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  2. B> Arrest Booster

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  5. B> Arrest & frozen booster for dts please pm me

  6. S>arrestneedle 25/0/35/45 for 53pd


    I buy

    1. final pacman

      final pacman

      can meet with you now if your still online

    2. final pacman

      final pacman

      in room called pd shop james leader

    3. nnorton44
  7. B > Excalibur & Rianov 5 with hit ! PM offers please

  8. "Kondy again? Oh well I guess maybe I'll get a naka card haha"


  9. Iniciando con las aventuras. :D 


  10. Earlier
  11. I might have a mag for you. Your inbox is full, delete some messages and PM me 👌

  12. Here is another example of "going fast" while you are in quarantine, friend.


    Gotta go FAST, but sniff first.



    1. jezbuz


      Tempting. Don't give me ideas to do at home to fight the boredoom

  13. C01D1

    I heard you like Turtles? Any truth to that? 

    1. Kotta


      Me: reads "I heard you like..-"

      Also me: Obligatory Yo Dawg memes!:onion105:





    2. R-78


      Any truthle to that? I am offended.

  14. Desaparezco y vuelvo como si nada.

  15. B> Arrest & frozen booster for dts please pm me

  16. Isn't it kind of nostalgic when you stop to realize Ultima is already 12 years old!? It is a teenager practically! So many stories to tell, so many friends we met, lots of good moments but of course there were a few bad ones, but in the end what matters is that it is still alive. I've seen many people come and leave PSO for good, but "a good son will never forget their family". Hopefully there will be many and many years to come by :)


    1. R-78


      Indeed, our little boi grew a lot.

  17. Emo status №3 ⁃ 𝕸𝖊𝖉𝖎𝖊𝖛𝖆𝖑 𝕾𝖆𝖉𝖓𝖊𝖘𝖘 🎵


    1. Yannv


      feeling mad


      cry sniffles




  18. Status Updates are back, too :D

  19. Each C in 'Pacific Ocean' has a different pronunciation.

    1. RocketTots


      That's deep. Like the pacific ocean.

  20. :onion126: Finished reading a manga called "Yakusoku no Neverland" (or The Promised Neverland), and now I'm undergoing Infinite Depression… :onion115::onion-head30:

  21. What others think of me is their choice, what i think of myself is my choice...

    1. Kotta


      And yours must matter to you above anything else.

    2. Gor3


      Disregard anything anyone says about you, only opinion that matters about yourself is yours :)

  22. Last weekend to sign up! Will you be a Scrooge this Christmas, or a St. Rappy?


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