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  1. Game crashes after starting

    Huh... that's weird. What's the guildcard getting the error? Is the one in your profile?
  2. Ayuda bug item con otro nombre

    Actualiza el juego con el launcher.
  3. This has been added but a server restart will be needed for it to take effect. We'll do it soon, probably when the next event starts. I'll pass on this one for now, I will look into implementing it into Aselia tho. We have thought about it but I don't really want to mess with it in the current code base. However in Aselia I was already implementing something similar, I haven't finished it tho.
  4. Alright... you can find the item in your slot 2.
  5. 1) I don't really think it would make much of a difference saving the current bank but I guess I can do it. 2) Personally I don't like to modify maps and stuff when there isn't really a good reason to do so, but Larva is the one who has the last word so I guess you can ask him. 3) I guess this is easier than exporting it to show in the forum, after all in game all you need is one command. 4) Those bunch if UI changes idk if I want to get onto it... the requirements of items are in the item wiki anyway.. ? 5) That'd be something for the chatbox developer... not much we can do. 6) I need to find some time to clean that stuff, I am aware of that and I told Larva about it after we merged the languages...I'll eventually get to it.
  6. There was only 1 RR dropped in the time you said, which I suppose is the one you were seeing. But since you couldn't pick it up, your party member could have picked it up (unless as you said it was individual drops).
  7. The problem I have is, your screenshot is all sketchy (even though it doesn't really give any validity for proof, like any other picture regardless of what it is)... but I did see that your party got an RR, however, your party member obtained an RR then too with only one appeared to be dropped. This is not conclusive but it all seems like he was the one who picked it up... I'll check other stuff in a few minutes..
  8. game won't launch.

    Try running the installer as administrator. Also disable your antivirus while installing it.
  9. Como dices que no puedes leer muy bien ingles, te lo resumo acá Originalmente los drops individuales reducían el DAR a valores de 1.00, 0.67, 0.55, 0.43 Luego de una actualización, cometí un error que básicamente hizo que drops individuales no tuvieran reducción de DAR, después de corregir eso luego de un tiempo, se creó el topic que te vincularon en una respuesta anterior, como ya la gente se había acostumbrado a la falta de reducción, decidimos disminuir la reducción a 1.00, 0.80, 0.70, 0.60 respectivamente. Al hacer pruebas con el nuevo código y valores, en 4 jugadores el juego da aproximadamente 2 veces la cantidad de items que daría normalmente, lo cual realmente excede la cantidad que íbamos a habilitar originalmente y pues parece bien. Lo que la gente parece no entender, es que aunque los drops raros de un monstruo sea 1/2, cuando juegan 4, el DAR es 0.60... lo cual va a reducir la probabilidad de obtener dicho ítem.
  10. Could very well be... but I checked and the person I named doesn't have an RR the day before...
  11. I know, but even that is not really much of a proof either. Anyway, I have checked and it does seem that your party obtained an RR, but it also seems that CHAITANYA picked it up.
  12. So... maybe @Ricardo Gomes can help me out a bit here (translating)... Why does your picture of the addon shows the red ring being 0/5 DEF and 0/5 EVP, the red ring does not have that variance. Also, could you tell me who you were playing with that time (if you don't remember, you can find their guildcards in your logs of that day, I assume they said at least 1 thing during the run) Also keep in mind you and anyone else reading this stuff, the item reader is not really considered a proof of anything.
  13. Calm down y'all I'll ask @Larva to change them back.
  14. I don't know if it would be a good idea... I don't think any combination results into a consumable... and I am sure someone will come complaining that their god tier combination got reverted "by mistake".
  15. Forgotten accounts

    Send me a PM.