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  1. Very Upsetting Launcher

    As Larva and R-78 said. That is most likely a connection issue and there is nothing we can do to the game to fix it. I'd also suggest to check nothing in your PC is using (extensively) your internet connection, things like Skype can hog it, if there is more people in your network, I'd try to get them to stop whatever heavy use they are doing (if any) so you can test. I know the second suggestion might not be possible, but worth a shot.
  2. Newbie needing help

    It's the game password right, not the forum one??
  3. There is none, in Ultima, I am the only one who deals with modifying the game's code. Is not much about how badly it is written (which I am sure the original source code was awful) the problem, mostly, is that to make changes and stuff I have to work in assembly. There is actually many things, but mostly "small" modifications, not "new features".
  4. Actually, more like many pieces of code executed based on the item you equip, like an if/else but not really. Doubt anyone has actually asked really... and doubt more that such thing is gonna fly. Maybe I can give you an example https://www.pcgamer.com/a-coder-spent-1200-hours-reverse-engineering-diablos-source-code/ That said he took 1200+ hours over the course of a year(ish) That sounds sort of OK, but then you see that he found some leaks including symbol files (which are basically instructions of how stuff is put together, function names, etc), is not close to a source code but is a great head start to someone doing something like this.
  5. (No908) Patch server connection failed.

    http://ultimapsobb.com/ is the url. It could be your ISP too, as you say you came back, you might have changed ISPs during your time off.
  6. As Lemon said, in Aselia I implemented the shops as they were originally and the items can be always there.
  7. Lost Tjs help

    Alright, I'll see what I can find
  8. Lost Tjs help

    I think it would be better if you tell me the last time you used it.
  9. Lost Tjs help

    I still can't find it... If you tell me when you got it (or when you were sure you had it), then maybe.
  10. SignID

    What do you mean it doesn't go to password? Just need to enter your username, press enter, move down to the password field, enter to edit, press enter to confirm.
  11. Lost Tjs help

    I can't find it either. Mind giving me some more info like it's stats and when you got it? Nvm the stats, I see you put it there already, but I'd need to know what grind
  12. I doubt that's optimized in any way... is just the same as "normal" asm compared to whatever language (C, C#, etc) Maybe even easier with assembly lol....
  13. Normal Experience rates

    Sorry, @Shin is right. 0 removes the boost, 1 enables it back, there is also -1 which removes any experience gain. I have updated the commands page.