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  1. Funny how you mention it, cause i was also just talking about that lol, this is what i believe should be present
  2. port to Nintendo switch

    I understand! I might aswell research if this kind of idea is possible though, it could be abit of work but im sure something could show up.
  3. port to Nintendo switch

    Having PSO on the Nintendo Switch would be awesome! And I would also believe that it's possible for that to happen, since Switch Hacking with Homebrew is present, and I would expect PSO to run flawlessly on it. However for a legit port, I'm not sure if that kind of thing is possible because of SEGA and SonicTeam, but its good to keep in mind that making your own port to PSO on the Switch with Homebrew is most likely possible.
  4. Having RNG be based on time might be a weird concept. It reminds me of how POKEMON has found out how to get shiny POKEMON more efficiently with time.
  5. LOL was that the banana cannon i gave u?
  6. Christmas Event Drop Table 2018

    Parasitic Gene Flow - Olga Flow - Ep 2 - Ultimate - Greenill
  7. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    Pure Comedy
  8. 10 Anniversary Ultima

    Ultimate Ep1 Greenill Vol Opt ver. 2 - Naka's Buisness Card