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  1. Yes, I believe you're right. I'm sorry I read that shit high as hell and totally forgot about that 🤡
  2. So, with how the share drop style works, does it work like this: In a situation where you are logging 4 characters on shared dropstyle does which happen? 1. All 4 characters share the 1/? or 2. Each character rolls 1/? until 1 of the 4 characters hit the roll?
  3. If you want information about the new multi-logging update please check here: Your particular issue has to do with the most recent update, which I cannot find the information on it as after re-reading, that information is not in that post.
  4. Just got home from work. Let me know when you get on, and I got you.
  5. I haven't tried 4k myself, however I have heard that 4k+ resolution causes issues. I play on 2560 x 1440 and it works flawlessly. Try that and go lower if that still doesn't work. Also what do your graphic settings look like?
  6. If you're still looking for a decent spread needle, I'm willing to help you out and trade (Spread Needle [30/0/30/0|40]) for the RR.
  7. That drop down bar has accounts that the client has stored, and has nothing to do with missing options. It is empty because you haven't played and stored an account with the remember password settings. Have you tried the launcher settings? Can you screen shot them if possible?
  8. I have 2 options Spread Needle [30/0/30/0|40] 15 DTS Arrest Needle +60 [0/100/0/100|40] 40 DTS Post 5 DT
  9. Clappy

    Gazzer shop

    I'll take that Banana Cannon and Yas 9k if you still have them
  10. I agree. I try to have an open mind when I engage in any discussion. Though I still am curious about the specifics with some sort of damage calc
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