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  1. hey my friend cant get his password recovered ,he know he is using the right email but when he goes to reover it says invalid email ...we havent played in about 2 years and wanted to get back into it ...someone said you could help ... 

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      did you find anything?

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      Lol.. give me some time... I have to download and read them it takes time (and I'm not doing that all day)

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      ok cool , thanks 

  2. Doubt it... I mean, yes but not without spending some time looking for that in the client.
  3. I added it a while ago... 4 weeks. It's below the "event is active" line
  4. It was an error in a change I made, to enable unreduced specials in certain weapons, it has been fixed since it was first reported tho.
  5. You asked for a pic so here's my singer just before we started :P



  6. Connect the controller after starting one of the clients, the one started when the controller is NOT connected, won't use it's input.
  7. No, but you can make more than 1 account. The launcher, if enabled, will store your login information for every account (you have to log in up to the character selection for it to save the account). After that is matter of just opening the launcher, select the account you want to log in and hit start.
  8. No, it is not. It's disabled for the time being, it will be brought back someday but it has to be modified first.
  9. Well.. not sure how to help you there...
  10. I had some stuff about that... but I can't find it... The only thing I remember is that you had to install winetricks then install net framework from somewhere, I think larva put that in a topic somewhere.
  11. I still don't think the launcher has anything to do, but to run it you need net framework.
  12. No idea.... the only time I tried the game from a flash drive it was pretty slow. The message you said ("connecting to the server please wait") is shown when you are receiving your character preview data and other stuff... It definitely is not a "loop", so it must be the game running pretty slow on that.... Have you tried in a PC?
  13. Does it ever show "Patch Connection Failed"? Because it seems like something is blocking the game from connecting (which would be your side)
  14. It's at Lv160 Every item in the game is available but not necessarily obtainable... Usually custom items drop only during events.
  15. I don't think it has to do with the Launcher not starting (although you will be missing certain stuff because of that). What do you mean exactly with loop of connecting? Right after you are done with the updates, when selecting the character, selecting the ship?