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  1. I see. Have you tried to change your language settings (for instance, set your default to ENG USA and see if it works)? Those are the only two things that usually helped me with not being able to write in game. Apologies if it doesn't help :C
  2. Hi and welcome to Ultima first of all! Feels like it could be IME being enabled in the launcher. Try to open the Launcher; Options, and in General uncheck the IME option and see if it helps.
  3. Personally, I'm using AMD FSR with full sharpness and optimizer, and while it's not as good as Ephinea, it's pretty close; I think it's the closest we'll get to 4k, so definitely recommend that if you want the game to look better.
  4. So basically, if we've been using your addons as (I assume) most people have been using them, Soly, we should be fine, I suppose, since I was completely unaware of the fact that you could do such things. Asking just to be safe.
  5. Last year I got it from Falz (iirc). But it took me some tries (close to 5 iirc, and I might have been lucky). Nou was terribly unlucky hunting it (he didn't get anything after a few more runs). Can't remember my ID clearly tho, sorry for that. I think it may have been red. Hope that helps!
  6. Idk. The hit thing feels a bit unfair at first sight (likely making the cards skyrocketting in price and such, considering that it's such a unique service. I may have not thought this too deeply tho, but those problems come to the surface easily). A very nice skin for STA feels nice. Doesn't impact the gameplay, but it's still a fairly attractive reward for those interested.
  7. I think this might be because model swaps don't work perfectly all the time (e.g., try to swap bunny ears for red ring and see for yourself what happens lol). The only thing I thought of is to maybe swap the texture as well and modify it accordingly to see if it works (?)
  8. I think Soniti is an overlooked underdog. Easy to make, cute, and good triggers. Hard to choose between that or Sato :C
  9. Do you use any kind of antivirus? Make sure that you make exceptions for Ultima (on W. defender as well) Having the screen resolution that matches your computer may help too. In the past I've had crashes for using funny resolution settings.
  10. Levelling shouldn't be a big problem with the exp multipliers. For loot, we have a pretty good event runnin' right now. You can try to join some open parties and try your luck. At some point, we will have Christmas Event as well, which is very good too. If you need some low key stuff to start, people may have some spares (I've gifted most of mine, but others will probably have some), feel free to ask in lobby!
  11. You can add specials. In fact, many are very useful. For instance, type shot is especially useful given that specials such as hell or demon are not going to be reduced. Hope that helps!
  12. Ragol's governmental laws, covenants and policies prohibit this type of transaction. You have been warned.
  13. Very nice, dope advice! For constructive criticism: If anything, I think it could be beneficial to develop a bit more the last point, since new players may not be familiar with good gear/events. Consequently, they may want to know which cool gear in particular they should be looking for and with what priority (e.g., when I started, I wish someone told me just how important is to have at least one centurion/battle before anything else).
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