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  1. I just donated for the first time. Feels good paying back the server.

  2. I'm allergic to Centurion/Battles. Good thing they're never around me.

  3. I'm the Rick Harrison of PSO. I can only give you 6 Photon Drops for that Arrest Needle.

  4. I'll have to be active during those events. I'll keep my eye out, thank you.
  5. It's to my understanding that the Ashura Mag Cell is used to create the Elenor Mag, yes? Can someone tell me which event it's normally distributed in?
  6. I told you to blame it on my inept social skills ;-; I got you bby <3
  7. So I know I've been here for like 6 months and asked a lot of dumb questions and all, but I never really formally introduced myself properly. Probably because of some mad social anxiety. That's more my fault though. So howdy all. Played the living religion out of PSO on GC/XBOX but never tried out BB until recently, and I must say I like it. Especially the community, considering I've never actually played Phantasy Star Online Online. Still adjusting to the differences Ultima here has versus what SEGA had. Looking forward to some more opportunities to experience some things new to the online world with other people. Cheers c:
  8. I've been wondering, have the max stats for each class been raised?
  9. That Sweetheart will be mine.

  10. Dragon VH, Yellowboze// Green Ring Confirmed