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  1. At least NSFW tag your images in a spoiler if you're going to do that.
  2. Added to the site as well as anything you posted in the disc lately. I'd still say you should change the video to 8'19 as that's the actual time.
  3. Actually I’ve tested this with just 30S/Z and Ill Gills were consistently a couple hundred HP from death. Even combo locked DF would be the best item on the server, especially if SS were to be nerfed with it. idk why I do this to myself anymore lmfao “serious” reply in joke thread filled with not serious replies. Whatever.
  4. If y’all are interested let me know.
  5. They’re all the same. Is it possible you recall playing in another server or even playing again after your initial run through?
  6. https://www.phantasmal.world/#/viewer/models?section_id=Greenill&body=5&model=HUmar this has much better model stuff than qedit
  7. It’s not even necessarily a coding thing. The source code for the client straight up does not exist. Without that something like this is pretty much impossible.
  8. It's not a port. "Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst" is an official Sega released version of PSO. There's tons of skins for the base NPC/monsters/menus/weapons/areas/everything else. Blend is a bit overkill for making skins and what not. Models you can emulate there, but actually getting those into the game is really not a thing.
  9. They’re really just things people who enjoy smooth runs dislike. I’ll add to it -playing the same quests constantly( think ttf/rt/pod/roct) and not having the spawns even close to memorized -not following symbol chat call outs for gathers -this isn’t a thing that impacts combat but anyone who asks “what’s the best weapon for x class”
  10. -Casting Shifta/Deband/Resta before warping to a boss rather than after warping. -casting Resta -casting spells not shifta/zalure in party play unless gif stacking -not switching from dark meteor -casting gif to stop charging enemies if twin blaze is available in the party -attacking the same enemies as others in the party
  11. @R-78 Your time is now up. Some general updates I probably didn't post here: you can now search by quest and by team, there are videos next to runs where I could locate the video, player cards exist which are essentially a small profile for a player, and a restrictions tab for gear had been added to the TA rules as well as a few rule updates.
  12. Very nice as usual, you saw the replies on disc. Sub 5 totally possible. Will add to site soon. As well as a few other things.
  13. There’s people who play different quests besides that. A lot of ultima has become rt/ttf but there’s niche groups playing all sorts of quests. I wouldn’t worry too much about people “talking down” on you cause I’m sure those same people make the same mistakes all the time.
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