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    Time to [tl;dr] post here. Probably because they care about other people, and this is actually appreciated. I am not trying to take side just because I am one of the participants myself, but I will give my honest opinion regardless of whoever would have "won" this event. The event time was really not a good time as it was overlapping with Summer event. If you waited just one more month and made it in August, I'm sure lot more people would have tried, as there is no Ultima event going on in this period. You said this was because you were going to be busy starting from now, but how does it matter? If you are the judge of this event, all you needed to do is waiting for the deadline and checking the videos + announcing the winners. (this should take no more than a day) There was no need to be active during the submissions time. (unless you really were willing to participate to your own event, which is... weird) This is kinda disappointing that you can't find a middle ground about the question of rewarding the participants or not. Yes it was meant to be a competition but can't you aknowledge that the time and efforts spent by my team (which broke old ultima records) deserved something? Well I am pretty sure you actually specifically disliked (and certainly trashed) our ROW run because it is a gameplay you sure despise a lot. But 2 weeks in order to learn 3 long quests are far from enough... and that is assuming the 4 players are available during those 2 weeks. If it was a 1P or 2P teams event, it would sound more reasonnable, but I think you can understand how hard it is to gather 4 players to regularly play together and learn new quests? Since we noticed the DM strategies were good enough to end up with 5:07 left, we decided not to waste more time in this quest and focus on the other two. Of course I am not proud of the ROW run but we had schedules issues, we still managed to get 24 hours of practice together, and pretty much sacrified our last weeks of summer event. Trust me I would understand you don't want to reward a team if their submitted times were lame or even decent, but this is not the case. Well, your golden rule makes you officially clean for not rewarding anyone. So onto the next point: Why did you wait for the poll to end in order to add that latest rule? Why didn't you specify it before the poll ended? I think this is pretty clear: you saw the people chose the hardest quests, you pretty much knew most people would not make it to the end, and decided to add a safety rule in order to save your gear thanks to the quests choice. Else you could have considered Yan's suggestion here: Applicable on CCC as well: you could just consider which wave everyone reached and count every remaining wave as negative timer for score calculation. Example: every missing wave is counted as a 10 seconds penalty, Team 2 made it to Wave 98 before timer reached 0, there were 2 waves remaining so their entry is scored as " - 20 seconds left remaining " so they are still qualified and can try to catch up the 20 lost seconds on another quest. That way, the people who could not finish a quest could still submit something to your event. And there are a couple people in that case, they could not submit times because they did not pass Tower part in CCC. So the reason why there was only one submission is because the others were just unable to complete the quests, but they actually tried to participate. Not because Don't you think if this extra rule was here since the beginning, the people could have voted for something else than CF+ROW+CCC? This would actually be a good strategy, as it is a competition event, you choose the most difficult set of quests in order to eliminate as many teams as possible. But that rule makes it totally different since you require other teams not to be eliminated, so people would rather vote for the easy MU3 quests to make sure everyone can do it. So as it was, it looks like you've always been planning to sanction the 1st team if other teams were not capable of completing the quests. It's like saying "you won this competition but since your rivals were too noobs, here's your replacement rewards: If you wanted to be that generous to the point you originally wanted to give the whole content of every account you had, how is that a problem to at least give just a couple of items you don't even use to reward the participants for their time spent and efforts? Just as a symbolic move? Doesn't even have to be something as valuable as your top tier items. Everyone would be happy: the participants at least got something at the end and didn't TOTALLY waste their time, you wouldn't have got all the (justified) rant in this topic for not doing anything, and it would motivate everyone to look forward and participate to your next event if there is one. But now with such an event ending, how can people trust you for the next time you try to host a TA mini event? And no "their time will forever be on the leaderboards" and "her team improved their abilities to play together" are not rewards. Most people don't ever look at those charts. When a new record is done, it is normal that you add the time to TA leaderboards, since that's literally the purpose of it. And if all of that was just about getting names into those leaderboards, you could pretty much summarize the event topic to this: Exact same "rewards" and conditions, except that you don't get any dates restriction so it's actually even better. Regarding the promised rewards, I told you but I will say it again. Why does it have to be ALL or NOTHING? Just in your listed stuff there are 50 weapons 80 hit 2 weapons 85 hit 2 weapons 90 hit 2 weapons 100 hit 4 SonicTeam armors including 8 Dark flows 2 Dark meteors Literally 60 endgame items at least. This is obviously way too much for just 4 people. Hence why I told you that I and my team were planning to share the rewards with all other participants if we were to win this event. You said you didn't like this idea, just tell me why? Wasn't your goal to motivate people and get as many players as possible into Time attack, the only game aspect that you enjoy? I'm sure a lot more of people would have attempted to run this event if the rewards were split better, like 4th place gets 15x4 dts 3rd place gets 4 weapons 80 hit 2nd place gets 4 dark weapons 1st place gets all the remaining items There's still a big value gap between every prize so you still get the competition spirit you wanted, but it also suddenly becomes much more attractive. Especially to anyone new to TA (2 of my team actually were) who could be afraid to try it if they know only the best team gets something. Now you are basically saying "you were warned you wouldnt get sh*t if there is no other submissions" so it's like "it's nothing but your fault that you decided to participate to my event". True I guess, but I didn't know you would rather have no one showing interest to your event than one team playing the game. So yeah my team was the one to blame for doing that gamble. Nice reasonning. So I listed 3 important points that could make your event get more popular. Dates and duration Prizes repartition Clarity of rules before the votes Leaving that here, I'm not going to force you to give anything, and you took a straight decision already anyways. I am actually more concerned about the lack of humanity than the absence of rewards itself. And don't get me wrong, I personally was actually prepared to get nothing since the day I started as I sure don't really need anything in this game, so this post is only my opinion rather than a way to pressure Wilson in order to give anything. For now I just want to congratulate my teamates for doing their best and achieving new records, even though they are not as pro as you. And I feel guilty for inciting them to run the whole thing for nothing so I am sorry about that. I believe there is nothing more to expect from you here so feel free to lock this topic.
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    I'm sure if it was a team submitting a beautiful gameplay composed by 4x HUcast using Dark Flow the entire run he would think twice about not giving prizes. But it was just a "DM spam" run, which was the optimal choice given the short deadline and the fact everyone were more worried about farming Centurion/Battles rather than getting only 15 DTs from his event (or nothing in this case). I was supposed to also submit a game with a few friends, but we commited the mistake of accepting Wilson itself on our party and many disagreements happened, so we ended giving up before moving to CCC or ROW. Many times he didn't listen us, ignored our requests to extend the deadline and if we didn't record the gameplay as he believes that is the only way to play the damn game, he wouldn't play. Anyways I'm not sure if anyone did that already (and I'm not reading all of that shitstorm that this topic became into again) but I just wanted to congratulate the team who destroyed all the current records for Cal's Clock Challenge and Realms of War (idk if there was a record for Chrismas Fiasco 1 before). Although most of the people who voted for the hardest set of quests ever didn't bother to even attempt playing the event, that French community accepted the challenge, sweated a lot, sacrified their time in order to bring us some entertainment. They more than deserve consolation prizes and appraisals from the community. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ @R-78 @3Psy @Noopy @JupiterDeMars Bravo!! Now for Saber+7...
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    Triforce has pulled together and have pulled together and will donate 1 PBC 1 Serene Swan 1 1 BBS 1 MRHK 1 Halo Rappy Soul 1 Stellar Shard 1 40 Hit Outlaw Star 1 Glide Divine V. 0.0 1 HRC 1 Trap Search 1 V502 and 40 PDs (10 each) Shoutout to Onyxdude TheIronSheik Sinowneo and (myself lol) . If anyone else out there has some stuff to donate go for it they deserve it. @R-78
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    I just wanted to say that a 4 player TA is difficult to coordinate. I personally tried to make a submission. I joined 2 different teams. Unfortunately, do to life and work, things did not work out. I thought at the beginning of this event that UPS was the only team on the server who even had a chance at having enough people that were able to play together for enough time to make a submission in such a short amount of time. To the players on the UPS team.....amazing job. Thank you for your time. Your submissions were amazing!!! I wish that I had a group that could get together and give you a run for your money. But this effort was unbelievably amazing!! To Wilson, well, it ended much like was expected. Just like "Lemon's" battle event. Events like this just leave a sour taste in your mouth.
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    I would just like to thank all those who had the kindness and the fair play to congratulate us
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    I don't really want to continue dog piling on you, but you were complaining about attendance on this server earlier and tried to ascribe it to chatbox bickering, as if RocketTots making inside jokes hurts the server somehow and discourages new players. But here is a GM and leader of the server that can't show empathy for players that participated in his event, but won't get a prize because of something they have no control over (other players submitting times). Which do you think looks worse to potential new players? If they missed out on farming items for summer event just give them a cent/battle or PBC. It's really not hard.
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    So, I don't want to start a huge sob story thread, but I feel a connection to PSO that can't be denied. I played on Dreamcast, Gamecube and Blue Burst Sega, then Schtserv from the time PSO launched, to the summer of 2014. My brother and I had so many accounts on Schtserv, at least 5 each. Multiple thousands of hours on each, and we never stayed away from PSO completely for more than a few months at a time. No matter what was going on in our lives individually, we always came back to this game, usually around the same time, without knowing the other was playing. Phantasy Star Online was the one thing he and I had that transcended everything in our lives. Even if we were mad at each other, we could play PSO with no hesitation. His name was Flig on Sega/Schtserv. FLiG or Fligilly_Quarf lmao... I played usually as Strength for male characters and Faith for female characters. We were in a lot of different teams but our most prolific was NoSkillJustLuck. I've dedicated my life to my brother since he took his own life in September 2014. When Schtserv wiped it was like the end of an era for me. I stayed away from the game until today, when I finally figured out I was past the part of my grief journey that made me feel like I couldn't touch PSO without him ever again. I'm so glad I installed Ultima. I had a really awesome experience with a few players in my first couple of hours too! So thank you big time to ToBoGuRo who gave me 2 cents, and some good ranger guns! Thank you big time to Clappy, who traded with another user to give me a v101 and a Chu mag that let me equip better stuff! You guys rock! Thank you for taking a huge bite out of the early level grinds for a new user . I'm beyond rusty, and have a ton I need to remember and relearn. But Ultima has been a terrific experience and if it's like that on day 1, I can't wait til I get myself back to the levels I used to play at. It's gonna be a lot of fun!
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    Univers-PS has decided to decline the offer. It is adorable but we can't accept the gifts. Know that our team really appreciates the move here, and we are very grateful to you. Thank you all for the kind intentions! All the support is good enough as a gift.
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    Which, whether purposefully or not, would stop anyone below the best time uploaded from posting their own, resulting in not having enough submissions. 15 dts is not as attractive as a DF 100h It was added right before the runs began. The problem for me is not that it was added randomly (it wasn't), but that you should have added that rule near the beginning and taken the registration of the teams at the end of the vote to see if there are enough teams so that people don't waste their time working for a nonexistent reward (getting your score on the leaderboards is not a ''reward''). I never asked for that. Jdhenry did. Most of which you can part with because you'll never use them anyway. I'm not asking you to empty your entire bank, but to give an item to those who actually spent the time for your event as a sign of appreciation for their dedication. They get credit on the leaderboards but not from you. While I have a lot of respect for Shiida and her abilities, everyone worked together as a team and saying it's HER team and HER times and commenting that their times were just ''alright'' devalues the effort they all spend those last 2 weeks. I will stop as well. It's clear that we're both wasting our time because we will not come to an understanding or at least a compromise. Have a nice day.
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    Leaving my team submission here. - @JupiterDeMars hod_dog (racast) / noudle (ramarl) - @Noopy ZYIOU (racast) - @3Psy knuckles (racast) - @R-78 Ard (racast) Christmas Fiasco - 20:18 remaining (09:42 elapsed) Cal's Clock Challenge - 03:55 remaining Realms of War - 05:07 remaining (14:53 elapsed) As you noticed there is a lot of DM use (especially in ROW which was pretty much new to everyone) but this was supposed to be a competition in which only the time matters, rather than the classes/weapons used. We actually tried quite a few runs with different compositions, but the results always came into the same conclusion: 4-rangers tend to outclass any other strategies we tried. A perfectly planned hunters strategy could probably do better but would require to learn every quest spawns perfectly, which was not possible regarding how we only had 2 weeks to learn 3 pretty long quests. Still we spent a lot of time on this event.
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    Yesterday, I posted this topic on the forum: Absolutely everyone has been SO nice to me since I started playing. This community rocks way more than any modern community. Thank you for everything! I'm glad I found this!
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    Welcome to my final Time Attack Event hosted by me on Ultima. This event will feature time attack(definition below) on 3 quests in a 4P No-PB setting. The quests featured in this event will be voted on by the users themselves. Quest voting will last until Wednesday 07/15/2020. The event itself will start after that time is up and go until 07/31/2020. TA is the idea of playing quests as fast and efficiently as possible. There are many different categories and quests to do this on. The basic start is that the quest have a timer. After that the rest is up to the players to execute and plan what they feel is the fastest way to complete the quest. Regardless of the 3 quests selected the categories will be 4p No-PB which means that you MAY have a photon blast chain DURING the run, but not before it. The winners of this event will each receive ALL OF MY ITEMS including the 100H Dark Flow. Second place will receive 15 DTs per player (that is all I have sorry). The winner is decided by who has the biggest combined time difference across the 3 quests. For example: Team 1 has 6'30 remaining, 18'30, and 10'00 for their times Team 2 has 6'20 remaining, 18'25, and 9'58 for their times. In total Team 1 beats out Team 2 by 3 seconds so they win. You can find videos of pretty much every quest here and additional rules as well. If there are rules or issues with this format we have until the 15th to pan them out. Please feel free to comment about any issues. Rules: -There must be at least one video of a perspective from a participant in every submission. -Time is to be taken the moment the final enemy is dealt the killing blow, however each video will be checked to ensure no gimmicks. -No hacking or cheating of any kind. -You may lower your HP and cast Shifta before quest start. -Any exploits, such as, defeating monsters before the timer starts are not allowed. -No PB chains before quest. -Runs must start with less than 20 PB meter. -Once the quest has started the whole party must complete the quest together. No one is to leave the game room before Dark Falz to manipulate Darvant waves. No one is to join the game while the quest is in progress. -None of the 5 unique custom items may be used: Dark Meteor Storm, STARS Needle, Frostys Icicle Shooter, Dens Hand Cannon, or Rainbow Petrick. -Runs MAY be done on the test server. It will be up to date with the live server to give everyone a chance to play with NO gear restrictions besides the 5 weapons mentioned above. -A team may update a part or parts of their previous submissions so long as they still the same group from the initial submission -Players may run with different sets of teams and continue to upload their best times until the end of the event. That DOES NOT mean a player may submit a single time better than a previous single time with a new team. Each unique submission must be a complete series of runs with your team. Attached is just my HUcast bank/inventory/common bank. If you don't feel like looking there's enough Dark Flows for each player to receive 2 and enough STAs for each to receive 1(disregarding everything else) if that's how y'all decide to split gear. I have much more stuff that I will just drop to y'all whenever it is over. 42095825_4 (1).txt wilson items.txt
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    - considering that public times/results rather than private could have potentially jamed the submission amount? -> *Silence* - considering consolation prizes for people who participated and spent time in a time-consuming event? -> *Silence* - repeating that it was 3 submissions minimum? -> *repeating that it was 3 submissions minimum* I don't know what to say anymore aside that I agree with Bob about your silence and those vague responses that ignore the messages posted previously... especially the ones that imply some empathy from you about the time invested, the hard quests choosen in the poll with a lot of votes and just a few participants, etc. Very light reaction from you @Saber +7 imo @jdhenry124 summarized the idea pretty well
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    If you have a limit of submissions, then you take them before the running begins. Then you cancel at that point if there are not enough participants. You don't add a limit WHEN the running starts, but before. Hit the nail on the head there. Also unrelated but: It may sound like a petty remark, but R-78 wasn't the only one who participated in that team and tried hard to get the best scores. At least acknowledge the other 3 participants. It's not her times but theirs.
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    I think people are just upset to see those that chose to invest the time in your event get absolutely nothing. This seems like an easy fix as you are a GM and can offer them something for the time and effort they put in. And it would also encourage participation in future events you organize.
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    After 13 months of fierce battle, the Morfos Finally got unbuffed!! Many thanks to @Soly ! Hope everyone enjoyed the Summer Event.
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    Let's just stop it here. Saber didn't kill anyone and while many of us do not agree with the result of all this it isn't going to change. Congrats to the winners see you all in game.
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    I'm going to donate 2x Photon Spheres that can be splitted into 45 PDs per player.
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    the woi gods blessed me last night thank you for the new olga drops!
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    I swear I did the correct math and I failed :"L
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    Howdy fellow farmer, just out here chorin' and harvesting the crops. Hoping you can come lend a hand.
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    When I finished reading this epic post my mind was like this when deciding which reaction I should give: Really If I could give more than one reaction I would gladly do it ๐Ÿ‘ I agree with everything you said and summarized pretty well about which direction this Event should have taken in order to avoid a major failure. (Sadly I can't react anymore today ๐Ÿ˜•) I think @Saber +7 should at the very least make a conclusion/perspective post about the event itself instead of hiding under the skirts of staff closing it abruptly.
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    Who woulda thought that an event catered to the literal single thing on PSO that Wilson actually enjoys somehow managed to be a complete farse because the submissions didn't cater to his retarded false sense of elitism. Who could have possibly guessed this would happen? The whole server, probably. Sad thing is I actually believed you'd be honest about this since your only redeeming quality as a PSO player is that you're passionate about TA and improvement via TA. But even this shows that's about as disingenuous as everything else you claim to be about. Between the lack of rewards for the people who participated and the blatant lack of respect you have for the other players of Shiida's team, I can't say I'm particularly surprised that you've, once again, fallen flat on your face. Last Time attack is absolutely right. Please don't try doing this again lol. It's embarrassing.
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    Final Time Attack, has there ever been a more honest statement? To be fair though I really hope that something is done for this. Peoples time is worth something.
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    I also suggest to consider giving a consolation prize to the participants to thanks them for their time invested in your event @Saber +7
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    Some random ideas for server: - expand the enemy hit mini game to all weapons. This feels like a fair use of PDs. The pricing and % chance to add hit can be adjusted obviously. But if a player has a 20% chance to add 10 hit with 5 or 10pds, that would be fun and addictive to those of us who like gambling ๐Ÿ˜œ. Plus it would provide a nice risk/reward from spending hours trying to get a hit weapon to drop vs just blowing a stack of PDs. You can cap it at 50 or 40 or whatever hit, but this system would greatly help. - Have Zalure lower enemy resistances as well as defense. The resistances on some enemies in Ult is just silly. There's almost zero situations where a FO would be better off using RAfoie vs banana cannon for example. This kind of defeats the whole purpose of using the MAGE class in the game if you're just going to be a pseudo-ranger. - raise newm mat allotment to 200. Every newm class has trouble maxing stats, while the TP Regen is nice, it doesn't really make up for interior stats or being limited to one or two free unit slots. Humans should have the most mats because they don't really have anything else going for them, and casts should have the least because they don't have MST to worry about, so newms should be placed in the middle. - Monthly server-wide goals/rewards. A good example of this was when Shiida set the goal of finding which enemy in ep1 dropped SS. Something like that with a PD or DT reward could be presented at the beginning of every month. Or, alternatively, a server wide goal could be in place. Something like "kill 1 million total enemies to unlock green names for the remainder of the month" or "achieve 12 banners in 24 hours to unlock 1.5 drop rate for the rest of the month" - remove/change special on rainov 5. It's such a waste - Yas series shot (10k?). Typical Yas features: extended range, weak base ATP, customized special, etc. Would be a nice alternative to DM as well as a freeze option for RAmars/RAmarls other than SQ. Kind of pathetic that forces have a weapon like Banana Cannon, and Rangers have a combo locked 50 base ATA rifle. - Adding more customizing options to character creator. Honestly was surprised the options were still so limited when I first download this game in 2020. Options like changing eye color, more than 4 skin tones, more hair styles, etc. Would be great. I'm running into players who look just like me all the time, and the server isn't even that populated. - new special *charm* turns an enemy against your opponents (obviously only low level/certain enemies would be able to be charmed). A more effective version of chaos essentially. I just like the idea of watching my pet gulgus fighting for me while I feed my mag.
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    ๐Ÿ’ช *comment down below and you will get your Gold Name*
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    You finally got all the required elements.
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    Haha ya man this community is absolutely fantabulous! Yess!!!!! haha
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    Run Run to achieve your dreams Run to stay healthy Don't give up
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    There are many rumours saying spam bots are scaring new people from playing on Ultima. But this is not true. #SpambotLivesMatter
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    I'm going to donate some stuff too the pool, but i can only be available in about 5-6 hours from now
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    Just wanted to say that, with all the things going on around this topic (It's kind of somehow starting to look like one of those dramas In the server, though this one Is understandable ._.) [No offense :'D], don't let It get to you to a depth level =]
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    It's strange to me that out of all of this It's still somehow Triforce's fault your event never had a stronger presence? I have a family and a young daughter I did not have time to put towards this TA and to be honest I am very glad I didn't. You should probably funnel that resentment into something more positive like figuring out how to reward those that not only took part in this event but blew the times out of the water with synergy and not using the so called Meta HUcast. Congrats to the winners and new Kings and Queens of Ultima TA. PS: @Starlord this was what I commenting on if you are confused. Y'all should've participated because there are enough triforce members to have put together at least 1 or 2 squads. All the sudden the issue is gone and there'd be a proper winner. I am still shocked that none of you were interested in the prize pool.
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    21 votes, 1 team submitted, Team won and got jebaited
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    So because there are not enough submissions, you don't want to give any prizes, even with the amount of gear you'll never use? That's just a dick move. At least acknowledge their hard work and time spent through something aside from a spot in your leaderboard. Imagine something like the Powerball pulling that off ''Oh we didn't sell enough tickets this week so we're keeping the cash prize even though there's a clear winner. Better luck next time''. Not only that, but even with the proposed changes by Lipelis and 3Psy, fewer people would want to participate to whatever TA event you want to host next by fear of having wasted their time for no reward aside from a ''good job'' (which not even that, which is the bare minimum in politeness, would have been given if not for the people's rightful outrage at your complete silence), when they could've played on the main server to drop gear they wanted (it's not like there was an event going on at the same time where people wanted to farm some pretty useful items, that would be an insane thought /s). The Ultima TA community is already bare as it is, this situation doesn't help its case.
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    @Saber +7 (excuse my english i'm french so i don't know if you'll understand my point corectly) After two weeks of dedication, full commitment and discipline, this the result, a nice tap in the back. So we played on the test server just to train as hard as we could as a team, almost 24h hours in a span of two weeks, doesn't seems a lot, but i may remind you that people have job/life and so on, combine this with the fact that it is difficulty to be 4players online at the same time, for a long period of time, and you'll see the struggle we went through. Concerning the poll for the quest, i haven't much to say, but i'm more upset because 16people voted for the hardest choice like those quest are a cake walk. only one thing was really not smart from you is the 4p No-PB regardless the quest selected. Some people can't dedicate that much time to learn and have the skillset that allow them to complete CF/CCC/ROW, and you know it, but you made the rule clear on this point, so you exclude almost everyone from the event, and the addition of the 20PB at the start wouldn't change a thing. (we only used it for CCC) Now the event is over, and NO public news on you post, is this a joke? you should have been aware of who is working on the event, and if you didn't, why you didn't ask then? you could have cut short the event and not make us use our time on that, and use it on something else, like i don't know, maybe the SUMMER EVENT that was currently on! but now we are here, so is our only reward is tap on the back and "goodjob guys your times are goals for futur TA"? We played the game, we did the job, now we need answers.
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    90 minutes left. No one posted for the previous one. And there will be a lot more as Event is ending after this week end. (Probably 180 minutes every ~4 hours, I won't post them all in topic)
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    i am a simp.
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    Yo dudes and dudettes :3 Im from Germany and dont have many players to play with at max lvl I guess; So I wanted to ask if a group needs a 4th player or some peepz just wanna hunt something , during this event and exceed :3 Im playin lv 200 HuCast, with some experience over the years (I would call myself a noob still) but im doin decent damages I guess x) I hope its not too cringe to post this under this event but, summer and this event ends soon, so I'll try my best shot x) Greetz to all of you, and of course gl with ur hunts โค๏ธ
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    We have a lot of talented people on the server, I don't think that'll be a problem.
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    Serene Swan - Crimson Assassin - EP1 - Ultimate - Oran Trap search - Baranz - EP1 - Ultimate - Oran
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    Faster gif casting would be absolutely insane. None of these items need to be made. Thereโ€™s hundreds of items on PSO and the nature of DTs enables so many more to be useful. The game does not need anymore new items. If anything some items should be removed.
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    Happy birthday my fellow horse ๐ŸŽ ... no wait I mean cloooown ๐ŸคกCENSORED ๐Ÿคก okay I'll watch my lanuage now *language HBD c-word papi ๐Ÿ™†โ€โ™‚๏ธ (You are not a horse, sorry) Horses are way cooler
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    Nice topic, here's all my finds during this nice event : - That's it! hope you enjoyed reading !
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    Is ur mom still gay pal?
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