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    Emishiwn, wtfboommm, Judgement, Craptor, Magnus Ao, Kotatsu, Xanade, Chang'e, Junko & Eliwood
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    Dark Void of Despair, Nothingness and Failures... and Knuckles
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    Luck; Luck; Luck; Luck; DAR%↑; DAR%↑; DAR%↑; DAR%↑; Permanent HH + Effects x2 [jk ;(];
    A life; A good computer; My own Computer; Sanity; Toki (Time); Stop Shitposting; To Shut up.

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  1. @serverus I found you! :D

    [Just watch until 0:26 >.<]

    1. serverus
    2. Kotta


      Well, once you start the video It should start at the second: 0:10 , and the player riding a monster's name Is Mio ;]

  2. For a moment I thought you were also gonna add the menu theme, since both follows In a cool succession ;D
  3. Ultimate Episode 2 REDRIA Baranz => Power Gloves
  4. Ultimate Episode 2 Skyly Deldepth -> Magic Hammer
  5. Behold...





    1. Kotta


      Sorry :onion-head65:

      Been watching this very silly video that's been killing me for a while :onion-head63:


  6. Well, It's not like there aren't those with lyrics that are confortable to listen In lobby, of course [ That one from Larva's submission Is pretty soothing As for that.... huh... [Good Luck ? ;y]
  8. Well, It's not like there are any rare monsters In Ruins, or Mines, neither [And iirc, there Is a belra design meant for Halloween, but that was back when I came here for the first time ] [Also, Ruinas ]
  9. Me after finishing all the goddamn unnecessary homeworks that takes all of my time:
    Warida!:onion-head87::onion-head36: Now, Evento timu-

    [Notification: New homework added for date-]

    FML!!!!!! :onion-head34::onion-head07:
    [ Shetthis again :onion-head19: ]

  10. HH was cut off!? D:< Also, 180- NANIIIIII!!? O_o [Seriously, again, 180 xD]
  11. Purplenum ID - Ultimate Ruins Delsabers (Episode 1) => Sacredo Bow wow
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