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  1. This is something that has been considered, but it's not as easy to implement as you would think, could take a full rewrite of how shop works. The shops have like 1000 set lists of items and it randomly selects one when you enter pioneer2. This is why you can sometimes find the same weapons in the shop if you spam it, as there is a list with charge gatlings 50hit, a list that has charge calibur 40d 50h, etc.
  2. cant pcik up rare

  3. cant pcik up rare

    I can help you with this tommorow when you are available
  4. Hi Everyone!

    Welcome to Ultima! I hope you enjoy it here!
  5. Lost items

  6. Lost items

    I'm signing on now, I'll fix you up if you are around.
  7. Normal Experience rates

    I believe it's /exp 1 to set it to 1x rate. /exp 0 would be server default rates (x3 up to 160, x2 after that, random x5 exp events). You can find a list of commands here https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/tool-box/commands/
  8. Official Max Stats Guide

    The issue with this (and your other one) is that you have to use a unit for stats to achieve it, and that is not worth it on forces. Forces already have their unit space extremely limited, so having one for stats alone is crippling. Force using melee will pretty much always have battle unit, smartlink, and v801 on regardless, leaving only 1 slot for v502 / cures / trapsearch / resists/ etc. (also v502 does not affect demons, it only affects hell/paralyze/freeze/confuse specials; smartlink on the other hand is worth more than a c/arms even at only mech range, it's basically a mandatory unit). Making the armor a actual part of the build is questionable when you could be using armors like kroes or sweetheart which much more significantly boost your stats overall. Being able to max dfp/evp on fomarl is completely irrelevant as not only are those stats are basically just as weak or weaker than mst is, raising her already low evp won't make any difference at all, and she has the naturally highest hp of the forces anyway as an actual defensive stat. Fomarl can max all her important stats regardless (ata, lck, atp, mst) without having to rely on neutron skin, and fonewearl isn't going to be able to use it to substitute needing 2 mags really. If you actually know how the tech formula works, mst is actually kind of a joke in what it really does for your techs (it's the least significant thing in the tech formula), the only place it's actually sorta valuable for is resta healing (only 2mst for 1 heal on resta, but a whole 5mst for 1 damage on tech before boosts and resists are applied, so effectively less gain than that usually), the 10ata from kroes or the ~50-200atp from a sweetheart is far more valuable than the mst from neutron skin for the most part. It is a very good armor still, not only for a low level force needing extra mst to equip support gear like glide, but also at high levels when you want a more support focused armor to give you some extra resta range and power on fonewm/fonewearl/hunewearl/ramarl or even humar/ramar, but the having the extra mst, whether it be from wearing neutron skin or from not wearing a mind mag in a 2mag plan, is not what is going to make or break techs being useful in casting role, that isn't nearly as important as just equipping the right techboost gear (e.g. if in ep4, I decide to help team by nuking down lizards, simply equipping hylian + pwand/quasar/pbridge is enough without having to switch to mind mag for it). I only touched on a few of the nuances on how certain stats work/don't work and maxing principles, but I hope it helps explain things a bit anyway.
  9. Show your screenshots

    Wat? Please meet up with me so I can look into it.
  10. Generally people will create a new character and take the mag off it. This way you can choose the color of the mag, which is based on the outfit you select for the character (e.g. row 1 costume 1 is always red, row 2 costume 1 is always orange, etc.) Mags do technically drop from mines boxes on normal and hard I believe, but nobody ever does it like that.
  11. 1c5-1c9

    I'm in, and scott18 can too probably
  12. Momoka's Shop Event!

    Momoka's Shop has now Re-Opened!
  13. help i want to play psobb

    Enough trolling, this should be a topic to help someone out, not to mess with them.
  14. 1c5-1c9

    you know i'm always down, just hit me up
  15. The thing about that is, ultimate multimode forest is not buffed, at all. It was just as hard in vanilla to foie a bartle as here (though vanilla you could enter ultimate 10 levels faster). Even in places where enemies are buffed, they get 25% more, not 50%. I've checked the math too, and I think you must be mistaken about something then. Perhaps you are inadvertently trying to compare offline stats to online stats (lvl 90 fomarl mst with 25foie and no boosts, units, or mag, would kill vanilla 1p bartle in 4 foie, as opposed to 6 for online bartle, again for which vanilla and ultima have identical stats)? Most people that are entering forest and saying it's too hard are more than likely neglecting one or more things for their character, be it keeping their mag up to date in levels, having eaten some materials they pick up on the way, or simply misrembering that the vanilla game was just as big or bigger of a jump (especially considering the 10 level difference in entrance requirement). Regardless of whether such a command is/isn't possible, it wouldn't change anything on the monsters, and it'd still be a struggle until you could fix whatever was neglected for your character.