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  1. We went PB at the start of jung map and timer dissapeared and nothing spawned, is that intentional?
  2. Lobotomy


    If you are still interested 50 pds for a blank ring.
  3. Yeah, nothing comes to mind here as well, but it's the literal translation of that Katakana. Maybe the English name of the weapon just changes a lot, or maybe you are right about the S-Rank :0?
  4. Let me translate that for you: I don't have PDs, so basically everything will be paid in DTs. I'm not sure about the market price, so wait till the evening and I will put a price on everything. Conversion 1DT:8PD --Wishlist-- Tsumikiri J Sword Serene Swan (D40+, H30+) Bomb - Chu (N40+, D40+) (This one should be around 20-40 pds, or even higher, depending on the person) Excalibur (30H+) Den.S HandCannon (no idea about this wp tbh) 10 Years Blade (30H+) Ultima Bringer (50H+) Banana Cannon (40N +, D40 +) (Around 10-25 pds; with those stats maybe even more) Banana Cannon (40AB+, 40M+) (see above) Prophets of Motav (This is expensive because it is rare and it is worse than Pyscho Wand, unless you are looking to collect it because you like it) C/Battle (25 DTS is the price I've seen the most, but some people might ask for more) C/Arms (20-40 PDs) Red Ring (50 PDs is frequent, I've seen it at higher and lower prices tho) +* indicates that the stat is the minimum required, i.e., could be higher, but not lower. My prices are my opinion and an approximation of what I've seen around. Given that it is a market, they will fluctuate a lot from person to person, so take that with a grain of salt.
  5. Don't get depressed here at my shop Kottazo-dono! :C Surep, we can make the deal anytime. Pm or @ chatbox me or post here to meet in game. I'll give you 2 ashuras and 2 panzers if you want (I want to keep some for other people too, just in case).
  6. Wicked! - JupiterDeMars... I mean Shiida, hello Shiida, you are Shiida, rite?
  7. Ok. Since I have some stuff completely dead I'm trading some low key goodies for PDs/DTs. Most of what I have isn't valuable so I'm looking mostly for PDs, since I only accept DTs provived they below to this nº set {5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40...}. *I DON'T ACCEPT DTS OTHERWISE* Conversion rate = 1DT:8PD Psycho Wand (untekked): 10 pds S-Red Arms: 5 pds Twin Blaze (untekked): 5 pds Red Ring x2 (Blank): 45 pds/5 Dts Rianov 303SNR-3 (30H): 5 pds Samba Maracas (20H) : 30 pds (I can give you an Harmonic Resonance Core for 25 extra pds to turn into Samba Fiesta) Excalibur (Untekked, some % I couldn't care less about): 10 pds Cent/HP x1: 1 pd Tripolic Reflector x1: 1pd Dress Plate x1 (0S): 5 pds Godrick's Cloack (3S): 5 pds Kroe's Sweater (4S): 5 pds Heaven Striker +20 x1 (no %): 5 pds Oph. Seize (50D/35H) x1: 10 pds Rage de Feu (25H) x1: 15 pds Angel Harp (35H untekked) x1: 5 pds Frozen Shooter x3 (x2 20H untekked/15H Untekked): 2 pds Vivienne (40H): 10 pds Vivi (35H): 5 pds Vivi (30H): 2 pds Cladding of Epsilon: 2 pds Lindcray x2 (untekked, some % I couldn't care less about): 5 pds L&K 14 Combat (35H untekked): 1 pd Diska of Braveman x2 (25H untekked): 1 pd I also have many useless mag cells I can give for free such as Ashura, Love Rappy's B., Kits (Hambu., DC., etc.), Panther, Hearts, etc. etc. and some lvl 20 supp techs (but not many). Ask if you are interested. I hope next update I do a decent shop instead of this crap, but it'll take time. Meanwhile, enjoy what there is :C Thanks for coming by sweeties ❤️, Ecclesia
  8. もちろん. Lindcrayをあげる. 時間がある時ゲームで集めるよ
  9. If you don't care about hit, I'll gift you a Lindcray.
  10. We were so close to getting all IDs in so many monsters this year... such a pity. Kudos to everybody for their contributions!
  11. Delbi, Ep2, Ult, Sky: KOD
  12. EP 2 - ULT - RED Olga: Kroe S. Ill G. : KOD
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