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  1. Perhaps try starting the xpadder client first with no controller plugged in, then plug in controller and start the 2nd client with regular input. While the game *should* recognize the controller even if it gets unplugged and plugged back in (as long as it was in before client was started), sometimes some people have issues with that.
  2. The trick to that guide is that PSO will only recognize a controller that is plugged in before the client is launched and will recognize inputs from it even if that is not the currently active window. So one of the clients is NOT using xpadder and is using the default psobb controller recognition, which can be customized in the options menu and will work even if that client is not the currently active window. Then the other client (which was started without a controller plugged in so it does not recognize a controller is in use) is using xpadder to be controlled, and must be the currently active window. i.e. Active Client (started without controller plugged in) = Xpadder input; Inactive Client (started with controller plugged in) = Default PSO Controller Input Does that make more sense?
  3. Do you mean by Paganini in Gallon's Shop? Yea, he can add a third stat to an excal/tjs.
  4. Not only is it 10k meseta per swing (and not 200 per hit the way charge is, as night points out), but vjaya special has hard attack properties, such as the accuracy, knockback, and building pb (which makes it extremely good for building up pb for a second chain if the team did it once already, and you aren't doing a TA run where a second pb wouldn't be needed.) It's the same kind of thing as calling Frozen Shooter special "blizzard"; even if they both freeze the target, they are actually quite different specials (FS also is hard attack properties, ignores enemy ESP, non-bullet projectile, etc.).
  5. Yes, but diska of braveman has no special zerk boost (vjaya is a unique special that just happens to cost meseta, but is not really charge).
  6. It's only 10 targets, so not that many really. It also prioritizes farther away targets first, not closer ones. This means you can do it with and without glide to hit different targets (this is especially important on de rol le, as you need to NOT have range boosters to hit his head with j/z). You'll have to consider when you should do j/z and when you should do other tasks instead. If it's a low leveled party, maybe they shouldn't be doing quests they can't handle without help. A lot of j/z is also going to cause dmc more. Regardless, we can't change the target limit. It's just something you are going to have to bear in mind and play around.
  7. Tip: when olga flow body snatches someone and turns them into flowen, he must be damaged with a weapon that has specific attributes (native/abeast/machine/dark) or he will reflect all damage onto the player. As for what attribute he is, you'll have to try to work it out with what you have (be sure to bring weapons, preferably ranged ones, that cover all attributes). When he gets hit with the correct attribute, he turns darker for a moment and lets out a yell, and does not reflect damage onto the targeted player. He also changes his technique weakness between fire/ice/thunder/light as well, and the correct element will also have the same effect. It's an interesting gear check to see if you have well rounded gear.
  8. I don't think we've ever made any changes to it.
  9. Point Blank onto his foot immediately? That's not going to be optimal anyway though... Better to use something else from range like a mech to do damage first, df mag as it flies down, then dodge dp and run in after to point blank foot.
  10. That's quite a strange guide. I don't trust most pso-world mag feeding guides for opinions / how-to (the feeding charts and evolution charts are all I use). Yes it does seem to be a typo saying 49 instead of 44. Also I would choose to use Hunter group A ids (viridia skyly purplenum redria yellowboze) from level 49-100, which will both evolves for twins and fall into the Ila feeding group which is superior to Kaitabha (Ila takes dimates for the power and antiparalysis for dex). It is probably best to get the rest of the dex up to 50 right away first, then do the power to 44 (it'll evolve away from ila if pow>dex, and you'll avoid any 45/45 issues that way), since if you already started a mag on ranger then it will have decent dex already by that point.
  11. @yanvbraz I didn't do Phonon Maser because it's a Launcher type weapon, so it's really kinda meh. Launcher weapons are large, slow animation, with an attack that supposedly 'pierces' but acts really wonky when it does (it doesn't go in a straight line always, and will not really pass if there's much distance between targets), and it does 1/3 less damage for each subsequent target too (i.e 1st - 100, 2nd - 66, 3rd - 44, 4th - 30, 5th - 20, etc.). The only thing nice about launchers is that they use non-bullet projectiles (think rambling may or frozen shooter special), so they can hit moving/flying enemies and hit on first possible active frames when passing through spawning/standing enemies. Maybe I'll think of a way to make an actually good launcher someday, but I make no guarantees on that. I don't think Heaven Striker on hunter is a good idea, especially considering hu/ra differences (Hucast with Charge Raygun 50% will have comparable atp to a Ramar with HS 50% at just 30s/d), I didn't want to go too far on the Egg Blaster mk2 upgrade on purpose, though it is still better than other existing things. Also egg blaster is rifle series, despite being made out of a handgun combination. That's probably why the animation difference confuses people, though for the most part the actual animation speed between handgun and rifle is nearly the same(the firing speed is the same, recovery is slightly slower, and I *think* windup is ever so slightly slower, the main difference is the projectile speed), aside from on classes that get uniquely fast handgun animations i.e. ramarl/hucaseal. Idk if it's going to be bringer's rifle specifcially, but a ranged hunter demon option is something I'm looking at doing. Twin Swords are also something I'd like to do, since they are a very interesting weapon type with good animation and combo. Arrest/Frozen Fausts were cancelled and their ideas were folded into other weapons (Banana Cannon for example, Frozen Faust was more meant for forces than hunters), so it's not really likely those designs are going to be a thing. Yasminkov 2000H is a really cool weapon model, it is a nice suggestion to look at. As for the photon reshaper idea, it might be a lot of work to implement, and I'm not sure I'd use those rares specifically(yunchang is the only difficult one to get normally and it's way too good for that, and I believe it got added to be a CCC reward as a way to get good ones), and it's something that'd have to be carefully done (can always get triple 50 of any weapon type in restless lion after all). Would be nice to make it so saber -> doublesaber, brand -> twin brand, and pallasch -> stag cutlery (I don't think that's possible though). Thanks you for the suggestions. Interesting things to think about.
  12. 1. None of these have any significant downsides. They're also either way over the top(the first one), or already exist (last zanba = chain sawd, invisibility cloak = kroe's sweater), or are just plain bad (elemental ring; not at all useless, it's way brokenly OP, poor design, and a ripoff of another servers' item). We can't really do negatives quite like that either. Even if it were possible, it would lead to inherently bad design as any possible downsides would easily be mitigated by other factors, and you would just be left with a way too big a power creep on items (even if they were situational only). Better but with a downside isn't always a principle that works well in practice, but especially so in this particular game. 2. Isn't the very first thing you suggested a charge weapon? Also we've only ever added 2 charge weapons I think. First was in valentines 2015 (Slicer of Vengeance), and we just got the second one (Fury of the Beast) more than two years later. It's not like we're doing it very much. 3. Several things have been made that have a decent grind. Fury of the Beast, Crush Cannon, Sil Dragon Slayer, Blood Tornado, Crimson Sword, Macho Blades all have multiple dozens of grind potential (even inferno girasole has +20), and we've increased grind limit on several other vanilla weapons like dual birds, rambling may, and angel harp by significant amounts. There isn't a lack of grinding overall for new items. 4. We already do tons of combinations, probably more than we should even. From Halloween until now, we've added EIGHTEEN combined items and five non-combination items (not including the three new units, since units aren't ever combination). I don't understand how much more you think we could do. Not everything can or should be combination. 5. I can't make Claws or Launchers not suck by inherent design. I would never give any weapon, regardless of type, 2000atp, that is just silly. The katana example is suggesting to make Raikiri significantly stronger than Orotiagito and give it more than twice as much ata as any vanilla item and still not describing a significant downside; regardless of the numbers, the design really wouldn't fit in well either. I've also only added 1 mechgun personally (the first new mechgun since Psycho Raven was added back in 2013 ), and it's a very useful one that fills a really nice role; I do not regret a single thing about Rage de Glace. The same can be said about Kajex's new Samba Fiesta. Both of these have very specific class limitations and fill specific roles for those classes. Again, it's not like we're doing mechs very much. I'm sorry, but I don't think there is anything here that provides something even "partially" usable really.
  13. Tension Blaster is also available in Mine's Offenisve on vhard. That's actually where I got my first one from (along with my first samba maracas[hard] and lollipop[vhard]).
  14. MILES.ogg gets used in certain quests btw. You could also overwrite one of your other songs with the track too. If we're going to go with ENDING.ogg though, we should go with all of the episode ending themes, so also CUBE_ENDING.ogg and EP4_ENDING_FO.ogg
  15. You are always welcome back whenever buddy. Hop in the ts sometime to say hey, k?