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  1. Holy shit I almost forgot how dope this OP is :C

  2. Lobotomy

    R-78 shop

    Henlou. I'd like to purchase "7 gun Master Raven [0/0/0/35|40] 35%40H 17dt" with PS/PD(s) if possible, and if you don't have it anymore this other one. "2 gun Master Raven [0/0/0/40|35] 40%35H 17dt". Otherwise, sorry for the trouble :C Have a good one!
  3. Thanks for your hard work Sheiky, we will miss you as hoster 😭
  4. Honey, Asteron Striker is literally HS but with hell special xD. Also HS is dope. Here not so much. However, in Vanilla, it is staple for RA dps. And even then it has many nice uses here. Yas9k, SQ, FS, DM, type shot (demon, hell) and HS have been my most used weapons for the last two weeks. Can't say the same about 70% of the other weapons in the game.
  5. Seeing that most ids drop tune on zoa I'd go with CT, can't confirm tho :C
  6. Well. I didn't know whether the no-drops-for-other-chars applied to the same ip or the same computer since I only knew for certain that you do not get drops if you do what Ink said (i.e., I didn't test the other option). That's why I added the important caveat "corrections would be appreciated if I'm mistaken." Also, ain't you the one with the motto nothing is impossible? You never know, maybe they do some m e c h a n i c s and play on the same computer :C
  7. Maybe he wanted a Cannon Subtlety Rogue +50 :C
  8. If you wanna exchange STA for PGF in general you should be offering 2 STAs, and even then it may not be such an attractive trade :C
  9. Still more likely than a sudden fusion of the entire universe, can't complain :C
  10. Problem with black is that it makes the shield look transparentish (like u were wearing nothing but wrong). Gray is the closest u can get to darkness with this one, but it doesn't look too different from OG halo :C
  11. Design-wise I'd go with Asteron Belt and the Red Series. Fun-wise I'd go with Excalibur and P. Wand if we're talking about Vanilla and DF if Ultima. I like the design of PW a lot too tho.
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