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  1. It's fine for me, whatever you are using is borked or the download didnt finish correctly. Also "Cannot open 7zxa.dll" ... that would be more suspicious.
  2. It's somewhere in the change log topic. Get it here.
  3. I think is better to just have pgf all year but better rates during xmas
  4. Hello, how are you?!
    Excuse me I just created the account and confirm it in the mail and when I try to enter it says that my id or my pass are not good to verify. If you could help me, it would be great, I would thank you in heart.
    1. Soly


      Forum and game accounts are not the same.
      You might have not actually registered a game account.

  5. Hola Estas Ocupado? ocupo añadirle hit amy wep podras ayudarme?

    1. Soly


      Enviame un PM

    2. Douglas


      No te tengo Agregado como lo ago oh te refieres aqui?

    3. Soly
  6. @R-78 @Night @mudkipzjm Originally, the server resets armors that have stats over their max value, but I think I removed that long ago (when people where "accidentally" converting their "max" red rings into costumes, which would end up removing the stats). If I did, then you only need to have an armor with enough extra stats to reach the max of the end item.
  7. Press Enter to enable editing of the field, then Enter to finish editing. Do the same with the password field.
  8. It seems like it's that time of the day. 180
  9. Welcome! Good luck rebuilding your characters.
  10. Welcome back! I never had any consoles other than a few from nintendo (Snes, N64 and GC). I got started with PSO in GC and quickly made my way to Ultima (once I was able to play in PC, online).
  11. Welcome! Yeah, you can get up and running pretty easy here. Enjoy your stay!
  12. @Lemon he already sent me a PM. So I'll just lock this, since we'll deal with it in the PM.
  13. Lo manejaremos por PM.