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  1. Well well well, look who decided to show up! Will those addons work if I just put them in my addons folder using the scanner I attached?
  2. Mag timers are already in the game using the /magtimer 1 or 2 command Item Drop checkers (see items on the ground before you pick them up) are also allowed, though I'm not sure if all of them are. I will attach one that Soly made and help with installing it if I can remember how. As for things that tell you monster health...I've never heard of someone using it, and I wouldn't use one until you get a 100% answer from a GM, though I would guess that they are not allowed Lemme know if you have any questions floor
  3. japan





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    1. mudkipzjm



      pretty good tbh

  4. Chorus stuck in my head for 48 hours straight now

    Can't stop humming it

    @KarmaTheFoney said I sound like a dolphin while humming it ;-;

  5. think you'll like this

  6. Chorus is annoying

    She spits tho


    1. SelahIsASpot
    2. Auli'i


      That Spanish part was dope

      Everytime I think of female rappers I just think of:

      That verse is classic

      Ms Roq is classic


    1. McLaughlin86


      oh my fucking god i love you for this

    2. Auli'i


      If you and Jerkman had a baby, I think it might be that video

      or griff

      probably was actually griff

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    3. McLaughlin86


      You got me looking up the whole thing now


  8. hi

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    2. SelahIsASpot


      Ah, yeah the metal thing comes from my older brothers lol. I think my go to is mathrock or midwestern emo. But i can usually sit down and listen to just about anything.

    3. Auli'i


      I've taken a couple things you've posted on forums and listened too them too much...

      Plini is probably the best example of that

    4. SelahIsASpot


      Plini is phenomenal, prog is another one of my favorite genres. Theres plini, sithu aye, owane, jakub zytecki, aaron marshall, david maxim micmic, luigi masaella, leo toyra. I could go on forever.


    1. mudkipzjm



      i am a huge fan of this song


    2. Auli'i


      thank pate

      found it through the song he posted

      which btw @McLaughlin86, I can't stop listening to

    3. McLaughlin86
  10. What he said But welcome back! Hopefully you stick around and maybe we can play sometime
  11. 71bf432b13.png

    @kajex be creepin'                        ilyplsnoban


    Also food poisoning is going to be the death of me

    RIP @KarmaTheFoney, he's stuck in Japan mostly alone

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    2. SelahIsASpot


      banned. feel better soon though.

      banned. feel better soon though.

    3. Auli'i


      oh god I've been gone for a little while

      did I miss a meme

      why did you both post that twice

    4. SelahIsASpot
  12. If you didn't state that it was a fish, I'm not sure I would have been able to tell