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  1. https://psostats.4waypb.com/combo-calculator The combo calculator has been updated with Episode 1 and 2 monster stats. The class stats have also been updated and a fair amount of weapons have been added.
  2. I was really expecting pso content… damn.
  3. Who can I pay to make two mags elsewhere. I can pay DTs.

  4. Yes… to be pedantic, as is it’s literally impossible to play “1P”. This could totally be addressed though. I don’t care about these pedantries though. You can play alone in CM in a pretty reasonable manner if you want to. End of story.
  5. Y’all feeling aggressive today 😳 dual log -> grave -> play with one character and you get extra consumables -> move second for whatever random switch Totally realistic to play challenge mode alone if someone wants, but a bit cumbersome.
  6. Max Attack Tower 5'50 2P No-PB Wilson - HUnl @Shoutgu - HUct Max Attack Tower 4'55 4P No-PB Wilson - HUnl @Shoutgu - HUct @Crank - HUct @777 - HUct
  7. I'd recommend checking out the PSOstats page for the Vanilla game just to get a sense of what the site looks like when it's really active https://psostats.com/. In short though, everyone can pretty much see everything. Runs that are not "personal bests" or records will eventually fall out of both the home page recent games and player pages. The data generally though is available to anyone looking. The credentials are so that the app knows who to attribute runs to. It doesn't attribute xyz character names or GCNs to abc player. Just the credentials supplied to the PSOstats client that will read whatever character name / guildcard you happened to be playing on.
  8. I’m not actually sure. My gut says this is designed as a windows only application.
  9. Firstly, I would like to thank Phelix for creating this application. This is entirely his code and work we only adapted it to affix to the Ultima PSO client. His original post on another forum can be found here https://www.pioneer2.net/community/threads/psostats.20688/ that contains his descriptions, source code, and general messages regarding the application. -PSOstats is an application that runs alongside the PSO client and records quest runs. -It requires essentially no user input beyond opening; it automatically collects data as the user plays through quests. -It uploads recorded runs to https://psostats.4waypb.com/ which generates graphs, records leaderboards, and overall player statistics. It can be downloaded here https://github.com/Solybum/psostats-client/releases/tag/v1.00. Users looking to use this app will need credentials supplied by myself. I can be contacted here on the forums or on discord wilsonpsobb#4792 to supply these credentials. Updates to the client and website should be expected. Below are some images of the website pages and the data that are within them:
  10. Maximum Attack Desert 3'44 4P No-PB Wilson - HUct @Crank - HUct @777 - HUct @Light - FOmr Mop-Up #4 12'08 4P No-PB Wilson - HUct @777 - HUct @Lemon - RAcl @Amaranthine - FOml
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