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  1. A while ago I made the not honor modified files because otherwise it because an issue when we do updates. However, to overcome this issue with users, I have the game look for specific custom files. The post about this can be found here. The specific file you are trying to mod is called texturejapanese.xvm, and like I wrote in the linked post, make a copy of the file and name it texture_custom.xvm, if this file is found on the data folder, it will be loaded instead of the original file.
  2. I'm gonna lock the topic as I am already looking into this with you in a PM.
  3. @Guido Palau I don't know. Has anyone tried?
  4. Can you send me a PM to look over this?
  5. To fix an issue with a skin https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/36092-how-to-play-maximum-attack-s-e2/&do=findComment&comment=236346
  6. Soly

    Christmas Event 2021

    The answer is 0, cuz Parasitic Gene "Onion" does not exist. On this one I am going to throw the ball back to @R-78, I guess larva would want to know too, I'll let him know.
  7. Also, I have gone ahead and changed the page so the current password input is hidden when you use the account recovery.
  8. The page populates the field with a key but if you have a password manager, it might be auto populating the field with a previous password you had saved. Try opening the link in incognito mode.
  9. Merry Christmas ya bum!

    1. Soly


      Merry Christmas!

  10. You can ignore a person, I dont think it hides anything from the chatbox tho. That's a 3rd party plugin so nothing can be done there if they are not ignored there.
  11. Again, I dont know what you mean with the test server executable, because they are the same. And afaik you are the only one that has issues with it. Can you contact me over discord to see if we can troubleshoot this? Soly#0637
  12. Can you send me a private message with the username/email you are trying to recover?
  13. I don't know what you mean by this, the executable is the same for both the main and test server. Are you running the item maker as admin?
  14. Make sure the Process Name in the Misc tab, matches the name of the game executable. This without an .exe extension
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