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  1. If you still want sure, but I'm sorry, never saw this message Sure, I'm about to hop on
  2. I understand where you're coming from. "Hucast and Humar have PR's". Not only does MF have slightly less ATP, so does both female hunter classes compared to the male counterparts, so I get it. However there's one thing to really think about, Hucast doesn't have lvl 20 S/D, neither does Humar. Hunewearl has access to lvl 20 S/D and that can be game changing for solo plays which could ruin the balance. The only logic here, is that Hucaseal gets access to MF or balance buff Dual Birds, as they have access to lvl 7 S/D just like Humar. Not only would that make more sense balance-wise, but also makes sense in theory since Hucaseal has the most ATA out of all the Hunters. Everyone: We need more balance for all the other Hunters Hucast: Balance? Everyone: Actually giving other players more flavor Hucast: Nah fuck that pewpewpew
  3. I guess Humar is actually good at something these days 😂
  4. What kind of trades/ how much DTS you want for: Banana Cannon +50 [100/100/0/0|70] Handgun:Guld [0/30/0/0|70]
  5. It would be an awesome idea if you can stream this! If I'm on around the time you decide to do this, I might be able to hop on and drop some items in there as well as help clear! Just message me whenever you figure the time out. 🧐
  6. Ah, this is basically the best TL:DR to my comment. Also I love the green name every weekend, that's great motivation for people to play on the weekends, including seasoned players. As for HH, I don't think it needs to happen more often, it just needs scheduling. I feel like HH twice a day, every other day would be great. Once for the states, and again for the east globe players. I also stand-by the mini events. Attractive to new players, and veterans alike. Also, hit events would be fantastic so that new players can upgrade their gear without having to obtain DT's, which is a ridiculously hard thing to do when you're new.
  7. There's multiple reasons for this. For starters, that's when the most OP drop of the year happens. When many people who think that one item is their ticket for being the only way to actually accomplish anything on the server due to enemy buffs, or their ticket to sell and buy all the gear they need as the price of that one item is absolutely stupid, but also understandable. Also, event drops are really the only exclusives in the game that just completely outclass vanilla weapons (for the most part) so people ofc, will hop on to farm for them so that they can (yet again) be capable of farming buffed enemies. So it makes sense people hop on at these times of the year for a make-a-wish. This one's pretty simple I feel. People got bored. They more than likely feel like they've farmed everything already. It also doesn't help everytime people log in, every damn room is locked. Don't worry, they'll be back.. eventually. There are so many good ideas in that topic, however Soly is a one man army, what can you expect him to do honestly. Hire Development/Staff, ez clap And again, we're back to the buffed enemies. Imagine, you start up Ultima, you hop in, you play a little and then suddenly you get power leveled like someone injected you with with the PSO's most powerful steroids. You make it to level 100+ but then you quickly realize, you haven't fed your mag in god knows how long, and the only items you've managed to acquire was a DB saber and that guy who inserted 100kg of sugar in your veins suddenly vanishes. Now, you try ultimate on your own for the first time and can't even hit the enemy, and then just get blasted by a Bartle. You shamelessly have to keep asking people for help just so you can complete dragon on ultimate mode. TL:DR: Bartle too stronk, finna get whacked (It's primarily a joke) I know that only ep2 Ultimate mobs are buffed. And you need to let the low levels learn the mechanics of the game and enjoy the lower levels before you just fingerblast them into ultimate mode with no gear. Yup, hard agree. I kinda disagree here. It doesn't feel dead to me, it just feels like it could be more alive. As long as Ultima still has this amazing community, I personally don't think it will die anytime soon. Well, we can start by adding an actual development team instead of just throwing Soly at everything. Like here Soly, just do almost all the coding and development for a 20 year old game while maintaining an actual life. Maybe then will all the server ideas get implemented. Ofc, after everything that's broken gets fixed first *cough* DMC What it really needs is for @777 and @Prosock to stop farting everywhere, like jeez, you guys fuckin stimk. Aaaand not as many locked games and no DMC and a shit ton of love. That wraps that up for me
  8. There's a pattern that I've also noticed that most certainly helped drop player count these past few years. The release of NA PSO2 and PSU Clementine. The exact dates those both dropped, specifically PSO2, there was a pretty big tank in PSOBB server pop across the board. We'll most certainly put it to the test on June 9th, when NGS launches.
  9. There's actually a decent way around this. Have a set of weekly quests that get DAR/RDR Boosts to incentivize different quest hunting. Would also be a great alternative to HH.
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    I haven't played it since somewhere around 2012 but that was my shit back when, and so is Street Fighter. 😄
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    Sorry if this isn't allowed, but is that a GaiaOnline avatar as your profile pic? 🧐
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