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  1. Apart from Kotta's advice, which covers pretty well the basics, I think you should change your mag and your armor. Agay triggers aren't very good. Tellusis is optimal. Other options are Soniti, Sato, Nidra, etc. If you can start with a PPP mag much better. Max stats with 185 pow are much more efficient. Samurai Armor is just crap on cast. Try to get a wedding dress, a dress plate or some armor that at least offers some utility for you. Also @Kotta no idea whether u were jokin but those numbers on the RR are its resses xD.
  2. Ok ok ok ok. That explains everything. You're the best ❤️
  3. :0. I didn't know that. Does this mean that if I want to assign a more accurate probability to getting some item when farming solo, for example, I should substract the 4p DAR reduction from the rates? P.S. Nevermind. I just saw that if you put your mouse on the rate the assumed DAR appears, apologies :C
  4. Yeah. But we have no idea whether he plays on solo or multi. So, since the poor guy is already using transalte, it's probably better not to make things even more complicated. Was just trying to explain why 1/1137 doesn't mean each 1137 kills u get 1 drop (even assuming 100% DAR).
  5. There are 3 main different conceptions of probability in the literature. One that I don't find very intuitive but that is widely used to explain this type of case is the Popperian one. According to this view, 1/1137 means that when you push the occurrences of something into infinity, on average, event X happens that many times (a more typical example is that when u flip a coin an infinite amount of times, tails/heads p = 0.5/0.5) PSO doesn't have a pity system, that is, you're not guaranteed to get an item after you kill n amount of monsters. As such, you may get the item sooner or later. 1/1137 is just what should typically happen. But what should typically happen doesn't always happen. TL;DR 1/1137 does not mean you are getting an item after killing a monster 1137 times. You may get it later or sooner. It's a bit unfortunate that you didn't get it yet but it is what it is.
  6. I can dig you in a FS and a TB if u want.
  7. How many PDs u looking for sweetie?
  8. My dreamcast died a few years ago. The controllers' slots got burnt and never worked again. I had a lvl 130 FOmarl and around 2k Delsaber kills (offline). The day my DC died was a very sad day indeed.
  9. Fonewgirl cause I prefer casting gameplay even though it sucks metawise and cause their aesthetics are the most pleasant.
  10. Lobotomy


    Got enough to get away with, thankius ppl.
  11. Lobotomy


    Those hours are a bit complicated for me since 7 pm 10 pm MST is like 2 am 5 am UTC xD. I'll try to fix with other ppl then. Sorry for the trouble :C
  12. Lobotomy


    A bit excessive, but I'm fine with that. I'm ending a TTF now, are u up after for the trade?
  13. Lobotomy


    Put a price in pds for that and u got 'em. Don't ask for a sphere tho! I'm not that desperate lol. Finally someone speaking some truth out there. I doubt someone put as forum name "ShutUpKotta" just by pure coincidence.
  14. Lobotomy


    Cause Kotta hates me and won't sell :CCC. Please and thank you.
  15. Type this: /dropstyle 1 in lobby, and change blocks to make it take effect.
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