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  1. https://imgur.com/a/BdIc9e1#7ML7tVI http://aera-enfys.tumblr.com/post/165439549727/translations-of-some-extra-information-and Not the perfect answer to what you're asking, but still something I suppose.
  2. So even Ephinea themselves have dropped the “vanilla pso” monicker. The main thing that people like about Ephinea is that the combat is all still vanilla. No unlocked dark weapons, boosted weapons, op new items(sta, cb) and most importantly all the monsters remain vanilla unlike here. It’s pretty rare for items to be named after players. There’s only like 3 and they are sort of “legends” here. I WILL tell you that Baranz Launcher is fine because it’s something that people like me would give away. You can literally 1/1 hunt photon crystals during HH which happens EVERYDAY and sometimes more from MA4DMD on normal because of the set rare spawns. A lot of what you’re saying feels really biased and seems maybe a bit wrong.
  3. I think Newmans can all max just fine with their current alotted material limits.
  4. There used to be Team Speak and Mumble but now there’s Discord but it’s a ghost town. So there’s not really any good options anymore.
  5. This is correct, I have 10+ game accounts. You’re not allowed to have more than 1 forum account.
  6. Where we came from?

    This can't be real...?
  7. Ignoring options Question

    My favorite part of this thread is the fact that it starts with one account but then ends with the other lol
  8. Welcome At level 15 and just messing around as you've said you've not even seen 1% of what PSO has to offer so the replay value at your level is insane. There's so much to do and discover.
  9. Despite what you're being told... This is not true all the monster buffs do truly fuck things up for this game in terms of "hitting" and "missing". Red Ring was an obtainable drop in the JP servers anyway. The stat boosts are in a Ultima server file only accessible by very few people so that information is not something you can really come by.
  10. End free Meseta rooms and less HH
  11. Why is hard so hard

    Well... tbh the balance changes are not kind to the things you'd like to do. Your best bet is to at least take some meseta from someone as it is literally something provided free by the GMs(something I think should stop) so you're only making your life harder there. Use the meseta to feed a mag and that'll help you tons.
  12. Ultima's Time Attack Records

    MA1B team PB 20'06 @Shoutgu - HUcast @rashan0121 - HUcast @Starlord - HUcast me - HUcast TTF team no pb 9'23 @Shoutgu - HUcast @NDWoodruff - FOmar me - HUcast
  13. With our beloved Sylph(credit to him for the format and inspiring many others especially me to be better players) taking a bit of a hiatus from PSO me and some others thought it'd be appropriate to recreate his thread to stay updated as it gets new posts nearly daily as of late. I will not post anything of an introduction to TA or what it is as most people know and all that. If there are any quests with a timer that you think are missing let me know and I will add them. I will not be porting any of the old times from the other thread unless their is a new post here with the pictures/videos of the times, so be sure to post all your times here. I also will not be separating times by class as it us to the players to decide which is the most proficient class to use. Fresh start enjoy! Rules: - Records involving hacking or cheating in any kind will be absolutely not allowed or tolerated and proof will be sent to the GM's and you wil get banned. - Anything like killing enemies before the timer starts is not allowed. - In team the whole party must complete the quest together and nobody is allowed to leave the room before Falz, to get shorter Darvant waves. - Only post records that are set in Ultimate difficulty. - Don't post false picture/video or you will get banned from this thread. - Suspicious fast times in solo must be automatically proven by videos. - Only use regular and legit items, GM's items like DM usable by hucast or Spread Needle with charge usable by any class is not allowed. - In challenge mode solo, dual logging is required to activate the 2 players switch. - Challenge mode solo need video proofs as it can easily be faked. When you post a time, you have to mention : - If you played in solo or team(the number of players in that case). - The name of the quest. - Don't forget to mention if the run is PB or no PB(no PB means you didn't use twins or PB combo at any time during or before the quest started). - Your time. - The names of the players and their class. - Picture/videos needed for proof. MULTIMODE TEAM (PB) EPISODE 1: EPISODE 2: EPISODE 4: MULTIMODE TEAM (NO PB) EPISODE 1: EPISODE 2: EPISODE 4: MULTIMODE SOLO (PB) EPISODE 1: EPISODE 2: EPISODE 4: MULTIMODE SOLO (NO PB) EPISODE 1: EPISODE 2: EPISODE 4: MULTIMODE 2 PLAYERS (PB) EPISODE 1: EPISODE 2: EPISODE 4: MULTIMODE 2 PLAYERS (NO PB) EPISODE 1: EPISODE 2: EPISODE 4:
  14. Hello!