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  1. Yes you are totally right but for a Cast the entire run is a huge pain. Because of that I decided to take the short term hunt and do it alone to make better chances of getting one but previously I had done like 6 or 7 Lost Son Hopkins with a party of 2 or 3 members as much, like it is hard to believe RNG is so terrible bad... I guess it can happen I am no one to criticise here but at the same time this does not feel right specially when you have a short access to this items during the year. (Also hours of monsters literally droping NOTHING feels like super desperate). I felt like posting because the last two events felt super unfair overall but in the end I do not expect much so for everyone is better to take off a nap till they are feeling like enjoy things again and maybe return when the bad times pass. I think this is like the best advice I can give to anyone that feels frustated hunting over things that go away in short time and got nothing but in the end I am just crying for a bad moment in the game, so before I drop and break my computer dying to Detonators again I am going to take my leave, and advice anyone to do the same of course.
  2. Well, probably nobody knows me, it does not matter much anyway. After 2 hours of "happy" (sarcasm mode ON) hunting this event on asteron striker last day, and an entire event wasted in a "theorically easy drop" I think this is not right, like, playing the same room of 3 Detonators during I do not know, like 6 hours in total or something like that (?) is not worth it. I feel like the event system here is terrible and the lack of information is generally huge so I prefer to move on by now from something that only feels senseless and generates nothing but stress (this happened with Banana Cannon for me as well). I may return some day but overall I do not like the server, people are really nice and kind and extra exp and that is helpful but otherwise all feels really awfull overall. Bye bye till next time. In short (and if you do not feel like reading my shit at all), I am salty as f+++ so I am leaving the server, for a while at least.
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