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  1. Serverus Mini Event

    Well i hope u guys enjoy of this event, we are closing for this year till next year maybe xD <3
  2. Serverus Mini Event

    OK lets get started!!. Empesemos!
  3. Serverus Mini Event

    For the supressed a gun series for the water a rifle series
  4. Ignoring options Question

    it block everything related to the person even if he is online
  5. cannot download game client

    for me it work well, idk what the problem.
  6. cannot download game client

  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcFx0R1RMdo

  8. Serverus Mini Event

    laser sniper cualquier rifle series
  9. Serverus Mini Event

    No it will have the stats of the original yas, Example. If ur yas no spec has 0 stats the result will be a Spec (demon, charge, gush etc etc) yas 0 stats For those u dont need an extra wep. ?????
  10. Serverus Mini Event

    Next week end we will be reopening this great event xD
  11. Where we came from?

    U forgot Alien land!!
  12. if u can play good with a huney, u can play as god with other clases or hunters.
  13. Back again!

    i dun remember chu but welcome back!
  14. viviene 60 hit untekked from drop and yasminkov red sword raikiri all 80 hit on roct
  15. Hello! I am a human!

    Hello im an alien nice to met ya Tony, welcome to psobb alien i mean ultima!