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  1. Wow long time no see you here man! Welcome Back

    1. serverus


      apoco conoces a radezz? xd


    2. radezz


      Hey Larva and Serverus :3 Yeah its been a while. I miss you guys and playing here, but I gotta keep focusing on work to buy my own home! Its nice to see you guys still remember me ❤️ Hope you are doing well. Maybe in the future when I got more time, I'll come back and play with you again!

  2. @Mimi y ya lograste que sea lvl 200? mi TasTar sigue en menos de 200 LOL
  3. Ultima vez que te conectaste a jugar ? que dice el loco del @serverus Ultima vez que te conectaste a jugar ? que dice el loco del @serverus
  4. this kind of trade it's not allowed. Topic Close.
  5. Larva

    Summer Event 2022

    Enjoy the event Happy summer everyone.
  6. Congratulations for the tattoo man!!




  7. Totally accurate 100%. I got it in the second ran I did. Thanks man for the info.
  8. I assume this got resolved by soly? If not send me a PM
  9. Send me a PM with the details of your donation. the Donatoin app has been updated today hopefully the issues is resolve.
  10. Damnn man, eso fue hace como 13 anios, deja lo consulto con el severus por que va estar dificil. si recuerdo muy bien la de crisis core, pero muy creo tener una idea de cual fue.
  11. 89?? Damnn that's a lot of STA, with the amount of users playing this days. 1 of every 2 users got a STA. Congrats.
  12. Larva

    Christmas Event 2021

    Merry Xmas all. Enjoy the event
  13. are you running multiple clients at the same time? any other tool for pso works just fine?
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