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  1. CG Ricardo haha seems like we both have a lot of luck with our first drops x) here are my first KoD and FoB
  2. While I specifically asked for mine not to be at top lol
  3. It doesn't matter if you hit the enemies or not ... you only need to be in the same level to see drops ...
  4. HRC has no banner.
  5. Centurion/HP ep I Hildetorr Pinkal
  6. There is a special sound played when the special of Tension Blaster hits a target. Is it possible to get it to play on Morolian Blaster as well ?
  7. Samurai armor - Yellowboze ultimate - Olga Flow
  8. I just got a Centurion/Luck from this ...
  9. HRC PINKAL- EPISODE 1- ULTIMATE MINE- BARANZ HRC + Tension Blaster = Morolian Blaster 310 ATP 57 ATA Arrest
  10. Logically HRC should make all 3 new items combined with Egg blaster, Tension blaster and Samba maracas.
  11. Probably a Dark Gunner because Death Gunners can't drop rares and Yellowboze still gets Spread Needle (just got 2 SN from Merlan and 2 Centurion/Luck from Dark Gunner on Yellowboze)
  12. All those at least should be available Abuelita/Battle Ashura Centurion/Mind Commander Blade Godric's Cloak Item Ticket Kroe's Sweater Proof of Sonic Team Samurai Armor Soul Booster Sue's Coat Virus Shield Vol Opt (Source)
  13. Hey I did it for the sake of Ultima, give them a chance to win the event ...