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  1. Ever since (some version long ago lol) i always enjoyed Evil Curst. 12/10 spook and look. I used it on everything at the time haha.
  2. Happy Birthday Night! hope it's good n stuff c:

    1. Night


      ty cakie :3

  3. Goodbye

    Ah heck. I'll miss you lemon, and i hope you have wonderful days, You were a wonderful to talk with (still are :p), and play with. Your presence will be missed D: . I'm glad i could be a pal to you c: Always remember hunting pwands in first two rooms of RoCT. *super sad bee*
  4. ive been rip so long, and first thing i see now that im back, is that yan left.



    heck, ill miss him

    1. Lemon


      Welcome back!

    2. anthonyplays


      heck, we missed you

    3. HHawk4


      aw heck, i missed ye guys too. and thanks lemon c:

  5. Don't forget that you are also HUrrible and not only FOrrible.

  6. team rockets blasting off again

  7. Ryu's 2nd PGF Event

    ill do it
  8. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    del lily is ep2 tho, lel
    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Space


      we must do something about this pear pressure in our schools

    3. HHawk4


      this is such a traveggsty

    4. McLaughlin86


      My son is addicted to pear )":

  9. Your inbox is full. Do you still want this ?

    Fury of the Beast [30/0/0/0|0] [Untekked] 20pd

  10. mr trunpet man doot doot deet doo

  11. u changed everything but ur signature.

    plz change it.

  12. wow i've had this profile picture for like a year, i think.

    time to change it

    1. Sylph777


      happy birthday big baby !

    2. HHawk4


      thanks, you baby who's worse at battle mode :onion-head69:

  13. Happy Birfday


    1. HHawk4


      thank u oat