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Triforce Event 2023


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059e3d0c-0649-4b6b-88ce-b0b3eac7ab26 TRIFORCE EVENT 2023 059e3d0c-0649-4b6b-88ce-b0b3eac7ab26




The 11th Triforce Event of Ultima has just begun




Returning Items





:shi: Hylian Shield :shi:

Gal Gryphon




:shi: Ganondorf Shield :shi:






:swo: Master Sword :swo:

Dark Falz |  Olga Flow | Shambertin

:yellowboze:    | :purplenum::skyly: |      :whitill:  



:swo: Boomerang :swo:

Dark Gunner 







:swo: Power Glove :swo:

Baranz (E2)


Gi Gue





:swo: Great Fairy Sword :swo:

Olga Flow


Merissa A






:gun: Bomb-Chu :gun:

Barba Ray


Del Lily


Normal Booma

All IDs (1/208050)



:swo: Magic Hammer :swo:

Deldepth (Very Hard and Ultimate)

All IDs



:gun: Sacred Bow :gun:

Delsaber (E1) - All IDs

Kondrieu - Viridia Greenill Bluefull Purplenum Pinkal Oran Yellowboze Whitill



:swo: Stealth Sword :swo:

Sinow Berill - Skyly Purplenum
Sinow Spigell - Greenill
Normal Garanz (E1) -
All IDs (1/9362)



*Ultimate difficulty drops when not specified




Fire Rod 

Bug-Catching Net  

Zelda Magazine










Green Names (rare monster rates buff) and Experience X5 will be activated soon.




Event will end around 27th of October, 2023



Good Luck

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4 hours ago, R-78 said:


:gun: Bomb-Chu :gun:

Barba Ray


Normal Booma

All IDs (1/208050)



Because why not :onion-head65:972947032488677436.webp?size=128&quality

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On 10/21/2023 at 7:11 AM, JeevesMagus said:

Uhh I was doing max attack tower and a scared bow dropped form the big robot thing with the shields.  Under oran

Was there a banner ?

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1 hour ago, theancientsam said:

can we pin this thread to the top until the event is over?

You can click on the green banner and access it, it's more or less the same (?) o. O

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