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    • I'd like to mention that doesn't mean we'd automatically give you whatever item anyway.
    • Te podría mandar mensaje privado para preguntar por algo?
    • And this is why Ultima is dying while other servers prosper. A lead admin that doesn't give a shit.
    • Ok as you just mentioned, i will take my decision and care a F** what others may say or think.  I wont even bother to keep reading this topic. have fun.  
    • The same way hunters or forces shouldn't be using shots (example, crush cannon). With all respect, i don't think that's an accurate or correct argument, in my opinion. I don't think that this server has a philosophy of being purist with the class concepts and their general perks. You guys never restricted yourselves from allowing weapons that aren't supposed to be on forces or hunters, why is the SS now a problem? If the server had a general concept and a philosophy to follow when developing weapons, then i would agree with that argue, but it's not the case. For example, the staff made Lindcray, which following your reasoning, shouldn't exist but no one ever cared about changing it or discussing possible changes and now why in the world SS is mind blowing now? I mean, it's a valid point, i won't argue that maybe SS shouldn't have rifle range or shouldn't be usable by FOs or hunters. The problem with most of this stuff is consistency of the leadership in adressing these topics. If you want to change SS, change it. If people cry that it was changed, well that's their problem we can't please everyone, but you have to have a philosophy and know what you want for your server and make things happen. I can't speak for everyone, but i'm tired of all this thing "ah shouldn't be like this, should be like that" and not making stuff happen or the leadership never taking decisions only considering what they think it's right, making an endless and non productive discussing (as it has been happening until today, since the weapon came out). Just make things happen and take a decision, the server is yours, the community has the right to express their opinion, but ultimately the decision is always your. If you don't agree with some of the weapons perks, or the weapon is not what you want for your server and you think it's better to change it, change it. Just be consistent on things and make things happen. It's better to say "we will change the weapon" and change it, than  saying one day that the weapon is going to be changed and then "ahh we probably won't change it for now, maybe in the future dunno", just because community pressured to not change it. And for the last note, if it's to be consistent with the server's philosophy, SS should not be changed. Also if it is to be changed, it should be changed already. The later the worst, the more people will spend DTs on the weapon, the more people will get frustrated.
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