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    Sylph LV.200 ( Hucaseal ) Takumi LV.200 ( Hucast ) Angelica LV.200 ( Hunewearl ) Masaki LV.200 ( Racast )
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    Kingdom of Heaven
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    I like many things such as... PSO obviously !!! video games ( mostly rpg, adventure, beat them all, some fps and fighting game ), music ( trance and electronic stuff, pop, US and french variety, funk, disco, gospel, hip hop, animés & video games OST ) animés & manga, internet, movies, nature, workout, my family and my friends that i love so much, i like talking about the meaning of life, love, spirituality and philosophical subjects, i also would like to travel around the world but what i love the most and above all is my Lord and King, the One for whom i live and breathe, the One who changed my life forever and saved me, the One that was slain for me and died for my sins, the reason of my existence and the center of my life, My best friend : the only true living God made flesh "Jésus-Christ" Thank you Lord for Your love and all Your blessings in my life, i will bless Your Holy Name forever, take me away from this evil and poisonous world because i cannot stand the stench of these abominations, Father i love You more than everything in my life <3

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  1. Sylph's Time Attack Records

    Yeah, indeed... I hadn't noticed at first, and as i suppose princess @R-78 was sulking, she didn't say anything to me... well, it was a joke between us, but i apologies for skinning your pseudo @R-78 queen
  2. Hi ultima, has anyone figured how to use a credit card to buy stuff in pso2 ? I have serious struggles ( even thouigh it's complicated, i managed to follow the steps but at the end, my credit card just didn't worked... ) and any kind of help would from someone who can do it just fine would be greatly appreciated... thx in advance my loves ;)

    1. Sir Rendlan

      Sir Rendlan

      Well I know with some banks you can give a one time use credit card I think you can even set it to what country? So I'm thinking maybe that could work if you had the ability to do that but keep all documentation of that one use card and the purchase. And make sure you can cancel the one use card if it didn't work out okay?

    2. Sylph777


      Not sure of how to do this but it's really difficult to get AC in pso2.... i've tried plenty of things with no success... btw thanks for your reply, i'll try to find a way.

  3. Will you help me or not?

    1. Sylph777


      Help you with what ? can you reply... ?

    2. MadOrNah


      nvm it was handled yesterday*late

  4. plz help me

    1. Sylph777


      Help you with what lol ?

  5. Sylph's Time Attack Records

    I don't get it, mind to explain ?
  6. Sylph's Time Attack Records

    And that's why i didn't feel the urge to update this... but i will do it soon, when i have time.
  7. Hello my old german friend :) how are you ? We should play sometime when we have freetime ^^

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    2. Schranko


      Let me know when you are online :)

    3. Sylph777


      lol i'm waiting lobby1 for you since like 5 min xD

    4. Schranko
  8. What is the most important in life ? What is above everything, even death ? If i spoke like an angel, if i knew the future and even if my faith was very huge, it would mean nothing. If i had the knowledge of all the mysteries but without wishing to obey the reason of Love, i would be nothing.. for the most important thing is Love and when i have it in my heart i shine for the Lord. True Love flows from the Love of God because He loved us the first, even if we never deserve it. Love is not irritable, it is neither jealous nor wicked. But Love is charitable, full of goodness in every ways and forgives all the time. Love doesn't feel proud but is clothed in humility, modesty and decency. Love always tells the truth according to justice, no matter what it cost. Love is always translated into acts which express what is in the heart. Love doesn't envy what is contrary to holiness and purity, nor covet what belong to others. Love is not self-based and seeks the interests of others, rather than its own. Love doesn't do anything unseemly and is not embittered against others. Love can't meditate evil, but injustice saddens it and truth rejoices it. Love strips itself of its reputation and its interests to serve others. Love prays for its oppressors and bless those who curse it. Love doesn't fight evil with evil but overcomes evil with good. On every occasion Love trusts, forgives, perseveres, hopes and protects. Love is a light that shines in the darkness and a candle to enlighten the night. Love is filled with patience, mercy, benevolence and gentleness. Love is gallant, polite, courteous and well-meaning. Ultimately, the greatest act of love is to give one's life for others. Everything is doomed to disappear and fade with time, but Love will endure forever ! Love is deep ! Love is powerful ! Love is infinite ! Love is invincible ! Love is immortal ! Love is the ultimate virtue ! When i fully realize the immensity of Love, i feel very miserable, i need it so often to keep humble feelings and look forward to pursue it. Contrary to what many claim, Love is not for the care bears ( manner of speaking ), because to truly love someone demands a great strenght of abnegation and renunciation of oneself. To truly love others requires such consecration and a voluntary abandonment of individualism, that there is no place for the weak. That's why the true Love makes heroic, valiant and courageous ! At the end, Love must always be the source of our motivations to remain righteous and pure hearted. We must let it disciplines our minds in righteousness and integrity. True Love must be the Divine essence that resides in us when we seek it and refuse to submit to the darkness and ugliness of hatred, vengeance, resentment, bitterness, calumny, cravings, murders, anger, lies.. If mankind would respect this simple commandment : <<You will love your neighbor as yourself>> the world would go infinitely much better.. Happily, an era of love and happiness ( and i am not utopian to think it ) is coming, where The One who carries the scars of love in His body, will spread the perfume of peace and justice over the nations. May this era come very quickly... Which will not happen without the great Judgment, for there is no way that this will happen if the earth is not cleansed of the wicked and all those who destroy it.

  9. Among all the technological tools made available to man, the Internet remains the most revealing of the identity of people and of human malice and corruption.. It does demonstrates the state of the hearts by all the poison and the hatred that one can find there... between calumnies, lies, hatred, racism, harassement, jealousy, mockery, rancor, personal attacks and reckoning, the list is very long.. Yeah, since it's forbiden to kill someone physically, let's murder verbally and psychologically by the wickedness of my heart because of course it's the easy way out.. Someone made a video stating his opinion but i don't like it at all, let's make a video in response to attack him personnaly.. Someone posted a comment that displeases me, let's insult him, despise him and show how dominant i am.. I see someone speaking on a topic, but my pride feel the need to be shown, so let's waste my time and argue for hours and hours to prove my point to be the absolute truth because i have more knowledges and my opinion is more valuable ofc.. It seems that facebook had become a good place to post pictures of me bar-chested or in bikini/panties, all my friends do it after all so why not me ? Let's not forget to take tons of selfies of myself because i am thaaaaat important.. I'm not even speaking of the ridiculous accessibility of the most infamous pornography that degrades men and women from their youngest ages and the sites that promote fornication, adultery and all sorts of sexual vices.. Let's also not forget the learning of witchcraft, worshiping of demons  and occultism ( through video games, many animés/manga for example ), dirty and demonic musics glorifying violence, sex, drugs and satanism exhibited through the mainstream.. The greed by the idolatry of money, material, glory and vain success... Where is this abundance of dirt and perversion going to lead us ? In my opinion to destruction, to darkness, death and ultimately hell.. While i don't deny that it can has good aspects if you know what you're doing, internet has still become the new universal sanctuary of moral misery and human decadence. Starting my myself, i would advice to be careful to your use of this tool because what your ears hear and what your eyes see can generate actions that will cause your loss.. The deeds that you manifest on the internet can also demonstrate who you are in the real life ( not in all cases but most cases ). Can a wicked heart that is trained to despise, curse and meddle others on the web be good, caring and loving in real life ? Can someone who masturbates 5 times a day on the most vile pornographic movies be faithful and purehearted in his daily real life ? To me, internet has really has become one of the greatest instruments of the devil to divide people, corrupt morals and destroy others lives.. It is easy to recognize that the negative influence and the hold i has on man is of demonic origin. Knowing that i would also add that the Lord Jesus declared : What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them because what comes out of the mouth comes from the heart, and that is what defiles man. For from the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false testimonies, calumnies. The good man derives good things from the good treasure of his heart, and the wicked draws bad things from his evil treasure; for it is from the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks. Therefore keep your heart more than anything else, for from it come the sources of life. To meditate ( and i does include myself in this )

  10. hello my friend can u tell me, if theres an actual max plan guide of each class? let me know. coz i saw 1 of zynetics but its old

    1. Sylph777




    2. assface


      thanks man :onion-head21:


    3. Sylph777


      Your welcome ;)

  11. I have proof

    1. Sylph777


      k send all the proofs bb, then i'll prove you that Jésus will kill the illuminati ok?

  12. Sylph! The C-mode legend himself!

    1. Sylph777


      Hi, long time no see, how have you been?

  13. Of course this is fake but it's still appalling ( and disgusting ) to imagine that it is a reality in many countries...


  14. Happy Birthday Genesis, God bless you my friend :)

  15. Lottery Time Attack

    Nice event, cool ideas misombre Now, you should know that LHB timer is broken and LSH doesn't even have a timer to begin with ( or if it has, i've never found it ), so the quests you pick are bad for TA'ing imo...