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Meseta major update / The Value of Money II


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A couple changes have been applied so that players can acquire meseta more easily by their own means.




:gem1: STARTING MESETA :gem1:


New characters now start with 15,000 meseta in their inventory (instead of 300).


New accounts now start with 50,000 meseta in the shared bank (instead of 0).



:gem2: BANK CAPACITY :gem2:


The limit of Meseta you can store in every bank was increased from 999,999 to 9,999,999.


Inventory limit remains unchanged.



:gem3: MESETA DROPS :gem3:


All meseta drops values have been increased.

This applies to every episode (I, II and IV).

Their frequency is the same (which means meseta won't drop more often).


Normal: +250 to +500
Hard: +500 to +1000
V.hard: +750 to +1500
Ultimate: +1000 to +2000


Normal: +300 to +600
Hard: +600 to +1200
V.hard: +900 to +1800
Ultimate: +1200 to +2400


Normal: +2000
Hard: +4000
V.hard: +6000
Ultimate: +8000

Viridia Bartles used to drop between 90 and 110 meseta.
They will now drop between 1290 and 2510 meseta.



:gem4: QUEST: THE VALUE OF MONEY 2 :gem4:


A new quest where everyone can farm meseta is available.

It is located in Episode 1One Person > Special Meseta > The Value of Money 2




After you helped a couple by telling Gizel to stop wasting their money for weapons in The Value of Money, the latter would like to thank you for the savings you had them achieve.


Quest reward is the same for all difficulties: 150,000 meseta.



Please let me know if you find any bug or typo.



And as a reminder, here is the list of other Ultima top quest meseta rewards (on Ultimate)






Note that Game Masters will no longer host "Meseta rooms".

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5 hours ago, R-78 said:


:gem2: BANK CAPACITY :gem2:


The limit of Meseta you can store in every bank was increased from 999,999 to 9,999,999.


5 hours ago, R-78 said:

Inventory limit remains unchanged.

tumblr_niotzaO1wd1rvner1o1_500.gifDamn, we will get them next time :rf-12: 

5 hours ago, R-78 said:

Note that Game Masters will no longer host "Meseta rooms".


(Sry that was for the memes :onion-head65:)

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9 hours ago, Saber +7 said:

Only thing she had to do with this was making this post 😂

Excuse me?


I spent a lot of time to make that short quest (scripts, cameras, decoration, sounds, light effects, NPCs, easter eggs...) to make noobs able to farm meseta without actual gear.

Some people can certainly testify how often they saw me on Qedit around March of this year (that was for this quest).


As for Meseta Drops, editing ItemPT.json to change every single meseta entries minimum and maximum for each mob, for each box, for each difficulty, for each episode and for each section ID according to their old values (instead of straight replacing) would take so long that I had to make a script to artificially change them all.

That's 26,840 different entries to edit.

But you probably believe it was as simple as "add some zeros in this cell" and be done with it in 30 seconds?


Even the solution of using a multiplier (like Happy Hours do) wouldn't work, because then rare monsters would give tens of thousands meseta while most regulars monsters would still give 3 digits meseta, making disparities way too big. Have you even thought about that? Of course not.


The only things I didn't do in this update are the first two points: changing starting meseta and bank capacity (Thanks Soly for it by the way).


How about you?

Your only "contribution" in that update is asking Larva to change the bank capacity... which has already been suggested by countless members of this community.

Shall we all thank you for spending 8 seconds of your time for this?

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6 minutes ago, Larva said:



how quickly you change attitude, couldn't tell is the same person posting in perish topic .



we all work really hard in getting this update done.  I'm not taking out the credit of anyone. 


Thanks to everyone who was involved, @R-78 did put a lot of hours and effort in to get this files ready and tested.


@Soly did sources changes lot of hours there too.


thanks guys , i just did a fresh new install for the system 🤟 two nights ago lol

which I had to take down the server for some hours.. my bad on that one lol 


thanks everyone it's great to work with the team!🤟

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