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    Child of God
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    Sylph LV.200 ( Hucaseal ) Takumi LV.200 ( Hucast ) Angelica LV.200 ( Hunewearl ) Masaki LV.200 ( Racast )
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    Kingdom of Heaven
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    I like many things such as... PSO obviously !!! video games ( mostly rpg, adventure, beat them all, some fps and fighting game ), music ( trance and electronic stuff, pop, US and french variety, funk, disco, gospel, hip hop, animés & video games OST ) animés & manga, internet, movies, nature, workout, my family and my friends that i love so much, i like talking about the meaning of life, love, spirituality and philosophical subjects, i also would like to travel around the world but what i love the most and above all is my Lord and King, the One for whom i live and breathe, the One who changed my life forever and saved me, the One that was slain for me and died for my sins, the reason of my existence and the center of my life, My best friend : the only true living God made flesh "Jésus-Christ" Thank you Lord for Your love and all Your blessings in my life, i will bless Your Holy Name forever, take me away from this evil and poisonous world because i cannot stand the stench of these abominations, Father i love You more than everything in my life <3

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  1. Kiss of denni ( hem hem trollni ) = instant death in roct !

    1. Denis Roman

      Denis Roman

      srry the electricity in my house went away :c

    2. Sylph777


      it's fine, ilu bae ;)

  2. It doesn't matter, you'll get whatever sranks you want by playing any class.
  3. Ok, i can join since i have free time lately, my in game names for the 2 main characters that i would use in cmode is : takumi ( hucast ) and sylph ( hucaseal ). Also make sure to use hunter yourself ( preferably cast but fleshies is also fine ), as ranger is inefficient in cmode ( unless dropping weapons with great special and stats but it's pretty much random and doesn't worth it on this server.. ).
  4. What's your greatest purpose in life ? What's your biggest dreams ? What's your deepest desires inside ? What are you living, hoping and fighting for ? Is there anything that make your heart beat like nothing else ? Something you would like to see or achieve ? I'm curious to know :)

    1. R-78


      Win a battle against Sylph :SinowBeat:

      More seriously, I don't know ... Trying to enjoy the present

    2. Sylph777


      if it can make you happy and fullfill your desires to crush me even more, i can let you win then my queen ;)

  5. Nah dw, chris would rekt me anyway ;-; and i never participate at this kind of event ( i'm usually not interested by rewards and public competition ). Like i said, i only want to slap this RRR hucaseal butt ( and maybe patrick as well but i give up with chris, i don't have any chance ). Btw, i find it ironical that you're speaking of "letting chance to others" when you didn't let any chance to my PC to stand your magic hacking spell ( even my boot and recovery system are crushed, you're too strong magic queen ) but fortunately, i've found a way to be back soon and you won't be able to do anything against me then
  6. wish i could ( if only r78 would not have sent me a deadly virus, i would have been able to kick triple R butt again )
  7. Hello nik my beloved brother, i miss you, how are your life ? We seriously need to speak together when i'll get my computer to work again... we still have alot to say and share ( especially toward our faith ). Wish you a good continuation in your life and wonderful hopes of love, light, joy and peace in Our Lord, King and Master. Stay strong and never give up ! Seek The Lord continually and He will lead you in all the truth ! I love you bro, be abundantly blessed in the glorious name of Yeshua.

    1. LunaX


      Hey brother, thank you a lot <3. I'm doing great, hope you are having a good time yourself :)

      I definately agree, feel free to msg me when your computer works again. I wish you all the best for your life in the meantime, God bless.

  8. Hello ultima, i haven't been online for a while now but for those who are trying to message me ( sentor, rashan, justin, auli, night etc... ), sadly i cannot reply or be active on pso, i can't even log on pso because i'm unable to use my PC since like a month ( windows 10 update killed my boot and my system recovery ;_; ) and i have to wait for someone to repair it because i need to restore and save important stuff... I am writing this from my wii U atm, and the less i can say is that it's slow  and annoying lol but I'll give you news when i'm back. Peace and The Lord bless you all ultima ;)


    1. rashan0121


      Damn man sorry to hear that. I hope you get that sorted ASAP.

    2. Fyrewolf5
    3. Trigunman


      Argh, another hit by the Win10 stealth install.  Prayers inbound Sylphy, hope you get your PC back up and running again soon.  Too bad you're not near me, I'd help you get it back up ASAP as I had to do the same to mine about over a year ago.  It looks like I'll be rockin' with Win 7 Pro indefinitely...  Protip: Turn off Automatic updates immediately when you get your PC back! 

      God bless ya brother!

      Edited by Trigunman
  9. Yo give back sh shot and yask9 ur inbox is full bro LOL.

  10. RIP social life in 2 weeks XD


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    2. Misombre


      Never thought that would trigger you like that O= I kinda feel sorry it did. I have nothing against Zelda to be honest, actually Yskialuw is a huge fan girl herself and what ? I respect it like I'd like people to respect my retrogaming so ^^ You don't need to explain yourself or whatever. Live your life as you want it, no ones gonna take that from you Sylphounet.

    3. Sylph777


      :o retrogaming ? like ? i'm suprised that you don't like those games then because many of them still have a vibe of old games ( it was made like that on purpose by nintendo ).  Btw, i kinda stopped gaming because it really bores me alot now ( appart of pso and some fun nintendo games in local multi ) and i have better things to do as well :)

    4. Misombre


      I never said I didn't like those games >.> They're just not the kind of games I play. Like racing and fps games, I don't dislike them, I just can't play them. There is like a wall preventing me from, this wall is sometime called "other thing to do", sometime "other games to play", sometime "don't want to spend money for it", sometime laziness... which am totally fine with it because... they're games so, it's not like it's a duty or job to play them =)

  11. Bon anniversaire queen S-773, profite bien pour tes 22 ans ^_^

  12. Wow !


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sylph777


      hahaha we need a full release.

    3. McLaughlin86
    4. Trigunman


      While this is utterly amazing and awesome, it's unfortunately also screaming for a cease and desist letter from Nintendo.

      Unless Nintendo actually picks this guy up as a hire for their software team, we're merely watching a "tech demo" sadly folks. =^\

  13. Well..... i wanted to get something better but i guess i'll stick with this one for now.. Hucast Multimode Solo - Malicious Uprising 4 - no PB - 5'23 ( remaining )
  14. I've updated the thread and added the following quests in normal mode : - Malicious Uprising 1 - Malicious Uprising 2 - Malicious Uprising 3 - Malicious Uprising 4 - Malicious Uprising 5 And new whole sections : - Challenge mode solo - Challenge mode 2 players - Challenge mode 3 players - Challenge mode 4 players In both ep1 and ep2 PS : added your times justin
  15. I tried to go to church last Sunday and the Pastor told me I can't enter:(


    please fight him for me.

    1. Sylph777


      Don't go to church brah, call Jésus in your home and if you are sincere, He will come and open your eyes, love you christian <3

      Edited by Sylph777
      small edit