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  1. HMU when you want some pointers in game, i got the itch to get back on.

  2. What about random drops, is it just to whomever grabs it first or is there a way to distribute loot fairly among the party? It would really suck to have to party alone all the time just to make sure I actually get items.
  3. Out of curiosity, could we get some background? I got that this hacker does this yearly and he/she seems to be known by you guys. What is the story behind it if you dont mind me asking?
  4. Apologies I am use to being able to stat max without using too many slots I think 2 was the max. Aside from the lack of slots how else could it be detrimental? Is there a plan or an eta on when that mat limit will be changed or is it still only 12% of a plan? Later tonight I think I will go through and grab those plans and put them in one place. I am also in need of a hucaseal plan, this way you will be able to put in a place where I will see when you get around to it. On a side note is a Valkyrie only obtainable in an event? And could I also get a price check on it? Also with the BOVN, and a centurion battle. How does that work exactly?
  5. Patch 2.5 Base / Max stats achievable New mat plans (For 2.5) Stat spreadsheet So I am trying to get as much info on stat maxing. It appears that there is not a way to actually max all stats that I've found on the forums, though much of what I've seen is posted not too long after the patch. Some questions: Was the material limit increased since then? The final link above had a spreadsheet, it is dead. Could I have a copy? Is there in fact a way to max all stats on any character class, or is it impossible on all of them? Is there a sticky linking to all this info somewhere? It did not take too long to find this info but I feel it is something that would be looked for. Off topic, but I am also looking for a mag simulator. Anyone know of one that is current? Is there a place that has all the updates to the server?
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