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  1. hey i donated 30 to the site been trying to redeem ticets but not having any luck

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. R-78


      Just so you know, you can get all those items for really cheap from other players. Asking for a confirmation: do you really want to redeem your DTs for them?

    3. sb1011666


      yea please  i know there cheep i was just donating to support the game figure i mide as well just use the points up 

    4. Saber +7

      Saber +7

      I’d highly recommend you buy an item that’s truly useful. Even if you are just being kind and donating it’d be a shame to waste it. These items you can get for free from other players.  

  2. Your estimation is way off. Event started 12 days ago. Let's assume you take 15 minutes to make a POD room, start the quest, finish the boss and return to lobby. I will not take HH into consideration but won't take DAR reduction either so that they kinda compensate each other. I'm not even taking Kondrieu appearance either into consideration, which saves you ~1/10 run. Assuming STA is 1/300 (3x easier than your theory), it means you need to farm 25 PODs a day during this whole event to get one in average. 25 PODs, with 4 PODs an hour that is 6h15 of farming. I really don't think you ran 6h15 of only POD everyday since this event started. Either way it's all about RNG. Some lucky people find an STA in their first run. I myself have not found any STA for 3 years now so trust me I know the pain. In 2015, someone ran 877 POD before getting their STA, all on shared dropstyle so no DAR reduction. Some people complain before they even made a tenth of them. We all know STA is not an easy drop, and that is not surprising for the best armor of this game, which can give you immunity to any magic attack. Don't forget odds get lower with players number: in a 4P room, 1/300 becomes 1/500.
  3. Some official information since I don't think anyone would find it otherwise. On Very Hard, SonicTeam Armor drops from Shambertin on All IDs with a drop rate 3x harder than Ultimate.
  4. HH 180 minutes. Please do not reply to Larva's post in this topic, use this one instead. You are unnecessarily notifying all HH followers.
  5. The change did not take effect yet so you can keep hunting for the moment, while I try to ask Larva not to nerf the drop rate.
  6. Purplenum Kondrieu Ultimate: Naka business card Also this is wrong
  7. DAR factor doesn't alter the maths here, include a X0.6 for 4 players, it applies on all the variables (HH or not) and thus also ends up with normal_time_played = hh_time_played.
  8. I get your point, but X2 is too much. I will take a numerical example to make it easier to understand. Let's assume PGF is 1/300 and an RT run takes 20 minutes to do. You'd have to play in average 6000 minutes so 100 hours with drop rate X1 to get the thing. With drop rate X2, it would take half of that: 50 hours. With our current system, how many hours of Happy hours would you have to catch to actually get it in an average of 50 hours (3000 minutes)? 3000 = hh_time_played + normal_time_played (total time played) 6000 = hh_time_played * 3 + normal_time_played (playtime required to get PGF) => 3000 = hh_time_played + normal_time_played 3000 = hh_time_played * 2 (playtime required to get PGF) - (total time played) => normal_time_played = 1500 hh_time_played = 1500 Means half the time you are playing should be during happy hours so that it is as efficient as if you play the same amount of time with permanent X2. Even if the HH were correctly split, I doubt any regular player could catch HH in half their playtime. So a X2 permanent rate would be kinda broken. I honestly have no preference, I know lot of people like the HH system so they can limit their time spent on the game by just playing during the HHs and focus on their main hunt, I also know lots of people would rather have your system so they can hunt whenever they want with no unequality. The very good point about your system is that we get rid of the "bad repartition of HHs in the world" issue for good.
  9. In other words you are suggesting to give all items a permanent X2 drop rate and abolish HH during every seasonal event?
  10. Whitill - Ultimate - Merikle - Frozen Booster Whitill - Ultimate - Gi Gue - Sword of Ultima
  11. Using Account Recovery, You should receive an email like this Which points you there, with the Key field automatically filled in. Just enter your new password twice and you are good to go.
  12. Maybe try to send a crash dump to Soly when it happens.
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