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  1. Pretty sure this is the first 1P submission. Very nice, will update the site in a bit.
  2. If anyone wants to practice this please let me know. I’d love to get it down to 8 minutes or so.
  3. It was not done on Ultima actually, but 1c1 across servers (especially those based on Tethella) are the same. It’s some ancient ass run we did a long time ago. There was no times here, so at the least like I said it could / should serve as a baseline for bare minimum uploads. Especially since it’s a 2P run. You’re not wrong about challenge mode being slightly different / broken on servers. I won’t be very specific, but other stages aren’t proper and certain drops aren’t either.
  4. Since no one seems to be doing this, here's a time that should serve as a baseline at least.
  5. A link I noticed that's missing that's really good is this. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/33082-ultimas-custom-equips/ I'd like to mention that TTF is not always going to be fastest or easiest way to level up. Depending on if you can carry yourself things like MASE4 and PTS are faster to Ultimate than TTF is. Another thing worth noting is that Photon Drops come REALLY easily on Ultima and that conversion is definitely up to the seller / buyer and I as a trader would never recommend letting your DTs go at that low of a rate unless there's a hit event or
  6. The rules did not change mid event. It was an additional rule added before runs started. Y’all should at least read before posting.
  7. That is indeed a very long post and probably the best one on this thread. If I was going to lock this I already would've y'all are free to destroy this topic as much as y'all want. I suppose I will give a final reply addressing as many of R78s points as possible. I am going to busy for at least the next few months. I only am playing a little bit of PSO at the moment, and have no interest in working with something like this in that time frame. I also wanted to dump all my Ultima items by now as well (in a way I feel/felt was/is worthy). I also was interested in participating in my own e
  8. Sure I’ll bite one more time. I specifically wanted public results to encourage improvements. I’m not giving participation award I don’t know what to say the 3 submission minimum was added before runs began taking place. Not an unknown caveat added randomly. Another thing to note for bob. I’m not giving away GM items. I was giving away my own hunted or traded items from my real account. I cannot just make up some participation award. The other remark about crediting the others is pedantic as hell. They will all get credit on leaderboards and obviously all took part in th
  9. I said it at the start about 3 submissions minimum. I don’t know why people are acting as if I suddenly decided to say that after the time was up. It was a known risk and I’m sorry that it happened. I truly thought people would play for a 100h Dark Flow and that just wasn’t the case.
  10. I cannot say for the other voters why they chose that quest line. I personally picked it because they're some of the harder quests for their prospective episodes and I thought watching/playing these runs on Ultima would be fun. There are many videos for this game and even these quests themselves to get an idea what they are. If the players are unwilling to learn the quests they chose that is not my fault. I also didn't want to force PB on these runs because building sucks and not everyone has the SD tools. Additionally PB meta is very different from No-PB and I was more interested in seeing wh
  11. Faster gif casting would be absolutely insane. None of these items need to be made. There’s hundreds of items on PSO and the nature of DTs enables so many more to be useful. The game does not need anymore new items. If anything some items should be removed.
  12. TP regeneration is a completely worthless aspect. The character neither improves or suffers with or without it. FOmar and FOnewm offer very different play styles and switching units/mags/shields/frames/weapons is a skill that can improve all players play. When to switch to what is just a knowledge based thing and once you learn where to use what you’ll find yourself playing better.
  13. I agree, I’d be VERY surprised to see that no one team is able to complete the quest. It’s challenging but not impossible.
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