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  1. Their use will be revealed to the community shortly if it has not already.
  2. Olga Flow on this server in OPM is not able to be defeated. It's a "buff".
  3. It's pretty clear this topic is pretty much directed at me. I will make exactly this one reply since I know that the moment y'all see me reply the thread will be derailed from the topic of TA to the topic of me being evil or what have you. That's pretty disingenuous of a thing to say in all honesty because all TA regardless of the meta requires the same concepts: your ability to execute and the planning you come up with. Running with 4 players is often times even harder because now there's 4 separate plannings that need to be executed instead of just the one. While there's some truth that in general solo records on a vanilla meta are much harder, it does not mean there's 0 value to those done on other metas in other configurations other than OPM. This is honestly pretty rude to the entirety of the team that came up with these strats and executed them. There were 5 of us involved in this run and all 5 of us knew all roles involved. If Killz was for some reason not in the run another player would've picked up his spot. We came up with the planning together and each knew it. Rashan, Hunter, Starlord, and I also played our part in the run in question. This is likely the truest statement here. Our team whatever we label it(me hunter killz starlord rashan etc) fight every time we play. Disagreements and insults the whole nine yards. It's part of it. They're still my closest PSO friends and have been for years. Essentially we were called out and then the person calling us out disappeared on his half of the "call-out" and that's okay. The player who called us out basically ghosted on the challenge and in TA that's pretty much one of the worst things you can do is "duck" a competition you create. So even though I don't particularly care doesn't mean the other players don't have negative feelings towards the action. It's not my Discord channel. The entire purpose of it's existence is for TA and thus that's all most of the active players there care about. Many of us in the discord have pretty much no interest in PSO2 and will still be TAing PSO. TA has always had fighting longer than I've even been playing this game. It's not as negative as many people think it is and people are ALWAYS welcome to join the channel and try to learn or post their videos. There is some "humbleness" needed because there's some REALLY GOOD players and you can't just waltz in and expect to be as good as the typical TA oriented player. Even myself in the realm of TA am not as good as others and I know my place. // I doubt I will reply again and I only ask that the replies to me(as a player) be at least related to what I have said here and not just age old attacks on me as all previous TF threads. If you're interested in banter y'all can always join the discord and hash it out.
  4. This is that same old messed up unitxt file. Just delete something out of your data folder(even the unitxt itself is fine I think) and force the game to patch itself.
  5. That could happen anyway. People who chose to only play during happy hour would at least still play during these scheduled times where as a majority of em would probably login significantly less if there was just no HH. At least scheduling gives everyone a fair chance to access.
  6. While I agree that Happy Hour needs some revisiting conceptually, I don't think it'll be eliminated. Those players who log only for HH would likely not play if there was no HH. DTs for HH seems a bit odd and I think anyone who spent DTs on something like that rather than hit just lit their money on fire. I think it'd be better if HH was just scheduled. In real life happy hour is scheduled. I think if we could get 2 happy hours a day that are 2 hours long each serving US/EU times that'd be way more fair than it currently is. Maybe skip some days even.
  7. What do people think of making lobby 1 into the Dreamcast V2 lobby which is very similar to lobby 11? It makes making games much quicker and it's a change of scenery.
  8. After finding out this is 18’07... I’ll have to agree. This time is 4 minutes off the clip, however I will add it.
  9. Is this 18’07 or 16’07? Very well done. I will add this now
  10. This really is some sweet luck. I’ve not had a pgf drop in years lol
  11. I think this shouldn’t be as it is. It’s quite unattractive to players looking to just play through the areas. Maybe it could be reverted to proper stats.
  12. It could be quite awhile before attempt again I think. Maybe we’ll do something else cool though in the meantime. I wish you’d play again too. Anywhere.
  13. Here’s a video to see what is KINDA possible. This was supposed to be a competition, but for whatever reason that seems to have fallen through. Our team is moving on to different quests. I put my thoughts in the comments of the video
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