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  1. Lol that response.. you're silly xD

  2. Test Ship - Quests in solo and government are not all unlocked. - Added /lobby for non-quest party state, some people are experiencing issues with this, I haven't been able to reproduce the problems so can't fix it yet. - Added a timer-on-demand, you can start, stop and hide it with the command "/timer"... the timer will stop automatically if the quest flag for fail or success is set. The timer is not synchronized between clients, if you start it, it will start only in your client. Later on we'll make this in a different way so it starts with the quest and stuff... - Added /pk so you can hit other people, it's toggled only when everyone in the party toggled it - Anything else I have done and forgot to list here. Some of the changes in this post require a client update, so they might not be available yet.
  3. Yes... originally the ship would "clean" the item and remove the exceeding stats but I removed that since it's not really a problem (the client caps the stats to the max allowed by the item) so this way if you cycle back to RR it should stay with the max stats. Note: This only happens if you do NOT log off... otherwise it will be reset, I was going to remove the code that does this but never did, apparently... I'll have it for the next ship update.
  4. Because the costumes don't have the RR variable stats. We were pretty sure people would come to use saying they "mistakenly" made a costume... and it happened... so that's why it, originally it was not going to cycle back to RR.
  5. Nah... Besides phones would break...
  6. GM es el staff dentro del juego (tienen nombres azules) El especial lo agregan los GMs, en el juego.
  7. Actually not... I think pipes are alone in their group. What locks the mat usages is reaching the stat cap. It could be done modifying the ItemPMT on the fly but I'm not interested in that atm.
  8. I guess I could add the JS as a "show all" button... but it would definitely not be the default way.
  9. There is nothing wrong with the stars... The skin, I'll check it out. It has been fixed, it will most probably be updated today along with a new unitxt
  10. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ People always choose what's best for them, but having the topic say (after the first paragraph) that the event ends in 11/1, imo would be wise to think it will. Anyway, hope y'all enjoyed the event and about the new years cards there is nothing planned for them (that I know of) but if we think of something we'll obviously let you guys know. That said I'll be locking the topic. Hopefully is clear that Xmas is completely off now
  11. The thread is a mess yeah, but the "announcement" thread does day 11 only.... I didn't make the thread tho, so yeah.
  12. So far, inb4 larva sees this reply... it has dropped more than 80 times as of earlier yesterday.
  13. After quite some work, today I put up a new test ship, 100% C# code. It's for the most part complete... all special quests should work as expected and general gameplay too however it's missing some commands like matcount and that kind of stuff. Item, goe and some others are implemented to make the testing easier. Due to an incompatibility of the new ship, the database had to be reset meaning you will have to re-register your account. Other than that, just need testing to find bugs and stuff I might have missed. One thing is not on this ship is challenge mode or battle mode so don't bother reporting anything about that (I should disable the creation of games in those modes)
  14. Right now the wiki is exclussive for items, and later on will be for quests too... the problem with that is that I have to do all the hardwork to get the data stored in the database (which is nt the database of the forum). SO yeah, it's not really wise to do that. There are the topics anyway... what is needed (and already exist) is a compilation of links to guides and stuff. Look on @chuk signature.