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  1. Lobotomy


    To suspend or stop the operations of.
  2. Kotty, it's time for you to be a great pioneer and come to terms with yourself and invent some nice neologisms to describe such facts. I'm really sorry, I promise I'm uninstalling for this one.
  3. Yep I do skins too, but since u did the job already, if you don't mind sharing the file that'd be sup 😁
  4. Gj with those! Did u think about making a wider color palette for Tellu? I'd like a red/black one to use :C
  5. Yes I got that. And for me it's definitely a factor -or an argument- (so at this point we're just debating semantics pointlessly) in favor of change, even if it's not the main reason -or a particularly important one- why I'd prefer set drop tables. Nonetheless, I'm glad to see that change may happen, and I won't be specially appalled if it doesn't.
  6. Personally, I'm not particularly concerned about false reports. Even with the old system and you doing the tables, I'd still prefer set drop tables. I was just stating the evident, which is that we're even worse than before xd
  7. Giving away two Psycho Wands for free (preferably to two separate individuals who really need 'em). Leave a post here or msg me.
  8. Yeah. In addition to all the problems of not knowing drops beforehand, without Sheiky doing the drop tables event drop tables have gone completely downhill tbh. So, I 100% endorse this "I am suggesting that we set in stone event table and make available for only said event , thus eliminating a big time sink and allowing those of not much time to hunt the event item they want from go!"
  9. Hello! I don't have Bringer Rifle per se, but if no1 else got u covered I can give u a bringer's arms if u can change parts into weapons (I can't transform parts sadly :C).
  10. Very well detailed Kotty, gj. For the aforementioned "class and ID to feed mag before reaching level 50 to obtain Twins PB" I use this chart: http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=2452 Didn't have a single problem with it thus far, and it was also around here in some old guides. Hope that helps!
  11. Yo Kotty can I grab one of those juicies hucasto kamas
  12. Yes. PDs and DTs are used for a lot of important things and they're valuable because of that (unlike in offline, where they just were meseta fodder). PDs are used for a bunch of important stuff, such as upgrading weapons' attributes. DTs can be used for a lot of nice stuff too, mainly adding hit % to weapons. You can see all uses in the donations window (up there in the forum). Most important items are probably Dark Weapons (Parasitic Gene Flow stuff) Sonicteam Armor & Centurion Battle. Other things are very important too, but more niche (i.e., class & quest dependent). It really looks very different to offline/vanilla :C Hope that helps!
  13. Greetings! It's rare for people to do meseta trades here, but you may find someone willing to do such trades. Usual currency are Photon Drops and Donation Tickets (PDs-DTs). You probably can grab a TC from someone for a few PDs, since it ain't a very relevant weapon. Best of luck with that!
  14. Lobotomy

    B> Closed

    Hellou! Depending on the excalibur you wanna buy the price will range from like 10-15 pds (no hit) to dts (if hit-price will vary depending on hit %). Hope you find one!
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