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  1. Del-D Yellowboze Episode 1 Ultimate New Years Card
  2. Del-D Purplenum Episode 1 Ultimate New Years Card
  3. It would be awesome if during events, they have additional skins! For example during Halloween, npc are wearing spooky costumes. Heck it would be cool if our characters could wear witch hats. Or during Christmas event, npc's can wear Santa/Elf like clothing! It would also be nice if characters had Sant hats or little jingle bells. The reason why i feel like this would be a good idea is because it would make pso feel more memorable and would be a nice addition to themes.
  4. It would be nice to see some new character npc's skins, like Eggman for example, he's already in the game but wasn't been touched. Maybe it would also be cool to see different models for npc's, like Tikal and E-102 Gamma, or maybe even Chaos!
  5. I think it would be cool if you could keep multiple stacks of certain items in bank, for example having 3 stacks of 99x Photon Drops on my Bank. The reason why i feel like this is a cool idea is because getting (for example) PD's from your other characters banks takes a while, and if you were trading or buying from someone, having the multiple stacks in your bank makes it much more convenient and faster for trading and such.
  6. Old Linux Method So recently, the Nintendo Switch was able to run the Unbuntu Linux OS through hacking. This could be a pretty cool opportunity to give PSO a Linux Compatible Version / Installer! Someone could possibly say "Use Wine to launch PSO", well from what I've seen, PSO doesn't really cooperate well with Wine. In the Linux OS, it is possible to use an On-Screen keyboard which is useful, and it is also possible to use your own keyboard and mouse to use the OS. Im not sure if the Joycons can control your Character in PSO since i haven't tested anything yet, but if it couldn't, i'm pretty sure you can use other controllers and such! Theres many things you can also do with this OS, such as search the web, listen to audio files and watch videos! Its even possible to run the Dolphin Emulator (Gamecube/Wii Emulator) with this os! UPDATE 5/20/19: The Nintendo Switch has a ARM Cpu, which is a Phone Cpu. Windows 10 has a specific 32bit version where it supports ARM Cpus. This is amazing news! As it now allows us to forget about Linux, and instead makes us focus on Windows, which is a much simpler OS to use! There is a video of a person loading up the Windows 10 Installation, however he doesn't show any further progress of what he does with Windows 10. The publisher that made it possible for Windows 10's Installation Process to show on the Switch has yet to make it public. If anything new every shows up with this new Windows 10 OS, I will update this thread ASAP! Thank you @Mugiwara for finding this amazing information! Here is a video of the person loading up Windows 10 on his Switch: I'm hoping to see a lot of support for PSO on the Switch! It would be awesome to play PSO BB on the go! And speculating how PSO is a somewhat light game, i'm pretty sure the Switch can handle it just fine! I don't want this opportunity to slip by without anyone noticing since this is great! I would even go as far as to make a tutorial on how to install the Windows 10 and Installing PSO if it were possible! Please feel free to let me know what you guys think!
  7. Yo guys i have an update on PSO ported to the Switch! Recently, some people have been able to run the Linux OS on the Switch, which opens alot of potential to what the switch can do, however, if Linux could support PSO, that would be great news since people can play PSO on the Switch! Im unsure on how to get the Linux OS, but im sure theres videos and forums out there explaining how to do so! Hope this comment helped!
  8. Funny how you mention it, cause i was also just talking about that lol, this is what i believe should be present
  9. I understand! I might aswell research if this kind of idea is possible though, it could be abit of work but im sure something could show up.
  10. Having PSO on the Nintendo Switch would be awesome! And I would also believe that it's possible for that to happen, since Switch Hacking with Homebrew is present, and I would expect PSO to run flawlessly on it. However for a legit port, I'm not sure if that kind of thing is possible because of SEGA and SonicTeam, but its good to keep in mind that making your own port to PSO on the Switch with Homebrew is most likely possible.
  11. Having RNG be based on time might be a weird concept. It reminds me of how POKEMON has found out how to get shiny POKEMON more efficiently with time.
  12. Parasitic Gene Flow - Olga Flow - Ep 2 - Ultimate - Greenill
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