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  1. What is your favorite character to play?

    racaseal.....peppacat,blu,purple,ram,grace209,whiltill,and the list goes on...an on.....
  2. Greetings

    may the fomarl be with you...young skywalker
  3. What Weapon Would You Upgrade?

    how about dual weld heaven striker or charged l&k38
  4. What Weapon Would You Upgrade?

    create a cent/hit item raise all weapon 15 or 20 hit maxed ata 35 atp 25...
  5. New and super-casual! (For now)

    hey ultima do every body have maxed gear here...most of the vet quit playing until main event start...if have the drive ultima is here for u...the community will help out ...right now there 5x exp on NOW... u create a starter ...LVL UP LIKE MAD....i got alot 27-29 tech u can have it u want....WOW THIS IS LIKE A COMMERCIAL ...IM KILLSWITCH REPORTING...WELCOME TO ULTIMA...
  6. Greetings Ultima!

    welcome to ultima...i have a xtra sn if u want it
  7. Living Pinata - Mini event

    like a turn base Russian roulette
  8. Living Pinata - Mini event

    what type of drug u need to play this event...the rules lost me
  9. how about a mechanical raid of controlled mines...traps like slowed and confusion help for epic death situation...
  10. Hello :3

    nerd are coming...NERD,NERD,NERDS....JK WELCOME TO ULTIMA
  11. Don't read this.

    give me....give me
  12. This is my favorite visual novel of all time :)  This is the second opening to "Rewrite". It will always be my favorite visual novel, even better than any anime :)



  13. Ultima Summer Event 2016!

    grammar nazi attacking my grammar...im not spamimng..the way i use my word are ment not to offend beyond the point...im not a noobie if u think that by my comment...i help the world to play here...i understand fine here people want change... dont go by attacking my grammar...were not the same 2 people because we know English...if wanna no... there talking about the drop table and the event item...the same topic since 2009... like u say.. People are writing their opinions and thoughts...i didn't disrespect anyone here ...i remember the server couldnt hold more then 60 people...now time changed..
  14. Ultima Summer Event 2016!

    all this reading give me down syndrome...i no everybody try to prove a point along the way...sheeesh... as a adorable racaseal i waited like 3 xmas event b4 i got my dm...playing blind it normal at ultima not worrying about the drop list...that wen team work n dedication build up...now everything it just giveme..giveme
  15. Valentine's Event - 2016

    Cyane were do cry babies come from...why the cry babies still act so childish...what is the meaning of coming to ultima...why can we have fun without people bitching so much on the chat n the forum...i dont get it