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  1. Hi I Have Red Odoshi Sparts Ver 2.01 Green Ring You Can Have Them All For 11 pds D
  2. deadson12

    My Junk

    Rambling May 0/0/0/0 45H 40pds Angel Harp 0/0/0/0 45H 15pds Rage De Feu 0/0/0/0 35H 10pds Ophelie Seize 0/0/35/0 35H 5pds Will Take TP Mats For Pds 1 to 1
  3. Striker Unit , Tellusis &Pioneer
  4. Hello I Hope This Helps, With Widows 10 or11 I Have To Run The Game Compatible With Windows 7. I Have Windows 10 & That Works Best. Maybe It Will Work For You Too. D
  5. I'll Take 2 PS For 20 Dts. When You're On Again. Let Me Know. D Thanks But I've Got Them. D
  6. Thanks Everyone I've Got One Please Close. D
  7. Pm Me With Price In DTS D
  8. Hi I'll Take One Cent. Battle. Let Me Know When You're Ready D
  9. deadson12

    B > V101

    Missed You This Morning ,A Bit Early For Me. Maybe Later I'll Catch You When You're On D
  10. deadson12

    B > V101

    I'll Give You One If You're On Now D
  11. Hi Karma

    Do You Check Your PMs ?

    I Left You One & Was Wondering If You Saw It.


  12. How Much In DTS For Cent. Battle ? I'll Pay 20 For It. D
  13. Just Got Back, Are You Still There ? D
  14. Hi I'd Like 45 Def Mats For 3pds. Let Me Know When We Can Trade D
  15. Closed I Talked To Him


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