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  1. If you can type your username, are you pressing enter to edit the password field?
  2. Don't want to go too deep (or any depth at all) but the addons as well as other tools have to work in a certain way to read things and so on. We'll take certain measures too, but we'll see how things go with the new rules.
  3. The rare monsters are decided when the "room" is made, and that's sent to the client, so it is possible to read that and know if the current room is a good one to farm specific rare monsters. That's what we are not allowing here. The idea between 1 and 2 is about the same, just different application (quest registers vs rare monsters). So far, no... what the monster reader does (mainly) is show you the monsters in the room you are in, that's different from the addon to read the rare monsters at any point.
  4. By default my item reader addon does not allow to read other player's inventories, it has to be modified to allow for such behaviour. So you can keep using it, if you have a modified version, I'd recommend getting the latest version from my github repo.
  5. We have decided to forbid the use of certain addons that give very questionable powers to the players. Reading quest register values: being able to access information that is normally not accessible from the game easily gives an abusable exploit to the game, such as the ability to predict what randomized reward will drop in some quests. Rare monster reading: being able to predict which enemies are going to be a rare one from the start gives an unfair advantage to farmers. Player inventory scanning: privacy violation. The use of these addons will result in action against your account, up to a permanent ban. These rules can be found in the guidelines.
  6. Sometimes the sound is glitchy on the start screen, but only there. What framerate are you running at using that resolution?
  7. I have seen some people having this error but not everyone. Right now I don't know what the issue is, I am thinking it could be ISP related. In the meantime, you can use the zip here to update the game. Password: ultima https://ultimapsobb.com/psobb/v1/update/update.zip However the launcher will keep throwing that error.
  8. Send me a PM so I can look into it.
  9. You can get the latest launcher from here (keep in mind the zip file has a password, also stated in the page) https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/downloads/ Someone else also had the first error you mentioned, I am not sure why its happening, I think it might be ISP related.
  10. Valentine's Event 2023 is now Active Returning Items Last Swan : combine this with Master Raven to make Dual Bird. Master Raven : combine this with a Psycho Black Crystal to make Psycho Raven. Angel Harp : receive the power of love. Rambling May : a unique weapon for women that hits twice per shot. Rianov 303SNR series : numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. Bamboo Spear : pretty sure you will like the sound of this bamboo spear. Butterfly Net : how many butterflies can you catch? Great Bouquet : make sure to give your sweetheart a nice one! Amore Rose : show everyone how much you love your partner. Dress Plate : this armor for men is usable at level 1 and its 70 EDK will make sure megid becomes a distant memory for you. Heavenly/TP : +100 TP Genpei : a shield which look depends on your section ID. Union Guard : a boss drops this on Normal. Magic Rock Heart Key : no longer waste 50 PDs with Paganini to get those. Photon Booster : same thing. Blue Black Stone : make one of the Ultima exclusive combinations* Love Rappy's Beak : use this on any non rare lvl 50 mag to make a lovely pet: Love Rappy Charged photon blast trigger: Invincibility 10% HP trigger: Invincibility Boss area trigger: Invincibility Solo mode death trigger: Reverser Activation Rate: 50% Blue Black Stone Combinations Bloody Art => Blood Tornado Type: Dagger ATP: 550 - 600 ATA: 70 Grind: 33 Special: Demon Usable by all classes Crush Bullet => Crush Cannon Type: Shot ATP: 100 - 200 ATA: 50 EVP: -30 Grind: 25 Special: Gush Usable by all classes Dragon Slayer => Sil Dragon Slayer Type: Sword ATP: 600 - 650 ATA: 70 EVP: -15 Grind: 35 Special: Blizzard Usable by all classes Main Event Drops SLICER OF VENGEANCE Type: Slicer ATP: 470 - 525 MST: 20 ATA: 30 EVP: 25 Special: Charge Usable by all classes GLIDE DIVINE V.00 Type: Rod ATP: 185 - 550 MST: 55 ATA: 34 DFP: 80 EVP: 100 RES: 15 EDK, EIC, ETH, EDK, ELT Special attack: Anti level 3 Special use: can restore TP and reduce HP to 1 when equipped for 10 consecutive minutes Foie: +200% power Barta: +100% power Zonde: +100% power Combo unlocked Usable by all Forces RICO'S PARASOL Type: Partisan ATP: 250 - 300 ATA: 40 Special: Charge Shifta: +100% range Deband: +100% range Resta: +100% range Usable by all male characters LINDCRAY Type: Rifle ATP: 800 - 1200 MST: 35 ATA: 75 DFP: 20 Special: Spirit Resta: +100% range Anti: +100% range Usable by all Forces and Hunewearl Event ends on March 8th, 2024
  11. This other topic is about the same issue. I've fixed the common bank
  12. There is no need to keep the multiple topics if they are for the same issue. I am looking into it tho. I'll lock this topic and reference it in the other one.
  13. Some items were already stackable, others were made stackable and broke things. Either way, the way techniques work makes it impossible to stack, so that one wont happen.
  14. The custom hotkeys still work, also still need to be enabled in the launcher.
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