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  1. 1. Red ring 2. S rank demon (your pick) 3. Type weapon hell or demon ( no hit is cool) 4 halo rappy soul (amount up to you) 5. Frozen shooter or queen(at least 45 hit) 6. C. Orb 7. Merc rod 8. S rank demon (needle handgun etc, your pick) I wrote this in random order.
  2. I like the weapon even tho it's locked tbh, but if it was unlocked, I would make a Hucassy just to use it. Like I made a Ramarl just to use MF 😁 good idea making some role only weapons 😍
  3. @Yasuo pm when you ready
  4. Thank you, and I hate to see you go. Surprise us one day in the lobby. Much respect for you.
  5. It does, I was in the room when it happen
  6. Hi, I have all 7 bronze and ready to redeem
  7. Me and kalira is teaming up
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