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    Hit Event 2019!

    This time I had to do some slight decision making, which is good thing in my opinion so even with the price increase I easily added a looooooot of hit and here is my big THAAAAAAANK YOUUUUUUuuuuuuu ✨ Cheers UltimazStaff 💖
  4. Ahoy, welcome welcome fishbarkboi I hope you will enjoy your stay ⚓️
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    Am I impatient by saying that the last update was more than a month ago? Or maybe I missed something lol dw
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  7. Ahoy, You have 4 individuals banks per account and 1 common one, you can switch from Character bank to Common bank and vice-versa by using the command /bank Those banks are not linked to other accounts and yes you can. The experience rate on Ultima is x3 and x2 after 160, however there is some mini event like Exp x5 (for everyone/levels) which is on at the moment activated by the admin and that last for an indefine time (it could be a couple of days or a couple of weeks). However you can change that rate by using the exp value command. The base rate of Ultima is higher than the vanilla experience but there is another mini event known as Green name (your ingame name turn green), then the rate of rare monsters is even higher. Finallythe differents items of the game are splitted between, mob, difficulty, episode and Section ID for details you can check the Droptables, the Section ID Calculator and the When Can I hunt x ? topic to be aware of the alternative items that are available during events/months. aaaaaand I hope that answers your questions d:ˆ) Also if you have any questions feel free to use the chatbox or the Ask a quick question topic.
  8. Dat necrobump is thicc You can check the Event exclusive items down here; If you have more questions feel free to ask in the chatbox or in the Ask a quick question topic: https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/9827-ask-a-quick-question-get-a-quick-answer/page/264/
  9. Hm that sounds a bit too powerfull regarding the other combiners that are always final when you used them. That modification should stay as a GMs feature imo.
  10. A way to add special to weapons by hunting new items would be really cool. Ultima: Lipelis has found a DEMON CORE! and such as; Demon Core Charge Core Spirit Core Berserk Core Hell Core etc You could equip the weapon of your choice (without special obviously) and Use the item like any combiner. - Equip a Yasminkov 9000M +10 - Use a Demon Core - Demon Yasminkov 9000M +10 ✨ Another suggestion would be to alter Gallon's Shop code to implement that idea by trading / the Core + Weapon to obtain the Weapon with special. When can I hunt ______? - An All year round option is viable since a lot of spots from the classic Drop Table are redundants or even empty so it could be replaced. Ultimate Death Gunner no item, Bulk no item... Ultimate Yellowboze Crimson Assassin Heaven Punisher 1⁄190650 vs Bluefull Hildetorr Heaven Punisher 1⁄204 Ultimate Episode 2 Whitill Delsaber Secure Feet 1⁄4096 vs Yellowboze Mil Lily Secure Feet 1⁄2 etc - Thoses cores as Exclusive event items works too, having them splitted in differents events through year could be interesting. For examples; the Spirit Core included in Triforce Event, the Demon one included in Halloween or even during Summer Event for the sake of hunting Epsilon with a brand new Demon Yas9000! Item Donation list You may or may not know if you are new to Ultima that this feature is available with GMs for 10 Donation Tickets to add the special of your choice... Then thoses said combiners could give the opportunity to players to craft their weapons without having to rely on GM's availabilities. While still being available with GMs for the same amount of DT, the value of Special's Cores would be more affordable within the player economy (as always). Finally, I have no preference between an All year round or Exclusive event items availability since both are interesting to my eyes but overall beside the technical challenge I don't see any cons to this concept but pros! Thanks for reading
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