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  1. are you aware that @mudkipzjm is comin


  2. Big news Ultimate - EP2 - Yellowboze - Gran Sorcerer - Serene Swan
  3. Centurion/Technique - Ultimate - Episode 1 - Nano Dragon - Redria
  4. Could I get the Rage de Feu and also one S-Reds arms?
  5. S>

    Guardian Angel Costume - 50 PD
    Crush Bullet 35hit - 10 DT
    Puyo [White] [0/0/0/200] - 15 DT (might be way off)
    Samurai Armor - 45 PD


     open to negotiation PM

    1. Kotta


      I'll buy the Guardian Angel Costume :D

      PM me when available. Will be working on the computer :onion120:

    2. mudkipzjm
  6. I'll still trade you my 40 native/40 hit Sacred Bow for that AN if you want. I can add some PDs too because I think my bow is worth a little less just hit me up
  7. im stunned

    1. KarmaTheFoney


      im stunnnnnnnnned hahaha. I actually dunno if anyone knows about this besides Jerky and my brother. Maybe Mud because i told him. That's so hilarous

    2. McLaughlin86


      I looked at your profile and that's all that popped in my head.


      Be safe m8 maybe we'll play again soon.

  8. T> Sacred Bow 40native/40hit +PDs for cent/battle. Open to negotiation

    S> Samurai Armor



    1. RocketTots


      WOT chu need phatan crystals for? I have some.

    2. KarmaTheFoney


      Oh I forgot to edit status after I got some. If I need more I'll hit you up though, needed to add hit with em

  9. S> Samurai Armor, 200 mind Puyo, and Sacred Bow 40native/40hit


    PM me

  10. S> Samurai Armor Dragon Scale, Sacred Bow either 40 native/40 hit or 25 native/45 hit


    pm me

  11. PC> 200 mind Puyo (White)

    S> Samurai Armor, Dragon Scale & Sacred Bow (40/0/0/0|40)

    LF> Adept, SoF, Lindcray, FOmarl gear, RAcaseal gear

  12. Ult Ep4 Redria - Bug Catching Net - Merissa AA
  13. he is ALIVE!!!!!

    1. KarmaTheFoney


      I can hardly believe it myself

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