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    Seriously though, there is no need for that kind of item (except being a troll item like godric's/ability) and even if it were to exist someday, most people would rather not want for it to be called Enewm Shield, and you wanting an item with your name on it makes you sound pretentious. I don't see the point of a rare gryphon. Just add those ''exclusive items'' to the drop rate of its normal form, when there's an event. Most of the Gryphon's drop are garbage anyway (Who the hell uses Gal wing)
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    Hi Everybody, It's been a while! This is a pseudo-update, and in it I just wanted to... ...Really thank everyone for all of your nice words and support. It literally saved me. I'm not joking when I tell you that I basically gave up on drawing this year because it seemed like a dead end. I'll gush here, since it's relevant now-- I have an arts degree, but I was never able to find any work with it-- heck, most of my faculty seniors didn't like my stuff while I was an undergrad, so I didn't get good references or intern work out of school, either. But, my grades were good, so there's that. The art that you've seen is actually me at my rustiest-- thus the name of the thread. One of the reasons I've been gone is my new job-- but there's another reason, too. As fun as it was to draw these, I want to go back and retry them. I've practiced --staying up late and getting up early-- for the last 30 days straight to try and get my techniques back! It's a weird feeling having a sort of purpose again. Prior to meeting you all, I hadn't really drawn since Halloween of last year. ...I'm not used to good things being said about my work at all-- so again, Thank You all-- I wish I had known about Ultima when I was still an undergrad-- maybe I'd have done more. But! enough rambling. This weekend should be update city for this thread; The owners of these characters should be on the lookout-- *Claire *Duja *Goddess *Dawn *Memnok -Pthalo :-)
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    TTF - 2P no pb - 8'58 - huney - shade (aka rashan0121) hucast - shoutgu not a perfect time but first sub 9 on this server.
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    I vote for Psycho Kravens PR but with charge special. Or how about El-Kraven 38 1/2 Combo unlocked Lk-38 with zerk special
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    Did you actually read everything? He has a point. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Only silly people would believe DWs will be combo locked on this server... By the way, Ultima Reaper can actually hit 15 targets I was taking a look on previous pages, and I don't see anyone saying to nerf weapon X or Y except only one person that suggested to combo lock dark weapons. Because it is cool to have new weapons doesn't really mean we NEED them, but yeah, doesn't hurt implementing new weapons to the server, variety is always welcome. Really that the 'poor' human ranger doesn't have low/mid tier weapon options?? Spread/Arrest Needle (sometimes it is much more effective to arrest an enemy to lower their EVP than blindy spam DM you know...), Charge Arms/Baranz Launcher (I should mention Meseta is free on this server, so free power), Crush Cannon (very cheap to make and multiclass), Rianov 303 SNR-5 (can pierce), Hell Laser/Asteron Striker/Le Cogneur with Hell Spec, Frozen Shooter/Snow Queen (both are OP, SQ is overpowered on RAmar), S-Rank Needle for low budget people or TypeSH/Shot for those who can afford (Hell Spec, very effective on RAmar because highest ATA of any class, Demon Spec on RAmar is just atrocious), Psycho Ravens (incredibly strong), Bringer's Rifle (rifle range demon spec), Yasminkov 9000M (which you can make on hit event, can even add 10 PDs to get free 10% Hit, and that is not too bad for a RAmar, or you can get a good one as RoCT prize anyways), both Charge and Demons special are very powerful, Heaven Striker is very powerful and useful to finalize enemies, hit distant enemies etc.). If you can't afford a RR for RAmar (which is already cheap), you can get instead a Ranger Wall if you are low level, then Virus Shield: Vol-Opt for later levels. Can't afford STA? Then trade your TJS for it Then use Wedding Dress, and maybe Anti-Dark Ring, etc. Saying Cannon Rouge should be the equivalent of Iron Faust for cast rangers is bullshit. Everyone probably have a dozen of hitless Cannon Rouges sitting on their banks. RAmar will only miss using CR if the player don't care to use propper materials following a max stats plan, build poor mags for their characters, and now blame the 'elitists' (i.e. veterans) because they don't think another aoe ranger weapon is needed? lol~ LOL, Photon Crystals are only 'rare' just because you don't want to hunt them. Episode 4 - > Ultima -> MA4DMD. There is an Dorphon Eclair for you everytime you start quest, regardless of green names active or not. With an entire HH, you can get enough (or even more) to make your Baranz Launcher 50 Hit. 50 Hit isn't enough for you? Wait for Kajex's Event, save some PCs and make your Baranz 75% Hit If you are too lazy to get a bunch of PCs to make a 50H Baranz Launcher, I can give some to you By the way, with 20 PD as you told, you could probably get the equivalent ammount of 100x Photon Crystals. You can make a good Baranz launcher and even a Bringer's Rifle for your poor RAmar As long as the ATP is nerfed for making a combo unlocked version of CR , then maybe... Or are you saying it is just fine to have a weapon with incredible aoe (much bigger than IF), hits 10 targets (compared to IF's 5) and with 100-150 more ATP than IF? I suggest you taking a look on Wiki to see this is all true. Oh, and you don't have any idea how complicated it is to make a quest to exchange items, not even saying you would lose all weapon properties when grabbing back your weapon lol~ making a combiner is much easier dude.
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    Convert them to Photon Spheres and you can hold the equivalent of 49,500pd across an account's banks. You can use Lemon's Shop to convert the PS back to PD, so there really is no need for this. 99ps * 1ps/99pd + 99pd -> 9900pd * (1 common bank + 4 individual banks) = 49,500 pd
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    Ahoy folks, hope you're all doing good. Feel free to call me Scotty (or darkrifts, either or!) Looking forward to meeting some people to play PSO with here - I've fond memories of playing it when I was younger and having fleeting experiences with people online in the dial up days but never got the chance to do much in that regard. I've rebought and played the game a bunch of times on different consoles / servers but still never did the online stuff much. I'm not much of a social butterfly However I felt its time to get my arse in gear and take the plunge! The only way I know how - by rambling on the introduction section of the forum! So, like I said, feel free to call me Scotty, I'm from Scotland so I'm liable to swear like it was necessary to living (science is still unsure if Scottish people do genuinely require it though the consensus so far is "Probably") but its friendly swearing, honest. Despite having played the game since god knows when I'm fairly sure my experience level is "lukewarm", but I've the weird combination of shyness and enthusiasm that only the socially anxious but determined have. Or the tipsy, they have it too.
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    Well. Never thought of being here, but I manage to try out PSO for the very first time. Greeting, everyone. The name is, Luxer. Recently new to the Phantasy Star franchise. I have never paid much attention to the series till this year with the whole PSO2 craze on the Nintendo Switch, and how we haven't had the game localized since 2012. There were so much discussion about PSO, that I decided to look in and see what's all the fuss and hype was about. I have watched a few videos of what the games are and how they look. It's an RPG and I like RPGs so I got a little more interested. The fact that it's online kept me even more interested and how the community is still going strong after years of PSO1's release, got my eyes on the franchise so much, that I gave in and decided to try it out and see if I like it or if it's not my cup of tea. Oh boy, trying to find ways of play PSO was a chore. First was the Dreamcast version. And then the GameCube version, both requires broadband internet connections, which I don't even own. I have been trying to find any work arounds to connect to Wi-Fi, but there were none. I didn't know what else to do I was about to give up while I was still searching for not outdated tutorials. Luckily for me, I stumbled upon a recent post about getting the game on PC and it lead me to Blue Burst. And that's when I joined here and started playing the game. So, my thoughts on the game. It's really great! I like adventuring with others who I have not have met ever before in my life, and then quickly become friends with them. The team were super nice and aid me through quests that I really shouldn't be dealing with. Level progression is pretty great. I got up to 15 really quickly, even though I had most help from other players, but it was still cool. Still quite amazed that this game was made by Sonic Team. I thought they only make Sonic games. Haha. But anyway, it's a great first experience. I am happy to have played it, and I will come back and play more. I know MMOs have a ton of replay value. The only thing I am not a fan of are the Keyboard controls; looking at the controls on keyboard hurts my brain... I tried to connect my Xbox One controller in and the game didn't pick up the controller. I am gonna try to find a fix for that. Again, hello everyone! Glad to be here!
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    How about a new great Axe for hunters? Axes are on the oblivion, those weapons need some love. I can be named as the "Axe of the berseker" or "Lord Ragna's Ax". An Ax that can hit as many targets as DF but with zerk/charge special Or "Rhitta" an axe that becomes stronger during daylight and reaches its peak power during mid day.
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    Dude no one is hating on you. It's just doesn't look good that you want something named after yourself and keep using the excuse "rep their team" as if the whole server is in your team. I am not on your team and I dont wanna rep you, and it's nothing against you, it's just a big reach to expect us not to notice what you are doing here. Now if your ego demands you have a weapon named after yourself, go do some C-mode and name your S rank after yourself.
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    We cannot set a base price for every item of this game, they change too much for various reasons. Slicers of Vengeance were worth 50+ dts two years ago and now they go for about 20 pds each because they became easier to hunt during Valentine Event PGF was about 50 dts many years ago because it used to be in the donation list and now people ask for 350+ dts as everybody wants one. If I, as a GM, decide today to "set the price" of Varista to 99 pds, would people really buy Varista for 99 pds? The community totally decides the prices of items. Thus it is always better to ask for price checks if you are not sure about what an item is worth, because you will get current opinions and not something that may be obsolete. @O9B066 posted the link to a Price guide made by a GM, yet there are many item prices in it that are much different from what they are being sold at the moment. Not only it is a hassle to keep such a list up to date after each event, but also that doesn't take into consideration the variable stats of each weapon (20 hit? 50 hit 70% native? 80 hit?...). If you ask me a PC with the detailed stats, I am able to give you an answer as accurate as possible (regarding the demand and the average price of the moment). I can't do that in a Price List.
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    Hi Everybody! The telecom guys were fiddling with the tower outside all day, so I had to wait to post. Claire, as usual, is my first victim. The lines aren't crooked on the border, my hand was shaky during the photo. I inked this with some weird aquapens that bled through ALOT-- so this was a fun and exciting adventure. As far as progress-- maybe not 100% yet, but I feel like I'm getting there. ----- @McLaughlin86 Thank You! I really appreciate that; Hopefully I can get back in gear after all this time :). @R-78 Thanks! I'm glad to be back :-). @duja1001 Hi Duja! I guess I should add some Triforce stuff to the mix, too. I'll see what I can come up with! @Trigunman Thank You, Trigunman! That's something that I need to take to heart. Oh! And don't worry about the box-- I should have updated you-- I found an almost exact look-a-like at the electrical store while I was getting wire! But..now I have another question-- do you know of something that can cleanly cut a square in plastic?
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    I found these while waiting for the Triforce Event.
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    I like the AXE idea. There’s also the weapon Berdysh. Should remain androind only. I believe I pitched the berdysh Idea in the past like an upgrade of it but never was looked at. I know people are sick of combiners but it’s nice to think of one more. Emewn guard with a upgraded berdysh a challenge your manhood needs
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    Mop Up Operation 1 (Solo no PB) - Majarik (RAcast) - 06'12 remaining
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    I like to kill my teammates so I can revive them. It makes me feel like I'm contributing.
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    Exclude you last comment. In regard to reply. I only said that moderators should do it, because it would be undisputed for base price and it can fluctuate however the world wants it to. I only think that there should be some type of bases to the prices of items. So that new players and long returning players will know if they're getting jipped or not. For example I bought a vampire cloak for 70 PD's and yes I should have price checked but the point is I think they should be a guiding list. Thank you and no disrespect
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    might as well add, when your walking in CCA, if you cross through, or touch those swinging fence gate things, traps come out of the floor..... STOP TOUCHING THE MOVING GATES IN CCA!
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    That's such a cute little write up you just did. I'm glad everyone here gave you more faith in yourself. Your drawings are super clean. Remember there's always room for talent like yours in this world. Keep working hard. There's people out there who appreciate what you do. Get your name out there and make some money and love off of your talents. I look forward to seeing everything you're currently working on. <3 Stay cool
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    Some folks don't know what they've saying. No offense. Ephinea is bad compared to Ultima server aside from the rare missions you can randomly get. Ephinea is still a server with very good people in it. If you hate DF combo unlocked then Ephinea might be for you. The hate for DF combo unlocked is real over there. They swear everybody can even use DF's special effectively. That's probably one of the few vanilla things about it. But I wouldn't go calling it a vanilla server. Ephinea is actually not vanilla. Ephinea has PSO2 drop rate too, and that ain't vanilla at all is it. And what about those rare quests? Just playing on that server changes the way we were meant to experience the game drastically when (Hardcore) users abandon you during critical moments in quest just to save their progress and avoid everybody seeing their name on banner in a negative way, so you suddenly have to pull miracles a out of your ass with shitty gear by yourself. You wanna talk about vanilla, then go actually try Ephinea. You won't say that anymore. In Ephinea, if you try to use a moon to save a scapedoll it won't work. In the same way you would break out of ice by moving the joystick or controls, you can get up faster when knocked down by doing the same. Ephinea is nowhere close to vanilla, so throw that argument out the window. The admins of that server choose to cater wannabe elites instead of all players, so it is bad compared to Ultima. Please stop repeating what others say just because they have some form of reputation here. Some of you are just agreeing, because somebody else said it. No offense. Please feel free to check yourself, and use your common sense. Many of the people on each server have already beat this game including the new players that are now just joining. We ain't trying to use the same weapons on each character. The variety of gear makes this server fun. On a Ranger, instead of using Heaven Striker all the time, you can use Egg Blaster MK2 for fun, so that equips and gameplay with each character can be different and enjoyable. I mean, auto-aim all the time makes people sloppy anyways, so I like the variety of gear. Back in the day all the character's gear were so similar that you only had use for one character even when you had 12. Now you can switch up gear in ways you can enjoy each character differently. Baranz Launcher is so ugly and annoying to see my tiny character walking with, so I'm glad I have other alternatives. You'll never see me using Baranz Launcher unless the only other strong shot without special for human rangers gets combo locked. (Dark Meteor) Actually, I'll quit this server if DW gets combo locked, and I'll never play PSO again. So many people love the exclusive items on this server. Just last night a few of my teammates were all types of excited over a max stat Ultima Reaper one of them bought because it hits 8 targets. It's really fun for me to see people develop a new kind of love for this game like never before because of all the new and neat content. If you want PSO vanilla, then go play on the Dream Cast PSO server Sylverant. But please stop using Ephinea server as a reason to nerf items on Ultima. For a second I thought Larva was serious, and I almost cried. ;w; lol nosa If anything boost the difficulty of monsters, but don't nerf the good things we're already used to just cause some reputable elitist says it's a good idea. To nerf something that works nicely on this server doesn't make much sense. On the other hand, there are some things that need boosting or perhaps new weapons need to be released. Feel free to combo unlock Cannon Rogue though. Some might say no, but even they ain't thinking clearly about it. Whoever says no is probably coming from the standpoint where they already have all the gear they need. But being only 5 months into this server, I'm speaking for the low level human ranger. We shouldn't be able to see a low level force destroy a low level ranger in dps with even a 0'd Banana Cannon. But you won't see me suggest nerfing BC, because it works doesn't it? Some might consider max stat CR broken when combo unlocked, so then make it so that you have to put in effort, and obtain a rare item to combo unlock it. It's just crazy how much more effective a low lv force is compared to a low lv human ranger in relation to dps when they use 0'd BC & CR/other shot. The imbalance is real. Last I remember, ranger was suitable for mid-level players while forces were suitable for advanced level-players as they would have to know how to dodge because of their low hp/def, not the other way around. Now, even low level forces can kill everything with 0'd BC & some Heavenly/Arms before the monsters even get to touch them. I say cater to all players, not just the elitists. That's what makes this server better than others in some areas. From what I can tell, many decisions were carefully made for the benefit of all. When low level forces come into a room with a low level ranger things get quite mismatched at times. I think rangers should have an equally capable shot, and I don't wanna see anybody mention a 50hit Baranz Launcher, because what new player can get a hold of that easily? I can barely even find 1 photon crystal. I hope I made my point. Probably the only remotely inexpensive and effective shot with charge special in ultimate is Baranz Launcher, and that definitely requires hit. It is easier saving up 15-20pd and buying a 0'd BC as a low level force than getting a 50h Baranz Launcher as a low level ranger. I think its interesting how people wanna talk about minor issues and other servers, and even troll others, but ignore actual imbalances in the game. If there is a problem with CR being combo unlocked, then make it so that you have to put in effort, and obtain a specific rare item somehow to combo unlock it. You could even make a new quest shop under Ultima category in epi4 since there isn't a quest under that selection, but for the exchanging of items that would be required to combo unlock all the other weapons that are combo locked. Having to put in the extra effort would make even those inexpensive weapons worth some DTS further encouraging the DTS system as well. I really don't see how that would effect the server in a bad way. Please consider my idea. Also, I would like a new shield to be made. (Emewn Guard). An upgraded or reskin version of Union Guard with the same color changing and team logo displaying effects. (Emewn Guard), a shield with low def, low evp, high or low resist, but with the ability to use 3, 6 or 7 traps. A shield people can challenge themselves with in difficult areas, and rep their team like bossmen when they record or simply choose to express their manliness.
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    i think new weapons are pretty cool. they allow us (at least me), to use more than just 2 weapons. variety and new stuff is fun
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    Why are we still talking about an item that we cannot implement even if we wanted to? Lets get some fresh down to earth ideas.
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    I mean, I've got a section ID named after me. Anything is possible if you believe.
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    I don't think people were hating, but I can back up the fact it does make you sound full of yourself that you do want a shield named after yourself. You gotta earn that item named after you, not just expect it because your ego is that huge.
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    Starlord Rainbow. Weapon strictly for human hunters. Higher atp than DF with zerk special. Range like ultima reaper. Or make it spirit if preferred. I know it’s been done on another server but a high atp spirit sword would be really cool. Since most people can’t afford a DF. I’m not trolling I’m super cereal. But I probably haven’t donated enough to earn a weapon with my name or contributed to this community lol
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    The thing is, it often isn't faster. Sometimes it can be, but only if the team is actually coordinated with what they're doing and all strong chars. If it's just a random room than it's terrible most of the time. If you kill someone, they lose their buffs, the force then has to run over to revive and rebuff them, losing damage from another person, and then on top of that, falz can immediately fly back up and restart the cycle again, doing another soul steal the moment he comes down. If you just use lesser gear to attack with at slower rate, you lose some dps but they can heal through it and not die. Then when falz comes down the next time, he returns soul and has a full cycle without having someone. Trying to kill someone and revive them often loses you damage anyway (from that person and anyone helping them), and makes later phases go poorly, so it's usually only if falz can be killed quickly and he chooses not to go up quickly. Also, nobody ever seems to warn the guy they're going to die, it's nice to have everyone on same page.
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    I learned that the hard way on a spanish test in college. When I answered the question of how old I was, I gave Profesora Valdez a little too much information...
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    It is possible to cast resta on only yourself. You simply have to drop targets in some way (knocked to ground, weapon recovery, weapon switch, etc.), and then quickly cast resta or queue it up in the quick menu or tech menu, and you will cast it before you reacquire targeting, thus only hitting yourself. Even so, Trimates and Stars are far better than Resta even without playing with people who use dark flow special. They are instant use and require no animation, unlike resta; resta forces you to stand still and do nothing else while the spellcast animation plays.
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    no are u crazy? lol I only play ultima cuz you have custom weapons other servers dont offer so please do not stop creating new delicious weapons. I just beg you to make some with bad ass skins. As example, I think something called "Fury of the beast"with such an epic name deserves a skin that everyone has nightmares after use it... Larva now that u are here, what do u think about getting a buff/combiner to enhance old school weapons such as Double Cannon, Daylight Scar, Nei's claw (real), Heart of Poumn, Imperial pick, Heaven Striker, lk38, proof sword saint or old stuff that used to rock but now is a third or fourth option? Do u have any plans with those or any other old school epic items that we as community deserve to know?
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    change it too "shut up and take my photon crystal" too while you're at it seriously tho how about some buffs to old items to give people something to hunt outside of events other than RR like... Laconium axe hitting like a regular sword Double cannon getting atp boost Merc rod giving a better grants bonus Rianov 5 special buffed to hell instead of dark Prophet of motav higher tech bonus
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    TTF - Multimode solo - No Pb - 10:38 Players: Shade - HUnewearl (aka @rashan0121)
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    Ha like an employee of the month, too bad @Trigunman would always win
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    From what I have seen implenting a rep reward system every month would be amazing. The more you help people the nicer you are to the community, people can then vote for you (every forum account only gets one vote per month) and you can recieve mystery awards!! Every month everything resets. Awards and recognition would go a long way in curing bitter elitest attitudes and making our community even more awesome. Sometimes the best players on this server are the unknown averages heros who help whenever they can and may not even have Dark Weapons!! Food for thought.
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    Also, I eventually realized that I left out the Dark Flow special effect skin. My friend Tobie likes it, so I included it. I found that it's quite useful in the way that it allows the user to more accurately target monsters with the Dark Flow special. I want the perfect Pso folder, so that my friends will enjoy it. And so that word gets around, and more folks join Ultima ftw.
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    Thank you good sir you have helped me a great deal. Thank you and I will PC when I am uncertain thank you and have a good day.
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    Combo unlocking Cannon Rouge is not a good idea imo. Banana Cannon was not designed for rangers to use. Iron faust is limited to cast. Weapons shouldn't be exactly the same across the spectrum or else you just end up with a clear 'best' option and it gets very stale. If you want a good AOE bazooka weapon for ramar/ramarl, consider hunting a Bomb-Chu in the upcoming Triforce event. It is quite strong on them. It uses card animation so it's actually pretty fast to attack with, and has insane ata so it basically won't miss either. The different classes can use similar gear if you look for it, but the unique differences of individual weapons within the variety of gear is what actually keeps things interesting.
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    B>PGF or DW for dts. PM your price
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    HH is on for real this time xD 180
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    what the actual fuck ? Lay off the liquor please