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    やたがらす LV 200 RAcaseal , もみじ LV 185 FOnewearl , LV ??? , 魂魄 妖夢 LV ???
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    My interests are good music, artwork, 東方 (Touhou)、 TYPE-MOON、 ジョジョ(JoJo)、 RPGツクール (RPG Maker) and M.U.G.E.N.

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  1. :onion-head72:

    1. Kotta


      Congrats on your PGF (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ :onion-head21:

    2. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      d-don't play with my heart like this!


    3. Kotta


      Right back at'cha :onion-head65::onion-head63:

  2. I need to stop putting off watching Edgerunners.

    1. Lobotomy
    2. Kotta


      Personally I didn't like It, Can even say I disliked It :onion-head70:

      It's just cool graphics, some nudes (careful with first episode's 1-sec and 3-seconds sex scenes :onion-head57:)


      Animation was dope, but It kinda felt there was no direction whatsoever :cr-boring:


      Also RiP best loli. Sadgeness for main character as well :rf-11:


      [Edit] Also RiP FFVII Barret and Overwatch's Zarya:rf-08:

  3. Godric

    1. Kotta




      Indeed the best unit to use while using the Cloak, ye (-^_^-)

  4. You have a birdup! :onion110:


    HBU to you ^~^ :onion128:


  5. I don't know why but he seems like the type of dude that sells used cars on the side

  6. I still get on once every few months to make sure my inventory is intact but can't get myself to fully play again just yet. It is always good to know that things are still quite active though. This community never sleeps.

    1. Kotta


      There are no nights In Ultima....


      Only Darkness :onion-head05:




  7. oof

    1. jezbuz
    2. Trigunman


      Eddie died... I know, I know.  :onion-head46::onion-head75::onion-head30::onion-head48::onion-head27:

      We need to throw a party when 2021 rings in, I'll be the first to tell 2020 to EFF OFF forever.

  8. Smash community done blown itself up.

    1. Yannv


      what happened?


    2. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      Its all over twitter. So many big players getting called out on sexual abuse allegations and whatnot its ridiculous. Folks losing their sponsors and possible legal troubles. https://www.eventhubs.com/news/2020/jul/02/2ggaming-bans-d1-keitaro-nairo-cinnpie-xzax-and-s2h-all-future-events/

    3. Kotta



      Hmmm, looking forward to ZeRo uploading some video In Youtube about that, to see If he draws something from behind the scenes to light :onion-head49:

  9. Yo we got Melee with rollback netcode now using this.


    1. Kotta


      Melee as In Super Smash Bros Melee, right?
      [Sry kind of a dumb question :onion-head22: ]

    2. Grimoire Greys
    3. griffeni


      cant do doubles yet but still sick af

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