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  1. Sorry, meant to reply that too, I don't know about ADDING more textures to the file that holds this stuff (haven't tried), but most likely it could be added in some hackish way... however I doubt we'd do that... there isn't really a need to see what items are not custom in game, that'd be something more for like the item wiki
  2. I don't think having commands for banks would be a good idea... I'd raise you an idea that I wanted to implement since a while ago, which is just "infinite" banks... when you run out of space for one, just add another one... of course this would not really be infinite but think like... having the option of up to 10 common banks or something.... could even remove the "character" bank and have just some shared vault (each character would probably save which bank was accessed last so that could act as character bank, if you wanted). Sadly is not really possible to increase the bank size (just like the inventory), as the game stores this with other data and messing with that is just asking for problems... also think about scrolling for 400, 600, 1000 items... is probably better to just have extra banks instead. Don't get your hopes up tho... this probably won't happen for a while.
  3. You have to whitelist the file/folder.
  4. No se que decirte, verifica que no tienes mayusculas activadas. Si aun asi no te puedes conectar, te recomendaria "recuperar" la cuenta, asi puedes cambiar el password https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/account-management/account-recovery/
  5. Well, you realized... the launcher has to be in the same folder where psobb.exe is, yeah.
  6. The log about _items.ini is just to... well... log that, it doesn't have any effect on the game. Did you install the game from the installer? (The launcher only downloads updates, it doesn't install other required files)
  7. It doesn't delete itself, your antivirus deletes it, so you need to whitelist the game.
  8. We fixed this a few days ago, I have activated it anyway.
  9. Just so other people see it here. RIght now there is an issue with emails and recovery emails won't be sent. We'll be fixing it soon
  10. Alrighty, Imma lock the topic... hopefully it wont break again
  11. To let you guys know Belras should be fixed, and I'm checking the baranz now
  12. Alrighty so... I'll get this straight once and for all, sooner than later
  13. Regarding the inventory and bank space, the way they are stored in the character data makes it impossible to increase without a lot of work and changes that can easily break stuff
  14. Virec

    Happy Birthday @Soly

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