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    Sylph LV.200 ( Hucaseal ) Takumi LV.200 ( Hucast ) Angelica LV.200 ( Hunewearl ) Masaki LV.200 ( Racast )
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    I like many things such as... PSO obviously !!! video games ( mostly rpg, adventure, beat them all, some fps and fighting game ), music ( trance and electronic stuff, pop, US and french variety, funk, disco, gospel, hip hop, animés & video games OST ) animés & manga, internet, movies, nature, workout, my family and my friends that i love so much, i like talking about the meaning of life, love, spirituality and philosophical subjects, i also would like to travel around the world but what i love the most and above all is my Lord and King, the One for whom i live and breathe, the One who changed my life forever and saved me, the One that was slain for me and died for my sins, the reason of my existence and the center of my life, My best friend : the only true living God made flesh "Jésus-Christ" Thank you Lord for Your love and all Your blessings in my life, i will bless Your Holy Name forever, take me away from this evil and poisonous world because i cannot stand the stench of these abominations, Father i love You more than everything in my life <3

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  1. RIP social life in 2 weeks XD


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    2. Misombre


      Never thought that would trigger you like that O= I kinda feel sorry it did. I have nothing against Zelda to be honest, actually Yskialuw is a huge fan girl herself and what ? I respect it like I'd like people to respect my retrogaming so ^^ You don't need to explain yourself or whatever. Live your life as you want it, no ones gonna take that from you Sylphounet.

    3. Sylph777


      :o retrogaming ? like ? i'm suprised that you don't like those games then because many of them still have a vibe of old games ( it was made like that on purpose by nintendo ).  Btw, i kinda stopped gaming because it really bores me alot now ( appart of pso and some fun nintendo games in local multi ) and i have better things to do as well :)

    4. Misombre


      I never said I didn't like those games >.> They're just not the kind of games I play. Like racing and fps games, I don't dislike them, I just can't play them. There is like a wall preventing me from, this wall is sometime called "other thing to do", sometime "other games to play", sometime "don't want to spend money for it", sometime laziness... which am totally fine with it because... they're games so, it's not like it's a duty or job to play them =)

  2. Bon anniversaire queen S-773, profite bien pour tes 22 ans ^_^

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    2. R-78


      Tu ne pourras pas me désactiver avec tes droits utilisateur, et ma sécurité est infaillible.

    3. Sylph777


      Si ! je possède touts les atouts pour te maitriser, donc attention à tes moindres faits et gestes !

    4. R-78


      Où sont les preuves ?

  3. Wow !


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    2. Sylph777


      hahaha we need a full release.

    3. McLaughlin86
    4. Trigunman


      While this is utterly amazing and awesome, it's unfortunately also screaming for a cease and desist letter from Nintendo.

      Unless Nintendo actually picks this guy up as a hire for their software team, we're merely watching a "tech demo" sadly folks. =^\

  4. Well..... i wanted to get something better but i guess i'll stick with this one for now.. Hucast Multimode Solo - Malicious Uprising 4 - no PB - 5'23 ( remaining )
  5. I've updated the thread and added the following quests in normal mode : - Malicious Uprising 1 - Malicious Uprising 2 - Malicious Uprising 3 - Malicious Uprising 4 - Malicious Uprising 5 And new whole sections : - Challenge mode solo - Challenge mode 2 players - Challenge mode 3 players - Challenge mode 4 players In both ep1 and ep2 PS : added your times justin
  6. I tried to go to church last Sunday and the Pastor told me I can't enter:(


    please fight him for me.

    1. Sylph777


      Don't go to church brah, call Jésus in your home and if you are sincere, He will come and open your eyes, love you christian <3

      Edited by Sylph777
      small edit
  7. Trump will reintroduce the death penalty for pedophiles in the 53 states of USA. He advocates lethal injection and firing squad for cases of abuse and/or rape of minors under the age of 15 and will take tough measures against child pornography as well. It seem like the Lord is bringing His Justice and Light in america through this man, i don't think to make america great again like donal trump and many americans believe.. but to cleanse the horrific dirt and corruption of all these past years.. and this will not be done without a high cost.. It's only the beginning of this judgement but darkness will be put to light and earth will be purified of evil ! I pray that God will bless, protect and use this man to stand up to all of these elite devil worshippers and spread a spirit of repentance over america, otherwise its destruction will be certain and imminent. I hope americans people will not harden theirs hearts and recognize the moment of their divine visitation in this land, which is now!

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    2. Lemon


      I'm sorry, that wasn't quite what I meant.  It wasn't that you were reading the bible wrong, but that Levidicus (for example) wasn't understanding God's will when he wrote that. 

      But then again, it's long been my opinion that the bible become just an instrument of the Church to gain power since before the middle ages. (On that note, I have not actually read the bible.  I have attended mass for 18 years though, and was told they cycle the readings through the entire bible every 3 years.) 

      To be honest, I'm more of a Deist.  Though I'm sure there's all sorts of strings and junk attached to that term that don't reflect my beliefs.

      I respect your view points, and even more so your willingness to share them.  That's why I replied, in an attempt to share mine and to discuss the differences.  I hope you didn't take my reply as an affront.

    3. Sylph777


      Not at all lemon :) i'm glad you replied, thanks. To be honest ( and i wanted to reply to that before ), you are more than right about the "church" thing... i'm  absolutely not in this stuff, i only believe in the Word of God and not man made cult or thinkings, i don't pretend to own the absolute truth ( on the contrary i feel myself as very little and i'm weak in many ways ) but i do believe that Jésus-Christ is the only truth and i believe that what is making the difference beetween people that badly understand the Bible ( and then so, use verses to condemn people, judge others to feel like they are better, make wars etc etc.. ) and those that understand it in a more spiritual way that would truly change their hearts and mind to the best is the Holy-Spirit, we don't need the views of the man made and religious "church" we need God's presence and His spirit above all the rest, only His spirit can lead us to truly understand the spiritual meanings... I personnaly came to Jésus by a personnal encounter ( that truly changed my life and my mind forever ), alone in my home, i did shout to the Lord and wasn't even sure of His existence, the min after He came to visit me and i felt Him, He became real and i could feel Him all around me, i even had a vision and this night i was born from heaven and i gave my life to Jésus.. and you know what ? the next day, i was someone else... my families and my friends couldn't even recognize me, i was a new creature like the Bible says ! i threw all my addictions and i was totally delivered of every bondages... i could feel the light and peace of the Lord upon me, God was living in me and i could start to express new feelings ( love, compassion, tenderness, patience toward certain stuff etc.. ) that i've never knew before. So you see, it's impossible for me to go back now because i didn't grew up as a "christian" or in a local church... i was living in a hopeless life full of darkness, despair and perversions and the day i called the Lord in a sincere state of heart, He came to rescue me and He saved me and forgave me. :) Peace my lemon, i love you <3

      Edited by Sylph777
    4. Lemon


      That sounds like an amazing thing.  I've had no such revelation, so I don't think i can truly relate. 

      My view has always been 'mind your own business, and be nice'.  And really, I think that's what most of the world religions boil down to.  At a base level they are all about not being awful people.  And really differ only in the method of teaching, be it punishment or reward, and how they 'pretty it up' (how they celebrate their religion).


      Not sure why, but this all reminds me of a Navajo (iirc) saying that I heard once. "It took a universe to make you".

  8. Excuse me but i'm curious sir, why do you have a profile picture of marion maréchal le pen lol?

    1. McLaughlin86


      While I don't support all of her views, she is very good at constructing her arguments and tackles specific issues rather well. It's also refreshing to see some young faces involved in factions of government. Although I'm not sure she would have been as involved if her aunt wasn't.

      To answer your question, I have this profile photo because I endorse anyone who possesses proper skills of debating in such times.

    2. Sylph777


      Oh, so you does understand french language pretty well then ? or, are you using translation ? Indeed she have good debating skills and targetting/focusing on some real problems as well. I was simply curious because i'm native french and it's not common to see someone from another country involved into french politics haha ( especially considering that marine and marion are both eloquent characters who make controversy ), i just thought you had chosen a picture of her because you find her pretty. Peace man :)

    3. McLaughlin86


      Unfortunately, I don't know the language at all. Thankfully, there's translators out there. I suppose it is something you don't see from people every day lol. I try to keep my eye on politics, mainly geopolitical things. Though that's also true, she's gorgeous. Take care. You seem nice.

  9. where are you best bae? missing you :-(

    1. LunaX


      Just came online to check forums :3

      Wasn't really in the mood for playing today. Hope you are doing well :)

  10. Cool shiida, i'll add it right now, as well with this one : Multimode Solo - Harmony Of Despair - PB - 35'24 ( remaining ) This DM spamm quest as ra is so bad xD, keep the good job.
  11. it's all da truth bra, most OP fomar ever seen in pso world
  12. Multimode 2 Players - Raid On Central Tower - no PB - 31'55 ( remaining at olga warp ) First and only run ( can be improved to 33 prolly ), told you that cake is too op
  13. Happy birthday harambe-starlord :) you're a pretty old monkey now( hey, attention with this content count 666, hahaha ).

    Edited by Sylph777
  14. For many years, i wanted to take advantage of everything the world offered me... Then, i tasted pleasures, but without satisfaction, i had so many illusions. But i really did find what i wanted, only in The One who brought me everything. This world has given me nothing, it can take nothing away from me. Why want to cling to all these vanities ? Many people spend their time building the present here, as if they were going to live eternally on earth.. But all my life, i want to spend it for My Maker who gave me everything. You spend your time running after money and material, after women ( or men ), the glory and gratitude of people, you waste your time in vanity and distraction but are you even aware that you will bring nothing with you after your death ? Vanities of the vanities ! Why waste your time accumulating treasures knowing that everything can burn in the blink of an eye ? Why run after pleasures and seek glory here below ? Do you think you will keep your reputation in the other side ? What memories will be kept of you in the darkness outside ? There will be no glory in the future century for all those who have built their lives without the right foundations ( which is a life based on obedience to God and His prescriptions ). Where is rest for the sinners ? The rebels will be a subject of horror and contempt for the saints in Eternity.. Makes no mistakes, your deeds will follow you forever and you will be punished or rewarded according to it. You have no power and no influence over the hour of your death. There is no man that have power over the spirit to retain the spirit. You can say to your soul: << I have many years of joy before me, i will rest, eat, drink and rejoice >> but the Lord says: << Foolish one, this night your soul will be taken away, and the things which you hast prepared, whose shall they be, for Me or satan? >>. If you die tomorrow, you will have to face eternity, are you sure to know where you will go ? Will you leave with your conscience in peace ? You can say that there is no life after death, but are you quite sure ? What do you say about the countless testimonies of Near Death Eexperiences ? Do you know that science have now proved that there is a conscious life after death ? What about people who went to hell and heaven through visions ? Are they all liars and deceivers to you ? And more importantly, the Word of God asserts that you are a liar because it says that the Lord has put in the heart of every man the thought of eternity and afterlife..  You can silence your conscience but all these things testify against you, you will have no excuse if you reject this Word and it will condemn you on the Day of Judgment. The Divine Justice is that if you die with Jésus and your are clean before God, the angels will come and seek your soul and bring it into the joyful presence of the King, but if you die in your sins, demons will snatch your soul and drag it into hell, in this frightful place where you will pay for your sins eternally.. and if that is going to happen, i don't think you will still claim that you don't fear death.. Your soul is eternal and infinitely precious, it's worth more than everything that exists on earth, don't dirt it and don't mistreat it with the vices of this world.. change your way of considering it and feed it with healthy and noble things, worthy of values. Don't you realize that true wealth is not money or any pleasures but love, justice, truth, compassion, patience, humility, tenderness, benevolence, holiness, goodness and all that makes you conformable to the perfection incarnated : Jésus-Christ ! Living your life, enjoying it, having fun and laughing, all of that doesn't give satisfaction, it is only a world of illusion.. You can continue to run after the wind but ultimately, death will catch you and your heart will remain empty and dissatisfied because it needs the love of Jésus to feel alive. Now, if you seek something else, something greater, a meaning to your Life, a true Friend who listens to you and leads you because you would like to start all over again.. if you feel deceived, you had enough of this miserable life, you are afraid to be alone and abandoned, your conscience is charged by all your sins, you think of the evil you have done, your heart is too heavy and you are crushed but if you turn around, everything can change, Jesus has come to forgive you and He is ready to forget everything ! He is your only chance, he would like to help you and save you. He wants to give you what you have always sought, He have for you a future and hopes, do not miss your chance, come and meet Him, you will never regret this decision. If you fear death, come to The One who has conquered death and you will become immortal because He has the power to give eternal life to all those who love and fear Him ! If you miss this chance in your life, you are condemned and you will inevitably go to hell.. Without Him there is no peace and no salvation for your soul, no forgiveness of your sins, no ways to be recognized righteous and no possibilities of entering the Kingdom of Heaven. Good people will not inherit the Glory above, only forgiven people redeemed and washed by the Blood of the Lamb will do ! Even if you had all the treasures that this world can give, you could NEVER win your eternity. All those things would not bring you gladness and you would never know about the love that God has for you. That would not be enough to pay the Love of the Cross where Jesus died for you. You cannot buy a single drop of that blood that He shed to save you... What does life here below mean ? 30 years ? 50 years ? 70 years ? 100 years for the most robust and after that ? On the scale of eternity, this represents a second, a very short moment, a breath.. Why want to lose and sacrifice your soul for a so short time ? For so little things, for these ephemeral joys, for these success of an instant, you are ready to spend eternity in torments.. What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul ? How many of us have sold their souls ? How many have even signed with their blood, a pact with the enemy ? The Lord will say that the soul of all flesh is in His blood, and when you signed with your blood, you sold your soul, but Christ can redeem it, for He signed with His priceless Blood to redeem you ! 2000 years ago, He came, He saw the misery of humanity, the abominations, the sins that made us miserable in the eyes of Our Creator.. Yeshua of Nazarreth came to pay the price by His blood, He died for us, He died with us !  He was broken for our sins, crushed for our transgressions, abandoned and despised by all men, treated like a thief and a murderer.. He who was sinless and perfect became sin for us simply because He loved you so much. Then know that even if you have sold your soul, Christ can redeem it because all men had been sold to sins but He has the power and ability to save every man. It is written that the enemy has been defeated by the Blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony. Come forth from these lies, get out of death and darkness and invoke the Lord, invoke Jesus, invoke the only sufficient Savior, the one who comes in your distress and your brokenness. Accept The Son of God in your heart and inherit eternal life, then you will rejoice in everlasting felicity ! I beg you to cease to waste your time in vanities and begin to work for your salvation because everything here below is ephemeral and will perish but the Lord offers you eternal life if you turn away from your sins and repent.. and this word is certain : all the sufferings and even a whole lifetime of pains of this century could never be compared for a single second, has the glory and beauty of Heaven !

  15. Amazing !