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  1. I was gonna ask what you meant but then saw the highlight. The question in general was answered but regarding to the grind part of the question: Afaik you can actually grind sealed weapons.... if not, it would be useless to have 35 grind on Lame D'Argent (although who would want to keep it as a Lame anyway) however this does not affect the unsealing operation.
  2. To expand on what lemon suggested. The server doesn't track the kills the same as the client and the client will internally fall behind... once you are able to unseal the item, the client will think is missing kills and not let you unseal. Changing blocks as suggested by lemon will refresh the client's kill counter and make it work.
  3. Sadly, character banks are embedded in the character data itself, loading banks of other characters involves loading the whole character and I wouldn't really like to do that. I wont rule out the option of having multiple common banks but is not really a priority.
  4. I don't know what you mean with console commands resetting. Commands act on the spot, if they must preserve anything, it would be saved on the character data or some other fields in the database.
  5. Lol... With broken I meant not having the data it was intended to have. Anyway, yeah it brought down from 1600 atp.. to the current value which should be available in the item wiki.
  6. The chatbox cannot be embedded in team pages because of the way it works... If the developer of it decides to update it to support the teams stuff then yeah, you would be able to add it as a "team feature" like topics or events... otherwise no. And regarding to the discord widget, I cannot let people manage the blocks (how all those thingies are put on the sidebar) so no, however you should be able to pin a topic and people would be able to find the discord link there.
  7. Yes, it was broken before and was fixed a while ago.
  8. I don't think casts were meant to be permanently buffed by themselves .... You'd probably charge PB faster just hitting monsters (instead of waiting the pb unit)? I don't actually know how long it would take but yeah...
  9. The only one needed is psobb.exe. But maybe you had some corrupted or missing files which the reinstall fixed.... hopefully it stays that way.
  10. Try DEP (Data Execution Prevention).. I'm on mobile and can't look up the exact steps for that.
  11. I use W10 and don't use any compatibility mode, I'd recommend to use one only if you have issues running the game.
  12. Login Issues

    Will do! Let us know if it works.
  13. Login Issues

    I'm sorry to hear that, I don't use VPN and it's usually pretty fast, only when someone else is like watching YouTube or something in my house, it gets a bit slow but still works. For example right now, after pressing start it took less than 25 seconds to get in. But this is kinda far from what you could check with since I am not that far from where the server is.
  14. o-0

    1. Despirien Kaghe

      Despirien Kaghe

      Back with a new vengeance... My own damned bad memory!