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  1. You want to get rid of it? Why don't you drop it?
  2. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/account-management/account-recovery/
  3. I see the Black Gear in Heather.T's inventory...
  4. What he meant to say is that "community no longer bothers making player drop tables" should not serve as an argument for Event drop tables official release, and I agree with it. Else it would sound like "rewarding people for not willing to do that part". That being said, I actually don't mind releasing drop tables for events if @Larva is okay with that. (Not sure about drop rates though, as it seems to always cause drama)
  5. R-78

    B> (Closed)

    Hello, please if you are buying/selling/trading multiple items, don't make one separate topic for each of them. You can make it B> Various items (and list them in the topic content) or even B> Excalibur, Red handgun, Rupika Then you can always edit topic (title included) and remove the ones you no longer need.
  6. R-78

    R-78 shop

    Want to trade now?
  7. Skyly - Ultimate Ill Gill: Centurion/Luck Gi Gue: Sealed J-Sword (non event) Girtablulu: Fury of the Beast Shambertin: Stellar Shard
  8. R-78

    R-78 shop

    It already has Hell. I also don't recommend adding attributes to it, but if you are sure about that, let me know when you get the necessary DTs.
  9. R-78

    Easter Event 2023

    Easter Event has started Event drops Centurion/Luck - 60 LCK Centurion/Body - 75 DFP Centurion/HP - 125 HP Godric's Cloak - Fomar exclusive armor which boosts Gibarta Gifoie Rabarta and all stats Sue's Coat - Strong armor for female hunters which boosts the range of Shifta Deband Resta and ATP Kroe's Sweater - Strong armor for females which boosts ATA Samurai Armor - Strong armor which boosts LCK and RA techniques Soul Booster - Use this item on Excalibur to make Hundred Souls Girasole - Can be combined with Chromatic Orb to make Inferno Girasole Virus Shield: Vol Opt - Shield that boosts GI techniques and ATA Fury of the Beast - Powerful daggers with charge special for all classes Kiss of Death - Slicer with hell special for all classes Water Gun - Rifle for all classes, a special can be added for 10 donation tickets Proof of Sonic Team* Harmonic Resonance Core* Stellar Shard* Egg Rappy drops All difficulty Easter Eggs Sonic Knuckle Huge Battle Fan Wok of Akiko's Shop Rocket Punch Drill Launcher Rabbit Wand Marina's Bag Panther's Claw Amore Rose Abuelita/Battle Chocolate Hard/very hard/ultimate Easter Eggs Lollipop Parts of Egg Blaster Very hard/ultimate Easter Eggs Centurion/Mind Ashura Mag Cell Ultimate Easter Eggs Izmaela Game Magazine Commander Blade Heavenly/Technique PB/Increase Item Ticket Easter combinations *Proof of Sonic Team combinations Spread Needle => Arrest Needle Dark Bridge => Psycho Bridge *Harmonic Resonance Core combinations Samba Maracas => Samba's Fiesta Egg Blaster => Egg Blaster MK2 Tension Blaster => Morolian Blaster *Stellar Shard combinations Twinkle Star => Quasar Staff Guilty Light => Outlaw Star Mille Marteaux => Mille Faucilles Brightness Circle => Neutron Skin Green Name (rare monsters appearance boost) enabled for the duration of Event. Happy Hours logs Event ends on April 27th of 2023
  10. All recovery items in shop Undoubtedly a great QOL to have. Lobbying without a quest As far as I know, this is made artificially in 3 steps 1) Warp to pioneer II if initially on Ragol (not sure about this one) 2) Start a quest 3) Immediately exit the quest (Qexit) So that'd still make 2 extra loadings for returning to lobby which would feel... a bit weird? That aside, I don't like how it would make CCA farming more broken than it already is on Ultima. Fast Bursting I really wanted to see fast bursting, but this has a similar issue to the previous point... While the time gain would be pretty much insignificant (although definitely welcome) to anyone who runs long quests, such time gain is going to be huge for "early resets". I hate how some quests make it "play first room then /lobby" the most efficient way to grind stuff (PPP for Merikles, MA4 for Rappies, MADesert for Merissa/Girtablulus, LHB for Del Lilies etc...) so I really don't want to encourage that practice even more by making it even more OP and removing the top reason for NOT doing that. Being able to have more than 4 characters per account Was mentionned in staff on August 2019, Soly said it was tedious and sadly didn't get back on this. Being able to have more than 999,999 meseta in a bank This is not going to happen as long as meseta rooms are still a thing. The same players would stay forever in the room since they'd want to fill all their banks, and one can only drop/pick 999,999 meseta a time.
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