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  1. Note: The video I posted has 2 songs in it, so you may want to find another version that is just that song if you want to rip it out of the video to put onto a cd or something. this link has a detailed description which has info of singer / song name / lyrics (in jp and romanji), if you care about that kind of thing. I didn't post it before because the video quality is super low on that one.
  2. Was it this thing from pso2? ( 終わりなき物語 )
  3. Ultima Summer Forum Minievent is now active!

  4. Both of these drop in Caves on skyly. The monsters themselves aren't super strong, but you do have to pay attention to the Lillies that will shoot megid. Various quests might include things like Crysis en Dos Tierras 2 and 3, Caverns of Gloom, Science Project, Endless Nightmare 2, Mop Up 2, Random Attack Xrd Stage(depending on path), Maximum Attack 4 A, B, or C, Maximum Attack S, Maximum Attack 1 v2 (can reach caves by heading left into the monest/wolves room, then warp to dome area), Lost Ice Spinner, even the 1player quest Addicting Food can be good for Vulmer, or you could just play caves regularly as well. Many different options so you don't get bored of one. I recommend having cure/paralysis or a sacred cloth armor (15edk) to prevent lily paralysis (or just carry antiparal), as well as dark resist via things like brightness circle / commander uniform (25), shield of delsaber / rupika / light relief (25), sue's coat (40), vampire cloak (32), hylian shield (35), resist/devil or centurion/resist (15), and divine protection (20, when beat time is odd), I think it's around 67 or so to resist ob lily megid (mil lily is random level up to 30 and boosts all ob lily in room to match that). The crysis quests are among my favorites on the server, so if you catch me free sometime I'll be down to play them.
  5. Welcome to all Ultima users. We hope you are enjoying the summer event so far, but now it's time for the most anticipated event of the year; the Annual Meme Event has returned! Along with that other minievent that only I care about... It's time to unlearn how to hold Zanbacon's once again! Part 1 - Ultima Summer Meme Event 3: Ragol Drift It's Back! The Summer Meme Event has returned for 2017. Submit your best dank memes based on Ultima Server, whether it be Ultima specific Items, Ultima Events, or other Ultima related content. Meme submissions should preferably be based based specifically around Ultima Server and not just Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst in general. The meme events are always great, and I'm sure you all have plenty more to show off still. Prizes: Grand Prize - 1 Centurion/Battle Second Place - 1 Blood Sword, 30hit and up to 60% total divided in other attributes of winner's choice (no more than three total %'s) Consolation Prize - Special Zanbacon Swords for all participants Rules: 1. You may submit multiple memes if you are clever enough to think of them, however you may only win one prize from each minievent (i.e. can't win both 1st and 2nd place in meme event). 2. No Stealing! You must design and create your own new meme for this event. Cheating will result in disqualification from both summer minievents. 3. Nothing offensive please. Server rules still apply, so keep it relatively within reason. If you are mocking someone in particular, please make sure they are not offended before submitting. 4. Submissions will run through July 9th. Anything submitted later will not count. Part 2 - Ultima's 'Summer Beach Vacation' Screenshot Competition Put together your best summer screenshots from within the 'Festivity on the Beach' quest. This is a very unique quest that allows players to call up several cool effects via special phrases. You can find a nice guide on the special phrases here: (http://www.gamefaqs.com/gamecube/928898-phantasy-star-online-episode-i-and-ii-plus/faqs/42523), as well as a secondary less complete guide here: (http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=1301). Photo editing is encouraged for maximum awesomeness in your pictures. Soly's Launcher.exe has several features you may find useful for taking these pictures, such as the ability to hide the hud and free camera controls. Prizes: Grand Prize - 1 Psycho Black Crystal Second Place - 1 Soul Booster Consolation Prize - Trap Search and new Centurion Units set (1 of each) for all participants Rules: 1. You may submit multiple screenshots if you like, however you may only win one prize from each minievent (i.e. can't win both 1st and 2nd place in screenshot event). 2. No Stealing! You must submit your own screenshots for this event. Cheating will result in disqualification from both summer minievents. 3. Photo Editing is encouraged to make your screenshots cooler. 4. That being said, please do not make anything offensive with your editing. Server rules still apply, so keep it relatively within reason. 5. Submissions will run through July 9th. Anything submitted later will not count. If you are looking for inspiration, then perhaps check out these older threads: Good Luck to all users who wish to participate! I am looking forward to all the cool ideas everyone can come up with for this minievent. If we have a ton of submissions, I may add additional prizes. May your memes be dank, and your vacation photos glorious!
  6. This is true. People can hunt many items that are just as strong or stronger than DW year-round, but just because DW exists people think they have to have them and can't play without them (or never unequip them even when they are actually the worst possible weapon they could use for the current situation). PSO has way too many people with "if it's not the best 100% 99hit weapon, it's trash" syndrome. I think we should instead put PGF at the dreamcast SGF rate from olga flow.
  7. Most people call me Saith, so if you ask around someone will probably be able to reach me. For this event I've been playing a lot on Guts (humar) and NelZephyr (hucaseal). I'm probably better known on characters like -Saith (fonewearl), Zer0 (racast), Sylphiel (fomarl), -Link- (fonewm), and blue name GM chars BlakiChan, BlkDynamit, and BlakVulcn.
  8. You have to reload block to actually see the real stats. It'll show as if it's min until you do, but it does keep the variance, it just needs a reload to show it to you. I've tested making virus armor myself before, and it does work, it just doesn't display properly immediately.
  9. It's a reward for completing 5-5 on ultimate as a force. Ep2 starts at 5-1, so you can do 5-1 to 5-4 on normal, then 5-5 on ultimate for the doublesaber.
  10. I'm always down to do cmode. As mud said, rangers are generally considered to be pretty bad in cmode. The preference is heavily towards Hunters (hucast, hucaseal, and humar, especially hucast), and Forces (fonewearl, and rare occasions fonewm). The game is very biased against rangers in cmode, starting them at much lower level than the hunters (same level as forces), as well as having very low tier ranger gear drop; you have half as much atp as a hucast as well as weapons only half as strong, so often the best ranger in cmode is a Hucaseal if you manage to find arm units and a good handgun series. That being said, cmode is a lot of fun to do, hit me up when you want to do it.
  11. I hope you guys enjoyed the event. It was a lot of fun doing this and it's a neat quest that really emphasizes teamwork, which often gets overlooked in favor of other quests. Perhaps you even discovered some of the extra rewards in the quest that I purposefully neglected to reveal.
  12. Entry is now closed. Will work through any backlog left (i.e. check your pms if you never managed to get in). I hope you all enjoyed the event!
  13. gonna redeem myself a mag too
  14. rare

    Maybe you should explore and find out
  15. Just because it looks pretty doesn't mean it's good. You sacrifice a whole lot to do that and it isn't worth it. Being able to wear both Cure/Paralysis and Cure/Freeze (nice in caves and sub desert) at the same time, or Cure/Confuse and Cure/Freeze (nice in sim 2.0), or wear 2-3 divine protections / centurion/resist to max edk with kroe's sweater + ylvis costume for tower, or some pb/increase to keep up with stronger classes (ramarl is lowest atp non-force, even fomar is only 43atp lower), or having trap search and v801 on so you can quickly clear traps with a tech, or other things. There is always something better you can have on. Having lots of free unit space gives a huge amount of versatility, whereas extra dfp/evp does nothing practical for you. Yea the plan mentioned before is pretty good. It's the 185/15 mag with cent/arms, and 35luck 112pow 3extra materials.