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  1. That's a tricky question, but ultimately not one that actually matters imo. My plans were written before the specific values were readily available, so the gold numbers were the best indicators for making plans (that's also why I referred to the hidden bonus as a 0.5, since could only tell if it's below or above that using units as mentioned). Ata is calculated using all 4 digits I think, but we also see the number turn gold on the stat screen so whether it even does anything after that point isn't something I can answer. Ramar would be the theoretical highest gap at 0.6, with other classes be
  2. ATA is actually still a 4 digit number just like every other stat, however the 4th digit gets truncated and never shown to the player (this is why things like c/ability are 30 all stat and 3ata, it's technically just +30 all inside the code). A humar at lvl 200 displays 174 ata with no equips, but its actually something like 1748 in the code (so lets say 174.5). As an example, a v101 give 15 all stats, which means it's actually 1.5 ata, so they will appear to gain 2 ata on the stats screen from equipping one, where some other classes will only appear to gain 1 ata (as their hidden digit is too
  3. Unfortunately, swords have garbage base ata for C-Mode, on top of the animations being so slow that you can easily get hit out of them. You are pretty much forced into NN combos only during the stages you start with them, and even then miss the second N often (stage 2, 3, and 7/8 can get Saber 30ata, Brand 33ata, Buster 35ata, but you start with Sword 15ata and Gigush 18ata). If you get one with hit and stats to drop it can be somewhat useful, but ideally you want to use saber type over any other option, as they will always have significantly better overall stats at equal tiers compared to any
  4. I didn't make it, I'm not that good at drawing.
  5. Idea to improve server : Give kondrieu spinners increased hp like shamby's have
  6. Is the amount the run is faster and easier to do with another play not worth enough in relation to drops per time (though if they're not playing with you, remember that they'll still do their own runs too)? Do you think they will actually slow down your runs since you guys are experienced together and have an optimized style, or due to whatever other reason? Are you afraid that if they did get lucky enough to get one before you two, that they would not stick around to help you guys hunt they way you helped them? Are you unsure if you will be able to become friends with them and overcome some i
  7. The problem of locked rooms was an issue before split drops, it's an issue after, and it'll be an issue no matter what we do. People aren't going to wait around for randoms to join during hh, they're going to go go go. Not everyone even can or want to play with others all the time either. Language barriers, time zones, physical handicaps, anxiety, or any number of personal reasons might prevent people from playing with others. Even if everyone did always want to have a full group, they're still going to pick and choose the ones they want in the room, and it would just be a bunch of 4p locked r
  8. well then you guys can easily decide amongst yourselves who gets it and use a random roll die irl or online or any other system you want, be it rotating runs, drop turns, or whatever else. There honestly was never much issue with people ninja-ing drops even before individual drops existed, it was always an extremely rare occurrence and gm could step in if need be. It was always basically a non-issue. We have to remember the pso was not designed to have split drops originally. Everything that has been changed since has only ever made things far easier for players. Removing dar reduction woul
  9. To expand upon the point #2 I made, dropping items near door is usually fine, but directly on the border between rooms is a bad idea. Whereas normally the game just kinda freezes you for a second and doesn't drop the item, occasionally it instead does drop the item, but it's a strange ghost item that no one can pick up. D/C always follows within a few minutes of that happening every time. I've had it happen the most in 2c1, especially where you have the small maze rooms (especially area 4 by the 4 laser gates, I've failed many runs to dropping items poorly there). I don't drop items in there a
  10. @Yannv Disconnects in cmode is almost entirely an item desync issue. It can be avoided by 1: not picking up items at the exact same time as another player (this leads to both players thinking they have the item, but when the one that doesnt actually have it uses it, they dc), and 2: dropping item directly on a room border (game doesn't know which room it's in, leading to d/c then or later). Avoiding those things has cut out >90% of all d/c of runs I've done since. I hope that helps you for any future runs. 2c3 is definitely kinda rng, but alot is the rushing strats (it's the ttf of cmode
  11. Fine then, close range, fomar, no godric cloak, no red ring, hitting a deldepth on a simple SN first try (not even SSN). I only did bare minimum gear (i got megided after since i was taking pic instead of continuing attacks to stun depth so it's on pioneer2) I used to love using jcutter on del lily in tower, need to bust it out for some runs again for fun. I took pics of dolm and lily too, but i think fomar one speaks for itself. S-Ranks are nearly as bad as people think they are. They will miss sometimes, but they work more often than not. I really need to stop making joke s-
  12. old minievent reward, but it's identical to zerk/spirit, didn't feel like going through effort creating an entire gm char and items just to show off damage numbers
  13. Yea, takes a whole 2 hits to kill with s-rank, very underpower
  14. If people want to wrap in other colors besides the default white/pink, I have all of the colors unlocked on some characters to do that for ya. You can get more colors using this guide, though I can also wrap all 9 colors for you to unlock them yourself as well if you want
  15. For fun, here's the VR Temple Transmission Data and Rico Capsule script regarding rappies : Rico Capsule "Rag Rappies are cowards, but they like to attack straight on. When an Rag Rappy falls down, it may still be alive. So be careful." (in ultimate, it will say El Rappy instead of Rag Rappy) VR Temple Transmission Data Rag Rappy "Rag Rappy, native creature, lives on the surface of Ragol." "Timid, but aggressive when defending its territory..." Something's been cut off. ...this is weird. "Don't assume you've killed them when they fall." They have a tenden
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