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  1. The /lobbyevent ## command will go through various custom songs we've added to play in the lobby. The original pso lobby theme should play if you choose something that would normally play the lobby.ogg file.
  2. There is a common bank you can use to transfer items between characters on the same account (typing /bank will switch between the character bank and the common bank, which act as another set of 200items that any char on that account can access), or you can dual log multiple accounts onto pso at the same time. You may need to turn down windows UAC setting lower so that it does not dim your screen upon trying to launch a second client, as that will cause pso to crash.
  3. Indeed, as Mudkipz said, it was released at the end of one of the annual Maximum Attack Events. After that event, the total numbers of kills achieved by all players was then used to determine the stats of the shield, as per those numbers. It even says so on pso-world just before that line with the numbers haha. " This shield was a Maximum Attack 4 prize for JP BB. Its stats were determined by the total number of kills. DFP = 237778744/1500000, EVP = 237778744/1000000"
  4. I don't think it would be possible to do a lot of those things (getting glide resists on a non rod-type weapon, getting +1techs onto other things, combo locking only the special, set bonuses, etc.) Techincally Black King Bar is still a stronger weapon than blood tornado. If anything it should have been an argument that it has fallen by the wayside because of blue burst's addition of Jizai rather than any ultima things (blood tornado, inferno girasole, etc.).
  5. B > DF Shield

  6. This sounds like my kind of event. Can I use my own one-of-a-kind Flower Bouquet? Also, what about Sigh of God or Maser Beam? No love for Dragon Claw, only Phoenix Claw? What about the 4 Umbrella/Parasol weapons? Earth Wand: Brownie? Shichishito?
  7. Basically there are 3 different places to acquire type weapons. They all involve the Maximum Attack Series quests. Max attacks 1ver2 and Max Attack 2ver2 are used for Beach Laughter weapons (collecting all 22 hearts of class/id), Maximum Attack 3ver2 is claimed in Beak's Cafe just with the tickets gained in that quest at the sub desert roulette (once per character, first win gets type weapon, 20tickets needed), and the final way is with 15k kills in each episode Max Attack 4 series quests and claimed in MA4 - Deep Sea Rendevous (which we have not added just yet, but are working on). (Types marked with * are obtainable in Beak's Cafe much, much easier than other methods) Beach Laughter Rewards Beak's Cafe Rewards (get offered 4 options, first 3 are gender based, last option is class based) Deep Sea Rendevous Rewards (when we do add it)
  8. I hope you all enjoyed this year's Valentines Event! If only your booma waifu/husbando bring you flowers every day... but we must give some time for the roses to recover their population. Happy Valentines Everybody!
  9. Ok this is getting out of hand. This kind of ad hominem is way uncalled for, especially for merely being reminded of something gm have warned you about (repeatedly making new B>sjs topics). You clearly need to take a chill pill for a day. I'm sorry you haven't been able to get legendary tier to drop for yourself, or find people willing to sell theirs that they worked for, but this kind of behavior is not ok.
  10. Awesome! So when are you gonna enable Swordsman Lore and Proof of Sword Saint on Forces and Rangers then?
  11. Boomas need love too! They just want you to notice them on valentines day and y'all are just so mean back to them QQ.
  12. Yes, yes it does. Traps (always hits), frozen shooter(hard accuracy), and techs(always hits) do not have to pass an esp check to freeze enemies like blizzard does. Additionally, gi/rabarta are highly likely to freeze at specific points of enemy animations (i.e. it's not something to be spammed, but properly timed once only).
  13. Yes sphering me/mechs would be a terrible idea, it would only give you at most 10 more atp with 100%attribute. Blizzard is fine, you were just testing against poor targets. Gibbles and Gi Gue have 100esp, so you aren't going to be able to freeze them (80%-100esp = 0, unless you are a cast with the 30% proc bonus, then its very low chance of freezing). I can freeze sinows quite well with rage de glace, ill gills a little harder but they are doable too. Monkeys you are very likely just missing to manual evasion (and a smaller chance to miss bc of their evp), but they can be frozen too. Blizzard is basically going to have the same chance as Arrest does to work on an enemy, barring immunities (can blizzard an ill gill just as easily as you can arrest it). It's the same base proc chance as arrest (80%), and will have to pass an esp check and get boosted by v502 in the exact same formula for the most part (the blizzard update fix was changing blizzards cap to 90% FinalChance, up from old 30% cap). Ill Gill Example: (((BaseProc + CastBonus) - EnemyESP) x v502bonus) = FinalChance ((( 80 + 0 ) - 50 ) x 1.5 ) = 45 45% chance to freeze if hit on humans/newmans. (((BaseProc + CastBonus) - EnemyESP) x v502bonus) = FinalChance ((( 80 + 30 ) - 50 ) x 1.5 ) = 90 90% chance to freeze if hit on Cast/Caseal.
  14. In any of the quests that give them, in ultimate you get 1 x player# coins, so if you are in a 4p game, all players receive 4 coins each. I'm not entirely sure how fast the new villanous rift quests are, as I've not played them enough yet, but among the phantasmal world quests, the first one is fairly fast if you have other people since you can split up and clear both jungle and seaside at the same time (the other quests are more linear). If you do have runs of any of the quests and the room doesn't fill up for a bit, you can always log another char to sit in the room, as it will help everyone else get more coins (since 3p gets 3coins each), though that should only for when there isn't anyone available to join. You build up coins fast enough at just 4each per run honestly, just do a couple runs here and there and you'll have a ton before you know it (you may even have coins left over on some chars from previous events; for example pw3 gets run a lot in summer event).