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  1. B>Wedding Dress max with DTs.

    1. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      Never mind , I bought a thing. = ω =

  2. Ready to redeem for a mag~
  3. Happy birthday , my love <3

  4. Losing Noob/HP has become a fad XD

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    2. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      9 hours ago, radezz said:

      you havent lost yours yet? tsk tsk tsk...

      I did lose at least one a couple of years ago I thinks

    3. radezz


      Fabulous :3

    4. yanvbraz


      I don't lose n00b/hps because I don't use the ones I have :L

  5. It is true , they are either completely gone or still checking the forums at least.
  6. Had to go in for an interview earlier today , got the job. I had a feeling this birthday would be a good one.

    1. Berrymilk


      I hired you after all.

    2. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      @Berrymilk Whatever position you give me, i'll perform quite well~

      Edited by Grimoire Greys
    3. Berrymilk


      Yes, yes you will~

      *creepy hand gesture that evil antagonists usually do if you're stuck in the 90's I mean*

  7. ハッピー・バースデー・トゥ・ユー


    1. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys


  8. Happy b-day :D

    1. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      Thank you Shiva!

  9. The time has finally come~

    1. SelahIsASpot


      end them all mido.

    2. Trigunman


      Oh my it's your birthday Midori!  Happy Birthday to you!  Hope you have a great one my friend. =^)  May all your birthday wishes come true.


    3. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      Thanks Tri :3

  10. You're always welcome to come back if you ever feel like it. Take care out there!
  11. *paws* nyaaa~ 

    1. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      *pets softly* hey cutie <3

      Edited by Grimoire Greys
  12. Hey there , glad to have you two join us and I hope you continue to enjoy your time as part of the Ultima community~
  13. This is . . .
  14. I'd love to sell off my DF and a bunch of other things but don't need items , PDs or DTs. Guess i'm pretty much stuck hoarding as usual. <_>

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    2. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      7 hours ago, NightGen16 said:

      You got them haloween stuff in stock or nah?

      The only things I were able to get during Halloween event were the Halo Rappy Souls.

    3. NightGen16


      You got extras?

    4. Grimoire Greys
  15. I don't get why you think this , but we don't act negatively towards newcomers and we're quite a helpful community. Anyways welcome to the Ultima server , I hope you enjoy your stay.