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  1. We’ve been saying this for years. I am not sure why it never changes, but Olga Flow ABSOLUTELY needs year long drops. Not just some bullshit either. Actual good stuff.
  2. The TJS is for a set of Merissas in the last room of Christmas Fiasco 4. Dark Flow doesn’t interact with Meris the same way TJS waves do.
  3. This is sorta something I’ve been wanting to talk about/share. I’ll even extend to my inventory a bit. I pretty much exclusively play hucast so everything here is mostly in relation to that. I play on a wired Xbox One controller. It’s a shame how many I’ve actually gone through. I’ve heard a lot of controller stories and never thought it would happen to me. I’m on my 4th but technically 3rd controller because my most recent one started drifting and an older one had buttons stop sticking. I use Antimicro to map controls and chat shortcuts. Left Bumper = Camera Left Trigger = F2 equip menu Right Bumper = End key Right Trigger = Page down / F3 tech menu Y = Ctrl B = Special attack A = Normal attack X = Hard attack D-Pad Up = Freeze Trap / Shifta (dependent on class) D-Pad Right = Dimate D-Pad Down = Sol Atomizer / Zalure / Trap Vision (dependent on class/quest) D-Pad Left = Damage Trap / Trifluid (dependent on class) Something note worthy is I NEVER keep anything on my back palette no matter the server/class. Not even Gamecube. Accidental photon blasts are one of my biggest PSO pet peeves. I’m not really going to talk much about buttons except left and right trigger. Having F2 to quickly swap Frames/Units/Shields/Mags depending on your situation. Think mostly Red Ring/White Ring/Black Ring/Kasami Bracer and Agastya at bosses. Page down helps managing larger inventories especially on servers like Ultima where extra weapons are kinda needed. You can also quickly swap to the weapons under or above wherever page down lands you. LUAs are something I’ve unfortunately learned to rely on a little much these days. I play with the invincibility reader and HP reader. While not necessarily needed they do make life a little easier. Now INVENTORIES is something I’ve been DYING to type about. I’ll mention before hand that inventory setups are mostly entirely up to the individual player and if it works it works. I personally use unique inventories per quest. Typically quests can be filtered into 2 groups though. Quests where there’s only 1/2 relevant enemy attributes like MAE: Ruins, Sweep-Up Operation #4, or Mop-Up Operation #4. The other group being quests that have an adequate amount of many enemy attributes like MA1C, CCC, or CF4. One of these groups require a simple inventory that will basically be the top half of the complex inventory that I’m about to get in to. My inventory for longer quests (CF4 for example): Dark Flow AB/D/H Berserk Raygun N/D/H Vjaya AB/D/H Diska of Bravemen AB/D/H LK 38 AB/D/H Lavis Blade TJS AB/D Arrest J-Cutter Arrest Raygun N/D/H Charge Vulcan N/D/H LK 38 N/AB/H Diska of Bravemen N/AB/H Vjaya N/AB/H Dark Flow N/AB/H The middle part is where I feel that it’s “interesting” there lies all the utility stuff. Conveniently page down lands me on Arrest Raygun and 1 down is Charge Vulcan. Other stuff like Lavis/TJS/J-Cutter lies there as well. Twin Blaze used to be there too but I value 1 Scape Doll over TB in the run. The “extremities” are the areas I keep the weapons that are most used. I keep them in the same spots just reflected on the middle utility weapons. The static nature of this inventory allows for faster and more reliable switches. Not every quest that has a lot of different enemies has this many utility weapons so those slots change. No matter what the bottom 4 and top 5 are always the same weapons. I could probably talk on and on about this. It’s just the basic level of my set up no matter what server I’m playing on (Vanilla, Gamecube, Ultima, 2014).
  4. This forum is associated with PSO:BB.
  5. Well seeing as cards do not have a photon series equivalent to that of slicers (Slicer - Diska) I would think you’d not be able to via this event. Of course it’s up to Mio but as written Slicer type weapons should not apply to Card type weapons.
  6. What button do you currently use for your camera control and do you use any programs to map unassigned buttons?
  7. Why make it a card though? Blizzard on a card would be rather lame since there’s no gain from stacking that special during the 3rd attack.
  8. I have translations of nearly every quest so if that’s something actually desired it could be added.
  9. You don’t need much luck to pass stages. You can use a blank character or your 200 it’s exactly the same. They get reverted to a set level with set stats.
  10. Well tonight was a big T E A M Z. We just finished up round 4 of our seasonal bracket. Me and @Shoutgu + reason + jack took the win from nohit + sange + mt + phelix to ice out the set. It's easily the most intense moment of playing PSO I've ever had.
  11. Today we had our first ever 4v4v4 (we’ve been doing this for a few years). We managed to do 2 rounds one hour each with 15 unique players throughout the session in addition to NDW commentating. TEAMZ has been giving me an experience that other ways of PSOing haven’t. Today we had 13 players in VC and that’s amazing to me. Never seen that for a PSO chat before. Quest: Malicious Uprising #5 Team 1: 15"09 Remaining No Hit [HUct] Sange [HUct] Nemo [FOmr] Kamlang [HUct] Team 2: 14"59 Remaining Wilson [HUct] Killz [HUct] mt [HUct] readth [RAml] Team 3: 14"25 Remaining Venom [HUct] ReVisioN [HUct] 500ryu [HUct] Jack [RAml] Quest: MA2B Team 1: 20"08 Remaining Killz [HUct] ReVisioN [RAct] Jack [RAml] phelix [RAct] Team 2: 19"14 Remaining Nemo [RAml] mt [HUct] No Hit [HUct] 500ryu [HUct] Team 3: 18"18 Remaining readth [FOml] Wilson [HUct] NDW [HUct] Starlord [HUct]
  12. Typically the right answer is something like. Occasionally the answer involves a racast or hunewearl or ramarl. More often than not though the true IDEAL class comp looks something like: fonewm/fomar hucast hucast hucast
  13. I am looking for players interested in something called TEAMZ. It's played on a "vanilla" version of PSO:BB where all your items are instantly made with all 100 attributes (with some restrictions ofc) and you're level 200 with materials through a command. TEAMZ is a friendly, yet competitive, impromptu event where a group of players are split up into equally sized random or drafted teams. Each team will generally have around 10 minutes to prepare, before spending an hour or so TAing a random quest. Obviously, the team with the best time at the cutoff is the victor. TEAMZ emphasizes quick planning and coordination between party members that may not be familiar with each others' playstyles. Additionally, the quest selected may be unfamiliar to the players; this forces players to learn new quests and tests each player's ability to memorize enemy spawns in a time-constrained environment. Thanks 98. We've been running TEAMZ quite a bit recently around 7pm EST and the more the merrier. This doesn't require you to be a super elite player, but still takes some thought and what not. If you're interested PM me here or find me on Discord .w#9503 You can view the past results here https://4waypb.com/teamz/results/ and find videos of the recent rounds here (you can see how sloppy most of the play is): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC29uGMxI7poTYHEifhZwILw I’m going to try and post the results here after each session. If you’re bored of the “grind” of PSO this is definitely something to check out.
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