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  1. :"L

    Yeah i saw the very early releases of this work ( 2 or 3 years ago iirc... ). There is also this short film directed by two young french people : Both had a more than limited budget and they are nothing official though, just fanmande projects but yeah.. still much better than dagon ball evolution lol.... Yeah... for once, that was a really great episode ^^
  2. Can't wait for those prolly 500+ hours of epic enjoyements ! Thanks Mr takahashi for what is in my opinion, the best serie of jrpg's ( starting by the most impressive, deepest and complex game ever created toward storyline, narrative and characters, to know : xenogears ).

  3. Mock GM Election!

    I would've liked @SelahIsASpot to be a candidate... but oh well... my vote will go for my beloved princess @R-78 ^^ good luck everyone.
  4. So hyped for Xenoblade 2... this OST omg

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    2. Sylph777


      it willl probably never be released on PC no, most games from nintendo hardware are exclusives to their system... at least, it's the case for xeno serie.. last hope is emulation but i doubt that the switch is emulated yet.

    3. Lemon


      Probably not.  Oh well.

    4. StarFox2223


      Yeah, Not gonna happen.

  5. Sylph's Time Attack Records

    Well we've played your quest ( with rashan and justin ) in early may iirc. I really think it was after you updated the quest lemon ( unless you updated it again recently ) and i remember playing with you after those two records in my topic. PS : i've just checked and i got a screen of the no pb run from the 28th april.
  6. Sylph's Time Attack Records

    Yeah... we also finished it without PB ( before this time ) iirc. PS : the 4th player was rashan i think.
  7. Hey.. after seeing many of your publications, messages, responses, reactions from here and there... I just wanted to say that you seem to be an intelligent, sweet and kind person and i would like to encourage you to keep this sensitivity, even if it must be despite the rejection of some people or the desire to have a lot of friends... It is preferable to be little but well surrounded. Choose your friends carefully to not get hurts but the bad intentionned people.. It would be a pity that such a thing would happen to someone as nice as you appear to be. Peace and be blessed.

  8. Sylph's Time Attack Records

    Okay, i finally updated this Sorry if it took age but i was veryyyyyy busy and adding the fact that there was not the least activity on this topic lately, i did not feel in hurry to update. Anyway... let me know if i forgot stuff/made some mistakes !
  9. 22 years old ? why u lie son ? Btw, if it's really your birthday today ( theorically you'll be 19 then ), i wish you a good time ;)

    1. Colorado Wilson

      Colorado Wilson

      It's my 19th haha I just put it as that to make me 18 like three years ago I guess idr but thank you <3


  10. Happy holiday yellow tasty, juicy'n sweety food :onion-head77: enjoy your life.

  11. Well, it's finally time

    I know i'm late posting here but good luck for your future life dears Auli and Karma. Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to know you as well as i would've liked, but i just want to say that i love you and wish you success and happiness in everything you do. May you find your purpose and may this way lead you to your true destiny. Peace my loves
  12. Bonjour :)

    Hello , I think i remember you.. if my memory is good, you were an active member of the UPS forum ( active player of the same team at that time as well ) in 2008-2009 or something like that ? Lyho was the name of your hucaseal and you were friends with CC, boatameuh and neon Anyway, welcome to this server
  13. Good luck and good hopes for your future miss Auli, it's sad to see you go but we always have to move on in life. My best wishes of love and happiness to you and karma, peace :) ( PS : i was really suprised that you mentionned me in this goodbye topic, i wasn't aware that you considered me enough to include me in your "friends" thx though, it is a pleasure ).

  14. Is there anyone playing PSO2 on this server ?

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    2. Syn


      I play on ps4

    3. Sylph777


      Oh really? how good is the ps4 version ? it's all in japanese i guess... ? it is stable ? does it have vsync on ? i hate the initial screen tearing and vsync forced off on PC version, how about the ps4 version?


    4. Syn


      All Japanese it’s runs %100 smooth on console 


  15. Bonjour demoiselle :wub: Je pensais a toi dernièrement et tu me manquais.. Comment vas-tu ? J’espère que tout se passe bien pour toi et tes projets ? Que Dieu te protège et te guide dans ta vie, tu es dans mon cœur et dans mes pensées, prend soin de toi <3 

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    2. Sylph777


      J'ai vraiment cru que c'était toi :P à s'y méprendre hahaha ( cela dit, je me demandais quand même ce que tu pouvait bien faire sur ce serveur... ).

    3. R-78


      Bah il y en a quelques uns qui ont essayé de me faire venir, si bien que j'ai hésité à le faire. Il y a pas mal de choses intéressantes dessus, qui rendent le gameplay différent.

    4. Sylph777


      Oui... bon aprés, je me suis renseigné un peu dessus, et il y aura

      il y aurait beaucoup a dire sur les GM's ( je les connait tous ou presque ) et leurs "méthodes" ..