6. Wind Waker's Forest Haven theme. Ah
  7. Rico's and Flowen's theme when you go back to boss room
  8. Kotta

    Summer Event 2021

    I couldn't even end event with a bang by getting a Serene Swamp In almost 3 hours of rasto hh 😧
  9. this stands little In comparison to this ( ͡° ᴥ ͡°)
  10. (could It be.... ) Nee nee, @Cranku Could It be... that.. YOU WANNA........... You wanna peek below the woman 3D-skirted models of PSO Kyaa! Don't look, you pervert. Hentai!
  11. Welcome to the Terrain of Magical Expertise (except this Is not a log-In theme )
  12. Rise and Fall of Article 13 (? xD)


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