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  1. While there are certain quests with npc companions, I don't think there is a way to do that universally.
  2. open menu (home or f12) select Customize Select any pallete slot In the full action list that pops up, simply hover over the desired move and hit a number ??? Profit
  3. Power Glove can stunlock just like this, but the thing about having only level 15 max tech is that in addition to 801, you must hit vol as he's on the final screen turning to face you (just like in the vid). The timing is a bit tight on it. It is interesting to see ramar partisan is technically fast enough (though power glove was designed to be an ideal weapon for it). 20+gz and 801 will stunlock without any additional factors, but for 15 you must get it at that final screen turn to stunlock.
  4. i managed to find those stats while running restless lion, let me know when you are available
  5. that sounds like your antivirus may be blocking the update. Make sure to whitelist the folder in your antivirus and run the launcher as admin. if that doesnt work let me know.
  6. I've seen sonic knuckle from zoa but i dont remember the id i was on. i have a feeling it was viridia though. they aren't all guitars.
  7. Ep 4 Redria Goran - Blue Ring!!!
  8. whitill Vhard Mines - Rambling May Probably a canabin
  9. Gulgus-gue - New Years Card Purplenum, Skyly, Viridia Dark Falz - Girasole Purplenum
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