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  1. There is no such guide. You'll have to play. The most played quests are TTF, POD, RT, MA4DMD, ROCT, LHB, and some other really popular quests. There's tons of awesome quests though. MA4C series. Mop-Up series. MAU series. Malicious Uprising series. I'd recommend looking into all of these
  2. Flowers frame cannot drop from there during this event.
  3. I don’t think we’ll see an increase in character storage space or bank space. I do think MAYBE the meseta limit could increase though.
  4. Good luck. If you get sucked into the PSO world it’s an amazing journey.
  5. As long as I don’t die PSO will persist. I’m quite young too
  6. Will get back to you on this. There’s been a lot of registration errors lately. It shouldn’t take too long.
  7. This is simply where you register to play the game. If it is saying you can't create an account with that password I'd try using a different password. Try to make sure it has a number, uppercase character, and a special character.
  8. I just copy and pasted my discord post lol. I posted that before the topic was edited.
  9. Since it was found I’ll go ahead and release the stats so everyone has a fair chance this event. Without further text here’s the new shield: @everyone ``` Ganondorf Shield 90-165 DFP 20-50 EVP 20 ATA 20 LCK 35 EFR 40 ETH 40 EDK LVL Req: 180 Rabarta 60% All classes ```
  10. Welcome back. Always nice to see returning guys
  11. Will report to higher powers rq
  12. PSO V2 and Sylverant GC already have this. We’ve had Crack-Mode in the past and Ephinea has Anguish-Mode. I say perfect the current content before asking for new content anyway. Most people on the server haven’t even finished every quest. Why ask for more?
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