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  1. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    You forgot Fire Rod on Gibbles but anyway that is incorrect.
  2. Show your screenshots

    What was the special ?
  3. When is the chat shortcut Fixed:RECOMMEND available ? Is it random ?
  4. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    Regular (Gi Gue's Body) - Pinkal - Episode 2 - Gi Gue (Ultimate) Regular (Panzer Faust) - Greenill - Episode 2 - Baranz (Ultimate) Zelda Magazine - Greenill - Episode 4 - Shambertin (Normal)
  5. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    Fairy good.
  6. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    Feel free to do whatever you like But I meant someone posted the stats of the Sacred Bow with screenshot already
  7. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    @Junsui Nice I was just trying to get the last one (Fire Rod) before I post the list of them all >< The Bow is not missing in the first page. BOMB-CHU 0 required MST +550 ATP +250 ATA 0 Grind Heat << These mouse-shaped bombs will scurry along until it hits an opponent and explodes. They won't blow up you or your friends! >>
  8. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    Boomerang - Bluefull - Dark Gunner - Ultimate
  9. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    Centurion/Resist - Bluefull - Ep 1 - Hildetorr
  10. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    Centurion/Power - Redria - Ep IV - Dorphon Eclair Bug-Catching Net - Redria - Ep IV - ??? (Desert mob) Gal Gryphon's Wing - Pinkal - Ep II - Gal Gryphon And confirmed from Shoutbox people: Gal Gryphon's Wing - Yellowboze - Ep II - Gal Gryphon Gal Gryphon's Wing - Bluefull - Ep II - Gal Gryphon Gal Gryphon's Wing - Redria - Ep II - Gal Gryphon Gal Gryphon's Wing - Purplenum - Ep II - Gal Gryphon Gal Gryphon's Wing - Skyly - Ep II - Gal Gryphon (< Strange as the regular drop is God Hand ?) Heart Container (?) - Oran - Ep IV - Dorphon Eclair
  11. Hello everybody!

    Bonjour et bienvenue sur Ultima. Nous te souhaitons de passer un agréable moment parmi nous.
  12. Your inbox is full. Do you still want this ?

    Fury of the Beast [30/0/0/0|0] [Untekked] 20pd

  13. How can I check your "Rank" from your profile page ?
    Because it keeps displaying "Access Denied" for me... :rolleyes:

  14. Lottery Time Attack

    I guess you don't have to do the spaceship part ?