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  1. See you another time, a shame.
  2. Skyly, Redria, Purplenum, and Whitill are always good on Ultima.
  3. More like I’m the lucky town crier but okay
  4. It’s not about whose ideas they are because it’s not like they’re novel. Oh Ultima bringers is broken? It should be fixed. It’s about the fact you would’ve never had the permission to do all this busy work had I not gotten larva to acknowledge and agree to let any of these changes happen. You can pretend that I sent him only one message and that it wasn’t a longer semi-argumentative conversation. None of that list happens without me slightly butting heads with Larva. I’m glad you filled out the spread sheets though. I’m sure no one else could do that . Now if you want to argue that any of you could have gotten his attention + approval then lol idk
  5. It's not like it was in use anymore? People only care about PSOstats now lol
  6. It’s impressive none you seem to remember, but I’m sure at minimum R-78 does. Ask her
  7. Again you’re welcome. I won’t force things like this to happen again so I wouldn’t use these as signs of consistent improvements.
  8. FOmarl needs to be in its own F tier. It’s unanimously undoubtedly just the worst class in this game. Also maybe it feels weird to put FOmar in S, but maybe on Ultima it really is that much better than FOnewmn? What could be more interesting though… by episode / by area with respect to solo / multi. This really falls apart when you start to ask what’s the best solo in crater? Spaceship? Jungle? Ruins?
  9. glad I can bring you all together 😂
  10. Only thing she had to do with this was making this post 😂
  11. Probably cause I’m one of the few people here that pay attention to PSO as a whole rather than only the literal tiny bubble that Ultima is. Most players here have sub 1000 hours on this game and literally 0 hours on a server that is clearly doing things right. You probably have no idea that I recently attempted to lead a community driven overhaul plan because I am one of the few people larva will reply to via personal messages. That plan included ideas that main “pillars” of the community and ALL GMs thought were valid. Of course it was stomped out at the top, but most folks here don’t even know what they don’t know on a list like that because they’re only privy to Ultima which at this point is nearing 7 years behind the times.
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