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  1. I suppose it would have to do with your computer (graphics card maybe). But I wouldn't know about that, also being XP which was end of life'd 5 years ago...
  2. What guildcard? The one in your profile says is in team BeeHive
  3. Ultima's Custom Equips

    I can work with the images of some items. It was quite an undertaking cuz we can't render only the weapons outside of the game...
  4. Personaje Borrado

    I'll handle this with you on PMs
  5. I talked to Lemon briefly about this. If I am not mistaken, the DF wave FX is in a container which would have to get updated to apply the mod to the wave FX, I don't think I want to have the launcher managing files like this. This is the reason why I made the textures and models being able to just drop your custom file and the game will read it when needed without needing to modify the whole container. I am not sure if I can do the same with effect.xx (don't remember the extension) but the file is not overwritten by updates anyway so my short term solution would be to make a post in the game modifications sub forum with a nice title and maybe even pinned so people looking for this can find it easily. I am against putting stuff in the launcher just for the sake of being seen because nobody reads anything there anyway, otherwise I wouldn't be able to explain how people mistakenly log into the test server when the option is disabled by default.
  6. My idea was to make the game not trigger the pickup stuff so you can keep shooting just fine, or move the pickup stuff to [Ctrl + Key] but never found how to do it.
  7. Just to chime in on some of these. There might be a kills leaderboard before the new server is used but that's about it, any other special stuff won't be added as I can't be bothered anyway. A daily quest would be a nice addition but as Lemon said, new server. Adding quests is up to Larva I haven''t messed up with particles for armor and probably won't happen because of that. As Lemon said, we even encourage people to not get the higher hit/stat options, but I think that should be changed to be better the higher you go (but maybe keep it around the same you get right now). About items, I couldn't care less how much they would cost, I'd rather leave them that way to encourage people to not get them. Even though our discord has less channels, it seems about the same, people not using it is a different thing.
  8. Item concerns

    Removed the item from your inventory and bank. It should be fine now.
  9. The launcher is considered as a Trojan !

    As Gessé suggested, disable the antivirus, download the launcher, whitelist the game directory and then reenable the antivirus. The trojan warning is a false positive, there is not much I can do about it atm.
  10. Cuz of how I made both, they are separate and not that easy (not that hard either tho) to merge with each other so I just didn't feel like it. If you really want.. I can do what I suggested about linking to the drop table with the name filter set, but that's probably as much as I'd do...
  11. DAR and the rare drop rate. You are right on that... DAR affects the rare drops (but all other drops as well), is like a 2 stage drop kinda thing? But on your specific example with PGF, Olga (and all bosses for that matter) have 100% dar. Now about all that stuff of RNG... I won't get into old games, their consoles or their capabilities but for PSO, as others have pointed out, the drops are handled entirely by the server, no matter what you do in game will affect that (not directly tho). As for the RNG we use, we no longer use the teth default, we use a different one called XorShift, which is better than mtwist. As for how this works, it is seeded with a time function and every random number request changes the state of the RNG (there is only one global RNG), there is no other factor in the RNG So yeah, there is no manipulation to be done.
  12. I decided against such thing... Since looking up stuff in the drop table it's just as simple as copy pasting the name into the filter, I didn't add any linking for that.
  13. Lol, nah... is just that there is no other answer, sadly. Even worse with the fact that the project is in some sort of hiatus atm. Whenever I get back to it, news about it should come back in the dev topic whatever I had.
  14. Don't see something like that happening any time soon... And if it ever happens, it wouldn't be on the game, but rather on the website. That'd be up to larva if he wants to add a wiki like that, tons of manual work that I don't really see the point on doing... For leaderboards, there isn't much data, I only have kill tracking but I don't plan to use it on a leaderboard, not until Aselia.