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  1. Wow so you no longer want my super awesome incredible artwork for this event. Where can I get a Hurt feelings report?
  2. Hawk

    Happy Birthday Queen 

    1. R-78


      Thank you Hawk!

  3. Yannv

    I would like to wish you a really happy bird...




    I mean, happy turtle day





    Hey, what do you have against birdies? 


    Hmmm 😐🤔








    Ok ignore this


    WTF, are you blind sir!?



    WOW, my face red bull now 😡😡😡





    Then go to room TSUNADE pass 55  u will find the Lord



    of the Rings



    k eough of this




    jk don't ban me



    I wish you have a really happy and fun birthday today 😃 I prepared this cake to my favorite turtle as an incentive for you to GONNA GO FAST and make your child turtles proud. Hope you are smiling the same way as 'The Creature' on this cake.





    I believe turtles can go fast if they wish

















    1. R-78


      Give me a minute, need to do something first.




      WAIT no no no I didnt mean to do that, please disregard this spoiler


      I mean, disregard the spoiler that contains this one...



      Are you dumb? Why do you open me, I have nothing to do with this.


      Disregard the fact that I reported you for offending the offendant.



      it was a jokeeeeee



      Yannv has been permanently banned for the 10th time.


      Yannv has been permanently banned for the 9th time.


      Thank you for remembering my hidden birthday which no one sees because of all the other turtles born on february 17th :(









    2. jdhenry124


      This thread crashed my computer. Thanks

  4. R-78

    Valentine Event banner is ready. I hope you like it.


  5. I've already managed to shock every monster in Mines (except dubswitch and vol opt) with Power Maser. Which includes 3 enemies with 100 ETH. It just procs super rarely.
  6. I think he meant Shields that boost techniques power in general (i.e Hylian shield, Ganondorf shield, Alis resolve, Vol opt shield etc), and indeed it is pointless to use Red Ring it you are going to play with spells
  7. I mean, if all your 2 or 4 chars are on the same PC, it is all for the better to be on Shared style, because you would get drops on only one character and still get DARs reduction penalties if you play on Individual. It would be okay if you /lobby the Force at start. If you keep it until Dark Falz on Individual, we can reasonably think you are trying to double your chances at RR/ADR. If you often do that, then I suggest you macro /dropstyle 0 and /dropstyle 1, room dropstyle is displayed at room creation and start of a quest so simply check that whenever you decide to
  8. Sadly that would only work against Mericarols because Freeze special activation depends on target's ESP and every mini boss but Mericarol has 100 ESP. All Ultima monsters stats except bosses and episode II are Vanilla. As for the character stats, you get 100 more ATP and 10 ATA if you feel like changing your class max ATP. I don't know. 3 years ago I farmed 17 of them which is why I don't bother hunting them anymore, personally. People are usually focused on CB, and some PBC during Summer, so I guess it wouldnt' hurt to give one more reason to hunt SB.
  9. ================================ This question actually requires some deeper thoughts because PBC has already 2 endgame combinations. I'd rather add a new combination to Soul Booster since this one has nothing but Excalibur to use on. But if we do that, many people would already have all the required items to make it as soon as released, which is a shame. And we would rather not add new combiners to the game. Hucast, I agree (and they have Serene Swan already). But why would other classes be excluded? - Racast, Ramar, Ramarl: I doubt it would outclass a
  10. I will keep that in mind. If another GM tells you something, you can explain the situation, no worries. We can also track characters activity so this could be checked as well.
  11. No, DEF and EVP provided by shields and armors are not included in the character base stats. You always get as much additional stats as the armor provides. RR is only affected by your LCK and MST limits. NaN = Not a Number, means you didn't enter some values correctly so the calculator cannot process correctly.
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