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    I think is better to just have pgf all year but better rates during xmas
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    I has been 6 months since JADE's Mag Shop has opened its doors on the Ultima forums. And I thank all of you for your support of my humble shop. I have met so many people over the past 6 months and have had so many wonderful experiences since I opened my shop's doors on January 6 of this year. So, to thank all of you, I am holding a 2-part mini event this Saturday July 8. The first part will be a kind of Christmas in July celebration. I will make some rooms throughout the day named JADE's Event. If you bring me a level 5 mag, I will give you a Christmas present. I will give away 1 per person. The second part is a bit trickier. I will be holding a screenshot scavenger hunt. I will post here 4 screenshots. The first 10 people to post those exact screenshots wins. I will release the full list of prizes Friday. I will show the screenshots on Saturday. I will then award the prizes like @TripleR did in his last mini-event. The first winner will get first pick. The second winner will get the second pick. And so on for the first 10 people. I will make that post by 12:00 pm est. Thanks to @Shin for his contributions to the prize pool and Team RogueZ for their awesome support and encouragement. List of winners: 1st @Lemon 2nd @Noopy 3rd @Soldimar 4th @anthonyplays 5th @secoever 6th @Chris Gardner
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    i was gonna add falz to make it more relevant to...not the summer event, but it'd be too busy and c/bioli rolls off the tongue better
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    Irrelevant 2015 meme here
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    When the ultima meme thread is lit
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    so summer event part-2 or what?
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    In the name of all those HH lost to sleep.
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    not a screenshot, but...
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    I'm allergic to Centurion/Battles. Good thing they're never around me.
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    RIP Chester Bennington Music will never be the same again
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    i put effort into this i made that whitill logo with my bare hands
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    Welcome to all Ultima users. We hope you are enjoying the summer event so far, but now it's time for the most anticipated event of the year; the Annual Meme Event has returned! Along with that other minievent that only I care about... It's time to unlearn how to hold Zanbacon's once again! Part 1 - Ultima Summer Meme Event 3: Ragol Drift It's Back! The Summer Meme Event has returned for 2017. Submit your best dank memes based on Ultima Server, whether it be Ultima specific Items, Ultima Events, or other Ultima related content. Meme submissions should preferably be based based specifically around Ultima Server and not just Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst in general. The meme events are always great, and I'm sure you all have plenty more to show off still. Prizes: Grand Prize - 1 Centurion/Battle Second Place - 1 Blood Sword, 30hit and up to 60% total divided in other attributes of winner's choice (no more than three total %'s) Consolation Prize - Special Zanbacon Swords for all participants Rules: 1. You may submit multiple memes if you are clever enough to think of them, however you may only win one prize from each minievent (i.e. can't win both 1st and 2nd place in meme event). 2. No Stealing! You must design and create your own new meme for this event. Cheating will result in disqualification from both summer minievents. 3. Nothing offensive please. Server rules still apply, so keep it relatively within reason. If you are mocking someone in particular, please make sure they are not offended before submitting. 4. Submissions will run through July 9th. Anything submitted later will not count. Part 2 - Ultima's 'Summer Beach Vacation' Screenshot Competition Put together your best summer screenshots from within the 'Festivity on the Beach' quest. This is a very unique quest that allows players to call up several cool effects via special phrases. You can find a nice guide on the special phrases here: (http://www.gamefaqs.com/gamecube/928898-phantasy-star-online-episode-i-and-ii-plus/faqs/42523), as well as a secondary less complete guide here: (http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=1301). Photo editing is encouraged for maximum awesomeness in your pictures. Soly's Launcher.exe has several features you may find useful for taking these pictures, such as the ability to hide the hud and free camera controls. Prizes: Grand Prize - 1 Psycho Black Crystal Second Place - 1 Soul Booster Consolation Prize - Trap Search and new Centurion Units set (1 of each) for all participants Rules: 1. You may submit multiple screenshots if you like, however you may only win one prize from each minievent (i.e. can't win both 1st and 2nd place in screenshot event). 2. No Stealing! You must submit your own screenshots for this event. Cheating will result in disqualification from both summer minievents. 3. Photo Editing is encouraged to make your screenshots cooler. 4. That being said, please do not make anything offensive with your editing. Server rules still apply, so keep it relatively within reason. 5. Submissions will run through July 9th. Anything submitted later will not count. If you are looking for inspiration, then perhaps check out these older threads: Good Luck to all users who wish to participate! I am looking forward to all the cool ideas everyone can come up with for this minievent. If we have a ton of submissions, I may add additional prizes. May your memes be dank, and your vacation photos glorious! Event is Over!
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    While I was at work today, a squirrel climbed into the powerlines hooked up to the place I work at. The squirrel messed around with the transformer box and caused an explosion which resulted in us closing down. Press F to pay respects.
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    That one is not as accurate tho. I made one thing for this, same as the item reader. As for instructions on how to install, although Auli already gave you a viable option, I'd recommend to follow these steps, as it would give you latest versions for everything. This for the framework-plugin thing: https://github.com/HybridEidolon/psobbaddonplugin#installation This for the addons I have developed: https://github.com/Solybum/PSOBBMod-Addons#installation My addons include player reader (Shifta, Deband and the likes), item reader (inventory bank and floor items, this one includes the mag timer stuff), and monster reader with monster HP, S/D or J/Z etc.
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    Mysteries of the void A little "ice action" for those wolf Wolfs praying for me Guess what's there This room looks like a lot of fun... It felt like some passage in FF VII suddenly Pioneer was a bit "reshaped" to say the least Is that... @Lemon ? @R-78 Thought that traps were no good, so he decided to use something more efficient This got me killed instantly with full HP... Do not step on it D: Finally found the "big guy" Finally ended the quest
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    soon we will meet again XDD pronto nos veremos XD
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    Don't laugh, it's hard to make cool stuff with paint lol
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    S>dual bird 0 75 0 95 65 offert S>arrest neddle 60 hit offert
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    When you're Ramarl and the FO d/c in the middle of LHB
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    Among all the technological tools made available to man, the Internet remains the most revealing of the identity of people and of human malice and corruption.. It does demonstrates the state of the hearts by all the poison and the hatred that one can find there... between calumnies, lies, hatred, racism, harassement, jealousy, mockery, rancor, personal attacks and reckoning, the list is very long.. Yeah, since it's forbiden to kill someone physically, let's murder verbally and psychologically by the wickedness of my heart because of course it's the easy way out.. Someone made a video stating his opinion but i don't like it at all, let's make a video in response to attack him personnaly.. Someone posted a comment that displeases me, let's insult him, despise him and show how dominant i am.. I see someone speaking on a topic, but my pride feel the need to be shown, so let's waste my time and argue for hours and hours to prove my point to be the absolute truth because i have more knowledges and my opinion is more valuable ofc.. It seems that facebook had become a good place to post pictures of me bar-chested or in bikini/panties, all my friends do it after all so why not me ? Let's not forget to take tons of selfies of myself because i am thaaaaat important.. I'm not even speaking of the ridiculous accessibility of the most infamous pornography that degrades men and women from their youngest ages and the sites that promote fornication, adultery and all sorts of sexual vices.. Let's also not forget the learning of witchcraft, worshiping of demons and occultism ( through video games, many animés/manga for example ), dirty and demonic musics glorifying violence, sex, drugs and satanism exhibited through the mainstream.. The greed by the idolatry of money, material, glory and vain success... Where is this abundance of dirt and perversion going to lead us ? In my opinion to destruction, to darkness, death and ultimately hell.. While i don't deny that it can has good aspects if you know what you're doing, internet has still become the new universal sanctuary of moral misery and human decadence. Starting my myself, i would advice to be careful to your use of this tool because what your ears hear and what your eyes see can generate actions that will cause your loss.. The deeds that you manifest on the internet can also demonstrate who you are in the real life ( not in all cases but most cases ). Can a wicked heart that is trained to despise, curse and meddle others on the web be good, caring and loving in real life ? Can someone who masturbates 5 times a day on the most vile pornographic movies be faithful and purehearted in his daily real life ? To me, internet has really has become one of the greatest instruments of the devil to divide people, corrupt morals and destroy others lives.. It is easy to recognize that the negative influence and the hold i has on man is of demonic origin. Knowing that i would also add that the Lord Jesus declared : What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them because what comes out of the mouth comes from the heart, and that is what defiles man. For from the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false testimonies, calumnies. The good man derives good things from the good treasure of his heart, and the wicked draws bad things from his evil treasure; for it is from the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks. Therefore keep your heart more than anything else, for from it come the sources of life. To meditate ( and i does include myself in this )
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    Didn't die in Berlin (maybe next time @radezz) Did manage to break my wrist while dressed as John Lennon though. No PSO for the next few weeks. RIP
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    Someone delete this
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    My haul within a period of 24 hours, to make a total of 9 for the event. dw
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    Never get into a relationship with a locomotive. They're selfish, greedy, and control freaks. My relationship with a locomotive was a total train wreck. :^
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    Coiake. Did you put birthday candles on yourself today?
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