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  1. What you told me worked. It doesn't stop me anymore, thank you very much.
  2. Option: General: Language: Spanish. Font: Nothing. Screenshot: Jpg. Quality: Max. Ime: off Save Credentials: on Custom Hotkeys: off Cpu Usage Resolution: off Rare item shop lock: off Rare special: on Display: Resolution: 640x480 HUD Scale: 0 Damage Tex Scaling: Disabled Color Depth: 32 bits Window Mode: Window Word wrap: on V-Sync: off Graphics: Frame skip: 0 Shadow, enemies, maps, clip distance: max Fog effect: pixel fog Advanced effect: off Low Resolution Texture: off
  3. I'll take the screenshots, do you mean virtual fullscreen or fullscreen? There are 2 options. Here are the screenshots: I can't send the screenshots, the images are 26kb and here it asks for bits, I can't reduce so much an image.
  4. Hi, I have this problem since I got this new laptop. The game goes super well and I have excellent internet to play quietly, but this always happens to me and I have not wanted to play much because of this problem. I don't know why this happens to me, before it was because my previous laptop was sticking a lot because it was of very less power, but in this one that is twice as better and that goes very well for me, this happens to me. someone please help me? I have already uninstalled the game and installed and it is still the same.
  5. Es complicado, pero ahí sigues.

  6. Hello, when I moved to a better pc to play video games, I wanted to install PSO and everything installed correctly, but there is a problem, it does not let me enter to play, I get that the network is under maintenance when there are players who are active. There are also times that when I try to enter it gets stuck and I get the same message. It is not a problem of my Internet network either, since it downloads everything very well. Help, I have already tried to install it again and nothing works, I have Win10.
  7. Spanish: Hola, antes que nada quisiera agradecer a todas esas personas que me han ayudado a progresar en el juego, además de que me han ayudado a subir de nivel, darme armas, etc. No sé cuantas veces me he unido al equipo de @Usagi-chan jefa y creadora del equipo Senshi Team, ya que me he salido de allí muchas veces por problemas personales, pero he visto que he sido un idiota las veces en las que me había salido. Lamento eso, estoy allí de nuevo, pero con la advertencia de que nunca más pudiese volver si me volvía salir. En verdad estoy agradecido con el equipo tanto con ellos como algunos que no están allí, me han ayudado bastante cumpliéndome el sueño de que mi personaje Kira Note estuviese en nivel 200, algo que nunca pude cumplir en mi consola de Xbox Clasico. Gracias por todo chicos, y gracias a PSO porque aún existe. Si llegase a cerrar por algún motivo, recordaré como uno de los mejores videojuegos que he jugado en la vida. English: Hi, first of all I would like to thank all those people who have helped me to progress in the game, besides helping me to level up, give me weapons, etc. I don't know how many times I've joined the team of @Usagi-chan who is the boss and creator of the Senshi Team, since I've left there many times due to personal problems, but I've seen that I've been an idiot the times I've left. I'm sorry about that, I'm there again, but with the warning that I could never come back if I left again. I'm really grateful to the team as well as to those who are not there, they have helped me a lot by fulfilling my dream of having my Kira Note character at level 200, something I could never achieve on my Xbox Classic console. Thanks for all you guys, and thanks to PSO because it still exists. If it were to close for some reason, I will remember it as one of the best video games I have ever played. pso1487986100.bmp
  8. Good game. ❤️ 


  9. Iniciando con las aventuras. :D 


  10. Desaparezco y vuelvo como si nada.

  11. Wow I still don't know what the one you designed will look like. But I'd still love to create one if that's okay.
  12. Spanish: Hola. Tengo pensando hacer un diseño para el Belra que sale en el mundo Ruins, ya que en modo ultimate he visto que ese monstruo no tiene un raro. Así que quisiera crearle uno para ver si había posibilidad de ponerlo en el juego. Claro siempre y cuando les guste el diseño. ¿Les gusta la idea? English: Hi, I'm thinking of doing a design for the Belra that comes out in the Ruins world, since in ultimate mode I've seen that this monster doesn't have a freak. So I'd like to create one for her to see if there was a possibility to put it in the game. Sure, as long as you like the design. Do you like the idea?
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