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    I like many things such as... PSO obviously !!! video games ( mostly rpg, adventure, beat them all, some fps and fighting game ), music ( trance and electronic stuff, pop, US and french variety, funk, disco, gospel, hip hop, animés & video games OST ) animés & manga, internet, movies, nature, workout, my family and my friends that i love so much, i like talking about the meaning of life, love, spirituality and philosophical subjects, i also would like to travel around the world but what i love the most and above all is my Lord and King, the One for whom i live and breathe, the One who changed my life forever and saved me, the One that was slain for me and died for my sins, the reason of my existence and the center of my life, My best friend : the only true living God made flesh "Jésus-Christ" Thank you Lord for Your love and all Your blessings in my life, i will bless Your Holy Name forever, take me away from this evil and poisonous world because i cannot stand the stench of these abominations, Father i love You more than everything in my life <3

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  1. Happy bday my bro, enjoy it ;)

    1. McLaughlin86


      Hey, thank you man! Stay true c:

  2. We need to speak together soon queen, i miss speaking with you and i also have stuff to tell you... how's your exam anyway ?

    1. R-78


      I don't know, haven't looked at results yet. Feel free to message me whenever

  3. Wow, i've just seen that, happy birthday my mudd, you are major now ^^

  4. The strategies of mass manipulation :


    - Distract and divert people's attention through games, pleasures and vanities.

    - Create problems, then offer solutions to make disproportionate reactions that generate fears and social chaos.

    - Apply measures gradually, over several years to make acceptable the unacceptable, anesthetize the consciousness and trivialize the prohibitions.

    - Dismantling all the traditionalist and conservative spheres to erase the moral dimension and shape a lawless and faithless society where everything is permitted.

    Call the emotions and good feelings, rather than reflection and diplomacy to bypass rational analysis and critical thinking.

    - Utilize the emotional register to open an access to the unconscious of individuals in order to "implant" certain desires, ideas, fears, impulses or behaviors.

    - Replace the revolt with inaction by making the individual believe that he alone is responsible for his misfortune, such reactions engendering guilt and depression.

    - Deliberately choosing to hide what matters the most and focus the informations on terrors, chaos and sufferings to create hatred, divisions, racism, intolerance and incomprehension.

    Talking to the public as mentally disabled and toddlers by adopting an infantilizing and weakening tone through the media.

    Keep the public in ignorance and stupidity so that they are unable to understand the methods used for its control and slavery.

    - Encourage people to revel in mediocrity by glorifying stupidity and vulgarity.

    - Weaken the sources of education and knowledges, in order to not awaken the wise minds and free thinkers.

    - Knowing individuals better than they know themselves through biology, neurobiology, and applied psychology, so it's easier to deceive them.

    Present an unpopular decision as an absolute necessity for the proper functioning of society.


    Welcome in the new world of the elites.


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  5. The madness of my wickedness had condemned me to die. I was a rebel, a blasphemer and haughty, a thief, a slanderer, insensitive and perverted, all my thoughts were every days turned to evil. I could not see because i was blind... i could not understand because i was foolish, naked and miserable, and the shame was upon me. I made my way to the pit and my soul descended into the grave. Father.. i know that i deserved this punishment rightly because i had spent my life breaking your holy laws. How much i was filthy and impure before You, most holy and righteous God. I had no way to be good, no way to get rid of my transgressions, no way to be cleansed and purified from my defilements, for even if i tried to be good and change by my efforts, it would never erase my past and all the evil stuff that i had done.. To appear better was only a facade, a varnish of hypocrisy and pride and i constantly failed to do good because my sinful nature was unable to do what is just. I could never be right in front of Your Eyes because my mother conceived me in sin and the pain incurred for my sin was death, eternal death, darkness, damnation, hell !!! Whatever i do, I could never get your friendship and Your approval on my own. So, i lived in shame and guiltiness... i had no hopes, no future, no peace, no joy, no love... But there One day, You came in my life and i realised... You... You Lord, You Creator of heaven and earth, Almighty God, in Your infinite love, you have done the unthinkable for me.. You came down from Heaven, You left Your Throne of Majesty and Your Glory, You came in a body of man to bear my sins.. all my faults.. my sorrows... my sufferings.. my shame... You made yourself a man among men, living on this earth to teach us to love one another and to reveal to us Your will. You lived without committing a single sin in our midst. Yet you were subject to temptation like every one of us, but you have never committed any evil..  You... who had never done anything wrong, You were treated like a murderer... like a culprit... like a sinner who deserved death. You did not open your mouth before those who condemned you, You did not defend yourself and You did not plead your innocence.. You.. being the human manifestation of God, you could have freed Yourself instantly from the hands of all your oppressors... You could have enslave us by Your will... but instead of that, You purposely agreed to suffer the worst calvaries just to save me. What a humbling lesson for me, but what an extraordinary love also. You gave your life as a perfect sacrifice for me, You paid the price of my madness, You died in my place !!! You took my shame, You took my hell, You took my diseases , You took my filth and my corruption and You clothed me with Your righteousness. By Your sacrifice, You have made me righteous and i am no longer condemned, i am no longer a slave, I am free, FREE !!!! You have defeated the accuser and the tempter of our souls and You crushed death by Your resurrection ! Sin has no more power over me, You opened to me the gates of Your Kingdom and You poured upon me the waters of Your grace that i may be with You forever in Your presence. If You shed Your pure blood, it was only out of love for me, only to deliver me because You knew i was unable to save myself from my misery. I owe all to You Jésus... I have never known a love like Your love My Saviour, that's why i will never cease to proclaim that You are the greatest King ! O Servant King,  you came to the earth to reveal Your love, Divine Creator, Wonderful Savior, Risen Lord forever You are. The Light of Your Spirit resurrected me from the darkness i was in, this dead and empty soul came back to life by the Power of Your great love. I bow down before Your majesty, I bend my knee before Your royalty, my will acknowledge Your perfect sovereignty O Precious Redeemer, no one can compare to You Jésus of Nazareth !! How do I adequately thank a King like You who left His throne just to save a sinner such as myself ? How do I truly express my deepest gratitude to a Savior who was beaten, stabbed, crucified, mocked, and laughed at... just so He could then cleanse me and justify me when I fail every day ? I lift my praise and worship up to you, Jesus. There is absolutely nothing I have that you need. You are Sovereign and You don't need me, but you want me <3. The very least i can do is lift up Your Holy name because You are worthy and precious and I am thankful. So humbly thankful for everything you have done in my life. You are so beautiful, so pure, so loving, so caring my Lord, I want to spend my life serving You, adoring You, praising You and talking about all that You have done for me. Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you from the depths of my heart for the wonderful treasure You have offered me : eternal life and true hopes !! Thank you for Your love and Your peace that nothing in this world can replace. Lord you are everything i have and everything i need, the true love of my life, Jésus i love you, i love you so much <3 yes, i love You with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my thoughts and with all my strength My King, My God, My precious Father, My magnificent and glorious Savior, My best friend ! I am in love with You and You are everything to me, You are my reason for living and the air i breath ! Life has no meaning without You, takes everything from me. Come back Lord, come back quickly.. I cannot live without Your presence, i do not feel in my place here below, i am like a stranger in this world given up to the darkness, i cannot bear to see and hears so much horrors and abominations... my soul sighs after You, take me with You my King !!! May Your kingdom come ! Glory be to Your Holy Name, Mighty God, be blessed, be glorified and worshiped in the ages, Amen.

    Poem of gratitude for the love of my life : Jésus-Christ.

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    2. griffeni


      nah i mean what i would do after praising him for i am a beacon of sin

    3. Sylph777


      1 minute ago, griffeni said:

      nah i mean what i would do after praising him for i am a beacon of sin

      We're all "beacon of sin" you are not worse than others my griffi ;) and after praising Him, he would probably give you peace and forgive your sins, in this case, the question does probably not even arise :P

    4. rayblasterx


      dw and Jesus should start a band c:

  6. You told me that you love hebrew songs bro, here's one more that you might appreciate much :)


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    1. LunaX


      Yes, I do :)

      Thank you bro <3

  7. Being forced to play with someone that you don't want or don't like is nowhere a good idea, nor fun... and i probably would've never even considered playing this if it was the case.. that said, due to timezone and different sleeping schedules, me and saith aren't able to play much if people are teaming up and play alot to optimize their strats/teamwork, they have their chances =)
  8.  When you dream of someone that is a close friend to you and that you estimate much but in a very... emotionnal and sentimental way... in other words in a really concerned and loving way.. and when you feel really lost after waking up, what does it mean >< ? Does it mean that you have hidden feelings for this person more than friendship ? I hate this kind of dreams... they confuse me and put me in sadness and loneliness for the whole day QQ

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    2. Sylph777


      21 minutes ago, Nana7 said:

      Talk with the person you dreamt of about it.

      Solving this together strengthens your understanding of each other and maybe also strengthen the friendship.

      Sadly i'm in trouble with this person atm... thx for reply but it's difficult :/

    3. JADE


      It could just be the unresolved emotions of being "in trouble" with them. A lot of times when I am in that situation, I will dream of the person or the situation. The unresolved feelings could be a result of needing to resolve this other issue.

    4. Sylph777


      Oh... i didn't think about that but indeed that could be another reason and i do really hope that i will reconcile with this person that i love very much... thx Jade.

  9. Meh... that's, not my fault lol, plus it's more fair like this that if you had chosen 2c4/2c5
  10. oh noes dw in cmode the most important is the teamwork, not how someone play individually, so i''m basically nothing without my partner overall skilplays help alot ofc but teamwork and strats > all.
  11. I'll team up with mr @Fyrewolf5
  12. yeah i understand, those stages are definitely not for everyone but like i said to RRR last time, it's pgf haha, it does needs a real work and challenge to match its rarity imo...
  13. Heh... well anyway i'll participate thx for this nice event, finally something i'll enjoy ( still a bit disappointed that it's not 2c4 or 2c5 but oh well... )