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  1. hello do do you have time for some sphering :) ?


  2. I can give you an extra charge raygun 50h (these appear in the shop every so often; I can also hunt you some h/arms to replace the g/arms tommorow), using a quick SNS or SHS at range can net you good hits do to ata glitching, or just NSS/NHS at short range. A hand of justice or asteron striker will have good accuracy for just regular hard attacks, which helps hucast save on ata too. Bombchu is great for flying bosses on hucast too, but you'd have to find someone willing to trade it since triforce event is over. If you have good timing, both boomerang and ultima reaper can actually hit gal gryphon on his flyover, though twin blaze is far easier with its gifoie special just to tag even if it won't do much damage (it's also indispensible on casts for trapping). Technically, there are 2 shields you can access for a boost, s-parts 2.01 (15ata, cast only, normal gilchics at difficult rate), and Gratia shield (available in black paper deal 2, very cheap to get) does work on Hand of Justice to give it +30ata, so even a no hit hoj+gratia would be more ata than a 50h charge raygun, and would be more useful for hard attacks too. There is also the cheap Thirteen armor(available in bpd) and Diska of Braveman combo (13 gives dob 30ata and 50% atp, and good hit dob are very easy to hunt / cheap to trade for), and slicers are very easy to ata glitch. DoB is also not to be underestimated for damage even at max level, it can be a killer ranged aoe weapon on hucast.
  3. I do have something planned for it, but tracking down the code to change I want to do to it has been taking some time.
  4. Those 3 already have the longest range of all the spells (I think it's foie>zonde>grants>barta). You can hit an enemy with foie from so far away the game won't even render the damage numbers. That's plenty enough distance. The range scales with the level of the technique so a level 10 tech won't go as far as a level 30. @Saber +7 If you want a ring model then do a custom model swap. Part of the reason for the costumes is to have variety not just in gear options but also in looks, so that not every single hunter is wearing a ring on their arm. @Noob Saibot The descriptions all do say stuff about the rings purpose, other than ylvis and bewbs costume which originally had different stats (ylvis had extra evp/less dfp and bewbs costume had extra fire resist. however, since the trap/search effects were actually unintended byproducts of the code and one of the original concepts for shields anyway, they were redone to include that). Frank the bunny costume 'terrifies your enemies' (increased debuff range), Catscratch 'incites allies into berserk rage' (buff range), Guardian Angel is self explanatory (I didn't write that one myself), Agent K costume is 'most effective at night' (increased edk), Minecraft costume 'don't let the darkness penetrate home defenesssSSS' (dark technique megid penetrates). As for the name of that one, 'Rainbow Ring' is the name of another server's ring (though it is a very different thing), and the texture's blocky pixelated look led to the Minecraft name being attached to it instead. There's no shame in using it over another ring just for looks. The costume effects are minor bonus extras which are not required, and halo souls are purposefully very easy to get so you can change if you want.
  5. 10 Anniversary Ultima

    That is a summer event item, so it'll be back then. Card with power/accuracy based on mst isn't possible. There are no plans currently for a second barrier to boost basic attack spells, you'll just have to make do with merges until next year or try to trade for an alis' resolve from another player, which honestly probably wouldn't be too expensive.
  6. Usually relatively cheap. DFP/EVP range from low-tier rare armor (e.g. db's armor) to high tier rare armor (aura field, bovn). Notable for having ice resistance, above average dark resistance, and giving +30 to luck. Not as much luck as samurai armor, but it actually has dark resist. Designed to be good for mid-level characters.
  7. Show your screenshots

    I have 3 of those.
  8. Told to complete email registration

    Game account and Forum account are different things. It sounds like you already signed up for a game account (which is done here), but haven't completed validation for that account. You can use this link (https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/account-management/account-validation/) to resend a validation email, but if it doesn't work then pm Soly about getting it manually validated.
  9. Hello there it is I....

    Do you mean forum name, or ingame character name? You can change your ingame characters name every 3 months using the command /changename 'newname' twice in lobby.
  10. Starting up a FO?

    Pinkal does not find tech disks better than other ids, not since dreamcast v1. While pinkal does get some of the most basic fo weapons (the elemental wands and clubs), it's pretty garbage at getting anything decent (except when I put event drops in easier locations on it that is), so it's generally passed over in favor of other ids.
  11. Starting up a FO?

    There are a number of things that do make it easier, but forces still have a pretty slow start overall. Meseta is easy to come by for fluids, so that's not really an issue. Elenor(ashura) and Mark3 mag cells are usually around for really cheap too, and those can be used to make easy 195 mind mags. Tagging enemies with debuffs (Jellen/Zalure) does give you exp when enemy dies, so you can contribute to a team quite well with just buffs/debuffs/heals without losing out on exp. Glide Divine increases debuff range, but it takes 900mst to wield so it takes some levels before you get that high (though with a 195 mind mag and a set of h/mind or c/mind, you'll get there soon enough, as early as lvl 9-61 depending on which force and cent/heavenly difference even without mind mats), it is huntable in from vhard sand rappy on several id, which is a pretty easy hunt (max attack 4 route a, b, or c; scare 12 rappies and restart). For really high monster counts, you would use Gifoie or Rabarta to hit more of them, as most spells have a target limit of 10 (however, don't spam rabarta in a team game, as spamming spells will cause issues for your teammates, especially so with that one though; one tag is enough to get exp). When you do get to higher level and are able to get ata/atp up, then contributing with Demon's weapons like Bringer's Rifle and Slicer of Fanatic can be very very helpful to a team, allows you to do a lot with what little you have as a force still leveling (demon's don't care about atp and just does -75% current hp damage, so getting just enough atp to use SoF and SN combos to gaurantee hits will work even at low ata, or focusing entirely on ata for bringers rifle w/ smartlink). Note that when you do get to high levels as a force, gameplay is more Red Mage focus than Black Mage, as the latter just isn't really viable except in niche circumstances with a lot of tech boosting gear (mostly ep4, and some early ep1 runs,) and mostly solo runs at that, since it's generally detrimental to teamplay in team games. PSO is a bit biased against magic for actual raw damage, it's more for utility use in teams, and wide but weak aoe coverage in solo.
  12. Progression flow on Ultima

    imo, the original game had an extremely high grind factor, far more than other games in the same genre. If you played vanilla offline on gamecube/xbox, then you could spend multiple hundreds of hours and still not be in ultimate. The drop rates here are pretty similar to gc/xbox for the most part (dreamcast rates were insane, with items in the 1/millions), aside from happy hours and individual rate bonuses making things slightly better than gc/xbox, but the boosted exp really helps you get up to a level where you can get to hunting stuff faster, so the progression feels a lot smoother with actually making gains rather than just a slog to do anything at all. You still have to do work to get your drops, and work to get maxed out on a character, but its not painfully slow. If there is a point where mobs 'feel like sponges' it's probably when you first make the jump to ultimate difficulty; original dc v1 only went to level 100 and no ultimate mode, so when they added in ultimate it's made to scale all the way from 80-200, and thus enemies generally double their hp/stats from what they were in vhard and can be a bit difficult when you first enter it (we've also raised the min level for ultimate in each ep by 10, to 90/100/110 for ep 1/2/4 though, so it's not quite as big a jump as vanilla). With a little bit of effort and maybe some help though you can jump over that gap pretty quickly, leveling up from 90-120 doesn't take all that long when being powerleveled by other players, especially when we run x5 exp events (default exp is x3 up to level 160, then x2 after. The bosses in ep2 have boosted exp as well). We technically also run the exp tables from dreamcast instead of gc/xbox, so the curve and max is a little different, with the midway at lvl172 and 96M maxEXP instead of midway at lvl182 and 83M maxEXP, so it's not exactly that multiplier amount faster. At around 150 you can start setting yourself up to be at top tier effectiveness for the most part depending on gear, but you still got a good bit of level progression to achieve too. Overall it the progression is smoother and accelerated to get to the point where you are potentially 'strong'.
  13. No. State/Maintenance was removed after dreamcast (and sacred guard was altered to not have same effect). You have to decide what cures you need to bring to quests, not going to make one that just does everything. Unfortunately, I don't believe this is possible to do.
  14. Hello new to Phantasy Star Online! :D

    Yes, this would be quite different from the things on PS2. Phantasy Star Online (PSO or PSOBB) was not on the ps2 (it was dreamcast/gamecube/xbox/pc), with the latest version Blue Burst being pc exclusive but having an extra episode (dreamcast ep 1, gc/xbox ep2, and pc ep 4). Phantasy Star Universe (PSU) was the next series on the ps2, which has a lot of differences to PSO. As for how it works, PSO is a pretty standard hack n' slash Action RPG lootfest. The design is very similar to Diablo 2 in a number of ways, but the combat more closely mimics Dark Souls with its focus on methodically paced, deliberate combat, though pso offers more in the way of buffs/debuffs and healing items are instantaneous. Unlike d2 though, the rare drops are not random; enemies will drop many different common drops but each enemy will drop a specific rare at a specific rate, depending on game difficulty and the room leader's 'section id' (e.g. Ultimate Booma will drop a Dragon Slayer 1/213 rate on Skyly id, or a Final Impact 1/213 on Viridia id, etc.), meaning you can specifically hunt a certain mob to get the rare item you are looking for. The game is pretty open when you play online, as you can choose any episode and immediately go to all areas within each episode with no real restrictions, though creating a room with a higher difficulties will require a higher level. There are a lot of helpful people around that can powerlevel you if you ask around, and experience rates are boosted on this server by default, though you can use a command to go to vanilla exp rate if you want.
  15. failure to invite someone to my Team

    most likely they and/or you just needed to reload blocks. If someone just left their team, it's needed to update their status as teamless for you.