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  1. It would be an awesome idea if you can stream this! If I'm on around the time you decide to do this, I might be able to hop on and drop some items in there as well as help clear! Just message me whenever you figure the time out. 🧐
  2. Ah, this is basically the best TL:DR to my comment. Also I love the green name every weekend, that's great motivation for people to play on the weekends, including seasoned players. As for HH, I don't think it needs to happen more often, it just needs scheduling. I feel like HH twice a day, every other day would be great. Once for the states, and again for the east globe players. I also stand-by the mini events. Attractive to new players, and veterans alike. Also, hit events would be fantastic so that new players can upgrade their gear without having to obtain DT's, which is a ridiculously har
  3. There's multiple reasons for this. For starters, that's when the most OP drop of the year happens. When many people who think that one item is their ticket for being the only way to actually accomplish anything on the server due to enemy buffs, or their ticket to sell and buy all the gear they need as the price of that one item is absolutely stupid, but also understandable. Also, event drops are really the only exclusives in the game that just completely outclass vanilla weapons (for the most part) so people ofc, will hop on to farm for them so that they can (yet again) be capable of farming b
  4. There's a pattern that I've also noticed that most certainly helped drop player count these past few years. The release of NA PSO2 and PSU Clementine. The exact dates those both dropped, specifically PSO2, there was a pretty big tank in PSOBB server pop across the board. We'll most certainly put it to the test on June 9th, when NGS launches.
  5. There's actually a decent way around this. Have a set of weekly quests that get DAR/RDR Boosts to incentivize different quest hunting. Would also be a great alternative to HH.
  6. Beautiful choice! Love that one too. I also thought about crazy tune.
  7. Yeah, in all honesty I thought about upgrading your aforementioned items, but I kinda wanna make my fetish weapon unique 🤡
  8. Now hear me out, LAST SURVIVOR BB
  9. Ultimate -Ep2-Whtill-Olga / Clown 'Gene' Flow only 3 submissions and a 4way PB allowed Ultimate-Ep1-Redria-Del-D / NYC
  10. Thank you! @Quan for such a great gift! He gave me a handful of gifts and also helped me to pay more forward to my SS as well. I truly appreciate it man! And we had a exchange of S ranks as well which was awesome as well. 😄 Nice seeing you again Quan ❤️
  11. Thanks man! I missed the last 2 events so I think I'm gonna primarily make my list based off of some items from the last 2. 1. Banana Cannon w/ +20% hit and A Beast if possible 2. Rappy Halo Souls (doesn't matter what amount) 3. Ultima Reaper with 20% Hit+ A/beast if possible 4. Centurion/Resist (any amount) 5. Laconium Axe (any stats) 6. RR (any stats) 7. Luck/HP/Power mats (any amount preferably in that order) 8. S-Rank Zalure any weapon 9. Some Christmas Clown Love
  12. I would also like to join. I haven't been on much so I'm gonna update my list soon, however this idea is rad!
  13. I'm glad to be a part of your great experience! See you out there man.
  14. That's all true. Though they can spend PD's on the other stuff since those equips are rather cheap and quite efficient for beginners. Most people would give most of all that stuff away anyway.
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