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  1. Was that giant Pan Arms the boss ?
  2. Alright ...
  3. Can't wait to make my Tempest Lame d'argent
  4. Don't laugh, it's hard to make cool stuff with paint lol
  5. Ramarl and Hunewearl have lvl 20 spells already. If everybody could, those 2 would be outclassed as support is their strength. Though Humar can't even SD so he would still have lv 0 SD either way. (And yeah, Centurion/technique definitely didn't deserve to be released)
  6. I actually already thought about that idea and like it, but in the purpose of reducing the gaps produced by RNG rather than having it dropping all year, as there are always people finding 2 PGF in a couple runs while others spend weeks finding nothing. That way, if someone gets a PGF, he has to get another XX "Flow samples" and do more than one extra run, while someone who hasnt got enough luck to get all the parts could still buy the remaining from other players. Some people complained about the rate during Xmas, and even gave up while event was still active, so I'm not sure about the consequences of a worse rate but I approve.
  7. I just confirmed that yesterday
  8. Silly question, but why don't you list them in your profile so people can reach you more easily ?
  9. Zanbacon - Gigobooma - Viridia - Normal - EP 1 Zanbacon - Gigobooma - Bluefull - Normal - EP 1 Zanbacon - Gigobooma - Purplenum - Normal - EP 1 Zanbacon - Gigobooma - Pinkal - Normal - EP 1 Zanbacon - Gigobooma - Redria - Normal - EP 1 Zanbacon - Gigobooma - Oran - Normal - EP 1 Zanbacon - Gigobooma - Yellowboze - Normal - EP 1 Zanbacon - Gigobooma - Whitill - Normal - EP 1 Regular drop (Gobooma's right arm) - Gobooma - Purplenum - Normal - Ep 1 (<<< lol 1⁄20,479)
  10. Ok thank you guys. (lol Champione) Indeed I tried a while ago with Aura fields and always got min stats, no matter the stats on the Spirit garments. @secoever Oran is the best ID for episode IV imo so go for it.