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  1. Bomb-Chu - Oran - Episode 4 - Ultimate - Dorphon Eclair
  2. Happy Birthday Hawk 💪

    1. Hawk


      Thanks bro :) 

    2. Wayne Jones

      Wayne Jones

      Where the bday cake :"L

    3. Hawk


      I already ate it :)

  3. Likes: The Ultima server is awesome and the community is great. Lot of cool items to hunt and good friends to hunt event items. GM's are always around to help wheneva we need DTS redeem, general questions, etc. Dislikes: Toxic players that bring down this server. People need to respect one another in this community and we all need to be grateful that we have the opportunity to be able to play a awesome game that's 20 yrs old and for @Larva to keep this server up and running so we can enjoy playing a game we loved as kids growing up in the early 2000's. Solution: I think toxic players that bring down this server and make players that feel uncomfortable in this community need to get one warning and if they still continue to disrespect players on this server, then they should be banned PERMANENTLY! We all come here to enjoy this game and even the new players that join need to feel welcome. I think we need more new and cool items to keep the server fresh and new players won't leave when the game is not interesting or get challenging. Not too many complaints I have with this server really, I enjoy being here and having fun hunting items with great players. I been on this server for 4 yrs so I really appreciate the staff that's always here to help us when we need it @R-78 @Protoss @serverus Thank ya'll the support on the Ultima server and I know ya'll have lives outside of here but we do appreciate everything ya'll do for us. Thank you @Larva for keeping this server up & running and having a server called home that we can come to make new friends and have fun hunting cool items with good people in this community.
  4. HBD 

    1. Lipelis


      Ty as well over here Hawk lmao

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