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  1. wow i've had this profile picture for like a year, i think.

    time to change it

    1. Sylph777


      happy birthday big baby !

    2. HHawk4


      thanks, you baby who's worse at battle mode :onion-head69:

  2. Happy Birfday


    1. HHawk4


      thank u oat

  3. Happy Birthday!

    1. HHawk4


      thanks lemon! haha sorry for being late

  4. Coiake. Did you put birthday candles on yourself today?

    1. HHawk4


      naw, i didn't have cake on my birthday

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  5. I'm incredibly late to seeing this, but, you've got really nice screenshots lemon! i really like the rainbow chairs, haha. i see me, o;













  7. I enjoy FOmar since it can basically do everything good enough for what it is, a mix of all classes to an extent. I also just love its ATP. It's ATA is something to be desired, being the lowest ATA of all classes but, I still enjoy the class as much as ever. Its level 30 techs help it a lot. Godric's Cloak gives 30 to all stats iirc, which helps with FOmar's low ATA, at a sacrifice of resists. It also looks great in its dress-kimono thing. It can run TTF in a fairly fast time, Can solo ROCT if done right, Can do RT in a slow, but ok (to me), time. (I've yet to improve this one) I should try FOmar with other, not as "main and farm-y" quests and see how it does. My second favorite class is probably HUcast bc traps and op. pls giv FOmar df ;^)
  8. My favorite weapon has always been the Evil Curst, sadly it isn't that good ;-; Favorite Armor is Chu Chu Fever, brings back memories Favorite Shield is probably the, uh, Green Ring Favorite Mag is probably the Ila. I love the look. Usashu (or however it's spelled) is pretty cool also. If I'm talking about gear I use, then STA/DF/etc. the whole stufferooni.
  9. You've all been pinched.

    1. MadOrNah


      You've been blocked and reported for sexual assault.




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      I really don't like the color green, but i'm wearing it today :"L
    2. radezz


      at least i wasnt poked. that would have made me an anger :3

  10. kek, nice. theres like 8 astarks in pod? idk but not that many.
  11. ahah, so it doesnt drop clio c:
  12. im p sure Last Swan dropped from Oran Domdarl ult ep2
  13. you absolutely sure about that? sure it wasnt a regular lily/some other ew enemy?
  14. you monster! D:
  15. Red sinow drops sov? ripperoni.