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  1. Disheartening mag bug

  2. Disheartening mag bug

    I can fix it for you whenever. I don't see you online atm, but just let me know when is a good time for you to meet up with me to get it taken care of.
  3. item rare

    Rare item drops are not random in pso. The same monster on the same difficulty and section id will always drop the same rare item (e.g. Oran - Hard - Sinow Gold will drop Blade Dance 1/73). The Section ID of the room is based on the room leader, unless they leave the room and then it changes to whoever joined next. You can use the Drop Tables to look up where specific rare items drop and then go hunt the monsters that drop from them.
  4. CMode! Read topic fully

    Haha, alright. Just hit me up when you want to do it though. We could do some c-mode planning in this thread too
  5. Halo Rappy - Random Attack Xrd Stage is pretty good, though the number of rappies depends on which doors open up. Luck Mats - Ep1 Christmas Catastrophe rewards 2 materials of choice(including luck and tp) per player in vhard or ult, takes about 10-15min to do on vhard and can get up to 8 luck mats per run if you have multiple accounts or have someone help you and give you the reward at the end.
  6. Ayeee

    Welcome Back!
  7. Halloween Drops 2017

    Like I said last year and this year; YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT ID. ALL ITEMS ALL ID. Maybe I should just close the thread, there really isn't much point.
  8. Halloween Drops 2017

    you dont need to worry about id for anything. also, shambertin, not kondrieu
  9. Iron faust missing

    Is there another account it could be on? If you have been gone for awhile, make sure your game is up to date, run the Launcher.exe as Administrator and make sure antivirus/firewall don't block the update; we added new items in triforce event, so if you didn't update then the item names get shifted and you'll see incorrect item names.
  10. afs skin

    Yea, now you extract the prs file for the specific weapon skin from the afs file, and put it in the psobb/data/items/texture folder, and soly's dll will recognize to use that file instead of what is in the afs. This way the game updates don't mess with your skins (we need to update the afs whenever we add new weapons to the game, but your skin files are seperate now so they don't get messed with), and it's much easier to mix and match skins, turning them off and on as you choose by simply moving the prs files to/from the folder. Here is a step by step instruction of how to do all this
  11. CMode! Read topic fully

    I'm totally down for cmode.
  12. CMode! Read topic fully

  13. Mistranslation of items?

    You need to update your game. We add new items to the game in events, so if you don't update then the name list gets shifted because of that. All your items are still there, once you update they should say their proper names again.
  14. I try to respond to people relatively quickly when they pm me, unless I'm not at home for some reason or other. I'm available most hours of the day, I am just more often on the server with my player accounts instead of my GM account, so people may not notice if they are looking for the blue name specifically.
  15. Triforce Event 2017

    The wiki says what classes are 'enabled' and also the stat requirement. People are just confusing the 'class enabled' with actually being able to use it because they didn't look at the stat requirement. Class enabled /= can equip. You also have to meet the stat requirement.