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  1. You ugly my friend

    1. Hawk


      It takes one to know one 

    2. RedSniper


      @Quan told me. Hes ugly too

    3. Quan



  2. Ultimate - EP2 - Skyly - Gran Sorcerer - Serene Swan
  3. Serene Swan - Ultimate - Episode 1 - Crimson Assassin - Whitill
  4. I really don't have any complaints about this server. I been playing Ultima for 4 or 5 years and I love this community. The people here are fun and hunting items here is fun as well. I will say that I think Ultima need to hire more staff like people that are active. They can hire more GM's, Mod's, Developer, etc. I would suggest some mini events sometimes like weekend events, when there is no major events going on. I do appreciate @R-78, @serverus, @Soly for always assisting us when we need help and all the work they do. As long as they can give us new gear on Ultima from time to time, I'll be
  5. Hawk

    Happy Birthday Queen 

    1. R-78


      Thank you Hawk!

  6. U ugly xD

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    2. Kotta


      He's right, you know! :onion-head63:



    3. RedSniper


      TF2 Is pure meme material

    4. RocketTots


      One time, I heard that Hawk was ugly. But then I realized they were talkin bout the FAKE hawk and not the REAL hawk so i was alright with it.

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