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  1. Nothing too special but thought it's kinda neat.
  2. bonjour

    Bonjour, bienvenue. @ R-78
  3. old and yet also new

    Welcome you can get into quest lobbies by talking to the ladies in the middle of the lobby at a counter.
  4. I need some help

    windows firewall = windows defender lol and is windows natural antivirus
  5. I need some help

    You can try to allow an app through the windows firewall. If you're on w10 that's not so hard. If you need more particular steps let me know. Here's just a bit about this issue. PSO is weird lol
  6. Ultima's Time Attack Records

    The thread has been updated to add the new quests. MAU Forest - Ruins MAU Temple - Tower MAU Desert - Wilds Fiasco 1/2/4 Passion of the Blacksmith
  7. I really thought the lindcray was 100h
  8. Valentine's Event Player Made Drop Table 2019

    redria lindcray dark bringer these drops are the same as last years so check that thread
  9. Ultima's Time Attack Records

    MU2 No PB 2P HUcast HUcast @HUNTER_ @Saber +7
  10. It's a new BeeHive team not the old one.
  11. Ultima's Time Attack Records

    Malicious Uprising 3 EP 2 2p no pb 5'52 remaining. Slightly better than our old rec.
  12. Ultima's Custom Equips

    Please read the information in the link I last quoted with.
  13. Ultima's Custom Equips

  14. I know most of you think I am just bragging or whatever but this is really cool to me. Almost like sand-box. There's still a lot of little things for me to completely fill out, but this is the bulk of melee gear for TA and stuff so that's nice.