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  1. So, I was alone during today's happy hour [starting the day], so decided to conveniently go for seabed In one person mode. The first thing I noticed Is that It was a kid's walk compared to online.. [sinows and morfos were easy to ohko]; my guess Is that It was never changed unlike online's morfos buff up. The one problem I encountered about It was Olga Flow: I couldn't damage Olga Flow, just 0 0 0 and normal miss. Buffing/Debuffing and using HP-consuming special attack on heaven striker was equally futile (and Olga was really weak and way more viable, as In his moves are simpler despite being the same as online]. So... Is that something about the game, like, I had to go through something before reaching Olga Flow? (there were floating machines around seabed connecting me to the guild, or giving me Intels that I collect from each ones, and such), or something else? [Also, does One Person Mode's Olga Flow also counts as dropping PGF, or everything event-related Is only exclusive to the online?]
  2. Blue Barrier - Ep2 Box [unknown which box and which ID. I think It waas the yellow boxes and Viridia ID] - Ultimate (Surprisingly, the Blue Barrier, despite making the rare Item ringtone, It's not a red box Item, just like the New Year Card. Instead, It's a blue box)
  3. Valkyrie - Ultimate Pazuzu Ep4 - Bluefull
  4. HH Is on! Just.... a minute remains... and now It's over for me -_-''
  5. Nobody has found a Girasole, yet ~_~ [Hopefully It's not In possession of Ep2 troublesome stages... If there Is even time for the event to end]
  6. Galatina - Melissa AA - Ultimate - Purplenum
  7. Yellow Merge - Melqueek (Ultimate Ep1) - Purplenum Blue Merge - Govulmer (Ultimate Ep1) - Purplenum
  8. Red Merge - Vulmer (Ep1 - Ultimate) - Purplenum Game Magazine - Pal Rappy (Ep1 - Ultimate) - Bluefull
  9. I got Yellow Merge from Ultimate Ep1 Melqueek with a Purplenum, too
  10. Green Ring - (EP4-Ultimate) Goran Detonator - Bluefull
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