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  1. Selling What's up? I got bored of playing force, I realized that it is not for me so I am selling all the things that I have of force. Dark Bridge [0/0/0/0|0] Psycho Bridge [0/0/0/0|0] Banana Cannon +50 [100/100/0/0|80] Banana Cannon +50 [0/0/100/100|80] Samba's Fiesta [50/0/0/50|80] Slicer of Fanatic [0/0/45/25|80] Lindcray [0/100/0/100|80] Sacred Bow [100/0/0/100|80] Soniti [Red] [0/0/0/200] [Mylla & Youlla | Leilla | Golla] If you are interested in something feel free to send me a pm, although I recommend that you contact me through discord, here I will leave my user: ๑ Sessho ๑ ♡ᓚᘏᗢ#1212
  2. Bump with new top items, pm me
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  4. Ya termine de irse pues
  5. I know, as I mentioned, they are just examples
  6. Hey everybody what is going on? Riva here What would you think of implementing the Costumes in STA? As we well know, the STA does not have design/animation, so it would be spectacular if they made costumes for it, just like the RR has, and for each costume to have something special, what do you think (? It also doesn't have to be with halo rappy soul, it could be with another more difficult item to get... The costumes could vary and there is a lot to offer, I have these in mind: STA+Halo rappy soul (Or a new item harder to get)=Gravity Costume (Metroid reference XD) Gravity costume= ATA+20 EVP+20 Gravity Suit Costume+Halo rappy soul (Or a new item harder to get)=Alva Armor Costume (Dark souls reference) Alva Armor Costume= Tech Boost: Shifta 100% Deband: 100% Resta: 75% Stat Boost: All+30 Notes: Slowly drains HP over time when equipped These are just two examples of what can be a great idea! just think about it :3
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