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  1. Any mag that is non rare. Does not work with rare ones. +100% of its original range. And it's additive with other items that boost its range.
  2. It's a glitch that lets you kill the first form in a couple seconds, basically get the highest ATP possible and spam Gizonde on the screens. If you are fast enough, he dies before you even get to see the pillars. You can still do that.
  3. Malicious Uprising 2 - Solo no PB - 8:15 - Bambietta (Hucaseal)
  4. So as most of you have guessed, of course it was an april fools joke ^^ None of these changes is serious. None of them was really meant to "balance" the game or even "please" the people at all. There is not need to discuss about "how this it a bad idea" because I specifically picked random bad ideas on purpose. I had some other bad ideas (like CCA needs to be unlocked for every run, PGF available 365/365 days but rate nerfed to 1/7281, Lindcray reserved to hucast etc) but figured it would be too much. And surprised no one complained about RR, HH and Redeems nerf. Anyway have fun and enjoy the non-update!
  5. The next game update will include various balance changes: Serene Swan: bullets number reduced from 4 to 3. Red Ring: drop rate adjusted to 1/315 on Whitill, equalling Redria and Skyly. Dark Flow, Dark Meteor: combo locked but ATP increased by 185 and 150 respectively. Lost Heart Breaker: definitively removed due to its too high amount of Epsilons. Happy Hours: rates nerfed from X3 to X2 but duration extended from 180 to 240 minutes (4 hours). Fixed Vol Opt glitch: Gizonde will no longer deal absurd damages to its first form. Episode 1 monsters buff: +15% all stats on Ultimate (including bosses). Photon drops are removed from the following quests: World of Illusions, Intelligence Defense Systems. And some general server changes: Maximum %hit on redeemed weapons decreased to 60%. No more Easter Events from now on, Easter items will be relocated in the other events. All the changes will take effect later today, with the next Ship restart. Enjoy!
  6. R-78

    Valentine's Event 2020

    Event has officially ended. Thank you @Larva Thanks to @Amaranthine and all the player drop table contributors as well for the good work
  7. Give your GC number first.
  8. Maximum attack 4th Stage C - Solo No PB - 13:00 - Insetick (Racast)
  9. 10/10

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