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    If you want to blame someone for the price increase, blame me. @serverus didn't decide it. He didn't ask to nerf the "good weapons" either, no one did. What happened with SS was a mistake from a misunderstanding, nothing like "wow this item is too strong, let's nerf it now". I suggested a price change for Hit event because PDs became easily farmable with the new quests. Years ago WOI and IDS were not available, hence why PDs used to be more valuable. Now you can literally farm hundreds of PDs in a day, and the event was announced one week ago so that you have time to do it. If he was that lazy, he wouldnt have bothered reopening a hit event at first. Please try to enjoy this event as it is and be thankful for it.
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    This is a status update. There are many status updates like it, but this is my own.
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    Thank you for making job easier for GM by sending a detailed list when entering the room. 12,960 Photon Drops have been redeemed in 3h10 of Event! I will be back later.
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    Yes you will be allowed to remove a status if there are 3 already.
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    Tell someone you love them today. Because tomorrow is not promised. To my ultima's family and my friends I LOVE YOU!!!! ❤
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    Ahoy just wanted to tell you
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    Although my comment wasn't the best thing regarding the event itself, since I thought it could have happened earlier (and that price increase didn't help at all), I really would like to take this time and thanks @R-78 for the time and patience hosting this little mini event. I made all the weapons I was looking for since a few time and also, I would like to thank @Lucapy and @Usagi for helping me with the Item Tickets needed to achieve my goal and @R-78 again for giving me the remaining Photon Crystals left! You are all . .. Also, Clearly the best weapon of this event was the: Akiko's Cleaver ® Make that tasty Gee's Soup in less than a minute! What are you waiting for to get your Akiko's Cleaver? Get yours at Momoka's Shop. Now available in December 2023. Call our numbers to order yours: 555-888-1234 Si si, bon appetit madamé. Oui Oui. It would not be possible to make said recipe without the help of my friends. This is why this event is useful, okay @Salem11? It would not be possible to make said soup without an Akiko's Cleaver. Thank you everybody!
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    English: Good afternoon everybody! I'll be making a mini event that consists into adding hit into weapons. The price is 60 pds for 30 hit, if you only say you want 20 hit you will have to pay the 60 pds. The limit of hit you can add is up to 70% and nothing more. I won't be adding hit on Dark weapons. See you in the HIT EVENT room! Español: Buenas tardes a todos! voy hacer un mini evento que consiste en colocar hit en armas. El precio es de 60 pds por 30 hit, se me dicen que solo quieren 20 hit pues de igual manera tendras que pagar 60 pds. El limite de hit que puedes agregar es 70% y nada más. No voy añadir hit en Dark Weapons. Nos vemos en la sala HIT EVENT! Português: Boa tarde a todos! estarei fazendo um mini evento que consiste em adicionar hit a armas. O preco é de 60 pds por 30 hit, se apenas quiseres 20 hit terás de pagar os 60 pds. O limite de hit que podes adicionar vai até 70% e nada mais. Não irei colocar hit em dark weapons. Vemo-nos na sala HIT EVENT! Français: Bonjour tout le monde! J'organiserai qui consistera à ajouter du hit sur des armes. Le prix est de 60 pds pour 30 hit, si vous ajoutez 20 hit vous devrez tout de même payer 60 pds. Vous ne pourrez pas monter au dessus de 70 hit sur une même arme. Vous ne pourrez pas en ajouter sur une Dark weapon non plus. A bientôt ! if u have a wep with 60 hit well u have to pay 30 pds for 10 hit and one more thing we are not gonna split hit not moving stats!
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    I may not play but I'm thankful that gm's like @serverusand @R-78are willing to take time out of their day to do this hit event that they were under no obligation to do. I feel like no hit splitting is fair since PDs are plenty since WOI is easy to farm if you have gear.
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    Even if it was the case, if a mod starts a thread with "I'm just asking for the lulz", you're not going to get an answer by asking them.
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    A middleground would be nice. Full-on vanilla foes vs Ultima's arsenal would make for the most boring gibfest possible. But the current system reeeaally makes it rough to get up to speed here. The EVP boost they have is very annoying, since it's the biggest promoter of pay-to-win. The resistance boosts are slightly less annoying but still bleh, as they force a heavy weapon focus (e.g. a near inability for techs to solo or carry a run outside Ep.4). The ATP/ATA/DFP boosts they have are actually somewhat fun, since it puts a layer of challenge and risk back against players. If I were to suggest a middleground, it'd involve separating monsters into tiers to scale down stats appropriately. - Fodder monsters (Booma, Gulver, Goran, Lilies, Mothvert, Canabin, second tier foes...) given a 75% reduction to the bonuses between Vanilla and Ultima stats - Leader monsters (Gigobomma, Melqueek, Canune, Ba Boota...) given a 50% reduction to the bonuses between Vanilla and Ultima stats - Threat monsters (Sinow series, Delsaber, Hildelt, Pan Arms, Dorphon, Zu, Baranz...) given a 25% reduction to the bonuses between Vanilla and Ultima stats - Rare / Miniboss monsters (Hildetorr, Gibbles, Gi Gue, Pazuzu, Dorphon Eclair...) given no reduction This kind of split wouldn't nix the usefulness of maxed weapons, but would allow lower level people and undergeared folk to still have potential to contribute everywhere, without going under Vanilla stats anywhere across the board.
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    I think siren swam should have rifle range.
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    Nah, I was just saying I did not experience any of the problems you mentioned on Ephinea, and I played with a lot of hardcore players on past month. And yeah, Spuz is one of the best persons from Ephinea server, I agree with you on that. But your experience while playing with Hardcore players was vastly different than mine, they played like normal players on my parties. Didn't see anyone leaving party afraid of dying permanently. I can understand though, why you would be mad seeing a hardcore player leaving party afraid of dying without scape dolls, but personally that never happened to me. I don't agree on that, because it would limit the game enjoying and experience A LOT, there would be almost zero incentive to make hardcore accounts if they restricted HC players from playing with normal players. But that's not something we should discuss here. Also @Emewn, I did not like you using my name in such way, you don't have the right to do that. Because I am giving my opinion doesn't mean I am conspiring against the server, that's dumb. Just stop with your stupid superstitions. I played on Ultima since five years ago, I started my PSO career on this server and I've went through many things, I will never bite the hand that feeded me, it is just that I am burnt from all the drama in the community, I don't have many goals to accomplish here and lately I felt like going back to a more vanilla experience. The point I was trying to express is that SonicTeam Armor as it is (vanilla) already broken enough and fits perfectly the monster buff we have on Ultima. If we were to nerf the monsters back to their vanilla properties (i.e. weaker), that would make STA even more broken. You would take absolutely zero damage from vanilla monsters. The custom weapons we have are meant to be used with the buffed monsters, if we were to turn monsters back to their original properties, a major overhaul of items would have to be done, because our custom weapons would be absolutely broken. Which makes me believe that at this point it might be a bad idea changing monster status. The point is that buffering the monster EVP requires weapons to have more Hit%, but the Hit% drop average on weapons didn't increase as far as I know. That means that weapons that would perform decently on a vanilla server, don't perform so well here because they are much more prone to miss (not land their attacks). Kikori covered this question quite well. For a few years I thought the Hit drop % on weapons have been lowered, because I personally never saw weapons dropping with more than 60% on Hit, I've seen like 3 weapons with above 90% Hit Dropping on past 3 years, a 85 Hit Arms, a 100% Hit Raygun and a 90% Hit Gungnir probably? All other weapons with Hit above 90% (You can gte 85's from RoCT and 90's from CCC) are custom made only. We are a community of 11 years long and on all of those years, I don't think any legit weapon (non GM-made weapons) with that amount of Hit has been found. Even @Saber +7 for some time thought that Hit drop % was nerfed on Ultima, and after further investigation, looks like it wasn't after all. We are just all unlucky. Or maybe we don't have enough players to spam quests and find such drops. Anyways, the existence of Donation Tickets covers this problem well, it would be interesting to have Hit Events at least one time per year though. And no, I'm not against donations, even though some people say Ultima is "pay-to-win", being able to add Hit% using DTs gives the players the opportunity to improve their weapons without massively grind for days or weeks for a specific weapon status, and covers an aspect that was missing from vanilla PSO. I've never donated a single cent to have my weapons with maxed Hit. I've earned DTs from trading and made use of the few Hit Events that were hosted Ultima to achieve this goal. That's true @Larva, but when I say about our community being toxic, I am talking about the weird dramas being allowed on our forum's shoutbox or left without the proper moderation, all of those personal status updates spam in a row and so on. I know moderators can't be available all the time, but if something wrong keeps recurring, then something should be done about that. About what happens on reddit on other communities, nothing can be done sadly. I know we can't stop other communities from talking bad things about us. But I still think our forums could use of a slightly stronger and rigid moderation. As @Patrick Bell said, enhanced EVP killed the purpose of most S-Rank weapons, because their ATA wasn't buffed as well. Mr. Naka's Cards killed the purpose of doing Challenge Mode, which was to obtain the so special S-Rank weapons. As it currently is, S-Rank weapons are only desirable for Zalure special, otherwise, TypeSH/Shots, Arrest Needle, Boomerang, Kiss of Death and Ultima Reaper replaced the S-Ranks since years ago.
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    About to eat my lunch, yummmm
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    The strongest one bleed in silence. Have no one applauding their growth. Have no one watching their healing process. They bloom in silence...
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    Where were you 18 years ago? RIH all the souls who lost their lives on this day . Such a sad time.
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    Keep ATP/Def, get rid of EVP. This way they're still challenging without having to spend dts to make everything 80 hit to actually hit something. Also utility would return to some s-ranks and other vanilla weapons if evp wasn't buffed.
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    Congratulations, @JADE!
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    Happy birthday Man, Hope everything going good with you. Wish you many years more. Thanks for been member of this crazy community!!. have fun and enjoy your day! ahoooyyyy!!
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    B> 12x Item Ticket. PM me, I'll pay well
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    S>STA 1500pds / 15spheres S>C/Battle 100pds
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    Found this during the Valentine's Event. Also found 43 Glide Divine V.00's along the way and was called a hacker for it.
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    This event is so broken, I should rage quit TY to @Larva @serverus for making this a reality and @Saber +7 @R-78 for the upcoming assistance ❤️
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    this week end will be doing this event ill be waiting on the hit room for everyone
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    if u feel confortable in that way ok
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    It would be really great if the floor switches would stay down when playing solo! When I get home from work I love running laps through the game starting in forest 1 and killing dark falz, or starting in temple Alpha and killing Olga flow in one session.... But I can't do that on ultima server because the floor switches won't stay down when you're playing solo! It's really frustrating (and not very conducive to raising mags) when you have to make a new game every 20 minutes because you hit a door that requires 2 people and the switches won't stay down and you're playing solo!
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    At the end of the day, remind yourself that you did the best you could today, and that is good enough...
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    I played vanilla gamecube for too many years. One of the draws of this server for me was the buffed monsters on Ultima. I feel that it has added a new dimension to the game for experienced players. It is very difficult to start on any server. But I feel that Ultima's unique buffing is fun for players and presents a unique experience for those experienced players that want a challenge. There is a balance between the monster buffing and the buffing of the weapons and armors. I, for one, would not like to see this server become like all of the others. Sure, it's fun to be over powered against your foes. But, it makes the game boring. It's like putting training wheels back onto your bicycle. I feel the only benefit to debuffing the monsters would be faster time attack times. But most of the players on the server could care less about time attack. As for the monsters' buffs causing a pay to win experience, I know a lot of players, like @mudkipzjm have all of the gear maxed and brag about never donating a single cent to Ultima. I have a lot of the maxed gear myself and have donated a very miniscule amount compared to all that I have gained. I do not feel that you need 80 hit on every weapon, especially if you can master the sns trick. It does make things easier, but isn't necessary imo. Of course you do need to be a higher level to be successful in ultimate. But, there are so many amazing missions on this server, it isn't difficult to find good ones to help you level quickly. Bringing back crack mode would be amazing if they can prevent the hacking that happened when it was around.
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    Keep it the way it is. No changes need to be made. I have fun on this server and if the monsters are buffed then oh well just deal with it. Don't mess with any weapons, armor, shields, etc. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If you want that vanilla feel then go play on another server but I like Ultima server
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    Why we have to copy other servers.? When I did all this of buffed monsters, buffed classes and also changed the experience table (if anyone forgot that's a thing here too). At that time I did it because it's the way I wanted to approach the server. It's a idea and a path i wanted to follow. A server thats it's difficult to play, different from but not absurd. The idea still preveil to me, many don't see it like that , and the donation system wasent even a thing in that time. I didn't make any of this changes for the "pay to win" deal. Anyways , I'm not gonna go an try to be someone else idea. Specially a server that proclmain to be vanilla when it's clearly a lie.
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    If you debuff the monsters then classes would have to be debuffed as well. If you do that, then weapons have to be re-balanced so that players aren't suddenly stuck with gear they can't use.
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    had 99 Crystal phatons 50 cp 50 hits
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    I agree with this. Any content that could enhance the end game would be a benefit to Ultima.
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    You can already turn off the EXP boost, I guess I might end up looking into the rare monsters... but then I might just bundle those 2 Iirc they only have the extra sound for the highest star tier right? ... I'm not sure if it's even worth it... But since the sound handling is client side, could you get me a high quality version of that other sound? I can look into allowing different sounds based on the number set in _items.ini Also while on this, probably is a good idea for _items.ini to be an override instead of being the only file being read.
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    Ahoy, You have 4 individuals banks per account and 1 common one, you can switch from Character bank to Common bank and vice-versa by using the command /bank Those banks are not linked to other accounts and yes you can. The experience rate on Ultima is x3 and x2 after 160, however there is some mini event like Exp x5 (for everyone/levels) which is on at the moment activated by the admin and that last for an indefine time (it could be a couple of days or a couple of weeks). However you can change that rate by using the exp value command. The base rate of Ultima is higher than the vanilla experience but there is another mini event known as Green name (your ingame name turn green), then the rate of rare monsters is even higher. Finallythe differents items of the game are splitted between, mob, difficulty, episode and Section ID for details you can check the Droptables, the Section ID Calculator and the When Can I hunt x ? topic to be aware of the alternative items that are available during events/months. aaaaaand I hope that answers your questions d:ˆ) Also if you have any questions feel free to use the chatbox or the Ask a quick question topic.
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    Hello my idea's much other items Red Saber + Soul Booster = [Double Saber] [First] Red Cannon [55.000 Kills] of Double Red Cannon [+740-780 ATP] [+51 ATA] [+65 EVP] [+55 Grinder] Special: Energy Red Storm Class: Hunters --> [TOP weapon] Note: The special attack consumes 30% of your max HP to launch a 4 way Energy Red Storm.and Goal Targets: 10] Delsaber's Buster + Chromatic Orb = [Sword] Falz Buster [+700-750 ATP] [+70 ATA] [+80 DFP] [+70 Grinder] Special: Demon Class: Hunter & Force Spread Needle + Psycho Black Crystal = [Needle] Black Needle [+300-400 ATP] [+75 ATA] [+60 Grinder] Special: Demon Class: Ranger Twin Blaze + Chromatic Orb = [Double Saber] Inferno Blaze [+600-620 ATP] [+50 ATA] [+58 Grinder] Tech booster: 100% Foie/60% Gifoie/40% Rafoie Special Gifoie lv 12 Class: Hunter & Ranger Soul Banish + Soul Booster = [Partisane] ??? [633-633 ATP] [+46 ATA] [+35 Grinder] Special Berserk Class: Hunter & Force ??? Slicer: [+300-330 ATP] [+60 ATA] [+70 EVP] [+55 Grinder] [Targets:7] [Distance: 85.0] Special: Geist class: Only Force Number One Mechguns [+50-60 ATP] [+35 ATA] [+60 Grinder] Special: Beserker [Distance: 85.0] Class: Hunter Number Two Mechguns [+50-60 ATP] [+35 ATA] [+60 Grinder] Special: Spirit [Distance: 85.0] Class: Force Number One Mechguns + Number Two Mechguns [Fusion]= [+60-70 ATP] [+45 ATA] [+70 Grinder] Special: Charge [Distance: 100.0] Class: All Zero Divide + Soul Booster = Ice Dragon Divide (idk name): [+400-500 ATP] [+36 ATA] [+125 Grinder] Special: Mega Blizzard [Targets:3] [Normal Attack Targets:1] Raikiri + Soul Booster = ??? Sword [+700-840 ATP] [+60 ATA] [+90 Grinder] [+10 All Stats] Special: Energy Storm Note: The special attack consumes 30% of your HP max potentially reducing the user's HP to 0 killing him. Class: Hunter Holy Angel Spear [Partisane]: [+600-680 ATP] [+75 ATA] [+65 Grinder] Special: Arrest Tech booster: 80% Grants Class: Force Rika's Claw + Soul Booster= (Daggers) Twins Rika's : [+590 - 670 ATP] [+54 ATA] [+65 Grinder] [+10 All Stats] Tech Booster: +40% Gifoie Gibarta Gizonde Special: Arrest Class: All Cross Scar + ??? = ??? Daggers [ +360-400 ATP] [+30 ATA] Special: Gizonde LvL-15 Class: Cast Twin Chakram + ??? = ??? Daggers [+680-780 ATP] [+44 ATA] [+57 Grinder] Special: Hell Black King Bar + PBC = Dark King Bar [+680-790 ATP] [+52 ATA] [+80 Grinder] Special: Demon Class: Hunter & (maybe Force) Sue Coat + Soul Booster = New Armor: [350-350 DFP] [276-320 EVP] [EFR: 50 ETH: 30 EIC: 30 EDK: 50 ELT: 30] [+125 ATP] [Tech Booster: 100% Shifta & Deband & Resta] Class: Female ??? (Kantan) = [+800-850 ATP] [+60 ATA] [+50 Grinder] Special: Blizzard Wave --> [Distance: 85.0]--> Note: Pierce Class: HU ??? Fist = [+1200-1350] [+80 ATA] [+32 Grinder] Special Arrest (Targets: 3) (Distance: 20.0) Class: All PLANTAIN HUGE FAN + Chromtic Orbs = [+500-550 ATP] [+60 ATA] [+100 Grinder] Special: Aura Wind (Equip: ATP 800) Class: HU & FO DF Field (Armor) + PGF = DFP: 380 EVP: 380 [EFR:50 ETH:50 EIC:50 EDK: 50 ELT:50] Note: Dark Flow & Dark meteor 20% ATP up, Dark Bridge or Psycho Bridge Tech booster + 20% up and half cost TP Agito (1977) + Proof of Sonic Team = ??? (Kantan) [+500-600 ATP] [+60 ATA} [+250 Grinder] Special: Arrest Targets: 3 Class: HU & FO Excalibur + Proof of Sonic Team = [Twin Sword] Twin Excalibur [900-900] [+65 ATA] [+70 MST] [+50 Grinder] Special: Beserk [Targets: 3] Class: All Kasami Bracer + Soul Booster = Samurai Bracer (Shield) [DFP: 148-160] [EVP: 260-278] [+150 ATP] EFR: 30 ETH: 30 EIC: 20 EDK: 20 ELT: 10 Class: All I hope someone interests...
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    Ty for this event @serverus mas capo!!
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    @Saber +7 if there is no hit splitting why was it posted that it was allowed? Just wondering...
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    I can't talk much about the ephinea community, as luckily I only spent a few hours on this server's forum, but I can say in big letters that the ephinea staff is racists and xenophobes, so I didn't even go back there anymore
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    Agree. End game enemies are supposed to be difficult (even though they aren't THAT difficult even without DW/STA). End game gear is supposed to be difficult to obtain. That's the point. Want to kill things faster? Hunt a better weapon. Want to hit more? Hunt a better weapon. Want more resistances? Hunt. Spend one HH and hunt something. Thats the entire point of this game.
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    Might not exactly fit what the topic is about and should probably stay on Ideas to Improve the Server but... I really think the Sonic Team Armor should get a little nerf on resistances. I mean, I am totally fine with it being the best armor on Ultima, but at the same time, the super high resistances (80) on it makes us players really lazy. We don't even bother to evade Megids from Lilies (it is very unlikely we'll die) , to evade Rafoies from Epsilons (because we don't take damage), to "shake" control (tilt "A" and "D" for keyboard players) to escape from Dark Falz Barta (because we won't get frozen), and so on... I believe that items that makes the players "lazier" and "half-ass" their gameplay tasks are not benefical to the game, and I only learned how much STA is broken that after playing on another server more involved with the vanilla experience. It does not improve the gameplay. So my little suggestion is to lower the resistances on Sonic Team Armor to like 50 or 60 on each attribute, so it is slightly less broken and give veteran players a somewhat more "balanced" experience. I know many players will not agree because they might be too comfortable playing like that, and getting used to a slightly less broken armor would take some time to get used to. Maybe as a compensation, STA could give +10 attributes to each Status, just like Red Ring. Why am I saying that? If the monster status ever get restored to their original attributes, that would make STA an even more broken armor than it currently is. Not even saying how STA became so easy to get on past years.
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    New to blue burst, but I’ve beaten episode 1 on GameCube
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    People always think that the most painful thing in life is losing the one you value. The true is, the most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of valuing someone too much and forgetting that you are special too...
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    Who wants to talk about the Serene Swan again?
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    what's up with all that status spam
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    I really hope you also got the golf club. #boiola we need to do a golf club only olga run
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    I think adding a way to trade “junk”’for something semi-useful would be awesome. I don’t like the idea of “turn in x animal part 10x for a PD or materials” because that’s a bit too OP. Maybe some really slight items like Add Slot or maybe for a lot of whatever trash item a Photon Crystal. I’d really love for the overall power level of the server to come down tbh
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