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  1. Why don't you just use OBS?
  2. I was never in favor of auctions... They just make no sense...
  3. Switch to the shared bank (/bank) Deposit the items Log into the second char Switch to the shared bank and get them.
  4. He only refuses Lame and SJS since they need the killcounter.
  5. Yeah, that stuff definitely is not going to change. I have no idea how to change it anyway.
  6. If I do that it would definitely not be configurable tho.
  7. I have to first check what the game actually does because there is supposed to be some data in the ItemPMT but it's like maybe locked to some items or something... I'll check some time.
  8. I know, but I said, that's not gonna work, it would affect all classes.
  9. I don't think 5% would make much of a difference besides all the others that are not consoles are 50, so doesn't seem necessary either. I cannot add the stuff you are suggesting (res with another thing equipped) and please don't, not every mag is going to be 3 inv. I don't know if I can give it any visual effect, I haven't investigated that yet. I don't really think people would like it's stats nerfed for a lame atp or whatever boost not even for TP or tech boosts.. besides that would affect casts which would have literally no use for said TP/Tech boosts and non FO/Cast would be sort of lame since they don't really rely on techs.
  10. If you can't edit the file, you probably have it inside the program files folder, copy the file to the desktop and edit it there, then copy it back to where it was.
  11. It could be possible but honestly I don't see it happening.
  12. That has been suggested before and I have it on the list of things to do
  13. Tell her to select virtual fullscreen and to increase the resolution in the launcher options.
  14. I don't remember but it was not "nerfed", it was just brought back to normal.