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  1. Ok so i have been gone for a while im using a xbox controller im getting confused about getting the quick window to pop up like if i want to switch weapons i forgot what combo bottoms to use lol
  2. I'm looking for some items I'm willing to trade items+dts if need be here is the list of things i need -Psycho bridge -LINDCRAY with abeast and dark with hit -Dark meteor willing to pay good in dts..
  3. Champione


    looking for rav-5 and burning Vist nice stats and hit
  4. you can get banned for this jfyi
  5. B>Heaven striker dark and hit and any other stat

  6. looking for Ranger items I lists the ones I want
  7. I want to get as much Ranger gear I could get looking for Heaven Striker Demon yas and charged yas A sword or something that can hurt the dogs on ep4 PR with abeast mech Hell gun or you can offer as you please Master sword 0/100/0/50/70 Banana cannon 0/0/65/75/70 rambling may 100/70/0/0/40 rambling may 0/0/80/80/70 Hylain shield samba fiesta 80 hit magical piece psycho wand 100 souls 0/0/40/0/70 mother grab+
  8. Hold onto that rr and that anti dark ring And that bomb chu
  9. looking to trade for one.
  10. the 4th of April already past lol
  11. Looking for banana cannon,Rambling may,scared bow,100 souls with all good stats
  12. Every time I download and about to launch it says create process failed code 1450 insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service?
  13. It's not worth 15 to 22 pds lol
  14. Champione


    5 dts is 10pds more then its worth just a fyi
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