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  1. Do you assume you know my quest better than me ? There are 3
  2. I've made some of them too lol. Now you guys know where to use your photon boosters on
  3. Happy Hours is a lie. - Soly (180)
  4. Attack Photon Blasts can get you (and teamates) crash even once there is no more monster. I crashed 4 in the 6 times I tested at the end before going to pioneer. Also, about that guide @pishion ... Would have been better to add it directly in the main thread ...
  5. I've already written a notice about it ... I haven't experienced a single crash following them. DM and DF are not the cause, and I use freeze traps a lot as well.
  6. Well, rangers can also equip Hundred Soul
  7. That would have been nice if it had more than 3 ATA x)
  8. > Enemy count Total 220
  9. Hundreds is not a lot when there are hundreds of bringers already in a single run of HOD1+2
  10. No it's not but it makes a cool sound when you hit enemies
  11. Gran Sorcerer - Ult - Redria (ep1) - Rianov 3 Dark Bringer - Ult - Yellowboze (ep1) - Master Raven
  12. http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=listarticles&secid=69 http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=listarticles&secid=90
  13. Multimode Solo - Racast- Harmony Of Despair II - PB - 33:07 First TA attempt