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  1. Some quite nice ideas in here. A hell slicer is something I want to potentially look at, but I'm thinking of an actual weapon drop instead of an upgrade from assassin(even though i have a 45hit one myself, I both think the weapon model is kinda of lame even if it did have a new skin, and I want to make sure it is suitably difficult to hunt as that would be an extremely powerful weapon). Izmaela is an interesting suggestion I've not heard before, it does have a very unique feel to it. Rianov5 (the drop for it is pretty difficult overall), Stealth Sword, and Sword of Ultima are things that do need looking at. Claws are very difficult to make any new weapons for, as claw animation is so horrendously bad it is completely unusable on most classes aside from hunewearl. Twin Blaze with higher level gifoie would kinda defeat the purpose, since it's specifically the fact that the gifoie is low level that makes it so useful. A new handgun style weapon would be cool, and ruby bullet has some potential on that, could be interesting but nothing is fully conceptualized yet in that category. You've given me some things to think about though here, thank you.
  2. No. It was purposely balanced against humars using it. The only reason why it's not unusable by them entirely (i.e. grey X next to weapon when you view it) is due to the quirkiness of how the game handles class restrictions; it's not done on a class by class basis, but categorical (if lindcray was made unusable by humans or unusable by hunters, then it would not be usable by fomar+fomarl or hunewearl respectively). The same can be said of macho blades on hucast, which could not be made 'unusable' by them without removing it from the other classes it was designed for. The way to work around stuff like that is with stat requirement limitations. If it's listed as usable in the wiki, then that's based on technical reasons and not gameplay ones.
  3. That was an ob lily, not a mil lily.
  4. Those are some pretty neat ideas there, thanks for those (personally I think gae bolg looks like a tacky candy cane but with better textures it could look cool hmm). I'll have to keep those in mind (I hadn't thought about doing something with Fans before, that's one of the more interesting suggestions I've ever heard). As point of correction, BKB is only Devil, it was a notable weapon more because it was the strongest doublesaber rather than the special. There are actually almost no rare Demon weapons in vanilla(bringers, slicer of fanatic, kusanagi, and meteor rouge only), most rare weapons are actually just Devil (twin brand, justy 23st, mkb, bkb, demo comet, flight cutter, etc.); only 2 of the demon ones are even useful, and one is those not available to hunter. A multihitting demon weapon was something I wanted to add. Demon Yasminkov / MeMECHS are really expensive to try to make, so I wanted an multihit demon option that was actually huntable with stats+hit, rather than a customized no special weapon that someone has to add the special and tons of hit too to be able to use.
  5. It'd probably be easier to simplify what you are asking into unlocking last swan for all classes (which is the crux of it from what I can tell) rather than actually changing master raven from what it is to something else, as master raven is a very different kind of weapon that actually does work very well if you are keen to use it. I actually use a master raven quite a bit on my characters. Granted mine do have some more hit now from multiple hit events, but I've used one since only a few months after I joined the server when I won a 10hit one in a minievent(and sometimes a second no hit one when I didn't feel like transferring). It's already quite good as it is, and it can actually fully stunlock enemies with normals (like, literally point blank range on any standard slapper enemy, normal spam and they cannot counterattack at all), and although Hard attacks are a not quite stunlock at range, they still work quite well at that task. However, while stunlocking with attacks only is possible on many weapons (this has a lot to do with proper combo timings and not just random spam. Your post is talking about needing a new handgun and puts an emphasis on stunlocking in bold, but regular handguns actually can stunlock enemies, and are actually already some of the most versatile at doing so), it's really the things like arrest and freeze specials and traps that are actually meant for crowd control, not regular attacks themselves. With just 20-30 buffs and no sphering on a humar, master raven kills many ep1/ep4 enemies in just 1 hard attack, and it actually does keep up in competition vs charge raygun for dps at almost any level of shifta outside of 3way or 4way chains with SSS on charge rayguns where it starts to fall behind only slightly, but at that point charge vulcans are going to outclass either anyway. With lesser buffs like s-reds it still does good damage, still only taking very few attacks (which are quite quick on this weapon; master raven is faster than other weapons like regular handguns and mechguns) on many medium things you want to snipe off. You note that males generally have more atp than females, but then propose to give them the exact same weapon which seems like a contradiction, bringing up why class limitations happen but then ignoring the point (even if you made a 0atp mr for males, it would be stronger than ls is on females due to their higher atp and how scaling works). New handgun weapons sounds nice as a general idea (I've not thought much about new weapon designs in this category since I've been focused on other categories, but I am very interested in hearing suggestions from the community), but currently I don't agree with / am not convinced of a last swan style gun for males being something that is needed for them or lacking without reason, and especially not getting rid of a cool (and definitely viable for many uses even if it's not quite as "flexible" or "stunlocky" as last swan) unique weapon like master raven currently is to make way for it.
  6. Power and Mind mats are generally 10mats:1pd with green names (rare monster boost), or 5mats:1pd without them (most materials drop from rare mobs on normal e.g. greenil hildeblue 7/8 powmat). Luck mats are usually 1-2 for 1pd (can do ep1 christmas catastrophe on vhard for 2mats of choice per player for them).
  7. I don't think it has anything to do with dm/df special or traps, as I've used those extensively in that room with no issues. As the notice says, it seems to be related to using the camera, especially near the edges of the room.
  8. I think you are confusing Sinoa Zoa in seabed with Sinow Berrill in cca.
  9. Could it be? Were the Legends true? The mythical Giga Dragon has reappeared once more?!?!? Its Power is Overwhelming... The Giga Dragon is continuing to feed on anything in sight! What hope could any Hunters have against such a monstrosity?
  10. Alot of people probably don't know this, but the best way to get high hit dragon slayer / crush bullet / bloody art is through Gallon's Roullete (in Gallon's Shop) via Lucky Coins, which are awarded to you after doing Phantasmal World and the new Villanous Rift quests by speaking to Nol in the lab after completing the quest. In ultimate everyone gets #ofPlayers x 1 coins, so up to 4 coins for each player in a 4p game, allowing you to play the roulette 4 times. You can win any of the basic 9star rares with high hit (i.e. I've personally gotten 60hit rares, don't know how high max is here) from there, including other goodies like Vjaya, Diska of Braveman, M&A60Vise, hp and tp mats, etc. Villanous Rift 2 and Phantasmal World 3 take place in VR Spaceship and Seabed respectively.
  11. I don't know if that actually applies to blue burst, I've found 30supports outside the listed areas for example, and the tag on pso-world only shows gc/xbox and not bb.
  12. Kinda low hit and only 1 stat on it. No more than 50-80pds worth really.
  13. #Make Ultima Great Again and Bring Back this Minievent 2017
  14. That's not always nice though. Weapons especially you often wanted sorted a particular way, so that you can reach specific ones easily in quickmenu, and have items sorted specially too.