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    1. Lobotomy


      El guasón, también conocido como el xokas.

    2. Larva


      El risitas jajajaj

    3. serverus


      yo pienso q todos estan locos como yo jajajaja


  2. in the past i had errors like dat on win 11 so i decide to go back to win 10 and yea win 11 has so many errors with graphics drivers
  3. serverus

    T› done

    solo curiosidad por q master raven? disculpa por andar de metiche jejeje xd
  4. si esta solucionado entonces lo puedo cerrar
  5. TRIFORCE EVENT 2022 The 10th Triforce Event of Ultima has begun! Event Items Swords Master Sword Boomerang Magic Hammer Great Fairy Sword Bug-Catching Net Power Glove Stealth Sword Guns Bomb-Chu Sacred Bow Canes Fire Rod Zelda Magazine Units Centurion/Arms Centurion/Luck Centurion/Power Centurion/Resist Godric/Ability Shields Hylian Shield Ganondorf Shield Triforce Happy Hours will be logged here. - Good Luck -
  6. can u post ur card and ur frends card pls
  7. You mean Ultima-PSOBB instead destiny xd
  8. glad u got ur acc back have fun and welcome back
  9. If u still remember the email u used to register ur acc u can use this https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/account-management/password-change/ if u dont u can send a pm to soly or larva
  10. mir don @Rivaul


    1. Rivaul


      JAJAJAJAJAJA como asi don pornocorridos XDDD

    2. serverus


      jajajaj a si es don pura rola perrona

  12. hacer un trio si pa q lo niego pero un mal tercio q es muy diferente nah xd
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