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  1. Sad to see you go, I totally understand some of your reasonings. I myself find myself playing almost all versions of PSO except for Dreamcast really (it's just not good). Give it some time and enjoy the vanilla meta, but Ultima will still be here. There's things I love about both (I could write forever about this so I'll just leave it at that) metas and they're obviously very different. Good luck finding that trade though. It's pretty much a non-existent market.
  2. It's a reward for completing Power Plant Plight, an EP2 custom quest in CCA that ends with Gal Gryphon. It's a fun and short quest.
  3. If any of these items are unfamiliar the wiki should give a good enough idea. I’d prioritize Cent/Battle and Serene Swan set. Pretty much can clear every quest with that alone. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/wiki/items/ Edit: I'd also like to say that PSO isn't necessarily a strict "BiS" game. It's pretty rare for people to use that term on this game because there's many different options and most spawns have different "BiS" solutions compared to the ones before or after. There's absolutely still a group of items that are the best, but that doesn't mean they're
  4. So the second S-Rank you lost after directly putting it in the bank? It never touched the floor or anything?
  5. Have you experienced this on previous clears or other characters? Is this isolated to a particular clear on this lone character?
  6. Killing them as they come activated is the fastest way. It depends what weapon you use which depends on the orientation they’re in. If they’re in a small / tight group Vjaya will be the fastest frame method. If they’re spread a wee bit SoV and DoB are likely the next best choices. There’s a lot of possible ways to handle them based off their setup, but any time you have to freeze them it’s automatically going to be slower than methods without.
  7. Fun fact it’s proven (by counting frames) that killing without freezing / paralyzing a given set of gunners is simply faster than if you were to freeze them and then kill. So you could really just say “freezing or paralyzing gunners” and be done with it lol
  8. Weapon doesn't seem too strong or uselessly weak. If you change the combiner to maybe one of the lower tier ones that every one has a bunch of. Gael Giel won't ever be good until it's triggers are changed. At this point we could unlock LK and it probably won't change much since Serene Swan pretty much takes it's slot and is better in most places I think.
  9. My mistake if it does, but doesn't change the rest of the ATA stuff.
  10. Being shocked doesn't stop enemy movement nor does it add modifiers to the ATA calculations like Paralysis and Freeze do, which are the two main points of those type of status effects. TLDR: It's useless.
  11. Pretty sure this is the first 1P submission. Very nice, will update the site in a bit.
  12. If anyone wants to practice this please let me know. I’d love to get it down to 8 minutes or so.
  13. It was not done on Ultima actually, but 1c1 across servers (especially those based on Tethella) are the same. It’s some ancient ass run we did a long time ago. There was no times here, so at the least like I said it could / should serve as a baseline for bare minimum uploads. Especially since it’s a 2P run. You’re not wrong about challenge mode being slightly different / broken on servers. I won’t be very specific, but other stages aren’t proper and certain drops aren’t either.
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