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  1. I hope my children get to experience a time sucking beauty like this game.

  2. I need some Mclaughlin:(

    1. golgo13


      Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze what's up homie? :P 

      tenor (1).gif

    2. mudkipzjm
  3. We should get back at this during anniversary event for a bit. Miss ya bud

  4. Basically I have a Mac now. I know Soly gave me some pointers on how to try and get it set up but I wanted to see if any other players had luck getting the program to run on Mac. Any simple guide or links you could provide would be great. Looking forward to getting more active again!
  5. Haven't been around in a while. How is everyone doing?

  6. Welcome to Ultima! Enjoy your stay here:D
  7. Foie, Pate, and Clive can eat my ass!

    1. McLaughlin86



    2. Zabby



      Wouldn't give FOIE that option, m8

  8. Thoughts and prayers with the people of Las Vegas. Hoping all is well for anyone out there or affected by the events..

  9. Even though it may not be a problem the 30 DTS for a Mag I'm telling you that there will be opportunities to find great gear to use those DTS on. I HIGHLY recommend that you trade 15 DTS for pds as said above and buy a Mag that way so you can still have something left over. It really does make immensely more sense in the long run.
  10. Keep in mind too.. it's your experience. If you want to play force no one will stop you and in fact a lot of people play with people that are chill and fun to talk and goof around with. True, force is more supportive at high level ultimate play but it is definitely not useless. Do what is fun for you!
  11. This is why most of us play video games I think Welcome to the server! See you around.
  12. S> Yasmikov 9000k charged 80 Hit. 60 DTS. 10 under the cost to make plus convenience!

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