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  1. Accounts do not get deleted for being inactive, so you just have to use the account recovery pages to get your password back. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/account-management/account-recovery/ https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/account-management/password-change/
  2. Since it keeps getting mentioned, I have to reiterate that unlocked L&K38 is really not something I would ever consider, even class locked. The model might be something used, but the archetype is detrimental to the game if it's unlocked. Regular mechguns shine as a weapon because they translate all your base atp into 9 attacks (meaning that it's when you have shifta that they're powerful), whereas most other weapons only have 3 to 6 attacks. Stepping up from 9 attacks to 15 attacks is a large step up over that, and having that even as a class locked weapon still just makes it the de facto only weapon for that class because it so far outstrips the competition that there is no competition. You cannot have an unlocked lk38 at any atp value and still have any meaningful weapon balance/diversity/etc. Those classes have access to Mille Faucille and Dual Birds, which while not as strong as Psycho Ravens, have an important factor that pr does not; they have significantly more range than pr, which is the most important stat for mechguns (hence why yas9k rules the mech department). Dual Birds have 120 range, while Mille is 100 with normal/hard and 130 with the autotarget special, about half again as far as Psycho Ravens standard 85 range (handgun range is 170). Hucaseal also really doesn't lack in damage, she is still the 4th highest atp char, but with the highest ata of any hunter she is one of the most consistent at her damage, and has better long range damage (at 30 shifta hucl with angel harp and sweetheart with no nearby males will actually still have better rifle range damage than a huct with asteron striker). Even though hucl lends itself better to being aggressive, she still does much better at all other ranges over hucast, and with that extra range she'll have already killed the monster by the time hucast is in range for PR. Racaseal is a char that can feel a bit weaker at times than racast, but much like before, she is the highest ata of all casts and significantly above racast in that regard (17ata if using kroe's). She is arguably the best character for doing content that uses a lot of hell or demon and freeze traps together, while still being able to use both cast and female gear like iron faust, gratia, kroes, sweetheart, etc. We can't just make everything as strong as the strongest character (hucast) using the strongest weapons, characters have differences in their stats to emphasize differing abilities. At some point you have to ask when raw damage is "good enough" (most characters will 1-2 combo all enemies), and how to play to their other abilities to get the most out of them. There are things to buff up both of their damages like sweetheart, but because other stats are different they will not necessarily reach the exact same levels, you have to figure out where a 'comparably adequate' level is and reach that (for which 'how many attacks/combos to kill' is more useful than raw damage, where mechs almost never vary because of the overkill), and then figure out how to utilize their unique abilities to take them beyond that. Not every char will tackle solo games the same way, and in a team game they should all focus different aspects which some classes will do better than others. I do feel racl needs a little more (though mille and macho blades did help her more than people give credit for), but an unlocked lk38 does not really mesh with racl well (and for hucl it'd be extraordinarily busted), it just tries to make racl into a ract that has none of their drawbacks and all of her strengths. I'd like to give her some more versatility and team supporting options that emphasize her range and teamplay capabilities, and while her damage could still use a nudge, only just a nudge and not an atom bomb in her arsenal.
  3. With PSO, it recognizes any standard controllers that were plugged in before the game was launched, and completely disregards any that are plugged in after the game is launched. Therefore, depending on whether you want to merely supplement the standard ingame controls with some extra things using joytokey (such as the ability to use the secondary triggers), or to completely replace your controls entirely and ignore the ingame ones, you need to have your controller plugged in at different times. It sounds like you want to do the latter, and that it could be reading inputs from joytokey and the default ingame controls, so you may have to plug the controller in after the game has launched so that it ignores the ingame controls. If it's the former, then going to Menu > Options > Pad Button Config lets you change the controls of a controller (that was plugged in before the game was launched). Hope that explanation helps.
  4. Yea, she's only ever there upon returning to the boss room, same with Flowen. They are never there pre-fight. You have to beat boss and then go back in and you see their spirit basically, which waves/salutes you when you get close and dissipates into light particles.
  5. Happy Birthday frost506 !

  6. Ah. That's definitely one of the more interesting quests in the game. I've played through it before a few times for some testing, another source stated that the 'material' you get at the end is a tp material, so I tested that back in the day but I didn't get any material from it. I did get some funny pics of tiny racast fighting giant sinows and baranz though. It's also the quest I used to get some cinematic pics of humar vs giga dragon too. I'd have to look at the quest with my meager qedit skills to see how the attributes were done, but idk how difficult it would be to update the quest or if it should be readded at all. Perhaps the devs removed it so they could just rework it and lump it in to how attributes are added in gallon's shop, much like how TTF used to be the quest you used to trade mag cells for mags but they removed that in later versions too. Edit: After skimming the quest code, I do not see any text relating to montague speaking about enemy parts, and the only item creations I see are for making grinders and materials (I think I had received a monogrinder when I did quest way back when), and it appears to have differing % chances of which kind of grinder/material based on difficulty level, but I'm unsure if the material one is dummied out or not. However, I do not see any dummied out code related to making an enemy part weapon at all. The one interesting thing I see though is some of the reward text mentions the player wearing a red ring (appears to only show this text in ultimate difficulty from what I can glean from the code).
  7. If it was dreamcast only, then it was likely never updated for later versions of the game and the quest would have to be edited to work with blue burst even if we did find a copy of it somewhere. I am curious about the quest though, where is the documentation of its existence you mentioned? Do you remember the name of the quest or any info about it?
  8. lost my sta today 

    guy piccked my sta, i missing


  9. Alternatively, MA4B route has 26 zu in crater interior, good way to get a lot in a bit longer run. Takes <5 minutes to get through it easily, and less back n forth loading time that way.
  10. That actually raises new questions. 50hp is the base of a level 1 resta, but level 1 resta can't heal others (need lvl 3 before you get aoe), so does iq actually increase the level of resta it casts then (as in RestaLevel = (1 + (IQ / 40)) , that would make it go to level 6 and be 75hp)? I'm curious now whether low iq mags can heal other players and whether it's a tiered difference of hp healed, as it would be if it is a level increase.
  11. I believe it's intentionally part of the quest. I think the killcounter exists because it's a custom edit of the MA4 series, but it's not actually an official MA4 quest (which track your total lifetime kills across MA4A, MA4B, and MA4C in each episode). As such, there are no plans to change the killcounter to actually count toward MA4 totals.
  12. Like I said, it would probably have happened even if you didn't use those, I've seen it happen even when nobody even has any of those weapons on their character. While there could be multiple triggers, I think its just something different that makes it happen, such as using a Red Ring in the fight.
  13. It was related to old rumours of how to get Heathcliff Flowen or Red Ring Rico to appear in the boss rooms if you returned there after defeating boss. I don't think anyone really knows the specifics of it truthfully, but I don't think it's hitting the boss with those weapons as I've seen it happen without even having red/dark weapons on any characters in the fights. Personally, I speculate that wearing red ring can cause rico to appear in boss room though, but I'm not as sure about flowen. It's a cool little easter egg when you get to see them, they just sit/stand in the center of the room until you approach them and then wave/salute and disappear. They also both have their own unique theme songs you cannot hear anywhere else in the game, Rose Confession and Leaving Flow. Rico's theme is a really great song too.
  14. hi gm i fixed  depend window anti viruses 5 times, pbso urn japan again bugs.

  15. You aren't playing this on a console gc/xbox or something like that. You aren't going to be able to manipulate RNG that way. Back on those you mightve been able to do 'some' stuff (e.g. in cmode, record attack hits/miss and restart cmode and change what attack orders you do to get all hits), but you aren't really going to be able to do anything special as soly explained. The real way to get PGF to drop is that you have to not just use red handgun, but ALL the red weapons in the correct order to spell out flowen's name, and then 360 no-scope him with flowen's sword to get him to remember who he is and drop the pgf.
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