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  1. You can just read your reply in the other topic xD Probably too hard to do such thing (increasing bullets per combo)... and even worse the "bullet spread"
  2. Does the game window flash for a second and then quit? If that's the case, try to adjust your resolution settings
  3. I haven't added the Ultima Bringers pierce, but that's on the things to do.
  4. Doubt it would be related to that, but maybe it was a hiccup somewhere in the middle of the connection.
  5. Well, as I said another person was gettick stuck mid download somehow without throwing an error, and he said it was his network somehow... So it's a possibility... since it's not getting an AV error, is not that... But I really don't know.
  6. I haven never seen this, but someone was having an issue where the launcher would get stuck instead, mid download... it seems it was his ISP or something with his connection. I'd advise to look into that... In the meantime, you can download this file and decompress it onto the game folder, it contains all the updates (except the luancher) However since the download is not https, chrome (and other browsers) wont let you directly download it, so copy the link and paste it into a new tab, that should make it work. http://ultimapsobb.com/psobb/v1/update/update.7z
  7. That is harder to do with monster stats, given the way they are loaded.
  8. That's probably worse tbh... imagine, as this is still RNG, you don't get anything ever... oof... I still think just removing that dar reduction would be better, and deal with the "abuse" of it later on.
  9. To update here before I go to bed. Talked with Ives (Ender asked him) and it seems that after all, the "single section id" for cmode is the right thing, this based on the fact that the other IDs seem to have data of normal mode and not data similar to the cmode one. Also the fact that we don't know what the data for that psow page is based on, can't really use it for much and we have literally no source for what the other section ids would be, if they were actually different
  10. To correct myself, cmode doesn't come with teth, but the cmode code we have was made by someone else (Doberman, iirc, maybe with help from other people). @ink thanks for poiting that out, I just checked the default PT file, and it defintiely is not the same between the first 2 cmode IDs (also seems kinda pointless to have multiple difficulty tables for CMode if only normal is used). I'll be looking into correcting this then... but I will probably take a little bit to review all the tables. While this is "nice", you are already out of sync... so yeah, think the
  11. You will have to either whitelist the launcher/game folder and maybe disable the antrivirus temporarily while installing it.
  12. The starting inventories for cmode are hardcoded and definitely were not sync'd server side, I am fairly sure I looked at that before, but I could probably look into it again to make sure. The game rng for cmode is the same as it comes with teth, so idk about that... monster stats are the same in cmode tho, so if they were modified that might be an issue. I am aware of this, but I was asked not to fix so yeah... people have to be aware that if they skip a stage, it's on them for doing so. Afaik, all of the IDs are exactly the same in CMode... if anything, te
  13. Although this is probably not even possible (talking about quest script things), if it were, it'd definitely be a security concern. The problem with this scenario is when multiple people play from the same internet connection. While there is probably not even 5%? of people doing so, but those who do would be screwed. The game also uses another identifier, that although is not reliable can be used to do that "no multiple drops on the same pc", but then is not fair because some people will either have multiple computers or use virtual machines to run more game instan
  14. Sadly I don't have enough power yet to conjure something with Ultima Bringer's but soon
  15. Oh alright... Who knows what the issue was with the other one.
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