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  1. R-78

    R-78 shop

    Buenas tardes, I still have it so feel free to message me on Discord whenever you want to trade.
  2. R-78

    Christmas Event 2022

    Christmas Event has ended. I need an approval from Larva on the 2023 New Year Cards use before we can do anything, I cannot give any ETA as we have no clue either so please, until then, refrain from asking us everyday What are nycs used for 😅
  3. ❤️

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    2. Kadabori


      7 long years :D , trying to get back in the game 😛

    3. R-78


      Nice but bad timing, just on the day Christmas event ended 😢

    4. Kadabori


      Aww  , maybe i'll just stick around till this years Christmas event 🤭

  4. Make a character, log into the game, do F5 and you can see your guildcard. 4314 is not a valid one.
  5. I think it was safe to assume Gaz and his wife weren't playing on the same computer...
  6. Don't forget to always post your GC number when requesting assistance. So, for Soly: 42088959
  7. R-78

    Christmas Event 2022

    I'd rather clarify things because some people above (and certainly a lot more) believed that... (yes yes, PGF is 1/3874341201215345534113215423131, pinkal ultimate only)
  8. R-78

    Christmas Event 2022

    Lol Larva you checked the wrong difficulty... 1/6553 is the PGF drop rate.... on Very Hard Ultimate drop rates are the same as past year.
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