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  1. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    I just created a poll about it ☝️
  2. Let's talk about the new Fausts

    First of all I’d like to state that I’m very grateful for the work from the volunteers team of Ultima put into PSOBB on their free time so let’s keep those words in mind while we share messages and opinions together. I don’t usually create discussion topics, however I’m concerned by the new ranged weapons implemented for hunters in the 10th Anniversary Event, they have a lot of potential but feel restrained in a frustrating way. That's why I'll review the transformations of Panzer Faust; Arrest Faust & Frozen Faust obtainable with Arrest Booster & Frozen Booster respectively. Let’s start with the droprates available for the combiner required to make Arrest Faust ⎋: Olga Flow ⏤ Arrest Booster 1/256 Kondrieu ⏤ Arrest Booster 1/292 (same droprate as SonicTeam Armor) Since it’s a rare new item droping from final bosses we can agree that is coherent to except originals or impactful features from it with such a difficult droprate. While I'm writing this message the current state of AF (Arrest Faust) is: Arrest Faust 210 ATP 60 ATA 100 ATP required Special: Arrest Animation: Shot No grind Auto-Aim Single-target HUmar, HUnewearl, HUcast, HUcaseal & RAnger Now, this is how AF is doing compared to the other Ultima’s exclusive guns and vanilla ones; - Morolian Blaster is more powerful, faster and with longer range: 280 ATP 60 ATA Special: Arrest Animation: Handgun Single-target HUmar, HUnewearl, HUcast, HUcaseal - Holy Ray is more powerful, more accurate, faster, with longer range and available all year round at 2⁄73 on Sil Dragon: 290 ATP 70 ATA Special: Arrest Animation: Rifle Single-target HUmar, HUnewearl - Arrest Raygun 50 hit is more accurate, faster and available all year round in Restless Lion: 150 ATP 85 ATA Special: Arrest Animation: Handgun Single-target HUmar, HUnewearl, HUcast, HUcaseal I’m mostly talking about AF as it’s the one i tried, but FF (Frozen Faust) suffers the same problem, anyone would pick a Blizzard Raygun 50 hit or Water Gun (+ special) for the rifle range. I’m probably missing more exemples but those shows already how much affordables alternatives are available that outclasses AF & FF in multiple aspects, even off-event. The auto-aim feature from Panzer Faust is there which feels nice but does it justify the hunt? With those kinds of droprates you could get a SonicTeam Armor instead, just think about it… Currently new fausts are missing a speciality or perks that really differentiates them from other single-target guns. So let's clarify the purpose of those hunter's fausts at the beginning with concepts from the creator himself in the Unreleased Weapons section ⎋ (you can also read the original concept of Ultima's Bringer): - kajex, 2015 "Arrest Needle & Frozen Shooter for hunters with multiple targets." Iron Faust is one of the most iconic weapon of PSO then seeing a brand new version handled by a hunter is truly mesmerizing. So while keeping it balanced in ATP & ATA to respect the other classes, the crowd control stay the main point of satisfaction. So back to 2018 with the two weapons finally out, does it mean that the single-hit target aspect is still a technical restriction or perhaps is it a choice? And above all, can we except an update in the future by knowing that someone is working on the multi-targeting addition? In a second note : the way donation tickets (real money) are managed is none of my business as long as the server stays alive, maybe investing in some programming/coding services could be beneficial for our beloved PSOBB. Even a public call to the community could potentially bring more talented people to work with the team. @Larva can you share your thoughts with us? Since the 10th Anniversary Event is still active some positive feedbacks from the people working on those weapons would be greatly appreciated and could motivate more player to hunt the new boosters. I hope this topic enlightened some questionables points to the one who were wondering what those weapons were made of to judge if they wanna put some time in grinding Respective Tomorrow before the Christmas Event or not. Meanwhile don't forget to complete the poll to show us your opinion, thank you! Note: Ultima's Bringer and his piercing feature from the original concept is also included in the poll. Cheers!
  3. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    Regular Drop : Greenill - Barba Ray - Stag Cutlery - Ultimate - Ep2
  4. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    Skyly - Delbiter - Ultimate - Ep2 - Hand of Justice
  5. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    Skyly - Zu - Ultimate - Ep4 - Asteron Striker
  6. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    Regular drop : Greenill - Tripolic Reflector - Kondrieu - Ult
  7. 10 Anniversary Ultima

    Greennill - Ultima Bringer's - Dark Falz - Ultimate Pinkal - Ultima Bringer's - Dark Falz - Ultimate Regular drop: Yellowboze - L&K14 Combat - Vol Opt - Ultimate
  8. 10 Anniversary Ultima

    @Solaris Gun type weapon with Demon special but after trying every classes, it's not equipable at the moment ❌ @Larva?
  9. 10 Anniversary Ultima

    Bluefull - Ultima Bringer - Dark Falz Ult (btw no banner)
  10. Buffed Belras

    And it would be coherent to put back the regular skin as well (as Hatsodoom Reiga said over here : https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/32673-halloween-event-2018/&do=findComment&comment=205787)
  11. Halloween Event Drop Table 2018

    Yellowboze - Dorphon Éclair - Ultimate - Ep4 - Crater