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  1. Pack your armor set with v101 and three Heavenly/arms ;D [That Is...... If you are not a Hunter, because If so, I be like a spanish person talking to a russian dx ]
  2. I would hate If Episode 1 got harder. Making miss with the first charged shot would just make Ep1 another Ep2 -_-'' Also, are you saying HH drop rates Increases by 3x? Seriously? [Feeling the salt towards no SNeedle drop during hh ... ]
  3. I just tried, but the sizing of the pic always ends messed up :v [you might notice If you see It x]
  4. No kidding, btw.... [also, It's not the video I posted this for :v] This track might actually crack the lobby. [But It's too bad since there Is a barfing sfx :v]
  5. Gah, forgot to add that exception, too Dx Guess those are the only ones D;
  6. Quest for hunting tons of Sand Rappies? [Except for Black Paper's Deal :v] I've only seen a quest on youtube (but It was In japanese, so Idk >.<) (Can't find It now. It was long ago..) where the player starting at the beginning found a circle lot of them In the crater, I think...
  7. [I'm not sure how I found this (or more like, It found me ;), but, Thanks, Youtube Algorythm.] This gave me vibe of Gor3's Sega Genesis music video post. It's quite... nostalgic..
  8. [Am I a butterfly dreaming I'm a man... or a bowling ball dreaming I'm a plate of sashimi? Never assume that what you see and feel Is real!] This Is the magical Kingdom of Zeal, where dreams can come true... but at what price?
  9. Halo CE, for example D; (I still miss that spanish server of Halo CE. It was so much fun ;[ )
  10. Even In the most entangled times of your life, there are still emotions In It... [and personally, don't bother looking for the remake's version of this track. It's deceiving..]
  11. -When one of your team goes ahead of the team to the next stage on his own, and kills the host monsters the party Is farming, knowing that they don't drop to anyone who Is not In the same stage. -When you make a HOD2 room, and only one person comes, and when the quest starts, that person forgot to bring Its badget from HOD1. [Then you're left alone]
  12. Ledah: Thyne sins shall be purged… >LOST SERAPH!!< Also Ledah [after successfully disposing of the troll ;]: Judgement has been passed… [Source: Riviera: The Promised Land] (Meaning to say after all that badass gilberish) You monster! D:< [xD] That's the first thing stated at the start of this post :v (Alt F1 Intensifies >:V)
  13. tHANKS, sOL [ugh Caps >.<] Thanks, Soly. I was caught In the same Issue just now.. [Couldn't tell anything to my party and quick message Is so hardly effective Dx ]
  14. Those were the days.... Back when a somebody with no experience but little knowledge about guitar and a guitar that Is just taking dust In an abandoned sofa [that's me :v] tried to, but guitar Is a b** and cords I pressed with my fingers would Instantly go numb [the end.... then tried Xenoblade's Colony 9's theme at noon since It was basically one or three triads repeating. It worked umperfectly, though ¬_¬]. Also ♥Everything about Bastion♥ Also, If I already mentioned Bastion, then I'm obliged to mention this one too, especially If It's for Lobby's theme. Gotta bet people will love remaining In lobby talking with "the folks In Caelondia" [Game reference ;3 Also, Caelondia Is pronounced as "Zaelondia" xD] just to hear this for a while ;D
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