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  1. I really don’t treat this game like a second job... I play a decent amount, but likely no more than you if your 1000s of hours statement is true. I do think that not offering other portions of the game a real chance is a dishonor. There’s so much to discover, test, and learn. If you feel like playing on a “non-vanilla” server is doing the game wrong there’s still ways to play Gamecube and really close to the official servers.
  2. There’s so much more to this game than these repetitive hunts anyway. If anyone is as bored hunting as they claim or is losing interest in the game because they “have everything” i’d recommend trying to truly learn this game. Nearly no one on Ultima knows a lick of Challenge Mode despite there being tons of players who strictly play that. Battle doesn’t get any attention either. I already shill time attack so much that I won’t mention it much. There’s so so much more than this game than meets the eye and locking yourself into purely hunting AFTER having most things is a shame and honestly does the game a dishonor.
  3. I am only a forum mod. I’ve only had cheaters banned. I’ve had some false bans revoked. If I was a GM in game there’d be more HH on American time and players would have an easier time redeeming. Unfortunately I am not so there’s only so much I can do.
  4. This game is already pretty dumbed down. None of the drops are as hard as they once were. I REALLY dislike the idea of making the game even easier.
  5. Protoss was here. :onion-head18:

  6. They are both still broken as well as the Ultima Bringer. Saith really is not around much I am not sure he's a reliable source for this stuff at the moment. He has access to all the information, but I seriously doubt he reads our chats and posts in the staff sections.
  7. B>Meseta will pay PDs

  8. I always ask myself 2/3 questions about each item in posts like this. What is this item currently better than? Where would I use this item? Does this item add any new possibilities or functions to the game? For all the cure units I'll really just say Sonic Team Armor and Sol Atomizers are satisfactory honestly. The best one of these is probably the confuse + slow one for spaceship. These others status effects don't often come paired together except in tower there is shock and freeze, but freeze is really easy to break and people in Tower are already looking to boost their resists anyway. Stamina Vessel is not good and I don't need to explain why. The next item the Inverter is interesting I guess... I am not where it would be considered useful. I'd love to see where and why you want that item. Avalon is probably the best item on this list, however it's really situational. It is probably also really hard to add to the game. Praise/Core is pretty much outclassed by ADR and STA 100% of the time since it is not preferred to give up a unit for 100 EDK. V102 is obviously really good and I would not be surprised to see an item like this in the future. Tripolic Reflector wouldn't be used. The same thing I always see when others ask for a harder game is... "show me that you've mastered the current content in the game". There are so many quests that are extremely challenging that require coordination and slight skill to beat that have been highly neglected on this server.
  9. I think 60h is the standard. If I’m not mistaken you can get the combiner weapon from gallons roulette with 60h so they’re not super expensive.
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