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  1. Point of Disaster - Solo No PB - 0"20"49 Remaining - Lipelis - RAcast Even if this run was ... something, the final timing is okay so as one of my teammate said, 21 remaining is definitely a doable thing (especially regarding the times available from the main post). BONUS MEME I may have better recorded times somewhere but since I was cleaning my laptop I found this vid from 2018 and decide to post it as a souvenir from that 10th Anniversary Event hardcore griding. You can see a Photon Blast at the end but it's whatever since it's after the PNG dude... Anyway here is the shitshow, enjoy! lol
  2. TEST.jpg


    1. Lipelis


      For a sec I thought you were banned because of some pizza buffet gift cards lol

    2. RocketTots


      Are you selling pizza buffet giftcards????!!!! I will trade you sanic memes. As long as your giftcards aren't hacked.

  3. All the infos are available on the main event Halloween topic; and as Noob Saibot said to you a couple of hours ago, for little questions you can use the topic meant for that; Creating separate topics for every simple things monopolizes the visibility of the New Topics tab on the main page. Also you will get a quick answer with the chatbox as well.
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    2. Trigunman


      A WINNUR IZ U    XD

    3. Heather Siren Tide

      Heather Siren Tide

      eough time, sorry i had bf high tide


    4. jezbuz


      Thanks heather. Finally someone putting order in these nasty boys.

      Enough time @nnorton44

  4. I just found this video of you on your myspace:


    1. Lipelis


      Had fried chicken for dinner... Be honest

    2. Trigunman


      ROFL!  Man where do you find these crazy ass gifs?  Icanhas.cheezburger.com?

      Asking for a friend... XDDDD

    3. Lipelis
  5. Ok here is an update I just found a screen shot from 2017 : Now let's compare it to your entry : You were right, the symbol are differents, you did a great job at making it different. Now my 2019 entry is called Enhanced Pumpkin. Because I didn't like the font tooth of my symbol at time and also because Lucapy made a better symbol than mine (yeah I'm telling the full story because I have to face bad faith) and I delete it, now it's fixed. Edit: You can see the modification date of the picture over here https://i.gyazo.com/7a682d95921a12be4e1ec6abdcfd8364.mp4
  6. I delete this character a long time ago, however I did made this symbol, this is not similar or whatever, every pixels are the same so what are you doing? Now since the bad faith is strong with you, I will ask to my ex-teamates if they remember it from me or not. So @Lucapy did I made this symbol while we were playing on Halloween? https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/uploads/monthly_2019_10/Untitled.png.935e0547e81c6da95a21eb9e6f8fc65f.png Same question goes to @Usagi and @RedSniper. I was about to ask you if you made this symbol with a yes/no question to see if you were able to admit some truth but I don't even have to do that, you are straight forward about it, you didn't make it, you copied it.
  7. Enhanced Pumpkin & Cursed Cat are here 💀
  8. You did mention it, literally the first rule.
  9. Lol I made this symbol in 2017, ask @drdingus More people from my team DankFlow at time know that it is from me.
  10. Lipelis

    Halloween Event 2019

    @Salem11 this is not about snapping fingers and a new item appears, this is not how it work, if you seriously want to be a boss one day you should know that. The amount of time to design and make a coherent item for a game could be a full-time job on its own. Remember that Soly and other members from the staff have no obligation to continue what they are doing for us, they are volunteers putting efforts in Ultima on their free time when they can. If you doubt about that message, take the first step of what Trigunman said and start to learn code & programming, you will understand how much work it represent. I know that your intention was not bad in the first place but I needed to add a bit of reality to it. [/offtopic]
  11. All my 9 characters are level 25 and fully geared

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    2. RocketTots


      oWo so PRO. How many teams do you have?

    3. Lipelis


      I have 1 myspace server for my cousins and sisters
      We've got 3 active players and sometimes 4!!!

    4. Dutch Ride

      Dutch Ride

      Do you have discord? 

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