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    But what if GM stood for Game Moderator.. Also, I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target... Okay that's all I can do by memory
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    I just wanted to make a post to point out that I found this Valentines event to be the most enjoyable one that I've taken part in since joining this server. So thanks to all of you who worked on it to give us a good time, but now time to get to the point of my post. I'd really like to see events not just be boss runs every time, it's not so bad every once in a while but this move away from doing the same three quests in every event (TTF, RT, POD), and since I think most of the people here agree with me on this we should really be letting them know I am not entirely against drops from bosses, especially certain ones that really deserve to drop from a boss. Even after having found everything I wanted this event I tried to go out and get everything using just my main ID, and even just doing that I found enjoyable. Having this available from on every ID but from different places, and done in such a way was a very cool aspect of this event because it pushes you to play all the different areas. It's actually really taken me back to a feeling more like when I just started here and wandered around killing trying to see what my ID can get. Really I only have one issue with this event, that it heavily favored episode one, which isn't even a problem as it is probably my least played episode, so it made me do quests that I don't do very often which in reality is a good thing. I'd really like to see episode 2 and 4 treated in the same way in the future. This really kicked ass, I had been looking forward to this event anyway because I hadn't been able to take part in it last year, however, Easter(although the morfos hunt last year was fun) I was not excited for, or Triforce(Gal, RT, TTF, ew), but I now find myself very excited to see what these have in store.
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    finally something (un)comfortable to sit on >.<
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    This is just ridiculous, I've been trying to get this to drop since the start of the event with no luck. All my friends(lie) keep getting them, yet NONE drop for me, I work(more lies) 4 days a week and I just do not have time for this, I can't even get on for happy hours because my schedule in real life conflicts with important things like hunting this item. At this point I would even be happy if a blank one dropped for me. My Hucaseal has been working so hard to get one of these with no luck, and she's just so upset, all she wanted was a rose to use, to cheer her up and take her mind of the fact that she had no valentine. I just think this rate really needs to be spread around, there is not enough love being spread here, this is a serious post and a serious problem! LOOK HOW SAD SHE IS!!! When her heart finally breaks, I will blame you all GMs, and a cursed shall be placed on you using my Canadian Maple magic(this is a real thing, look it up), and you will know my Hucaseals pain, look at that poor thing!
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    Please bring event back. I don't have enough Amore roses.
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    We're all in this together
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    Living Pinata Ending the 26/03/2017 Steps : Post on this topic to register Browse your bank and get 4-5 of your most stupid/funny weapons. Free 30 minutes of your time to play the event What are we going to do exactly ? I will assign you a playmate randomly I will take you both for a walk into a random room (ep1, ep2 or ep4 depending on my mood) I will tank the monster and do nothing but watch and give the turn When it's your turn, you will draw a weapon a strike the monster once Then it will be your playmate turn, and he will do the same : one strike The first to kill the monster lose the round Rince and repeat for up to five monsters. The final winner is the one getting the most points* Rules : You can only use stupid/funny weapons. Your level, armor, units, shield and mag doesn't matter. Force are allowed to use zalure once per monster (not counted as a strike, it's a plus) Cast are allowed to use damage trap once per monster (not counted as a strike, it's a plus) Non cast Hunters are allowed to strike once weaponless (not counted as a strike, it's a plus) Non cast Rangers are allowed to *ongoing* (not counted as a strike, it's a plus) You cannot use twice the same weapon between 3 turns If you miss your attack, you have to change your weapon and strike the monster twice instead. If you miss the two strikes you lose. Score system : 1 monster killed by your playmate = 3 points for you Then you get extra points (can be negative though) depending on how much attacks you both used to kill the monster : 1 - 2 attacks = +2 points 3 - 4 attacks = +1 point 5 - 6 attacks = +0 point 7 - 8 attacks = -1 point 9 or more attacks = -2 points If the rules lost you, here is a nutshell : You have to try to not kill the monster before your playmate does. Also, the less you had to attack the monster, the better your score will be. So trying to deal as few damage as possible, or dealing just enough so that your playmate have no choice but to kill the poor beast... /!\ In the case you deal exactly 0 damage with a weapon, I reserve the right to prohibit the use of this weapon. Prizes : Allowed weapons : FAQ :
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    make sure to fill this out before you leave so we can better this server.ok
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    I found this gem during a HOD1. Also found a SoV like 5 minutes later. dw provides.
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    Indiv 3P no HH 1/22405 Bulclaw on Pinkal And it happened ...
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    Monthly reminder that other weapons besides DM exist and you should probably use them, unless your name is Hall2000(praise be to his DM spamming name).
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    I know right, fuck this Mudkipz guy. He's a stupid asshole. I completely agree with everything stated.
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    S> Max Dark Flow set -> 800dts or 250 steam PM me
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    Today marks the day where my boy @Mephidos became a real man So proud of you bb
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    Success!! I am so happy to finally have what I was after, now I get to enjoy throwing roses at things all day! Special thanks to @Fyrewolf5 for showing me his secret spot for finding all the best roses
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    GMS is certainly fake. DMS is the correct name of my band. Glad we cleared that up.
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    can we be friends for now? those dts sound nice. I will send mud hate mail everyday and post mean comments in all of his topics.
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    Reported for racism you cis white people make me sick
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    Ugly people deserves even uglier things.
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    Spent most of the day learning this on piano, and attempting to learn parts of it on violin (shoulda been hunting tbh) Somebody save my wrists, they're not okay
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    You've all been pinched.
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    We will try to make some people cry in our next event XD thanks.
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    Fukk moudkipz! let him giv me the succ!!!!!!!111122
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    WOW look at this slimy little __________ who posted a hurt feelings report and now wants dts.... If I were in charge around these parts I would _______ and then ____ with a ____ all over your ____ in front of a booma. Apologize or else. Do not cross dw. Also thanks @Jeffrey Cardoza.
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    clearly mudo kapzis a bed men and should be punished for what he has done to you
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    As requested ... Managed to record a 32:49 run.
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    Have I posted this yet? Because it's my fav
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    Breath of the Wild was the most fun I've had in a Zelda game since Majora's Mask. (":
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    That's one handsome ramar next to you. I wonder who he is. Decided to try Max S ep 2 solo. I died as expected, but got WAY farther than I thought I would. That's the last beach area, which has like 20 minutes of spawns. Maybe someday I'll be the first one to solo it.
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    Hello lads, what it do in this fine Garbage fire of a forum today? answer me with great haste or death will come swiftly
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    Well that is RNG, not everybody find what they want ... If you want I can suggest you some good quests like Lost Havoc Vulcan or Claiming a Stake (one person) and help you hunt them later. You can also try to buy one, but I have never seen anyone selling an Amore rose ... seems like they all want to keep them ... or overprice them so no one can buy. Anyway don't give up, you still have 9 days to find one.
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    Getting back on the type weapon runs ahead of the next mini-event. I'll be resurrecting my shop soon. Prepare your wallets ppl
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    The amount of time I just wasted talking to Paganini is insane. I didn't think to count how many attempts it took me to get the first two items but.. The third one took 196 tries for a total of ~980 items looked through.. The fourth one took 437 tries for a total of ~2185 items looked through.. So in the end, I scanned roughly 4000 items just to get 4 Time well spent I guess...Thanks for that Panini