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  2. i don't know why i can't send messages to anyone.  just wanted to say hi. hope to see you soon.

  3. i'm gay

    1. 777


      Wow, that's pretty meta 😂

  4. what's up. i'm back, but i haven't seen you. 


  5. God of Ultima has come to say Hello.

  6. your messages are full... i wanted to choose an item from your shoplist please.

  7. hey sis, I miss you and it makes me sad. Come back and cagar with me crying-lashes.gif

    1. jezbuz


      Only if you promise to emotionally support me by holding my hand while i'm cagando. And in the meanwhile, give me tips about your glamorous eyelashes

  8. B>3 Photon Spheres for 35 DTs

    1. Kotta


      Sure. Are you up? I can turn on computer and hop In :onion120:


      (edit: that Is, assuming the other person visiting your profile hasn't sold them to you already :onion-head69:

  9. S> Geung-si mags

    [5/0/70/124] [M/L/P]

    11PDs each.


    {and yes, [M/L/P] stands for

    [My/Little/Pony] If that's what

    you're thinking :rf-12:💨}

    (And not Twin/Healing/Pillars ;))

  10. fix ur computer nerd

  11. @Zabby what is up. Howdy man!

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    2. nnorton44


      Ahoy sailors 

    3. Zabby


      Hi Hawk @Hawkhow you doing?

    4. Hawk


      I'm doing good man living the American Dream @Zabby

  12. what is up everyone, i am new here and i would like to say hi to everybody

    i hope we can get along and play some pso and have some fun, right guys? haha im going to have a blast 

  13. 200w.gif?cid=82a1493bt9vv9acqxb40wl61iit

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    2. applesaucin


      how dare you

    3. applesaucin


      i would never leave fart based posts on peoples forum profiles

    4. Kotta


      @R-78 would like to have a word with you @applesaucin:onion-head09::onion92:

  14. I just came

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    2. Kotta


      Wait, that's Illegal :onion-head06:

    3. jezbuz


      Did you brought your anchor aswell? @Kotta

    4. RocketTots
  15. Just came here to salut my favorite and realest boiola in the world


  16. Just came here to salut my favorite and realest whale in the world




  17. Just came here to salut my favorite and realest little girl in the world


    Massive respekt and may the anchor protecs you from the storms of life


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