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  1. Last week
  2. "oh hey, vacations are almost here, how about I head back to PSO and check out how the folks are do-
    gets hit by a flu and bedridden for almost two weeks

    ...oh, huh...so thats it? oh well.....ill just blame el Kotto again once I get back

    1. Lobotomy


      Always blame El Kottazo. He also caused the coronavirus outbreak 100.01% confirmed.

    2. sukunahime


      For sure, definitely it was him, he farted so hard that the stinkiness stuck around and contaminated everyone, bad Kotto.:rf-05:


    3. radezz


      His next fart will be the tipping point of global warming, causing the next ice age. You have all been warned.

  3. Earlier
  4. B> Lame D'Argent/Excalibur/Hundred Souls

  5. Lol Matoi 

  6. Lil groovy one for yall


  7. RudyS lol 


  8. Bring me back SogeKing, Kickass and Yashiro. Where are you bbs

    1. nnorton44


      KICK-ASS wya boi

    2. mudkipzjm


      i'm gay for soge

    3. radezz


      Ah yes... The classics ❤️ I love me some Sogebro

  9. B> PDs for DTs. DM me your rates

  10. Star Rail tho

  11. Hey I saw you in that new Netflix series!

  12. HOLY MOLY YOUR A GENUIS damn ive been here since i think 2011 but you were here 2010 

    Your the very very few first beginning Players when Ultima was barely Born


    Nice to meet you and yes i did get the chnace to talk to Chuk before he became Developer 


    i wish some of the original players here 2011-2013 come back as well 


    Oh well anyways My pleasure to see someone like you to log in 

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    2. GoodFriend


      Actually dont worry i was too - maybe a little but the Gms was rude to me and i guess i was scared of being banned so i kept daring them cuz i figure thats what they do 


      not Shiida she didnt do anything wrong and this was like during 2011 times lol


      i guess i could say i was toxic too but now im a change person completely 


      well im still super cool but alot of scandalous rude people here now - SORT of 

      but yeah man Your good bro we just never met even though we played during the years 2010 - 2011


      and i am a bit lonely here knowing alot of people are gone now - almost Like Family 

      i had alot of wonderful memories here with alot of people back in the days 


      seeing you is a Blessing 

    3. pushan


      I've noticed the lobby is pretty empty but I may just be playing during slow hours. I've also noticed not too many people have open games, they're all password locked and people usually play with a select few which also sucks. Hopefully I'll be able to play more and see more people playing and make new friends!

    4. GoodFriend


      oh yeah man play with me im down 


      and yeah when i came back recently 


      i took screenshots of all like all 12 room LOCKED 


      and my mind im like - wow seriously .... WTF damn 


      this is suppose to be a game friends and socializing or be open minded to meet and play


      when did we all start LOCKING our ROOM like that everytime


      it broke my heart seeing what the new players done to ultima


      some are good but majority of them are SOMETHING ELSE ......


      and i agree with you 200% .... The new generation sort of took over Ultima so it is what it is 

      i wish to play with you sometime so we can finally chit chat how good the days were back then in ultima compare now .... Lol its not the best but yewt it can be worse so what now right???

  13. once pso is installed, is there a way to keep our account logged in (instead of retyping name and password every time)?

    1. R-78
    2. hcp3169


      thank you very much

  14. Miss Eden my captain :(

  15. damn ... come back would ya it be nice to talk to you before you became a gm 

    Your a superstar and ... Ummm Many More 

  16. The Phantasy Star Online:VR On Resonite is now Public for those who want to go take a look!.
    Pioneer 2 is Accessible now on resonate for those who would like to go see it.
    what you can do is "See the Pioneer 2, the Forest 1 and 2 maps" 
    The Tekker is available to visit. it still not vinish but i'm working on many things the best i can.
    Later on people will have access to see all the weapons in VR at a later date and time this year.

  17. S> 9 DTs

    T> 100/100/0/100 Psycho Ravens

  18. B> 0/75/125/0 mag. Pref invinc procs, pref sato, but I'll take anything




    Just rewatched this for the first time in a while and it's such an amazing set, maybe the best set. Sick commentary too. Someone hit me with more sets I need to rewatch

    1. Kotta


      Leffen Is so great of a character, he even became a playable cameo In the latest Mortal Kombat game :o 


      [Jk, but first 15 seconds of the video, It's just hilarious the semblance :onion-head65:]

    2. mudkipzjm


      i was gonna link sets that @McLaughlin86was in but the fucker must've deleted his youtube.

    3. KarmaTheFoney

    This shit slaps

  21. LOL your funny man btw I MISS YOU LOTS BROSKI

  22. I placed my toothbrush In the sink, and a slick cockroach speedrun It In nearly two seconds.


    Rumors say that the body can be found In a black dot on a newspaper below the sink In particle pieces, and the murderer Is going for quantum particle pieces for as long as he Is pissed :onion101:

  23. T> 100/100/0/100 Psycho Ravens for nice Excalibur or Hundred Souls 

  24. Could swear you had posted somewhere you were looking for a hitter MKB (MonKinBar), so just leaving this shop here :D




  25. .

    1. Heather Prime

      Heather Prime

      has farm grinders


  26. Sup LOVE ❤️😍

    1. HIPPIE562


      Hell beautiful 😘

    2. HIPPIE562



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