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  1. I've moved your topic from general to game modification. As I told you last time, post this kind of stuff in the game modification sub forum, if you don't it might get deleted.
  2. the image in game is 32x32, so try making it that size right away?
  3. Soly


    Try adding it to the windows defender exceptions? (not firewall but antivirus, as 031038B)
  4. Just to let you know, a big gap in the play time of the account is down to 2018, and the IP address is almost exactly the one you have now, so I don't think anyone else has been in your account.
  5. Soly


    2 things. Could you have the test server enabled (in the launcher options)? If so, disable it. If you the previous thing is ok, then check if you have a firewall or antivirus blocking the game.
  6. Please keep these kind of posts in the game modification sub-forum. As for this stuff NJ is in fact the model XVM are textures, what you show in the pictures seems to be the ascii representation of the binary data of whatever file it is. These formats will not work with VS, Blender or Unity.
  7. Lmao! Keep in mind we don't offer support for teth anyway. This section is for modifying the game like the addons or custom textures etc, not the server itself
  8. You might have the "Test server" enabled in your launcher settings. If that's not it, then your antivirus or firewall might be blocking the game.
  9. Soly


    Tell him to disable IME, in the launcher options
  10. I'd recommend you to just whitelist the whole game folder.
  11. Avoid depositing after selling stuff in the shop
  12. Not sure what you are showing in the video but if you are not using an IME in windows, then disable IME in the launcher.
  13. Sadly not much we can do about it, you will have to do that, and dont forget to re-enable your AV afterwards
  14. As @bobshlibidich said... Sadly recently the launcher has been getting quite a few of false positives for whatever reason, even though is a pretty simple program. I'd recommend you to either whitelist the launcher.exe, psobb,exe and psobb.dll or just the whole folder
  15. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/registration/ ??
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