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  1. 487 new notifications

    Time to get reading I guess

    1. SelahIsASpot


      Just look at the pictures instead.

    2. mudkipzjm


      not bad tbh

  2. Well, it's finally time

  3. "Stuck in Japan for now so might as well link Pate some dope shit" -My thought process at 5am










    That's all the shit I have for now. Someday I'll be able to leave here

    1. McLaughlin86


      I still need to play Transistor. It looks cool as fuck.

      The atmosphere instrumental is nostalgia.<3

    2. KarmaTheFoney


      Yeah dude I went back and listened to that whole album and also their underground artist album (Se7en). I felt like I was in middle school or something again

      Also Transistor is on sale rn because Summer Sale, definitely get it. It's one of the few games where you beat it, and you want to do the NG+, then you beat that, and there's a third playthrough that you want to do too. Same shit each time but the enemies scale up and get new abilities and stuff as you go, so it doesn't get stale

  4. Dank

    1. McLaughlin86


      I really









      like this



      I also like you cutie.

    2. KarmaTheFoney


      I don't like you back



      I love you



      Not in the gay way tho 


      100% in the gay way tho

  5. 79064b5302.png

    I'm sad now

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    2. griffeni


      as someone who recently 100% kh 2 final mix at level 1 on the hardest dificulty i would say i am almost ready to 100% this game next just gotta go replay super metroid and 100% that first

    3. Auli'i



      Now play PSO you fuck.

      @mudkipzjm More like do literally anything that isn't Hollow Knight

    4. thelionorion


      @Auli'i give him back to us ;-; and by us, i mean mud. and then griff. and then hopefully i can get third

  6. for u bb

    not mono, but it's probably a 5/7, 7/7 with rice

    1. mudkipzjm


      ye it's ight. 

  7. I renamed this song in my phone to "A Night With Mud"

    1. mudkipzjm



    2. Auli'i




      I'm going down (x6)
      On you

      Verse 1:
      I'm breathing deep then I leap in
      I'm going under
      Like eating that V's the key to how we can beat global hunger
      Achieve total peace on earth
      I'm a freak, I'm a local wonder
      More lung capacity than Freddy Mercury vocal numbers
      I plunder the briny deep
      A spelunker plunging in, 
hunkering down in between those puffy pink walls
      Like a fallout bunker
      And if never emerge to the surface don't gimme shit
      In twenty years I'm back like Kimmy Shmidt (wassup)
      Hold up, wait (Hold up, wait)
      Cause I really gotta set one thing straight
      I'm not chowing on the chocha so that you'll reciprocate
      I just go in (go in)
      No strings (no strings)
      Tastes great (tastes great)
      Fun times (vitamins!)
      I got a wand tongue
      I'm doing sorcery
      If you don't want none
      Well that's just more for me

      I'm going down
      I'm going down
      On you

      Verse 2:
      I'm going down on you like I like it but bruh I'm lyin'
      Cause I don't like it I lied that shit's my valentine
      One tiny warning, I'm dining on your gourmet form until the morning
      Performing like it'll stop global warming
      My pallet has got no equal
      Talent could vanquish evil
      And maybe make Rick Moranis be in the Ghostbusters sequel
      One taste and I'm wailing "god bless!" (god bless!)
      Until you quiver I will not rest (not rest)
      Licking repeatedly like your beaver's a square reader
      And my tongue is a VISA debit card that failed to process
      It's like the Miracle Worker and I'm blind and I'm deaf and dumb
      Plus each inch my body's numb except for the tip of my tongue
      And each Wikipedia topic's printed in microscopic raised ink on your clit
      So the single option I got to know something about this wonderful globe that
      We come from so locate your swollen bean and then probe the folds of it
      Fiendishly til you cum
 about infinity times
      And baby that isn't a crime

      I'm going down
      I'm going down
      On you

      Verse 3:
      Given our planet's gender ratio
      It'd be a mockery glossing over fellatio (there he go)
      Meaning that really fucking quick
      I gotta touch on sucking dick
      Many guys visualize giving BJs And say "eww"
      But can we just please give smoking pole a calm objective view?
      I'm pretty straight, but I'll state: sexuality's an arc
      Maybe I can suck a flashlight so my soul will not be dark
      Why couldn't I get sexual with a man at all?
      At thirteen I was in my bedroom fuckin' stuffed animals
      If I can bang an inanimate object can't I jam the crotch of a man 
in my jaw and softly massage it?
      Fellas vomit like "what if the sausage is smellin' hella funky?"
      Don't you wash your fucking junk, B?
      Of course I wouldn't devour icky salami
      But that goes the same for encountering stinky punani
      So in this scenario where I brush my teeth with a penis
      Let's assume that the penis we're dealing with sparkle's the cleanest of all
      Penis penis on the wall
      With those well proportioned balls

      I'm going down (going down)
      I'm going down (going down)
      I'm going down (down down down)
      I'm going down

      Verse 4:
      So let's say you're okay with your lips around a cock
      But you still can't wrap your mind around the final moneyshot
      Don't give up! if the nut is what truly makes it foul
      Then just get him close to busting and hand him a paper towel
      (Yup!) No gravy on your chin!
      (Yup!) Everybody wins!
      (Yup!) Squirrel to an acorn
      Dudes like to look at dicks in their straight porn
      Put your hands up if you got hangups
      Put your hands up if you got hangups
      If I could get with it I'd have a wider ocean I'm fishing in
      But I'm inhibited by my social conditionin'
      So where my head's at present the odds
 are gloomy
      That I would agree to feast on a D that's presented to me
      But I'm not officially ruling out
      That at some point in my life I'll have a dingaling in my mouth


      I'm going down
      I'm going down

      I'm that guy that's going down on you
      I am going so low that I am going down to the core of the Earth and then maybe below

      Down down downdowndown
      Down down downdowndown


      Edited by Auli'i
      Mud <3
  8. wtG82h5.jpg

    Today marks the day where my boy @Mephidos became a real man

    So proud of you bb

    Edited by KarmaTheFoney
    Shark <3
    1. Mephidos



    2. ultrajerky


      This Mephidos lad seems like a real tit pleaser, this man deserves every Rickshaws parachute.

      Welcome to the garbage fire lad

  9. Let me love you

    1. Auli'i


      Good luck getting through Mud

    2. Mephidos


      I'll use leaf blade, he'll never know what hit him

  10. Your profile picture is the cutest shit.

  11. B> Maxed IF (preferably n/m)

    PM @Auli'i because I don't ever check forums

    Or PM me and hope I randomly check, but I wouldn't count on it

    Edited by KarmaTheFoney
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    2. mudkipzjm


      ily both

      also can confirm

    3. griffeni


      ily three and can also confirm still didnt get a respond on my text i sent him

    4. ultrajerky


      make my babies

  12. over 200 forum notifications and counting


    it's been less than 10 days guys




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    2. McLaughlin86


      Here have another one.


































    3. KarmaTheFoney


      @mudkipzjm @McLaughlin86























      have my babies

    4. mudkipzjm























































































































      gladly tbh


  13. Your most regretful PSO mistake?

    :"L I regret joining this server I regret spending wasting 1000000 hours of my life helping @griffeni hunt PGF two xmas events ago I regret befriending @mudkipzjm I regret proposing to @Auli'i because now it's dirty if I also want to propose to @McLaughlin86, @mudkipzjm, @ultrajerky, @griffeni, @Lone Ranger, etc. Now that that's out of the way: I actually regret giving somebody a formal goodbye before the left I actually regret waiting to do something about Aensland because now the team is dead with nearly a 0% chance of coming back I actually regret taking breaks from this game because the motivation to come back is nonexistent I can't think of much more right now, I'm also not dead in case you thought I was
  14. OH I see the bae is getting older, Happy Birthday :3 Have to save my SPECIAL gift for ya, for later ;-)