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  1. Unable to register for the game

    Actually dash (-) should be good as well.
  2. Maybe try this https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/30395-crash-when-facing-backwards/&do=findComment&comment=185277
  3. Replying or sending a PM can be spammed as well, so it is not going away. If you are replying to the same PM tho, it should just merge your new reply in the previous one.
  4. (No908) Patch server connection failed.

    Sadly I don't think I can help you. Can you try using a VPN? If that works, then most likely your ISP is blocking your connection with us.
  5. remember login/email

    I think I talked to him in facebook.
  6. Can't select a resolution, yay!

    We don't use that launcher anymore, anyway.
  7. Unable to Open Launcher

    Disable your antivirus temporarily to download the launcher then whitelist the game folder. It is a false positive but nothing I can do about it.
  8. It is possible and I have some ideas for this, but again, something that sets us back is the current server code.
  9. Can´t go past "Select BLOCK" screen

    Windows protect? You mean windows defender? It could be your ISP, if you have any sort of user control panel or something, check if there is anything that could be block the game.
  10. Can´t go past "Select BLOCK" screen

    This actually looks like a network issue. I don't really see anything weird in your char
  11. Actually is completely different.... @Lemon did I upload the quest? I don't remember :/
  12. Not gonna happen, there is no need.
  13. (No908) Patch server connection failed.

    It might not be what you suggested but we aren't blocking IPs right now. Probably what you are using is a VPN which bypasses the block your ISP has on us.
  14. Can't stack newly obtained items

    That definitely should not happen, but if no one else is experiencing this. Maybe you haven't updated your game. Delete psobb.dll and run the launcher and see if it fixes.