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  1. When does the anniversary event start?
  2. Just enjoy the server , the game , make friends!. Thanks for asking tho💪🏽
  3. we all work really hard in getting this update done. I'm not taking out the credit of anyone. Thanks to everyone who was involved, @R-78 did put a lot of hours and effort in to get this files ready and tested. @Soly did sources changes lot of hours there too. thanks guys , i just did a fresh new install for the system 🤟 two nights ago lol which I had to take down the server for some hours.. my bad on that one lol thanks everyone it's great to work with the team!🤟
  4. how quickly you change attitude, couldn't tell is the same person posting in perish topic .
  5. Hello everyone ! how are you? having fun? or just bored ? Ultima its what all the members together brings to the community. And we have all kind of members here, those who love to be here, to share and enjoy the server and what we have to offer, and those who like to just been around for nostalgia, and those who like to be around for... i dont know .. maybe it's just part of our life. It's true that we don't have the amount of active players as we did once, I have my thought on that of why that happened but will keep them for myself since I see things from another perspective. Anyway , my two cents .. I always share ultima links and advertise in the forums that im active, maybe you guys shall do the same in the places that you guys hang around. I'm not a social media person , I don' even have tiktok lol. anyway thanks for been around, we are few but still present. !!!
  6. Someone revived a super old topic using onions! not bad LOL
  7. Welcome, great art man! I really like the details in the eyes!
  8. WoW man , indeed it's been a LOOONG time my friend. but it's great to see you at least to say HI to the old friends!
  9. It's a long time since I messed around with the effects in general, IRCC I belive it's possible to do but not 100% sure tbh. will need to play around with the files in my local server whenever i get a chance...
  10. amigo i cant log in at the laucher can you help me plz

    1. Larva


      It could be many things giving you problem, the must concurrent issue is your antivirus bloking the launcher.  For this you have two options 1-disable your antivirus , or 2- add the entire PSO folder to the exclusions in your antivirus.

  11. Why I'm not surprised this topic turned in to something else... like always... people trying to convince others that they idea is better and this idea will change the world.. This is one of the great flaws of the community, always fighting and each other and trying to outsmart the other person. this was a simple poll topic. And the only thing that will be looking in to it's the actual poll result. posting will be lock. Your welcome to still vote.
  12. HI everyone, It's been some time since we have made some changes to the drop rates and HH in the server. The staff and other member suggested a change and we want to present the idea to everyone, but we also want your vote in this. It is known that many players enter the game mainly during Happy Hours, due the fact that the drops are easier during these 3 hours. So the change will involve a balance to encourage the players to log in more frequently without being waiting for HH to occur. Increase permanent drops to x1.2 and, change HH running time to 2hours with a boost in drop during this 2 hours to X2.

    But my best way to help the server at this moment is to spread the word, help new users and bring new user. And to show the users how Ultima can be more than just a game, but a place were people meet and get to start friendships, as has been like this for many years and for many users. 


    :onion-head72:   im inspired.

    1. Usagi-chan


      Te inspiraste Larvita 🤭

  14. Larva

    Christmas Event 2022

    Ohhh my bad i read the wrong file, thanks for the clarification. Now im even more exited to see how many PGF drops this year. LETS GO ULTIMA!!!!! ALL IN !!!
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