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  1. It is supposed to be as hard to get one on Bluefull as any other ID, but since Ultima has an insane rare monster appearance boost, it makes every item you can farm from rare monsters easier than any other places. Not only Heaven Punisher, but also Syncesta, Lavis Cannon, Agito 1975 and Psycho wand (except from Del lily), have impossible drop rates on other IDs. I kinda wanted to change that as well... at least some people consider finding one of them as an "achievement"
  2. Starting Happy Hours if this post gets 10 dislikes within an hour. Happy Hours started.
  3. Forum update: Dislikes no longer lowers the reputation score.

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    2. griffeni


      just remove everything except dw

    3. Kikori


      Does this only apply to dislikes going forward? Everyone I check seems to still run under the formula of (Like + Lol + Thanks) - Dislike = Reputation

    4. Larva


      @Kikori yeah it only apply going forward. Dislike = neutral point. no more negative.

  4. I believe every new items this server adds (except BBS combinations) are obtainable during events only.
  5. I really thought I posted that, I guess I forgot to hit "Submit Reply" xD
  6. I actually play this game a lot (maybe too much) but you probably don't know because I'm 99.4% of the time using a character you don't know (non GM accounts) and usually in Lobby 04.
  7. I just requested Larva to make it usable by Forces (so back to All classes). As for the range nerf, here is a picture of the thing Is it that big of a nerf? Worth quiting the server? I don't think so, but you tell me... Peace & love everyone please...
  8. You can find Saint Million in literally every ep IV boss area except POD and spawn rate is the same for all. (You can always find a Kondrieu instead, which is the rare version of both him and Shambertin)
  9. Since event has one week left... (unless Larva forgets!) Blood Sword drops on Ultimate from Saint-Million on: Skyly Purplenum Pinkal Redria Oran
  10. You can check it, just type /changesectionid
  11. Maximum attack S is harder but has 50 Gibbles.
  12. I don’t understand how it is that big a deal. I mean, it feels like we are talking about removing the best weapon of this game or combo-locking it, but no one talked about such a big nerf. If we consider the suggested range nerf, just a reminder of the values : Mechgun Range : 85 (including Psycho Raven) Handgun Range : 170 Rifle Range : 210 The range would still be way better than PR and not that far from rifles. Hucast still has Water Gun for safe Mericarol sniping. How is that going to change the world or make everyone feel like they’ve wasted DTs and PDs to max one ? When the event ends, I am personally going to max one and enjoy using it whatever the nerf is. If there is none, all the better for my Hucast. No one deserves an agressive reply for expressing their opinion and saying X should or should not be changed in a respectable way.
  13. I can confirm Astarks have no event drop.
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