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  2. Hello! I joined because of the happy face in the team description
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    For Challenge mode time, please insert them into this format. As many can't remeber who they did the actual run with, I will post the time and have the player who provided the time. - PB combo runs are not often done on GC. If performed, there will be a tag that identifies the time was done using a combo. - Wii/Emulators load faster, therefore making some runs better capable at faster times. A tag will be placed on such runs. - Some quests do not contain a timer and are therefore rather difficult to time. Such quests will require a video or be well documented. In these cases, quests are signified by an asterisk and the timer starts the moment the quest dialog ends, or somebody moves, and ends when the last enemy dies, or the objective is completed. - Bold-named quests are sought for better times. - Team composition is as important as the time itself. Teams that consist of less of the typical five classes may not be as fast as others, but definitely add to the fun factor and uniqueness of the record.

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