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  1. R-78

    Shiida's Hit Event

    Hit event has officially ended. Some figures: Redeemed Aluminium Badges 5,820 Redeemed Leather Badges 5,820 Redeemed Bone Badges 5,820 Total redeemed Badges 17,460 Redeemed Hit 5,820% Redeemed weapons 162 Top redeemed weapons: 1st Yasminkov 9000M x17 1st TypeSH/Shot x17 3rd Serene Swan
  2. R-78

    Shiida's Hit Event

    Last reminder for late people. You have less than 4 hours left to redeem your badges. After that, badges can't be redeemed anymore. I'll keep a room up until then.
  3. R-78

    Shiida's Hit Event

    Phase 3 has started! Erinys's potion is now ready and just missing your ingredients. Make sure to redeem all your badges before Sunday 23:00 GMT (they might get erased later). Check if there is a HIT POTION room in game. If not feel free to ask me (but remember I live in GMT+2 so it won't help to ask at 3 AM). - Check there was no mistake in your redeemed weapons before you leave the room - Use Trade window to give your items or I will not redeem your items - I can also redeem DTs when you're here in order to save the trouble of doing several redeems
  4. Basically fastest player to guess a word, calculate a number, type a specific combination of letters or type a word in reverse. One reward max per player so slower players also get a chance.
  5. Winners of the remaining badges and extra photon drops: Yaoi Guy (Girtablululu) Yuffie (Ax5u7G12) MecaZora (15+7-3+28-12=?) Poseidon ("GREEN"... wait no, it's "BLUE"... jk it's "GBRLEUEN") RAHZAR- (!) [s l v g] (password in reverse) ilovoli (TaeYeon's class) Smoochum (Shambertin) Congratulations! Hope you enjoyed the games.
  6. I will do a little game on block 01 to give my remaining 75 badges in a couple hours, for the ones who couldn't get anything.
  7. 1st: @Wavebuster 2nd: @Smoochum 3rd: @777 4th: @Kotta
  8. I don't plan to redeem my own badges in my own mini-event so doing a little race to give 300 away. Contest is simple. Post "turtle" in this topic at midnight (00:00) Greenwich Mean Time. First 4 to post earn my badges. GMT Time is given here => https://time.is/GMT If you post at 23:59 you earn nothing. Double post not allowed. Edit not allowed (if you can't spell "turtle", is not my problem). The time forum shows is the time I will be considering for minutes (so make sure your PC time/watch is synchronised). Same with posts order. Past midnight po
  9. All quest box drops are bugged at the moment. Wait until @Soly can fix.
  10. R-78

    Shiida's Hit Event

    Phase 1 has ended. Weapons Badges drops have been disabled. Feel free to trade badges during the next days, and decide which weapons to upgrade. Redeems will take place on Saturday and Sunday. Please do not ask to redeem them before.
  11. R-78

    Shiida's Hit Event

    A temporary fix has been patched so Battle of Beaufort now correctly gets drops. (Christmas Fiasco II won't have drops for the event duration though) Additional 10% drop rate increase for all badges to make up for the convenience
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