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  1. Yes Bulks suicide only after being damaged (0 doesn't work). Casts can split them very easily and safely, just drop confusion traps and let them bite each other. Fun fact though: Bulclaws don't necessarily need to attack someone before division. If you wait for long enough (about a minute) they will split alone.
  2. 1) Make new hunter (ideally Humar for more stats and slots for CB) 2) Get 950 ATP+ from mag, units and power materials 3) Disable experience gain with /exp -1 4) Get TJS *Note that you can also use this for non stop PB spam trolling, but don't be surprised to lose your friends
  3. Let me know when you are available to make some tests. If that really won't work, I'll let you do something else with those used NYCs.
  4. Mericus - Oran - Ep2 - Ultimate - Ganondorf Shield Dark Gunner - Oran - Ep1 - Ultimate - Boomerang Indi Belra - Purplenum - Ep2 - Ultimate - Centurion/Resist (confirmed by Quasar)
  5. Very nice! You found the one change Larva requested to the drop table haha. Episode 1 Master Sword locations have all been confirmed.
  6. Deldepth - Pinkal - Ultimate - Magic Hammer Mericus - Bluefull - Ultimate - Ganondorf Shield
  7. Just checked on Vulmer and you're right. It seems like One Person stats suffer from a +25% HP ATP DFP EVP ATA LCK ESP (same resistances though) which is news to me. I don't think that was intentional? @Larva
  8. Only episode II and bosses. Anything else should be vanilla stats. Are you sure you selected "One person" mode?
  9. 175 Happy Hours logs (Central European Time) - Google Sheets
  10. That's Arlan's drop, not Delsaber. Delsaber should be Morning Glory.
  11. What was the drop you got from it?
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