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    I'm really sorry everyone. I thought i could just join this community make friends... But as iv'e seen it isn't that easy..... I also want everyone to that the last thing i ever want to be is a Troll. I never was one and never will be, Despite what others may think or say. I am not a bad person. But i deeply apologize for what i did to make people think otherwise. I never wanted to hunt anyone. That's the last thing i would ever do. I will never spam. I will never get in the way, I will never use crude languge or act out of line ever again. everyone that is a part of this commuity are very skilled talented, caring people. And never again will i betray you. If you have any questions or opinions, feel free to say or ask.
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    Happy Birthday Ultima 9th years Online!!! Nine years of been here giving a place where everyone can enjoy and play. It's been a tough year with ups and down, with new great thing such new items and new changes to the server. It's not been easy but again here we are one more year. I want to thanks every user who plays pso with us, because with out you guys Ultima ship wouldn't be online. Also thanks to all the members of the staff who works really hard during the entire year to bring new content to everyone @Soly @kajex @Fyrewolf5 @serverus @Lemon @Cyane @Auli'i who helped with great skins this year and to all member who have help us in different aspects. We all know that what make Ultima a great place it's his community and that means, that you guys are the one who make this place a GREAT PLACE and Thank you for that! With no more further ado, we introduce the anniversary event. We have added 3 new items, hope you guys find them and like them. Photon D-Core Ultima MAG (yahoo Mag) Sonic Team Armor SWORD OF ULTIMA ---(5TH ANNIVERSARY EVENT) ASTERON STRIKER ---(5TH ANNIVERSARY EVENT) Nakas Card, for S- Ranks weapons exchange Tyrfing (weapon idea by @Fyrewolf5 ) Sonic Magazine Hand of Justice Event will be end by December 10 2017. --Enjoy.
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    Post event drops here with Item, ID, Difficulty, and Monster. PLEASE ONLY POST IF YOU FIND THE ITEM. No conjecture. PHOTON D-CORE VIRIDIA - Olga Flow - ULT GREENILL - Olga Flow - ULT ULTIMA MAG GREENILL - Kondrieu - ULT SONIC TEAM ARMOUR PINKAL - Dark Falz - ULT PURPLENUM - Shambertin - ULT SWORD OF ULTIMA REDRIA - Goran Detonator - ULT SKYLY - Ill Gill - ULT ASTERON STRIKER PURPLENUM - Goran Detonator - ULT SKYLY - Goran Detonator - ULT ORAN - Goran Detonator - ULT REDRIA - Ill Gill - ULT NAKAS CARD REDRIA - Dark Falz - ULT WHITILL - Dark Falz - ULT SKYLY - Dark Falz - VH BLUEFULL - Dark Falz - VH TYRFING SKYLY - Mericarol - ULT REDRIA - Mericarol - ULT YELLOWBOZE - Mericarol - ULT SONIC MAGAZINE YELLOWBOZE - Sinow Beat - NORMAL GREENIL - Sinow Beat - NORMAL HAND OF JUSTICE
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    So, in complete ignorance of all rules I nominate myself, shortly I will be hiring a Russian hacker squad to help me win Trump style I also vote for me I also will decline when actually asked to be a GM
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    Tyrfing - Skyly - Mericarol - EP2 Ultimate EDIT: Some Stats ATP: 740 ATA: 80 Requirement: 650 ATP Grind: +13 Special: Geist Class Usage: All Class? (Usable on RAmarl, RAmar, FOmar so far. Will edit this as soon as I try it on other guys) Description "These cursed blades appear to phase through enemies leaving no visible marks, but they debilitate the target's soul and transfer that power to the weilder"
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    If I'm not memeing, I nominate @R-78. They've made 4 different quests for this server, each of them being of exceptional quality. Plus, we need a GM in Europe, and preferably one that is bilingual, such as them. Plus, well, what better candidate than the queen of Ultima?
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    Do not worry, we can all do drama sometime
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    @Soly @Larva @kajex Ok, earlier I made an explanation on drop rate (based on my own experience). However, I hadn't played today and by seeing these recent complaints I decided to log in to test by myself because I hadn't noticed that something related to drop rate had been modified. I did a few runs on Individual Drop Style and confirmed that the Drop Rate is excessively low. I did PTS runs and, as you know, there's an extra room with at least 100 mobs and, in general, there were only 4 item boxes (Regular items). One of the party members got 6 item boxes, and the other one got 8. We're talking about 8 items from more than 100 mobs (Mates, fluids, B-ranks, etc.). After doing these runs, we tried Shared Drop Style on the same quest and we got around 21-24 item boxes; there were no rare drops, only regular items. In all of these runs, we fought against Falz, who dropped absolutely nothing (Not even a monomate). We did around 7 runs in total. I consider that things should be left as they were because, if the Drop Rate is left this low, then rare items will become extremely expensive, and if there's already people complaining about having to pay 200 - 300 DTSs for a rare item, what's going to happen now if rare items become even rarer than they already were? I don't think it's ok/fair because most new players won't be buying a lot of rare items using DTS, even less if said rare items are way too expensive, and taking into account that most of us already got a good handful of rares by our own. Nowadays, most people already play on locked parties in order to get all of the rares for themselves or a handful of friends that go with them. Due to this, most new comers can't find any parties to play in, or anybody to invite at all, which leads them to either try playing alone or end up abandoning the server. If rare items become even rarer than they already are, then these locked parties will only increase in number and, by the end, most newcomers won't even find people to invite over which will make them eventually leave. I think this is something that should be considered. In my personal opinion, and I hope somebody feels the same way, I think things should go back to how they were or, at least, that the Individual Drop Style is fixed so that its Drop Rate isn't so low. Honestly, if items are going to be so scarce by playing on Individual Drops, I doubt it makes any sense at all to keep said Style available; almost nothing is being dropped, and it's thanks to this style that almost nobody has had any trouble with players "stealing items", for I remember how people used to complain about how "someone" stole "their" drop (Which isn't actually stealing, but it is true that a lot of players were just waiting for a mob to be killed to run for its drop).
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    Hello everybody, I nominate @Sentor, not only because it's my best friend here, and not only because i love him. We need him so that he spreads its smell all around ultima, equipped with its dark flow. For sure, a smell of mutual help, friendship, care of others and availability. In a way, a deodorizing GM, freshness of the Pyrenees
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    Even thou i like the idea, i don't think its a good one for xmax. Olga is hard enough for newbies and if it was buffed, that would make newbies too dependent on OP geared people to actually finish a run, which sucks and can be unmotivating to them (i think nobody likes to be 100% dependent exclusively on others). Maybe that could work in anniversary event, since last year you could get a STA from the 3 final bosses, so if you think olga is hard enough, you move on and farm falz for example (which is more or less doable with a full newbie team). Just my thoughts, no absolute truth was written.
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    I really like this idea, but not for December event. Maybe for a less central event where Olga drops aren't as coveted. Maybe Valentines? EDIT: Also @Virec, the monster stat change opcode in quests is broken. Has been since BB came out. It's on my list of things to potentially fix, but it's pretty low priority right now.
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    I know you got off on the wrong foot here, but don't take it all so seriously. A few downvotes doesn't mean people hate you. If you want to join in and have fun, there are many here who will welcome you warmly. Some people may poke and prod and tease, but it's not done out of spite or hate, but in friendly jest. If you start fresh and approach people more warmly, people will respond much better; they won't care about the minor faux pax of the past, and if you are lucky, perhaps even turn it into a meme so we can all have a good time together(much like the #FuckMeowkipz2017). Your initial approach which was so cold and negative towards the community may have turned some people off, but nobody here takes things so seriously that they wouldn't come around if you wanted to start fresh. If you decide to stick around and warm up a bit, you may find we have a very nice community here that will help you out with whatever you need and make some good friends on the way.
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    42 hod2 runs.. more half in hh INDIV DROPS 0 cloaks, 1 run shared drops 6 cloaks , if you dont see the problem idk how clear it can be.... not trying to hear all the luck mumbo jumbo, i have 15k hours played here dont take more then a few hours hunting to notice how broken (shady AF) indiv drops are, some one discord me one day when its fixed , later
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    Ill Gill stares into your sorry soul...or in this case, my hucast's failsome twisty circuits >_>
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    im still playing around with the dar rates. adjusting and moving until we find a good balance. thanks.
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    Tbh I wouldn't mind them being a little more difficult, but almost getting oneshot at level 200 is a bit excessive.
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    thanks nabooru ^^ i was got by suprise well, even that, i think that among all mock candidates, R-78 deserves for what they told about him here, and my opinion is the same, cool guy but even so, i will make something i want if i got the final 1) give a permanent ban to patrick Bell, once and for all ( yes, the ban is permanent ) 2) make a price for all items in donations list( larva must be nag alot) and for start it should be good, lets see
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    And they call themselves "men". Here in my city, the one who talks behind your back is called "maricon"
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    The second Candidate has officially entered the election. Good luck @anthonyplays!
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    This is the Internet, everything is or becomes a meme. I'd nominate @MadOrNah myself. He seems pretty popular, relaxed, active, and fun-loving. What more do you need in a small, casual place like this?
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    I am still looking into it but I definitely think is just that people got accustomed to the (easy) no DAR reduction while the bug was happening. We have adjusted the DAR to better values than it was before when we first implemented it tho.
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    Lulz. That comment literally didn't add anything to the discussion. If you can't deal with the fact that other people can have different opinions than yours, well a forum its not a place for you.
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    I mean, i understand why people are expressing negatively about this. I agree that there should be a DAR reduction, but if its correct to assume that a RR with a 4 man party gets approximately 1/133, thats really underwhelming. People aren't saying "ohhh look at me i'm retarded and i like easy drops, so should be all easy drops", as some people always bring up in this topics to sum up what is being talked. People are complaining, because, lets face it, shared drops are shit. And they feel that they should not use individual drops, since theoretically speaking, it penalizes them. And its a legit argument. In the end its all about luck. But everybody likes to spend their time in the best and shorter way possible in this game (and this game is enough time consuming already, without even a DAR reduction), like you will never hunt a RR with a Redria if you have Whitill which offers you better odds of getting the drop. I have the luck of being able to solo for my drops, or play with friends that i trust and share the loot with them and keep it civilized (even when we are playing with individual drops, since we always share the loot), but not everyone has that luck. So its comprehensive that people get frustrated with this. I think the problem isn't the DAR reduction itself, but the values of the current DAR reduction (0.43 for 4 man party is bullshit imo). So in the end, some people will prefer to just lock their room and play solo or with friends, or call for items and do some drama cause someone ninja'd their items, or just simply play with random people with indi drops and don't giving a shit about it, but get kinda penalized. One thing is for sure, there's no worst feeling in the world as hunting a godtier item like PGF with other people and after +/- 20 minutes of playing getting not even a damn monomate (not to talk about the 1/300 ish PGF droprate, which makes it really time consuming, unless you get godly lucky). I think the DAR reduction is a bit high right now, but you guys know about game balancing better than me. (Not to talk about the "native" DAR mobs, that with the indi drops reduction even gets lower).
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    Look, your only thing is always to want to shut up everyone. I do not know how do the tests. But I am a woman who learned to play here the hard way. And I'm not a fool. Before they fixed the "bug" many things were on the ground is true. But seriously do you think that what fell was all super good ? as I said before, there could be 50 items thrown on the floor but most of them are garbage and that is obvious because this game has been working here for several years and it is very logical that many items are already devalued. And at this point most do not look for these types of items (more than anything I mean 9stars weapons or armors) For a weapon of 9stars to be worth it must have some decent%, and now since they made the arrangement I have not found any of this. In fact I am lucky if I find a "mind material" or a "grinder" in the same party which also does not have any value at the end of accounts. So stop saying those things. Do you have any idea how many missions I had to do to find my first psycho black crystal? At least make about 20 games("and that was with the old individual drops" how is it supposed to be now? . At the end of the event I got 5 psycho black crystal in total, but I have played at least 200 runs (And this is just an example because I know that others did not even find one). Do you have any idea how much time is that? and I am now a housewife, and I gave myself the luxury of playing this game for many hours. I'm curious to know how many people will want to spend 6-10 hours a day to find nothing. It is as if you thought that real life does not exist. And you know what? At the same time, I do not want everything to be too easy, but I do not want it to be limited or non-existent. What they should do is find a way to promote this game so that more people can play (more people = more friends, more items, more income) You want this game have a drop rate supposedly like the original game and maybe that would not sound so bad if everything here was like the original but it's not. I read all about this game and the original game (the ver1 and 2) had 1,000,000 users ... the versions of xbox and gamecube reached more than 300,000 users .. and the blue burst version had more than 450000 users. It is obvious that although there was a "low drop rate" there were all kinds of items hovering in large quantities. But here you must bear in mind that there are usually between 40 and 80. Do you understand what I mean? because would it take me more time to explain it too ... It would be great to see 1,000 users connected here one day. Then it would be more understandable "a low drop rate". Why do not they better restructure all the weapons? that is, they already know how to make modifications so why not just create an improvement for all of them but in a moderate way, and for an example would be a simple "double saber" that when combined now with a "stone", "orb" , or "crystal" (or whatever you want to invent) and be transformed into another one with a higher status than the "stag cutlery" and be in purple, yellow, pink, it does not matter, but it would have an added value to this game. this with all the weapons and the item used to transform them could be a "rare" item with a "hard drop rate". those are things that would make more income appear, and maybe "just maybe" should already contemplate adding a new level of difficulty where you can have these new "orbs" in missions that represent a real challenge. And no, it is not the same to do quest where there are 50 enemies on the screen with the same power and level of always because you only have to carry a long or expansive sword and the enemies fall like flies (of course, speaking of very experienced players or games with four players) unlike entering a level with a low number of enemies, but they will make you suffer. As it happened with the "original" game where playing the ultimate mode for the first time was a real challenge for the players who came with their lv100 characters (the maximum lv of psover1) and face enemies that were created to resist characters of lv150 + and on top of that, we had to find new weapons that could face them. I already talk too much but I think that the points I'm trying to reach are understood. And before you think otherwise, I am concerned that the server is still active and I know that for example with my store I have gotten different users to donate to the server (I know why they tell me at the moment with words like "Give me a minute , I'm going to donate and then buy your weapon ") but I do not think it's about all weapons costing more than 100dts. I do not disagree that there are expensive items. But there must also be economic items too. I get tired of writing, it is very difficult for me to write everything in English and not be very sure if I did it well, also I have been sick these days and I am recovering little by little.
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    I do think there should be DAR reduction, but I do agree the correct rate does seem to be a bit extreme. I wish they'd be more transparent with their DAR reduction rates like other servers are.
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    ~Mock~ GM Election! a GM for the people... Greetings fellow Ultima players ^^ My name is Silver. Why?? Because gold is overrated, of course! But enough about me… Today is a very cool day, because we the people get to pick a new GM! How, you ask?? Well, by holding an election! Oh, what’s that? Yes, yes, I mean a Mock Election. >.> Details… This is a great opportunity for you, yes YOU, to speak up! Everyone’s Vote and Candidate Suggestion is welcome, although there are some rules and things to watch out for. You didn’t think it would be that easy, did you?? This is how it works; you can: a - Submit a Candidate Suggestion up for consideration. b - Vote for your favorite Candidate! That’s it! That’s all! *Note to Players: To keep this civil and manufacture the best outcome possible please do your best to follow the rules. I will be the one that ultimately accepts or disregards Candidate Suggestions, although I will have a small cabinet of friends who will remain nameless, that I will go to for advice, if needed. Do keep in mind I will try my best as well to be partial and just to the best of my abilities, but I will not tolerate known scammers or bad/rude players as Candidates. As this election progresses I’ll be trying to optimize the rules and qualities as I deem necessary. I am not infallible, ergo I am not bound by the parameters of perfection ideal for such an endeavor, and could make some logical mistakes. Concordantly, please feel free to bring those to my attention on this post or via pm so I can analyze and correct if necessary. Vis-à-vis. *Note to Candidates: Once you are Suggested as a Candidate, I will get in contact with you. You must then let me know if you accept or decline the candidacy. Only after you accept will I add you to the poll. *Note to GMs: You can comment, but are not allowed to Vote or make a Candidate Suggestion. If you do so regardless of the rules, then your vote or suggestion will not be taken into consideration, as this is an election to determine a GM by the people and for the people, meaning only we the people can actively participate. To all GMs, please do try your best to avoid derailing or undermining this election in any way, though good-hearted advice is always welcome. If you do have an issue with this grand event however, feel free to pm me or take it up to Larva, but do not post your issue here; you will be ignored. Do not lock this topic, it is a topic for the people where your opinions are ultimately irrelevant. I will do so in your stead if I believe it has gone down an incorrigible path. Quote from a friend: “Well a GM for the people understands the people because he is one of these 'average Joe ordinary people his/herself” -Ragol99, October 2017. Candidates: #1 - @Misombre Campaign Speech: *As a GM, my first action will be to lose my humanity and become a Hucaseal. Becoming partially emotionless, I'll be able to deal with any kind of behavior and keep my cool. At the same time, it will sphere my efficiency as well as my availability by 127%. Let me clear the path for you, I can guarantee you it'll be devoid of trap.* #2 - @anthonyplays Campaign Speech: *Thank you @Crucial for the nomination Anthony-"The People's GM"-plays, here to tell you a little about myself: I've been on the server almost two years, been a leader of Team Speedstar so I learned a lot from @Shiva@TripleR @Sabrina@thelionorion @radezz@mudkipzjm and now somehow ended up with the great bunch at Team Killswitch. "Ask not what Ultima server can do for you, but what you can do for Ultima server" but seriously the server is what you make of it, so I'd want to better the community and keep things fun, refreshing, and keep old and new players involved. And most importantly, Praise Humar and dw* #3 - @R-78 Campaign Speech: * Although I rarely appear in Lobby 01, I am active and easy to get in touch with I do really like to help people (just like my idol, the former queen @Cyane) and give them fun (the main reason why I made quests for Ultima) As I like this community, I wish that Ultima lasts long and will do my best not to let it fall* #4 - @Ricardo Gomes Campaign Speech: * 1) give a permanent ban to patrick Bell, once and for all ( yes, the ban is permanent ) 2) make a price for all items in donations list( larva must be nag alot)* #5 - @Sentor Campaign Speech: * - I am going to lower the price some deodorant - I have a good experience in the game , I shall be delighted to help people - And i love Ultima ( not more than @Aime'hem, @mudkipzjm, @R-78, and my wife @TripleR )* #6 - @mudkipzjm Campaign Speech: * 1.) I took inspiration to get good at this game from people like Sylph, Under9000, Izaya, and I'm always looking for ways I can improve even more. 2.) I'm pretty active, even when not on the server, I can be reached through other means. 3.) I promise mandatory dw praise sessions every 3rd Friday in lobby 1.* Let this be a fun experience for everyone ^^ Have fun and vote away!
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    @anthonyplays would get my vote for his praise of dw but his seedy past of praising humar gives me pause. @mudkipzjm also praises dw and would likely gain my support, however, he also has an egregious record of corruption. None need look further than to the #FuckMud campaign which has effectively exposed him for what he truly is. #wewillneverforget. As such, I will be writing in those of only the highest moral standing
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    Man its a hard one I admit i respect all 5, its a pleasure to have em in the server and this is a really hard one :/ i think i would go for R-78 the queen really care bout us, she invest her time sharing us so much fun and help aswell in her own way. I really think she can feet the GM roll very well shes active and always remains neutral and chilled don't mater what R-78
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    eu acho que os gms br tem que tenta compreender todos acima de tudo ser humilde e nao por qualquer brigar tenta punir porem tem que ouvir os 2 lado das historias nao favorecer amigos neim desfavorecer inimigos entao um GM nao pode ter inimigos pois ele viro um gm e ele esta aqui pra ajuda nao prejudicar alguem espero que independente de quem ganhe eu realmente espero que nao seja injusto e que esse gm que ganha tenha muita humildade e compreenção acerta mente ele deve seguir as regras acima de tudo e ajuda a todos tanto brazileiros quanto os outros um exemplo a sitar eo gm mio que ajuda e responde as perguntas que todos fazem bom amigos eu so quero um gm justo e certo o meu #voto foi para o ricardo gomes porque bom e simples ele sempre esta presente ajudando a todos no que ele pode fazer ele faz pra ajuda em missao em ttf rt resposta de perguntas a qual um novato nao saberia se ele for gm acredito que ele seja justo
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    This wouldn't make it fair for people who aren't well geared. I myself have no reason to agree nor disagree with this. Just think about the players who cannot run rt as is. As well as those who already are challenged by it due to being poorly equipped etc. I wouldn't mind a buffed year round olga+year round drops for him not pgf of course but something dropping to make those RT/olga runs more worthwhile. Surely its not experience off olga after all. Basically same as others stated this would not be fair to those underequipped or lacking etc. Not that I don't agree for something more to be done with Olga flow as a whole in general either.
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    The downside is that all weak players who want to farm olga can't because he's just too powerful. The event should give everyone a fair chance to get PGF. Yeah, some high leveled players can clear him in less than a minute, but weaker players still deserve a chance to kill olga.
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    People struggle to read thoroughly and understand your directions lmao... Anyways I nominate @Misombre Need more Euro GMs, I like all his mini events in the first place, and always helping out when he can
  37. 4 points
    I don't know any of these new people so I vote we clone @Soly
  38. 4 points
    @Larva There is no negative reason behind this it’s just something for you to look into. But I’ve been needing gm assistance for 2 days now but haven’t got it. 9/10 @Fyrewolf5 is the only one that’s assist me. I know people have work outside game and I’m one of them. I’ve been on ultima since 2012 off and on and seen changes and improvements but still there could at least be a gm(s) for redeeming, quest assistance @Lemon was great with that, mini event, questioning, etc. purpose only. And @Cyane when she was playing was a good example for mini event role. Like I know @Soly do a lot of coding that’s his role I’m guessing, @kajex Excitement , @serverus is just serverus. But by just having 2 that really gets on often is hard to catch at times and I know trust is a big thing with people becoming gm so I know that’s in many thoughts as well. Like I said this is not for negativity but for reasoning mostly. Select future gms for specific roles or if they have specific roles limit there ablities to what they are assigned to. I know that can at least be possible from testing Nero’s server awhile ago. I don’t always want to rely on one gm for everything. You have a good team with the strength of saith and kajex but thats 2 out of the 100+ that’s plays. Your thoughts and reasons are worth hearing
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    We didn't intend to change anything related to difficult of the drops. It seams fixing the DAR impacted more than we thought. Now we need to adjust it. Work in progress. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    on this day, next year i'll be 21. the world isn't ready.
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    Hola. Puedes escribir o copiar y pegar lo que escribiste aqui en el post que te indico Ricardo Gomez. Los administradores pueden entenderte tambien el idioma español asi que no te preocupes por eso y escribelo ahi Ya que seria bueno que tomen en cuenta mas comentarios. Yo tambien he realizado missiones en "individual" y por alguna razon los items raros (cajas rojas) no estan apareciendo o aparecen excesivamente poco mas que nada en el modo ultimate. Y si tienes razon incluso items que tiene 1/2 no aparecen despues de haber eliminado a varios del mismo tipo.
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    Just another way for the price of dw to be ridiculous Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk I'm going to do the 270 something runs I have around 4 gigs free on a HD to record ea Olga fight to prove those drop numbers are bs Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    (Olga not being too strong?) I don't think that's right. Why?. It's simple. If they do not make Olga very difficult to beat, then the "lone hunters" will be "farming" it by themselves. I think that making Olga an extremely difficult enemy will really promote the need to work with a full party to beat it, instead of everyone trying to play alone or doing "dual log" to help themselves. Also not making Olga difficult will only cause the item to become common and devalue, which I think was one of the reasons why the drop rate was fixed. As I had already mentioned in another post some time ago, the server does not work for free and needs income to keep running smoothly (just like it has been as of now). To add, as I commented on an earlier post: I don't think there shouldn't be expensive items, but I think there should be economic ones, too. I hope you find a way to keep this balanced. Maybe something ideal for this event would be to add new items that are not as difficult to find (not easy, just not as difficult), that way we could have more variety, and new/unexperienced players could get something for their efforts even if it's not one of the rarest or most expensive items. At last, I think Virec's idea for a quest is quite good, maybe not for this event (Unless it can be applied in a way that complements the event), but it could be a good quest by it's own to keep around permanently. Final word: I support Olga being tougher for these events! (x3 /x4)
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    The fourth Candidate has officially entered the election. Good luck @Ricardo Gomes!
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    Umm, all of that info is compiled here in a much neater and easier to search table. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/droptable/drop-tables/ When I said compiling information, copying it from one place to another isn't that. Especially when you half-ass it. You need to add value.
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    This. I make your words, mines. That summed exacly what i was thinking.
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    I haven't seen a single boss drop in 3 hh now. I wasted 180 minutesx3 and got 0 decent drops outside some mats even. These drop rates are just terrible now. Please fix it thanks! This shouldn't have to be so. I put a lot of hours into this game/server. These drop rates now are really going to mess things up for a lot of people. Its why so many are posting here about it.
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    I just joined almost a week ago now, so I figured I would go ahead and make my presence known to the world. Currently I have a Hucaseal named Ginseng and a Fonewearl named Mystic. As a long time pso player, I stopped playing about half a year ago and would love to get more into it again. I was a former resident of the Ephinea server so it might take me a bit to get used to the changes (Oh boy the quests on here). So far I've enjoyed the change and the people I've played with have certainly been friendly. Hope to have some good games with you guys and gals ^^
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    So obviously there is no objectively best character to play, but with various playstyles and classes, it would seem that certain characters are better than others. I'm just curious to know why you play HUcast over HUmar or FOnewm over RAmarl. Personally I've always liked the look of FOmarl the best, and her balanced stats meant I could go from spell casting to slashing when I wanted. And I've always had a soft spot for HUcast (my first character) and HUcaseal because they have great ATP and using traps can be fun.
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    I noticed this issue as well now. I killed about 10 bosses solo now in individual drops. 0 boss drops from any of them.