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  1. T>a.b/d DM for n/m DM or non maxed DM + dts B>DF Shield

  2. I have dirt on all of you... so

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. thelionorion


      Please remove your dirt from me. I did not plan on doing any gardening this week

    3. JanenbaDMS


      Clean yourself up mucky pup

    4. MadOrNah


      stop this at once.

  3. T>DM a.b/d for n/m

  4. I dont do possesive/jealous

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. radezz


      definitely vindictive, not conceited. maybe vindictive/insecure

    3. JanenbaDMS


      He is secure in his vindictiveness :3

    4. radezz


      ill take it

  5. B>Nelgal Shield B>PCs 5:1 B>DF Shield

    Edited by radezz
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. radezz


      how about 17?

    3. mudkipzjm


      that sounds pretty good, make a room while i try to find it haha

    4. radezz


      kay room Silver  :3

  6. ok im ready! char is lvl 200, ramar. i will be cleaning my room and stuff, so pm me when i've got a partner :3
  7. i will register :3 1. what is the level requirement? 2. when does it start?
  8. what is a internet?
  9. I agree the pgf drop is just stupid. STUPID ok? you got a point there. i disagree about the community, tho. Mostly it is a good community imo... there will always be problems with some individuals as i've had myself, but i gotta say, the best thing to do is to /ignore them.. i guess its too late since the ban is coming, but yeah man. this was not the best way to go about it for sure :/ Did I say pgf drop rate is stupid STUPID? ok...
  10. B>DF Shield B>ameties memo