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  1. R-78

    R-78 shop

    5 Orbs and 290 addslots? So 204 Photon drops?
  2. R-78

    Summer Event 2024

    Summer event has started! Every Summer item except Zanbacon drops exclusively on Ultimate. Low tier Items Centurion/Legs +75 EVP Gulgus-gue (E1): Greenill Skyly Purplenum Oran Yellowboze Satellite Lizard: Viridia Bluefull Pinkal Redria Whitill Centurion/TP +125 TP Pan Arms (E2): Viridia Greenill Bluefull Purplenum Yellowboze Goran: Skyly Pinkal Redria Oran Whitill Centurion/Technique +5 technique levels (cannot exceed class limit) Nano Dragon: Viridia Bluefull Pinkal Redria Yellowboze Deldepth: Greenill Skyly Purplenum Oran Whitill Trap Search Makes traps visible (for non Casts) Baranz (E1): Bluefull Pinkal Redria Oran Whitill Zanbacon Gigobooma (Normal): All IDs Gobooma (Hard): All IDs Booma (Very Hard): All IDs ______________________________________________________________________ High Tier Items Blood Sword 1000 ATP Saber Forces only Spirit special Dropped by: Saint Milion ______________________________________________________________________ Soul Booster Dropped by: Gibbles Combined with Excalibur to make Hundred Souls 1000-1200 ATP Saber Hits 3 targets Spirit special ______________________________________________________________________ Psycho Black Crystal Dropped by: Morfos Combined with Master Raven to make Psycho Raven 640 ATP Mechguns (maxed) Males only Combined with Sword of Ultima to make Ten Years Blades 1000-1050 ATP Twin Sword (maxed) Special can be added for 10 DTs with a Game Master ______________________________________________________________________ Centurion/Battle +110% Attack Speed unit Dropped by: Dark Falz Olga Flow Kondrieu Epsilon * *harder drop rate for Skyly ______________________________________________________________________ Alis' Resolve Foie +35% Barta +35% Zonde +35% Dropped by: Dorphon ______________________________________________________________________ Serene Swan Shoots 3x4 bullets per combo Rifle range Can be used by Hunters and Rangers Dropped by: Crimson Assassin (E1)* Gran Sorcerer (E2) *harder drop rate in Episode 1, but better chance at getting hit% ______________________________________________________________________ Green Names (more rare monsters) and Experience X5 are ON Event will last for a month Good Luck
  3. R-78

    R-78 shop

    You want to buy 3?
  4. R-78

    R-78 shop

    I am now
  5. R-78

    R-78 shop

    Hello, yes I still have those. Let me know when you want to trade.
  6. R-78

    Easter Event 2024

    Here's the drop tables with some rate variation indicators. Ultimate difficulty when not specified. Harmonic Resonance Core Garanz 1 (Very hard) - All IDs Baranz 1 - All IDs (3.5X higher) Virus Shield: Vol Opt Vol Opt (Very hard) - All IDs Vol Opt ver.2 - All IDs (5X higher) Water Gun Gi Gue (Normal) - All IDs Gi Gue (Hard) - All IDs (2X higher) Gi Gue (Very hard) - All IDs (4X higher) Gi Gue - Viridia Greenill Bluefull Purplenum Pinkal Redria Oran Whitill (6.5X higher) Kroe's Sweater Olga Flow (Very hard) - All IDs Olga Flow - Skyly Purplenum Pinkal Redria Yellowboze (20X higher) Godric's Cloak Migium 1 (Very Hard) - Bluefull Purplenum Dorphon Eclair - Viridia Skyly Bluefull Purplenum Oran Whitill Sue's Coat Deldepth - Viridia Bluefull Oran Girasole Kondrieu - Viridia Greenill Skyly Bluefull Pinkal Soul Booster Saint Milion - Greenill Skyly Proof of Sonic Team Gal Gryphon - Viridia Bluefull Pinkal Redria Oran Whitill Dark Falz - Greenill Skyly Purplenum Yellowboze (2.5X higher) Samurai Armor Olga Flow - Viridia Greenill Bluefull Whitill Saint Milion - Purplenum Oran (2X higher) Kiss of Death Delbiter - Greenill Skyly Purplenum Pinkal Ill Gill - Viridia Bluefull Redria Oran (same rate) Olga Flow - Oran (47X higher) Fury of the Beast Girtablulu - Viridia Skyly Bluefull Pinkal Redria Oran Yellowboze Whitill Stellar Shard Shambertin - All IDs Saint Milion - Viridia Bluefull Pinkal Redria Yellowboze Whitill (2.5X higher) Kondrieu - Purplenum Redria Oran Yellowboze Whitill (3X higher)
  7. R-78

    New Year's Cards 2024

    You know that better than me. Soly and Fyrewolf also redeemed some, not sure how many
  8. No. Soly's monsters reader only allows you to see the monsters that already spawned in your area, which is fine. I guess an exploit example will help better understanding what such rare monsters reader is about. 1) I want to farm Limiters and know it is 1/2 from Kondrieu on Redria (so guaranteed during HH) 2) I make a room and start Point of Disaster on Ultimate 3) Before I even put step on Ragol, my rare monster reader tells me which boss I am going to encounter at the end of the run a) If "Shambertin": type /lobby and repeat from step 2 b) If "Kondrieu": play the quest until the boss and get a guaranteed run Limiter
  9. R-78

    New Year's Cards 2024

    4292 New Year Cards have been redeemed on my end. This event is now closed.
  10. R-78

    Easter Event 2024

    Yes this was april foolz. Rates are the same as before. The section IDs part is real though and Kondrieu drop rate is still easier than Shambertin's (so benefits from Green name). Hope you enjoyed the 5 AM no brain POD edits. Special thanks to @Ravioli for the K.K. Slider cover of Episode IV ending soundtrack!
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