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  1. Weapons: S / Sa / Sab - Saber B / Br - Brand B / Bu - Buster Pal - Pallasch HG - Handgun AG - Autogun LG - Lockgun RG - Railgun SW - Sword Gig - Gigush DG - Dagger KN - Knife BL - Blade MG - Mechgun Ass - Assault WA - Wand SL - Slicer PT - Partisan HB - Halbert RI - Rifle SN - Sniper #### namd - Weapons are often called with their attribute values. in ep1 stating which attribute is redundant, as it'll always only be for the area you are in. For example, if you find a Buster with 60machine and 75hit in 1c6, you can say "bu 6075". For ep2 calling attributes is important since it can be anything, so the same weapon would be "bu 6075 mh" or "bu 60m75h" or other similar things. Can sometimes shorten even further to just say "bu 67 mh", meaning buster 6X% machine and 7X% hit. In general, Sabers are stronger than any equivalent level other weapon series and are preferred for raw damage and superior animation, though dagger series hit and mechgun series hit can be useful, as can handgun series hit in certain stages. Tools: m / mm / mate - monomate dm - dimate f / mf - monofluid df - difluid d / doll / $ - $cape Doll # / # / # - Monomate# / Dimate# / ScapeDoll# or Monofluid# / Difluid# / ScapeDoll# i.e. "4/2/2" = 4monomate 2dimate 2doll, or "f 3/4/2" is 3monofluid 4difluid 2doll (trimates/trifluids and star atomizers are quite rare, sometimes can be said as a 4th number though). pm / pmat - power material mm / mmat - mind material lm / lmat - luck material hm / hpm / hpmat - hp material tm / tpm / tpmat - tp material Armor/Units: KP / Kpow - Knight/Power GP / Gpow - General/Power marm or m/arm - marksman/arm garm or g/arm - general/arm earm or e/arm - elf/arm #s or s# - Slotted Armor with # slots i.e. "3s" = 3 slotted armor. If you wish you can specify that it is a FR / Frame, though this is almost never done (forces cannot wear armors, only frames). Other: dt = damage trap ct = confuse trap ft = freeze trap Chain / Trap Chain - using a trap to blow up another trap. when the first trap explodes, any other traps in range you have set will also explode. can be used to time traps for second freezes, deal extra damage, freeze nano dragons / gi gue without them trying to fly away, or other things. box / boxing - splitting off to retrieve boxes, usually done by the weakest char or the force r / ring - Heal Ring HHH - Heavy>Heavy>Heavy combo, N and S can stand for Normal Special respectively. Could also say NdNdH or N dN dH for Normal delayNormal delayHeavy, though it's not often done. Combo delay is important to keep certain enemies constantly flinching and unable to counterattack. Shouldn't have to tell people proper combo style vs which kind of mob often. dmc - Damage Cancel. Try not to all gang up on the same mob or a lot of damage will be ignored. freeze glitch - a side effect of dmc, it is possible to refreeze an enemy if everyone attacks it just as it's about to unfreeze. useful to keep some mobs frozen, though one person may want to limit attacking to only when it's about to unfreeze to limit any other dmc. confuse glitch - rarely done. see freeze glitch. 1c# - ep 1 cmode stage # i.e. 1c8 is ep1 stage8 2c# - ep 2 cmode stage # i.e. 2c5 is ep2 stage5 Useful Clasess: Huct - Hucast Hucl - Hucaseal Humr - Humar Fonl - Fonewearl Fonm - Fonewm Useless Classes Hunl - Hunewearl Fomr - Fomar Foml - Fomarl Really Useless Classes: Ract - Racast Racl - Racaseal Raml - Ramarl Just Dont: Ramr - Ramar That's all the acronyms I can think of off the top of my head. Someone better than me at cmode may be able to say some ones I missed, or add any other info.
  2. Rika did not want to edit the quest specifically for Ultima, and I am loath to have someone go mess with the quest without seeking the creator's permission first. As RRR said, it does still give reward so long as you had 3 people when you started the quest, the third can leave immediately and it will still count.
  3. I believe so yes (also not allowed to die possibly). I'm not entirely sure what bonus you do get as it's been far too long since I've done it, while it could be extra meseta at the end, it may also be required to reach the final true ending in the Warrior's Pride > Restless Lion > Pioneer Spirits questline. Accessories son el premio de la prueba de amor minigame/sidequest en Towards the Future (TTF). En Respective Tommorow (RT), puedes sacar Green Ring si hablas con uno de las personas en el laboratorio cuando tienes los accessories.
  4. This is incorrect. It was not a Garanz.
  5. That's because the level 35 evolution does not care what class it is currently on, instead it looks at what class fed it to level 10, so it will go to Mitra because you raised it to its first evolution on a Ranger. The level 50 evolution does look at the current class though.
  6.  boa noite , voçê pode me ajudar a resgatar dts?

  7. We have this page to detail many of the items https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/10353-psobb-ultima-itemweaponarmorshieldunit-effects-ie/ (though we still have to add a few new ones from valentines and this event), but recently we've also added the Item Wiki which is even better, which you can find by clicking the Ultima>Wiki>Items button at the top of the forums, or via this link https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/wiki/items/ There is no system that uses exp beyond 200 as of yet, and although it is something to consider, nothing is defined on that yet. Many people do like to level several different classes though, and there are always people looking to trade items, and PDs and Mats are often used. We have many major events that provide new things to hunt for people too, lots of people are going after the many new items we added for Easter EVent.
  8. That's a good combination. I'll be around whenever you guys need me.
  9. The merges are the same as Sega's, but we've instead added several other shields into the game that boost techs. There are things like Three Seals (25% ra- techs, vhard delbiter skyly/redria 1/214), Virus Shield Vol Opt (20% gi-tech, +10ata, drops in this easter event), Hylian Shield (100% grants, 75% rafoie, 60% razonde, +1techlevels, 35edk, drops in Triforce Event after summer), and many of the halloween costumes (Red Ring + Halo Soul = progressive costumes with RR stats + some bonus; Bunny Costume = Jellen/Zalure, Catscratch = Shifta/Deband, Guardian Angel = Resta/Anti, Minecraft Costume = Megid Pierce, other costumes do other things). We've also made the elemental cloak line into 30% element boost (Ignition Cloak, Congeal Cloak, Tempest Cloak), and some other armors have tech boosts added too like sue's coat and godric's cloak. We also have different tech boosts on our weapons probably, like psycho wand is 45% ra- techs, and there is also the much stronger Psycho Bridge (Dark Bridge + Proof of Sonic Team, 85% rafoie/razonde 95% rabarta). Many of the regular merges also drop during christmas event, so you don't necessarily have to go box hunting for amplifiers.
  10. I can help cmode as well. I can use any of the actually useful chars in cmode (hucast, hucaseal, humar, fonewearl, fonewm), though I generally play fo usually. As sylph says, rewards only depend on episode, not class (needle is ep2). Rangers are considered very weak in cmode for several reasons, they start 3-4 levels lower than hunters do in most stages, their stats at those levels are very low in general, the level of ranger gear that drops is far below that of hunters(when tier4 sabers are dropping, there usually is still only tier2 sniper, and even then Ramarl and Racast can't even use tier4 railgun in 1c9 without arm units or magfeeding). Resta also generally isn't a thing in many stages, the fo doesn't start with it until later stages, we may not get a drop for it in earlier stages, and even then it eats up a ton of tp unnecessarily. I'm looking forward to doing more cmode if you guys have room, it's a really fun aspect of the game.
  11. Happy Birthday King Ra, Cerevantes, and Diego!

  12. We do a minievent to redeem those. We'll run it again at some point in the future. Here's the thread for it as reference https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/22207-momokas-shop-event/
  13. Don't worry about it. Best way to farm it is to ask someone for some. Just let me know when you can get online.
  14. Nei's Claw is Spirit, so it won't hurt them per se trying to use it...... other than female claw animation isn't all that great. Hunewearl will still be the best user of it because her claw animation is actually good, and not utter garbage like male claw or just mildly meh as female claw. The other items I made are way way better than the guns I made imo (though the guns are good too).
  15. I can help you out with that. Or you can ask around, many people will spare some meseta for you.