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  1. Queen, send me Shiida's control data for Takumi and i will not show your little panties to dirty Mio.

    1. R-78


      Mio is not even here, so


    2. Sylph777


      you are always so rude with me :(

    3. R-78


      Have you even seen what you are asking me ?

  2. We need to speak together soon queen, i miss speaking with you and i also have stuff to tell you... how's your exam anyway ?

    1. R-78


      I don't know, haven't looked at results yet. Feel free to message me whenever

  3. gg Kill Sainty
  4. SnK 06 O_O

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. R-78


      Shingeki No Kyojin ... The last episode released yesterday ... Just been rewatching it for literally 1h30

    3. anthonyplays


      So who's the beast titan thoo

    4. R-78


      Probably a beast :P

  5. Pinkal - Ultimate - Girtablulu - Fury of the Beast
  6. Oran - episode IV - Ultimate Zu : V101 Kondrieu : V502 Detonator : Slicer of Fanatic Girtablulu : Fury of the Beast
  7. I am on right now r78 what up

    1. R-78


      Ok logging on

  8. Mate, that quest was insane lol...

    Even though it was on Vhard, it would of been torture with a non-magic user because of the cramped conditions and many things going off at once. I guess a whole team would make things easier but still in Ultimate it must be difficult and a lot of deaths (cheap ones mind you). I found nothing spectacular but the 2 PD's at the end was a nice bonus :D. I was surprised at Seabed as I didn't think that was possible and its a shame they didn't drop anything in general, would be to easy to farm lol; imagine the drops xD.

    Took an hour and 7 minutes still, 3:25am XD... Good quest though, long, tedious, but rewarding lol...

    Good job :)

    1. R-78


      Thank you ^^ Glad you enjoyed it.

      (but you know you could post on the official topic as well :P)

      Maybe seabed room would be cool for Delbiter drops but you need to clear the entire Mine level before so not that worthful.

      Also it is easy to solo on ultimate with a good gear on racast for example (except the last room of mine because of all the baranz), I personally take about 45 min


  9. This is also wrong. Episode 2 pouilly slimes don't drop caduceus
  10. CG Ricardo haha seems like we both have a lot of luck with our first drops x) here are my first KoD and FoB
  11. While I specifically asked for mine not to be at top lol