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    • bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzbzbzbzbzbzbzbzzzzzz >.> :3 your artworks cute zow ^~^  
    • Due to a meme showing at my doorstep this morning, and me being made the center of that meme, I present to you  "The Zow" 
    • Yes Doesn't work like that: 1 player having a 1/186 chance to find a PGF doesn't mean 186 players would have a 186/186 chance i.e. a guaranteed PGF. Moreover 1 / 0.67 ≈ 1.49 and not 1.33   In that case, the chance of them getting at least one PGF would be 1 - ( 1 - 1/186 * 0.67 )² = 0.007191326 so about 1/139 Either way, if you consider that all players share their drops, then the individual dropstyle is and has always been better than shared dropstyle.  
    • Couple of suggestions here.   1. I would like to see Banana Cannon usable by Ramarl & possibly Ramar since casts have the combo unlocked Iron Faust available to them. It would be very comparable damage wise and would make fleshie Ras a little better at solo bossing without the godly Dark Meteor. Any thoughts? I mention this because I tossed a Banana Cannon on my Fomarl and she outperforms my Ramarl on bosses which is downright silly. It would be pretty similar damage output in groups (Ramarl would obviously do a little more damage with it if running with a FO) but solo they'd both do pretty even damage based on buffs/debuffs.  The post above from Skitso about unlocking Cannon Rouge with either a unit or event item is also another possibility. Ramarl has a poor selection of long range area weapons which you would think should be their specialty (Yes needles are excellent short range area weapons but all 4 Ra classes can use them while only Casts get Iron Faust). You can easily out perform a mid % Cannon Rouge with a 0'd Banana Cannon. To sum it all up some kind of combo-unlocked Cannon for Ramarl/Ramar would be fantastic.   2. This had been discussed to some extent in other topics already and Larva said we could continue the discussion so keep it civil please lol, but maybe we could have 1-2 weekends a month where PGF is huntable. Another idea was that maybe it could be huntable year-round with some kind of boost during Christmas Event. Several people were kicking around these and other ideas during the event and it could be something to keep more people playing between events. Seems there is a segment of players that would love a chance at hunting for pgf a few weekends a month if not being able to at any time they wish
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