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  1. Kotta

    Ah, think you can stop us from doing Illegal stuff, huh? :onion105:
    But what If...

    What'chu gonna do about It? :onion-head63:

    [Also, It's Code Ment Abridged :onion120: the webpage doesn't reproduce the original :onion-head22: unless It discriminates me xD]


    1. R-78


      Nice, and just watched Code geass latest movie couple days ago.

    2. Kotta


      Did you notice that the mechas are animated 3D models Instead of rough drawings? :D 

  2. Please stop posting unnecessary comments in the HH thread. Next Happy Hour should start in 2 hours.
  3. That feeling when you lose at the "easy part" of a song on Beat Saber.

    Not sure if I'll keep practicing this one.

    1. Lipelis


      *GM Shiida be like*

  4. Come get your Photon drops.
  5. Don't waste your time on episode 1 bosses, they don't trop event stuff (except Redria and Purplenum which get Centurion/battle)
  6. HH 180 - For whoever thinks this is unfair, here are the logs of event happy hours (CET / GMT+2 time). https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jB2zrdLdXs6tRbUaoDr8WX6EIr36FgQI2kyP7fasGIQ/edit?usp=sharing Please adress me any complaints via PMs, not in this topic.
  7. Giving 50 Photon drops to the first person who can find and confirm Serene Swan episode 1 drop location.

    1. EDEN


      Drop found and confirmed. I take cash or Diners Club card.


    2. R-78


      Nice but sorry. The reward is 50 PDs and it's only on test server.

  8. Well I'll be offering 50 Photon drops to the first person who can find and confirm Serene Swan drop location in episode I
  9. The Sunniest event of Ultima has come! Summer Items Centurion/Legs - 75 EVP Centurion/TP - 125 TP Centurion/Technique - 5 Technique Levels Trap Search - Makes traps visible Zanbacon - Delicious sword Summer Main Items Blood Sword Do not underestimate the power of blood... Soul Booster Need a boost on Excalibur? Combine them to obtain Hundred Souls. Psycho Black Crystal Give to your Master Raven the ability to curse your enemies with death by making it Psycho Raven. Or upgrade your Sword of Ultima to Ten Years Blades. Centurion/Battle Is this game too slow for you? Then this item is gonna be your best friend! +110% Attack Speed Alis' Resolve Foie +35% Barta +35% Zonde +35% Serene Swan Shoots 3x4 bullets per combo. Has a rifle range. Can be used by any Hunter or Ranger. This item can now be found in episode I as well, in case you get bored of Spaceship. ____________________________________ Event is active until July 26, 2020 Thanks to @Yannv for the portuguese addition Credits to @FALC0N for the Banner Good Luck / Bonne Chance / Buena Suerte / Boa Sorte !
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