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  1. making the secretary too stopped the nurse remodel for a while, it's only the hair that's left and eyes i did the secretary jacket and her holy tiddies and her legs and skirt too
  2. hair update first time making hair like that (still need to do the bangs, the hair ends in the back and all the hair on the head
  3. nurse face and body without textures the face is sub par because i'm bad at making faces all is left is: the hair and the textures and the rendering
  4. now i got a problem with Blender Yay every time i try to apply textures it crashes so yeah, no textures for a while
  5. but bernie & other "accompany" NPCs in quests are rigged and have been programmed for quests i don't think doing a reconstruction of the NPC would be good because it wouldn't be rigged, programmed or have dialogue and stuff
  6. can't find Bernie, martha grave and the others with Noesis i'm pretty sure it's hidden somewhere or there a trick to it since they are all rigged (as 3D models) to move and stuff
  7. did the arms and i realised how fast i actually work on it like holy crap blender fucking up to import the old model to get the texture placement left: the face, hair (will go it with Bevels) and hands
  8. which quest is affected by the triforce event?
  9. did the ASS, thights, neck & pantsu
  10. another update i messed up her back..i think. will have to adjust the back soon. the circles are the skirts guides since the nurse skirt is so janky i dunno if the skirt gonna be like a form fitting chinese dress or a simple short skirt. i dunno if the ass delicious crack should be visible too. as you can see, i'm leaving the face for later since it's the hardest part (i only have made an outline) for a long time, i,ve diving throught the rabbit hole of Qanon, and all the stuff about aliens, how the annunaki created us, the secret governement projects, secret bases, ect. tha
  11. update on the nurse remodel as i said: no inner body except for the ass & thights The back is a little weird The face i do it late, it's hard to make for some reason
  12. Nurse in progress Since the outfit is full body without a 3d model in it, i will do the same (basically the outfit will be the body) Thights, ass & underwear will be made Also the boots will be made without feets The arms will end at the mid of the gloves i will find a way to make the hair but don't get your hopes up, i haven't learned about the bevels yet it will take time but i will succeed have fun! (about the eyes, maybe i will be able to make them or maybe not)
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