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  1. Alrighty, Imma lock the topic... hopefully it wont break again
  2. To let you guys know Belras should be fixed, and I'm checking the baranz now
  3. Alrighty so... I'll get this straight once and for all, sooner than later
  4. Regarding the inventory and bank space, the way they are stored in the character data makes it impossible to increase without a lot of work and changes that can easily break stuff
  5. Virec

    Happy Birthday @Soly

    1. Soly


      Thank you!

  6. Happy birthday! Hope you had (or you are still having) a good day. 😎

    1. Soly


      Thank you!

  7. Actually, don't use special characters... only like _- and .
  8. Hoppy Birthdoy Soly! 

    1. Soly


      Thank you!

  9. 🎁Happiest Birthday to you🎇

    1. Soly


      Thank you!

  10. Happy Birthday :3

  11. Hello Soly.

    I read in a post that I could message you if I have trouble finding my game account.  My character was Hazel and I read that you don't delete inactive accounts.  I can't seem to remember my login credentials so I tried using the Account Recovery found here:


    When typing my email into it I come back with no results.  I am very certain I used the same email for both the forum and the game login so I am very troubled.  Could perhaps my account be deleted? (I certainly hope not but will recreate my account if I have to)
    Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

    Edit:  I managed to find a username but I am not positive it is mine. Account Recovery does not send to any emails I have access to.

    1. Stark 1
    2. Kevin Massey

      Kevin Massey

      Thank you Soly for resolving this issue for me!

  12. Go into the launcher options and disable "IME"
  13. I don't think the server would mistakenly put a banner for another item... also the shield didn't have any, I added one now.
  14. I'd say to not trust the reader on that... I never really looked into how the game decides it and just used like +1 and +2 (as well as minus) but it can potentially have more values... if you can keep those in a character and go e it's guidlcard and slot too see it's values, I might be able.to update the reader. After all.. I mean, it's the game, if it were to be "bugged" like this, then is more of a feature than a bug... note that we haven't changed anything about this units stuff I'll do some testing of my own with the item maker too...
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