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  1. good to know it worked man. have fun in the server. XD
  2. no that you have wine-stagging installed first of all try to run the game, skiping the launcher... go to the game directory in console once you are in the game directory tipe "wine psobb.exe" WITH OUT the quote. if the game starts up then your going good. next step is to install net framework 4.0 or 4.5 where is easier.. for this you will need a "program" (more like a script) called winetricks to install it -- once you have winetricks installed follow this to install the net framework the launcher should now work for your. report results.
  3. ok good luck , post the results.
  4. If you already have ubuntu then the process is way easier. You just need to install wine-staging , its wine with some gaming modifications it will run PSO with out issues. You can find that wine under the repositories for ubuntu. maybe this could help you. -->
  5. ok i guess you will install it Mint or ubuntu?
  6. Are you running the game using console ? If is please give us a copy paste of what the console is showing also the version of Wine. Also did you got any of the games updates with the patch? Wine what windows environment you have selected ? Run command winecfg for this. Also have you try to run the game from the local harddrive of the Chromebook.?
  7. I does fluctuate a lot . Sometimes I check that and I does not move for weeks lol. That how the internet works. XD
  8. prepare for a long talk here xD
  9. Nintendo Switch giveaway


  10. Long time no see man. Hope you're having a good year. Plus, I'm back. Time for chaos once again.


  11. Last day of exp x5 guys
  12. Hola me puede ayudar con mi cuenta que no me acuerdo como es para entrar al juego tenia un Pj lv 200 hay grasias

  13. PGF

    ehh lol that aint good for a moderator to said xD lol
  14. Lol just yesterday while you posted some one found one xD that was funny