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  1. hacer un trio si pa q lo niego pero un mal tercio q es muy diferente nah xd
  2. aaaaa ok pues me invitabas y haciamos un mal tercio xd
  3. a caray por q no? esta prohibido o q?
  4. tu recibiste mensage Mirajane Cruz?
  5. i didnt got any pm from her shame on me xd
  6. And talking about hunew why not make neis claw a real usefull wep, since its the only wep hunew has. im not saying make it a powerful broke just make it useful pls.
  7. L&k38 use to have combo unlock, its was broke more than the serene or other wep and most on hucast, i told larva to unlock it for male forces only and with a atp reduction. he just dont like my idea xd And if you unlock lindcray for humars, i think its a good idea to unlock ultimas bringer for hunew. It was the original idea ultima bringers only for humar and hunew no forces or rangers.
  8. Hello for help pls

    1. serverus
    2. alan0909




    3. alan0909


      I would like to know if there is any topic to play with ramar I'm new to the game ?

  9. I think its normal to feel that way when u are new on a server, all u need its enjoy the game no matter if u are good or bad experience will come at some point so dont worry enjoy the game.
  10. i think is enough troll so ill be closing this u can still read the treath or not u decide
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