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  1. You can level up a new Bluefull to level 90 in a couple of hours and get severals HP during Green Name and Happy Hours... I don't understand your point here, HP is not powerfull on itself.
  2. Ok let me recap a little historic for you since you keep mentioning me: July 12 - https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/33629-summer-event-player-made-drop-table-2019/&do=findComment&comment=213595 https://imgur.com/a/xQ4xxKg July 12 just a couple of hours later - https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/33656-thoughts-on-serene-swan-and-impending-nerf/ https://imgur.com/a/E6EAJni 22 july - https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/33735-serene-swan-vs-ultima/ https://imgur.com/a/gzUJoO4 My introduction is crystal clear, so the Edens one does. Please spot the difference between a constructive friendly topic and a trolls friendly one. I spent some time to construct my opinion on this weapon and writing my post. Now quit mentioning me in your point of view without respect.
  3. @Larva Is there any suspense? I mean you know that the most powerful option will always be choosed If you ask. Like a poll about PGF being all year round would be massively 99% Yes vs 1% No. Here is another example : https://imgur.com/a/ZSPZ3Lz
  4. *Writing an essay about Lipelis Guard addition*
  5. Just a classic TORYAH video to remember the good ol' times...
    Because foxes are just the best animals ever 🦊


  6. Even if I'm not suppose to give my own opinion (as a well-known Minecrafter would say)... Here is another two cents to add to this (very HOT 🔥🔥🔥) topic so after reading all the previous pages, my new suggestion is; Serene Swan 160 ATP (grinders included) Grinder: +80 37 ATA 170 ATA required Special: Devil Animation: Handgun 12 shots (3x4) Range: Handgun All classes The idea would be to still cover a lot of situations with the handgun-range and 160 final ATP to shine with Buffs or PB with this 12 shots weapon. And if I want to kill my target faster, I will have to reach the mechgun-range to access to one of the several powerful mechs available, which makes sense to me since the risk is higher on closer range. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - By the way on a sidenote and drama aside; I also wanted to thanks all the players that provied their ideas in a constructive way so far. I's a proof that the community cares about what is happening to Ultima. I refuse to be part of a dying server @mudkipzjm! owo
  7. Well go ahead since I can't cover every scenarios as you said, you can read in the introduction & conclusion of my post that all tests and video-showcases from other players are very welcome and encouraged as written. So even if a part of my opinion does not suits your point of view, feel free to post what you find right with ingame facts if you feel the need to (as Noob Saibot did for example).
  8. Ahoy everyone, I'd like to start by saying that this topic is meant to show with facts how Serene Swan (SS) from Summer Event 2019 is doing in the actual metagame (like I did on my previous topic with the 10th Anniversary additions) and stay open as a resourceful long term history. I'm not waiting for any sort of definitive statment from the staff about SS to close the discussion. Since this weapon is almost a four weeks old item by now, some tests, weapon comparisons, video-showcases and other content from players who dropped SS already are very welcome and encouraged. With a bit of trivia, on 11th of june 2019, Larva posted a message in favor of balanced items by putting OP weapons on stand by for near future items; That being said, a couple of weeks later the following item appeared as; Serene Swan 175 ATP (grinders included) Grinder: +80 37 ATA 170 ATA required Special: Devil Animation: Handgun 12 shots (3x4) Range: Rifle All classes Gran Sorcerer EPII 1/1489 ⏤ All section IDS While going in depth on SS, let's compare this handgun to those said OP weapons that Larva is referring to or should we say Top-tier Ultima exclusive weapons on a clarity purpose in examples. Then outside Dark Weapons, I will list a couple of endgame gear as their optimal character configuration and single target usage down below. So HUcast will be the main user of SS during this topic. HUcast highest ATP of the game Close-Range: Ten Years Blades (TYB) is the highest ATP based twin sword (5 hits). Mid-Range: Psycho Raven (PR) is the highest ATP based mechgun (9 hits). HUnewearl best rifle of the game Long-Range: Lindcray the highest ATP based rifle (3 hits). Latest addition to the game Long-Range: Serene Swan (SS) is the first 12 hits weapon of the server ever made. ▷ 12 HITS To compare this unique 12 hits weapon, here is an in-depth post from @Fyrewolf5 explaining how a high multy-shot weapon like an unlocked L&K38 (that would be 15 hits vs 12 for SS) combine with the Shifta damage multiplier, can hardly be implemented within the metagame without ruining the diversity: https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/6048-ideas-to-improve-the-server-feel-free-to-post/&do=findComment&comment=209412 SERENE SWAN VS PSYCHO RAVEN After theory, what does it really mean ingame? Let's see how Serene Swan does versus the Top-tier weapon Psycho Raven in a simple showcase on a mini boss like Mericus (Ultimate difficulty) that bypass the Weapons %Attributs Damage Boost. RESULTS Serene Swan Shifta 30 Average damage per bullet on Hard Attack = 505~ x12 Full combo H/H/H = 6000~ Damages Psycho Raven Shifta 30 Average damage per bullet on Hard Attack = 666~ x9 Full combo H/H/H = 6000~ Damages Serene Swan deals the same amount of damage as Psycho Raven with a buff level 30 from Force, while PR can't reach his target without triggering the mob, SS can. Which brings us to the next point; ▷ RIFLE RANGE As shown previously in video, the Rifle-Range gives noticeable advantages in comparison to shorter ranged weapons. Such as the running distance separating you from your target to reach the mid and close-range is considered as Damage per Second loss, while you could start firing across the room without triggering the mob and being safe at the same time. That's why some close-range items like TYB & FotB were compensated with high ATP and Charge Special to value more that gameplay in specific situations but overall, the rifle range has nothing to prove anymore. The first time that a rifle was offered to every single class on Ultima was Water Gun, who was released with 70 based ATA, 15 grind and the special of your choice (with dt)... The ATA was adjusted to 50 to keep Hand of Justice useful, the grind was removed to keep the ATP really low considering that HUcast can equip it. It's a summer toy after all but it still has a purpose as the best Blizzard long range gun available for HUnters. So now an all class weapon that fires 12 shots on rifle range definitely sounds good to any PSO players. This is an unarguably appealing announcement that could satisfy a lot of people. So why bother considering modify Serene Swan then? It would be sad to classify it as Over Power or fine as it is without analysis (since it's a new addition) but it definitely compete with Psycho Raven which is a well known Top-tier weapon. So this is not about cutting short the fun but about a matter of balancing the metagame and keeping other custom items worth to hunt (like was made with WG to HoJ). At this point @Soly expressed a desire to balance this mix by soften one aspect of SS, the Rifle-Range could have been it; https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/33629-summer-event-player-made-drop-table-2019/&do=findComment&comment=213598 ▷ ALL CLASSES In PSO original descriptions, RAngers were meant to have access to the longest range weapons with medium ATP abilities, while HUnters compensate their shorter range with high ATP. Which makes them harder to master since they had to reach the close range to start attacking. From this vanilla concept to the Ultima adaptation, this difference was balanced with powerful HUnters slicers like Slicer of Vengeance to manage crowd control, stronger "Charge Vulcan like" equivalent with Psycho Raven (HUmar/cast) or the best rifle ever made as Lindcray (HUnewearl). All of those weapons adds more flexibility to HUnters through differents ranges and generous ATP. RAngers are no exception and are altered as well, especially with a solid mechanic known as Demon Special that cuts 75% HP of the target per shot on RAmar/marl. Which makes them extremly efficient at long range distance with Yasminkov 9000M and crowd control with TypeSH/SHOT. This feature bypass the medium ATP downside from the original concept. A way of reducing these vanilla downsides is by merging some classes exclusives gameplay to other classes, which tends to homogenize the experience. Now Serene Swan is far from a Varista or Water Gun low-tier class available for every single class. Maybe this general buff still sounds fair to some of you but in fact it's makes the strongest classes even more superior due to their higher based ATP and the reasons to play the lower ATP classes more thin than they already are... Because in the end, equality is not always fair nor in favor of a varied experience; HUcast SS > HUmar SS HUcast SS > HUnewearl SS HUcast SS > HUcaseal SS HUcast SS > RAcast SS > RAmar/marl SS & RAcaseal SS While equity could be used to the benefit to the weaker and promote diversity by buffing them with exclusive items; HUcast 1739 ATP = Psycho Raven HUcaseal = Dual Bird (extended range) HUmar = Psycho Raven, Serene Swan HUnewearl = Lindcray RAmar/marl = Demon Yas9 RAcast/caseal = Charge Yas9 FOrce = Lindcray, Samba Fiesta Serene Swan as it is could be the HUmar "OP weapon", like Lindcray is for HUnewearl, Demon Yas9 for RAmar/marl or Psycho Raven with the highest ATP from HUcast. FINAL WORDS? HUmar only, HUcast restricted, Female only? Keeping it all classes? Handgun range, Mechgun range, from 4 to 3 shots? Keeping it 12 hits & rifle range? Lower the ATP, remove the grind, combo lock? Leave the ATP as it is? A lot of twists are possible however Serene Swan has it all at the moment and it's the only way to play it, so feel free to launch PSOBB and experience this unique weapon by yourself. Don't get me wrong, SS as it is is super fun to use but any feedback supported with ingame facts (texts, pictures, videos) will be appreciated and so during time & multiple point of views this topic should stand out a clear idea of what Serene Swan is made of. Finally, feel free to complete the poll to express your state of mind regarding How do you want to consider Ultima. Thanks for reading!
  9. I don't know... However some Ultima runs are available on Youtube if I remember correctly.
  10. @RedDingo I know what you are talking about here but sadly there is no quest as efficient as LHB yet...
  11. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/announcement/13-item-list-donations/ 15 dt for 20 hit is the best way and 10 dt for a special... Just contact a gm (purple forum names) to join you ingame for what you need and they will take the dts from your profile.
  12. During Anniversary and Christmas event; That feel during the final screen when you have defeated a boss and wait for the drop to appear (or not) is just the best feeling in my opinion
  13. ANNNNnnnnnd Rifle range ... wich is quite impressive for Hucast ...
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