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  1. Add ons- data readers

    You first get the plugin from the first link following the instructions in it's repository. Copy dinput8.dll and the addons folder to the game root, for example C:/Ultima PSOBB/ And then copy the addons themselves, like those in my repository, into the addons directory. I can probably upload a picture later (on phone atm)
  2. It was left off by default for the reason exposed by Lemon. Maybe in the future we can do something different like notifying them somehow but by that same logic, people will never know that they can use npc skins, free camera control, hide the HUD, etc.... The only way they will figure it out is by reading about it either by some in game notification, in the forum, in Reddit, etc, and obviously this is already exposed in the commands list. Aselia implements a nice way of showing game commands help, so there is that too, for when we start using it.
  3. Keyboard input has stopped functioning

    I have never seen something like this. I assume your keyboard keeps working in other programs.
  4. Just as Lemon said. Shared drops and individual drops but with 1 player only is basically the same. With more players the DAR is reduced by a certain amount with makes all items less common.
  5. Jack-O-Lanterns Bug

    If you have 30 items and you open one lantern (having 2 or more), you'll get booted because the lanterns are stackable when they should not. This was an oversight of whoever implemented the stackable on that stuff (so I assume Lee, which was the original creator of the old patch method afaik). Sometime in the future we'll remove the stackability of these items (xmas presents, jackos, etc) to fix that problem (and this will also make the opened item appear instantly in your inventory). Obviously this will be a problem with already stacked items so I have to deal with that first. Note: Only the presents and related items will be made non stackable, all the other stuff will be kept as it is.
  6. Jack-O-Lanterns Bug

    As I said before, I know what the bug is. Also, if you re-read what he said, I'll add it below, he said "another bug" and said what happened... which I don't think is related. This means, the ship thought he had "used" the limiter which would then trigger the message if it didn't have enough kills.
  7. Jack-O-Lanterns Bug

    I just tried it and it works just fine. Not saying the "no item from jacko" bug is fixed, but I didn't get any message about unsealing so you probably just had some desync.
  8. Lantern ate my armor and a unit

    I'll be checking this soon.
  9. Jack-O-Lanterns Bug

    They indeed are... The bug has been found, it will be fixed soon.
  10. Jack-O-Lanterns Bug

    I'll be checking this soon.
  11. Sorry, I don't think we'll be adding new items for halloween (and it already started). But we probably will for anniversary.
  12. Well, it's finally time

    Wish you the best! I guess it doesn't hurt: Soly#0637
  13. Honestly I don't think we'll see it in the current server. But I do plan to include it in Aselia.
  14. Add ons- data readers

    All the add-ons draw in the game window... so that can't be done, sadly.
  15. When you donate, you receive a PM that says: "Please add a GM to this PM so you can redeem your donation tickets". You can just do that, add a GM and when we log in we'll see the message. You can also directly PM a member of the staff (I usually prefer specific messages rather than the automated one, but either works). So that's it, there is no need for us to put ourselves into a schedule which as it was said, won't work... because we volunteer to help, some of those helping also have school or a job or both. About me, if you PM me and ask for a redeem, if I am online and see it I'll give you instructions so I can redeem what you want. If I can't do it right away for whatever reason, I'll probably let you know so you can be on the lookout for other GM or just wait until I get the chance, also there is the possibility that I'll do it while you are offline if you left enough info for me to do that (like what Ricardo suggested)