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  1. Ultimately (no pun intended) you want to whitelist the game folder to avoid these issues, and possibly disable the antivirus while the game is installing.
  2. The game's stacking stuff is general for inventory and bank, while it might be possible to separate it, I don't really want to mess with it.
  3. Tbh, that'd probably be appreciated.... I'll see what I can do. I guess if nothing else, the options could be inverted so you just click through it
  4. The quest definitely is not made to crash you... that was just unfortunate.
  5. You can recover the account with the email used to register it
  6. Remember to exclude the game (psobb.exe) too
  7. Si, esa opcion no funciona, y eso solo para el equipo, y creo que tienen que estar en linea de todas maneras. Solo se pueden dejar 50 items en el suelo, despues de eso, comienzan a desaparecer, entonces de igual forma no se podrian pasar mas de dos inventarios. Y tambien, solo se pueden recojer 30 (si tienes el inventario vacio), no le veo problema en hacer 2 trades por el trade window. Esa es la solucion mas sencilla que ya existe.
  8. I guess that would be a nice thing to implement, but also using multiple clients isn't really that hard... The only issue, as you pointed it out.. was having items on the floor, just use the trade window like you should with any other trade, even if you were to disconnect or crash, you should be ok.
  9. Could be, but usually when the launcher fails to update, it doesn't close the update window.
  10. Send me a PM with the information you have.
  11. Right click the launcher and select run as administrator. If enabled, windows will ask for your user credentials to run the app.
  12. Try running the launcher as admin again, the launcher is the one that updates the file containing the item names.
  13. Then no idea what's going on, if you can access it... the game could still be blocked by something else but you already tried AV/Firewall
  14. Can you access http://www.ultimapsobb.com/? It should say "hello world"
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