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  1. Quiero knowledge :"L

  2. The reason I talk to myself is because I’m the only one whose smart. 

    1. mudkipzjm



      whose is the possessive form

  3. The fact is, I'm smart, always have been, always will be, and I couldn't be any more happy...

    1. Noob Saibot

      Noob Saibot

      You are







      very smart.

  4. Not for free no, but during mini-events or using DTs yes.
  5. Added red ring and fixed an error with wedding dress.
  6. Welcome and enjoy your experience here.
  7. 40'40 remaining raid on central tower no-pb. Next goal 42'00. @Starlord RAcast @Saber +7 HUcast @mudkipzjm RAmar @Noob Saibot FOmar
  8. How is it detrimental to game play? Have you ever truly used it in runs unlocked? It's only mostly only good in places where things are lined up further than Handgun range and Dark Falz. Maybe some other niche situations. It's significantly less "detrimental" to game play than unlocked boosted DM, Crush Cannon, or Centurion/Battle.
  9. I think this is a pretty decent idea with a few nitpicks. I don't think this weapon does anything for RAcaseal. She'll always be inferior to RAcast so long as you don't introduce an item that is really busted to her only. I also think that maybe your method of testing is a bit flawed. A HUcaseal is likely always going to have SD 7 or whatever macho blades are and the weapon will likely have attributes. It's fine to test at the floor and say "it's not so broken" but it could be helpful to know the ceiling of the weapon in a regular game with 30 shifta 30 zalure and maybe 50% in an attribute of the chosen test enemy. I think then you'll see that it pretty much CKs everything(not different than PRs though lol). Perhaps the other class that should get this is HUnl.
    1. Noob Saibot

      Noob Saibot

      Wow, look at these skills. Impressive !!111

  10. yo you online?

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    2. H2k


      still have the garb for sale?

    3. Saber +7
    4. H2k


      ok i made room name saber pw 11

  11. 3'56 remaining CCC PB 4p @Saber +7 RAcast @HUNTER_ HUcast @R-78 RAcast Gilgamesh RAmar
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