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  1. Is it possible to get a command that disables/enables the automatic use of Scape dolls ?
  2. Glitched reaper

    Fixed. Thanks @Soly
  3. Afaik Special Weapons from Nol come with 0 to 80 hit with intervals of 10 between.
  4. Glitched reaper

  5. Mock GM Election!

    Congratulations! @ADPET2017
  6. Belra's Right Arm is worth the pain imo.
  7. At least reply something when people send you a PM -_-"

  8. Forest Drop chart.

    He is probably trolling though
  9. Glitched reaper

    Yeah it is 30/30 right now because I was still playing after it happened, but when I lost the item I wasnt 30/30 and I also tried to change block. The bank wasnt 200/200 either.
  10. Glitched reaper

    Guildcard: 42170508 Character Slot: 1 Date/Time: 04/11/2017 - 19:19 GMT +1 Description: So I got a strange desync. An Indi Belra dropped an Ultima Reaper, but when I tried to pick it, it kept laying on the ground, although my banner appeared. I checked my inventory and was 29/30 (with no reaper). I couldnt pick anything else until I dropped another item to make it 28/30. So I came back a minute later to pick the Reaper and it finally appeared in my inventory with the right stats (25 hit) though when I put it in bank, I got disconnected and the item disappeared for good. Is it a known bug ? It is the first time I experience that on Ultima.
  11. Was it before you reduced the time gain ? Because I just tried a 4 PB run last month and we couldnt even reach Tower ...
  12. Show your screenshots

    DF at lvl 24 -__- That is not overkill -__- -__-
  13. Bonjour :)

    Bienvenue sur Ultima
  14. Hi, your mail box is full. Im looking for some ppp mags also if your ever  selling any hmu, thank you

    1. R-78


      Yes I still have some

    2. Terrybriggs711


      Id love to buy some pm me anytime,