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  2. We are like 20 days or less before spring breaks winter, yet It feels like we're entering the calm before summer, cuz It's starting to get summer-hot :onion-head06:


  3. Last week
  4. Huh, not sure why, but I think I did a goof somewhere...

  5. My bands new single is out





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    2. JanenbaDMS


      Cheers for checking it out man!  The Luther Vandross comment was so good.  We've never let the guy that drunkenly shouted it live it down xD


      The truth is that all of us in the band have massively different tastes so I guess it helps blend everything together.  I'm definitely a huge Floyd fan though so happy that you're getting hints of that.

    3. wade1212


      Hey this is a good song.

    4. Larva


      I like the song, the production it's pretty good. I was expecting something more like a garage record.

      but sounds really clean.  congrats.

  6. Just a head's up for all you PSO2'ers here that still frequent the Feoh server (#1) on PSO2, my Trigunman character is going to be transferred over at the next scheduled maintenance interval.  Hopefully I'll see some of you guys there soon!


    Watch your bones ( luuul :onion-head65: ) hbu


  8. B> Centurion/Arms & Demon's TypeSH/Shot

  9. Still kinda miffed at FedEx tbh

  10. Earlier
  11. im stunned

    1. KarmaTheFoney


      im stunnnnnnnnned hahaha. I actually dunno if anyone knows about this besides Jerky and my brother. Maybe Mud because i told him. That's so hilarous

    2. McLaughlin86


      I looked at your profile and that's all that popped in my head.


      Be safe m8 maybe we'll play again soon.

  12. S> Fury of the Beast +25 [35/0/0/30|35] 99pds/15dts


    1. Kotta



      I will buy Beast with a Photon Sphere :D


  13. Hawk

    Happy Birthday Queen 

    1. R-78


      Thank you Hawk!

  14. Yannv

    I would like to wish you a really happy bird...




    I mean, happy turtle day





    Hey, what do you have against birdies? 


    Hmmm 😐🤔








    Ok ignore this


    WTF, are you blind sir!?



    WOW, my face red bull now 😡😡😡





    Then go to room TSUNADE pass 55  u will find the Lord



    of the Rings



    k eough of this




    jk don't ban me



    I wish you have a really happy and fun birthday today 😃 I prepared this cake to my favorite turtle as an incentive for you to GONNA GO FAST and make your child turtles proud. Hope you are smiling the same way as 'The Creature' on this cake.





    I believe turtles can go fast if they wish

















    1. R-78


      Give me a minute, need to do something first.




      WAIT no no no I didnt mean to do that, please disregard this spoiler


      I mean, disregard the spoiler that contains this one...



      Are you dumb? Why do you open me, I have nothing to do with this.


      Disregard the fact that I reported you for offending the offendant.



      it was a jokeeeeee



      Yannv has been permanently banned for the 10th time.


      Yannv has been permanently banned for the 9th time.


      Thank you for remembering my hidden birthday which no one sees because of all the other turtles born on february 17th :(









    2. jdhenry124


      This thread crashed my computer. Thanks

  15. T> Sacred Bow 40native/40hit +PDs for cent/battle. Open to negotiation

    S> Samurai Armor



    1. RocketTots


      WOT chu need phatan crystals for? I have some.

    2. KarmaTheFoney


      Oh I forgot to edit status after I got some. If I need more I'll hit you up though, needed to add hit with em

  16. Ode To Turtle

       - by M.L. Squier


    How often I've wished that I

    were a turtle


    Instead of a man in this

    mortal girdle


    I could amble about like a poor louse

    And always be surrounded by my house


    Live long and slow

    In rain and snow


    1. Trigunman


      Epic Haiku? 

  17. 🙃

    1. serverus


      no se ve q es bueno no se ve para mi jjajaja q es?


  18. R-78

    Valentine Event banner is ready. I hope you like it.


  19. My mind still talks to you and my heart still looks for you. But my soul knows you're at peace...

  20. Goddammit Please Be Saturday, ffs :onion-head48:

    I'm tired of examns :onion116:


    1. Kotta


      I had no examns, yesterday :onion-head06:


    2. Grimoire Greys
    3. Kotta


      Tasukete! My life force.... :onion115:

      (Nieh, It's just onions :onion-head63:)

  21. Right, sooooo I'm going to be "stuck" in PSO2 for a while, I'm getting to see what all the hub-bub is about over the years from Japan.(and as of last year, here in NA)  Now, I'll probably stick my nose in here from time to time, as I can never leave here totally because I have waaaayyyyy too much time and efforts invested in my characters/accounts here.  But yea, you guys probably won't see much of ole' Tri around here, at least for a good while till I get tired of PSO2 probably LOL!  Oh I did see ole' Hatsodoom perusing the PSO2 forums, maybe I'll bump into you guys in-game that play there too.  I'm in the process of getting my Trigunman character moved to ship 1, Feoh where most of you guys play?  Anyways, see you guys on Ragol...  Or Naverius, or Amduskia or Wopal or Lillipa or...

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    2. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      As New Genesis draws nearer, things have slowed down considerably in PSO2. (In JP at least, I can't speak for NA). My friends and I are still playing, buying stuff to transition over with from shops and whatnot while waiting and hoping to get into the beta. It looks really great.

    3. C01D1


      I had a really hard time playing PSO2 from the extremely unsettling perverted nature of it. I like the combat but the lobby area is disgusting, its gross like PEDO gross lol.

    4. Trigunman


      Can't say I necessarily disagree C01D1, this game tends to reallllyyyyy bring out the freaks due to all the cosmetic options I guess.  *sigh*  I don't interact much with these folks but it's quite a show in some of the busier lobbies.  LOL  XD

  22. 146093808_3840466172642977_1438668552983


    1. Kotta


      Get a new phone :onion-head09::onion-head65:

    2. jezbuz


      Nice photo we took some years ago!


    1. Kotta


      inochi no tabe tou? =o


      [Also, assuming by the random animation, It's gotta be an AMV, right? xD]

    2. Lopedo45


      Yeah (to the title) and also, kinda no to the AMV, it isn't random animation. Each scenario actually has significance to Eve's own jump Manga he's running with a few artists. This was one of the songs he released before his debut of his jump. Also even if it's a little odd in its order, most of the events on that MV are in chronological order, with technically a split in the middle of it to show previous events before present time.

      He has a bunch of other MVs that actually tie into the whole entire overarching story of this monster-infested side of Tokyo. Forgot it's name since it isn't fully translated, but dude puts in a lot of effort and if you nitpick a lot of his MVs and older MVs, there's a lot of figurative and little things you can grab out of it that each have their own meanings. Actually really interesting to digest in a film standpoint. "Camera" angles, what's in the background, what's in the foreground, what the meaning of each of them mean, difference in scenario from one place to another- there's actually a lot in it.

      As example, in this song in particular, blood is depicted as ambrosia-like food (food that helps you heal, but is really bad if you have too much of it.) with the blood, food, and almost anything requiring color being filled in with a yellow-ish ORANGE, which is actually depicted as the color of Gluttony. Just from that title alone, and from some of the animation hinting that he's eating himself alive, you can tell that the title DEFINITELY fits in such a song.

      Absolutely phenomenal and very much enjoyable lol.

      Edit: There are certain points in the song where blood is red, which each of those times are actually important in themselves as either doubt, or second-guessing what's actually going on, with a partial sense of realism in his thoughts.

  24. un chat français

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