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  1. hey bro I want to donate 100 bucks through paypal but it ain't working do you accept bitcoin? 

  2. Larva

    Summer Event 2021

    Jajaja after all this years that quote still sounds familiar .
  3. Ok there is a lot of information here, And a lot of different opinions very informative and interesting. I understand the frustration of some, and I read you. Now wherever happens here I want to be very clear that I'm not the only one deciding here, my voice is just one more voice as one member of the staff, is been like that for so long. If Wilson on his own decide to step down that's up to him. Staff still need to talk about this. In the meantime we have enough information, so topic will be close to avoid more conflict between users. Thanks
  4. What soly mentions it's actually the correct reason of why we have the blocking.
  5. do you have any customization added to the game? ENB series? skins? custom music ? etc.
  6. can you please run the following command and post the result please.
  7. Hello and welcome to the community, im sure you will find help and will make new friends.! enjoy Ultima!
  8. Yeah tat was a bad call but hmmm... anywayyyyy
  9. Larva

    Easter Event 2021

    Yeah the gap between the events it's something to take into consideration. We'll see...
  10. Larva

    Easter Event 2021

    This is the last week of the event SO WHY NOT!! ALL WEEK X5 EXP AND RARES
  11. Larva

    Easter Event 2021

    Ahh nice banner jajjaja like it!! Enjoy the event everyone.
  12. Anyone wants to create a banner for the Easter event?

    send PM :D

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mimi


      Yo quiero un nuevo color por ser la mas vieja del juego :v

    3. TheIronSheik


      Will that make the event happen sooner? :P

    4. TheIronSheik


      Here is my offering:


  13. Jajaj if we can get those characters dancing like that in the lobby Jajaaja I'm sure that event will be a success
  14. Valentine's Event 20XX is now Active! Didn't find any present to give to your darling? It's not too late! Valentine's Event is back with all its lovely items! It is time to hunt some gifts for your lover! (It is also time to hunt for singles) Returning Items Last Swan : combine this with Master Raven to make Dual Bird. Master Raven : combine this with a Psycho Black Crystal to make Psycho Raven. Rambling May : a unique weapon for women that hits twice per shot. Rianov 303SNR series : numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. Bamboo Spear : pretty sure you will like
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