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  1. Now do the 100h CVulc calc! 1/x,xxx,xxx for sure!
  2. Saber +7

    B> pgf or DF

    Message me on discord wilsonpsobb#4792
  3. Raid on Central Tower 4P No-PB 45'14 remaining HUcast - me HUcast - @Crank HUcast - @JupiterDeMars FOmarl - @R-78 It's been awhile since I've done anything on Ultima really. This is an improvement on old work done with similar strategies. Maybe we'll try with 1 RAmar and see if we can push that 47'00 range!!
  4. Someone should compare HUcast max ATP to HUnl ATP with 20 shifta and HUmr with 7 and then HUcl with Sues + 7S 😂
  5. Mandatory watch for all those playing this summer. Help your party :)

    1. Yannv


      Amazing run, will you ever try for a sub 14? You all had the potential.

    2. Stark 1

      Stark 1

      besides the satisfaction of you guys Flowing basically everything, im really digging the vjaya action you threw into the mix lol. I didnt expect shoutgu to go down back to back like that though ( a little satisfying as well) 🤣

  6. Sonic Team Armor++ from greenill mothmant ult forest 1
  7. You can definitely play around having low / no resists. It's what normal PSO players have to do lol. It's a normal part of game play to be aware of your surroundings and prioritize monsters that could potentially Megid you. On Ultima it doesn't happen because STA obviously, but every other version of PSO that's how it's played. If there really was an armor that was +0 all resists, +0 DFP / EVP , +150 ATP, +30 ATA, and a built in Centurion / Battle I would probably never wear STA again.
  8. On the topic of new armors, a new all class frame that's on the opposite spectrum of STA that provides little to no defensive (EVP / DFP / Resists) bonuses, but rather an offensive package. Could have built in Centurion/Battle, or +xxx ATP and +xx ATA, or a set bonus with some really critical offensive weapons (can be for weapons across all 3 classes). The armor package on Ultima is pretty stale and has been for years. RA / HU it's pretty much STA or bust. HUcaseal has Sue's Coat, but it doesn't really make her any better compared to the classes above her. FO sort of is stuck to STA as well since nuking is quite rare on Ultima and everyone just plays battle FO wearing STA lol. An armor like this could add a whole new dynamic to Ultima. As a server most of us are used to walking around being ~invincible to all elemental attacks, and even ATP based attacks. This is not typically the case on other versions of PSO where in order to play even "smoothly" you have to be at least mildly aware of your surrounding enemies and in game objects as to not die. An armor of this style could give at least the option (not niche either) for the user to pick between a hyper offensive style of play or a more modest style.
  9. Pretty much any particles will make people lag. Think the fireballs in your maze. Merissas using techs, if anyone in your party is casting spells with particles.
  10. It definitely doesn’t happen to everyone, but lots of computers are prone to this. Being new and updated doesn’t really help.
  11. PSO doesn't actually care necessarily how good your computer is. PSO allegedly actually runs smoother (there's videos of a battle mode player that consistently could move frames faster than counterparts on "modern" machines) on era accurate machines. There's something about emulating old DirectX calls in the processor that is rather taxing regardless the machine. @Soly can be a bit more technical I am sure.
  12. Are you talking about the frame rate drops?
  13. 🥶🧢 Phantasy Star predates Diablo, Sega was working on PS1 in the 80s lol
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