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  1. Account recovery

    As I replied to the email you sent, you will have to wait for google to give you access back to your account. As for the item names, you didn't update your game, do that through the launcher.
  2. error 908

    It might be a firewall or your ISP blocking the connection. Can you see "hello world" here http://ultimapsobb.com/ ?
  3. Can't install game

    Since you say install the game, I am going to assume that error is from the installer. The problem might be your antivirus, so disable it temporarily while you install the game, I would also recommend whitelisting the game directory as well, so the AV doesn't mess with the launcher or updates. I don't know why you would put the game inside /client/client, if there is no particular reason, I would recommend you to just leave the default location.
  4. Wont let me download launcher!Help

    The launcher no longer includes that kind of code. Still, I suppose since program is really small, downloads files from the internet and launches other programs, it still shows false positives. Sadly there is not much I can do about it.
  5. Buffed Belras

    I'll nag larva for that.
  6. Is not possible, for the reason you exposed. Other games are... well... other games and is not like we can magically copy such thing.
  7. Probably we should add glitches (as in specifically) to the guidelines... Either way, you cannot dupe items, at least not that way and you'd be banned as well. I'll go ahead and lock the thread.
  8. Cannot download launcher

    That's your antivirus deleting it. Disable your antivirus to download it and place it wherever you have the game, then white list the game folder so it doesn't get deleted.
  9. stuck at connection screen

    What does your wife's pc use for internet? (Is it a laptop with integrated wifi?) Is there any way for you to connect with a cable to the router?
  10. Kicked to Main Menu while banking Meseta

    Yeah, the one I am working.
  11. Kicked to Main Menu while banking Meseta

    The issue with that meseta has not been solved in the server currently in use. Aselia shouldn't have this issue but is still far from being used.
  12. Unable to register for the game

    Actually dash (-) should be good as well.
  13. Maybe try this https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/30395-crash-when-facing-backwards/&do=findComment&comment=185277
  14. Replying or sending a PM can be spammed as well, so it is not going away. If you are replying to the same PM tho, it should just merge your new reply in the previous one.