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  1. Breakthrough spend some time watching this its a cool one (episode1 Fighting Pandemic)

  2. its fine... i mean for the other slots atleast consider those two so you wont spend those pd's on buying materials... plus its easy to get materials when rare mobs is on... red is a good id too so you'll be fine it drops needle's as well on bringers i think.
  3. on a level 1 you can go on episode 1 for levels 1 - 100(towards the future maybe) up to ultimate difficulty setting, then episode 2 for 100 - 200 (respective tomorrow) unless you are planning to hunt things along they way while leveling. if you plan on using rangers... i would recommend the following items a spread needle, cannon rouge and frozen shooter for your starting weapons... there are also thing you may want to consider like make an oran for obtaining hp materials and greenil for power materials and luck materials... if you make a room for ttf maybe someone will join... well eventually someone will help you out... happy gaming i hope you enjoy your stay...
  4. S> DM 100 100 0 0 50 pm me for offers

  5. welcome to ultima... i hope you enjoy your stay and remember to always have fun
  6. excal without hit is also fine for hucaseal since they have the highest ata among hunters ^^ hope that helps you.
  7. and oh on mechguns i believe hucaseal can use dual birds. u can find master raven on black paper deal 2 atleast at hard difficulty, then you can combine it with your last swan.
  8. i believe you can find shouren from dorphon eclairs on ulti. then gouren at black paper deal. you havent metioned what mag you use, and the stats.
  9. i gave the 3 RR's i found to kajex (booty)