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    Ryu's PGF Mini-Event Welcome to my PGF mini event. Back in December I found a crap ton of PGFs as i'm sure most of you saw a crap ton of my banners and started swearing me out as my name flashed across your screen. Well, using all my free time I wanted to hunt a crap ton of PGFs not just for me, but so I could host a mini event and give one away. Yes, I am not completely selfish! It's amazing! I want to state this right off the bat, no sugarcoating it, it's not going to be easy whatsoever. There will be many talented people already I know who are going to be doing it. I took 2 weeks to think of the most fair thing that I can provide so no one can abuse OP weapons like dark weapons or STA and make it even A COMPLETE BEGINNER has a "chance" if they put in the time. And that's whats going to make this event hard, is the amount of time required to win. But hey, that's what you have to put in to get in an actual PGF drop from Olga Flow anyways. Right about now you are wondering "what do I have to do to win this PGF?!?!?!?! I won't be able to get one at a reasonable price anymore, and I can't hunt until December which is so far away!". Well I chose the most fair thing I could think of, Challenge Mode. Some of you might think that this still doesn't level the playing field because some people know the tricks and yada yada yada. While that sentiment is completely true, I can not think of a more fair and balanced than starting off at level 1 with the same items as everyone else. I also chose Challenge Mode because of what I love about PSO the most, TIME ATTACK!!! Everything I do, I try and do it as fast as possible. TTF? I am still trying to beat my 10'40 dual log every single time I do TTF. Hunting STA? I want to beat my 8min30s run to the boss, it's my favorite thing to do in PSO along with hunting rares. Now i'm imposing on whoever enters this Mini Event to do Time Attack for the BEST rare item, my two favorite things. You will be doing Challenge mode in Episode 2. Mission 2c2 to be exact. RULES This will be ONLY 2 people. AKA 2 people MAX. Chose your best friend, bribe a good player that isn't TripleR (he'll hold you back), perform favors of a certain kind to others to help you with this. REPLY TO THIS POST OF WHO IS ENTERING, YOU AND YOUR PARTNERS NAME. NO DOUBLE DIPPING, SYLPH ONLY GETS ONE PARTNER (lol if they enter) If you want to withdrawl and partner with someone else whos not teamed up, post a new reply, do not edit original post One person will have to provide video evidence VIA stream vod, uploaded too youtube, or any other video hosting site. This is so I know you two were the only two the entire time, and you didn't have 3-4 people and people left last minute so only 2 people are in the screen shot for the final time. The event starts May 12th 2017 and ends June 15th 2017, lots and lots of time. NO HACKING (why do I even have to say it lol) If I feel there needs to be more rules I will add them. I can't think of everything and if something valid comes up that should be added I have the right to do so. REWARDS (WOOOO!) FIRST PLACE: 1 PGF (duh) and 50 dts each SECOND PLACE: 75 dts each THIRD PLACE: 50 dts each MAPS TO LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD FOR PEOPLE WHO DON'T USE GOOGLE THESE MAPS ARE IN ORDER THE FLOORS ARE IN. MISC If you have any questions, concerns, ask here or PM me, i'll probably reply faster in a PM but ask here if it's beneficial for everyone to know the answer too. Also post if I missed something stupid like I did my last event. Multiple submissions are allowed if you beat your own time, but will be closed at 11:59 PM EST on June 15th. You can just post a screen shot and post it to the thread as a submission, but the top 3 winners will need video proof of their run.
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    How to get SJS 1. Get really, really bored 2. Enter on a random Phantasmal World 4 run 3. Kill 2nd Gi-Gue and get your SJS
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    Replaced the Glide Divine model with the Dark Bridge model. Looks pretty dank, in my opinion. And yes, it wiggles. https://i.gyazo.com/58afafd152b7b038824d40a87d359194.mp4
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    happy bday mudman still cant belive you answerd the phone when you where taking a shit
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    Weapons: S / Sa / Sab - Saber B / Br - Brand B / Bu - Buster Pal - Pallasch HG - Handgun AG - Autogun LG - Lockgun RG - Railgun SW - Sword Gig - Gigush DG - Dagger KN - Knife BL - Blade MG - Mechgun Ass - Assault WA - Wand SL - Slicer PT - Partisan HB - Halbert RI - Rifle SN - Sniper #### namd - Weapons are often called with their attribute values. in ep1 stating which attribute is redundant, as it'll always only be for the area you are in. For example, if you find a Buster with 60machine and 75hit in 1c6, you can say "bu 6075". For ep2 calling attributes is important since it can be anything, so the same weapon would be "bu 6075 mh" or "bu 60m75h" or other similar things. Can sometimes shorten even further to just say "bu 67 mh", meaning buster 6X% machine and 7X% hit. In general, Sabers are stronger than any equivalent level other weapon series and are preferred for raw damage and superior animation, though dagger series hit and mechgun series hit can be useful, as can handgun series hit in certain stages. Tools: m / mm / mate - monomate dm - dimate f / mf - monofluid df - difluid d / doll / $ - $cape Doll # / # / # - Monomate# / Dimate# / ScapeDoll# or Monofluid# / Difluid# / ScapeDoll# i.e. "4/2/2" = 4monomate 2dimate 2doll, or "f 3/4/2" is 3monofluid 4difluid 2doll (trimates/trifluids and star atomizers are quite rare, sometimes can be said as a 4th number though). pm / pmat - power material mm / mmat - mind material lm / lmat - luck material hm / hpm / hpmat - hp material tm / tpm / tpmat - tp material Armor/Units: KP / Kpow - Knight/Power GP / Gpow - General/Power marm or m/arm - marksman/arm garm or g/arm - general/arm earm or e/arm - elf/arm #s or s# - Slotted Armor with # slots i.e. "3s" = 3 slotted armor. If you wish you can specify that it is a FR / Frame, though this is almost never done (forces cannot wear armors, only frames). Other: dt = damage trap ct = confuse trap ft = freeze trap Chain / Trap Chain - using a trap to blow up another trap. when the first trap explodes, any other traps in range you have set will also explode. can be used to time traps for second freezes, deal extra damage, freeze nano dragons / gi gue without them trying to fly away, or other things. box / boxing - splitting off to retrieve boxes, usually done by the weakest char or the force r / ring - Heal Ring HHH - Heavy>Heavy>Heavy combo, N and S can stand for Normal Special respectively. Could also say NdNdH or N dN dH for Normal delayNormal delayHeavy, though it's not often done. Combo delay is important to keep certain enemies constantly flinching and unable to counterattack. Shouldn't have to tell people proper combo style vs which kind of mob often. dmc - Damage Cancel. Try not to all gang up on the same mob or a lot of damage will be ignored. freeze glitch - a side effect of dmc, it is possible to refreeze an enemy if everyone attacks it just as it's about to unfreeze. useful to keep some mobs frozen, though one person may want to limit attacking to only when it's about to unfreeze to limit any other dmc. confuse glitch - rarely done. see freeze glitch. 1c# - ep 1 cmode stage # i.e. 1c8 is ep1 stage8 2c# - ep 2 cmode stage # i.e. 2c5 is ep2 stage5 Useful Clasess: Huct - Hucast Hucl - Hucaseal Humr - Humar Fonl - Fonewearl Fonm - Fonewm Useless Classes Hunl - Hunewearl Fomr - Fomar Foml - Fomarl Really Useless Classes: Ract - Racast Racl - Racaseal Raml - Ramarl Just Dont: Ramr - Ramar That's all the acronyms I can think of off the top of my head. Someone better than me at cmode may be able to say some ones I missed, or add any other info.
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    RIP Chris Cornell, the lead singer of one of my Favorite bands Soundgarden.
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    Bulk Material Auction coming soon, will include over 2,000 mats total of Assorted variety !
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    I know event isn't ever yet but... do I win yet?
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    Dear Diary, Today, I found a Brionac with 10 hit! I also found a pair of H&S 25 Justice, but sadly they have no stats. One step closer to making my HUmar the best on the server! hehe -End page xD
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    Love is in the air Sinow Zoa Sinow Zele Beautful
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    I may not play anymore but i still love you little weasels c:
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    Woot :D! Didn't expect it to drop seeing how stingy he is; though still wanting that Limiter lol.
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    Step 1: Praise dw Step 2: Do runs Step 3: Feel presence of dw in run Step 4: Get drop Step 5: Praise dw for drop Step 6: ??? Step 7: Profit Step 8: dw This is coming from a man who has acquired several drops with the help of dw. May it be know that bitching in lobby about said drop makes dw curse your chance for drops. (Totally not ripped off from griff.)
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    Give @ultrajerky and i vet gold name thing or face severe consequences you foolish fools. Die.
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    *Step 4: Get STA on the last day of the event during the first run in my room i'm still triggered REEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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    Please vote on the best new weapons for 2017!
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    A lady in a lavender dress dances gracefully in a field of daisies and violets. She looks as if dancing with someone, her long lost love, but to everyone else, she is dancing with merely the atmosphere. She never misses a step. Perfection. Each time she turns you catch a glimpse of her face, she is smiling a beautiful smile. Though her sorrow may last a lifetime, she will smile as long as she knows her lover is with her. In her heart, in her soul. They are one. There is no music playing aloud, yet you still seem to hear it. She dances to her own melody, one that has never been heard before. It is a beatific melody that shall play forever in her heart and to whom ever may witness her beautiful dance. She dances every day, even if it is pouring rain, she will dance. To this day she can still be seen dancing in the field of where her and her lover have been buried. Only a chosen few can see her, and if you are one of the lucky ones, you will never forget such a beautiful sight.
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    WINNER OF THE FIRST PLACE RUNNER UPS I'm going to send you all a pm so we can discuss the prizes :3 Thank you for all the entries! There weren't many valid to judge from but it was a nice reading. See ya soon >:3 Bums
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    Taken from two lines that are touching in the terms and conditions: "You are allowed to trade your PSOBB items for items in another game or a platform (market) like Steam however we do not encourage nor support it. We cannot undo trades involving 3rd parties and we won't restore items lost during such trades." "You are not allowed to trade items for currency in other games that is explicitly bought with real money, this includes steam funds, and anything similar in other games or platforms." This wording is...not thought through very well. Someone is gonna get this confused and get banned, and I'm patiently waiting for it
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    Fudge it. Buying DM, pm me
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    Hello All, I've been on the server for a little while (1 month+), but just decided to do this. I watched people play PSO on GC with pure envy dripping from every pore until I was able to lose my social life to the Xbox version. A friend informed of the existence of this server and I started later the same week. If you've ever run into another EasyModeNub on another forum or game, chance are it was me. My other hobbies include gaming (of course), reading, movies, music (festivals and such), some TV and anime (very picky), and my hairless cat.
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    1. None of these have any significant downsides. They're also either way over the top(the first one), or already exist (last zanba = chain sawd, invisibility cloak = kroe's sweater), or are just plain bad (elemental ring; not at all useless, it's way brokenly OP, poor design, and a ripoff of another servers' item). We can't really do negatives quite like that either. Even if it were possible, it would lead to inherently bad design as any possible downsides would easily be mitigated by other factors, and you would just be left with a way too big a power creep on items (even if they were situational only). Better but with a downside isn't always a principle that works well in practice, but especially so in this particular game. 2. Isn't the very first thing you suggested a charge weapon? Also we've only ever added 2 charge weapons I think. First was in valentines 2015 (Slicer of Vengeance), and we just got the second one (Fury of the Beast) more than two years later. It's not like we're doing it very much. 3. Several things have been made that have a decent grind. Fury of the Beast, Crush Cannon, Sil Dragon Slayer, Blood Tornado, Crimson Sword, Macho Blades all have multiple dozens of grind potential (even inferno girasole has +20), and we've increased grind limit on several other vanilla weapons like dual birds, rambling may, and angel harp by significant amounts. There isn't a lack of grinding overall for new items. 4. We already do tons of combinations, probably more than we should even. From Halloween until now, we've added EIGHTEEN combined items and five non-combination items (not including the three new units, since units aren't ever combination). I don't understand how much more you think we could do. Not everything can or should be combination. 5. I can't make Claws or Launchers not suck by inherent design. I would never give any weapon, regardless of type, 2000atp, that is just silly. The katana example is suggesting to make Raikiri significantly stronger than Orotiagito and give it more than twice as much ata as any vanilla item and still not describing a significant downside; regardless of the numbers, the design really wouldn't fit in well either. I've also only added 1 mechgun personally (the first new mechgun since Psycho Raven was added back in 2013 ), and it's a very useful one that fills a really nice role; I do not regret a single thing about Rage de Glace. The same can be said about Kajex's new Samba Fiesta. Both of these have very specific class limitations and fill specific roles for those classes. Again, it's not like we're doing mechs very much. I'm sorry, but I don't think there is anything here that provides something even "partially" usable really.
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    Oran Ultimate Saint Millian Samurai Armor
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    dw I tried doing this in class, it didn't go so well.
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    Fucked up and definately worth a watch: Ephesians 6:12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.
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    Raid on Central Tower (No PB) Mutliman - 38:52 remaining Mudkipz(Japanese name) - RAmar KILL gene - RAmar Suspect - RAmarl Katzuni - FOmarl
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    Shower me with moist cabbages you peasants, or dead....
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    Here are the pictures. It felt like so many more when I was uploading them :S
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    Your story was too void of words
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    Spent the whole day watching Death Note in its entirety. Day well spent.
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    Nope, count me out. I'm not the competitive type and for once I'm actually kinda happy there is some downtime before the summer event so I can pursue some other hobbies besides PSO.
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    Hello there, I'm not particularly new around here, my game account and forum account aren't particularly (my guild card) and yes there are some people here that remember me (maybe I hope) but once or twice from this game, I take large breaks, and don't play for a while, and recently I just came back from one (in fact came back last night) so I just wanna say hello to those out there, and hope to have fun with everyone on the server again. Just because I feel like I can, might as well explain my history on PSO and the server a bit. I have played PSO on my gamecube (Episode 1 & 2 disk, and Epsiode 3 Disk) been playin' on there before I even first came on the server (gamecube still works :D) and when I got a level 200 on gamecube, after so many painful hours, decided to move here on Ultima, and met many people, but then after that, took like a year break after playing for a while, then after that year, I came back, and I was so confused on everything that was new, and didn't know almost anyone. But now after a total of 2 breaks after that 1 year period, I'm back Got a steam, and discord for those who wanna chat (I used to be on the pso discord but left, it's kinda dull in there) so if there's someone out there that wants to chat, you can ask for steam, and my discord is on profile.
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    went camping over the weekend so sorry if anyone needed me for something last few days i was busy living in a tent in the woods and fishing for my food
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    Joined a random game and we did a TTF. Nice surprise at the end <3! You know when you have the feeling something will drop and it does? Delicious! One of those arduous PSO games where you're out of mates, fluids, moons, and resorting to using PB's to revive/heal and dodging like crazy. Olga Flow kept on spamming his body snatching ability, so we couldn't do anything at all for ages, then we all died but came back stronger and finally put down the mighty foe once and for all! Took over an hour to do the RT it xD lol.
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    Finally got the Psycho Wand, after having a Luck Material and a Photon Drop from the bugger lol. Also lol: There was a few of us who came to Lobby 13 and we stayed there for over an hour or so; not one GM showed up
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    The drops during this event are too hard. You mean I actually have to sign in and play to get something? SCREW this! 0/10 - IGN
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    For those who appreciate the serie of castlevania, i highly recommand this excellent fangame : http://the-mig-page.wifeo.com/castlevania-the-lecarde-chronicles-2013.php
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    S > Hucast set for ranger set. Includes DF, TJS, SoV, and more
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    Tension Blaster is also available in Mine's Offenisve on vhard. That's actually where I got my first one from (along with my first samba maracas[hard] and lollipop[vhard]).
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    I will be leaving for a while.. not entirely sure how long but I do want to say thanks to some very important people who I've played with. I can't do it individually but if you'd like you can PM me in forums.. take care guys and those of ultima, appreciated it, it was fun. in game name was Horizon, FrOsT, Ryuk, or Onii Chan.. thanks to @Lola @Fyrewolf5 @Lemon @Soly @Larva @thelionorion @Togepichu @Kos-Mos256 @TripleR @Zow @squish @David S. Wilson Anja/Sui/Japanese and Chinese lettered characters I don't know your forum name Dx @PSOAddict @Denis Roman @MadOrNah (Idk you meng but you followed my forum account xD) and many others whom I have played with Jonas, @griffeni, Papercups @Auroboro and all of those on Saith TS. you guys have made the last 7 or so months for me amazing and I am forever grateful for that. I hope to be on again with you on Ultima I'm not sure how long I will be gone for however I will be checking forums from time to time. This game means a lot to me being I've been playing ever since I was a kid... it's hard to go but something's have come up... take care ^~^
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    S>PD's for DT's. 99 pds for 15 dts, 200 pds for 28 dts, 300 pds for 40 dts. PM me. Thanks.
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    Redria Delbiter (Ultimate): Centurion/Body
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    I'd love to see Bringer's Rifle be usable by hunters. Or at the very least hucl/huct, seeing as huney has Lindcray and humar is ugly :^)
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    Due to my lack of creativity, I decided to come up with this: I lobbywhore so long that my character ends up turning to stone, photon chair and all. People in lobby start praising my statue in hopes of better RNG. When people notice that my statue brings good luck, they make a plaque and label it "Prophet of dw". All good drops and good RNG to those who praise my statue and dw. dw