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  1. So I was thinking about doing something very stupid [because the only good Items I have for dealing with multiple enemies are Arrest Needle (30 hit) and Iron Faust (with no hit -.-)];

    but It turns out that It wasn't very stupid at all.. [rip sync -_-''], which was doing LHB on my oww..

    [actually, It was still a stupid Idea, even If I spaced alright the place and moment to place the freeze mines, since It took too long `~´ ]

    Still need to remake It, since I saw/found many safe spots I wouldn't need to use on team runs.

    I wonder If Baranz Launcher would work effectively on those flowers, since they don't even move from their place..... unless one decides to ruin the plan and rush at me...

  2. [You're not getting away from me-us :onion-head67:] Je attaque Is now!


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY  :onion96::onion97:

    1. PSOAddict


      Oh wow. I didn't even know I set it on here. Thanks lol

  3. And V101 & V502 from Yooka Laylee ;0
  4. Many thanks for announcing that there are 64 minutes remaining of HH
  5. Kotta

    Ah, think you can stop us from doing Illegal stuff, huh? :onion105:
    But what If...

    What'chu gonna do about It? :onion-head63:

    [Also, It's Code Ment Abridged :onion120: the webpage doesn't reproduce the original :onion-head22: unless It discriminates me xD]


    1. R-78


      Nice, and just watched Code geass latest movie couple days ago.

    2. Kotta


      Did you notice that the mechas are animated 3D models Instead of rough drawings? :D 

  6. But... Has that person claimed the reward? [I mean, I can fake myself saying I did find It (hypothetically speaking ) If nobody did
  7. Of course Why would someone want to hunt the probably most nuisant final boss of the game, just to get... ... ...nothing [Yeah sure, Greenill and Blue fool get Kroe's Sweater (Greenill easier than bluefull ), but what Is that compared to DFalz and Holy Worms' drops. No offense ] Ah, there's also the experience points, but that can be gotten In many easy and hard ways [Ah right, the Events when Polka Dots have something Important, yes. The Easter Event that had passed already (Samurai Armor) and Christmas Event (Parasitic Gene Flow.... well, that's pretty much close to the boundary between nothingness and loyal cruelty over a month of wasted effort )]
  8. Ever since the existence of Project 64
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