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  1. Imagine writing admitting that you didn’t even bother to check to know what’s up with these weapons. Obviously never tested them in game either. literal clown show 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  2. Refuting to add new items especially the ones you want isn't purging the server of everything that makes it unique. Just because something exists elsewhere doesn't mean that it can't be used in another place. HBR is quite literally a Sega concept. Check out GBR from Phantasy Star Universe. It's not a "unique" idea to Ephinea. I think that Ultima peak (few years ago) and Ephinea peak (currently) are roughly the same. They've certainly matched Ultimas past peaks. There was literally one week where some famous streamer was playing Ultima and our counts went sky high. That doesn't r
  3. I think the "short lifespan" is directly related to how Ultima operates in regards to DTs, Nakas Cards, and set PDs / quest reward PDs. I will go more into this later in the post. Every user is different, not everyone can be PSO lifer like myself or some others. That's the way of the game. Hardly anyone plays years on end the way Shiida, myself, or a few others around here do. The quantity of huntable items is NOT the problem with Ultima, or PSO in general. The most populous places haven't added new items yet they keep their user engaged / active while also attr
  4. Finally finished Sweep-Up #3 2P. It's far from perfect, but we're looking to move on once we got 4'4x. 


  5. That’s not a custom weapon. It’s an S-Rank Needle with Hell. Available to any player who completes challenge mode and collects PDs to use at Gallons Shop. You can also get one with Mr. Nakas Business Cards, DTs, or player trading.
  6. This is one of the slowest ways to play that will make all runs you’re in cumbersome. Don’t do this lol
  7. You can see in the “Notes:” column that some mags simply can’t have PBs. Not a bug of the game. https://wiki.pioneer2.net/index.php?title=Mags
  8. No, it’s always been on Ultima. It’s probably honestly better than it was in 2010 due to upgraded host quality and slightly cleaner code. Enemies can “desync” and be in different places and doing different animations on different clients. This is present on EVERY form of PSO.
  9. I wouldn’t even bother comparing the two games in this way. Damage cancel is an intended “feature” to a degree. It’s just a little fucked up on Ultima.
  10. Latest run, we had fun. It's not perfect as it never is, but this one pretty fun compared to last posted video.


  11. DMC is short for "damage cancel". It happens on all version of PSO to some degree all the way back to the GameCube version (I am not familiar enough with Dreamcast V1 / V2 to talk about those versions) and is related to the way the server receives incoming damage packets from the client(s). While not a bug, there's varying degrees of intensity of DMC among the existing servers. I personally use GameCube as a metric for what it's supposed to feel like. However Ultima has the worst DMC of all the servers I have played on to the point where you could call it a bug. It's completely nullified on Ul
  12. IronSheiks comment is probably the most in-depth on how to get your character in the position to be better, and in general become more comfortable with the environment that is Ultima. I'd definitely recommend reading his comment in full. Almost all these posts are about weapons / gear, but not actually about how to play better. A little can carry you a long lay way on Ultima. Wade alluded to that with this comment. Ultima for starters does not have a viable One-Player Mode so playing alone here is something meant more for people that are geared / experienced / famil
  13. That's correct. The server and your client were having some sort of desync in which your client thought a scape doll was occupying a space in your inventory that in actuality according to the server was your Lindcray. Sometimes (almost always) you can fix this yourself by changing blocks and sorting your inventory.
  14. Max Attack 1C 2P No-PB on the GameCube. I was really struggling to execute a lot of our planning, but rewatching it doesn't look too bad for anyone interested :)



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