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  1. I use a Xbox One Controller and Joytokey to map all the spells I need. I personally don't use the keyboard but only to type. My personal Joytokey settings are R trigger Resta, L Trigger Zalure, Left D pad shifta, right D pad Deband, and down D pad anti for almost all my character other than casts. For casts I use R trigger Trimate, L Trigger Freeze Trap, left D pad Dimate, right D pad Confuse trap, and down D pad Moons.
  2. I love that damn rake, does hell make it somewhat useful? 🤡
  3. You have a hell maguwa? lmaooo is it good??
  4. I second this, need a redeem currently 🤡
  5. Thanks guys, that worked like a charm.
  6. So now that I got my frames back to normal I am now experiencing a new issue. Every time I hop in a game a fire my gun my game crashes entirely. I can walk around fine, talk fine, hangout, but as soon as I enter a lobby and try to hit anything my game just dies. Has anyone ever had this issue?
  7. I have the MSI Armor Mk2 8gb OC, also how do I access the catalyst menu? EDIT: HOLY SHIT FRAME SKIP WAS ON 1 SET TO 0 AND IT WORKS YE BOI YOU DA MAN
  8. Also I noticed, when testing frames, that It stays at 15 FPS at all times. I'm starting to think something is capping my frames but I turned off Frame Designation, Radeon Chill, V-Sync and Free-Sync in the Adrenalin menu. Would you have any advice for that?
  9. Yeah man, it sucks, cause I have a Radeon Graphics Adrenalin 20.2 and is amazing for most of my current games, and I don't know how my newer games will be affected when installing older drivers. :[
  10. Thanks man, I figured it would boil down to all that, as I had to do that years ago for a different card. This is gonna be a real pain in the ass. but, what I don't get, is that only PSO is affected by frame drop. Every other game I've tested so far works flawlessly. I'm kinda stumped here.
  11. Ryzen 2600x. However, before I had a fx-4300 and when I ran my 1050TI on it I had no issues with the game and even then when I put my RX580 in it didn't work properly. So I would assume it is GPU related. Though I figured I throw in the fact I updated my entire system. I tried the above aforementioned suggestions, though I haven't tested the AMD Catalyst suggestion yet. Where would I find the folder that would contain the AMD Catalyst driver?
  12. Yeah man, I don't even get the proper 30 sitting idle at the login menu lol
  13. I installed a new motherboard, CPU, GPU, and RAM, all of which have current and updated drivers. Now for whatever reason PSO is running at half the frames on the login menu and when I hop into the game the frame drop is so massive it is unplayable. Before I was running a GTX 1050TI and it worked flawlessly. I don't know what could cause this to happen and any advice would be much appreciated.
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