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  1. Ayuda no me abre el juego

    Parece que estas usando los addons, si es asi, sigue las instrucciones para instalarlos correctamente. https://github.com/HybridEidolon/psobbaddonplugin#installation
  2. I don't remember what I might have told you @Terrybriggs711 before... but definitely is not something we can fix. I'll check in the forum's dev forum to see if there is something about it, if not, I'll ask larva to submit a bug report or something.
  3. Launcher.exe keeps disappearing

    Your antivirus most likely. White list the folder where the game is to avoid any future issues.
  4. Item Donations.

    Ahh ok, well.. Idk what it could be as I have never seen that error before (pretty useful error...) I guess you could wait a bit as the error suggests.
  5. Item Donations.

    And I guess the error is displayed in the forum?
  6. Item Donations.

    At what part of the process do you get the issue?
  7. Sadly it seems your ISP is hijacking the connection https://whatismyipaddress.com/ip/ The server IP address is not that one. This is most likely because it's "warning about malware", you could try going to http://ultimapsobb.com/ but you won't see the "it works" page. See if you can whitelist our address in your ISP's customer area.
  8. It is not but that's irrelevant since you are getting a 908. Check that your firewall or ISP is not blocking the game. Try the following command in a command prompt ping ultimapsobb.com
  9. Could it be a firewall setting maybe in your user area. Someone recently had the same issue with the downloads/site being blocked and it was that.
  10. DTS system is down!

    We are still looking into it. However I have added the DTs to your profile as well as all other people that were experiencing the same. There is still some issues to fix but it should at least work now.
  11. Website malware

    Since a while ago the client, dll as well as launcher have been getting substantially more false positives, sadly there is not much I can do about it. Edit the settings of that firewall/whatever it is so it allows our site or disable it I guess....
  12. My game keeps crashing??

    Try this https://send.firefox.com/ But then send me the link in a PM.
  13. Only the government quests implement this functionality. The normal multiplayer quests were not really designed for this, so this might not happen... I'll discuss this with the staff to add it Aselia, maybe adding flags to which quests can be joined in progress.
  14. I honestly don't like the idea too much but also don't dislike it entirely... I think is a bit extreme since there can only be at most 4 players tho... Games like CSGO for example where there can be many more is kinda different (and there it gets abused most of the time lol). I'll think about it but I doubt it would make it into the current server, for Aselia shouldn't be too hard to make.
  15. how to delete account

    As @Ricardo Gomes said. Please PM me and I'll help you out.