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  1. Today
  2. whooaaa my stats 


  3. You have a birdup! :onion110:


    HBU to you ^~^ :onion128:


  4. Yesterday
  5. what is the price hell shot type and stats?


    1. Kotta


      I'm gonna answer that If It's okay :onion-head49:


      The weapon you are refering to Is the TypeSH/Shot. Getting one Is not hard: simply requires a good plan (and another player to make It easy If not possible alone). Then adding hit% (15DTs for 20%; max = 80%), and adding special (10DTs); making a max hit with special equals to 70DTs.


      If someone's gonna sell one, It might go for "at least" 60DTs... 

  6. Last week
  7. trade maxed hundred soul for ranger gear or dts pm me : P


  8. plz i  had folder i resport onok last jan 5 


    resport Onok at Jan 5 2022.txt

  9. S> Psycho Ravens 100/0/100/100/0 for 45 DTs SOLD

  10. Earlier
  11. HBD Dude one year more being salty :D. Hope you are doing great in lil Cuba!!



    1. jezbuz


      Thanks mate! I'm getting older and older :(

  12. i feel very nerves still 


     his name below,  i  not see....  


      me huge shocking.

    2022-01-09 (1).png

  13. maybe ill do 1 (one) pgf run this year

  14. Hmmm, game and site login credentials aren't the same?

  15. high tide friend optimus prime 


  16. S> STA — 175 DTs

  17. unit


    2022-01-04 (1).png

    1. ink


      try cent/power cent/luck v502 and battle

      without change mag and material usage this may max those important stats for you


    2. R-78


      @Heather Prime Never use multiple V502, its effects do not stack

    3. Heather Prime

      Heather Prime

      yes Shiida i think one v502

  18. mag


    1. ink


      66 dex is max ata on mag with no units to help

  19. buy: whitill card, ultima bringer, exca or hundred maxed or close.

  20. I don't know why but he seems like the type of dude that sells used cars on the side

  21. Happy New Years brother! Hope to catch you onl again soon. Be safe out there

  22. merry christmas filthy animals ;)

  23. heyyy miss you bestie ❤️

  24. Merry Christmas ya bum!

    1. Soly


      Merry Christmas!

  25. Merry Christmas Eve to All!!!

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