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  1. Happy Birthday HHHHHHHHHawk4

    1. Kotta


      Which one x3


  2. Happy birthday Cake! 🎂

  3. its dependant on where you are. i generally use STA for tower/megid things, but godrics for almost anything else. (for fomar)
  4. cake you lad

  5. https://imgur.com/a/BI0KKk9 https://imgur.com/a/9R1Qs94 https://imgur.com/a/BeRy8XG https://imgur.com/a/NxJiPsF https://imgur.com/a/oLNUURP all the good 1's i found during the event, grinding was worth.
  6. Redria - Ultimate - Ep4 - Kondrieu - Cent/Abil
  7. v501 - whitill - ult - ep4 - merissa A (pink) (normal drop)
  8. Girtablulululululul - Greenill - Ultimate - ep4: mg+ (normal drop)
  9. b> 218 mind mats 10:1


  10. Normal Drops: Ep4 Ult skyly: merissa AA: flamberge Pyro goran: revival cuirass goran deto: v502 zu: morning prayer
  11. thank you v much i was trying it earlier before they found it and didnt have luck, glad they confirmed it. and i can solo it lol. im sure whitill gibbles is better rate though.
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