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  1. Henlo to R-78 2b

    1. R-78


      Look closer, actually R-2B.

  2. Interesting this is the same thing people tell me on this side of the world. Listing starting points of every 3 hours HH in this month, my time (GMT +2) 00:00 Tuesday, October 01 01:41 Tuesday, October 01 04:45 Wednesday, October 02 18:37 Wednesday, October 02 04:50 Thursday, October 03 22:00 Thursday, October 03 04:26 Friday, October 04 01:14 Saturday, October 05 04:10 Sunday, October 06 21:02 Sunday, October 06 20:57 Tuesday, October 08 05:02 Friday, October 11 22:18 Friday, October 11 00:18 Saturday, October 12 15:42 Saturday, October 12 (now) Feel free to convert the list to your timezone (I don't know what it is) and tell me if it was unfair to you. Preferably in a PM because we are unnecessarily pinging all the topic followers. And just so you know, it was not the only HH in the Week End I planned to do, and I am sure Serverus and Protoss will do some as well.
  3. @Soly Happy Solyday!

    1. Soly


      Thank you!

  4. I asked because I can't have my custom BGM's work for CCA and Episode IV areas, those ogg files don't work like the other ones for some reason Thanks though
  5. I already added the shield stats in original topic last week
  6. Just so everyone knows, official stats and picture of Ganondorf Shield have been added to the original topic.
  7. Of course since their original EDK before buff was 59.
  8. To be honest I am more concerned about about the Player reader's SD level, as the displayed level is usually wrong when there are at least 2 PBs and any involved donation.
  9. You actually can hell the Morfos (they have 90 EDK iirc) But well, @Larva didn't believe me when I told him they were still buffed since Summer Event xD
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