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  1. check message plz

  2. Still available, must be on Ship 2
  3. Weekly's will get you close to 2Mill per character. Curently only have 2 though that can do SH quests. Lv 75/60 hunter/fighter and Lv 60/45 ranger/ gunner
  4. Looking to trade items for meseta on PSO2. Will even entertain trades for for gear on PSO2 on XBOX Gamertag: Drinkbeer87 The trade would work like this. You let me know what item you want and I will start a trade on Ultima. I will have you buy something like a monomate for the price we agree on and have you buy it on PSO2 and I will complete the trade. I will continue to update the list when I can, just going to post things I feel people will be more interested in. If you're going to offer a trade I'm only looking for fully grinded 13* weapons with good augments or good Units. Tsumikiri J-Sword 100/0/0/100/80 -50M Arrest Needle 30/35/0/0/25 -15M Ultima Reaper 30/80/0/0/70 -15M Psycho Raven 0/45/15/50/0 -15M Crush Cannon 0/0/0/0/30 -10M Sil Dragon Slayer 0/0/25/0/35 -10M Slicer Of Vengeance 20/40/0/35/0 -5M Inferno Girasole 25/0/0/0/0 -5M Sange & Yasha 0/0/35/0/35 -3M Astereon Striker 0/0/40/35/0 -3M Frozen Shooter 0/0/0/35/40 -1M Dragon Slayer 0/0/0/40/40 -1M Rianov-2 0/0/0/0/60 -1M S-Red Blades 0/0/0/0/0 -1M Rico's Parasol 0/35/0/30/0 -1M Rico's Parasol 30/40/0/0/0 -1M Red Ring -15M Cent/Battle -15M Cent/Ability -5M V502 -5M Smartlink -5M Blue Black Stone -5M Magic Rock "Heart Key" x2 Star Ampflifier x4 Photon Drop x18 -2M for all 18 Mag: Sato 5/125/70/0 -5M Mag: Devil's Tail 5/135/60/0 -5M
  5. I've been playing it quite a bit and I'm still very on the fence about it. I enjoy the combat but the game just feels very thrown together and is just non stop grinding that hasn't been all the enjoyable lol. Unless it get's better later on. Only Lv 30 Main/ 20 Sub.
  6. I'm sure I have a few things in my bank I can help you out with, I know I have several Frozen shooters and a spread you can have.
  7. I'll give you 1 Dt : 1.5 NYC so for 45 NYC I'll give you 30DTs
  8. Don't know the whole story and don't know if I've ever even played with you but I don't mind helping you level a little and giving you a few things to help ya out. It's not going to be anything amazing.
  9. Looking to sell or trade my TJS 100/0/0/100/80 for good HuCast Weapons. Selling for or 110DT or open to trades. My current weapons are as follows to give you an idea of what could be useful or I might consider. Ultima Reaper 0/100/100/0/80 PR's 0/50/50/50/0 Inferno Girasole 0/50/50/0/0 AS 0/0/0/50/50 Armor DF Field Red Ring
  10. Trade you Blue Black Stone for Crush Bullet [0/35/0/35/25] 30?
  11. Blue Black Stone- Ep1 Ult Sorcerer
  12. Im always up for playing with anyone. I don't care for drama. I'v played since the Original Dreamcast release and still own mint copys for DC & Gamecube so I just genuinely love the game. Im all for helping people grind for stuff they need/ want. There is very little I need so Im in it for the kills and nostalgia and some @$$ hattery ofcourse. Im all for teamming up Tru, I've always had a good experience buying stuff from you and seem like a pretty chill person. And no good comp is complete without a good FO. Starlord you'r more than welcome to come get you're brosif on. I would hate to see someone quit do to not having fun people to play with.
  13. Looking for an active team for mindless rolling face on keyboard for hours on end. Or a chill end game team that is pretty active and wants to work together to get those shiny red boxes. I prefer this option of course. I currently only play one character, Kireek Lv 200 HuCast Viridia ID ofcourse to stay legit. Has pretty decent gear. I have all voice chats that are relevant. I don't mind long strolls through TTF to help lv teammates. Within reason of course. Prefer adults that arent offended easily but know how to walk that fine line. I am also leveling a Ranger who is currently around lv 110 RaMar Skyly ID just havent found a group that will make leveling a fun experience. If I sound like you're type hit me up.
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