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  1. Player-Made Easter Drop Chart =3

    cent/luck-Yellow-EPISODE 1- VERY HARD MINE- SINOW GOLD
  2. Player-Made Easter Drop Chart =3

    ultimate easter eggs also drop 'item ticket'. Don't know how to exchange it though
  3. I just noticed that in individual drop system, if you don't hit the enemies, you will not see any drops. So, do I still see the drop if I die before the boss (given I hit it) or I have to stay alive?
  4. Hi, does individual drop increase the overall rare drop for the team, compare to share drop? And if it does, does anyone know by how much?
  5. I have an Asteron Striker 0-50-0-50/80, Arrest Needle 45 hits and Baranz cannon 75 hits for your hundred souls. Let me know if you are interested 

  6. I think your mail box is full. Better clear it.

    I can sell 1 glide divine 1.00 for 10 dts if you are interested. At the moment i'm looking for a black crystal. If you have 1, I will trade this glide with more dts for it 

    1. kat2388


      10 dts hmmm


  7. Confirmed Valentines Drops - 2017

    angel harp-sninow beril-utimate-blueful
  8. Does the weapon must have 50 hits before special can be added?
  9. Ultima Christmas Event 2016

    Still no sight of PGF. I dreamed about it many times but always woke up in tears
  10. Ultima Christmas Event 2016

    The 1st 50 RT runs was fun . The next 50 runs was a frustration . The following 50 runs was basically a torture, every olga kill ended up with a new swear word. I lost count. But it felt like I have already killed that bitch olga for 1000th times already By the way, these emoticons are fucking awesome. Why FB doesn't have them though?
  11. I love playing force in ep 4 so PB is definitely a yes. Besides, at level 200, we rarely die from a single attack so STA is not that necessary. I don't see why ppl so crazy about it. DF is fucking difficult to use. You can die easily if you want to use its special attack. DB is a terrible weapon with no boost on RA spells and inflicts bullshit status. It is worse than PW. So if you decide to use PGF, go all the way and upgrade it to PB
  12. Player-Made Christmas Event Droptable 2k16 :)

    confirm new year card, yellow on ultimate, vol opt