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  1. Making one bank for every item type, I don't see the point of it. Bank items are already automatically sorted by types so it is no big deal to find a specific item assuming you are looking in the right bank. Making the bank storage capacity larger, I'd strongly support it if that was possible. I am honestly annoyed I will soon need to create an 8th account because all the others are almost full. State/Maintenance has been suggested countless times so I'll just repost Saith's reply A new box color for ultima items sounds fun, but not sure if worth the development.
  2. R-78

    Christmas Event 2019

    More importantly, fix the Morfos
  3. Whatever, I'm leaving the decision to other staff members, if they still accept you here or not.
  4. Indeed, this does not excuse everything you did, and so your other account will remain banned. I actually read your private message (the one you sent Saturday) after I banned your other account for good. If you really thought my actions were unfair, you should have tried to discuss first, instead of sending all those slurs. That attitude never gets anyone anywhere and you should know that. So now I can tell you: No, the second time I banned you for a week was definitely not simply because you posted << The F(art)-word >>, there were many other offenses you posted that day, which I will refrain from posting here. Not only those chatbox incidents but also your behavior in game has been reported several times. At least your apologies are better than nothing. Personally I am not going to ban this account. I don't care either if you want to start fresh again. It is easy anyway to change your IP, name and be a new person so no one notices. You already lost everything you had, and didn't win anything at the end, so I just hope this was a good lesson to you. Feel free to make a new game account, but I will ban you again at the very first offense toward the community. - The impulsive ban hammer b****
  5. Devil/Technique should not drop from Nar lilies though
  6. Update your game via launcher in order to get the right item names.
  7. I don't like the idea of scheduled happy hours, because easily abused: one could just make 8 PGF-ready rooms at boss warp, wait for the HH to begin then kill 8 Olgas straight for example. And also what @Stormpsobb said, would just incite people to only play at those scheduled times.
  8. Hey, why did you use my char as profile picture? xD

    1. Sergio2kx


      todos queremos ser como la reina 

    2. henrique


      nao sabia vou tirar ok..

    3. R-78


      You could keep it, I just found it funny

  9. @Toughbreak Then please log now and join the room with your name.
  10. Raid on Central Tower - Solo - 28:47 remaining - Verendis (Ramarl)
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