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    We'll build that wall, it'll be a great wall, the best wall, and SCHT is going to pay for it.
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    Strange, Idk where all your red box drops are... I already had full end game gear at level 35. Maybe just unlucky. .
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    I don't remember what I might have told you @Terrybriggs711 before... but definitely is not something we can fix. I'll check in the forum's dev forum to see if there is something about it, if not, I'll ask larva to submit a bug report or something.
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    Hey! So I just wanted to say hello on the forums, I just found out about your Ultima server a few days ago and honestly I've been no-lifing the game just like when it first came out on Dreamcast 17 years ago. So many memories on this game; it almost (naaah actually it did) brought tears to my eyes when I logged back in... I used to play quite a lot back then, and my parents weren't too happy about the Internet bills haha. I think it came out in 2001 on DC, I was just a kid and it was my first ever online game. I didn't think it'd hook me up like back in the day but it really did, so I think I'm gonna play a lot :-D Anyway, for now I'm just playing on my own to get used to the game again after so much time, and there're so many things that weren't in the game back then so basically I can be considered a noob. But I'd be happy to play with other people once I get better! Btw I'm amazed at how many people are level 200, even reaching 100 was a chore on the DC long ago! Sooo I'm playing a RAmar (lvl 114) and a HUnewearl (lvl 40ish but I'm leveling her right now), I'm having so much fun farming, I really almost never enjoyed farming this much in a game (except in Warframe but I think a lot of what this game offers can be traced back to PSO). Well, that's it, enjoy! IG I'm JohnViand (RAmar) and Boulette (HUnewearl) Edit: Oh and thanks to the server owners, whoever you are, because this is just too awesome. I understand there's a donation thingy going on, I'll probably donate once I stop being broke :-)
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    Did you really expect to find lots of rare items on normal/hard? If you could already get top-tier items here, why would one bother hunting on ultimate? I used to play on Schthack server many years ago, joined Ultima for the same reason as you (the loss of players data) and as far as I remember rare items rates were about all the same (if not worse). On higher difficulties, especially when Green names (rare monsters appearance boost) are turned on, there will be many more. Anyways, welcome to Ultima.
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    I hope this gets resolved for you @JADE I am sure the GM's can help you out with this
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    Name: Jeff In-game name: C01D1 Age: 34 Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia Hobbies: Having fun with my daughter, golf, hockey, swimming, hiking and cooking. Contact: PM Picture: Attached More about me: I just realized I never did this so here goes. I am a Canadian Navy Veteran of 15 years, been around the world and then some. I have an awesome daughter and a wife of ten years. I was making ROV Underwater Cameras and DVR equipment and programming firmware and creating software for a cutting edge company but a better opportunity arose. I recently took a job as a server maintainer and project manager for the Canadian Forces which gives me alot more time with my family and I absolutely love it. I have been playing PSO off and on since day 1 of version 1 for DC, as such you will often see me paying it forward and giving away things. I believe in community and honestly think this is one of the best I have ever seen in an online game. I have certainly enjoyed my time here at Ultima and will continue to do so into the years to come. To all those who I have met along the way it has been a pleasure, and to those I am yet to meet I look forward to it. Cheers. Thank you for your time.
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    4P Cal's Clock Challenge (PB) Insetick(RAcast), Shoutgu-(RAcast), Agency(RAmarl), Capa(RAcaseal) 00:29 (remaining)
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    "i remember writing a paper about the bill cosby rape shit and used the title "Bippity Bop, He Won't Stop: A BIll Cosby Story" and got an A" - @mudkipzjm
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    Name: Annie Age:29 Contact method: PMs Hobbies: board games, pen and paper RPGs, reading fantasy novels, and obviously reliving the nostalgia of the early aughts in JRPG form A little more: I used to play PSO once a year on gamecube, but I skipped a year because I was playing PSO2 but it just wasn't the same as episode 1&2. So when I came back to try and play it again I found my disk was unreadable. Looking up replacements I saw how ridiculous prices were for this classic game and remembered BlueBurst. this site was top of the list and I'm really glad. Played just a few hours and I like it. Starting from scratch is hard when I don't my cool rare gear but I'll keep up with it. As for myself, I don't really know. Using nouns to describe my hobbies is how i describe myself to others.
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    Please next time do not delete your topic content when we solve your problems. It is always good to keep track of what happened.
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    Proof of sonic team (POST) drops from gal gryphon, cca boss during easter which just ended. Their's definitely a surplus of them, yet not many people use arrest needles (weird) so i wouldnt pay more then 10 dts, but 7 is a good price imo. Chromatic Orb drops around halloween i believe? regardless their not in demand and have been selling for 5-8 dts Photon booster drops in valentines event ( or you can over pay at gallons shop for one) typically a good price from a player would be 4-5 dts DT's are donation tickets, you can donate real life money and spend in game as currency. The ratio of pd's/dt's is typically 6.6 pd's equals 1 dt ($1 us) also, check this out
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    Quasar Staff's skin has been released, update your game and check it out! Thanks to @Lipelis!
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    hey guys im a sour lemon! ^-^
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    Hi everyone! Not sure if anyone remembers me lol, I used to play on here about a year or two ago. Honestly, I'm so happy to see this place is still going, everyone was so nice and I loved being on here before! And because this game is such a classic and so damn addictive (and because I'm weak), I'm back again for some of that PSO goodness So if anyone wants to team up sometime, or if any newer members/those with lower level characters want someone to spam heal them and protect them while they level up, then just let me know, I'd be up for it! (Although, that's as long as you can put up with me fumbling along as I relearn how to play haha!)
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    Hey goyz, im back from quitting i just couldnt stay away. Please don't judge me and dislike this status, im just trying to come back in peace :v))))) so stoked to bee back boyz
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    Wut Hey if you want a Db sword I have a cpl w 50 hit you can have and maybe some other stuff depending on your class.
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    Easter Event Drop Tables have been officially released
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    Will she ever finish cleaning the house, willselah ever find the motivation to buy groceries. Find out on the next exciting installment of Selah wants to die!
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    Selling Stuff: Buying Stuff:
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    So I was playing around with ReShade and made a new preset while going for something "cinematic" and dumb. Lens flare, film grain, depth of field, some very muted tonemapping (a primarily teal look to capture a sci fi feel), chromatic aberration, etc. It's basically unplayable because of what it does to the UI and, like I said, it's really dumb, but here are some screenshots. If anybody wants me to package it and post it, let me know, but I'm not anticipating any demand for it. Still though, it looks kinda neat, so maybe somebody wants it for screenshots or something. It wouldn't involve uninstalling the other preset, it would be easily swappable in-game. Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
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    Name: Mick In-game name: Caniac Age: 27 Location: Wisconsin Hobbies: Sports (Specifically tennis, golf, basketball, and hockey), Coding, Teaching Contact: Discord or PM here Picture: More about me: I have a wonderful wife and 2 dogs. I am a high school Computer Science Teacher. I have been playing sports all my life, and I also coach a few. I first started playing pso back when it came out on game cube, then played on scht for years, and finally came to here when I read an article on how pso will never die because of servers like this. This server was also an escape in a time of need for me, so I appreciate you having this server up to get my mind off of unfortunate things that happened in the past few months. Thank you for your time.
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    @yeyy I’ll give you a A+, don’t know about the topic you made. But i understand pso will forever be your life so you got to shine while you can right? But live it brother the world is yours.
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    @yeyy at least you are getting a passing grade at PSO
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    @R-78 @bapis
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    Both damn good options for a video !!
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    I've never played that before, sounds like a good idea to me lets do it
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    It's Wednesday my dudes
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    Cuck lords
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    Name: Aaron Age: 24 Preferred contact method: Forum PM Hobbies: Working, Computers, Networking, MMORPG's A little more about your self: I like to play on the computers daily making sure I am working on the right projects at the right time and keeping in contact with great people I could work with to bring more life to the things I work on daily. Staying positive if I go through a rough patch but understanding the difference after realizing my lessons. Also love working on my game I work on daily. The website I work on is http://virtuist.com be sure to register and pm me if you have any questions.
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    That's not a SSD though lol
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    B>Bomb-chu with 100% total stats
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    Tell me a STORY my goyz C:
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    I honestly don't like the idea too much but also don't dislike it entirely... I think is a bit extreme since there can only be at most 4 players tho... Games like CSGO for example where there can be many more is kinda different (and there it gets abused most of the time lol). I'll think about it but I doubt it would make it into the current server, for Aselia shouldn't be too hard to make.
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    A clio is nice for zalure range (it helps a lot really), though it takes awhile to get there. Kroe's sweater is an obvious great armor at high levels, but sweetheart is much faster to wear and can help you with raml's low atp in teams; alternatively if you really like the luck boost from samurai armor, then vampire cloak is another great armor for mid-level chars (less luck and efr, but more eic/edk). Genpei is a pretty bad shield though (no resists without samurai armor, and even then subpar), I'd recommend going for a ranger wall / attribute wall (as needed for ata / resists) until 123, then safety heart after that. A demon laser(even just a basic restless lion one) and/or slicer of fanatic will be very helpful for range in places like tower, where a fleshy can kill most mobs in just 1 demons with some damage. Principal's Gift Parasol aka Tyrell's Parasol is a charge parasol as strong as a baranz launcher, but increases resta/shifta/deband range too; unfortunately it's difficult to get one with hit/stats (bpd or hard kondrieu). Other options for support boosts include the other parasols besides rico's, Marina's Bag, Catscratch fever / Guardian Angel costume, and Neutron Skin. There's probably a lot of stuff I could mention, but I'm sure you already have alot of stuff from your racast that overlaps.
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    Welcome hope you enjoy your stay! Feel free to ask any questions here in forums. Most people are friendly and willing to help out.
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    Welcome! (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)
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    1. Check out phantasystaronline.net under "what makes ultima so great? Those are most of the major changes here: In addition to that, the events that occur throughout the year include a 5x xp buff for everyone (for a portion of the event). "Happy hour" happens at least once a day for 3 hours where rare drop rates are multiplied 3x. There are a lot of other changes and updates that Soly posts about as well. You can click "list of all changes" under the section of the website im referring to. 2. Everyone loves a Force on their team. A lot of people here have a character of every race and class. Play whatever is fun for ya. 3. The quests that are most popular for leveling seem to be TTF on any difficulty, and Central Control Area (CCA) runs on ultimate. You can "unlock" the Gryphon boss to where you can just port into CCA and run directly to the boss. You can rush the boss very quickly and nab a ton of exp. You can see people run CCA 20 or more times in a row. Otherwise, TTF Ultima is a monster-heavy version of normal TTF. More monsters, more exp and drops, but takes longer to get to the bosses. You'll also see a bunch of quests going which people are farming rares. 4. Have fun. If you've played the game for a million hours already, look into modding your game. Its fun, but it can be complicated sometimes. You can copy/paste new skins for levels, areas, characters, weapons, etc. You can also change all of the music in game.
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    Its highly CPU dependant so see if anything is eating up cpu cycles
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    People have been asking for years and despite 99% of the server being in agreement, Larva's still like lolno. Gotta make those benjamins somehow i guess
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    Sif Mag Cell use the same Feeding Charts as Savitri, Diwari & Nidra So you have multiple Options : https://sites.google.com/site/psobbephinea/mag-feeding-tables http://pso.wikia.com/wiki/Nidra http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=1031 And there also Magatama Editor / MagDex which you can download the latest version here : https://github.com/Aether89/Magatama/releases
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    Generally Huney is one of the fastest at gizonde because of 20gizonde being relatively quick and having more atp than forces (with shifta 30/20 respectively, fomar 1626 and huney 1800 atp). I haven't done a timed comparison exactly between them, but huney with an excal/100souls/lindcray/df with high machine will kill insanely fast too (i.e. easily <10 seconds with 100m excalibur, maybe even half that). Humar/Ramar could probably compete quite well though, if 7shifta taking 9 gizonde is used as a basis, then with much stronger buffs it could maybe faster even despite 15 vs 20 gizonde, though it's definitely still easier to stunlock with 20gizonde and v801 than 15 and v801 + fist, since you need to hit on final screen to stunlock with only 15. Power glove was designed with an emphasis for humar/ramar ttf in mind, both for vol opt killing and also has rafoie and gifoie boosts to two-shot falz spinners while still dealing good damage to him with spirit. It can be pretty nice for humar to double rafoie in the spinner phase to easily kill them (hylian on humar didn't quite cut it), and then in dragon and ball phases you can easily double gifoie to spawnkill them and then attack with the power glove for good damage while being safe. Is it worth having a set of power gloves? That's debateable, but it can definitely be quite nice with machine and potentially another stat. The single target nature, short range, and relatively poor attack animation is a bit limiting, but it definitely packs a wallop when you hit something, can certainly combo-kill most things you attack with it.