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  1. Sorry, I have been on a pretty tight schedule. I'd suggest maybe getting together with @R-78 and test, just like in case she can remake them should they go bad.... But if this is gonna be a common thing, might as well just not allow those mags that will evolve and lose their type.
  2. All I am gonna say is y'all can drop that stuff, thanks.
  3. I dont remember if the launcher itself supports XP but the game should, and so should the installer I think. Either way, I would recommend you to not use XP and eventually plan to drop support for it completely.
  4. We do not delete characters or accounts. Maybe this is not your main account? Either way, send me a private message with your username and I'll look into it.
  5. Disable IME in the launcher options, under general. Also just in case you have to "commit" the entry with Enter before you can switch inputs.
  6. There is nothing special about mags manually made, they still follow their feeding and evolution patterns. I might look into this later today.
  7. Can you send me a message so I can ask you for more info?
  8. Glad you got it to work. I will be looking into modifying the page so it doesn't cause this issue with auto fil
  9. You need to follow the structure for each line, other than that it doesn't matter which line you put it Lmao, just do a search for Lv30 and flip the lone 0s to a 1
  10. Yeah as mentioned, you can just run the launcher/game multiple times, the launcher features an account selection so you can easily swap to another account without having to input the username and password. However, I am gonna point out that you should use the trade window, do NOT drop items on the ground. You never know when the game will crash or something.
  11. Can you access this url? http://ultimapsobb.com/ Although even if you can, the issue might be caused by your ISP, but if you can't, you might get some more info if your ISP is blocking the connection.
  12. Send me a private message and I'll help you out.
  13. Do you get this in the update dialog? If so, that's weird as it doesn't use SSL/TLS Don't really know what to tell you, it might be your ISP intercepting the connection? But the times that has happened I haven't seen this error.
  14. Just for the record here. The issue was that he didn't have the game installed properly so it had a few missing files that made it crash. Always make sure you use the installer the first time so you are not missing any files.
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