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  1. I'll have to double check this adjustment of the bank data, if the values come back after changing blocks, it most likely is not happening.
  2. I've been sick these days and havent been able to check. I'll let you know once I do
  3. Just to mention it, I hid the unrelated messages, to the people involved, please keep that out of topics such like this one. I'll take a look.
  4. Can you tell me how long ago this happened.
  5. I replied in the chatboox but ill post here too If you attempt a password recovery with your email, you will be sent the username in the email
  6. Test server should be up, I will close this topic, make a new one if needed.
  7. Your ISP might be blocking the site. http://www.ultimapsobb.com/psobb/v1/update/files.txt What do you get when accessing that link? (Note that the one you pasted into the post, has some letters swapped, so that one wont work) This should give you a list of file names and some hashes, which are the files to update.
  8. Might as well reply... As Ink said, my launcher saves the combination of username and password as a unique account, so you can even save other server's credentials (note that the password is never decrypted, only the encrypted data is used). I suppose I added this feature after my post on 2017 but yeah... I think I also made some modifications to avoid causing conflicts regarding the options of the game in general.
  9. We fixed this through PMs, also I'm closing the topic since it's really old, the launcher should properly handle any unitxt updates.
  10. Your account is already activated.
  11. I've validated the account manually. You mention you changed the forum password, but that one is different than the game one.
  12. We talked in discord, the issue was in fact the launcher being on a different directory than the game install. I might look into ways of addressing this, maybe saving the install location in the registry/ask the user where the game is installed should that info be missing.
  13. Is this from dll.log? This just indicates that the file could not be loaded and thus no custom SFX or minimap dots setup, but it doesn't prevent the game from loading or otherwise. Also I'd encourage you to make your own post (same with Douglas), because the original one was resolved.
  14. I'd love if you could tell me about this, because the launcher I made literally just opens the game like if you double click the psobb executable. What I think could be happening here is that you don't have the launcher in the same location as the installed game... so the launcher is starting the game with missing files. If you want to, you can message me on discord (Soly#0637) or in a PM here in the forum.
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