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  1. Breakthrough spend some time watching this its a cool one (episode1 Fighting Pandemic)

  2. maybe its ghosts? there is a glitch called ghosts items that happens when too many items on the ground and they get automatically deleted but still there in your view but not on others.. just reset the room i think or re-make the game.
  3. its fine... i mean for the other slots atleast consider those two so you wont spend those pd's on buying materials... plus its easy to get materials when rare mobs is on... red is a good id too so you'll be fine it drops needle's as well on bringers i think.
  4. on a level 1 you can go on episode 1 for levels 1 - 100(towards the future maybe) up to ultimate difficulty setting, then episode 2 for 100 - 200 (respective tomorrow) unless you are planning to hunt things along they way while leveling. if you plan on using rangers... i would recommend the following items a spread needle, cannon rouge and frozen shooter for your starting weapons... there are also thing you may want to consider like make an oran for obtaining hp materials and greenil for power materials and luck materials... if you make a room for ttf maybe someone will join... well eventually
  5. idk if im right though... i havent been learning techs for like awhile now... anyways goodluck with your topic
  6. he's megid might be lower than 29 when he used the megid29 with hylian on. i also think if i remember it right that you should un-equip any tech raising units or anything before learning techs...
  7. did you removed the hylian first when you used the disk?
  8. S> DM 100 100 0 0 50 pm me for offers

  9. the pds are back to 6 on colossus bank... and you already gave me 93 pds to make it 99... hmmm the glide on Yes was from may we can trade again later. and the 80 machine yasha was from ROCT i did with may, gato and ing. tbh i dont mind the levels since i can level her again later on...
  10. the rollback is fine. nothing was lost but the pds. You also gave the pds back after i got the rollback, then when the server is up i logged to check the items and they were still there. But when i woke up earlier it was gone.
  11. i checked the items yesterday tho and they were there... now the pds are back to 6...
  12. Hello ultima... i just went in yesterday to check my characters the moment i saw server was up and running... and when i woke up today Yes was at level 142 lost 15 levels... and i lost a striker of chao. tho it is not that important i still use it for buffing others... Can anyone kindly restore her. IGN: Yes GC: 42111785 Slot: 4 I checked on Colossus yesterday too the 99pds were back it was already restored by Soly (also lost the yasha with 80 machine). but when i woke up today and log its gone again any help would be much appreciated... thanks! IGN: Colossus GC: 42150776 Slot:
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