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    Love is the Light that crush the darkness of our lives <3
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    Sylph LV200 (Hucaseal) Takumi LV200 (Hucast) Angelica LV200 (Hunewearl) Masaki LV200 (Racast)
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    Kingdom of Heaven
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    Yahushua The Lord and King of all, Spirituality ( all kind, i'm not stuck with only my personnal beliefs ), Philosophy, My Family and Friends, PSO (obviously..), Gaming, Music, Animés, Youtube, Food, Nature, Outdoor Activities, Singing, Reading, Traveling, Sharing and Discussing about life and love and many other things that i can't think about for now :p

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  1. Hello Sylph!

    How are you doing?

    1. Sylph777


      Hello man, long time no see.

      I've been doing well ( with some ups and downs, as usual for most people ), despite the difficult times that the world is currently facing... I know that it willl get much worse very soon ( especially socially and economically ), but i'm not affraid the very least because i knew all this was going to happen ( unfortunately ), i will just try to be ready for what is going to happen.

      Also, i'm living in a more healty way since i left this game ( haven't really touched this game since like mid 2017 ).

      Since the grip that this game had on me ( mentally ) left me, i can say that i have changed for the better on certain points.

      How about yourself ? How have you been ?

      PS : If you are still playing this game, i can give you the 45$ donations tickets left on my account ?

    2. LunaX


      Yes, it's been a long time but I have not forgotten about all the things that happened here!

      I'm happy to hear you've been doing well, these are indeed very special times and we all have to be ready for what is about to come, I'm not sure if I am yet though haha

      I felt (and feel) the same about this game and quitting had such a positive impact on me, although I still miss it a lot to this day so I've been watching your videos from time to time😄 I don't know if I'm surprised or not that you quit but I'm happy to hear it worked out well for you! I don't need the donation tickets, I'm not playing since the day I left and gave everything away but thank you nonetheless! 

      Anyways, I've been doing great, many many things happened during the last 3 years and I feel blessed for all of it that happened in this time!

  2. holaaa mi hermanoo 😜




    1. Sylph777


      Hola Dennis, ha pasado mucho tiempo. Me alegra ver que estás a salvo. Qué pasa ? Cómo estás ?

    2. Denis Roman

      Denis Roman

      Muy bien y tu como estas?

  3. Hey Sylph!  That was your character last night I was with on the PoD runs?   777?

    There isn't anyone else I'd guess that has such a character named like that, haha!  (and it's part of your forum account name here)

    Anyway, let me know...  Good times bro, looking forward to doing it again soon.

    We need to hang out on PSOBB more often.

    Hope you're doing well, that you are blessed and hope you have a very Merry Christmas brother.   :onion-head11:


    1. 777


      That was me lol. ^_^

    2. Trigunman


      *facepalm*  I stand corrected!  I have you now 777. :onion108:

      Sorry for the mixup Sylph!  (we still need to hang out too though :onion-head65:)

  4. Hi o:

    1. Sylph777


      Hello sir, long time no see, how have you been ?

    2. McLaughlin86


      Not bad. Been an interesting few months to say the least. What about yourself? Do you still have discord? Talk to me <:

    3. Sylph777


      Oki pate, i'll be coming on discord soon, when i have some free time.

  5. Quit being a weaboo cringey dude.

  6. Can you confirm stats on Demon needle  ( 10dts ) from your shop post?

    1. Sylph777


      sorry this item is reserved till monday, if the person doesn't show up, i'll sell it to you

  7. You lie in april is 10/10 animés despite the sadness... :(

    1. Trigunman


      OMG dewd, I watched that the other day, such a great anime!  It's also called "Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso" in Japan. (for those trying to track it down, you can watch it for FREE at fmovies.org)  I've have the privilege of experiencing alot of classical music while in high school while in band back in the day, our orchestra did some amazing pieces, like some movements out of "The Planets" orchestral suite, by Gustav Holst, so watching this was a real treat with all the classical music and piano in it.

      That gut-wrenching finale' tho...  Ahhh geez, if I had known that's how it would have ended I probably wouldn't have watched it.  You definitely get attached to Kaori halfway into the episodes, lots of hilarious moments and situations in there from time to time, when it's not quite so serious.  It's gotta be one of the saddest things I've ever watched though, I almost cried over the girl dying.  ALMOST. XD  Ahh dang, more "sleep" in my eyes... friggin insomnia.  ;^p

    2. Sylph777


      16 hours ago, Trigunman said:

      Ahhh geez, if I had known that's how it would have ended I probably wouldn't have watched it.

      Yes me too... on the other hand, even if i don't regret having watched this anime, the final episodes ( especially the last one ) still hurt me, upset me, and deeply touched me.. i still have this image of kaori dying on her bed... in fact, i even want to say that this end is almost horrible... and the only comfort i got was her letter to arima ( although i already knew she loved arima from the beginning ), but needless to say that i shed many tears and :( it brought me to a questioning on certain things and the suffering of losing a loved one in those circumstances. Aside of that, the emotions and feelings related to the musical aspect, the freshness of kaori, the exhortation to never give up and live the life to the maximum, the suffering of arima and the different characters are great, even if there would be material to do more.. especially with tsubaki or arima's future for example.. that's why i'd really like a season 2 .

    3. Trigunman


      While I have my reservations about my opinions of the circumstances and situation surrounding Kaori's death,(IRL applications concerning our faith, namely in healing & restoration, even from what is considered fatal disease) ultimately I also have no issue with the story line.  It's climactic end is the clincher of the entire series and it was the choice the writer of the anime made of the story line.  Considering the popularity of the anime, I think they made a compelling story line and a smart plot choice, even if a bit heartbreaking to most viewers.  The characters were all well done, relatable to and compelling, they spoke to us at the very basic of human emotions all of us probably know well.  There are lots of great scenes and emotions, from joy, to happiness, curiosity, laughter, shock, surprise, lots of introspect, to sadness, grief and heartbreak, it was truly a rollercoaster ride of a show.

      Yea, so here's to hoping they do a season 2 arc with a alternate season 1 ending! (with Kaori surviving the surgery!)  :onion-head11:


      Oh!  BTW I just finished up Amagami SS and Amagami SS+ plus, check them out man you'll probably enjoy them as much as I did.  It's story line arcs (of each girl) follows the actual PS2 dating sim of the same name!  Each 4 episodes in the first season center around each of the 6 girls, with a secret one at the end!   It's the same for SS+ with 2 episodes for each and a special one at the very end, LOL, very..."risque'" as they say in your country.

  8. Happy 10 years old my cake ;)

    1. HHawk4


      excuse you im 7 and a half today 

    2. Sylph777


      Oh sorry, i always tend to think you're older :(

  9. B > tension/morolian blaster hit, girasole/inferno girasole with machine/dark and hit, fury of the beast native/dark and hit, chromatic orb, thx.

  10. are you still looking for an HS gorilla ?

    1. Starlord


      I’ll have to see what I have. Which one you got??

    2. Sylph777


      i'd sell you a 35/0/0/35/35 for 20 dts, up to you brah

    3. Starlord


      Gotta get the dts my man. Still working on rebuilding. I should have known, never give majority of your stuff away. We always come back to pso lol

  11. Because PSO doesn't boil down to TA TTF ( which is probably the most uninteresting quest to TA anyway... ) ?
  12. Hunewearl's main assets : - Kinda strong support techniques. - Good defensive capacity. - Decent MST, High amount of TP and automatic recovery ( of TP ). - Ability to easily replace a FO in multiplayer games ( you have multiple options for that : frank the bunny costume boost JZ range and doesn't provide any loss aside of extra DFP/EVP compared to RR, so that's definitely a must have on huney.. clio has long zalure range and the animations is fast, so it's really helpful.. for SD/resta/anti, you have cat scratch fever /guardian angel costume and tyrell's parasol/marina's bag ). - Long ranged techniques for different stuns/usage ( rafoie/gizonde to scare rappy's, rafoie/razonde to stun lillies/zu's charge, rabarta to freeze monsters, gifoie to stop delbiter/dorphons charge but it has to be well timed.. etc.. and btw, only do this if you know what you're doing, otherwise you should not cast random techs to avoid dmc.. ). - Like it was said before, she's good with demons weapons ( SOF, bloody tornado, demon type ME/mechgun, hand of justice OR demon type GU/Handgun/GU Mechgun. ). - One of the fastest ( if not the fastest.. ) at breaking vol opt phase 1 screens, which make her very useful in stuff like TA TTF. - Access to good spirit weapons ( most obvious is lindcray yeah.. but there's also hundred soul, madam's parasol and power gloves which also give a good techs boost ). - Kawaii anime and sexy looking for the pervert... ( wait, did i mention @mudkipzjm ? ). - Pretty good in rules battle-mode. Now the cons... : - Very difficult to max stats.. ( however, need to carry and swap many different units to play optimally.. ). - Low Hp's and pretty low ATP for a hunter, which make her the weakest and most useless HU in a party with a fo. - No good crowd control options, no traps and bad at using arrest... - Contrary to what was said before, huney is definitely not so good in solo.. yes she's better than humar but slower and less safer than any casts or even any RA... - The need for many many items if you want to exploir her to the fullest.. and also to have a powerful sphered gears to be as good as the other hu's. - Truly bad and weak in challenge-mode. How to stop being bad ? - Learn spawns in the desired quests. - Learn overall timing and delaying your combos. - Find safe strats for each spawns, it'll only come after practice and a good sense of observation. - Learn monsters patterns and behaviors to know how to avoid and control them. - Learn weapons specifical and situationnal usage. - Learn how to use support technics optimally, like when is jellen needed for example ? - Learn how to use the stun technics, especially in ep 4 on those damn zu's. - Learn how to freeze monsters in the good timing with rabarta. - Learn how to not DMC others unnecessarily with misuse of techniques. - Learn how to play in teamwork and avoid focusing and attacking the same monsters as others. - Play with experienced players to learn from them. - Play in solo as well and in multiple different quests/episode to give you a global experience. - Play in challenge-mode to be strenghtened in PSO basics. - You can also try rules battle-mode to developp good reflexes, i'll be waiting for you anytime
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