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  1. Bump added and removed stuff ✔
  2. yea that works just shoot me a PM and ill jump on
  3. yea they are , sure i can do that u around now?
  4. Alright I’ll be around in an hour
  5. Good job Shiek! Not all of them Type weapons on the rewards list are unobtainable. i have about 5 of them from the list sitting in my bank. However i do plan on running this to try and get a S Rank for the Type weapons that are unobtainable! Thanks for this R-78! 😎
  6. cent body - delbiter - whitill - ep2 tower ult sami armor - olga flow - whitill - ep2 tower ult
  7. Hi yup I have some , I can be around in like 30mins.
  8. Nice Assface , I remember seeing a similar video on a S-Rank Demons Card back in the day. Pretty cool we can add specials and 80Hit to the Section ID cards tho which would make them much better than the S-Rank Cards. Good stuff.
  9. kroes sweater - olga flow - skyly - ult ep2
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