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    Kira Note, Teku Note, Rich Note & Elsa Note.
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    Gamer in PSO, K-pop, Japanese Culture, Anime, Ilustration.
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  1. Wow I still don't know what the one you designed will look like. But I'd still love to create one if that's okay.
  2. Spanish: Hola. Tengo pensando hacer un diseño para el Belra que sale en el mundo Ruins, ya que en modo ultimate he visto que ese monstruo no tiene un raro. Así que quisiera crearle uno para ver si había posibilidad de ponerlo en el juego. Claro siempre y cuando les guste el diseño. ¿Les gusta la idea? English: Hi, I'm thinking of doing a design for the Belra that comes out in the Ruins world, since in ultimate mode I've seen that this monster doesn't have a freak. So I'd like to create one for her to see if there was a possibility to put it in the game. Sure, as long as you like the design. Do you like the idea?
  3. Fue divertido, a ponerse activo de nuevo.


  4. Spanish: Para ustedes ¿Cual o cuales fueron sus mejores momentos en PSO en el año 2019? Para mi fue encontrar el anillo rojo gracias a unas personas que una de ellas esta serverus y Ultima Reaper. Y Lograr ser nivel 200 con mi personaje Kira Note. .n.n English: For you, what were your best moments in PSO in 2019? For me it was to find the red ring thanks to some people that one of them is serverus and Ultima Reaper. And getting to be level 200 with my character Kira Note.
  5. @TheGrimReaper Legion Team. ❤️


  6. Good luck to everyone and have a good time. ❤️ P.D: She doesn't want you.
  7. Verdad.


    1. Rivaul
    2. serverus


      lo se q es lo peor jajaja

  8. A little humor won't hurt them. Please don't take it as an insult.
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