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  1. for new player try to have fun...forget about the dmc bullshit u will expect that along the way...dont be afraid to ask everbody at ultima will help u out...WELCOME TO ULTIMA...enjoy
  2. be a cast take noob fleshy to pts to died at the door way then lol
  3. yall smoking on some good crack.... that wat lee sound like in real life
  4. i dont feel like 44...

    1. 777


      Ayyy, happy birthday, Peppa!! :D


    2. Trigunman


      It's all in how you feel right, age is just a number eh?  

      Some days I still feel like I'm in my 30s, others... Like I'm in my 70s.  :onion-head75:

  5. my aunt sh!t head son stolent my laptop so ill be not playing for awhile....ill be back...ps dont ask for my dm staph it

    1. Kotta


      Once pronounced, there Is no stopping It...


  6. rare monster event is what u guys called green name...hmmm i get 12-15 pow mat 5 - 8 mind mats if u do wrath of forest (hmmm) counting on my toes... that take like 6 runs give or take...lol...you dont need a TA f#ck that just play casual ...starting drama is pointless...welcome to ultima server..
  7. change picture hentai mio is watching
  8. window 10 is not free...u still have to pay for it...and the pirate copy are no good...ill wait for it on steam
  9. im not upgrading to window 10 to play it...microsoft poor choice in os..nope
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