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  1. Confirmed Valentines Drops 2018

    Indeed, this was incorrect.

  2. hey its nubesock :D

    do you still play starcraft? if so hmu with your blizzard name ^_^

    1. R-78


      Hello Nubesock!

      Sure I still play, I'm Ersvi#2570 but I'm on Europe server

  3. Virus Patch

    It's a false positive, add it to your antivirus exceptions.
  4. Show your screenshots

    I did it again... Level up on normal Mothmant with EXP X1
  5. That means you reached your class limit and can't use more materials or get extra stats from units and mags.
  6. Enable it in your launcher options.
  7. Yes the % of HP you lost at once. Evp only determines how likely you are to block a normal attack. Keeping your def low can help not getting multi hits, and that is the reason why people usually don't jellen some enemies like Gal Gryphon.
  8. Normal mode only quests.
  9. Confirmed Valentines Drops 2018

    The drop chart from 2017 is contradictory on that part (with the Photon Booster informations) and I couldnt find the post that confirmed Lind for Redria in that thread... You couldn't because all the Lindcray drops have been confirmed by @kajex in person to help the community. This was actually the wrong information. Yesterday I heard ingame that Lind was on Bringer Red UltEP1 last year and I also think that's a safe bet to assume. The Photon Booster part on this ID still need to be cleared, I will try to find one myself as soon as I can. Redria drops Lindcray from Dark Bringers.
  10. Official Max Stats Guide

    Those bonuses from shields, armors and weapons don't contribute to the "yellow stats", however they still adjust MST and LCK because these stats are the only ones which cannot exceed your character limit (class' max MST and 100 LCK) which is the reason why you may notice that the number in parentheses is always updated to be equal to your total. (it was even used as a glitch to equip weapons that require more MST than you had)
  11. There are a couple in Side Story...
  12. I can lend my Flamberge [0/-20/-20/0|0] if anyone needs it xD
  13. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/account-management/password-change/
  14. Confirmed Valentines Drops 2018

    Probably the best presentation I've seen so far.