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  1. I'd like to see a remake/reboot of pso! If they somehow added transactions in the game i think that would suck balls, what would be even worse is something like denuvo somehow being in the game. Making the game look more polished would be nice and maybe add some more side mission or add new stuff who knows, im still gonna try it out!
  2. I like the idea of techs getting a faster attack speed, though I feel like there would have to be a lot of experimentation on whether increasing the speed would break balance or still cause some sort of dmc (I haven't used FO in a while so i dont remember how dmc is causes and i battle FO lol). As for the increase in PD slots i'd have to disagree, it would yet again get rid of a function of the game that would otherwise be considered useless and never used again. I can understand the concept of having 99 Photon Spheres and wanting to make a new item that holds even more value (Photon Drops> Photon Spheres> Photon ???), but its so unlikely to reach that amount. I dont think its that much of a hassle to just to give Pagini 99 PDs for a sphere tbh
  3. I feel like having a higher amount of mates/fluid would sort of take away the necessity of shops since having 99 of all mates/fluids would mean a part of the game wouldn't be used as often anymore, let alone going to your bank to get spare mates/fluids as well. Also having 99 mates/fluids during gameplay would make the game feel way easier, there would be no urgency to conserve or strategize using mates/fluids in low health scenarios. Maybe something like having over 100+ mats in bank would be nice but then again I unfortunately don't see that happening.
  4. Thats actually pretty cool to also reference Nights and Space Channel 5! I wish we got more of this
  5. Just checked and there is a side quest in One Player Episode 1 where you can do a mission w Sonic! Heres a video on it in case you wanted to do the mission! As far as there being any new missions w Sonic im not too sure anyones currently making one atm, would be nice though!
  6. Yo Im willing to sell u my C/B for 25dt! Just pm me for when you would like to trade!
  7. I love the Dremcast and Chao mag! Shame that those mags dont have invincibility at low health but since I love sonic having these mags are fine enough lol
  8. Thats true! Though I feel like most of the weapons are "collectables" then they are actual functioning weapons. I cant remember the last time someone used a magic hammer, power glove, or a bug catching net lol
  9. Just putting it out there since i think these items are cool and should be in Ultima! I don't necessarily know what the stats would be since I'm not sure how balancing would work lol These 3 swords in particular are awesome! I only have 2 ideas as for the swords though. Fierce Deity Sword would feel authentic if you could shoot beams like in Majoras Mask! The Phantom sword could paralyze enemies(?) And I have no clue what the Lokomo Sword could do that could make it unique lol. I would also like it if Majoras Mask was an equippable item you could wear similar to hylian shield or ganon sheild (when tf did ganon ever have a shield lmao). Again no idea how balancing would work, I just think it would be cool to have thats all. Does anyone else have any cool weapons or items they'd like to see from other games? Please let me know!
  10. I think adding these would be pretty nice! Though it would also be nice to see other SEGA characters!
  11. That never really crossed my mind the way how people spammed CCA to get to lvl 200. That was the meta ever since due to it being quick LOL. Also another thing i thought of is adding something like daily missions, idk wat the rewards would be but im sure it would be nice for new players.
  12. I think adding new stuff would bring a breath of fresh air that I'd love to see. I think new quests in general are nice and i don't see there being any qualms for new or old players alike. Though new weapons is super sensitive, remember the discourse with Serene Swan? Yeah adding stuff like that on one side is nice since it provides a new item for specific classes to use thus introducing a new playstyle or tactic, however, if the item isn't playtested and causes players to feel discontent with the item to the point where the item gets changed is not good. IMO small quality of life improvements would be extremely nice for the game, like removing damage cancel, more emotes (idk if its possible to add more), more custom music for lobby or even adding more custom npc models for players to change into.
  13. Oh no im sure there are players right now on other servers doing their own thing. Still a shame though since id like to see more people come back or have new players experience ultima. Id give anything back to experience my first time playing ultima when I was in high school, it was such a nice time and I had a lot of fun!
  14. When I starting playing I remember there being way more active players, could be pushin it but it was probably around 50-132 give or take there being an event or hh. Now I presume its around 10-30. Cant really complain since its how the life cycle of any game goes, though its sad to see it happen. I can obviously see an influx of players coming back to get PGF next month, but then it'll go right back to what it is now once Christmas event is over. Not really sure if theres a way to bring back those active players from before or bring in new players entirely if there isnt anything new or exciting to bring them back. Ill still play to get the PGF I never got durring christmas event though LOL
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