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    The sale of raffe tickets has finally ended and the prize list has been revealed! 1722 New Year Cards have been successfully delivered! 892 raffle Tickets have been bought and 1660% attributes have been added to weapons, so that Ultima is going to spend a wonderful year... As a reminder, here are the raffle entries. Now it is time to start the year with some other beautiful goodies! [Reserved] Handgun: Guld [40 hit] - ItchyFlamingo [Claimed] M&A60 Vise [60 hit] - starscreme [Claimed] Yunchang [70 hit] - Noopy [Claimed] Prophets of Motav [70 hit] - JADE [Claimed] Izmaela [85 hit] - Lupus San [Claimed] Heaven Striker [85 hit] - Rimmer [Claimed] Charge Calibur [85 hit] - yanvbraz [Claimed] Love Heart [50 def/20 evp] - JupiterDeMars [Claimed] Red Ring [85 def/25 evp] - Ricardo Gomes [Claimed] Wedding Dress [100 def/40 evp] - Wemerson Santos [Claimed] SonicTeam Armor [0 def/0 evp] - Gatekeeper [Claimed] SonicTeam Armor [0 def/0 evp] - Alex Deagle [Claimed] Psycho Black Crystal - nnorton44 [Claimed] Centurion/Battle - billysh [Claimed] D-Photon Core - radezz Every weapon comes with [0/0/0/0] as attributes. Every armor is maxed and has 4 slots. How will that work? 1) I generate a random number in [1-892] 2) The user who got that number in the above list is the winner. 3) If the winner has already won an item, go back to step 1. 4) The winner chooses one item in the prize list (one that has not been selected yet). 5) The item is reserved. It can now be claimed at any time by this user. 6) Go back to step 1 while there are prizes remaining. This will start tomorrow and times will depend on how long winners take to reserve their item. Good Luck and Happy New Year!
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    Since the official thread is already available let's post the confirmed drops down below to complete our drop chart. Please only post if you find the item with all those informations Item - Mob - Section ID - Episode - Difficulty to keep it neat. Feel free to add the regular drops as well, I'll keep this post update until the end of the event. Happy hunting everyone! COLOR LEGEND: Viridia Greenhill Skyly Bluefull Purplenum Pinkal Redria Oran Yellowboze Whithill Lindcray EP1 ULT ◀︎ Dark Bringer ◀︎ Dark Bringer ◀︎ Dark Bringer EP2 ULT ◀︎ Sinow Zoa ◀︎ Sinow Zoa ◀︎ Sinow Zoa ◀︎ Sinow Zoa EP4 ULT ◀︎ Girtablublu ◀︎ Girtablublu Master Raven EP1 ULT ◀︎ Dark Bringer ◀︎ Dark Bringer EP2 ULT ◀︎ Sinow Zoa ◀︎ Sinow Zoa EP4 ULT ◀︎ Girtablublu Last Swan EP1 ULT ◀︎ Delsaber ◀︎ Delsaber ◀︎ Delsaber ◀︎ Delsaber EP4 ULT ◀︎ Zu Rambling May EP1 ULT ◀︎ Crimson Assassin ◀︎ Crimson Assassin ◀︎ Crimson Assassin EP2 ULT ◀︎ Delsaber ◀︎ Delsaber ◀︎ Delsaber EP4 ULT ◀︎ Zu ◀︎ Zu EP1 VH ◀︎ Crimson Assassin EP4 VH ◀︎ Zu ◀︎ Zu Angel Harp EP1 ULT ◀︎ Melqueek ◀︎ Melqueek ◀︎ Melqueek EP2 ULT ◀︎ Sinow Berill ◀︎ Gulgus ◀︎ Sinow Spigell EP4 ULT ◀︎ Merissa A ◀︎ Merissa A ◀︎ Merissa A EP1 VH ◀︎ Guil Shark ◀︎ Guil Shark Slicer of Vengeance EP1 ULT ◀︎ Dark Bringer ◀︎ Dark Bringer ◀︎ Dark Bringer EP2 ULT ◀︎ Sinow Zoa EP4 ULT ◀︎ Astark ◀︎ Astark Glide Divine v.00 EP1 ULT ◀︎ Gran Sorcerer ◀︎ Gran Sorcerer EP2 ULT ◀︎ Dolmarl ◀︎ Dolmarl EP4 ULT ◀︎ Astark ◀︎ Astark ◀︎ Astark Rico's Parasol EP1 ULT ◀︎ Crimson Assassin ◀︎ Crimson Assassin EP2 ULT ◀︎ Delbiter ◀︎ Delbiter ◀︎ Delbiter EP4 ULT ◀︎ Pyro Goran ◀︎ Pyro Goran ◀︎ Pyro Goran ◀︎ Pyro Goran Rianov 303SNR-1 EP2 ULT ◀︎ Sinow Berill EP4 ULT ◀︎ Astark Rianov 303SNR-2 EP1 ULT ◀︎ Ob Lily ◀︎ Ob Lily ◀︎ Ob Lily ◀︎ Ob Lily EP4 ULT ◀︎ Del Rappy EP1 VH ◀︎ Poison Lily Rianov 303SNR-3 EP1 ULT ◀︎ Gran Sorcerer ◀︎ Gran Sorcerer ◀︎ Gran Sorcerer Rianov 303SNR-4 EP1 ULT ◀︎ Melqueek ◀︎ Nano Dragon EP2 ULT ◀︎ Dolmarl EP4 ULT ◀︎ Satellite Lizard Amore Rose EP1 ULT ◀︎ Bartle ◀︎ Merlan ◀︎ Bartle ◀︎ Merlan ◀︎ Bartle ◀︎ Bartle ◀︎ Bartle ◀︎ Merlan ◀︎ Merlan ◀︎ Bartle ◀︎ Merlan EP2 ULT ◀︎ Deldepth ◀︎ Deldepth ◀︎ Deldepth ◀︎ Deldepth ◀︎ Deldepth ◀︎ Deldepth ◀︎ Deldepth ◀︎ Deldepth ◀︎ Deldepth ◀︎ Deldepth ⎿ ◀︎ Gulgus ◀︎ Mil Lily ◀︎ Ob Lily ◀︎ Mil Lily EP1 VH ◀︎ Booma ◀︎ Canane ◀︎ Booma ◀︎ La Dimenian ◀︎ La Dimenian ◀︎ Booma EP2 VH ◀︎ Nar Lily EP4 VH ◀︎ Ba Boota ◀︎ Ba Boota Great Bouquet EP1 ULT ◀︎ Ob Lily ◀︎ Ob Lily ◀︎ Ob Lily EP4 ULT ◀︎ Ba Boota EP1 VH ◀︎ Poison Lily EP4 VH ◀︎ Ba Boota Butterfly Net EP2 ULT ◀︎ Merillia ◀︎ Merillia EP4 ULT ◀︎ Yowie EP4 VH ◀︎ Yowie Login EP1 ULT ◀︎ Ob Lily ◀︎ Ob Lily ◀︎ Ob Lily EP2 ULT ◀︎ Sinow Berill EP4 ULT ◀︎ Yowie EP1 VH ◀︎ Poison Lily EP4 VH ◀︎ Astark ◀︎ Yowie Bamboo Spear EP1 ULT ◀︎ Melqueek EP2 ULT ◀︎ Mil Lily EP4 ULT ◀︎ Astark EP1 VH ◀︎ Guil Shark ◀︎ Guil Shark EP2 VH ◀︎ Nar Lily ◀︎ Nar Lily EP4 VH ◀︎ Satellite Lizard Genpei EP1 ULT ◀︎ Delsaber ◀︎ Delsaber ◀︎ Delsaber EP2 ULT ◀︎ Ill Gill EP4 ULT ◀︎ Pyro Goran ◀︎ Pyro Goran ◀︎ Pyro Goran ◀︎ Pyro Goran Kroe's Sweater EP1 ULT ◀︎ Melqueek ◀︎ Melqueek ◀︎ Melqueek EP2 ULT ◀︎ Ill Gill EP4 ULT ◀︎ Merissa A ◀︎ Merissa A Dress Plate EP1 ULT ◀︎ Delsaber ◀︎ Delsaber ◀︎ Delsaber EP2 ULT ◀︎ Epsilon Love Rappy's Beak EP1 ULT ◀︎ Crimson Assassin ◀︎ Crimson Assassin ◀︎ Crimson Assassin EP2 ULT ◀︎ Love Rappy EP4 ULT ◀︎ Zu ◀︎ Zu ◀︎ Zu ◀︎ Zu EP4 VH ◀︎ Zu ◀︎ Zu Blue-Black Stone EP1 ULT ◀︎ Gran Sorcerer ◀︎ Gran Sorcerer EP2 ULT ◀︎ Delbiter ◀︎ Delbiter Magic Rock "Heart Key" EP1 ULT ◀︎ Crimson Assassin ◀︎ Crimson Assassin EP2 ULT ◀︎ Baranz Photon Booster EP1 ULT ◀︎ Dark Bringer ◀︎ Dark Bringer Heavenly TP EP1 ULT ◀︎ Gran Sorcerer ◀︎ Gran Sorcerer ◀︎ Gran Sorcerer EP2 ULT ◀︎ Ill Gill EP4 ULT ◀︎ Del Rappy EP1 VH ◀︎ Chaos Sorcerer ◀︎ Chaos Sorcerer ◀︎ Chaos Sorcerer ◀︎ Chaos Sorcerer EP4 VH ◀︎ Del Rappy REGULAR DROPS: EP1 ULT ◀︎ Vol Opt V.2 ◀︎ Vol Opt V.2 ◀︎ Dark Falz ◀︎ Sil Dragon ◀︎ Dal Ral Lie ◀︎ Dark Falz ◀︎ Dal Ral Lie ◀︎ Mil Lily ◀︎ Vol Opt V.2 ⎿◀︎ Mil Lily ◀︎ Indi Belra ◀︎ Dark Falz EP2 ULT ◀︎ Barba Ray ◀︎ Sinow Spigell ◀︎ Gol Dragon EP4 ULT ◀︎ Dorphon Eclair ◀︎ Pazuzu ◀︎ Goran Detonator ◀︎ Goran Detonator ◀︎ Pazuzu ◀︎ Dorphon Eclair ◀︎ Satellite Lizard EP1 VH ◀︎ Vol Opt ◀︎ Chaos Bringer ◀︎ Delsaber EP4 VH ◀︎ Pazuzu "Enemy and id are the same as last year" ⏤ confirmed by Fyrewolf5 ⎜Drop chart from 2017 is now included, refreshed and up to date.
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    Hey yall check out my first PSO video, i am trying to gain a follow so check me out and tell me what games you guys wanma see and ways i can improve! Thanks!
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    [Closed] The post office has been attacked when out delivering nengaj... new years cards this year. They were supposed to be delivered by the beginning of the year, so we need to get those bad boys out! These are what we're after. We need to get all of these guys out before people are blocked, ghosted, disowned, or whatever people do these days. As such the Ultima post is giving out an incentive for you to hand them in. For handing in a total of 10 at once, one can have 20% of an attribute added to a weapon of your choice. As an alternative, you may exchange a single card for a single entry into our raffle. While the prizes of this raffle can't be revealed at the time, we can inform you that there are multiple prizes. The way the raffle works is everyone will exchange their cards for an entry. You can enter as many times as you want, but you can only win one prize. However, in the order the names are drawn, you may choose from the list of prizes. So the first name drawn has first pick -- so it is best to have as many entries as possible to raise your chance of having first pick. Ultima post (GMs) will be handling the exchanges from 平成30年1月27日 until 平成30年2月4日 and the raffle will take place on 平成30年2月5日. The prizes will be listed when the results of the raffle are announced, and the players will choose their prizes in the order they were chosen from the list of remaining prizes. Some conditions apply . - No Dark Weapon / Arms / Calibur - No Attribute moving - No more than 80% in a same area - No more than 100 raffle tickets per person EDIT: The deadline date applies only for the raffle -- attributes can be exchanged for all year long starting on the 27th until next Christmas Event. Thanks Usagi! In order to buy raffle tickets, please send your New year cards to @R-78. (In game names are listed in their profile) They will then register your numbers in the above list.
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    Gotten really rusty with my art so taking time doing some fanart and practising. Fomarl portraiture, just trying to relearn a bit, >.< hands aren't as use to the pencil anymore: Booma's need love too: Was looking at love rappys, PSO2 ones look like cute anime birds, PSO ones just makes me think of fat chickens in comparison: When your friend high 5's you and doesn't know their own strength: Will update time to time.
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    Bonjour welcome welcome! A few months ago I felt in love with sketchtoy.com by drawing some PSO/Ultima related doodles and it’s time to share those with you all, so feel free to clic the thumbnails down below to watch them or even the spoiler section if you are not patient enough to let the animation play. I’ll add some new ones from time to time, thanks for watching! SKETCHTOY ✏️
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    Guys, could you stop spamming? You cannot claim any item unless you're nominated...
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    Valentine's Event - 2018 Valentine's day is here again, and this time it's less lame (d'argent). Love (rappy) is in the air, so get your Sweetheart a romantic Great Bouquet. Once again our hunters will face ferocious enemies in order to get their lovers beautiful presents! It's hunting time! Go Puyo pants with excitement! Returning Items: Genpei Master Raven Last Swan Blue Black Stone Magic Rock Heart Key Photon Booster Dress Plate Bamboo Spear Amore Rose Butterfly Net Great Bouquet Love Rappy Mag Blood Tornado Crush Cannon Sil Dragon Slayer SLICER OF VENGEANCE GLIDE DIVINE V.00 RICO'S PARASOL LINDCRAY Special thanks to Auli'i and Cyane for the skins. Special thanks to ItchyFlamingo for the banner. EVENT IS ACTIVE!
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    Probably the best presentation I've seen so far.
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    Lupus San has reserved: Izmaela. Round 15: Generating Random Number... 18 Congratulations @starscreme ! starscreme has automatically reserved: M&A60 Vise. Raffle Event has ended! I am now going to message some users for consolation prizes. Winners who have not claimed their item yet may message me at any time. I hope everyone has enjoyed the raffle!
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    Still Larva hinted you all in the event topic. Anyway, attribute event was my idea so if anyone has a problem with that, blame me. Not other GMs.
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    for suggestions I recommend in the future to post them to this post here and I believe this option is coming in a future update as soly has posted
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    Hello everyone, We would like to inform to all our members that the website and the forums will be temporally offline and unreachable. This will occur on Tuesday Feb-20-2018, the maintenance will start at 12:00 a.m. Pacific Time, with an estimated duration time of 4 hours. Couple of days ago our server crash, and we need to run a intensive hardware diagnostic. This will be performed by the company where we have the dedicated server, the website and the forum will be back as soon as possible after the maintenance ends. Also since the game is hosted in a different dedicated server it won't be affected and it will remain ONLINE. Discord Server will be also available. Thanks for your support and understanding.
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    Hello, I and lots of people we are concerned about the fact that the buff from halloween on indi belra is still on. And that issue will continue if nobody take any action. I'm not saying it's a good or a bad thing, but maybe we can make things more enjoyable an playable, because right now it's a real pain to just hunt weapons in ruins in ultimate. so what are the options? *Debuff indi belra *increase drop rate on indi belra *Something may happen these are just suggestions made in a hurry, i will surely modified the post, so in encourage you to respond even if, like me you're not use to talk a lot on the forum. Sincirely Bi0. -Indi Belra will be unbuff for Valentine Event.
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    Hello. The first one to find me during the next 7 minutes will get 10 pd. Time is running. (in a lobby on some block) EPIC FAIL. was on lobby 09 - block 02
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    Alright, I would like to get that Charge Calibur 85% since it is unique And I already have all the other items so...
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    For those still confused 平成30年 is the 30th year of the Heisei era or 2018, 1月 is the first month January and 27日 is the 27th day. So to clear up any confusion, redeeming starts Jan 27, 2018- Feb 4, 2018 and raffle takes place on Feb 5, 2018 P.S. ~Choko love~
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    The belra of the "ultimate" mode must have the strength of the "ultimate" mode and not a "buffed belra". Remember that not all players have the "best weapons" Still, I agree that there should already be a new level of difficulty for players with good weapons. A cracked mode as they say, Super ultimate, inferno mode, Dead mode, nightmare mode, or whatever they want to call it. But honestly if such a mode were to come into existence, I'm sure that when all the enemies of the same room are stronger (and not just the belra), all those "experienced super warriors" will come out crying from the room.
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    Lets combo lock DF and DM. That will drop the pgf price and balance all the other weapons. Make chair colors customizable.
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    Omg finally! I was beggining to think the worst :3 1. Thank you for this mini event ^^ 2. I will take the D-Photon Core Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hey Everyone, since i barely play here and got some New Year Cards laying around.. So yeah i thought why not giving them away Just post any funny pics or memes and on the end of the day (my time 24:00:00) which is in 8 hrs, i will decide the winners 1st: 5 New Year Cards 2nd: 2 New Year Cards 3rd: 1 New Year Card Have Fun!
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    But it ends up being me with a guitar out of tune and bad equipment. Note: I do not sing very well (I do not sing at all).
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    Yes, it is "cheap" to add attributes with the New Year Cards ... But that is the point, otherwise that event (and NYC) would be kinda worthless. Yes, New year cards were an easy hunt, but now tell me how many people bothered hunting them all the event? Can you still hunt them? No, it was limited on time, most people were busy hunting PGF instead and once you used them all, it's over. While you could still quadral log WOI, get ~2PD every 2 minutes, make photon sphere and max your weapons all year long. Some people farmed more than 200 NYC. Good for them, they didn't waste their time in MA4DMD for nothing. I have more than 29 maxed weapons, and got all of them with trades, PS and DTs. So maxing 2 other ones means not a lot to me for a one life time thing. While I knew what was going on with NYC, I only farmed 28 of them this year. This event is unique, it is the first (and maybe the last) time we do that, so you wanna use your NYC on a 0/0/0/0/50 Excalibur? Fine but choose carefully as it is probably the last time you max the item of your choice with NYC. Is it the reason of PGF being overpriced? No. Whatever we do, they keep being overcharged. Even after Larva's extra PGF days with a 1/68 rate during HH and 4P 90% DAR. Yeah still, that is RNG and you are not guaranteed to get one, just like almost everything in this game. Also, if that doesn't please you, you could still spend all your NYC in the raffle. Who knows if there is a PGF in the prizes?
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    Yep health bar of enemy it's already in the next update . Thanks to soly https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/26809-Change-Log#entry195301 Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Alright so I always had planned a mini event with a very nice prize pool. Seeing as its unlikely I have the time to play here on a regular basis again for some years. I figured I won't be returning after all. So I'm going to be hosting a mini event for one lucky soul to obtain nearly 100% of my gear from my duration here. Sadly I DO NOT have the items I sought for hosting such an event based off my original plans. So here goes: Required: each and every player choosing to participate MUST EQUIP NO MAG, 3 Godric/abilities 1 troll battle unit 1 From the depths shield and a - or negative hit % weapon(this weapon can still work so long as it has NO hit %s or negative hit % in it). Sample of negative weapons that work Laser 0/0/5/0/-5 Laser 0/-5/0/-5/0 Laser 0/0/0/-5/0 As long as the weapon has negative %s somewhere and no hit or negative hit if it has hit it CAN have a positive attribute (this is to make it more reasonable for people to find something to use to qualify) If you have the above items to use congrats you can now partake in a chance to win a TON of awesome gear. Simply put how this works when the event is live I will post here "EVENT is now live". Alongside a list of tasks to complete in game concurrently you will have a set amount of time to complete them in. (THIS WILL BE EXTREMELY CHALLENGING WARNING) ...The one with the fastest and most efficient record to post in the time limit will be declared the winner. I.E. sample list of tasks to be performed in no particular order(THIS IS NOT IT just an example to give all participates a rough idea) Clear an ALL tower quests on ultimate solo without dying Clear all of seabed solo on ultimate without dying Clear all of episode 4 ultimate solo Clear Quest X, Y and Z on ultimate solo Clear Forest offensive solo on ultimate Bring me a triple negative %s weapon First one to post a picture here/video of them hunting/finding X item Win 1 battle mode match etc etc Rules YOU MUST USE ALL THE REQUIRED: GEAR SPECIFIED You must use the negative %s weapon the majority of the time in favor of the other weapons you are using during completion of the tasks As long as the negative %s weapon has NO hit or negative hit % as long as it has negative %s somewhere even if an attribute is positive it is acceptable You must post a video of each task being completed with proof of using only what is specified on the list nothing else but healing items and other base items in inventory during completion of the tasks You can use one weapon from the list directly below rules on top of the ones on the list as well as any non rare weapons or common drops you feel up to using for weapons NO Sonicteam armor allowed no red rings or costumes no rares unless specified or it is negative hit % no dark weapons no overpowered weapons Upon completion of everything the one with the most efficient and best times with the least amount of problems upon partaking in this will be declared the winner One player will win regardless I reserve the right to tweak this as deemed required to make it so everything can be completed (if it is impossible please remember I didn't get to do this the way I wanted I will address all areas of concern upon proof of needing to be done so/adjust accordingly) TBA upon final post of official start of this special mini event*Rules are subject to change before the official start date is released List of weapons (choose only one of the following to add to your list of gear the choice is yours so choose well!) Guildmilla TYPE/ME mechgun charge or demon special Iron faust Spread needle Suppressed gun any special Elysion Chameleon scythe Hand of justice Inferno Girasole Sealed J-sword(this one must be all 0s but is allowed to have hit % if chosen) Rabbit wand Kalabolg Flowens sword Two kamui Asteron belt Izmaela Axe of laconium Yamigarusu Wok of akikos shop Madams umbrella Snow Queen Prophets of motav NUG2000 Bazooka any special Daisy chain Power glove Yunchang Tree clippers Nice shot Blood sword Partisan of lightning Red scorpio I will disclose further details/info this weekend event will be scheduled as starting and the time allocation will be enclosed upon start date I would appreciate people with the items to come forward and volunteer to test a list of tasks so I can tweak this to make it fair so people can achieve it.(this will still be very challenging regardless but I want it to be possible to complete not impossible) Good luck @ all and stay tuned for further details or updates regarding this! PS the sooner I get people willing to test it out so I can tweak it so its possible to complete in a timely and fair manner...the sooner event will launch officially thanks!(I need 2 or 3 volunteers to test out a list of tasks to complete who have the specified required gear in order to do so) -As soon as this is done I will tweak/adjust the rules and tasks accordingly so its fair and able to be completed successfully...I will announce an official start date then. The list of tasks to complete will be uploaded on the official start date along with more detailed instructions. For further motivation prizes include PGF 4 maxed dark weapons 2 STA about 30-50++ high end items some dts custom gaels among much more!
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    @Ragol99 I think you should keep some weapons in case one day you want to play again even for a few moments. It is always good to see them walking there.
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    I can lend my Flamberge [0/-20/-20/0|0] if anyone needs it xD
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    In the only 4 runs I played, I can confirm for Episode I - Ultimate Gran Sorcerer - Purplenum - Glide Divine V00 Dark Bringer - Purplenum - Master Raven Dark Bringer - Skyly - Slicer of Vengeance Dark Bringer - Bluefull - Lindcray Dark Bringer - Whitill - Photon Booster
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    Happy Valentines Event Everyone! Expect new items incoming for the next event after this (we couldn't fit them in here in time for valentine's, and yes I know the banner pictures are from last year). Hope you guys enjoy the event this year!
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    Some people price their items very strangely.
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    He is, he hasn't even downloaded the game lol. He got banned on PSU and their forums for doing the same exact stuff he's been doing on here and Ephinea.
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    i can take that RR, thanks
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    Gatekeeper has reserved: SonicTeam Armor. Round 2: Generating Random Number... 846 Congratulations to second winner: @Alex Deagle !!! Please choose a reward in the list!
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    The deadline date applies only for the raffle -- attributes can be exchanged for all year long starting on the 27th. *main post also updated
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    lol calm down ^^ seems like i missed that in the opening post - my bad sorry. the stuff is really nice. makes my first post a bit unnecessary haha but yes i still cant be bothered doing that (dont have the stuff he wants and takes too much time imo) im not a native speaker, maybe thats why. wasnt trying to sound rude in any way. never said his stuff is junk, just tried to tell him about my thoughts
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    Couldn't this have gone in the screenshot thread? lol
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    Sorry about the delay for the new banner but here it is, hope you're happy with it, if not don't feel the need to swap it
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    Increase the number of reactions we can do in a day :"L 15 at least
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    I forgot to say "congratulations to the winner" I'm going to do something (I do not know what but I'll do it) again in the future. Thanks.
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    Please play this game before you waste people's time asking questions. This is something you could have found out if you actually played the game like you said you were going to, two months ago.
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    May I get the handgun guld please, at a drawing class so won't be on till a bit
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    Why would you remove the second best music in the game? (after disk 6 - Dreams nights)
  49. 3 points
    It is not your fault. You do not have to apologize. It was a great idea and I congratulate you for it.
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    Actually 99pds=1ps=30%, people no longer sell 15dts for 99pds. But yeah, 15 NYC are 30% worth so more than 6.6pds for one NYC is kinda ridiculous. (unless one wanna tryhard for the raffle) Plus that was a very easy hunt on episode IV.