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  1. Light

    Light's Shop

    I would really like to sell the one with hit for DT. If you can I’ll sell all three for 18 dt
  2. Light

    Light's Shop

    Items for sale feel free to pm me or comment on post. your most likely to get ahold on me on discord (ziggymcfriggy#9222). if your in sock's discord i am also on there. Swords Bamboo Spear (0,40,0,0,40) 5PD Demolition Comet (0,35,0,0,35) 5PD Demolition Comet (0,0,30,0,35) 5PD Demolition Comet (0,0,0,40,40) 5PD Diska of Braveman (0,40,0,30,40) 15PD Diska of Braveman (35,0,45,0,60) 20PD Flamberge (0,0,45,0,35) 5PD Meteor Cudgel (0,035,0,40) 5PD Red Partisan (0,25,30,0,15) 5PD Red Slicer (0,0,30,0,25) 5PD Sil Dragon Slayer (40,0,0,30,45) 15PD Silence Claw (0,0,0,0,50) 5PD Slicer of Fanatic (0,40,0,0,35) 35PD Slicer of Fanatic (0,30,45,0,35) 35PD Slicer of Fanatic (0,0,0,70,35) 35PD Vivienne (0,0,0,0,40) 5PD Guns Ano Bazooka (0,0,40,0,20) 5PD Lindcray (0,0,0,25,0) 5PD Lindcray (0,0,0,45,0) 5PD Lindcray (35,0,40,0) 5PD Master Raven (0,0,0,40,0) 5PD Master Raven (0,0,45,0,30) 20DT Red Mechgun (0,0,040,40) 5PD Samba Maracas (0,0,0,0,15) 20PD Staffs The Sigh of God (30,45,0,0,45) 5PD Armors Samurai Armor (x2) 11DT or 1PS Kroe Sweater (x4) 12PD Items Prof Of Sonic Team 20PD
  3. still have those Tellusis for sale?
  4. want to buy Tellusis 3/182/15/0 with twins. hit me up please if you have one for sale! Light
  5. Light

    PD Shop

    how much meseta for Mille Faucilles?
  6. Light

    B> shiny things

    i know i dm him later
  7. Light

    B> shiny things

    would you do 13 Dt for D core???
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