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  1. 9th Anniversary Event - 2017

    Hey, I did the concepts for both Tyrfing and Hand of Justice!
  2. 9th Anniversary Event - 2017

    Regular Drops Skyly - ep1 Ob lily Crimson Assassin Sinow Red Claw Bulclaw Oran - ep2 Meriltas
  3. I cant remember my game login info

    Glad to see you back. We'll have to meet up n play some games like the old days
  4. Forgotten Password

    Since you no longer have access to your old email, you should pm Soly about account recovery then, and he'll get you fixed up.
  5. I've personally gotten 60hit (i.e. 50hit untekked). I've tried to parse through the code before to check, but i'm not very good at reading it. You can get at least as high as 60hit though, if not more, which is quite nice.
  6. Armor Devoured

    Gave to PSOAddict since Subzero is not available, finish up your trade when you can meet up again. -Solved-
  7. Armor Devoured

    Sigh. As soon as a trade fails or something goes wrong, do NOT ever try to drop trade or continue in some fashion. Immediately have both people go reload block to be sure you are well and properly synced up. We'll look into fixing this. Are you guys available atm?
  8. dude, not even close. they barely do enough damage to knock down high hp chars, but that's all. they do about 500-700 damage with no buffs/debuffs, which is enough to actually make you think about positioning instead of the tickles they normally do. One year they were buffed to do like 1700+ damage, now that's actually 1shotting people (it was pretty fun though, had to actually focus on positioning, crowd control on other enemies, and debuffs). These ones now wouldn't 1shot anyone of any decent level, even if they didn't have hp mats. You would have to be like a fonewearl <lvl120 with no hp mats to get hit that hard, and that's a pretty extreme situation where you probably shouldn't be in ruins regardless.
  9. I prefer them to actually be a challenging enemy like they are supposed to. Unbuffed they barely even tickle, even without s/d/j/z.
  10. Rage/orb glitch

    again desync. the second client had incorrect information about what was in the other client (combiner's) inventory, and thought you combined some incompatible stuff together resulting in a ????, but the server actually knew what it really was so it fixed it itself when you reloaded everything.
  11. Rage/orb glitch

    It means you guys had some desync going on. Next time try not dropping the item so fast after creating it, or going to reload blocks before dropping it.
  12. 9th Anniversary Event?

    We literally just ended halloween event. Have some patience and enjoy hunting regular things until we start next event.
  13. I'm not so sure about this either. Most combiners are balanced to be relatively easy, and the majority of the difficulty/value of the finished product comes from getting a good version of the starting item. Giving people a free pass just kinda throws a wrench in to how it's all set up, it messes with both the starting and finished items. If we were to start that kind of recurring event, I'ld have to go and take a look at all the rates for them and increase them. Personally, I think choosing what starting weapon you use the combiner on is an important decision to have to make, and not one that should be so easily reversed. It also would result in everybody unmaking bad ones and then making them all into only good ones, meaning there would be less variance in trades. Currently I don't see much of an issue with things as they stand since the combiners are designed to be relatively easier drops than most so that there could be many of them around and people could easily get multiples and use them on varying levels of gear without it really being too detrimental. I'm not sure I like the idea of an uncombine event.
  14. You could try adding pso to the DEP (data execution prevention) settings in windows, occasionally some people have issues with it.
  15. Everyone I'm sorry.

    I know you got off on the wrong foot here, but don't take it all so seriously. A few downvotes doesn't mean people hate you. If you want to join in and have fun, there are many here who will welcome you warmly. Some people may poke and prod and tease, but it's not done out of spite or hate, but in friendly jest. If you start fresh and approach people more warmly, people will respond much better; they won't care about the minor faux pax of the past, and if you are lucky, perhaps even turn it into a meme so we can all have a good time together(much like the #FuckMeowkipz2017). Your initial approach which was so cold and negative towards the community may have turned some people off, but nobody here takes things so seriously that they wouldn't come around if you wanted to start fresh. If you decide to stick around and warm up a bit, you may find we have a very nice community here that will help you out with whatever you need and make some good friends on the way.