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  1. I'll be locking this... as this "catch all" kinda topic includes this as well.
  2. Maybe you are talking about the control panel Chuk was working on. Adding extra slots is possible, but I haven't implemented it here yet, and not sure if I will in the current server source we use. I tried before but wasn't able to do some stuff I wanted to make use of.
  3. Could you share what the problem was? (In case someone else runs into a similar issue)
  4. No, it is not. This is probably an antivirus or something else not letting the launcher connect.
  5. I guess I should clarify that is not a 0 or 1 thing, but it would be the same answer every time tho, too much effort and time required to go hunt assembly code to patch. I'm always open to suggestions on that side but well, I don't think anyone has ever said anything remotely close to that area.
  6. SOLY

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. King Ra

      King Ra

      Nice. What kind of programming do you do?

    3. Soly


      Mostly web, HTML and related stuff (js, css) as well as PHP.
      Anything else we are asked to tho.

    4. King Ra

      King Ra

      Very cool. I have a friend majoring in computer science so I know a little from what he has told me.

      Well, you'll probably not see me on forums much until next year XD but if you got a discord I'm pretty active on there.

  7. So do I. Having the source code of the client would be a very big thing and as far as I know nobody has it. When I say something cannot be done, it doesn't mean that it actually can't be done at all, just that the effort it requires is too big. But for our purposes, can't be done... There are other people more talented than me and with more available time but I don't think there is any new level design or entirely new weapons, we do have new weapon skins tho (thanks to the community, ofc) (2 cents from my dev POV)
  8. Sorry... has been quite crazy lately. I have fixed your change as it somehow saved it but didn't happen...
  9. There was an issue with a false positive on the launcher which for some reason escalated quite high with some people (talking about our host) so we removed it temporarily. You can download the launcher here https://drive.google.com/open?id=140PU_e28w18GKt_7dj2PmWlTg6zwFU-K Be aware that this will say the file is infected but that is not the case. I'll be fixing this soon so the launcher can update itself normally without issue.
  10. Honestly, trying to scare people isn't a good idea either.
  11. Actually I would like to know as well. Whatever the reason @Protoss hid Mud's reply (which is actually hidden, not deleted) doesn't reflect what other staff thinks. I think (and hope) there was no attempt of that, because I think there hasn't been such thing in the past (afaik) and I do dislike the way @Larva replied. It's clear we have been falling behind on stuff, there isn't really a set schedule (although there is a expected time) for events but this stuff is done with Love (if you know what I mean), people don't get paid to do this 24/7, so they do on their own time (but doesn't mean they must have to use their free time on this either). While I don't want to excuse ourselves with that, well... I kinda have to... but anyway, the main thing I did want to say is that stuff doesn't have to be in it's final form when put out in the public, if it is, well cool, but stuff can change, the weapon was put out for the event, then after thinking on it more (and some lack of communication I guess) we thought that it was a little too much (which in the end doesn't seem to be, speaking about the rifle to handgun range).
  12. I'd like to mention that doesn't mean we'd automatically give you whatever item anyway.
  13. Can you give me your guildcard and character slot where you attempted the change?
  14. It's technically a handgun
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