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  2. I enjoy FOmar since it can basically do everything good enough for what it is, a mix of all classes to an extent. I also just love its ATP. It's ATA is something to be desired, being the lowest ATA of all classes but, I still enjoy the class as much as ever. Its level 30 techs help it a lot. Godric's Cloak gives 30 to all stats iirc, which helps with FOmar's low ATA, at a sacrifice of resists. It also looks great in its dress-kimono thing. It can run TTF in a fairly fast time, Can solo ROCT if done right, Can do RT in a slow, but ok (to me), time. (I've yet to improve this one) I should try FOmar with other, not as "main and farm-y" quests and see how it does. My second favorite class is probably HUcast bc traps and op. pls giv FOmar df ;^)
  3. My favorite weapon has always been the Evil Curst, sadly it isn't that good ;-; Favorite Armor is Chu Chu Fever, brings back memories Favorite Shield is probably the, uh, Green Ring Favorite Mag is probably the Ila. I love the look. Usashu (or however it's spelled) is pretty cool also. If I'm talking about gear I use, then STA/DF/etc. the whole stufferooni.
  4. You've all been pinched.

    1. MadOrNah


      You've been blocked and reported for sexual assault.




      Edited by MadOrNah
      I really don't like the color green, but i'm wearing it today :"L
    2. radezz


      at least i wasnt poked. that would have made me an anger :3

  5. kek, nice. theres like 8 astarks in pod? idk but not that many.
  6. ahah, so it doesnt drop clio c:
  7. im p sure Last Swan dropped from Oran Domdarl ult ep2
  8. you absolutely sure about that? sure it wasnt a regular lily/some other ew enemy?
  9. you monster! D:
  10. Red sinow drops sov? ripperoni.
  11. Very sure. I found one myself a while ago, and I'm sure lots of others have as well.
  12. I feel like we've met before
  13. Apparently Redria ult ep1 bringer drops Photon Booster Pishion or whatevre the name is said it in shoutbox but was too lazy to post here, so, here it is.
  14. THat was from a guil shark. i found one yesterday on yellow also.