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  1. No, it's just for damage variance like R-78 said. Excal's atp is 900-950, meaning it will choose a random number between 900 and 950 to use for damage calculations. Some weapons do not have any variance, like demolition comet and psycho raven, and will hit the exact same damage number every time, but the majority of weapons have an atp variable (but it's usually negligibly small, like <20). Shifta bonus does affect atp variable and is added to the max, but the minimum is unchanged. So while a demolition comet may always add 530 atp +25gr, a meteor cudgel (300-560 atp, +15gr) will have its 260 atpVariable boosted to 384, resulting in 330-714atp with shifta30 when grinded (displayed as +714 only). However, while atpVar scaling sounds cool it's not actually great; since the average atp is still only 522, it's actually still weaker than demo comet (even if it can randomly hit much harder since the variance is so inconsistent). So really, all of this is moot anyway. Vol Opt Gizonde and PB Golla / Farla / Pilla scaling do only care about displayed max atp though, so high atp weapons with high variables like Crimson Sword can be strong with buffs.
  2. We already have 'variant' weapons for sealed j-sword (hell sword) and tsumikiri j-sword (pb wave). Ultima Reaper is functionally an all class sjs, and Master Sword is a hunter + force tjs. I do think it's an interesting suggestion, but I don't really see where a new tjs variant could fit in well. It is perhaps something to consider for other weapons though. Thank you for the suggestion.
  3. maybe i was misremembering then, that the 'beat boss and speak to principal' was replaced with doing government quests up to the specific point (get 2-1 available for caves quests instead of beating boss and reporting). But I do seem to remember that he should get the other forest quests available after those 3 are done, even if the caves ones won't show up until you've done up to 2-1, so it still seems like something was off somehow
  4. once you beat the first three missions more should unlock automatically. They should unlock with the same system as on gc/xbox, the only difference is there should no longer be a requirement to 'beat area boss and report to principal after to unlock next area' for some of the quests. If you run the quests on normal they should also make them unlock for all other difficulties too. If doing the first 3 quests didn't unlock more, then maybe for some unknown reason it failed to set the flag properly; you could try running the quest again perhaps? There is also a different story mode exclusive to blue burst known as government quests from the principal in multiplayer mode, but those are a separate thing from the original story quests.
  5. I mostly just wanted to point out a cheap alternative for armor. Shouldn't really be difficult to get bulclaws to open on any class though, once they surround you they bite twice then open if still within range. The only real dangerous thing is if bulclaws use their rare 'reduce to 1 hp' attack but it's so uncommon to see. The bigger problem really is how to deal with the claws after without getting blocklocked (hence why I mention traps and force rabarta).
  6. note for those that don't have sta - The second best evp armor is essentially free to get anytime, Stealth Suit is available in Gallon's Plan for 10-20 photon tickets (there's 3 items for 10/15/20 but I don't remember individual price offhand) from an npc in town (quick forest quest, 2 tickets per run on vhard, if you choose to side with npc at the end instead of gallon). It has no resists, 1dfp, but has 300evp making it second most evasive armor in the game, even more so than samurai armor (277), or wedding dress (244-284). It also makes weapons switch instantaneously, so bullets can't misfire. Though it does make items on ground harder to see as you can't see objects through your transparent body. However, in practical terms if you aren't playing one of high evp classes (ramarl/hucaseal mostly), then trying to attain high evp is kinda pointless, as most chars don't have the extra room to raise evp anyway in addition to have significantly less to start with. Likely better to just use Traps on a cast or rabarta on a force rather than boost evp in most cases. Humar is only class that doesn't have traps that could theoretically boost evp a lot, through extra mat space (maxes at 786 for char stat), and through Proof of Sword Saint (with specific katanas, sabers, twin swords, and two kamui) and his 3 free slots (+60evp each, technically higher than ramarl if geared out), though I think only excalibur and orotiagito/raikiri would have aoe potential As this strat is essentially just 'kill lots of weak monsters in high level areas', you can use whatever strategies you feel most suited to, even going full nuke force can work ok enough for just a few rooms like this.
  7. probably that, or hundred souls, or Galatine at correct beat time. Anything with high weaponATP, high ATPvariable, high machine%, and lowest grind needed to reach its max (as grind is not boosted by attribute%). If it's got a high number on the stats screen after shifta without needing a ton of grind to reach it, and has high machine%, it'll work fine. You don't need to worry too much about going for 'absolute best' weapon though, as it may not even make a difference in how many gizonde casts it takes to kill vol opt. A hunewearl is most likely going to be the same # of spellcasts with hundred souls as with DF, and maybe you just don't want to carry hundred souls on that run just for that purpose alone. If anything, technique casting animation speed can outweigh many atp differences on characters. He dies so fast anyway that really there's a lot of options that are basically equally viable. example math for Excaliber+35 50%M w/ 30shifta (i.e. good vanilla option) excal 900-950atp, 35grind, 30shifta is +47.7% more baseATP and weapon ATPVariable (WeaponATPMax x (1+Machine%)) + (Shifta x ATPVariable) + (Grind x 2) (950 x (1 + 0.5)) + (0.477 x 50) + (35 x 2) (1425) + (23.85) + (70) 1518.85 extra atp from weapon (in addition to char baseATP x shifta)
  8. Dark Falz Yellowboze Normal - Bug Catching Net
  9. should be able to use the same files as here, just renamed to the model and texture id of ylvis, which wiki says are 398 (instead of 397) and 470 (instead of 467)
  10. That's a tricky question, but ultimately not one that actually matters imo. My plans were written before the specific values were readily available, so the gold numbers were the best indicators for making plans (that's also why I referred to the hidden bonus as a 0.5, since could only tell if it's below or above that using units as mentioned). Ata is calculated using all 4 digits I think, but we also see the number turn gold on the stat screen so whether it even does anything after that point isn't something I can answer. Ramar would be the theoretical highest gap at 0.6, with other classes being less or over max anyway. But honestly, even if it does still affect it, that's not enough to make any real difference. The most important part about maxing stats is having those pretty gold numbers anyway. No matter how you choose to max your stats, differences like that aren't going to have any practical effect on how well you can play the game, you can kill things and survive equally well regardless. Even being multiple points off isn't actually a big deal. The actual most important thing to consider in maxing plans is free unit space, as there are tons of utility units that give your character a lot more flexibility.
  11. ATA is actually still a 4 digit number just like every other stat, however the 4th digit gets truncated and never shown to the player (this is why things like c/ability are 30 all stat and 3ata, it's technically just +30 all inside the code). A humar at lvl 200 displays 174 ata with no equips, but its actually something like 1748 in the code (so lets say 174.5). As an example, a v101 give 15 all stats, which means it's actually 1.5 ata, so they will appear to gain 2 ata on the stats screen from equipping one, where some other classes will only appear to gain 1 ata (as their hidden digit is too low). Since the stat screen hides that last digit, it's not something that you would intuitively see without actually testing it directly. The practical advantage of having hidden ata is that those classes will gain their ata on the stat screen with odd mag dex levels rather than even ones, so you are able to squeeze out 1 level more than you would think when doing the math for maxing plans. So yes, exactly, some classes don't need the extra 1 dex on mags so they can use it elsewhere. Edit: fixed example
  12. Unfortunately, swords have garbage base ata for C-Mode, on top of the animations being so slow that you can easily get hit out of them. You are pretty much forced into NN combos only during the stages you start with them, and even then miss the second N often (stage 2, 3, and 7/8 can get Saber 30ata, Brand 33ata, Buster 35ata, but you start with Sword 15ata and Gigush 18ata). If you get one with hit and stats to drop it can be somewhat useful, but ideally you want to use saber type over any other option, as they will always have significantly better overall stats at equal tiers compared to any other option (and furthermore, cmode will often drop saber type that are 1 or 2 tiers above other types, e.g. tier 3 buster vs tier 2 knife). A group properly splitting up to deal with mobs using fast 160atp busters will do better than all using very slow 100atp gigush and damage cancelling each other. Partisan usage is also not worth it; even though they do have better forward reach than swords (swords have more horizontal reach), better ata, and much better animation speed/recovery, they sacrifice far too much atp and you can only get tier 1 partisans 40atp until stage 8, and tier 2 halbert 75atp on stage 9 where tier 4 pallasch with 220atp can drop (that's basically triple the atp with attributes), meaning they are just vastly outclassed. Slicer also is a similar situation but worse, another weapon that has lesser atp than other equal tiered aoe options, but also does not actually drop any good tier in cmode, even in stage 9 you only get tier 1 slicer with 15atp. Handguns vs Rifles also face this issue, rifles actually don't do more damage, as you only get tier 1 rifle until stage 5, and then tier 2 rifle for the rest. Handguns go all the way up to tier 4 quite steadily and always outclass the damage on rifles in every stage they are available except for stage 2, when it's still on tier 1 handgun but tier 1 rifle starts dropping (stage 3 starts getting Autoguns, and even in stage 2, rifle is 10-50atp avg 30, whereas hg is 25-30atp avg 27.5, basically equal). The other issue is actually reaching requirements to use handguns, hucaseal usually is fine, humar often can reach most of the time and in some stages gets nice breakpoints to use hg and mg (humar more atp than hucaseal), but hucast will have issues reaching stat requirements without significant luck for arm unit drops. Mechguns can dish out some serious damage if requirements can be met, but just like handguns it is difficult to do. Their low base ata means they do require decent hit % (attribute unimportant, their weapon atp is so low, it gets all its power from putting your characters atp into 9 attacks). Hucast can be able to reach in 6/7/8 with some lucky arm drops, but otherwise only humar or hucaseal will be able to use them). Daggers also have the caveat that they really require hit to work in cmode. Dagger animation leaves you very vulnerable if not on a hucaseal, but they can combo kill enemies well IF you are actually able to connect consistently. 3rd attack is bad if there will be anything left alive near you when you use it, as the recovery is one of the slowest. It's important to consider what kind of weapon drops in the stages. A direct comparison of types like this does not tell the whole story. Cmode design is not equal, several weapon types do not drop at an actually useful tier in stages. TL;DR Everything is garbage except for Sabers.
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