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  1. Yesterday
  2.  Im still out of the radar! tears of the kingdom been taking far too long to get done with, ill be sure to drop by this weekend to answer dms, wich are a complete cluster right now and get stuff done ingame.

    1. Kotta


      I mean, anybody (In general) would rocket-shield board 24/7 If they could :onion-head65: 

  3. Last week
  4. Closed I Talked To Him


  5. Earlier
  6. Hi

    Do You Still Trade Items?

    If So I Want The Cent. Battle For 20DTS

    Let Me Know 

    Thanks D

  7. I can unseal it if you want


    1. xworkoutxfiendx


      great! when will you be on? and whats your price?


    2. xworkoutxfiendx


      im going on  week long vacation this coming monday for a week. if youre on before then i can drop it off to ya

  8. 5 Years.  Its been 5 years and I'm finally back here.  At this stage its fairly obvious that our paths will probably never cross again, a fact that I will never fully be able to accept but that's life isn't it?


    I find myself back here because I thought "Hey, I'll play PSO again sometimes" but ultimately I don't think I can, and may not ever be able to again.  However, these last few years I had gotten to reflect upon myself.  I've finally moved forward.  I hold a nice job, and surrounded by wonderful friends.  


    Alot of drama happened here.  The bottom line is my losing you as a friend is my own fault, and sometimes in life there are no second chances.  This is a hard lesson, and one I'll accept.  You'll probably never see what is being said here, but I still wanted to pay homage to the short but amazing friendship I had with you.  Ultimately, (or should I say Ultima?) the value of this friendship I had realized was more valuable than even the crush that sent me into a dark spiral back then.


    So, I wanted to show some gratitude.  I miss you, and wherever you are I hope you are both safe and happy.  I'm sorry for the way I acted, and I'm glad I got to meet you.  I wanted to pay respects to your profile here, whether you see this or not nor do I care who sees this.  


    PS, you had amazing music taste.  So, I leave something here back.  And I truly wish you and your family and loved ones are safe alongside you.  Thank you for everything.


  9. Whoa I did something

  10. Tears of the Kingdom IS HERE! if I disappear, you know what happened :P

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    2. KarmaTheFoney


      I blacked out after tears of the kingdom came out until now

    3. theancientsam


      ok i did a little digging. its not twitter, link is on snapchat

    4. sukunahime


      I did not forget about the mag Karma, its almost done [lv 150] I just "came back" aswell due tears of the kingdom, I want to finish the mag before going mia...due tears of the kingdom again.


  11. Tears of the Kingdom dropped so I'm gonna be busy...

    1. Kotta


      Fun Fact:


      It's called Tears of the Kingdom because some weirdo passed by carrying a bag full of onioms :onion111:💨

    2. theancientsam


      it should be called breath of the wild no speedrun expansion xd


    Wow, I am definitely evul :onion-head05:

    1. Lobotomy


      You're a sexy evil weeb villain indeed!

    2. Kotta


      Holy crap, now I have Indeed ascended as an evil weaboo villain now :rf-02: 




    3. Lobotomy


      You always were the weebest and the craziest, but more than all u're our Kotty 🖤

  13. Who can I pay to make two mags elsewhere. I can pay DTs.

  14. I swear, just when I thought I was getting better, my insides just decides to big NOPE me, again...oh god, being sick is awful

  15. Recovering slowly...but I still don't feel like doing anything, ugh, accursed flu of all things @_@

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    2. sukunahime


      thank you, hopefully I should be better in the upcoming days

    3. Kotta


      Ah, we meet again, the flu, my eternal nemesis :onion-head54:

    4. sukunahime


      the flu is everyone's nemesis, even more now during the cold seasons...ugh

  16. amigo i cant log in at the laucher can you help me plz

    1. Larva


      It could be many things giving you problem, the must concurrent issue is your antivirus bloking the launcher.  For this you have two options 1-disable your antivirus , or 2- add the entire PSO folder to the exclusions in your antivirus.

  17. Took me almost two hours to type everything in the tradelist, might as well make it fancy! <_<

    1. Kotta


      My tradelist took me an eternity, and It still looks like a garbage dump :onion-head06: 

    2. sukunahime


      unslack and make it fancy aswell! :cr-moving:

  18. Happy Easter


  19. I need them memesmq2.webp.4e4c96dca3a5b746794f67e1c347d365.webp

    1. Kotta


      I had no Idea E-101 Gamma's eyes were Mega Man Zero's Nipples :onion-head06:

    2. Redstar Hunter

      Redstar Hunter

      They actually move around and look at things like normal eyes. lol

  20. you got more meseta i can buy?

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    2. Mr.Feeger


      you around?

    3. Ricardof14


      Hi, sorry for the delay. I was away for 3 days. Let me know if you still need it and when you're online ok friend?

    4. Ricardof14


      Are u on now?

  21. SAFETY HEART [0/50 | 0/15 ] - 25 pd

    S-Red's Blade - 10 pd

    Guilty Light [0/40/0/0|35] - 5 pd


  22. My hair long back!


    1. MannyFresh


      Nice color! 

  23. For you guys who need the Motivation. Gotta remember for those Hunters, We Ballin. Work Hard and have fun. Rewards come for those who enjoy the work.image.jpeg.df98070b3d1cc6e2963aa2f575b49b89.jpeg

  24. NeosVR Project Forest progress

  25. Photon booster For sale PM-Me ! 

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