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  1. Follow this topic. Yours isn't even in the right subforum.
  2. But that's the same thing no? I (not so openly) oppose to making those kind of items since this is what they end up doing, people wanting other things to not "suck". Also, it just pushes itself, we have this, so now we must make something (at least slightly) stronger and so on, which is evident with the bunch of new items we have. I have been telling kajex that I'd like an overall nerf so things are not edges (and also so we can have a nice headroom for doing special things)... oh well... I'll go back to add some more info to Aselia's commands.
  3. It might be that when you obtained it, the stats changed based on that? I don't know and haven't checked the client but I don't think kills on it affect anything (the max kills you can have in an item is 32767)
  4. I don't think the prestige system would ever make it to the current server, so I think we should lock this for now until I can get to it in the new one.
  5. Lol.. I can't even go flash a new rom on my phone cuz the world explodes (and so does my router that can't keep up a steady 100 kb/s).
  6. Whenever you add a "class" setting here I don't know, should they...
  7. I don't think Luck can go over max. Units are not class restricted either. But hunters don't need it, they are already melee guys ¯\_ツ_/¯
  8. And there is no problem with that, new changes appear first, it's not like you have to browse through tons of entries. Either way that's mostly for admins to know who you have traded (or when a GM adjusts the value).
  9. Alright, if there is any other issue, comment on the quest's topic.
  10. Nah, you would just be there trying to pick up items. Not being able to fire. Change your palette so you don't have to hit down arrow first, when doing combos and it should be fine.
  11. I'll just say that, you are trying to go too far with those ideas. While they are technically possible, It would require me to add a bunch of code and patches specifically for those weapons and I don't like the idea.
  12. I already have some ideas for HH in the new server none of which will happen in the current one for technical reasons.
  13. Yep, I'll be locking this then. Good work you did, guys... 19 pages damn...
  14. No, it is not. I'm really thinking of backing out on that too... cuz of recent events... Regardless of what happens to it, is still trading. I don't think there is any problem having all trading topics in the same area. Most if not all topics I have seen say steam in the title so people can just skip them, if they dont say it, people can still just skip them...