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  1. !bump added sjs for sale; updated wants
  2. !bump I seem to have accidentally deleted some parts of the post last time I edited it cuz I'm silly o.o Edited some stuff as well
  3. !bump added naka card + price changes
  4. !bump added some stuff for sale
  5. Hey, is this still available?
  6. haha you got it kotta, that's 1pd per glove so it makes sense
  7. !bump added stuff for sale : >
  8. Hi, im currently online. Make a room and I'll join
  9. Sige pre, dm mo lang ako pag on ka
  10. !bump Added Sonic Team Armor for sale link to original post:
  11. Sure. Let me know when you’re available.
  12. !bump added stuff for sale
  13. !bump added Halloween event items for sale and more
  14. Sure thing. Let me know when you're online.
  15. sure, you available now?
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