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  1. https://www.online-tech-tips.com/windows-xp/disable-turn-off-dep-windows/
  2. R-78


    Every player in a same party gets drops according to the room leader's section ID.
  3. Lindcray Dark Bringer (ultimate) - bluefull pinkal redria Sinow Zoa (ultimate) - viridia greenill purplenum oran Girtablulu (ultimate) - yellowboze whitill Slicer of Vengeance Dark Bringer (ultimate) - greenill skyly oran Sinow Zoa (ultimate) - redria yellowboze whitill Astark (ultimate) - bluefull purplenum pinkal Rico's Parasol Crimson Assassin 1 (ultimate) - yellowboze whitill Delbiter (ultimate) - skyly purplenum redria oran whitill Pyro Goran (ultimate) - viridia greenill bluefull pinkal redria Master Raven Dark Bringer (ultimate) - purplenum yellowboze Sinow Zoa (ultimate) - skyly bluefull pinkal Girtablulu (ultimate) - viridia greenill skyly Photon Booster Dark Bringer (ultimate) - viridia whitill Baranz 2 (ultimate) - viridia greenill skyly bluefull oran Girtablulu (ultimate) - bluefull pinkal Blue-Black Stone Grand Sorcerer 1 (ultimate) - viridia yellowboze Delbiter (ultimate) - viridia greenill bluefull pinkal yellowboze Girtablulu (ultimate) - purplenum redria oran Magic Rock "Heart Key" Crimson Assassin 1 (ultimate) - viridia purplenum Baranz 2 (ultimate) - purplenum pinkal redria yellowboze whitill Love Rappy's Beak Love Rappy (very hard/ultimate) - all IDs Grass Assassin 1 (very hard) - viridia skyly bluefull pinkal whitill Crimson Assassin 1 (ultimate) - skyly bluefull pinkal Zu (very hard) - skyly pinkal redria oran yellowboze Zu (ultimate) - pinkal redria oran yellowboze Glide Divine V.00 Gran Sorcerer 1 (ultimate) - purplenum whitill Dolmdarl (ultimate) - skyly bluefull pinkal Astark (ultimate) - viridia greenill redria oran yellowboze Union Guard Dark Falz (Normal) - All IDs
  4. No one ever managed to gather all the ID cards so far. Would be cool to reward such achievement with some unique service, I thought about the ability to redeem one item to 100 hit. I guess some unique skin would be nice alternative as well.
  5. Hope you have fun with your 400,000 PDs.
  6. Agree spells are lame in episode II, but they do cause super high damage in episode IV with the adequate stuff. Increasing casting speed would make it really broken. Isn't like you get 99 PDs very often, and you can exchange them super fast with Lemon's Shop quest, so that's not really a big deal tbh.
  7. Just so you know, this is against Destiny guidelines.
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