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  1. Can you message me privately and tell me which accounts you registered to check them out?
  2. To me, it says your account was already validated
  3. Don't use special characters (only - _ and .)
  4. You can change some keys in the game menu, but not all of them are assignable.
  5. Well, I don't even know what's the issue there as the download does not use https You can grab the latest update from the following link and apply it manually. You need to copy this link and paste it in a new tab http://www.ultimapsobb.com/psobb/v1/update/update.zip
  6. Then it must have been a different account. If you can think of any other emails, try them too.
  7. Not sure if I got PM'd by them but if not, they can still PM me about it.
  8. Soly

    R-78 mall

    Can you PM me?
  9. I can't do anything about that... I don't know why it happens and I don't think the rig you have matters as pso is so old it doesn't take advantage of it.
  10. This might be your network at work. Kinda weird being able to connect up to the block and then getting DC'd... but I can't think of anything that could just disconnect you like that. Even more if you say you can play at home just fine.
  11. I see, well not much to do there then.
  12. If for some reason you can't log in through facebook, you can reset the password to the account and it should let you in normally. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/lostpassword/
  13. A while ago I made the launcher not honor modified files because otherwise it because an issue when we do updates. However, to overcome this issue with users, I have the game look for specific custom files. The post about this can be found here. The specific file you are trying to mod is called texturejapanese.xvm, and like I wrote in the linked post, make a copy of the file and name it texture_custom.xvm, if this file is found on the data folder, it will be loaded instead of the original file.
  14. I'm gonna lock the topic as I am already looking into this with you in a PM.
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