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  1. FOnewn may not be as strong as FOmar or FOmarl, but It Is the most versatile class among the forces since It can go both melee and nuke with the right max stat plan and still be effective. They can also use Ten Years Blade (unlike FOnewearl ), an Ultima exclusive Dual Katanas and also the strongest If added a charge special :onion-head01: {obviously FOmar/l will hit harder but still }
  2. That's because HUnewearls are Queens They have Lindcray & Sue's Coat to grant protection, buffs and offense from a distance then let It RiP after the protection and buffing (the lattest latter with a Parasol for the extra better though not necessary because why not ) because she Is a hunter and has to be In close quarters [RAmarl too Is Queen, but without the extra SD cuz of no armor/frame with them bonus ] (Costume barrier/shield(s) excluded ) [also ] @FOnewearlSuesCoatWhen
  3. Kotta

    Manly Anime Fights

    While not exactly a manly anime fight, this was too epic to let It pass
  4. Aren't you supposed to say for what are you trading It? Even whatever(s) that Is as valuable (enough) works too [also cgz ]
  5. https://wiki.pioneer2.net/w/Mag_feeding_tables Ephinea's mag feeding tables for references
  6. Kotta

    Manly Anime Fights

    Compilation of all(?) Red VS Blue Fight Scenes (Finally, I hardly ever got the chance to find them among the many videos )
  7. Kind of hard for me to fabricate, but how can you know someone Is using said modified addons? Different from someone who, for example:< quad logs with Individual drop style, one can tell by looking at the room In lobby and pressing "tab" to see the available Info (players In room; room's drop style; how long the room has been up; etc.), If you know If someone Is quad logging or not >, Any player In-game can't tell who Is using those modified addons, and much less tell who Is using addons [unless of course they say so ]
  8. Kotta

    Manly Anime Fights

    Jeez Vergil, understandable hatred for gatcha games but that's going far
  9. Also, does that mean Monster Reader Is banned?
  10. I only ever heard of the Item reader being able to scan other players' Items, but knowing what monsters will spawn In the whole quest? {also what's the difference between Item 1 & 2? } If only I knew, farming egg Rappies would have been easier
  11. I got these available In shop Flame Visit [0/0/0/35|35] 52PDs Flame Visit [25/0/45/0|25] 38PDs Flame Visit [0/0/0/40|45] 64PDs Flame Visit [35/0/0/30|30] 48PDs
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