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  1. Oh geez, just the thought of it sounds destructive lol
  2. Oh was Meteor Rouge combo unlocked once? Im not sure myself since I havent experienced using it or seeing others using it, wat was it like?
  3. Having a new weapon would be a fresh air for once! I'd like to see something new that everyone can enjoy. (Hopefully if there is a new weapon it isnt catastrophic as Serene Swans release)
  4. Cant say there isnt loool iirc i think i just tried using a max stat plan nothing crazy, just had a lot of fun on the way towards getting lindcray lol
  5. I believe its very difficult to choose between the two characters! Personally HUnewearl is my favorite HU and RAmarl is my go to secondary RA! But if I where to make a choice I might like HUnewearl abit more than RAmarl, only because of the FO/HU hybrid playstyle. For instance with a certain build I could use Lindcray on HUnewearl and its a lot of fun!
  6. Ult - Ep4 - Dorphon Eclair - Oran - Banana Cannon
  7. Oh by all means steal this idea to the bone! This is something ive always wanted to see in PSO and seeing you put the work and effort into it really makes me happy! Im sure many other people would love to see something like this once in a while!
  8. Dude absolutely nice job! Ive always wanted to see more chaos being implamented with unique attributes and what not. Ive finally seen someone take interest in one of the things I love most, chaos and sonic! Heres the post I made, I really love what you made! Your truely amazing!
  9. I'm down for whatever new changes are as long as its still fun and balanced! I can't really think to the top of my head on what weapons need to be changed for FO's but I'd say whatever is necessary to slightly keep up with HU and RA's damage potential would be nice, not that im saying FO's should have something as strong as DM, but something to compensate. Hell, even having an armor or weapons that provides additional levels to techs without a cap would be interesting, for example lets say I equip an imaginary weapon that only FO's can use, and that adds an additional 15 levels to my techs. So now, instead of my lvl 30 techs being capped at that level, equipping that weapon makes my techs lvl 45, and thus adds provides more damage when used and takes up for MP. That was just a small little brainstorm I just thought about but I'm not 100% sure if that kind of weapon can ever be a thing since im not entirely sure if going over the lvl 30 tech cap is a thing or if its balanced in the slightest. Whatever happens, happens!
  10. Actually yeah now that you mention it, it does alienate classes which sucks, i only like the mission for how chaotic it can really be but having certain classes having a higher priority to do those certain quests can be a bummer, then again I'd still love to see missions where any class can participate!
  11. Honestly I'd like to see a quest that is pretty tough, like WOI where there's enemies all over the map and once you die its game over! Or it can even be as stressful as the final room of HOD 2 where there's a sandstorm and a poisonous air in the room, causes a huge amount of damage to you over time while also dealing with enemies. For me, usually quest like these where theres a certain excitement and stress in a mission is the most fun for me so thats what i usually look forward to lol
  12. oh shid woops srry lol i took that the wrong way
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