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  1. You posted this just to show off the DF, the DM, and the Gael Giel Hope you're happy with yourself, scammer Just like Soge
  2. 42 DTs for a PBC and the auction isn't even over yet

    I've bought 3 of them for a total of 2/3 that amount

    What a time to be alive :^)

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    2. Night


      i paid 50 DTs for my 70 hit PR ^^

    3. JanenbaDMS


      Pretty sure someone else ended up winning the auction then I bought one a few weeks later for 15DTs.  For some folk it becomes less about the item itself and more about WINNING :cr-happiness:

    4. Auli'i


      If I had DTs, I would have kept bidding on it just to see how high people would go

  3. I suppose I'm posting here now too. I'm 19, started here on Ultima when I was 17. Similar to Mud, I had primarily watched the game prior to joining Ultima, but had played it a few times on the Dreamcast and also the GameCube. I do also enjoy PSO on Ultima more than most or all other MMOs that I've played I only joined Ultima originally because of my Fiance, @KarmaTheFoney. He kept prodding me to try it out, until I got fed up with his begging and did it. Haven't looked back since then. The only thing that really keeps me on Ultima these days (although recently I've had a little break for various reasons) is the people. And not just any people, but specifically the people that MudkipzJM mentioned and a few more I hate to do this to everybody else, but when it comes to the lasting relationships that I've made on Ultima, only one sticks out. @mudkipzjm has really become a great friend of mine. I cherish our friendship and our time spent talking/playing PSO/whatever else we may be doing. If it weren't for Mud, I -might- be on Ultima still, but chances are I would have left by now As for how PSO has affected my life, I think it goes right back to the same topic I've been rambling on about thus far. I've made friends that affect my life outside of PSO, and that I think about regardless of where I am or what I'm doing. To take it to a bit of a darker place, I was very sick for 8-9 months, and only recently got better. The people I know on Ultima (along with @KarmaTheFoney) are probably the only reason I'm actually still here at all. Their words gave me hope, and that hope stuck with me. I cannot thank them enough for that As for my weirdest PSO memory, this one is easy. A player that used to play on Ultima (Zanraizer/Atro) and I had an interesting thing happen to us while in game. We were doing CCA to get his FOmarl to level 200, and I was using his RAcast's gear (Iron Faust and Yasminkov 9000m). The server crashed at one point, and upon relogging, I found that his gear wasn't in my inventory, nor was it in his RAcast's. Also, I had gear from his RAcast bank that he never withdrew or touched. Later on, we found out that the gear was on a totally different character in THEIR bank. It really confused the two of us, and also scared us momentarily because the gear was just totally gone -Auli'i
  4. You can't just change your forum picture

    Especially to that....


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    2. Auli'i


      Quite the opposite.

    3. mudkipzjm


      well do you have suggestions for a replacement? lol

    4. Auli'i
  5. Patiently waits for Saith's reply to the topic
  6. Almost every double saber Almost every partisan Every twin saber
  7. It very well might be after 30, but 21 seems pretty reasonable considering lots of Mag feeding characters are specifically level 21
  8. d309106739.png

    I did it...


    Before you comment about how I'm missing E, just don't, unless you know why

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    2. Lone Ranger

      Lone Ranger

      While everyone is worried about the E, I wanna know why you need the other letters for? Never played the game or anything so i don't know if alphabets is an important thing or not :"L

    3. Soly


      Those are just the different endings the game has.

    4. Lone Ranger

      Lone Ranger

      oh... yeah you definitely missed that E lol

  9. Nah I'm fine. I'm working on a texture pack for all the Yas weapons, it's just far from done so I use my lame texture for now
  10. Yasminkov 9000m - ROCCAT Edition
  11. One of the best sounding songs I've heard in years

  12. Started the same day as @KarmaTheFoney, yet he has only accomplished getting FOnewearl to level 200 You should play less of this game ily though, and congrats lol
  13. Happy Birthday Auli.  I've been looking for you on skype but you haven't been on in a bit </3

    1. Auli'i


      Thank you c:

      I want your TypeME's for it, thanks /s

    2. CaliburxZero


      Pfft.  I paid 40 people dollars for that!  One day when i'm not in the "PSO Poverty Zone"  I can worry about giving you something good but for now this will have to do :P