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  1. dont ask well give u stuff to start off...beside easter is coming...the rappy egg hunt are very colorfull
  2. were the love...i was playing pso Jupiter and Ultima 2008 when the server keep crashing but i stay...promote players to there...jupiter game crash so much so i stay at Ultima...schtserv players didnt like us because of the crazy level ups, insane power boost on the mobs...i use to have 4 lvl 200 racaseal within 1 week...12 accounts nothing but 200s...friend like tgt, djij,elfis,ozark5...the server couldnt hold over 50 people without crashing back then...ya should give respect to larva and the community that help newbie player to have fun...
  3. hello human....

    1. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      What humans?

    2. Trigunman


      *robotic voice* KILL THE HUMANOID.



  4. killswitch


    lowered Ur desktop resolution down
  5. if u use the xbox 360 wireless controller...one with the dongle should work perfect...no need for joy to key...
  6. already ten...wow im getting to be the oldest player here hmmm...ill get grace209 back on the battle field
  7. what ever you had at that place let that go...look for us non elite player from ultima plus the hallow rappies dropping some mags cell during then next event is a win win...yay
  8. buy microsoft xbox 360 wireless controller and dongle...it work the best https://www.microsoft.com/accessories/en-us/products/gaming/xbox-360-wireless-controller-for-windows/jr9-00011
  9. noobs still complaining about Utlima...the subject never dies....THE GAME is free...THE GAME is challengingly fun....THE GAME makes alot of friends...point Made....i dont get why people complain
  10. if you going on vacation what the point of posting this here...
  11. another sad schserv story...we R Ultima...right larva...just delete your past in ur desktop trash...have fun with us welcome to ultima
  12. another noob came back...were was i 6 year ago ... i was still playing here with rampage and dark ...whale-cum back ...lol
  13. wow ppl and they're silly prices...lol did u forget the green names still on....
  14. lvl 90 is ult ... sir if u make a purple id ... it might sir-prize you ...sir
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