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  1. Lost items

  2. Lost items

    Are you on?
  3. This was our first one xD
  4. I got a 0/0/100/0 Diska of Braveman, I don't know about the others. We definitely could win a minute though (Had some deaths and Pan arms splitting)
  5. 4P Cal's Clock Challenge (PB) Insetick(RAcast), Shoutgu-(RAcast), Agency(RAmarl), Capa(RAcaseal) 00:29 (remaining)
  6. closed

    Please next time do not delete your topic content when we solve your problems. It is always good to keep track of what happened.
  7. You can only play this quest on Ultimate.
  8. Easter Event 2018

    Quasar Staff's skin has been released, update your game and check it out! Thanks to @Lipelis!
  9. Bienvenue ! Utilise la Trade Window
  10. B>Bomb-chu with 100% total stats

  11. greetongs Roseanne-78

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  12. R-78 Lets play PSO2

    1. R-78



    2. mudkipzjm


      R-78 Let's play pso2

    3. R-78


      I actually would have played it if it wasnt a 50+GB game

  13. noob Helpless

    Did you really expect to find lots of rare items on normal/hard? If you could already get top-tier items here, why would one bother hunting on ultimate? I used to play on Schthack server many years ago, joined Ultima for the same reason as you (the loss of players data) and as far as I remember rare items rates were about all the same (if not worse). On higher difficulties, especially when Green names (rare monsters appearance boost) are turned on, there will be many more. Anyways, welcome to Ultima.