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  1. Outlandish Myths of PSO

    I heard if you go to Seek my Master and bring a Sange, Yasha and Kamui with you and use each of those weapons within the rooms where Great Sword Zoke dropped his versions of them, and if you do you are rewarded with Book of Katana 1, 2 and 3 respectively, which if you take to the special tekker on pioneer2 that only shows up on thursdays between 7 and 930pm, he will correctly identify the Sealed J-Sword as the legendary Tsumikiri J-Sword, but he can't do more than that. You have to take it to the head of the secret 'Weapons' society that shows up in a few quests; let them examine it and they will actually unseal the sword for you. Equip the Tsumikiri J-Sword and use all techniques on dark falz and olga flow and then kill them with the special. Then Red Ring Rico and Heathcliff Flowen will show up after each fight and drop you the High Level Mag Armor Uru and the High Level Mag Armor Eno. Also you have to go fight Kireek in From the Depths using the special too, and he drops the D-Photon Core from his body when you defeat him. You have to take those into the Soul of Steel quest and use them to calm Elenor's baby mag whenever it starts moving. If you use them in the right order (uru>eno>d-core), then you get the super special secret ending to that quest which allows her mag to reach its full potential as the Elnoa. She'll also give you one as a gift, which will unlock a special cutscene where Cloud manages to stop Sephiroth from killing Aeris and you get to keep her in your party for the rest of the game. Also that hidden Chao in Fake in Yellow has nothing to do with Branch of PakuPaku (which is used on the secret chao in ttf instead), but if you had a completed Sonic Adventure file on your dreamcast vmu, then when you talk to the fake in yellow chao he gives you the sonic and tails mags, which have a 100% chance to proc invincibility whenever you take a hit or block an attack at max hp.
  2. Ultima VoIP service.

    Yea the discord is the official voip service for Ultima now. There are a number of unofficial ones around though, some for specific teams and whatnot. My team (PRO) has a Teamspeak server that is open to all Ultima players at ts45.gameservers.com:9400 and I'm sure there are some other ones out there too.
  3. Exhibition Race Today 7pm Eastern on Speedgaming, ALTTP Randomizer Glitched.

  4. Exhibition Race Tommorow on speedgaming at 7pm eastern, so I'm streaming practice all day for it, ALTTP Randomizer Glitched.

    1. MadOrNah


      I'll be watching :o

  5. It should be Demon's. If it's not then I'll have to look into it. Here ya go. This does not include ultima's max stat increase though, so you could probably get a couple hundred more here.
  6. @Misombre I'm well aware laconium axe is one target, I just threw it in for lulz (and it somewhat substitutes for a low-medium stat excal for comparison). As you say, DF special is not really the fairest of comparisons since it does hit 5 times on one target, though if I wanted to be nitpicking I could go and point out that zanba can hit 10 targets, so it's clearly just doing even more damage than that, or I could even go as far as some impossible example of stealth sword hitting delbiters that all charged into the same spot, but that would be a bit silly, both on actual practicality and on theoretical damage (45k+, even considering only 5/10 get hit by demon's activation), though a slicer of fanatic could still reach insane numbers and is much more viable overall. However, DF special is extremely situational, basically only for certain single target enemies. Trying to compare that special to something like another sword is apples to oranges; a better comparison would be set it against something like charge vulcans or daylight scar (i.e. other single target dps weapons). As a general use aoe weapon, zanba definitely outclasses df in many regards; the purpose of the examples however was just to demonstrate that there is really no need to buff a weapon like Zanba that is already as insanely strong as it is. I made my comparison quite generous by using my 0abeast zanba against an 80 abeast df and it still outclassed it by a good bit. I could have put a 100abeast one on hucast and instead shown it doing significantly more damage than DF too (df averaging 2150 on crit, zanba averaging 2750-2850 on crit). After a certain point it no longer really matters to compare in this case, not only because if the zanba did have even just a moderate amount of abeast on it, then it will start killing groups of vulmers in one single crit, which df cannot do even at 100% (or say df NH vs zanba NS combo with no crits), but also because in the same situation Vjaya will make both of them just look silly by killing without even needing to crit with better accuracy and animation and arguably better hitbox (also, meseta rooms ftw). Once you have access to 20+ shifta, DF starts to really fall off vs other options for general use.
  7. This dark flow has 80% abeast (i.e. 1980 atp) This Zanba has 0% abeast (i.e. 514 atp) This Laconium Axe has 45% abeast (1137.5 atp) Critical Hit This Vjaya has 0 abeast (220 atp, I havent even grinded it) This next picture is still not anywhere near maximum possible damage, can go much higher than this (over 7k is quite likely possible, enough to ohko nearly everything). Note also that the zanba is hitting quite well on the first attack. Do not underestimate this weapon. With 0% attribute it is still stronger than a nearly sphered DF, and that gap would increase drastically if both were fully sphered (DF gains <100 damage, Zanba gains >450-750 damage). If you are concerned about accuracy, you can also go for Yunchang, which while slightly less on atp, has 11 more ata, a faster animation, is available to all hunters instead of just males, and different hitbox. Real Flowens 3084 is also comparably strong to Zanba with spirit special instead of berserk. Swords and Partisans both hit up to 10 targets in a large area, making them much more useful for damage than excal, which is extremely limited range and tends to dmc itself quite alot if it's hitting something with multiple hitboxes, which a sword/partisan would not do nearly as much since the damages don't happen simultaneously. Remember your quest training. It's important to pay attention to how your weapon performs instead of just looking at the face value always. It's actually a mechanic specifically built into the game that you have to test your gear and not make assumptions about it based on appearances alone. The strongest weapons in the game are often quite deceptive.
  8. PR vs LK

    L&K38 shoots 5 bullets per attack, so if it could combo(it can't) that would be 15 attacks. If it was unlocked, the difference would actually be pretty massive
  9. No. It's already stronger than dark flow as is, and chromatic orb doesn't need more things.

    you could try the account recovery tools (password change https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/account-management/password-change/ and username recovery https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/account-management/account-recovery/ )
  11. A lot of games also don't. If it does manage to get figured out, it doesn't mean that it will work properly either. Many games will break a whole lot of things if you mess with the framerates. Animations, physics, collision, all sorts of things can get very broken just by changing the fps games run at.
  12. Tips for becoming a better player

    I think one of the most important things is to be observant. It can be very easy to just walk mindlessly through rooms and smack things as they walk up to you, but if you really want to learn, then watch and pay attention as much as possible. Watch how enemies react to your positionings and your various actions, and learn their ai patterns (How many people know what causes bringers to charge their laser? What causes sinows to flinch and uncloak? The exact size/angle of delsabers' jump attack hitbox? Which player gibbles will target? What kinds of attacks you should to do stay above ill gill hp triggers that change their ai, while still being able to finish them off after? etc.). Watch how many attacks it will take you to kill enemies. Watch how you control their animations with different timings and different attack combos. Watch how you have to move to dodge attacks. Watch how spawns are laid out, where enemies start, when they appear, what triggers cause them, etc. Watch your own character to see how your attacks come out, when you can start queueing up more actions, when you are free to start moving again after not only different weapons, but also different levels of combo attack with them, how long it takes to get to running speed, at what point in your attack does your character step forward, how much actual reach do the attacks have and what the targeting angles are like, how long you can delay your combos in between attacks, how cancelling attacks or dropping targeting affects these things. Watch how your teammates move and react to things in the room (remember, you don't always see the same things as them, which means knowing how monster ai works is very important to understanding your teammates' current situation). Even little things can make a difference like watching how unlocking doors act based on your position (being pressed up against a door keeps you stuck against a wall longer; it's significantly slower than running into it as it unlocks which not only allows you to start at higher speed, but you also get through the invisible wall itself much faster). PSO has a very heavy focus on action more than rpg, and it's the many small details that really inform your approach and allow you to play skillfully (challenge mode is especially good for teaching many of these details to players, and is a good test for separating out the scrubs from the experts). It's things like good timing, precise movement, understanding enemies, understanding yourself, and all the other nuances to the game that are required for high level play.
  13. I'm pretty sure I've gotten through the lasers. However, I was unable to complete the quest due to a different issue (could not pick up the item that keeps dog from running away).
  14. you just meet up with any gm in lobby on the appropriate character, name stays the same.
  15. Ultima Summer Forum Minievent 2017

    After much deliberation, the time has finally come. The Winners of this years' Meme Event are: 1st Place : El Socko 2nd Place : Piston Hyundai Honorable Mentions : Junsui (Centurion/Banners), Lopedo45 (free c/bat, anakin exp), Kagetsuya (Ralph Hours), annacantsleep (if i had x, ravioli c/boili), rocbleaser (patrick can't sleep), LunaX (HUmar, BrainActivity), Pishion (pd attack), Tro (psychoswan building guy), cverrill (Zanbacon 50hit, Spongebob hunt/memes), Galzzly (epsibear), Orgodemir (DMC, too much hit, RAforcemarl), Jade (platypus pendant), Anthonyplays (lobbywhore/shitpost struggle), RoxasIV (dale gibble), Ruffalufacus (mericarol snipe) Runner Ups : teh2chao2, Noopy, nnorton44, RedSniper, assface, champione, Misombre, griffeni, MudkipzJM The Winners of this years' Screenshot Competition are: 1st Place : Junsui 2nd Place : R-78 Honorable Mentions : Piston Hyundai, Ana G.5 Runner Ups : anthonyplays, orgodemir, RedSniper Congratulations to the winners, and thank you all for submitting such nice entries. See you all next year!