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  1. 10 Anniversary Ultima

    Just to make an official post about it: Any special on Sword of Ultima will be lost when combined with Psycho Black Crystal It is possible to add a special to Ten Years Blades for 10 DTs with a Game Master.
  2. Many weapons could be added for Hunters and Rangers but it depends a lot on people preferences, it may be too much to write them so I'll just add some gear for Forces Feel free to do it like the following: For Force Teching you can add: Lindcray (resta anti, as Parasols require ATP rather than MST) or Marina's Bag (for females) Quasar Staff (barta gizonde) Siren Glass Hammer (gibarta) Samurai Armor (rafoie rabarta razonde) Godric's Cloak (Fomar gifoie gibarta rabarta) Mother Garb+ (grants) Ignition Cloak (foie gifoie rafoie) V801 Virus Shield: Vol Opt (gifoie gibarta gizonde) Rabarta Merge (rabarta) For Force Melee: Kiss of Death (ranged hell with SN trick) Ultima Reaper (close range hell) Hundred Souls Fury of the Beast (although I suppose it may now be replaced by charge Ten Years Blades) Rambling May Sacred Bow (good for both DPS and hell) Remove Striker of Chao as they should use Parasols instead (additional Resta)
  3. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    Purplenum - Barba Ray - Ultimate - Ep2 - VR Temple Final : Mr Naka's Business Card
  4. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    Skyly - Merikle - Ultimate - Ep2 - Frozen Booster
  5. 10 Anniversary Ultima

    And we are grateful to you. Tell me if you are looking for anything (PDs? Items?) so I can reward you for your work, as I said months ago xD
  6. Buffed Belras

    We all did xD
  7. Dark Bridge y Glide Divine perdidas

    Envíeme un mensaje cuando puede entrar al juego.
  8. Dark Bridge y Glide Divine perdidas

    Por favor, lea el How to post in this subforum aquí. Necesitamos la fecha exacta en que perdió sus objetos.
  9. Show your screenshots

    Best ROCT reward ever
  10. I believe the weapon requirement was specifically chosen in order to prevent Hucast from using these.
  11. Missing Gear

  12. Missing Gear

    This does not help me at all because we do not live in the same timezone. You posted that last message at 1:14 AM, when I logged out already. Just message me when you can
  13. Missing Gear

    Ok, tell me when you can log on.