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  1. @Foxen can you try, check in all characters... if it breaks again I'll fix those as well
  2. Sorry, I'll be checking it now. Keep in mind (and for anyone else trying to do this) that I won't be manually fixing stuff you break.
  3. There are no control settings client side, only server side. I find interesting that you ended up breaking the whole thing, can you give me you guildcard? For the controller to NOT be read by the game, I believe connecting it after starting the game works.
  4. I don't think I'd push that server wide honestly. You can always swap textures tho
  5. I'm sorry but I don't think we can do anything for you. You could have given the items away and you don't remember or someone with access to your account could have taken them. Also being years ago and not knowing when exactly it would be very difficult.
  6. The DTs stuff is done by a third party so I doubt any would happen (decimals or notifications). Larva can suggest it tho. About the hotkeys... the camera and hud (and map) are specific while the lobby event ones were like a cycle kinda thing which I didn't like so I probably wont bring them back.
  7. That's it. pretty much. I haven't looked into it but basically the ship is not giving you the right meseta when selling stuff. I guess I can at least make it not kick people since the meseta is refreshed in the bank when you access.... I"ll see if I can check this soon.
  8. It shows in your profile, yeah. Last week we had an issue with the donation app that DTs were not given to the profiles, we are looking into it.
  9. @SubZero I sent you a message.
  10. I have updated the texture and it should work now. Please update again.
  11. Don't "report" anywhere, I will let you guys know when it works in the other topic.
  12. Ok, it should be fixed now. People need to update the game again tho.
  13. Well, it seems I had the wrong file all along. Or rather, the one with the replaced skins was never updated in the repository. I'll see if I can fix this in a little bit.
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