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  1. I don't see it as a troll item. It is still pretty good as Fyrewolf5 said (all class rifle, and especially useful for Blizzard) But it was not supposed to be a god-like weapon and its ATA was definitely too high as it was outclassing everything else. Optimal gear was basically Water Gun [Blizzard] Water Gun [Hell] Water Gun [Demon] Water Gun [Arrest] Water Gun [Berserk] Water Gun [Charge] rather than something like Water Gun [Blizzard] Le Cogneur (Hell) Hand of Justice (Demon) Morolian Blaster (Arrest) Egg Blaster MK2 (Berserk) Suppressed Gun [Charge] Apologies for the nerf, if you added some specials to Water Guns you do no longer want, I can revert that for you. Edit: By the way, Morolian Blaster got boosted from 57 to 60 ATA.
  2. Show your screenshots

    Finally got the only banner I was missing
  3. Happy Hours Alert!

    Starting Extended Happy Hours in honour of @Cyane's Birthday ~360 minutes left
  4. Happy Birthday @Cyane.

    I do not know if you will ever read this message but you were my idol as a GM and I will never forget everything you did for Ultima.

    I hope you are doing well and miss you.

    - Shiida

  5. Hello!

  6. R-78 Gallery

    Thank you ^^ Most of the main post ones were done with a wood pencil while the last three I posted yesterday were with mechanical pencil. I honestly don't remember what kind I used and don't even know which one I should use as I am not a drawing expert, sometimes I even take a pen when I want to draw random/funny/weird stuff
  7. R-78 Gallery

    Found a little time to do some more drawings
  8. They are not used in the same situations. Yasminkov is good for long range targets like Dark Falz, Mericarols... but only its Charge attack is worthful so most of the time, only 6 of the 9 hits in a combo will be useful. With Mille Faucilles, you can start a combo with a hard attack and still easily hit your target. The good part about Mille Faucilles' special is definitely not the Divine Punishment, but rather the Autolock which helps you to quickly and easily target another monster in the same combo without the need to wait for the attack recovery. Moreover the special has an extended range. Also, because of its base ATP a sphered Mille Faucilles will often deal more damage than Yasminkov's charge when your opponent's DEF is high enough (such as Epsilons). I do always bring both weapons with me when playing a female RA. (using a Psycho Raven instead of Mille Faucilles on males)
  9. Lost PBC

  10. For people who wanted to see me performing Dual log


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    2. R-78


      I once tried Triple log but it is much harder since Alt+Tab only gets the last active window hence I have to hit Alt+Tab+Tab everytime if I want to do A>B>C>A>B>C>A, which is kinda annoying.
      If I use the mouse instead to select the right window everytime then my left hand has to handle both movements and actions, which would also make me slower.
      Basically, only a triple Nuke Force gameplay would do it but the DMC makes it not worth it.

    3. Lemon


      The fact you even tried playing 3 characters at the same time is mind boggling to me.  I can hardly play just the one efficiently.

    4. stingray


      I made a dual log this morning.

  11. I think you may find some of your answers here
  12. drops

    DAR = Drop Anything Rate, it is basically the odds of a monster dropping any item (rare or not rare) When you play on Shared dropstyle or 1P game, it is unreduced, but with Individual dropstyle, each extra player reduces the room DAR. 1 player = 100% DAR 2 players = 80% DAR 3 players = 70% DAR 4 players = 60% DAR So you get almost twice more items in 1P rooms than 4P. There are 20 Epsilons per LHB (I assume you don't do the second part) and 33 Morfos in MU4. The unreduced drop rate for CB is 1/1050 on Epsilon so 1/1750 if you play 4P games. With 50 runs of LHB, you killed 1000 Epsilons so still under the "average" to get one CB. As for PBC, unreduced rate is 1/853, in 4P game 1/1422. So if you really did 150 runs of MU4, then you killed 4950 Morfos and thus should have found about 4 of them. Conclusion: it is normal that you haven't found any CB yet, but you were definitely unlucky with PBCs. Most of us know that feeling when one doesn't get an item in hundreds of runs. Nothing changed in the meantime you went on vacation. Don't lose hope though, you still have more than a week to get them.
  13. It seems like this is actually wrong. I actually tried before I chose to make Mille Faucilles a 250 grindable weapon and here were the results: Against a Gillchich, a 0/0/100/0 Mille Faucilles +250 (550-550 ATP) and a 0/0/100/0 Rianov 303SNR-5 +0 (550-550 ATP) deal exactly the same damage.
  14. Very Upsetting Launcher

    What you described also usually happens when your internet connection is very slow.