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  1. i tried to mod them but i can't because they are in the .xj files and in the maps files are in .rel files format. Noesis can't open or reliably export that. i plan on modding small stuff like the tiny robots floating in the mines floors, the butterflies, and stuff to make them better + the loot boxes. How can i do that? about Mags + photon burst, where i can find them? what kind of files are they? thanks
  2. hey guys/gals i ordered a copy of PSO 1 & 2 for GC and the resolution and chara designs are a bit different did you guys tamper with the PSO BB pc version? I,m interested to know what mods you guys did thanks
  3. thanks, boobs are the greatest things in the world so i WILL do them justice! still need to remake them again and again until i'm satisfied and everyone else too
  4. well i'm a YUGE loner who rarely post on any forum since my birth i tend to play MMO and MMORPGs alone 99.999% of the time
  5. about the creepiness of the model, that's the uncanny valley: the more you make something lifelike, the more we are disurbd by it because we can see it's "not human" from our instincts and understanding of human quirks, micro expressions pointer finger thing? dafuq? XD
  6. the eye brows will be textures of maybe just baked textures
  7. of course it is creepy, there's no textures! XD
  8. boobs.exe are not ready yet thighs.exe incoming legs.exe in he future
  9. remodeling in progress for the head. i'm not good at making heads. i don't know how to make the jaws and as you can see with the mouth + nose, it's really hard for me i suck at making faces but it's still decent here a face that i did for a character in my ever evolving game that's so bid, i can't make it (4th photo+)
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