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  1. Larva

    Christmas Event 2019

    Edited the banner image url. The blurry image really annoyed me
  2. Damnn that's a really good luck, never actually seen before in that span of time two PGF. Congrats !!
  3. probably must ppl will tell you that there's already too many triforce items.
  4. I am here to cuase problem  again 
    rage no good. roported inapropriprate language 
    call safety with bf Optimus Restrictiums, feel mad with stitch anchors on profile 
    feel well behaving captin, had bugs cant write profile status
    beer with the family 🍻 , feel good

    It wasss a jooookkkkeee...

    1. jezbuz


      Yan had bugs. Can't post my love letters on his profile. This isn't a joke.

  5. I was having some beer with the family .. jump in the forum posted that as a joke and then close the forum Iike a normal people, keep going with the beer and family. Woke up and got a message that my post made you jump over their couch and start the riot. If I would wanted to do anything I'll just do it with out your permission. Just like right now I reply to your comment like 6 hours ago.. and I just open the fourm again because my life is not glued to the screen of my phone or computer.
  6. Time for change and stop been a cry baby 😭.. it was a damn joke!!! I'm not going anywhere so you better think where you want to go in your life.
  7. Aughhh seam like you just looking for anything to start a argument... Even jokes..... And thanks for the middle finger it really shows the best our of you. ✌️ It wasss a jooookkkkeee...
  8. This errros must of the times its something on the end of the user side. First thing we suggest is to chekc your AV and firewall. Try to avoid using the computer internet over WiFi instead hard wire. Make sure all drivers are up to date. Also make sure there no torrent or something causing major internet usage at the moment of playing the game . Please provide computer info.
  9. 155 anniversary Event !! Sta rate will be reduce since we have like 100 already drop R-78 post edit: please do not reply to this post in this topic, use the Event topic instead
  10. Added some text to the OP. Novemeber is my birthday, and my weedding anniversary and now this novermber i got married by church and at this moment im out of the country due to the wedding, I couldn't participate or do anything for this event this time, but we will try to best once i get back to work in the server and fix what we can do. have a happy anniversary event everyone.!!
  11. Larva

    Halloween Event 2019

    Event has Ended, Thanks for participate hope you all guys enjoy it.
  12. Larva; you, @Fyrewolf5, me ttf?;p

  13. Larva

    fanart FALCON's FanArt

    We can see how your drawing gets better and better man!! Love this one with all the details. Congrats!
  14. R-78

    Happy Birthday, boss

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