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  1. We have an extra heart emote, someone change quick!
  2. Oh by all means steal this idea to the bone! This is something ive always wanted to see in PSO and seeing you put the work and effort into it really makes me happy! Im sure many other people would love to see something like this once in a while!
  3. Dude absolutely nice job! Ive always wanted to see more chaos being implamented with unique attributes and what not. Ive finally seen someone take interest in one of the things I love most, chaos and sonic! Heres the post I made, I really love what you made! Your truely amazing!
  4. I'm down for whatever new changes are as long as its still fun and balanced! I can't really think to the top of my head on what weapons need to be changed for FO's but I'd say whatever is necessary to slightly keep up with HU and RA's damage potential would be nice, not that im saying FO's should have something as strong as DM, but something to compensate. Hell, even having an armor or weapons that provides additional levels to techs without a cap would be interesting, for example lets say I equip an imaginary weapon that only FO's can use, and that adds an additional 15 levels to my techs. So
  5. There's more new stuff going around, like the changed DAR dropstyle, as well as weapons that have been previously been underwhelming like Frozen Faust and Arrest Faust being adjusted and fixed for people to hunt again. Even the small things like adding new lobby music was a super neat cherry on top for the server lol
  6. This is the first time seeing you, but hey man as long as you have fun its all that matters! As for the server, I think its starting to heal and get better.
  7. Thnaks for the redeems! Now me and @TailsTeam have pbs in our custom mags!
  8. I have an idea for adding new mag skins, I absolutely love Sonic Adventure DX/2 Battle, and I really like chaos! The only 2 chao mags that are in the game that im aware of is a normal baby chao and omochao. I'd honestly like to the more chaos get added in the game since welp, its made by Sonicteam lol. Nothing really crazy i just thought that seeing these little guys would be nice lol
  9. God bless you for fixing the Frozen and Arrest Fausts! This is Awesome! Thnaks
  10. Likes: I absolutely love how different this server is. I love the cool variety of weapons for each class aswell as armors. Dislikes: What i dont like about this server is how absured it is to get anything new around here. Whenever something new shows up like SS, everyone loses theyre minds, honestly i really dont get why people were so upset about SS, i was just genuinly happy that we just got a new weapon for this server. Not only that, theres a certain weapon that never seems to be fixed and thats Frozen Faust. It makes no sense to how hard it is to actually find the item that cr
  11. Why is my sanic face and sanic shoes in this picture wat did i do to get there lmfao
  12. Del-D Yellowboze Episode 1 Ultimate New Years Card
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