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  1. Virus Patch

    Just gotta be careful, although sometimes is nice to have a fail safe (when it doesn't bork )
  2. Virus Patch

    As R-78 said, those are false positives. I am the developer of the DLL and the client itself is the original client with just a few patches here and there with no extra code on it except the code to load the DLL. If it helps to ease your mind, every other server presents false positives too.
  3. The alternate hotkeys can only be used when activated from a controller. For some reason sega didn't make it work when using the keyboard (we have not been able to fix that yet)
  4. I cant launch the game :(

    I'd suggest to add an exception in your antivirus for the game folder, and you should probably disable it while you update the game. I don't know why in the last few months the game has been flagged quite a lot more than usual.
  5. Add ons- data readers

    What error do you get exactly? Could you paste a screenshot of it?
  6. Max Stat Calculator error / bug

    I have fixed both. V101 was missing a dot (1.5) and Samurai Armor for some reason had the LCK boost in HP (one column to the right, which makes me believe there might be more errors like this).
  7. I cant launch the game :(

    Have you tried to update ALL files and not only the game executable? Try disabling your antivirus to see if it's blocking the DLL from being loaded.
  8. I cant launch the game :(

    All settings are stored in the registry and the game does not modify them, only the launcher. Either way if the launcher is able to start (and start the game), then it is not the issue.
  9. The instructions in that topic are actually wrong (I have asked for them to be changed and submitted a PR with install instructions in the read me). You need the folder "Chatlog" in the addon folder, the one named xxxx-master is not needed there.
  10. There is no way to increase the font size (maybe if you use a font which has the size increased? I don't know if that would work). You can also use a lower HUD resolution If you have the resolution 1440 x 2560, then set the HUD 1080 x 1920. (If you meant 2560 x 1440, then obviously 1920 x 1080) Another solution which might not be as good for you, is to use the chatlog addon, which can have the font size you want but obviously requires a bunch of external stuff.
  11. fkn chicken music has got to go

    Also you can /lobbyevent -1 to "lock" the music you currently have playing, as it says in the commands list https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/tool-box/commands/
  12. Game Crashing

    Right click either the executable or a shortcut and click "Run as administrator". Remember is the launcher and not the game client.
  13. Game Crashing

    If you are in windows 7 or up, can you run the launcher as Administrator and enable the option "Crash Dumps". Once the game crashes, you will find a file named psobb.XXXXX.dmp (x are numbers). Zip that and upload somewhere like here, I'd recommend to send me the link through PMs and I will check it out.
  14. Game Crashing

    Does the game actually crash, like windows shows a message like "This program has stopped working"? Do you have any custom textures or any other modification?
  15. Game Crashing

    This topic is quite old... But what problem exactly are you having?